i want to lick your thighs

Taeyong’s Kinks


  • Body worship.
  • “baby, your body is so beautiful.”
  • “You’re a goddess…”
  • Thigh riding.
  • “Come sit on my lap.”
  • Before you grind on him he’d hold onto your thigh.
  • He’s actually obsessed with your thighs.
  • Taeyong thinks they are beautiful.
  • How soft and squishy they are.
  • Especially when you are wearing a skirt.
  • Ice play.
  • He’d blind fold you.
  • Your body would jump at the sudden cold sensation.
  • He’d lick up our body adding warmth back.
  • Hearing you moan.
  • “I want to hear you more, Princess. Be louder so I can hear you.”
  • Oral.
  • “Is this what you like?”
  • “You look so beautiful from down here…”
  • “You taste so damn good.”
  • Taeyong would always have very slow passionate sex with you.
  • Although, if you asked him he can be rough.
  • He’s an amazing dom.
  • Though occasionally you like to top him and he is never opposed to watching you ride him.
  • His hands holding onto your waist.
  • Gripping your ass every once in a while.

His cold hands explore every part of your naked body, worshipping every inch of it like this is the most beautiful thing in the world.
“Tate.” You moan quietly as he kisses your inner thighs, working his way up to your pussy.
“I bet you taste delicious.” He says with a smile before he licks through your wet folds.
“Oh god.” You moan as he sucks your clit in his mouth.
But you want more than this, you want finally to feel him inside you.
“Stop.” You say, tugging his hair and he looks at you.
“You didn’t like it?” Tate asks, his chin full of your juice.
“No, it’s just.” Suddenly you feel stupid and you bury your face in your hands.
“No, (Y/N). Tell me what’s wrong.” He crawls between your legs and you can feel his covered hard cock against your core, making the whole situation not better.
“I want to feel you.” You finally say.
“I don’t understand.” He tilts his head confused.
“I want you to fuck me.” You whisper with a blush on your cheeks.
Tate looks at you for a moment before he pulls his shirt over his head and his pants and shorts down.
“Tate.” You moan as he wraps his legs around his waist and teasing your wet entrance with the tip of his cock.
“Are you sure?” His voice nothing more than a growl and you nod, completly turned on by his voice.
This isn’t about love making, this isn’t even the Tate you know. His thrusts are fast, hard and he knows how to move to make you scream. The knot in your stomach twists and the walls around his cock getting tighter.
“Come.” Tate orders, sucking the skin on your neck. You cry out in pleasure as the knot breaks, sending shots of pleasure through your body. He sits up and grabs your waist to move your hips while he slams into you like a man possessed.
“(Y/N).” Tate groans, his cock twitches inside you and he spills his cum against your walls.
His eyes almost glows as he looks down at your sweaty body, his cock still inside you.
“Tate?” You ask, grabbing his neck to kiss him, but he pushes your hands away and turns you around.
All night long he licks, sucks and fucks you until you fall asleep in his arms when the sun rises.

I need you.

Three words to make moisture amass between thighs and make
lips saturated by swift licks and make
my hands be what your hips miss
but it’s only three words and
how could three words make much of a difference when two bodies can’t minimize the distance?

I want you.

Three words to make profanities purge and make
love between the legs engorge and make
mental images surge through every orifice of waking thoughts but how could two minds not go wild with what ought
to be when the meters choose not to free the hold condemning bodies to casualties?

You and me.

Three words she needs to know
because three words can mean more than three words if they are grown from the soul.

—  “These Three Words”
Already Perfect

Why are you so shy, Love? So afraid.. Did he really leave a scar upon your confidence that was so horrendous that you’ve forgotten your own self-worth? Why are you so ashamed of your own art?.. My Queen, may I pleasure you? May I fondle the beautiful body that didn’t live up to his idiotic standards? I want to lick every stretch mark that rests upon your skin. May I suck the titties that weren’t the size that he preferred? I want to gently bite the thighs that he apparently couldn’t handle. Kiss the stomach that he so neglected… I want to grip the hair that he didn’t like while I pummel the pussy he didn’t want to eat.. & I’ll make sure to kiss every inch of your divine physique. I want to look into the eyes that he made water drip from and let you know how perfect I think you are. Damn baby, you are so.. Fucking.. Gorgeous. & if he doesn’t think so then fuck him.

