i want to make photos like this someday

oh my god do I try

Mmmmmmmm well, I wanted to draw a cute pic of Delaney and Nick, but it ended up sketchy and the poses are confusing and hard to make out…but, look, the point is DEL MADE UP AN EXCUSE TO HOLD HANDS and it’s precious and dumb.  Someday I will make some Fallout art that is actually finished and isn’t a photo of a sketch.

Also, I keep picking pairings involving dudes with no hair (first Solas, now Nick), and can I just say, I WISH IT WERE NOT THIS WAY?  I guess it’s good practice, but man I don’t like drawing bald heads.

Why do I want so badly to be thin?!!

I thought for sure I had put that silly desire to be thin and beautiful to rest (FINALLY) but apparently not. Because while looking at photos of models from the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, all that I could think was “I WANT TO LOOK LIKE THEM” and it makes me sad.

I don’t want to want it.

I want to love my natural shape. I want to love myself enough to nourish my body with foods that make my tummy happy. And most of all, I want to not be afraid of being fat. I don’t want fear being ugly and unattractive.

There’s so much more I could be doing with my life and brainpower.

I know someday I’ll be free from this hell.


replied to your photo“My dad’s a neat-lookin’ dude.”

i want to read a three-novel neo-noir series about him

Ahaha, that reminds me - there’s a story I want to write someday based on a game he likes to play with me. Ever since I was a kid, we’ll be out in public somewhere and he’ll basically start roleplaying Sam Spade, narrating things under his breath in an exaggerated noir style. Calling me ‘gumshoe’ and women ‘dames’ and pretending like mundane trips to the grocery store are actually investigations he’s conducting and doing the internal monologue voice over for.

It’s weird. It’s cute as hell.

Anyway, years ago I thought it’d make a pretty good story… an aged and retired detective has gone a bit senile and can no longer fully care for himself. He’s being looked after by his nephew, a practical and ambitious young man who wants to go to college, not babysit his cranky uncle. The uncle has developed an irritating habit of narrating his actions, Sam Spade style, and the narration is rarely flattering. Buuuuut it turns out, there are still mysteries to be solved, and the detective calling hasn’t quite released its hold on Crusty Old Noir Dad Uncle. Hilarity ensues as they have to take on a massive conspiracy of organized crime together and set old mistakes to rest.


recommended to watch this while reading

i really wanted to add more shots to this but there’s a 10 photo limit to photosets and i already went over that plus i wanted to use screencaps from the same scene so it looked like this was all happening at once

Hello taylorswift. this is mine and polaroidswiftfrom1989 wall in our room. as you can see, above my bed we have our lovely picture hanging (I miss you) and above ashlyns bed, it’s a blank wall. she continues to leave it blank because she’s hoping someday there will be a framed 18x16 photo of you two up there like there is on mine. please let’s make this happen. she was too young to attend the secret session with me and all I want is to see you guys hug. we will be at the Columbus show night two on September 18. We love you SO much and Id do anything to have you guys meet each other 💞