i want to make photos like this someday

It’s been a long time since I made a lineless drawing (The last one was the AfterDeath Icon pack with Goth). I didn’t draw like this since that one because I thought it was kinda bad buuuut I found a tutorial about lineless art and decided to start practicing it again! Maybe someday I can make a decent thing lol.

Anyway, here’s a Blueprint Icon that I may or may not use for the blog’s porfile photo if I don’t make a Mint Icon first tbh I like my Icon. I love drawing Mint doing weird things like eating magic glitter– If you want to use it, it’s ok!

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I love Jensen's jawline cos somedays it's sharp af and then others he has the cutest double chin???


[x] okay I just want to point out the sheer difference between these two photos right here. Exhibit A: smiley and full of sunshine, jawline so sharp could probs kill a man, lookin’ flawless as per usual

[x] Exhibit B: a Classic Derp™ face. extra chins coming out of nowhere, they’re multiplying by the second. where he keepin’ them hidden, his damn pocket?? it’s like one of those posts girls make to show how makeup and a good camera angle can drastically change everything

[x] the lil chin rolls are my fave tho!!!!!

[x] sleepy!dean with those chIN ROLLS!!!!!!!! hHhHH!!!!

[x] speaking of sleepy!dean, look how s o f t omg *gentle gasp*

[x] I love his lil chin chub so mUCh?!?? it’s kinda ridiculous

[x] it just makes him look so extra Soft, u know? sO SOFT WITH HE LIL CHIN CHUB

[x] like a killer pillsbury doughboy :’))

[x] his soft double chin is so mcfucken cute, I wish my chin fat were cute wtf the fu k life is unfair

[x] it’s kinda most noticeable when he turns his head to the side, right?


[x] sharp af features, noice Jaw Clench™, lookin’ fine as heyll, basically carved outta marble.


[x] sh aRP shARrp sHArP Sh a Rp s H AR p s HA RP SHAR P SHARP!! ! ! !! ! !!!

[x] Sof t soFt soF T SOfT sof T sOF t So f t sO ft SsoF T Sof . Ft sof T!! ! ! ! !!! !

[x] just exactly how does he manage to go from THIS!!!!!!!!  like hoLy s HI t breh, slit my throat with that jawline of urs, thnx

[x] to THIS!!!!! must protec my soft boi ;~;


Some more Underground doodles.

I’d love to make a revamp/continuation of Underground someday. Maybe a comic or fanfic or even an ask-blog or something I dunno. I wanna do some research first though, which means rewatching the show again.

Would you guys be up for something like a liveblog or a retrospective or something similar while I rewatch Underground?

Broken Promises

A/N: They’re 17 in this // Angst // tw alcohol // tw domestic violence (ig? Eddie and Bev have fear) // WC: About 1.3k

Summary: Eddie deserves better.

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There are certain things that Richie just knows. He knows that Beverly isn’t the slut everyone seems to think she is. He knows that Georgie likes paper boats. He knows that clowns are creepy and should be avoided at all costs. They’re everyday, obvious facts of life that he never forgets.

Richie also knows that Eddie’s too good for him.

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Yamada Ryosuke x Nakayama Yuma

Potato 2017.12

Thanks to Momozzz32 on weibo for the clear scans.  Please let me know if there are any errors.

As we worked together, our camaraderie grew.

Nakayama: Long time no see. [We haven’t met] since we ate together in March?

Yamada: I saw you more recently [than that].

Nakayama: No, no, I have not seen you for about half a year already!

Yamada: Oh, is that so? (Laughs)

Nakayama: Lately, Yamada-kun has been so busy, you know. I am worried about your health.

Yamada: Everything’s OK! When was the first time we met?

Nakayama: It’s Hawaii. 2007.

Yamada: That’s right, and since Yuma said “he knows everything about pro wrestling”, we ended up challenging each other [to a match]. Then I won (laughs)! I was soooo disappointed!

Nakayama: Moreover, even though I used all my skills right from the start, you got out of [the hold] easily and counterattacked; the difference in power was evident. I did not want to do it again (laughs).

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Youngbin As A Boyfriend

-Very lucky to have him like youngbin is literally a hunk and he knows hes a hunk and will treat you so good, girls are wishing to be in your place.

-Omg touchyyy. A very sweet and lovable boyfriend who will want to give you his attention 24/7. He loves touching you, just because you are his and you are precious. Not afraid to show public affection and Will always want you sitting on his lap rather than a normal chair and will stare at you lovingly regardless of what you were doing, eating/laughing/whatever.

