i want to live in a cave with you can i


Derek x Reader

Warnings: talks about sex, jealous Derek, first time, sex, smut

Requested By Anon

Derek glanced up when you shuffled into his loft, he was surprised to see you’d come alone, normally if he so much as looked at you he’d have you caving into a giddy blushing mess. He knew exactly why you acted that way, the scent of it clung to you, driving the wolves insane but they resisted you.

You didn’t mean to have the deliciously obsessive scent and no one wanted to be the first one to point it out. He watched as you stopped in the middle of his living room and glanced at the door as if you were having second thoughts about being there.


“You alright?” He asked finally and you jumped when he stepped into the dim light.

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Teenage Dirtbags

Summary: High school is a strange place full of dorks, idiots and always filled with angsty teen drama. A place where crushes can turn into love - Cassian and Jyn will soon realise that.

Chapter: 1/?


A/N: I really thrive on AUs. Like trust me here. AUs are my jam. So this was exactly what I wanted for my ship. So I caved and decided to do a short high school au. Not sure how long it will last, but definitely give me suggestions on where you want it to go

When Jyn looked into her locker, the picture of her adoptive brother - Bodhi - and herself, hung at the edge of the metal frame. Another day at school, meaning that Jyn would be sent to the principal’s office in either first period or second - maybe even both. It had become tradition. Picking up her books, she saw the picture of her mother and father, the day that Bodhi came to live with them and officially became Jyn’s brother.

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Any Available Surface
The Mountain Goats

any available surface - the mountain goats

i waved at you when you hit the disappearing point
turned in for the night the next day around ten
i caught the sweet scent of your hair on my pillowcase
felt so much in love i felt like myself again
someday the only thing i wanna rely upon
is any available surface that you’ve rested your head on

back in the cave i traced the arc of our awakening
shimmering down in the darkness, like hidden gold
and i said my secret to myself out loud again
we may live to see miracles, if our faith can hold
someday the only thing i want to rely upon
is any available surface that you rested your head on

Superhero AUs #2

- ‘I just found out your tragic backstory, I’m not crying you’re crying’ AU
- ‘Why am I comforting my nemesis over my own damn backstory’ AU

- ‘I’m a supervillain and I keep kidnapping your loved ones to get to you, you decided to get your own back but I have no family or friends so you kidnapped my cat’ AU
- ‘Your cat is just as evil as you, no wonder it’s the only living thing you care about, it’s already shredded my supersuit and pooped in my cereal, I’m starting to regret this but I don’t want to cave because you’ll gloat for a year’ AU

- ‘I don’t give a shit if I’m a supervillain, I can and will arrest you for flying while drunk; maybe I can’t put you in jail but I will absolutely tie you up in my lair until you sober up’ AU
- ‘It’s the anniversary of the worst day of my life, drinking numbs the pain and flying clears my mind, I’d like to ask you from the bottom of my heart to fuck right off’ AU

- ‘You dropped your phone in our last fight but all your contacts have really dumb nicknames, so I’m frantically texting them all trying to work out your ID before you can tell them that your phone has been stolen’ AU

- ‘I’m the superhero but my evil laugh is better than yours, maybe we should both consider a career change’ AU
- ‘You’re a superhero, why do you even have a perfected evil laugh…I’m definitely going to use it to try and convince all your teammates that you’re secretly evil’ AU

- ‘I’m part of a superhero team and all my teammates know I’m crushing on you and keep trying to get us together’ AU
- ‘I’m the biggest, baddest supervillain in a team full of them, but all of them know about my soft spot for you and I know for a fact that they’re plotting something’ AU
Bonus: ‘I think our teams just teamed up for the sole purpose of getting us together, god save us all’ AU

- ‘I cannot believe you had the audacity to hit my in the face with a bicycle, this means war’ AU
- ‘I tested my theory that you have complete invulnerability by hitting you around the head with a bike and I was right, but now you’re really really pissed off and I’m sorry it was for science??’ AU

- ‘There’s being an evil supervillain, and then there’s being a Thatcher fan; exactly how am I the bad guy here?’ AU
- ‘I just said she looked like she could and would beat someone up with her handbag, okay? I’m a Labour supporter I swear!” AU

