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One More Confession

I promised @numinoceur soft kisses BECAUSE BAE IS TOO GOOD TO ME and keeps drawing me the happiest, softest Promptis. This wasn’t what I set out to write, initially, but the idea stuck and here we go. I… actually probably like this enough to post on AO3. (also: everyone lives canon divergence is always nice)


Noctis knows, as the damn crown prince of Lucis, he has to be careful.

His dad does his best to keep him shielded from the public eye. Most of the newspapers are under the influence of the crown, to keep them from reporting on him. The seedier tabloids are afraid of the wrath of King Regis—or, rather, they appreciate the money that’s tossed their way. A little bribery pays off, and as such, Noct’s happy enough to live a relatively low-key life, for a prince.

Of course, as much as he tries to keep the image up, he’s got a best friend who sorely tests Noct’s self-control. It’d been okay, at first, when their transgressions had involved skipping class occasionally, or spending way too much money at the arcade. But then Noctis had realized just how much he liked looking at his best friend. Weird dreams had followed, and they’d caught each other staring, had exchanged flustered, flushed looks, and then one day Prompto had gotten brave—

Now, instead of cutting class, they’re spending stolen moments in the back of the schoolyard during lunch breaks, sharing bites of the lunches Ignis packs them, stealing kisses when nobody’s looking. And nobody ever is looking. Noct’s pretty sure there’s rumours about them, but as long as they’re simply that, rumours, he can live with it.

It’s not Noct’s fault, really. Prompto’s just so kissable. They’ve kept this secret for a while now. It has to be a secret. Noct’s the crown prince, and even though the whole political marriage thing is only necessary in times of war – and Lucis and the Empire have been at peace for some time now, miraculously – Noctis hasn’t even started to think about how to tell his dad, hey, I’m kissing a boy.

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The fact that fucking ANGELA AND SHAYLA had a kiss but not Tyrelliot

I know! It’s so frustrating that they spend an evening together and end up kissing. While Tyrell and Elliot have had all this tension between them for 3 seasons now, and still nothing.

But what really annoys me is that Shayla has been the only character to be confirmed bisexual and I was actually really looking forward to see more of her relationship with Angela. But Esmail killed her off.

So now we only have Tyrell, but his sexuality hasn’t even been confirmed. Plus he is an antagonist and his feelings are unrequited and unwanted.

Obviously I understand that this is a dark and depressing show and no one gets to be happy for very long, if at all.

But it seems a characters feelings are always requited when it comes to straight relationships, Joanna and Tyrell, Darlene and Cisco, Shayla and Elliot. So we actually got to see them be together for a while before one of them dies.

While Trenton and Tyrell feelings are unrequited and we have yet to see who Dom is dating, but we know she’s not in love with them.

The only exception is Gideon, who was married, so we did get scenes with him and his husband together.

But just before he dies he reveals his husband has divorced him. Which makes us question whether his husband ever actually loved him, or just cared about the money.

So yeah, this turned into a bit of a rant. But I just want to see lgbt characters who get to be in love and are loved in return.

i wish it didnt cost so much money to cook dirt

I love romance languages. Ppl may say they’re overrated but idc I love them all. French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Catalan, Sicilian, Aragonese, Sardinian, Monégasque etc… yes very Good very Pleasing I’ll learn them all thanks






The 2nd Amendment is no longer the right to bear arms. 
The 2nd Amendment has become the right to take lives.
The 2nd Amendment is no longer aiding citizens. 
The 2nd Amendment is now abetting murderers.

When the laws don’t work, the laws must change. 

Hahaha don’t you love getting into fights with your parents because you refuse to be polite to your homophobic relatives and then being thrown out and having to sleep on your friend’s floor? Haha so fun.

Burning Low. Sometimes you gotta let yourself feel things. 

Yo this is the one and only time I’ll ever draw angst goodbye forever friends.

listen… i want shallura to be canon

i know you can ship a ship entirely in fanon but… fam… listen… i want shallura to be canon

i want an epic, sweeping love story where a canonically disabled character with a mental illness gets cast as the romantic hero. i want an Asian man to play the romantic lead.

i want a black woman to be the subject of a beautiful, heart-stopping romance that builds over several seasons. i want a kids tv show to portray a black woman as worthy of love and romance and heroic sacrifices and epic love stories. let a beautiful black princess be desired and wanted the way a white princess would be.

i want an interracial ship between two POC to get the kind of treatment that’s usually reserved for the whitest of white pairings. i want big dramatic moments and soft quiet scenes. i want all the cheesy rom-com cliches. gimme Shiro and Allura flirting with each other and getting flustered. gimme a cutesy episode where they go on a date and have fun.

i know canon isn’t everything. i know we have fanon works. i know we have all of that. but i want to see a cartoon give kids the message that love and romance is not just for able-bodied neurotypical white people.

i want shallura to be canon. i think it would be beautiful.