- #1fan/supporter and will be so happy whenever you accomplished something like for example passed your exams/get promoted at your job. Is so proud of everything you do and will brag to his members/manager/friends/family. “DID U KNOW MY GIRLFRIEND GRADUATED FROM UNI??! THAT RIGHT THERE LADIES AND GENTLEMAN IS A SEXY AND SUCCESSFUL WOMAN”

-Worries alot though he can’t help it and is always jealous whenever your around your guy friends or guys are staring at you. Will confront the guys so ull have to stop or drag him away before he gets really riled up. Will not hesitate to kick someone in the face if they try to grab you or touch you out of nowhere. Afterwards he would hold your face while staring at you closely like “Are you ok baby? Did you get scared?”

-Dates are at amusement parks, he probably will have a lot of fun since he is the type who likes rides. Will share icecream and feed you food while wearing cute headbands together and couple coordinated outfits. Goes to cafes and places where couples typically go to and take loads of pictures. Takes candid photos of you to the point where his lockscreen/home screen/ photo gallery only has you???

-Will mostly likely look to date and get married someday. Sex with him would be more of slow but passionate. He wants to please you more than please himself and best know he will get RIPPED for you-even better wow. Just know his stare during love making will leave you breathless.

-Will mostly think of how to propose to you months before he actually does propose. Just know once your relationships gets past a year he will right away want to start a life with you. Idky i chose this gif but look at his armss.

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Magic and Moonlight -- An Ichabbie Halloween Fic

So I missed finishing this by Halloween. I tried as hard as I could! This is for @sleepymr and @noisywastelandphilosopher who wanted something with ravens. This probably isn’t really what you wanted but here you go! 

Ever since he had sold his soul to the devil, a bird seemed to be following him. Maybe one had nothing to do with the other since he didn’t feel any different without a soul. He didn’t turn evil. He didn’t stop caring about the situation the world was in. All that was really different was this bird.

Wherever Crane went, there was always this one particular large corvid not too far behind. It wasn’t one of the normal crows that seemed to be everywhere this time of year. No, it was bigger. Its beak was different, not as straight as a crow’s. And it seemed far more intelligent than any bird he had ever seen before. He wondered if some sort of coven was trying to contact him but even after a few days, the bird never approached him with a message. It just showed up in various trees and on assorted utility poles wherever he might be. Waiting and watching but for what, he did not know.

After a week, Crane decided to call it Muninn, after one of Odin’s two ravens. A few days later, the bird seemed to notice when he called its name and would shake its glossy feathered head at him. Or maybe he was imagining all of it. It had been weeks since he had slept well at night in his grim apartment on his IKEA bed and he was a little “off” these days. Or maybe he was looking for the supernatural in anything and everything. Maybe he was looking for something that had been lost. Something that had come back to him.

It would be easier if the bird could speak instead of just nodding and preening its feathers. Why couldn’t he be followed around by a macaw that could at least ‘parrot’ words back at him. Or Poe’s raven, speaking one word only. That would be enough, wouldn’t it? Maybe not if the word was “nevermore” and it had to do with his lost love.

Of course, the answer was already nevermore when it came to that person. To Abbie.

Crane looked up at the raven and it looked back at him, cocking its head to the side. He had been reading up on corvids and he thought that judging by this bird’s size, it was probably female. He thought about changing her name to something more feminine but instead just called her Nin for short. A few times he had gotten mad at her antics and called her ‘Nincompoop’ but that made her angry and she would drop small, shiny objects on him from above. Bottle caps and gum wrappers and stray pieces of wire would come at him from the sky.

A few people would stare at him as he talked to this wild bird but he was used to this. A man in colonial garb talking to a random black bird in a tree was probably an oddity in most neighborhoods. At least since the leaves had turned to scarlet, gold, and orange, he could spot Nin easily. It would become easier once the leaves all fell off.

He had to wonder if the bird would stay here during the winter… one more thing he’d have to look up about ravens. He was becoming quite the master of ravens the longer this bird kept following him around. Over time, he didn’t feel that she was a witch’s familiar or any kind of demon. If the bird was either of those, she didn’t seem to ever be doing anything for her cause. He had never really been fond of birds but this one… it was different.

Others asked how he knew it was the same bird all the time, but he knew it. He could sense it somewhere near even when he was in his apartment. He considered opening his windows to see if it would fly in but wasn’t sure what he’d do with her then. Clip her wings and force her to keep him company? Was he that lonely?

That night, he did leave a window open to the crisp autumn air yet no bird flew in to join him.