Just a Taste

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Paring: NeganxReader
Word count: 918
Warnings: Swearing, fingering, oral
A/N: This is in Negan’s POV

Negan Smut week masterlist


I had come to dislike the last name. I hired Daryl Dixon a few years back. Only good thing about him was he did his goddamn job. And, as it turns out, had a fine looking daughter. You had just come home or the summer after your third year in college. Hell, I didn’t even know anything about him outside of work, so this was a surprise.

The only reason I saw you was because you came into the office looking for him. I saw you walking around, looking confused, and a bit annoying. My eyes looked you over- from your ankles, up your long legs, to your hips, over the rest of your curves. You were wearing a dress that came to your thighs, and all I wanted was to bend you over and lift the bottom up.

Smirking, I licked my lips and walked over to you. “Can I help you, sweetheart?” I asked.

You turned and smiled at me. “Can you help me find Daryl Dixon?” Your voice was like honey, and I wanted more.

I raised an eyebrow, but nodded. “Anything I can help with?” I asked as we walked.

You chuckled and shook your head. “No, I’m filling out paperwork to apply to study abroad my last year of school. There’s some forms he needs to sign.”

“So you came to work to have him sign them? How do you know Dixon anyway?” I asked, curious.

“Well, it’s almost lunch time. I thought he’d like to get something to eat.” You smiled softly. “And he’s my father.” My eyebrows shot up, and you must have noticed. “Why do you look so surprised?” You laughed.

I licked my lips. “Never thought Dixon could have such a fine looking daughter. You must look like your mother.”

“She does.” Came Daryl’s voice, making me sigh. “What’re you doing here, Y/N/N?”

“I have some things I need you to fill out, and I was hoping you could join me for lunch?” I watched the two of you, and saw him visibly relax.

He gave her a sad smile. “I have a lunch meeting, but I can take you to dinner. If you change into pants, I’ll take you up the coast on the back of the bike to that place you like.”

Watching your face light up at that made me wonder what else she’d like between her legs. “Okay. Here’s those papers. I’ll see you later.” She kissed his cheek before turning back to me. “Walk me out?” She asked.

“I’d love to, sweetheart.” I grinned.

Daryl growled. “Stay away from my daughter, Negan.” He ground out.

You looked over your shoulder at him. “He’s been nice enough to help me find you. He’s been a complete gentleman, Daddy. I’ll be fine.” You assured him.

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Could you imagine having sex with Tama tonga?? His hair in his face.... his beard tickling you..... Hearing him moan.. Hearing him groan..... Him calling you kitten or baby or baby girl.... Calling him daddy....... Him in paint and the paint on your thighs.......... Him moaning so loud when you ride him...... Him tying you up........ and him just licking his lips while looking at you.... holy fuck I want him

Alright well anyways, if I wasn’t horny for Tonga before, I am now so. TAMA IF YOU ARE READING THIS, HMU, I AM 1000% DOWN.

Okay but imagine like him cocking that fucking eyebrow up at you and just being a cocky lil shit. I just wanna lick his chest, IT IS SO THICK AND WOW. Okay wow damn damn damn, his beard tickling your th ighs. God knows, I would tug on that shit all the time, pull him down AND HOT, ROUGH KISSES ALL THE TIME. And you know this mother fucker, he wants marks, scratch up his back, ride his face, SOAK HIS BEARD HAHAHA. Like that Cascada song, Be My Bad Boy PLEASE.

Tenth Day- Garland and Christmas Lights

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Pairing: Chuck x Reader
Word count: 1,030
Warnings: Smut, light bondage, oral

12 Days of Chuck Masterlist

Biting your lip, you moved to where Chuck was relaxing in the living room. He had his feet on the coffee table, watching television. You were somewhat nervous, but that only added to your excitement. Without warning, you straddled his lap, lacing your fingers behind his neck. Your forearms were resting on his chest. His blue eyes sparkled with curiosity as he licked his lips. “Can I help you?” He smirked, resting his hands on your thighs.

