i want to live on this man's bicep

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  • me: k what did you get for question 6
Mine - Chapter 1

This is my first fanfic with this paring, and it happened bc I needed some possessive/Protective-Magnus and @owlwithafringe told me to do it (a) Hope you enjoy!

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Chapter 1

Magnus ran a hand down his jacket as he stepped through the portal and into the institute, his eyes immediately searching out his Shadowhunter. He spotted the familiar black curls towering over the rest of the crowd and didn’t even try to suppress the smile that bloomed on his lips as he started towards the other man.

“Al…” he froze mid-word as his eyes landed on Alec’s lower back. A spot that was currently being occupied by a hand. A very masculine hand. A hand not belonging to Alec, Magnus or any of the other few Magnus knew Alec to be comfortable in letting touch him so intimately.

With determined steps, he walked up his boyfriend to greet him properly (and maybe stake his claim just a little, but who could blame him? This person was obviously trespassing on Alec’s body and Magnus would have none of it thank you very much).

“Alexander, darling, I missed you this morning when I woke up” he said as he stretched up to drape his arms around Alec’s neck and pull him towards him so that he could press a light kiss at his cheek. A few months ago, he would never had been able to be so openly affectionate towards his boyfriend without Alec having a minor freak-out about it, and he was so happy that Alec had finally become comfortable in his own skin and sexuality and had even come to encourage Magnus’ casual public displays of affection towards him.

As expected, Alec leaned into the kiss and smiled down at him in greeting.

“I’m sorry I had to leave early, Magnus. We had some issues with mundanes summoning demons again. I swear these supernatural shows are making all of our lives ten times harder than they need to be…”

Magnus laced their hands together and squeezed as a show of support before raising his eyebrows pointedly to the man behind his boyfriend. The man who had had his hand on Alec’s lower back just a minute ago. The man that Magnus kind of wanted to disembowel, because he did not look at all regretful about his little miss-step. No, instead he placed that exact same hand on Alec’s bicep as he leaned forward to extend his other hand to Magnus in a greeting.

“Hi, you must be the famous Magnus Bane everyone keeps talking about, a pleasure to meet you. I’m Theodore, but Alec just calls be Theo.” the man smiled at him and Magnus wanted to knock his teeth out.

In the corner of his eye, he caught Alec’s frown at the last statement, as if he was confused by what the man had just said, and Magnus pretty much took that as confirmation of the fact that this Theodore was obviously more comfortable with Alec than Alec was with him. Giving his boyfriend’s hand one last squeeze, he let it go to greet Theodore, grasping his hand a bit too hard as a smiled wolfishly at him. The idiot shadowhunter probably thought Magnus viewed it as a pleasure to meet him, but Magnus caught the small smile that played on Alec’s lips before he schooled his features into an impassive mask. Yeah, Alec totally knew how Magnus felt about this asshole.

Letting go of Theodore’s hand, Magnus stepped back to Alec’s side and let a hand trail up and down the shadowhunter’s back absentmindedly as he listened to Jace start the briefing of their new mission. Magnus only ever helped if Alec asked him to, preferring to stay out of Shadowhunter-business as much as he could, and he hadn’t actually planned on staying, but this Theodore-person made him want to stay at Alec’s side a little longer than originally planned. Not that Alec couldn’t handle himself, but because he felt the sudden need to make his claim on his man very clear.

When the meeting was finished, Magnus draped his arms around Alec’s neck and raised himself on his toes to kiss the shadowhunter thoroughly before saying goodbye.

“Will you be coming over tonight?” He asked, already knowing the answer. Because even though it wasn’t official yet, his apartment was as much Alec’s as it was his own and the other man hadn’t spent a night at the institute in weeks.


Magnus Bane was not jealous person. He was not usually possessive and didn’t often feel the need to lay claim on his boyfriend in front of others, simply because he trusted his man enough to know that he would never be with anyone else. However, when someone was obviously flirting with his boyfriend… Well, that was just plain rude and Magnus would not have it.