The trees lost their leaves and snow fell on the ground. The bird was still around but not as much. It was as if Nin was now comfortable with leaving Crane for a while, sure she’d find him again. Or maybe Crane was overthinking this whole thing. It was a bird. An intelligent variety of bird who did have a history of becoming attached to humans but still a bird. He began to collect all the small objects she would leave for him, assuming they were meant to be gifts. All except the ones she dropped precisely on his head when he did something to make her cross. He wouldn’t give her the satisfaction.

He’d see her with her feathers all puffed up on the coldest mornings. Crane would leave his apartment building and nod to her as he made his way to whatever he was working on that day. She would nod back and fly off to God knows where. Sometimes she’d be there when he got home. Sometimes she wouldn’t and he’d stare at the leafless tree across from his building, hoping to catch sight of her before he went in for the night. He wondered what she was eating on these coldest of days. He didn’t envy her life, always in search of food and with no hope of ordering Chinese take-out.

As the nights grew even colder, he fashioned a large and cozy bird box on one of his windowsills, tearing up an old shirt of his to use as lining. Not wanting just any bird in there, he devised a puzzle she’d have to solve to get through the door and watched and waited to see if she would figure it out. The weather was getting extreme and he was getting worried when Nin finally showed up, figured out the puzzle in under a minute, and settled in for the night. Crane smiled knowing she was safe.

Others told him to get a pet but this wasn’t a pet at all. She had all the freedom she needed. He didn’t pretend to be this bird’s owner. He could watch out for her without clipping her wings and forcing her into a cage.

Even though she wasn’t a pet, she did fill a void in his life. And he appreciated that.


It was nearly spring but the March air was still bitterly cold. After a late night chasing a demon through the tunnels under DC, Crane stumbled into his apartment, took off his coat, and wanted nothing more than to now pull off his boots and collapse on his bed. Instead, Nin was tapping insistently on his window. This was new. She normally just went into her box and spent the night quietly.

He looked at her through the glass and the raven stared back with eyes he could swear he had seen before. She seemed to trying to get him to do something. To follow her. She could have been making normal raven noises but he could have sworn that first time ever, she called out his name.

“What is it?” he asked.


“Wait by the front door. I’ll be there in a minute,” he said, holding up his index finger as he put his coat back on. He rushed out of the apartment building and through the front doors to find Nin waiting for him in her tree. She flew from tree to tree, leading him somewhere. He hurried to keep up with her and to make sure he didn’t lose sight of her when she led them into a park. Nin flew into the middle of an empty baseball field and fluttered to the ground, the grass still brown from winter and covered in a light layer of frost now.

Suddenly Nin was no longer Nin but was turning into something else. The bird was surrounded by a silvery light and was changing form. He had seen a lot in his day and nothing should surprise him anymore. Nothing. But this… this was enough to make it almost impossible to speak any words.

“Abbie?” he finally managed to ask, afraid he was going to pass out right here in the middle of this cold field near second base, the full moon shining bright above them.

Her transformation was beautiful, going quickly from a bird to his partner in a matter of seconds. She stood before him wearing a glossy, black outfit complete with boots. But she had on no coat and he shed his own quickly and offered it to her. She took it from him and wrapped it over shoulders.

“Hello, Crane,” she said, reaching up to softly touch his face.

“What’s happening?” he asked her, still having trouble forming words. “You’re dead.”

“I was dead and now I’m not. You know death isn’t always permanent. You know that better than anyone,” Abbie said, her hand still resting upon his cheek. She was warm… and she smelled like the Abbie he remembered and he hoped that this wasn’t some sort of trick but was really his Abbie.

“But… but… I’m confused. Why a raven?” he asked her, his hand now going to hers and covering it.

“A crane would be too obvious,” she said with a smile. “Ravens are smart birds who can remember faces. As long as I was going to be a bird, I wanted to remember your face so I could find you over and over again.”

“I’m glad you did.”

“Plus, certain legends say that ravens can steal souls. Did you know that?” she asked, moving her hand. His followed along and their fingers ended up entwined, grasping onto one another. They began walking, holding hands, in no particular direction.

“I did read that, when I was trying to figure out why this particular bird was following me,” he said.

“Crane, I stole your soul back from the devil himself and you didn’t even know it. That’s why I picked this particular bird. So I could do that for you. You’ve had your soul back since about two days after you traded it to him,” Abbie said, squeezing his hand in hers.

He stopped walking abruptly, jerking her back to him. Crane’s face couldn’t hide his shock at this news. He had been worried about how he was ever going to get his soul back and Abbie had done it for him. He could only imagine it was so they could be together in the afterlife forever.

“You are locked in this existence because of my soul?” he asked. She had already given up enough for him. This wasn’t what he wanted.

“I can fly because of this existence and I will someday get to return to heaven. And now you will be there, too. You can join me like this, you know.”