- ‘True love is highfiving as you arrest me’ AU
- ‘Stop highfiving me every time I arrest you, all the other heroes are starting to think we’re in cahoots and I’m still trying to finalise the paperwork to become an official member of the big team and you’re ruining everything, true love my spandex-covered ass’ AU

- ‘This is the last time I am ever, ever letting you escape on your way to prison because of your goddamn puppy dog eyes’ AU
- ‘This isn’t the last time you’re going to let me escape and we both know it’ AU

anonymous asked:

So I want to write a Sirius black oneshot but i haven't read the books and i know the movies aren't the best. so could you guys tell me the main things i need to know about Sirius so i can write him?

The movies didn’t twist Sirius’ character as badly as they did some of the other characters (see Hermione, Ron, Ginny…), but here’s some of the things the movie didn’t include/focus on as much:

  • He was 36 when he died, not late 40-50s 
  • His whole family was sorted into Slytherin, and he was considered a severe disappointment for being a Gryffindor 
  • His mother disowned him when he was 16, and he left home to live with James and his parents 
  • Bellatrix Lestrange and Narcissia Malfoy are his cousins 
  • Had a brother  (Regulus), who has a Death Eater, who died rescuing the horcrux locket from the cave 
  • The prison tattoos are cool, but never mentioned in the book 
  • One time he nearly killed Snape by sending him down the passage to where Remus was in his werewolf form, also revealing Remus’ secret to Snape. The only reason Snape survived is because of James’ intervention. 
  • In the books, he has black hair and grey eyes 
  • He is immature, reckless, selfish and irresponsible at times
  • It was him that suggested Peter be the Potter’s Secret Keeper. Sirius was the most obvious secret keeper and suspected Remus of being a spy at the time, so he thought by making Peter the Secret Keeper the Potters would be safe.
  • The motorbike that Hagrid drives in PS and DH Part 1 is Sirius’
  • While what Harry desperately needs is a father, Sirius treats him more like his best friend. Mrs Weasley even has to point out at one point that Harry isn’t James
  • Sirius literally lived in a cave from months during GoF just so he could be close to Harry if Harry needed him.
  • Sirius gives Harry an enchanted mirror so they can talk even when they’re apart. Harry never uses the mirror until after Sirius is already dead.
  • Here’s what JK has said about him: 
    • “Sirius is very good at spouting bits of excellent personal philosophy, but he does not always live up to them. For instance, he says in “Goblet of Fire” that if you want to know what a man is really like, ‘look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.’ But Sirius loathes Kreacher, the house-elf he has inherited, and treats him with nothing but contempt. Similarly, Sirius claims that nobody is wholly good or wholly evil, and yet the way he acts towards Snape suggests that he cannot conceive of any latent good qualities there…Sirius’s great redeeming quality is how much affection he is capable of feeling. He loved James like a brother and he went on to transfer that attachment to Harry.“
    • “brave, loyal, reckless, embittered and slightly unbalanced by his long stay in Azkaban.”
    • “bit of a loose cannon”
    • a “case of arrested development”

I’m not sure how helpful that will be for your one shot, but I hope it helps it some way! Good luck with your writing, anon! 

I’m sure I’ve forgotten plenty of stuff, feel free to reply/reblog this post with what you think are the essential parts of Sirius’ character.


Hearts a Glow - Ch. 2

Originally posted by poedamxron

Summary: Now knowing they are soulmates, the dynamic between Kylo and (Y/N) grows to be both tense and complicated. Kylo insists she come back to the base with him, seeing as soulmates should be together, though (Y/N) wants to be with a soulmate, she’s not sure she can truly handle living with the Kylo Ren as her soulmate. 

A/N: I can’t believe how good of a response this one got, it means so much! Thank you all for reading and hopefully you like this chapter. It’s not very long, but I think it works. If you want more of the story feel free to request and let me know!

Gone. They’re really gone.

The thought was finally sinking into the core of your mind. You had been left in the cave, alone, with only Kylo Ren. Had anyone relayed that scenario to you prior, you would have likely scoffed, protested profusely, made some vulgar comments about the man maybe. Yet, that was not even nearly close to what was unfolding before you now. 

