i want to make a rp account out of him

Stop taking my ocs

Hey guys, I just wanted to make a little shout out post about my gemsona Celestine. I don’t allow anyone to use Celestine for any other sites or for rp blogs- I have not given permission to anyone to use him (yes even the old design) for anything. 

I’ve had WAY too many people take and use my Celestine character for whatever they want. It makes me feel upset since it’s a self insert…. and people are just taking my art and deleting my signature. It’s really bumming me out and it makes me want to stay away from the gemsona community because people are taking the characters I make- and the gemsona fandom is really meaningful to me- its how I met my partner.

Please stop asking to use him for other accounts/RPs because I will never approve that. No one has permission to use my art even if they credit me. 

( I missed the 100 and 200, so better late than ever. )

!!!! AAAHHHH first of all: Thank you SO SO much for all the support in thse past three months. This was the first time I actually put my heart into a Tumblr RP account and I’m loving each an every minute of it. I was so skeptical about my dear Jonathan and the way I write him, but I am so glad I got so much positive reactions to my dear Master of Fear !!!!   I genuiely adore writting The Scarecrow and I am so glad to have all of my writing partners and I can’t wait to see the one’s I’ll find later on as well !!!

Because I’m a sucker, I want to use this post to make a shout out and a bit posotive spreading for my loves !! If I, for some reason, forgot your user, please don’t be sad !!! I love you as well, and I’ll probably update this multiple times. Remmeber my IMS and inbox are always open, and I love to meet new people !! I don’t bite !!

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