“As a bird… as a raven?” he asked incredulously, the pitch of his voice rising on the word raven.

“Yes, most of the time. But sometimes, like right now, we can be human together.”

“Why are you human right now?” he asked.

“Magic and moonlight,” she said with a sly grin.

“Yes, I know all about magic. I’ve read the Harry Potter books and even though I am a Ravenclaw… I’m not sure that means I should be a raven,” he said.

“You were married to a witch,” she said, wrinkling her brow at his comment.

“That, too,” he said with a sigh, then shook the thought out of his head. “But why can you be in this form now? How can you be you?”

“The Crow Moon,” she said, pointing up to the full moon above them.

“Once a year? During the Lenten Moon? We can be human?” he asked, still sounding like out of all the things he had seen in his life, this was the one thing he wasn’t going to believe.

“It’s the best I can do. Once a year together as humans is better than never,” she said. “The rest of the time, you can be the Huginn to my Muninn. We’ll be able to fly, Crane. Fly anywhere.”

“But what about my mission? As a Witness?” he asked.

“When it’s time, someone else will take over the cause. It will be passed on,” she said.

“Even though I haven’t died?” he asked.

“It’s going to be hard to fulfill your Biblical obligations as a raven…”


“You can think about it.”

“For how long?” he asked.

“Until the sun comes up. I can only be here like this until the sun comes up,” she said. Before he could say another word, she grabbed him and pulled him to her. They both stumbled from the force and she ended up with his arms enfolding her, hugging her tight. His mind raced to count down the hours to sunrise and he knew how he wanted to spend that time with her. If she wanted. Judging by the way she had put her hands on his face and was standing on her toes for a kiss, he realized that she had the same thoughts, too.

Her mouth met his, silencing the hundreds of questions he still had for her about her life as a raven and how if would be if he decided to become like her. Instead of asking anything, he got lost in the feel of her lips on his. So warm. So soft. So… Abbie.

“Home,” she mumbled in between kisses. “Yours, obviously. We won’t fit in mine.”

“I would have built you a birdhouse castle had I known,” he said as she tugged him in the direction of his apartment. “I would have done anything for me.”

“Oh, really? You called me nincompoop once, Crane,” she said and he tried to explain.

“You dropped bottle caps on my head,” he said in his defense.

“I missed you so much. So much I would have done anything to get your attention,” she said, the two of them stumbling up the front steps to his apartment building.

“I too have missed you, Lieutenant. So much so I thought that this bird was a sign from you… and it was. I don’t know how or why–”

She shut him up with one more kiss before they made it to his door.


He worshiped every inch of her body. Her skin was smooth and flawless as his lips brushed across all her curves and his tongue delved into everywhere it could. She practically purred as she came for  the second time that hour.

“I’m ever so thankful you don’t make bird sounds,” he said, lifting his head from between her thighs to look at her. He was half off the bed and it was the perfect place to see all of her.

“At least I don’t do that… yet,” she said seriously before her face couldn’t hide the smile any longer. It was the happiest he had ever seen her, laughing even more when he tickled her inner thighs with his bearded face. She pleaded for him to join her on the bed so he crawled up until he was over her, her hand going deftly between them as she guided him into her body. He had forgotten how hot it was. How wet it was. How wonderfully tight around him… he almost forgot to move until she nudged him along.

He looked into her eyes, praying that this wasn’t some sort of dream or illusion. Her eyes searched his and she smiled.

“I’m real,” she said as if she could read his mind. She wrapped her legs high around his waist, letting him slip in even deeper. “I’m real and I want you… I…”

She lost the ability to speak coherently when he got on his knees and yanked her towards him, thrusting harder into her body. She cried out as she came again and he felt the world flash bright around him and fade to nothing. He fell beside her, struggling to catch his breath as her fingers brushed over his chest and across his stomach and over his hipbones.

“That… I wasn’t expecting that… I figured you…” she started to say, struggling to find the words.

“Hadn’t done this in a while? This is true. Or that men from my time had no clue how to please a woman?” he asked. Their legs were intertwined and he took one of her hands in his, bringing it to his lips to kiss. “I can assure you that I have had a lot of time to think of all the ways I should have pleasured you, Abbie, and I only wish we had more time because I’d show you every last one of them,”

“Does this mean you’re not joining me?” she asked.

“I have unfinished business here. People I have to make sure are ready. Miss Jenny would have to know I’m not dead. You’ve seen her stop by, haven’t you? That is, when she’s back in the country?” Crane asked.

“I have. I was worried about her, too. Especially with everything she had already lost,” Abbie said. They both fell into silent contemplation of all the things everyone lost.