As another tear slipped down your cheek, with Kylo’s hand still gently craddling your chin, you saw him faintly shake his head.

“Don’t cry over them.”

More tears started to escape your eyes as you realized this was the man that had set your heart aflame. A man you had spent so much time resenting at the Resistance, now had you in a trance where you couldn’t help but feel you belonged. Something within your mind and heart had shifted entirely from where they used to lay.

Nothing will be the same once you experience it (Y/N)

The thought of Poe’s voice only made your tears worse. When the words had escaped his lips you never expected it to be this kind of scenario. Never in any of the times your mind had wondered about who your soulmate might be, did you ever even fathom that Kylo Ren would be an option. Was he even capable of love? 

The smooth leather fabric of his glove gently glided under your eyelid, wiping away some of your tears. As your eyes met his, you saw something different, empathy. The way his expression had softened, the way his deep brown eyes were so warm and welcoming, the faint pout his lips made. 

“They didn’t care for you the way I will.”

Sniffling you remained staring back at him, wondering what he could possibly consider that to mean. How would Kylo Ren care for you better than the Resistance had? What could he really do? In comparisson to Leia’s care taking, what did Kylo possibly think he could offer you?

“It will take time, but you will learn to love your new home.”

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Sagittarius Sun Pisces Moon confession. 

To be honest, I never get jealous of people. I’m happy to see others succeeding and I wish people were happy for me too. I’m kind of a pushover… I do have a temper but you’d have to put me to the limit to see it.  (Or wake me up in the morning haha) I have always felt very connected to others emotions, so much, I feel I can be a mirror. But the worst part is, I don’t know how to be there for people, I will be there, but maybe hugging you with my mind rather than actually being useful. What people don’t see is that I can feel so much for others that I want to live alone in a cave sometimes.. A cave with wi-fi. Just wander. Honestly, the thing that hurts me the most is how cruel people can be, for no reason. Can we just be kind to each other?  [info on sun and moon signs]

I was tagged by the lovely @goddamnitkastle

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1. Gimme something good - Ryan Adams
2. Almost lover - A Fine Frenzy
3. Foolish games - Jewel
4. Push the sky away - Nick Cave
5. Come pick me up - Ryan Adams (my shuffle likes him today it seems)
6. Further - Black Lab
7. Are you the one that I’ve been waiting for - Nick Cave (also popular today)
8. If you’re gone - Matchbox Twenty
9. Dance with you - Live
10. Breakdown - Seether

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zodiac shitposts pt 17
  • aries: my favorite panic at the disco song is: savor the rapturous caress of fursonas
  • taurus: i got a tattoo across my ass that says: accuse me of hating grass
  • gemini: do you think i live in a cave with nge
  • cancer: welcome to the potion store. this potion allows you to reblog the end of days
  • leo: whats my favorite dinosaur? i like any dinosaur that wants to disregard skin
  • virgo: isnt being vegan when you dont eat meat and you set fire to friendship
  • libra: (shoveling handfuls of moss into my mouth) i check out superwholock
  • scorpio: ive made a lot of mistakes but at least i dont trust our benevolent lizard overlords
  • sagittarius: elves are better than dwarves because they experience shrek
  • capricorn: ok but consider: understand emos
  • aquarius: do you think shrek would write an article about bitcoins
  • pisces: i long for the day when i can finally pray to liberalism

SUITS + SONG LYRICS MEME [7/?]: Harvey/Mike + Stay - Rihanna

Round and around and around and around we go
Oh now, tell me now, tell me now, tell me now you know.

Not really sure how to feel about it.
Something in the way you move
Makes me feel like I can’t live without you.
It takes me all the way.
I want you to stay

Ooh, ooh, ooh, the reason I hold on
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ‘cause I need this hole gone
Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving
‘Cause when you never see the light it’s hard to know which one of us is caving.

Requested by the wonderful sosauffie! This song is so beautiful and perfect for Marvey, so thank you so much for suggesting it, I hope you like this ^.^

It’s been a while since I actually wanted you.
I always wondered if maybe I needed you.

But if need was the only thing left and want was lost, I should have walked away…

What I wanted was to walk away.
What I wanted was to be strong and be better and reclaim the pieces you had taken, but how could I leave without them?
This is why I needed you.

