i want to make babies with them

I want to make a Trump name generator. 

Like, just combine the following terms at random:

  • Cheeto
  • Cheeto Puff
  • Cheesey
  • Baby
  • Spray Tan
  • Orange
  • Clementine 
  • Cheddar
  • Grabby
  • Clown
  • Moneybags

Add them to a body part (Face, Hands, Butt)

Then add some silly last name or title

  • In Chief 
  • Richardson
  • McGee
  • The Third
  • etc

“Spray Tan CheddarFace McGee” 

“ClownButt BabyHands The third” 

“MoneyBags GrabbyHands McDrumph” 

Jupiter = More, More, More ♡♡

Jupiter in the 1st house: How much bigger can I make my brain!?
Jupiter in the 2nd house: More money, more pillows, more candles, more luxury
Jupiter in the 3rd house: Talks their own head off 
Jupiter in the 4th house: Give me a bigger house with 8 mums
Jupiter in the 5th house: “We should have more babies”
Jupiter in the 6th house: Carries a 5kg encyclopedia on herbal medicine
Jupiter in the 7th house: I want the biggest wedding cake. Maybe getting married once isn’t enough
Jupiter in the 8th house: I want more of that psychic thing I can do!
Jupiter in the 9th house: Yes I’m enrolling in another degree, right after I come back from Rome again
Jupiter in the 10th house: I want another promotion. Another accolade. Another enterprise!
Jupiter in the 11th house: Give me more friends. Make them like me more 
Jupiter in the 12th house: I need some space, like a whole ocean between us

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Is there anything that your ferrets hate? As in, what makes them hiss and bite?

Haha, what they hate, what makes them hiss, and what makes them bite are all different things!

What they hate - I’ve had several ferrets who hate squeaky toys.  I hear a lot of ferret owners claiming their ferrets love squeaky toys because they come running every time they hear it, but I (and a lot of other ferret people) believe it’s usually a distress reaction and they want the noise to stop. (The fact that some ferrets will bite if it doesn’t stop is a tiny clue. ^_^)  The theory is that squeaky toys sound like baby ferrets screaming, which I didn’t really understand until I heard a video of baby ferrets.  Shango, my first ferret, hated ALL noises and would get VERY upset if she asked you to stop and you didn’t.  Some of the noises she hated: squeaky toys, bells, beeps, velcro, zippers, shuffling cards, turning pages in a book, scratching a pair of jeans, my dad playing the harmonica (well, we all hated that), etc.  Sometimes Tux and Miss Rudy react to similar noises, but they don’t get as upset as Shango did.

What makes them hiss - For some ferrets, hissing is a really casual thing.  My Elmer hissed all the time over anything and everything because he was deaf.  It sounded like a little frustrated sigh.  Miss Rudy hisses sooooo much if you play with her with a cat toy (like, the ball on a string type) and she catches it but you don’t let her drag it away.  I find some ferrets are big hissers and some aren’t.  Like, I’ve never heard Tux hiss, so if he did, I’d know he was upset.  But Miss Rudy hisses about everything, so whatever. ^_^

What makes them bite - Most of my ferrets just weren’t biters.  Shango, my first ferret, was the biggest biter.  She would bite if you had ankles.  (She didn’t bite me, though - only other people.)  She also learned to extort treats from my dad by threatening to bite him.  My current ferrets will play bite.  Like, if they’re all jumping and wrestling and fighting and you join in with your hand, they’ll basically treat your hand like another ferret, which I don’t have a problem with unless they get *too* rough.  Elmer wouldn’t even play bite, though.  He’d just open his mouth and go “AAAAAAA” at you but never close it.

Yesterday Miss Rudy bit me because she wanted to go into my bedroom but I closed the door. ^_^  She doesn’t bite hard, but she seems to bite for communication a lot.

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DUDE they're literally out here saying that he's only smiling bc he's with a baby and babies always make people smile whether you're related to them or not IM SCREAMIGN they're TRYING EVERYRHING 😂😂😂

ohhhh ohhh

i thought he was trying to spare larries the pain by actively publicly hating this child in public

i thought we had to go through masterposts of how louis looks at every other child as a miracle but this one he hates because it’s an evil fake clark baby and he wants us to know how much he despises him?

but now louis has decided to HURT his bae larries by publicly adoring on his son in motion on his birthday? he decided to adore a random baby holding him hostage and traumatize the people he only cares about instead? 

he would do that to his larries?????

well would you look at that!

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I personally quite like klance but the shippers are so fucking annoying making Lance this crying baby who needs protecting by Keith uwu its so boring and heteronormative. and honestly Lance is literally the only character who is pretty obviously straight and everyone is focusing on him instead of the ones whose sexualities haven't been confirmed yet! Why??!?!