“So, being a bird… what do you get to eat? What’s it like? Do you miss hot showers and coffee?” Crane asked. “I think I’d miss coffee and tea the most.”

“I missed you more than anything else in the world. And I can’t describe my life in that form. It’s like I know I’m something else but instinct kicks in. I find food. I find a place to stay. I survived because it meant I could get this one night… and eventually forever with you. When I asked for this, I knew the consequences but I knew I had to take the risk,” she answered.

“One night a year,” he said, sighing.

“One night.”

“We better not waste it,” he said, pulling her into a kiss.


Dawn was making its relentless approach. Crane knew that moment when the darkness would be replaced by the cold light of morning was coming way too fast. He couldn’t stop it. Abbie was in his kitchen, drinking coffee and eating whatever leftover food she had found in the refrigerator. She had on one of his shirts and he knew he was going to cherish the scent of her on that shirt and on his sheets for as long as he could.

He had decided. He needed another year to finish things. One year and he’d be ready to give up this existence and try something else. It wasn’t an easy decision but Abbie understood. He wanted to finish what they had started together and then they could go off and be… ravens together.

It sounded preposterous but no more so than being dead for a few centuries and returning to life. He knew there was so much more to this world than what could be easily seen.

He watched as Abbie put her clothing back on and checked the time over and over. He wasn’t sure why she couldn’t change form right here in his apartment but she said it had to be under the last light of the moon and the first rays of the sun. He offered to go with her but she said it would be better if she went alone. They could make their goodbyes here instead of in the middle of a field.

Crane held her in his arms for as long as he could. She clutched the fabric of his bathrobe as if she would never let go and he didn’t want her to go but it would just be a year. She would be right there, smart and beautiful as ever outside his window and in the tree dropping shiny objects on his head when she was cross with him. She wouldn’t be far.

He kissed her one more time, hardly able to bear the loss of  her lips on his. She let him go and stepped away and he could already feel the loss.

Just one year. It was only fair to the others. To Jenny. To the next Witness taking over his role. One year. Abbie was nearly to the door when she rushed back for one more hug. He kissed the top of her head as she pulled resolutely from his arms and went out the door.

One year. One long year. There was no way he could make it without her. It had been foolish of him to ever think he could.

“Abbie, wait!” he shouted, running barefoot out the door and flying down the hall as fast as he could. “Wait!


The End

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Hey I was wondering if Momoi gets to ever do some girls things with other girls? Like hangout with friends that sort of thing

Momoi finds the photograph when they’re spring cleaning. It takes her a while to even recognize Michiru, who is younger in this photo and her hair is longer than Momoi has ever seen it. Then she feels mildly indignant, because she’d always assumed that a distinct lack of girl friends was something she and Michiru had in common.

“Michitan!” she says accusingly. “You said you got along better with men!”

“Eh?” Michiru says, walking over (gleefully abandoning her vacuum cleaner and enjoying the excuse to stop cleaning). “I do. All my friends are dudes, what are—oh.”

“You clearly had girl friends at one point,” Momoi says, feeling like she’s been lied to, “Where are they now?”


It’s a bit like Momoi’s brain stutters, and she doesn’t fully comprehend what she just heard, but then she looks up at Michiru and finally notices her sad and soft expression as she gazes down at the photo. Michiru sighs, “Every woman in that photo is dead. Besides me, that is.”

Momoi looks down at the photo again and suddenly their happy expressions and laughter are deeply unsettling. It is a bit like she’s looking at a photograph of ghosts.

“Who—” she starts, but she already feels like she’s trespassed enough just by finding the photo, so she doesn’t want to continue.

“Imayoshi Setsuna,” Michiru says, pointing to the long blackhaired woman that the young Michiru has an arm around in the photo, “My little sister. And that’s Kasamatsu Hinami, and that’s Akashi Shiori.”

“Oh,” Momoi says, looking down at the photo with renewed interest. She’d known about Michiru’s sister, of course. And Kasamatsu Hinami…Momoi had heard about Youji’s wife. The woman in the photo and Kasamatsu Yukio have the same eyes. And Momoi had known Akashi Masaomi had a wife at one point, when she was looking into his background, but since the woman had been dead for awhile she didn’t look further. She hadn’t realized they’d all known each other.

“I had a friend,” she ventures. “White. She was my best friend, after Daichan. She died in Teiko.”

Michiru rests a hand on her head. “It sucks, doesn’t it?”

Momoi nods. It does. She often thinks her life would have been different now, if White had been able to escape with them.

“I do like my guy friends. But girl friends are important too, Satsuki. I want you to have that, someday.” She lets go and carefully takes the photo from Satsuki’s hands, and then moves away.