It was the third day in a week that Magnus had come to the institute. This time because Isabelle had called the warlock to ask for his help in a case they were working on. Apparently some mundanes had been messing around with magic and managed to make a new drug of some kind and now the nephilim needed his help in fixing it.

Stepping through the portal, Magnus was met by Izzy’s smile and couldn’t help but offer one back as he embraced her tightly.

“Hi Isabelle, where’s your lovely brother this morning?” He asked, frowning at the grimace she made before she answered.

“Theodore, or Theo as he insists we call him, asked Alec to train with him so they’re down on the platform. They should be up for the meeting though, so you could go down and get them if you’d like?” She winked at him before sauntering off, and Magnus went to find his boyfriend and that Theo. Even thinking the name left a sour taste in his mouth.

When he got up to the platform, he stopped for a second to just watch. He loved watching Alec train, the man moved with such deadly grace and Magnus always found himself transfixed by him. A smile playing on his lips, he cleared his throat and as Alec slammed Theodore down into the floor before raising his head to see who was there, Mangus decided to ignore the other man in the room and address his beautiful boyfriend instead.

“You know, waking up to an empty bed this often is bound to make a guy feel cheap, Alexander”, he spoke, making sure to let a pout form on his lips.

Alec stood up and walked over to him, his bare chest glistening in the fluorescent lights almost made Magnus forget why he was there in the first place.

“I’m so sorry, you just looked so peaceful and I didn’t want to wake you. Are you… I mean… Is that why you’re here? I.. Is everything okay?” Alec stuttered a little, clearly worried that Magnus might be upset in some way. As endearing as the warlock found his boyfriend to be when he got flustered, Magnus couldn’t find it in his heart to let him worry. Putting his hand at the shadowhunter’s cheek, he smiled up at him before placing a chaste kiss on those inviting lips.

“It’s okay, Alec, I was just kidding… Mostly. I am actually here because Isabelle called me in to help you out with this drug-case you’ve got. She asked me to come get you and… your new partner, it would seem” he said and raised his eyebrows at the state of undress both men were in. Theo chose this moment to saunter up to them, placing an arm around Alec’s shoulders as he spoke, Magnus caught the uncomfortable frown that grew on Alec’s face at this and wondered how much trouble he would get in for sending this asshole to the hell-dimension for a week or two. Surely that would teach him not to touch people without their consent? It would be a public service, really.

“I asked Alec to come in to train with me, since I was feeling a bit rusty and this man is the best fighter in the institute so who better to learn from?” He said, a smirk playing on his lips. Magnus smiled coldly back at him and waved his hand to drape Alec’s shirt over his torso, such a shame to hide all that beautiful muscle but the grateful smile he got in return was worth it.

“Yes, well we have a meeting to attend so we better get going” he said and started walking, figuring Alec would follow him and really hoping the ground would open up and swallow Theodore.

'Jungkook's profile written by RapMonster'

Name: Jungkook
Birthday: 970901
Introduction: The magnae who is like a hyung.
Jungkook is in charge of “muscle idiocy” in BTS.
Nickname: Musclehead, Kkook
Speciality: Getting muscles, hitting Jimin and V
Size: 178cm, 78kg

Habit: Good body
Strengths: Does everything well. Adventurous. Best muscles. Strong. Muscles and deer-like eyes.
Weakness: If we fight with strength I could lose, he has better honey thighs than me. His thighs are twice mine.

Kkook’s charm point is: Sexy muscles, deer eyes, nightingale voice, fresh bad boy
A song that matches well with Kkook: Shonri - Victory

The 1) animal 2) color 3) TV program 4) character 5) BTS song that you think of when you think of Jungkook:
1) Muscle rabbit, 2) red, 3) Teletubbies, 4) muscle rabbit, 5) Outro

What’s similar with me: Group’s center (heh)
What is aegyo to Kkook: Muscle ?? ver.
I’m better than Kkook at: Surviving, living longer, not dying young, etc.