“Actually, you can.” You grinned, kissing him gently. “You’ve been so into this Christmas thing that I thought I’d put a little thought into it, too.”

His face lit up. “Really?”

You nodded. “I want you…” Your fingers trailed from behind his head, through his beard. “To take me into our room…” Judging by the feeling between your legs, he was enjoying this. “Enjoy watching me strip for you…” You grinned. “And then tie my hands above my head with colorful Christmas lights.” Your fingers brushed over his bottom lip, causing him to kiss them. “And then, I want you to have your way with me, with only the light from my bindings.”

His eyes darkened slightly at the thought, his tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip. “Go get ready for me.” His tone was firm, and you knew that if they hadn’t been, your panties would have been soaked now.

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The Story-Part 10

Shannon guided me in to the bed with Jared falling in line behind me. I stayed in a kneeled position, not sure as to what my next move should be.

Jared took the lead now as Shannon kneeled with me.

“Lie back beautiful one.”

I laid down at the head of the bed while Shannon made a trail of hot kisses down the center of my body, stopping just above my core. My boyfriend, Jared, now positioned himself at my side and began to whisper to me as my other…boyfriend?…spread my thighs apart.

“You want him? You want him to taste you? Want him to know what drives me crazy every time I lick that pretty pussy of yours?”

Fuck yes I did. I lifted my hips toward Shannon’s mouth hoping that he’d take the hint. And did he ever.

His tongue made circles around my clit while his hands dug into my hips as he pulled to him. I reached down and ran my fingers through his hair just as he slid two fingers in to me.

Still lying to my side, Jared was slowly stroking his cock as he watched. His sweet lips pressed against mine as his brother’s tongue tasted me and moaned.

“That feel good baby?” Jared asked “Let him know. Moan for him. Say his name.”

“Mmm. Shan-Shannon”

My eyes closed as my head tilted back feeling tightness in my core and stomach building. The swirling, controlled movements of Shannon’s mouth and fingers made me grasp at the sheets beneath me as my spine began to bow.

So close now. Tingles shot through my sex and out to my limbs as my thighs started to shake.

“You gonna cum for him?” Jared asked as he stroked harder now.

I nodded, the words too difficult to speak.

Waves crashed over me. My pulse quickened and I was pushed over the edge in to a sea of brilliant stars and pleasure.

“Oh my god Shan” left my lips in one steady stream as I came.

Shannon’s tongue licked the length of my warmth as if he were cleaning the remaining bits of honey from a spoon.

Mumble (J-Hope Smut)

It was one of those days again, where you wanted him to touch you. All his touches had been casual, nothing lingering on you.

You felt a sinner next to him. You could stop thinking about all the ways he could touch you.

His hands rubbing against your clit, his hands playing with your nipple. His lips pressed against your collarbone, leaving you hickeys that you would have cover up for weeks.

His tongue licking against your stomach. His lips planting little kisses down your thighs before he got you where you wanted him.

“The wall” You mumbled and he looked at you.

“What was that? Baby, did you say something?” You blushed, embarrassed he had hear your little mumbling.

“I-I didn’t say anything.”

“You don’t have to lie, baby. I heard something.” He moved closer to you on the settee and you backed up into the arm.

“H-Hoseok, maybe you’re hearing things.” His hand record for your side as he began to tickle you.

“Just tell me, Y/N. I want to know why you were blushing too.”

“I…ah..didn’t..say a-anything” He tickled quickly, making your laugh loud and give in quick.


“S-Stop it…hah..ah.” He kept tickling, still you refused to repeat yourself.

“Just say it and end this suffering,Y/N.” He still tickled you, your laughter uncontrollable. But you were still resisting.

“There’s no way I’m saying that!” He threw you over his shoulder. You hit his back, demanding he put you down.

He dropped you on the bed, laying on your back.

“Just say it, Y/N.”

“The wall.”

“What about the wall?”

You bit your lip, wasn’t saying it enough for him?

“Do you want to get tickled again, baby? I don’t mind..”

“I want you to fuck me against the wall so hard that I can’t walk tomorrow. Happy?”

