i want to lick your neck

This is how I want you to kiss me:
All over my body.
Look me in the eye, watch me become yours.
Tease me.
Bite me.
Breath into me and with me.
Suck me.
Lick me.
Hold me.
Moan and breath heavily.
Nuzzle your head in my neck.
Run your fingers through my hair.
Touch your nose to mine.
Take a break every so often and tell me that you love me.

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can you do Daryl x reader, 85 from prompt list :)

“What do you want me to do?” You finally burst. 

He gets in your face, even more so than he already was. If you weren’t tearing at each other’s throats, the space, or lack thereof, in-between you two would seem intimate. 

He’s lit a fire in you, as have you in him. As much as you both want to put them out, you can’t help but feed them further. The flames lick up your throats and push out your mouths as you scream curses.

“Leave me alone, girl!” He roars. The veins in his neck, forehead pop out of his skin. You can see the anger growing on his face. But it doesn’t stop you. 

You scoff, then scream again, “If I left you alone, you’d be fucking dinner by now, Dixon.” 

“I ain’t weak, I can take care of myself.” 

“Sure didn’t seem like it.” 

He steps back slightly, “And what do you know? Huh? You didn’t know how to kill a fly, never mind a walker before I showed ya’.” He scoffs loudly, throwing a finger in your face. You glance down at it briefly. It’s covered in dirt and specks of blood. “You didn’t have a chance – ya’ hear me? If I wasn’t babysitting you, you’d be dead.” 

His words sting. Deep down, you know he can’t mean it, but in the moment thats all you think. Your eyes fall to the ground, but your ears stay tuned to the sound of his voice. Unfortunately, your pain only feeds the fire more. 

Before you could stop yourself, you blurted out, “I didn’t realize saving your life would break the last considerate bone in your body. How about a ‘thank you’ next time?” 

He’s silent. It seemed silence was the only thing you needed to tame the fire. It’s flames flickered until they were confided back inside your body. Instead of fighting more, kicking him when he’s already down, you tried to lift him back up. 

“Look, Dixon.” You sigh, shaking your head as you speak, “I will never apologize for saving your life, even if it costs me my own.”

Your voice is shaky. Nerves wrack your body, but you don’t stop yourself from finishing your sentence. He needs to hear it – he needs to understand. 

Daryl looks at you, his blue eyes watering slightly. This was the closest you’d ever seen him to tears. It made your heart break. With every beat, you felt it crack more. 

“Why?” He whispers, “Why would you let yourself die, f-for someone like me?”

A sad smile graces your lips, “Because, Daryl. I’d do anything for you.” 

(Preview) Daddy Doesn’t Have to Know - Part 7

Won’t be updating DDHTK until I post a request so here’s a little something to tease you guys lol. Part 7 is the longest one yet, just so you guys know. Hehehe. Anyway, here’s the preview!

Warnings: NSFW content under the cut!

DDHTK Masterlist

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How the Sakamaki brothers drink your blood


Shuu laid on top of you, he pinned your hands to the bed “Shuu” you whispered. “Yes” he said his warm breath blowing into your ear “you can have me” you said almost in a gasping tone. Shuu smriked and chuckled “when have I ever needed you permission" he said. He lifted your hand and left little pecks of kissed on the inside of your wrist. His fangs slowly dragging up and down the blue vein. “Be gentle” you said. He grinned his hair ticking your arm “I’ll do what I want” he said and bite into the wrist, the blood was thick and red staining Shuu lips.


Reiji had you bent against his desk as he trailed his fingers down yoir spine. “Hm so submissive” he said licking his fangs. He leaned down kissing your neck. Reiji eyed your face it was almost wantig in pleasure “look how desperate you are wanting the pain” he said. In one swift bite he injected his teeth into he your juggler.


Laito smiled between your legs. He rubbed his head against your thigh “so warm I love my girl thighs” he moaned. You coverd your eyes and tried to surpress the blush. Laito smriked and kissed inside yout thighs “so warm” he said “you smell intoxicating” he inhaled. You moaned as he got closer to your center “I’ll give you pleasure soon” Laito saisd. “But first” he smiled his fangs lighty piercing the soft skin of yoir thigh. You shook as he anticipated his fangs entering you. “Calm down” he said and then gently bite into the soft thigh skin.


Kanato touched your neck lightly and smiled. The purple haired vampire left kisses from your lips trailing down your check to the neck area. “It seems my brothers haven’t touched your neck recently” he smirked. He gripped into your body as he pressed his body close to your body. “I saved my blood for you” you said smiling. Kanato giggled and pressed his lips into your neck giving off little hums. Then in a quick snap he bite into the collarbone area. He hugged his body close wanting that feeling.