Yeah! Right? I really like Lance, and well i wanted more of him this s2 but hey, Keith in s1 was nobody, and now his story is amazing! And then fue shipping wars, i really hate them? Nothing is going to became canon so why the fighting…? And there is going to be a S3 where we are going to have the other characters development, lets wait a little 😌

me before 1D: i am stone cold and emotionless

1D: hi :)

me, now: *cries whenever they’re MIA for too long* *listens to their voices bc they always make me soul-deep happy everytime* *wants to whisk them away to a magical place where no one can hurt them ever* *would actually fistfight for them* *calls them sappy ridiculous pet names as if i am their mother* *crying rn probably* *a Mess™ without them*

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Hi! :) I recently found your tumblr & LOVE what you've done for the toddlers!! I've downloaded practically everything lol! Now, I do have a request if it's all right & if you can do it. It's a conversion of a previous item you made for infants, the Baby Bear onesies. Do you think you could make them for toddlers as well, for bedtime? I think they'd be SO cute! (That, & I really want them, but I don't want it to be the only thing ALL of my infants in the game wear, if that makes sense.) Thanks!<3

Thank you! I’m so glad you like them! I did actually make them so toddlers but I didn’t think it was up to standard but if you’d like them I don’t mind giving them to you and if you want you infants to wear other outfits only have one of the files in your folder (the one that matches the skin/gender of the baby you want to wear it) <3

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I don't understand what's wrong with putting uteruses and Vulvas on stuff. That's not transphobic, of course transgender women should be included in feminist spaces and deserve to voice their opinions on all kinds of issues, but reproductive rights are a huge issue and Donald trump wants to take away those rights. Cis women should be able to talk about their vaginas and not be silenced because your dumbass thinks it's transphobic

okay but they’re not talking about reproductive rights, i’ve seen maybe 10 signs in all the huge protests i’ve been to with a uterus that actually list things of importance about what we can do with our uterus and how we have a right to do whatever we want with it, instead they just wanna yell about their genitals and other shit because to them woman means uterus, vagina and baby maker, much like i’d say to nasty ass cis men, i’m more than my uterus and vagina, those parts don’t make me or any other woman a fucking woman, they’re body parts

i think the epitome of why i can’t stand my older sister and her husband is the fact that my parents want to buy my niece candy for valentines day, but they know they can’t because if they do her parents will eat it without her getting a single piece 


Happy Birthday 카이 // Kim Jongin [ January 14, 1994 ]
I always have to surpass myself. Yesterday’s me, no matter what good things happen, I forget them and want to do great things again. Instead of materialistic or physical outcomes, I want to spend time personally accepting, understanding myself. Activities are fun and make me happy, but I’m also happy seeing myself growing day by day. I would like for the me of today to sing better and dance better than the me of yesterday.” ∞ NYLON Interview

The Chargiest Charger

On his adventures with the Inquisitor, the Iron Bull discovers a baby hart that has fallen down a cliff. He rescues it, because he is a giant soft marshmallow, and it is making a very sad honk.

he doesn’t mean to do it, but he names it Imekari (because Qunlat has no other words for small things that you want to protect) 

Imekari recovers from her mishap in short order, and decides that the Iron Bull is now her mother. I mean, no one else here has antlers.

He tries to leave her with Horsemaster Dennet. Dennet knows…. animals, right?

Dennet brings her back two hours later, and Bull hears them coming, because Imekari is making the saddest, most terribly tragic, extremely loud, honking. She’s been separated from her mother, what else can she do? She has no other way to communicate her sadness and distress. So honking it is. (you know when you’re riding a hart, and you gallop, and they make that noise? you know the one. It’s that noise, but tinier, and also louder, and much more likely to haunt your dreams.)

She’s discovered that making this noise will cause everyone around her to do what she wants. She decides this is a good noise, and she should make it more in the future.

And that’s the story of how the Iron Bull recruited the first Charger who can actually charge.

As someone who is under 18, I feel the need to remind you that we know about sex. 

At 14 a friend of mine had sex for the first time.
At 11 we had sex ed.
At 10 and even below, we all knew how babies were made.

Saying that to teach a child about asexuality is sexualizing children is ridiculous.

It’s not sexualizing them, It’s teaching them that they’re not broken.

It’s ensuring that they don’t spend their lives thinking that there is something wrong with them.

It’s making sure that they don’t do anything they don’t want to in hopes of fitting in.

As soon as you are old enough to learn about sex, you should also learn about sexualities.  It just makes sense.


