i want to live in her closet

2017's To Do List
  • Do not invest in temporary things.
  • Long drives and poetry.
  • Take the love that does not bruise.
  • Lose 30 pounds of sorrow.
  • Change the batteries.
    A dead clock may be right twice a day.
    But it’s time to stop living in the past.
  • Clean out the closet.
    Donate to charity.
    But throw away the coat that still clings to the smell of him.
  • This year, you asked for too much.
    You wanted to love
    And to be loved as ferociously in return.
    This time, strive to be the reason someone stayed.
    Want someone to be able to say
    Loudly and without hesitation:
    I didn’t jump because of her.
  • Repaint the gate.
  • Change the lightbulb.
  • Buy a welcome mat.
  • Unlock your heart.
  • Don’t choose who enters.
    This time,
    Choose who doesn’t.


So I’m going at this with an assumption that when the Russian skaters were too young to live alone they lived with yakov and Lilia but basically what I’m saying is that when Georgi and Viktor were young teenagers they broke into lilia’s closet to try on her high heels and dresses

Something Else to Call Him

This ficlet is part of the Jamie Through the Stones AU which starts with Third Time’s the Charm.

This ficlet is a direct continuation from To Feel Normal

My Fanfiction Master List

Available on AO3 as Written in the Stones

This is an Outlander canon divergence AU ficlet.

Let me know what you think.

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Fanfic sentence: "Most people try and hide the evidence."

“Most people don’t live with an incredibly violent and unstable vigilante.” Jason said as he kicked his bag of equipment into the closet.

“Touche.” Y/N answered. “So what do you want for dinner?”

Jason smirked and plopped down on top of her. “You.”

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i will write the nextfive. however many until my small idea is done

First Date Pt. 2 - Young Derek Hale

Originally posted by mrolvaries

This was requested by bmthxnjh. This was the request: Hey can you do a part 2 on first date young Derek please.:) A/N: Keep requesting

“What were you thinking?! What are you thinking?!” Peter yells at Derek as he fixes his shirt and checks his hair in the reflection.

“That’s the thing. He’s not thinking.” His sister Laura calls from the living room.

“Derek are you even paying attention? You went on a date during the full moon! You practically shifted in front of her! And now you want to go on another date with this girl?” He yelled, trying to make his words get through Derek.

“She’s not just some girl. And I know what I’m doing. Its not a full moon anymore either, so this date can only go better.” Derek turns away from the mirror and grabs his coat from the closet.

“You do realize the minute she finds out what you really are she will hate you. Run away from you in fear.” This causes Derek’s movements to falter.

“Peter, would you knock it off?” Derek’s mother, Talia said as she walked down the stairs next to the front door. “Have a great night sweetheart.” She ruffles his hair, ruining his previous efforts, and pushes him out the door. She tosses him the keys and closes the door.

Derek hops in the car and drives to your house. Knocking on the door he shifts his weight as he waits for you to answer. You push the door open and usher him inside. “Hey, I just need to find my shoes, do you want a drink or anything?”

“No I’m fine.” You walk back towards the front door, now with shoes. Derek hands you a pot with your favorite flower planted in it. “Whats this?” You ask as you take it, smiling at him.

“Well, bouquets only last for a few days. Now you can keep this and let it grow.” He bites the inside of his cheek nervously.

“I love it.” You set it on the counter next to a window and follow him out to his car. “I’m excited for this movie. Action, adventure, comedy.”

Derek snorts. “We’re going to see a horror movie.”

“Thats exactly what I just said. I don’t know what horror movies you watch?”

“I take it you’re not easily scared. I’ll have to keep that in mind.” Derek observes as he pulls into the parking lot.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Are you going to try and kill me or something?”

“Nonsense, if I was planning your assassination I’d be a little more discreet about it.”

You laugh as he puts his arm around your shoulder. “Thats all I ask.”

The movie went great. You sat cuddled up next to Derek, whispering about plot holes and theories. You both went through three buckets of popcorn with snowcaps in them, claiming they were the best. When he dropped you off at your front porch it was dark out.

“Its the perfect setting for a horror movie you know. A serial killer or werewolf could pop out of the bushes at any moment.” You joke and you look for your key in your purse.

“Yeah,” he says awkwardly.

“I had fun Derek, I’ll see you tomorrow.” You smile before you slip inside and lock the door.

“Bye.” he says to nobody in particular as he gets into his car. Just as he starts it you burst out off the door and run up to it. “Did you forget something?”