“Do you want to hang out sometime?”

“Why?” Riko says, sounding suspicious, and Momoi can’t help but bristle. It hadn’t been easy to make the phone call.

“Because I want to!” she says hotly. “Because I want to talk about something other than basketball for once! Because I want to go to a cafe! A cute one! If you don’t want to, that’s—”

“Fine,” Riko says. “Sure. There’s one downtown—it makes bears out of whip cream–”

“Oh,” Momoi says, relaxing, “Yeah, I know the one.”

A/N: AHAHAH sorry anon-friend! OK, so, I have been plotting epic amount of backstory with the guardians and I had THIS scene in my head as a short fic for the longest of time because I started feeling SO BAD for Michiru and how all her friends are dead and so even though you were most likely not asking for pain in your question, it was the first time a prompt had come in that gave me the excuse to write this scene that I wanted to write!! I would also actually like to write the scene where Momoi and Riko hang out in a coffeeshop, but FOR REASONS I don’t want to write that one until after the Nijimura story is finished being posted. Soooo, please prompt this request again after the end of the Nijimura story? Because there are things I want Momoi and Riko to talk about =D

(I have a lot of AUs in my head where the guardians all live, just as an FYI. Because it’s too tragic to me that they’re all dead in this one. I killed them all off and then created backstories for them and grew attached and now I shake my fist at my past self for killing them off when they weren’t even characters yet).

How to Interact with Actors/Idols Appropriately on Social Media

Fellow 2.5D fans.  You may have seen this post floating around, about foreign fans replying to actors on social media in inappropriate ways.  I agree with pretty much everything that post has to say, but I’m not here to reiterate what’s been said before.

As inappropriate as they are, those tweets are sent by fans, right?  Fans who like the actors and want to support them, right?  That’s fine!  It’s okay to respond to them on Twitter!  But there are certain boundaries you don’t want to step over or you (or worse, foreign fans as a whole) will be seen in a negative light, canceling out the support you’re trying to send.

So today let’s talk about reply etiquette.

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oh my god do I try

Mmmmmmmm well, I wanted to draw a cute pic of Delaney and Nick, but it ended up sketchy and the poses are confusing and hard to make out…but, look, the point is DEL MADE UP AN EXCUSE TO HOLD HANDS and it’s precious and dumb.  Someday I will make some Fallout art that is actually finished and isn’t a photo of a sketch.

Also, I keep picking pairings involving dudes with no hair (first Solas, now Nick), and can I just say, I WISH IT WERE NOT THIS WAY?  I guess it’s good practice, but man I don’t like drawing bald heads.

QLAP! June 2015 Kato Shigeaki Interview

Shige talks about his new book! There are some small spoilers as he discusses each story a bit, so please be careful if you want to avoid them :)


Kasa o Motanai Aritachi wa [Ants Without Umbrellas] is composed of six stories. In the interview for your previous work, Burn., you said, “Next time I wonder if I can try short stories”…you really lived up to your word!

“Actually at that time, maybe I was already having discussions about doing short stories (lol). Put into a book it’s my fourth substantial work, but this time I had the most fun writing yet.”

―What’s the intention of this title?

“It was decided at the last moment and was extremely difficult. There was the option of choosing one representative from the six stories and using that as the title, but I thought maybe there was a title that could give some meaning to all of the works. So when the editors and I searched we found the keyword ‘tears.’ Maybe this is a characteristic of my writing, but there are many expressions related to water. Pond, sea, rain, snow, tears…. Descriptions where you can feel water.”

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Why do I want so badly to be thin?!!

I thought for sure I had put that silly desire to be thin and beautiful to rest (FINALLY) but apparently not. Because while looking at photos of models from the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, all that I could think was “I WANT TO LOOK LIKE THEM” and it makes me sad.

I don’t want to want it.

I want to love my natural shape. I want to love myself enough to nourish my body with foods that make my tummy happy. And most of all, I want to not be afraid of being fat. I don’t want fear being ugly and unattractive.

There’s so much more I could be doing with my life and brainpower.

I know someday I’ll be free from this hell.

[TRANS] 2PM Hanako no.1097


The Wonderland City that Will Soon Become the Next Boom♥
Jiyugaoka Food Futakotamagawa Holiday

Who is the chief bear?
On the weekend, the 6 2PM guys go out to eat NY gourmet burgers.

In their 5th year of debuting in Japan, 2PM will be releasing their 10th single on October 21.
The 6 of them together arrived in Jiyugaoka for the first time. The gourmet burgers in question are from “BAREBURGER,” which has made its first landing from NY, and they had a day off while holding a gourmet burger in one hand.

