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What Daddy Did

For @zommbro

Maui let out a tired sigh as he sat back, enjoying the breeze that ghosting over his skin as he stared at his work. Making so many gifts at once was hard labor, but it was always a labor of love. It was the least he could do to make up for leaving for so long and so often. Finding the time to make them had been hard, though. He spent many nights awake while everyone else slept, slaving over his many projects until they were completed. He hoped that the craftsmanship was good enough to please them.

Maui sighed again and rolled his tense shoulders. He hoped he was good enough for them.

“Daddy!” a small, distant voice called.

The stress in his shoulders rolled away and a smile immediately stretched across his face.

More cries of his title filled the air as he climbed to his feet and spread his arms wide, awaiting their love. He watched, his heart swelling with love, as his beautiful children ran to him. Some were crying, some lagging behind, one even carrying their youngest sibling, but they were all smiling. Within seconds the first body barreled into him. It was the twenty-four other bodies that aided in taking him down. The kids squealed in shocked enjoyment while Maui laughed. So many voices were asking questions. So many hands grabbing his skin and holding onto him. So much love filling his arms.

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bria-amour  asked:

Could you also explain how Si vs Se work in lower positions as well as Ne vs Ni? I really enjoyed those posts.

Si-dom: I know how the world works and how to navigate within it. I compare what I am learning at present with what I have learned before. My beliefs, colored through what I care about, displaces reality, so I see what I want to see. I like stability and to know what I’m getting into before I commit to it.

Si-aux: I learn from the past in order to strengthen my future. I know how the world works and what to expect from it. I want to share my experiences with you and can effortlessly integrate into a new culture. I am not always realistic about how I remember situations, events, and people. I like stability, but often leap into things before thinking them through.

Si-tert: I often fall back on stereotypes when encountering new information, and have strong ties to my own subjective experiences. I ought to know how the world works, but often fumble out in it. I find it hard to respect social classes. My memories are biased in favor of my perspective on what happened. I like some things in my life, such as my favorite foods or movies, to stay the same.

Si-inferior: I get upset if I cannot connect to my past in some way. I wear my grandpa’s army jacket, because it makes me feel closer to my family. It bothers me, that I’m so reluctant to move on from certain things, and that my memory isn’t all that trustworthy when it comes to remembering the facts of what happened.

Se-dom: I see all the possibilities for action in the current environment. It excites me to involve myself in them and challenge other people to step outside their comfort zone or take a chance on life. I am drawn to the latest, and the best. I have all the newest “stuff” on the market and my taste is expensive. I am very enthusiastic about doing things at first, but not always great at following through to the end. I love to physically engage with other people and my environment. I’m good with the straight up facts of a situation.

Se-aux: I am good at seeing chances to act and on taking them; I tend to live in the moment and encourage others to do so, too. I am not afraid to take risks, and am often the first in line to try out something new. The idea of challenging myself mentally and physically gets my blood pumping. I like to own new tech and do not collect things so much as purchase on impulse. I am very hands on and especially good at video gaming the first time around. I feel nothing when talking about the past.

Se-tert: I like to take a break from my plans and intuition by engaging in physical activities. My appearance is important to me and I work hard to stay looking good. I’m always up for trying something new. I am not always great at seeing potential in my environment or in leaping on it, but I want to be more that way. I tend to make impulsive decisions at times and sometimes take big risks, but it usually turns out all right. The past is somewhat unimportant to me.

Se-inferior: I don’t know why I act self-destructive. I blew my entire paycheck on a stupid trip last week that I didn’t even want to go on. I have an expensive anime collection that no one else cares about. I sometimes sleep with someone out of the clear blue, and live to regret it. I do dumb things, physically, with bad results. Why is the world so fast-moving? So loud? So bright? I am not that great at finding facts to support my theories. I wish I were better at that.

Note: Te is better for fact retention and remembering dates; Fe tends to focus on the emotional resonance of past situations.


Oscar Byles - The Whole Story

I know, I’ve already shown you these illustrations ! I have made it las year for a contest on a French forum, The Box of Chocolate, for which I had to tell the story of a character.

It’s a bit hard for my to speak in english, so I will not be able to translate all I write for the contest. I know I have some french followers, I hope you will enjoy the texts !

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