“Yeah,” You breathe as you open the passenger door and search the floor.

“Here, let me help look.” He leans over and searches the floor too. You look up and move your head closer to him. You kiss him so quickly that he froze in shock, not sure how to react.

You pull away and wink. “I found it.” You shut the door and he was still frozen in place. “See you around jackass.”

Oh my goodness. Does anyone remember this? Everyone hated Anna’s dress. Whatever I actually have this book (FerVent) on loan! It’s based on a movie, which I’ve seen, called The War Room which is about a woman who sets up a prayer closet (her war room) and fixes her marriage and life.

I have mixed feelings about the book. It has prayer “strategies" for each of ten areas of life for women. I like its specificity and clear guidance/recommendations for prayer. I don’t like the mass of Bible verses that are taken out of context for use in your prayer. God’s promise to a certain people at a certain time (after the living members die) is not a promise to all Christians at any time. I certainly don’t want to pray as if God has promised me something he hasn’t :/

I Don’t Share


"So you turn around and decide to bang her?" 

"You don’t even know her." 

”[Y/N] [Y/L/N], [Ur age], [ur race], top of the class back in high school, came to Hollywood dreaming of being an actress after receiving a theater degree. She was turned into a vampire long ago, forced to live in the shadows. But you already knew that seeing how you met her at my husband’s and mine parties.“ 

"I thought you knew nothing of the guest who wandered into your parties." 

"Ah yes well I must say, she didn’t scream." 

"Elizabeth what are you…" 

"Do you want to see her?" 


Before Donavan could finish thought the countess threw open the closet door and he watched in horror as your bloody body tumbled out. 

"You should know by now, I don’t share.”

i wanted to kill Bella myself every time Alice gave her designer shit and she was like ‘uhg. im too good for these girly concepts’ shut the fuck up you got a whole IG baddie closet, venom snatched you for free, shut up. go be a thot so i can live vicariously

A sad personal history of gay soap couples and why representation matters

Beware! Long post ahead. The latest #robron SL and controversy has me really down and I wanted to explain why–mostly so that I could understand, myself.

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InoSakuKarin roommates for you~

Tension could only be found in the tightness on the guitar strings Karin kept behind her closet door since seventh grade. Nothing else about her living situation fed the rigidity of her mind. Not the rent, the location, and certainly not the pale blond beauty she had been working alongside for over two years now.

No, she and Ino had been friendly partners at the firm for long enough to know and respect the space of each other. After moving in with each other and living so well in the same place, Karin was almost forced to admit she got along well with Ino.

Ino’s longtime childhood best friend who had started living with them last month was a different story.

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   ❝ you let him kiss you. ❞ lourdes was not the type to cry very much, not at all. but even she couldn’t hold back the tears that began to fill her eyes, small hands clenching at her sides as she looked towards her girlfriend. who, she wasn’t sure wanted to even be that. ❝ you said you loved me, and then-. and then you let him kiss you, in front of EVERYONE! why would you do that? ❞

Closets are for clothes

It suck ya know… having to hide a big part of your personality. Being ‘in the closet’ is painfully…physically painful. I can come out any time I’d like but that would mean disappointing my parents…and who wants to do that? Im being denied self expression. I don’t know how long I can keep this side of me a secret. I want to be myself, say things like “omg! She’s cute, I’d TOTALLY go out with her”, but no. The only time I can do that is at school I live two lives. In one, im shy and insecure, wondering when and if im ever going to be able to be myself. And in the other… ive never felt more free… im not judged, im allowed to think and say all the weird gay shit I want and people dont mind. I need to have that confidence at home… just straight up tell my whole homo/biphobic family that my love is not limited to one gender. One day… I will come out and I will be free… until then… I remain in the closet.

Bed Bugs 3

It followed Lucy her entire life, scratching in her walls and sliding under her bed. A phantom with a warm touch and inviting voice that spoke of adventures. Nalu.

A/N: This is the FINAL INSTALLMENT OF BED BUGS! I hope it meets everyone’s satisfaction! I had a lot of fun writing this…! Complete with illustrations too!

Rated T

Part 3/3

Part One | Part Two |

Nothing happened. The tiny closet remained empty, not even an odd presence of warmth on the hanging linens Lucy sometimes felt. Had it been all in her head? Lucy didn’t want to think so, but there was no telling what was real any more.  She felt like she was living in an endless trip.