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[yay! hc request!] how would the rfa (+v & saeran if that's okay) react and what would they do if they forgot mc's birthday?

V’s and Saeran’s would be shorter and a bit different since I don’t have a lot of headcanons for them yet ^^; Also, I imagine that different MCs in their routes would have different personalities, likes, and dislikes, so this will be based on that a bit.


  • He would panic a bit seeing you being more distant from usual.
  • “MC… did I do something?”
  • You showed him today’s date from your smartphone screen.
  • He was shocked. “W-What?! Oh my God, I can’t believe I could forget it like this gaaaahhhh!”
  • You told him it’s fine since he has been really absorbed in doing his job at the hospital, though you didn’t exactly give him any eye contact.
  • “I’ll make it up to you!” he said as he clasped your hands.
  • Having been together with you for a long time, he knew that you liked going outside, anywhere it is, as long as it’s with him. 
  • He managed to get some entrance tickets to a museum that you’ve been wanting to go to.
  • He would still feel a bit uneasy at first, since he thought you were still upset.
  • Seeing you lighten up, he couldn’t help but feel better and smile. He quickly grabbed your hand and energetically brought you around the museum.
  • You grinned. His positive energy seemed to have transferred to you and you felt better.


  • He came home from practice and had lunch with you.
  • He noticed that you were pouting and looking downwards.
  • “Babe… are you okay? Do you have a fever?” He placed his hand on your forehead.
  • You mumbled the answer quietly.
  • “Oh my.. I’m so sorry, MC. How could I forget my princess’ precious day?” He sighed at his own slip.
  • Having been together with you for a long time, he knew that you always liked to stay indoors better, preferably at home.
  • He quickly rearranged his living room for a bit and ushered you to sit down at his comfy sofa.
  • He treated you like you’re in a Butler Cafe, as he knows that you like going to those cafes. But, you weren’t giving any responses to those antics.
  • He then privately performed lines from some of your favorite plays or musicals, until he saw you laugh.
  • He walked towards you and gave you a hug. “I’m so glad I can see your laughing face again today. I hope you’ll forgive me?”
  • of course you did how can you not, look at those eyes


  • She came home from work early today, since some of the meetings were canceled by Jumin.
  • She found you lying down on the sofa, watching TV, with pursed lips.
  • “I’m home. Are you alright, MC?” She approached you.
  • You got up and told her that she forgot about your birthday.
  • She looked hurt and apologized profusely. You told her it’s fine since she has been busy lately.
  • “No… it’s not okay. I can’t believe I forgot something so important, especially when I usually keep everything in mind.”
  • Having been together with you for a long time, she knew that what you enjoy the most is having a talk while being relaxed.
  • She brewed coffee for the both of you shortly after. A latte for her and your favorite caramel macchiato.
  • The both of you just sat on the sofa under the blanket and enjoyed the rainy day, its atmosphere calming and quiet.
  • You placed your head on her shoulder. She told you about her day, and you did the same. 
  • Not long after that, you fell asleep. She sighed of relief seeing that you have felt better and caressed your peaceful sleeping face.


  • He came home from work early and saw you playing with Elizabeth the 3rd in the living room.
  • He greeted you, but you didn’t respond, so he went in front of you and crouched down. 
  • “MC… you’re spacing out.” He looked at your blank face and tapped your shoulder.
  • You snapped out of your trance as you looked up at his puzzled expression. You sighed. You got up and welcomed him home, turning your back against him.
  • this poor bby feels so confused and neglected at the moment
  • “Did I… do something that upset you?”
  • You told him that it’s your birthday today. His eyes widened and he grabbed your hand. “I apologize. I don’t know how I could forget such a thing.”
  • Having been together with you for a long time, he knew that you preferred handmade things compared to expensive and branded things.
  • So he went to the kitchen and made you your favorite, strawberry buttermilk pancakes with honey butter. He arranged the strawberry pieces into the letters “I’m sorry”
  • He tried to make a shape of a cat with the syrup but it looked like a deformed shape instead.
  • You couldn’t help but giggle at his antics. He felt his spirits lift up as he saw your smile and kissed your forehead lightly.