You sat up, blushing and unable to look him in the eyes. He kissed you, his lips brushing against yours a few times before he indulged in the taste of you.

“So sweet, baby.” He kissed your neck, planting long kisses and kneading your breast.


He pushed you down, kissing you hungrily. He slipped off his pants and you slipped off your panties, amongst you two still kissing.

You flip him over, placing yourself on top of him. You pull away, and moved down his body. You pulled his boxers down to expose his thick cock.

“Don’t make me wait, baby.”

You teased his cock a little, wanting to hear him plead for you. Beg you to put his cock into your mouth. You licked the tip slowly, watching him look at you angrily.

“Please, baby. Please put my cock in your pretty little mouth. Nothing feels like your mouth around my cock.”

You give him what he want, earning yourself a loud moan from him. You took him down your throat, hearing him groan your name while you did that.

You spit on his shaft, letting your hands rub in your saliva. He moans again and you play with his balls a little.

You could feel his cock begin to twitch in your mouth and he stopped you. He sat up, and you moved back. He took you, spreading your legs for him and began to play with you.

“So wet already, baby?”

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High Harry and Louis, venturing out of their hotel. Insp. 

“We can’t.”

“I’m starving Harry, we need to get food.”

Harry licks his lips once and furrows his brow. He seems to be ready to speak, but instead he licks his lips again. “Room service. We can get room service.”

“Don’t want room service, you knob, I want greasy panzerotti and soggy chips. You know the kind you need five thousand napkins to soak up all the grease from and then you like, drop the napkins on your lap and they ruin your jeans and your shirt and it’s still worth it because it’s so good.”

Harry nods along to the description. “Yeah, yeah, I want that too.” Harry’s running his hands up and down his thighs, the jean fabric hissing softly. If Louis wasn’t starving he’d probably mount Harry right here, right now, so that Harry’d be putting his hands on Louis’ arse instead of his own thighs.


“They don’t have that in room service, Haz, it’s all, ‘shoestring fries’ and like, individual kale and spinach pizzettes. Whatever bloody hell that means.”

Harry’s still frowning, thinking intensely. “No, no kale pizza. S’not greasy enough.”

“Right. So?”

Harry rolls his lower lip into his mouth. His teeth are digging into his skin, hard enough to whiten it. This is going to take ages if they don’t get a move on. 

Louis gets up, impatiently, and takes off his hoodie. He’s a bit chilly though, so he puts it back on. Harry’s probably chilly too, so he grabs a hoodie for him as well, dropping into his lap. 

“We’re going out.” Harry blinks up at him, lip still caught between his teeth, and Louis leans down and kisses him. It’s the only way he knows how to make Harry stop. 

Harry gives into it immediately, mouth responsive and a moan vibrating in the back of his throat. Louis just wants to stay here, warm and cozy with Harry’s mouth on his, and his fingers in Harry’s hair and Harry’s hands on his belly and–

His stomach growls. Fuck. They need to eat.

“Okay, okay,” he pants into Harry’s mouth. “We’re going out, kay?”

Harry nods, finally agreeing.

They get out of the hotel alright, not encountering anyone on the way out. The back entrance being free and clear of fans, but as soon as they turn onto the street Harry starts to panic. He grabs Louis’ hand and ducks behind him, as if Louis’ frame could magically hide him. 

Never mind that he’s taller and broader and also making a spectacle of himself by huddling behind him.

“Haz, come on,” he says, trying to tug him to his side.

“What if they see us?”

“Then we’d better be walking like bloody normal humans, stop cowering behind me.” He regrets it as soon as it’s out, and pulls their joint hands to his mouth. He places soft kisses to the back of Harry’s hand. “No one cares, Haz.”

Harry’s eyes dart over the darkened street, and he tries to pull them closer to the buildings. “They’ll know though. They’ll know that we’re high.” He says it like a whisper, voice humming, but it’s loud. So loud that a couple they just past turns to look at them. Luckily, Harry doesn’t spot them. Louis has to suppress a giggle, though he’s not quite sure how good of a job he does.

“Don’t think anyone cares, babe.” He presses another kiss to Harry’s hand. His skin tastes so good. If only they could subsist off of kisses, he’d be a happy man. He’d miss the sweet, sweet greasy panzerotti, but he’d still be quite happy.