But needing someone doesn’t make them special.
I think people always get that wrong.
If I love you it’s because I want to, but if I need you, you’re just survival.
There is nothing special about merely surviving. Holding on is only barely living.

You are just my oxygen. I don’t want to need oxygen.
What I want is to explore the deepest caves in the coldest oceans where I can’t go because the pressure might kill me.

I think one day I’ll dive as deep as I possibly can even if I never truly end up where I want.

Please do not mistake my staying for my wanting.
I don’t remember exactly when it was, but I think there definitely came a day my want had been replaced by need.

And when need was the only thing left and want was lost, I should have walked away…

“It’s never too late to do things you’ve always dreamed of,” they say.

I think I can walk away now…

Yesterday I signed up for diving lessons.

—  leenapire
Mechanics of Poetry - C.4

For those of you following this, the fourth chapter is live on AO3

Chapter One || Chapter Two || Chapter Three

Dex is too stubborn to talk to Nursey first. Nursey, of course, being Nursey, doesn’t seem to give a shit since he’s always so fucking chill and it’s going to drive Dex crazy.

“You could just talk to him,” Chowder suggests while they do their homework at Founders. He’s got his Sharks hoodie around backwards and is pulling handfuls of chips out of the hood. Dex leans forward to steal one.

“I didn’t do anything,” Dex says. He didn’t. He just caved when Assumpta asked for Nursey’s phone number, because what else was he supposed to do? No, sorry, sis, I can’t give you his phone number because he’s mine and I don’t want you encroaching on my space since pretty much every guy I’ve liked since the sixth grade has been ass over teakettle in love with you. No. He can’t do that. There’s many problems with that.

“Well then what did he do?” Chowder asks.

“He was pissed at me for giving my sister his phone number,” Dex says. He pinches the bridge of his nose. It’s a less complicated answer. The real answer is that he doesn’t actually quite know why Nursey’s pissed at him. But things had been weird since August when Dex had accidentally slept on Nursey and he doesn’t know why. They’d spent all summer together without it ever being awkward.

“Is your sister hot?” Chowder asks.

Dex frowns at him across the table until Chowder realises what he’s said.

“Oh gosh sorry!” Chowder says. “I guess you wouldn’t know and don’t want to think about it, right?”

“Yeah,” Dex agrees. He doesn’t realise he’s still frowning at his homework until Chowder clears his throat.

“Why does it bother you?” Chowder asks.

“What?” Dex asks, looking up.

“If Nursey and your sister are texting, why does it bother you? I thought you guys were friends now? Like if your sister’s gonna date anyone wouldn’t you rather it be someone you liked?” Chowder asks, and Dex notices his textbook’s been open at the same page it was at when they first sat down here.

Dex doesn’t say that yes, in theory, he would prefer it if Assumpta dated people he likes, except that Assumpta’s only ever dated people he likes – likes romantically. And he’d like it a whole lot more if the person Assumpta were theoretically going to date wasn’t Derek Nurse.

“It doesn’t,” Dex snaps, which isn’t fair to Chowder but he can’t stop himself.

Chowder stares at him for a second and then shakes his head.

“If I didn’t know you were straight I’d think you were jealous,” Chowder says, stuffing another handful of chips into his mouth.

Dex’s heart rate kicks into high gear. It’s Samwell, and it’s Chowder, and he’s not going to be judgy, and hell, he might not even be that surprised. But it still takes Dex one or two very deep breaths before he can say, “I’m not.”

“Yeah, I know you’re not jealous,” Chowder says.

“Straight,” Dex corrects. He realises he’s holding his breath while Chowder processes this. His eyes widen a little, but mostly his face stays the same.

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BAIO - The Names

Last fall the image of a man walking around in a dinner jacket while holding a medical skull popped into my head. Why? Beats me! Your mind can take you to weird places. I’d wanted to take a stab at directing a music video for a while and thought “The Names” would be my chance.

I’ve lived in London for the past two and a half years and one thing I love about it is the green space. There’s so much of it. Crystal Palace Park in south London is the weirdest park I’ve ever been to with its huge dinosaur and gorilla statues. I thought it’d be the sort of place a man in a dinner jacket with a medical skull would hang out.