  • He got out of his room in the evening, seeing you sit on the floor with your knees in front of your face.
  • He sat down beside you and asked, “Do you have something in mind?” genuinely concerned. 
  • He was afraid that he has been neglecting you for too long and made you feel bad since he was focused on his work.
  • You lifted your face and expressed your sadness about what happened.
  • He rested his face on his palm. “Oh my God, it would make sense if I forgot about my own birthday. But I can’t believe that I forgot yours! I’m really sorry.”
  • Having been together with you for a long time, he knew that you enjoyed exploring nature with him.
  • He smirked and said, “Hehehe.. rest assured, MC. God Seven will bring you to another great adventure today!”
  • He took you to a forest. Not just any forest, in the middle of it, you could see the sky very clearly if you look up. There’s enough space for people to sit on. The surrounding felt very secluded and it was soothing.
  • anyone knows this reference?
  • The both of you stayed there until nighttime. That’s when it began. Hundreds of stars could be seen once you direct your sight above.
  • You and him lied down on the flat ground in tranquil, enjoying the view, with your hands intertwined.


  • He was on a photography camping trip on your birthday. You thought he didn’t contact you because he was busy there.
  • On the day he got back, you met up with him in a park. He still didn’t wish you a happy birthday or show any signs of remembering it.
  • You punched his arm lightly as a gesture to show that you’re upset.
  • He was confused and checked the date. Could it be…? he thought.
  • He tried to say his wishes but you still seemed unsatisfied. So he tried to make you laugh in every way possible.
  • You finally gave up and laugh at his attempts.
  • Unexpectedly, he pulled out his camera and quickly took a picture.
  • He looked at you fondly and said, “I have to make sure we have a memory of your birthday, right? Even if I can’t see you someday, at least I’ll have a photo proof of it. Your smiling face is beautiful.”


  • You didn’t nag him continuously since you didn’t want to appear whiny and there was so much going on for him, but he detected that there is something on your mind.
  • After confronting you about it, you finally said that it was your birthday.
  • Forgetting about your birthday made him remember what it felt like to even forget his own birthday.
  • He slowly reached out to your hand and looked at you in the eyes.
  • “I… don’t know how you’re supposed to celebrate birthdays. But.. I want to spend this day with you. Just the two of us.”
  • You saw his lips curled up and formed a small smile…? He rarely smiles.
  • You couldn’t help but hug him, startling him a bit with the physical contact.
  • “Ah.. MC, you’re very warm, this feels nice. What should we do after this? Maybe we should take a walk at the park?”

~End of headcanon~ I can’t characterize V and Saeran well T_T Ahh, I hope they (including the others) aren’t too OOC.


I’m so excited after 7 years of being a fan, to finally be able to go see Taylor play live. And I’m also excited to be seeing her with @kenzzzo13 my beautiful mom! Kendall and I met a few months ago when she followed me on tumblr, and I noticed her seat was directly next to mine! After messaging her I found out she was actually going to the concert alone, and invited her to be apart of my group. Since then we’ve become great friends, and I can’t wait to hug her on Friday! We’ll be sitting in FLOOR SECTION 6, SEATS 14-16 on September 18th! Our whole ‘theme’ for the concert is Out Of The Woods. When I got my tickets my mom said that on September 18th it was MY WORLD, and she just lived in it, thus she is going as a tree. But not only is she a tree, she’s going as @tree_paine AND a tree! (The red hair, yeah?) Kendall has been a fan for longer than I have, considering she’s a little bit older than I am. I’m so glad I got to meet her, not only because I made a lifelong friend , but also because a young woman alone in a big city at night is never good and the fact that she would have been going alone makes me cringe, and sad. Who wants to go alone and have to dance like crazy by yourself? One of my earliest memories is buying my first Taylor Swift cd and my mom loading it onto my MP3 player. Taylor has been such an influence on my life and who I am, and I’d love to be able to thank her for that someday. Taylor followed Kendall a few months ago and has liked one of her posts, and she’s liked one of my posts and put a photo of me on twitter! Kendall and I can’t express how excited we each were, and I’m sure my mom would express her MASSIVE enthusiasm at being woken up at 2am by a shaking daughter, because Taylor had just liked my post. I’ve met so many amazing friends through Taylor, and I owe about half of my friendships just to the fact that she is who she is. I’ve had a rough year, and I can’t wait to get an emotional break and just dance all night with my mom, and every other fan going. If you’re going, and you see me don’t hesitate to say hi!
I can’t wait to finally get out of the woods and find out what’s it’s like to finally spend the night with Taylor Swift.

Hello taylorswift. this is mine and polaroidswiftfrom1989 wall in our room. as you can see, above my bed we have our lovely picture hanging (I miss you) and above ashlyns bed, it’s a blank wall. she continues to leave it blank because she’s hoping someday there will be a framed 18x16 photo of you two up there like there is on mine. please let’s make this happen. she was too young to attend the secret session with me and all I want is to see you guys hug. we will be at the Columbus show night two on September 18. We love you SO much and Id do anything to have you guys meet each other 💞