Thinking she would give up, Lucy sighed, disappointment hanging heavy over her. She pressed the doors shut.

“Over here,” a rough voice teased her from behind.

Lucy whirled around, heart jumping into her throat and making itself comfortable in its new home. She hadn’t actually expected anyone to appear, and so she barely could think straight when the man she was trying to summon spoke.

He sat on her bed, right where she had been just minutes earlier.

“You think I can still fit in that tiny closet?” The man questioned with a cocky grin, his eyes glowing a bright, unnatural green. Their sharpness cut into Lucy’s trembling form and slowly his smile fell from his face. Silence thickened between them as he noticed her stillness, pink brows pulling tight at the center in a frown.

There was Natsu, sitting on her bed. As solid as she was. His voice was strong and loud, clearer than she had ever heard it before.

But his appearance.

This was not the fluffy-haired boy she had played with as a child. No, the man sitting in front of her looked every bit the dragon he had once claimed to be. Something happened to her imaginary friend in the years he was forgotten.

Scales decorated his tanned skin, etched around the sides of his eyes, over his cheekbones and down his neck. Lucy traced the pattern of them with her eyes, following them down his front, where a tattered vest he wore exposed a well muscled chest. Black horns spiraled out from his hair, sharp fangs claimed the inside of his mouth, and his eyes. Where they had once been a soft gray, they now gleamed green, with reptilian pupils that cut like razor blades.

“What happened to you?” Lucy blurted at once.

A dark smile flitted over Natsu’s face, something dangerous lurking behind sharp canines as those piercing eyes slid over Lucy once more. This way he took his time, making a show of taking in every inch of her.

“Wow, rude. You don’t talk to me in years and your first question is basically ‘ew what happened to your face?’” Natsu rose, standing up and crossing the tiny room in one long stride. The smile twitching at his lips was torn between bitterness and genuine amusement, and Lucy thought he was dancing along the line.

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One of my friends just came out to me as bi, but a) her family would be very unsupportive of her and b) we live in a very conservative area so she feels really stifled. She came out to me because she knows I'm bi too (and very out of the closet) and I'm very happy she was comfortable enough to tell me, but I wish it was under different circumstances. She has a crush on another girl, but I also have a crush on her and I don't want to push her while she's so fragile. I want what's best for her.

that’s really mature of you. it sucks that you have an unrequited crush though ;;; i hope she’ll be okay with coming out sooner than later but i’m glad she has you to talk to <3 you must be important to her for her to feel comfortable to do so! i hope everything works out for her ;;; and you <3

stay strong!

sleepover saturday!

Imagine Elyza and Alicia’s first kiss in a normal world...

“No one’s home.” Alicia said, pulling Elyza into the house by her wrist.

The blonde was secretly enjoying this, enjoying the fact that this girl was trying to keep her a secret, enjoying that she was so in the closet that she felt the need to keep her girlfriend a secret from what seemed like the rest of the world. But Elyza didn’t mind. It was kind of a turn on.

“How long until they come back?” Elyza let herself be dragged through the house to the living room, then pulled down to the sofa.

“Who cares? Let them stay out all night.” Alicia pulled her legs up onto the sofa, hitting the remote for the television.

“Uh, I care.” Elyza said, moving to sit closer to her new girlfriend. She wanted nothing more than to stare into those deep brown eyes.

She got her opportunity when Alicia turned to her with the question, “Why?”

“So, I know how long I can make this last.”

Elyza dipped her hand beneath Alicia’s chin, pulling her closer by the far side of her neck and pressing her lips to the girl’s. It was heated, passionate and, more importantly, she didn’t pull away. But it was Alicia that didn’t want to pull away, not Elyza. Neither of them did. In fact, Alicia leaned into it, pulling Elyza closer and adjusting so that she was practically sitting in the blonde’s lap.

Elyza’s hand fell to Alicia’s thigh, beginning a slow ascent upwards before she stopped, the brunette’s nose brushing Elyza’s cheek. Her cheeks were red and her breaths were short. “I- I don’t-”

“I know,” Elyza let her hand rest where it was but kissed the girl again, her upper lip trailing over the brunette’s lower one.

Alicia couldn’t stop herself from trailing her hands over Elyza’s neck, her shoulder, her side. Pulling her closer as Elyza did the same. Every breath was pulled from Alicia’s lungs, every breath that she pulled in was gone in the next second. Her mind was spinning from lack of oxygen, knowing only one thing: that she wanted more. So when her companion broke for the briefest of moments to catch her own breath, Alicia pulled her back into it.