We also filmed in The George Tavern, a great pub in Shadwell. They told me Nick Cave’s performed there. I think that’s pretty cool!

On New Years Day, while I was nursing my hangover, I watched David Bowie’s Serious Moonlight tour film. In the performance of “Cracked Actor” he holds a skull that starts singing along. I had already finished editing this video but was really thrilled by the coincidence. In a roundabout way “The Names” is my tribute to David Bowie, my favorite artist of all time.

Directed by Chris Baio
Produced by Lawrence Watson
Directors of Photography: Sam Brown & Lawrence Watson
Edited by Chris Baio
Color Correction by James Simpson

I think I killed myself
trying to love the strains
and ricochets of passing bullets
that almost hit its mark.

I think I’m dead inside
looking for old gears that
no longer moves the hands
of my clock because what is
time without someone to
endlessly spend it with.

I think my feelings escaped
from the holes you left
inside of me, do you think
love is damaging? How many
times must we ask for bandages?

I think my heart lives
inside of a cave, stalagmites
made from the knives we
left in our backs, how can
we love even after the pain?
The wet ceilings from tears-

something I always slipped on
because hearts were not built
to stay fragile forever, it was
meant to be broken, to cling
and crave for a person with
an uncanny ability to fix us.

—  Love, my emotional suicide
Kid, I want you to know that it’s okay to leave your mistakes in the past. There’s no point in holding onto them, because they’ll start out as paperweights and end up feeling like a thousand bricks weighing down your shoulders. Forgive yourself. It’s okay to move on; to let go of the things that stop you from thriving. God, I hope you learn to thrive. I hope you grow with each day even if it scares you. ‘Cause I know what it feels like to be afraid of living. And sometimes even the thought of trying to survive can feel like too much to handle. But it’s okay to be scared. It’s okay if your hands shake, and your knees cave in, and your heart is a drum beating against your chest faster than your usual rhythm. Don’t let it stop you from living. Hold onto life with shaking hands, caving knees, loud heartbeats. Be afraid. Be excited. So excited that each second makes you want to hold your breath, and hold onto that moment. I know that sometimes you end the day with a hollow heart, and arms so heavy that they can barely hold your knees to your chest. But I also know that sometimes we have to break, so that we can rebuild ourselves from stronger foundations. It’s okay to be sad. But kid, please never forget that it’s okay to be happy.
—  kid // r.e.s
gentleness begets gentleness loooooove

So in the 80s there was a hoboprophet in Rio who went around preaching that people should live by the precepts of “gentleness” and “thankfulness”; at some point he went around the city and painted a speech in 53 pillars sustaining one of Rio’s most important overpasses.

these are actually restorations, as at some point after his death the city council had them painted over under great protest. Nowadays they’re such an important part of local folklore that taggers and street artists will paint around the writings, but never on top of them; the one time I saw any of these murals marred, it was actually a crooked, misspelled claim that Only Jesus Can Expel Satan From People’s Bodies. From which I guess you could conclude something re: zealots and the respect or lack of it they afford people who actually take their poverty vows seriously.

Anyway, I just wanted to show everyone what I always pictured in my mind whenever the Disciple’s Sufferer-related cave-wall paintings were mentioned, in canon and out of it.

There’s a post going around that I don’t want to reblog but

I can’t stop laughing at the idea of CYers calling Belle a Stepford wife. 

Belle, who challenges Rumple at every point and who broke up with him in no uncertain terms when she found out he was lying to her? Who only returned after weeks of self-reflection and plenty of evidence that he wouldn’t do it again? (Who knew? Snort.)

Now, this show DOES have a pliable, gullible, Stepford girlfriend who does everything for her boyfriend. There’s a woman who repeatedly allows him to lie to her and deceive her, saying onscreen “I don’t want to live in the past!” and “I choose to believe the best of you!” There’s a woman who caves when he says that she WILL be his. There’s a woman who hastily reassures him when he throws a jealous snit because she had literally her first conversation since they started dating with a male whom she’s not related to. There’s a woman who changes her style of dress to something she thinks will please him. There’s a woman who moves into a house HE picked out with no input from her. There’s a woman who thinks it’s cute and flattering when he threatens suicide to get her attention. There’s a woman who seems to have lost all her integrity to the point of using another woman as blackmail fodder. There’s a woman who excuses him for everything he does wrong, including his trying to murder her family.