Kkook’s appearance is 2000 points out of 100.
The time Kkook looks upset: When he can’t go to the gym
The time Kkook looks happy: When he does what he wants, when he hits V

What I hope Kkook will achieve: Participate in a triathalon
What I’m most jealous of: He’s an iron man.
Something I want to do with Kkook: Health, work on music
If I were Kkook: I would touch my biceps, triceps and thighs

To Kkook: Share some with hyung. I’ll work hard.

| © BTS0222 |

gapitanakitty  asked:

“we met at a concert and we’re singing all the lyrics together and having a great time but you lock your gaze with me when my favourite romantic line comes on and i think i’m in love” au

My first song fic ever! I recommend that you listen to Blink 182-Down while reading this.  I thought about using Always because it is also a great love song by them,but Down seemed more Gajevy to me. First date would have been pretty cute,too! I love Blink 182. :o

I forgot just how mushy I can be.

Fluff alert!


Levy,you really should get a boyfriend.”

The words of her best friend kept replaying over and over again,driving her insane.

The music was loud,the lights were bright,and people were having a good time. Cigarette smoke and marijuana smoke filled the air. Girls were crowd surfing and showing their boobs. This is what it’s like to be at a rock concert. Levy looked over to her left where a mosh pit was taking place. One of the men caught her attention,he was really tall with piercings decorating most of his face and arms. Levy watched him beat up several of the guys in the mosh pit.

“You’re too strong,Gajeel!” One of the men yelled holding his bloody nose.

The tall man almost knocked Levy down when he backed into her.

“You big oaf,you should pay more attention!” She yelled at him only to realize his crimson eyes were burning into her soul. The look he was giving her wasn’t a violent look,no it was a look of want.

“Ya shouldn’t be so damn short.” He said turning his head away from her.

“Excuse me?!” The blunette kicked his leg.

“You little witch,that hurt!” The tall man growled at her.

Levy smiled at him,”I’m Levy.”

The young man let out a grunt, “Gajeel.”

While the music was blaring Gajeel and Levy were having fun together. Both of them were headbanging and singing along to the lyrics,they didn’t want the night to end.

“What do you do for a living?” Levy asked,admiring his handsome face. She could tell he was definitely a bad boy. Lucy always gave her hell for being so attracted to bad boys.

The young man scratched the back of his head, turning his eyes away from her again.

“I’m a tattoo artist.”

“I have always wanted a tattoo. Maybe you could give me one sometime?”

“I could do that fer ya sometime soon.” Gajeel pulled up the sleeves on his leather jacket to show her some of his tattoos,he had at least five on each arm She also took note of his muscular biceps.

“What do ya do for a living?” He asked suddenly,causing Levy to snap out of her daydream.

“I’m a Kindergarten teacher.”

Levy could tell the tall man was kind of shocked by her answer.

“Ya wanna break through the crowd and try to get closer to the stage?”

“We probably shouldn’t.”

“Ya should live a little. People are scared of me,so it won’t be hard. Come on,Shorty.” Gajeel took her hand and led her to the third row.

“Thank you,Gajeel. I like it a lot better being this close.”

Those brown eyes were about to bring him to his knees.

Both of them started headbanging and getting into the music once again. When Levy wasn’t looking,Gajeel would take the time to admire her beauty.

When the band decided to play one of their softer songs everything changed between the two of them.

The drops of rain they fall all over
This awkward silence makes me crazy
The glow inside burns light upon her
I’ll try to kiss you if you let me
(This can’t be the end)

Tidal waves they rip right through me
Tears from eyes worn cold and sad
Pick me up now, I need you so bad.

Gajeel and Levy made eye contact while singing the lyrics together. The air between them felt thick. In that moment the young man knew that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. They had only known each other for an hour,and yet it felt like this woman had been by his side a lot longer than that. There was no way he could keep up his bad boy persona when his heart was hammering this hard in his chest.

Down down down down
Down down down down
Down down down down
Down down down down
(It gets me so)
Down down down down
Down down down down
Down down down down
Down down down down
(It gets me so)

Your vows of silence fall all over
The look in your eyes makes me crazy
I feel the darkness break upon her
I’ll take you over if you let me
(You did this)

Before Levy could say anything,his lips were on hers and in that moment nothing else mattered.