There was no argument. Even Elyza wanted more. She hungered for more but knew Alicia wasn’t ready. That didn’t stop her from pushing, pressing her hand up along Alicia’s hip to nearly pull the girl on to her lap, the same hand sidling up beneath her shirt to her waist. Her skin was warm and getting hotter, her heartbeat reverberating through her torso.

Alicia needed a breath and took one as soon as she could, leaning her forehead against the blonde’s, feeling her tilt her head and press light pecks to the corner of her mouth and over her cheek.

“That was…” She didn’t have a word. It was lost to her mind.

“Good?” Elyza offered, ceasing her kisses and letting her blue eyes fall on Alicia’s brown ones. “Great? Amazing? Spectacular?”

Without a real breath in her lungs, Alicia responded with a, “Yeah.”

“Oh, please. Don’t stop on my account.”

Alicia spun fast to see Nick standing in the doorway with a bowl of cereal in his hands, the spoon resting between his thumb and forefinger.

“Fuck! Nick!”

Elyza’s smile grew. “I would, but he’s not my type.”

Alicia pulled the pillow from her side. Smacking it hard against Elyza’s face.

Help, I can't stop headcannoning with Parent!Alphyne

Imagine their kid is scared of something in their closet, and Alphys and Undyne has different ways of dealing with it. I’ll explain:

Let’s say Undyne has a late shift as a law enforcement officer on the Surface, and Alphys is working in her at-home lab. It’s around midnight, and one of the tadpoles comes in. “Momma” they say, “There’s something bad hiding in my closet…” Of course, Alphys knows there’s nothing really there. But she needs to sooth her tiny child so they don’t keep themselves awake all night.

So she picks them up, their tiny, finned lizard tale dangling just over her arm as she cradles them, “O-oh, don’t be silly. Nothing scary lives in your closet. I should kn-know. I booby-trapped your closet myself. Anything scary would be toast before they even s-stepped foot in there.”

This sooths the child, but they want to stay with Alphys still. They sit in her lap as she jots down notes until they fall asleep, and Alphys puts them back to bed, safe.

Now, imagine this same scene, but with Undyne. Alphys has to work late down at the big lab, and Undyne’s filing away some boring case work when their child comes in. “Mommy, mommy! There’s something scary in my closet!”

Now, Undyne knows there’s nothing there, right? But she has to prove to her little tadpole that there’s nothing there. So she goes into their room

…AND KICKS IN THE CLOSET DOOR, SPEAR SPARKING TO LIFE  IN HER PALM AS SHE BELLOWS, “You think you can come into MY HOUSE and scare MY LITTLE TADPOLE? THINK AGAIN PUNK!!” And she sends several spears into the closet, lighting it up in light blue glory, effectively ruining all of the tadpole’s clothes and putting holes in the drywall.

I know everyone talks about how Frozen is a metaphor for coming out of the closet (which I agree with).

But can we talk about how the Little Mermaid can be a metaphor for the transitioning transgender community?

Here’s a kid who is uncomfortable in her body and where she lives and literally wants to be transformed into something else. She is miserable with the way her life is, just like many transgender kids who live in inhospitable environments are.

She lives in a household that doesn’t understand her and where things even get violent when they discover her secret (again, this unfortunately happens with the transgender community):

So she runs away from home, gets the “operation”, and becomes who she wants to be. And guess what happens?

She’s happy with herself! She smiles more in the few minutes that she’s getting used to her legs than she did the whole beginning of the movie! 

She finds people who accept and love her for who she is!

For me, the Little Mermaid will always be a metaphor for the transitioning trans community and it will always be dear to me for that.

This man, to me, is adult Harry because he just looks so done with everyone’s shit.  Like when he wants to, he can crack a smile and tell a joke, but his resting expression is just “i am so done. i was actually so done 19 years ago, but it’s like my expression is still here because of how done i am.”  Lily rides her broomstick in the house? “Lily, no, you are nine year old and i am so tired of your shit put that thing outside.” James gets in trouble? The holler says “James, can you not take after your grandfather [or me tbh] i can’t deal with you.”  Albus gets emo? “Al, take your guyliner off and come to dinner, you live with a loving, wealthy family who gives you a room instead of a fucking closet to live in.”  This is my Harry Potter headcannon. This is the Harry I want to see.