Guess who that woman is? 

Tony Stark, Hermit Crab

ETA: This is a post that pretty much only talks about Tony’s positive qualities. And like, motherfucker’s got some major flaws, but I’ve already written about them other places. So this is the other half of that. 

There’s been a lot going around about Tony Stark recently, and I just wanted to throw in my two cents.

i think that a lot of the point of Tony is saying that there’s no protection from trauma. That you can be a richest whitest capitalist genius in the world, and the kind of person who can built the Iron Man armor in a cave, but not being loved by your father can still break you down, that the cave will still haunt you. You can’t buy or think or build your way out of PTSD or disability or any of the things that we live with.

I think one of my biggest pet peeves with characterization of him in fic is the lack of attention given to his arc reactor. Because having a big fucking chunk of metal mounted in the middle of your chest is not something that can be ignored. It would hurt, probably constantly. It would restrict his breathing, and make certain activities dangerous for him. He’d have to clean it occasionally, and there would probably be pus. It would likely get infected, and cause significant health scares. Even if it didn’t the threat of pneumonia would be everpresent.

A lot of where I’m seeing Tony’s character go in Avengers and AOU reminds me less of Tony and more of Howard. And I didn’t mean for this to be Whedon wank, but here we are. As drop-deaddream and I have discussed, the fandom has generally figured out how and why Whedon’s characterization of Steve is flawed, because he’s so violently different from TWS Steve. It makes it very clear that Whedon writes Captain America and not Steve Rogers. But the problem when it comes to similar parsing with Tony is that Tony Stark is playing Tony Stark. When he says “I am Iron Man” he means that the suit is just a natural product of his brain, but I think it can also mean that the person of Tony Stark is as much of a costume as the armor. I don’t think very many people know the man born Anthony Edward Stark as he really is.

And the thing is, we’ve seen bits of that. We’ve seen proof. Jarvis’ name. The fact that he keeps dummy around. His behavior when he’s in private with Pepper or Rhodey. 

See, the difference between AES and Tony Stark ™ is that Tony hides his emotions so aggressively, and people see his brusqueness without quite picking up on the depth of emotion that vacuum betrays. Tony’s primary characteristic, his driving motivation isn’t intelligence, but love. Howard was the Ravenclaw, but I think a great deal of their dislike of each other comes from the fact that Tony loves in a real, healthy way that Howard never quite learned. And I think, somewhere in his little metal heart, that Tony is proud of this. It’s the best way to spit on his father’s grave. I’m not going to die alone, you cantankerous asshole.

However, ignoring Tony’s love for his work and his intelligence leaves out a great deal. This piece is by no means meant to examine all of his facets, bu merely a choice few. I think the best thing about 

Tony’s intelligence is his great trust in it, and the implied lack of trust anywhere else. This is a child of missed birthdays, so he makes his family into an AI who can be coded not to forget. This is child of neglect so he makes himself an omnipresent AI so he’s never alone. This is a man coming from amazing fear and suffering, so he makes himself an impenetrable suit of armor and uses it for other people. Though very few people wear the suit physically, his entire identity as a superhero hinges on him extending his reach, taking this tool that’s keeping him safe after what was done to him, and giving that blessing to everyone he can reach. That’s what Ultron is, in truth. Utron is an Iron Man suit for the whole damn world. 

Now, I want to touch on the Howard namedrop re:AOU and philanthropy. Because I think the first seemed out of context, and the second is incredibly important. Basically, when Tony is asked, by Whedon, to describe himself, we get the oh-so-famous “genius billionaire playboy philanthropist” line. I’d like to parse this. Because I think it’s a really important statement, why he’s chosen this particular quip. And I think it can be split into two: “genius billionaire” is what his father wanted him to be. Genius is what’s most important, and where he’s most insecure because the stakes are so high. Billionaire proves the genius, provides evidence. This says he is Howard’s son. “Playboy philanthropist” is a dig. Because I don’t think Howard was loved. I don’t think he loved very well, and though he maintained that facile charm, he lacked a lot of Tony’s kindness. Howard would have tacked on words about weapons. But Tony’s saying that he’s loved, and saying that he gives. He’s met his father, and surpassed him.