So, if you’ve seen Fantastic Beasts, you may remember this lil guy! CAN WE JUST TAKE A MINUTE lil baby demiguise just wants to babysit the other creatures and make sure they’re okay *heart breaks a little* and it isNT JUST CREATURES THE DEMIGUISE WANTS TO PROTECT IT WANTS TO PROTECT EVERYONE it can see a few seconds into the future and MAY I REMIND YOU THAT THIS LIL GUY TRIED TO PROTECT NEWT & FRIENDS FROM THE OCCAMY!!! what a good lil guy :’) reblog 2 spread the lov for lil baby demiguise

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can you believe people trashed baby taylor swift for making surprised faces when she won awards like honestly how dare they??? winning awards is great??? she was excited??? she was a CHILD??? she was GRACIOUS in her EXCELLENCE?? i want to go back in time and fckifnnrfg SMASH them UGH it still makes me so Fckifnf MAD how DaRe THEy

believe me, i love that there’s so much transboy positivity on this website. really, i do. it makes me feel pretty good about myself, bc who doesn’t want posts telling them how cute they are? right?

the thing about it is, these posts infantilize us. they describe us in baby words, “squishy,” “cute,” “lil baby boys,” and it’s… well, it’s a bit insulting. since transboys are naturally a bit more feminine-looking than cisboys, those “compliments” play off of that. they diminish us to little more than these cute little girly boys that, hey, i can compliment them and get tumblr cred at the same time!

so, idk. hopefully it’s not just me who’s bothered by this, bc tbh it’s fairly creepy. in conclusion:

stop infantilizing transboys. (:

What I've learned so far from sugaring

I’ve been sugaring for a couple months and here’s what I’ve learned

*use a fake number and email address

*write everything down, make a list of POTs with a description to keep them apart. When your talking to 5-10 different men at a time it’s very difficult to tell them apart after awhile, write down their job, little facts they tell you, where they live ect. It’ll make your life so much easier

*be clear about your goals, i truly believe the most successful babies are the ones who’s goal are more than just getting material items. Like wanting to have $xxx In your savings account, pay off debt, start business ect.

*when buying clothes/ accessories to update your wardrobe, buy things that are timeless and with stand trends. You’ll get more longevity out of them. Trends come and go but that little black blazer is timeless. Obviously buy things that are trendy but don’t blow all your sugar money on something that won’t be in style within 6 months.

*95% of people that contact you from a different state than your in are scammers. If anyone messages you and says they will need you to run errands when their away is a scammer.

*never ever ever ever ever wire money to someone, it’s a scam. A true Sd would never send money then ask for some of it back. They’ll say they need your help sending money to someone blah blah blah, a successful business man wouldn’t ask their SB to handle business for them, they have people for that.

*never give your bank account information unless you absolutely trust them, even then be careful! Scammers don’t always send fake checks via mail, they can also transfer fake checks into your account. When the bank finds out they will penalize you and can shut your account down and you won’t be able to open a account with any national bank for 2 years.

*Google your POT, reverse search their number. Type their name into Facebook or Google. If their a prominent person they will have a Google presence. It’ll help weed out fakes and scammers. I had a fake tell me he ran a charity for George w bush that had something to do with orphanages. A quick Google search of charities george Bush was affiliated with showed me he had nothing to do with orphanages

*do your research before starting. I was on Tumblr and advice blogs for a week before starting and learned as much as possible which helped immensely.

*take some of the Tumblr blogs with a grain of salt, there are alot of fake tumblrs, and also alot of amazing ones with wonderful advice. Don’t believe the hype some blogs show that you’ll make 5k a month allowance right away. It’s not impossible but not everyone gets that.

*bouncing off the last tip, don’t feel bad about taking a lower amount from a POT or Sd. If the amount your getting helps you then work it. I have guys who give me more and I have some that give me less than what i truly want, but it helps when rents due and I’m not ashamed of it because at the end of the day whether your getting $100-1000 It’s more money than you walked in with. And i set boundaries with ones who give me a lower amount, i wont spend all day with them unless their willing to give more. Normally i stick to getting food and keeping it to 1-2 hours. But don’t sell yourself short. If someone low balls you to where you feel like it’s not worth it, don’t go for it.

*take care of yourself, give yourself a day once a week to relax, take a bath give yourself a face mask or deep conditioning treatment. Give yourself time to recharge and self love

*understand it’s not easy. It’s like a job, especially before you find your Sd. Talking to so many people, having to respond to messages in a timely manner, making profiles, having to be your best you and going on POT dates can be exhausting.

*take breaks when you become overwhelmed. I’m taking a little break to recharge, don’t wear yourself thin. You need to take care of yourself!

*have a backup vanilla job so you are still making money. You’ll have times where your slow in your sugar life and won’t be making As much money, so always have a back up plan

*save save save.

I hope this helps someone, happy sugaring!! 😘😘