“You do the talking then,” Harry says, this time even louder, and Louis can’t help the full belly laugh that escapes him.

“We don’t need to talk yet, we’re not at Bitondo’s yet.”

Harry pouts. “But when we get there, you’ll speak right? You hide it better.”

Louis most definitely does not hide it better. He just cares less. Especially when he’s high.

“Yes, babe, I’ll speak. You can hide in the side alley if you’re so concerned. Nothing worrisome about a tall man loitering about a side alley, is there?”

Harry agrees and he huffs out a breath. He looks so serious, Louis can’t help but laugh again. 

“It’s not funny.”

“S’a little bit funny, innit? Thank you for coming out with me.”

Harry’s pupils are so wide when Louis looks at him. He’s pretty sure his are just as bad.

“Wouldn’t want you out here alone, you know, in case you got lost or summat.”

He squeezes Louis’ hand tightly, and Louis’ heart is stuck in his throat. It’s just Harry being paranoid, and spacey, but still. He loves this boy. And he wouldn’t have him any other way.

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brendon starts rubbing his cheek against dallon's thigh, panting. "please, sir, i want it," he whines, opening his mouth. dallon swallows and pushes his pants and boxers down to his ankles, stroking his cock, which is already leaking with precome. brendon stares at it, mouth open as he waits, nervous because holy shit is that even going to fit into his mouth

And Dallon just grins and his surprised face, licking his lips and pressing his tip to Brendon’s wet lips “You look so pretty with your mouth open, fuck… good boy, suck and kiss the head nice and slowly first…” he instructs Brendon, humming happily as the younger boy does what he’s told, he always was one of the good kids in Dallon’s class…

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asking eric to choke you for the first time

“Harder,” you whimper, moaning happily as Eric starts picking up speed. The two of you have the house to yourselves. You were planning on just watching a movie, but you couldn’t help it. He had caught your eye as his hand accidentally brushed against your thigh and now the two of you are roughly fucking on his bed. “Reb?” you ask in-between moans. “Yeah, baby?” he mumbles, focusing on keeping his rhythm going. You take his hand and put it around your neck, gently squeezing it so he gets the hint. He raises his eyebrows, panting softly, “You sure?” “I want it,” you breathe out. He licks his lips and continues to thrust, gently squeezing your throat. You moan again, wrapping your arms around him. He groans and thrusts, clenching his hand a little harder. You gasp out and his eyes darken a little. He loves seeing you like this.

Eric keeps thrusting hard and fast, choking just a little too tight before you both come. He lets go, watching you start coughing with wide eyes.” Oh fuck,” he says worriedly, “Are you okay?” You rub your neck, nodding as you breathe heavily. “Baby… oh god…” he says worriedly when he sees the marks where his fingers were. “Reb, it was perfect,” you assure him, resting your hand on his chest. He sighs and leans down, gently kissing over every inch of your neck. You eventually go back to breathing regularly as he mumbles loving things to you. You rub his back soothingly and smile, “You want to do that again sometime?” He moans softly against you neck in response and you giggle. You knew he’d love it.

tbh all I want rn is domestic!Jason where he’ll cradle your thighs, and press kisses to your stomach - while your hands are either in his hair or trailing small infinities on his shoulders - and then work his way up your body - and underneath his shirt that you’re wearing - until he gets to your lips and then just nips and licks his way down your neck before attacking your lips again and then spends an unbelievable amount of time practically worshipping your body with small little “beautiful"s and “I love you"s here and there - and you over here just like, “dude wtf I’m tryna watch SpongeBob”

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I'm so extremely sorry if this is inappropriate but can you do an imagine in Dylan's pov where you are his best friend and he has a wet dream about you again really sorry if it's too uncomfortable for you

I hope this is okay! I sort of ended up doing his perspective more than y/n’s 💞

“What do you wanna do?” Dylan asks, looking over at you. You shrug, “Whatever. NBK again?” He nods, “Yeah.” He puts the movie in and the two of you start watching. He feels your hand slowly slid onto his thigh and glances down at it, licking his lips. “Hey,” Dylan hears you say. He turns his head and suddenly your lips are colliding. He lets out a stunned moan, wrapping his arms around you as you straddle him. “I’ve wanted this for so long,” you whisper, undoing his belt. Dylan’s panting, grinning up at you, “Me too.” He gets you undressed, gasping as you lower yourself down and start riding him. “Oh my god,” he moans, letting his head fall back. “Harder,” he hears you gasp, thrusting up into you faster. “I’m gonna come,” you whimper, your moaning suddenly turning into a loud, high-pitched beeping.