So I think that perhaps in AOU people are buying the persona, seeing a man who wasn’t in-touch with the world enough to realize building a superpowered robot was a bad idea, when really, a superpowered robot was the best thing that ever happened to Tony, and more than that, is the only thing he really trusts. He’s trying to share the best gift that he’s ever found with the rest of the world too.

And in many ways, AOU can parallel CATWS. Because Tony’s given so much, tried to give his life, tried to make things better for people, and found that it’s all backfired. Found his closest friend turned against him, and lived the guild of being an agent in that destruction. So yeah, maybe he should have included a kill switch. But Jarvis is Tony’s Bucky: the one absolute thing in a lonely shifting world. He trusts implicitly, but this time he’s wrong.

The importance of having him as a privileged person who acts like it is very interesting and basically boils down to a social version of the Iron Man armor. Outside of that identity he’s vulnerable. And I think the most interesting thing about Tony is how vulnerable he is within and without the armor. It’s a beautiful dualism.

My body, My prison, Another chance at life...

Reminiscing of the days when I was healthy, independent and all was done with ease,
And now I say alhamdulillah and reply with thank you and please…

My vessel has been hijacked by an illness that is overriding me,
Inside there is a voice screaming I’m here!! I can’t move!? I want to be free…
My body is locked up in this tiny room, I call my cell…
Serving life inside these four walls is nothing compared to hell… !!!

“Claustrophobia” is the word that describes how I feel,
Hallucinating the walls are caving in on me, or could this be real?

Paralyzed, disabled, in pain from head to toe,
Next step is to lose my voice and then I’ll probably go…

If my life was a “Fairytale” and rated PG,
I would live happily ever after but the “Hereafter” I would not see…

So I strive towards “My Creator” and to “Jannah” where I pray to be…
Ya Allah SWT please set me free..

A reminder of death and where I would forever be,
Islam purified my heart and I knew instantly,
Mankind would only use God’s words to “Debate”, “Discriminate” or “Agree to Disagree”.
You gave me “Imaan” and choose this for me…

Surround me with the believers and make the instigators of haram flee!!

Scared of all the sins I’ve committed,
As I ate the forbidden fruit from the tree,
Ya Allah forgive me..

The Originator is He,
Of the heavens and the earth:
And when He wills a thing to be, He but says unto it, “Be”
 - and it is. - (2:117)

Poetry by: Tanya Mason
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I just want to be the girl who never leaves your mind. The two am thought you can’t get rid of. I want to course through your veins and live in the caves of your heart. I want to be the bad poetry you can’t help but write and the song lyrics you feel in your soul. I want to be selfish and take up your thoughts for at least a moment. I need to be important to you, even if its only for a fleeting moment. I need to know if I left you wouldn’t know what to do. I want to hear the breathy whispers of desire as your hand strokes down my face, rests in the crook of my neck and your lips meet mine. I want the quickened heart beat the first time your hand makes its way under my shirt, like a highschooler all over again. Shaky hands as things move further, until you can no longer control the urge. The closeness of our bodies on a rainy day, covers wrapped tight as we drift back to sleep, kisses dancing along my forehead. Panic when something bad almost happens, a car screeching to a halt five feet in front of me, your hand yanking me back. The moment of inexplicable fear you’d have in your eyes before relief reminded you I hadn’t been hurt. I want Tuesday morning pizza and Friday night sex. Early Saturday trips to a farmers market, and laughing as we people watch, your arm wrapped around me as we walk. I want the 4am sad nights when the anxiety gets you and I sit there and make goofy faces and shower you in kisses until I have you back with me. The quiet nights where all you need is your arms wrapped tight around me, and sweet I love yous. I want the little arguments, the kind that in the end wind up dissolving into laughter. The bigger ones, where we question each other and come out stronger and with more resolve. I want the lazy Sundays where we tell everyone we went to church and instead spend all day in bed, our bodies intertwined and the word of God being spoken on our skin. I know I’m selfish but all I really want is the truly unadulterated form of you.