Dylan jerks awake, nearly falling out of bed as he blindly throws his arm out to hit the snooze button. He lies there, his eyes full blown with lust as he pants heavily. “Fuck,” he mutters, looking down and realizing how hard he is. He pushes down his boxers and closes his eyes, quickly taking care of himself to the memory of that dream. After he finishes, he lies there, just staring at the ceiling. I can’t believe it. That was… incredible. She’s always been cute, but damn. Dylan has had a small crush on you for a long time. It was inevitable, since you spend so much time together. But after that dream, it’s stronger than ever. He gets up and quickly takes a shower, grinning because he can’t wait to see you at school.

You walk inside and go to your locker, getting a couple books out. Dylan walks up to you and you glance up at him, “Hey.” You look back in your locker again and he quickly checks you out, biting his lip, “Hey.” You shift uncomfortably, “Can you shield me for a second?” you ask, moving him in front of you so you’re between him and the lockers.  You make him hold up his trench coat on either side of you. “What-” he starts to ask, widening his eyes as you hike your shirt up to where he can see your bra. You quickly unclasp it and untwist the material, re-clasping it without revealing extra skin. “Jesus,” Dylan says, blushing as he looks away. “Oh, come on, I’m surprised you haven’t seen me naked already. I thought you had,” you mutter, turning back around to look in your locker. He swallows, “Uh… I-I probably would have remembered that.” You laugh softly, shutting your locker, “Yeah, yeah, I get it, you’d be scarred for life. Hey, we’re going out to lunch today. I’ll meet you outside.” You start walking away and he nods, “Okay, uh… yeah.” Dylan scratches his head, letting out a long sigh as he goes to his first class.

Just a little thought but…
I want to spend a whole night with you, so that the next morning I can wake you, wake you up with some delicate kisses, as I gaze at you sleeping. I want to wake you up with my soft lips on your thighs, teasing you out of slumber. I want to slip my tongue on your inner thighs and drag it up to your moist mound. I want to spice up your morning by nibbling your clit while you are still figuring out if you are dreaming. I want to bite your clit, kiss your pussy and lick between your moist lips as a wake up.
That’s my idea of a morning breakfast.

Shu Headcanon (All tied up edition)

(Just one quick one today!!)

You squealed as you struggled against the ropes that had you tied up.
Your hands tied above your head your feet tied apart. You were against the wall and the cold stone felt horrible against your bare warm flesh.
Shu admired his work.
‘Lewed woman..’ He smirked, 'Tell me you love this.’
You bite your lip, he stood half naked in front of you, you just wanted to lick his abs and fuck him raw. But…you had agreed to try something different. And here you were…
'Tell me and I’ll reward you.’ His smooth deep voice echoed in the empty dull room.
'I-I love this..’
Shu ran his hand down your thigh.
'Good girl… Now tell my brothers..’
Your eyes snapped open fully and searched the room. The triplets came out of the shadows, enjoying the show.
'Shu…’ You panic and struggle.
His fingers ran up to your breasts and his mouth took a nipple, teeth pulling on it. You shuddered and groaned. Damn him for knowing your weak spots.
The triplets were murmuring and you could hear Laito’s pervy moans.
'Show them how you beg for me, how much you need me inside you.’
'Shu.. I-I..’
His fingers played with your wetness and he licked the inside of your thigh.
'Tell them!’ He growled.
'I need you Shu!!’ You finally yelled as the pressure between your legs built.
'Lewed woman, more! Tell them what you want!’
'Fuck me Shu!! Fuck..’
His fingers slipped inside you and your hips bucked.
'More!!’ You groan..