He back hugged your body as you and him sat on the couch together. “Can I have a little bite” he said hugging you tightly. “But you already left hickeys” you whined and you read the book. Ayato smiled as grabbed your wrist and led it to his mouth. “I’ll take from your wrist since you’re all bruised on your neck” he said. He licked your wrist and left little bites on the hand area. “So good” he moaned.


Subaru didn’t really want to drink your blood he thought it was better to love and cherish and protect you from his brothers. But now he ripped off your shirt. Leaving it to shreds on the ground. He kissed the breast area. Then found a nice part where it wouldn’t hurt to much and sank his teeth in the flesh.

If you want to request I’m cool with that but it will probably take a while for me to post a response story.

All you had been trying to do was make dinner for the two of you, but that clearly wasn’t going to happen now.
“Do it again, Marine, and I swear you’ll be pulling back a bloody stump.”
You hear Gibbs laugh softly behind you before wrapping his arms around your waist. The heat coming off of his body makes you shiver and you instinctively press your back against him. He licks the shell of your ear and you can smell the bourbon on his breath.
“Tell me you don’t love it and I’ll stop.”
You huff and growl, wiggling against him, not ready to give in so easily, but also not wanting him to stop.
“That’s what I thought.”
He grabs your ass again as he kisses your neck and you moan his name, grabbing the edge of the counter.
“I swear to god, Leroy, you are the devil.”
He bites the sensitive skin of your neck in response which causes you to gasp. He keeps going sucking hard enough to leave a bruise, growling and moaning softly as he does.
“You just love leaving your mark, don’t you? Gotta let everyone know that I’m yours…that no one else is good enough. That you’re the only one…”
He smiles against your skin as he listens to you talk, swaying the two of you side to side.
“You look good with my teeth marks on your skin…”
You turn around in his arms and face him.
“And you look good with my scratch marks down your back and arms…”
He laughs warmly before kissing you hard, all teeth and tongue. You dig your nails into his shoulders as he keeps going, backing you against the counter and making you wrap a leg around his waist.
“If you keep this up, we’re gonna have to bleach the kitchen.”
He snorts before picking you up and carrying you to bed.

– that little shit omg
I really like the kind of kisses that surprise you. Like they make you do that little “huh” or “oh” tiny gaspy thing in the beginning so you just have to pause to pull back and smile and then dive right back in and there’s fingers in your hair and hands on your curves and a bit of a cold nose nuzzling at your neck and a hot tongue sliding behind your ear and a warm body pushed up against yours, chest to chest, and you can open your eyes and see the other person two millimeters away, barely clear enough that they don’t look like a cyclops and everything feels shaky and misty and foggy and your heart’s going strong and you don’t know if it’s love or lust but you want to get rough on their neck while they hold your hand and you want to bite and suck and kiss and lick and soothe. I like the kind of kisses that make you feel like you’re losing your mind, and you’re honestly torn between not doing anything at all, awash in sensation, or suddenly going rogue, animalistic, sensory overload compensation. Like flipping a switch. I like the kind of kisses that make me want to fuck, that make me want to stargaze with someone, that make me want everything and nothing.
Shu Headcanon (The Prince 11 Edition)

His eyes were glazed over with lust.
You blush and let him claim your lips once again. This time he’s forceful, rough and needy.
Shu’s lips feel so good against yours, you find yourself wrapped around him tight, wanting to feel every inch of him.
This need between you both is strong, you can’t ignore it, this bond is other worldly.
‘Y/N..’ he groans, 'You remember what you said earlier?’
You blush, 'I do..’
'Would you still?’
You look at his intense blue eyes and melt once again.
This time you pull him down into your desperate kiss. Your arms around him pulling him close, rubbing your body against his.
Shu’s lips move to your neck and his tongue teased you. He sighs at your delicious scent and licks away still.
He needs you. He wants you badly.
He groans and you gasp at feeling something sharp scrap at your skin.
Shu suddenly backs away.
'Damn it..’ He sighs and licks his lips, you catch sight of blood.
You feel your neck, something warm and wet on your hands…
'I-I’m sorry..’ He panics, he hides his mouth with his hand.
'W-what are you?’ You feel tears in your eyes, but yet, Shu looked more scared then you.
'Please, please don’t run..’ He begs, his blue eyes plead you.
'I won’t..just, please, tell me..’
You stand strong, just moments earlier you were thinking how you were falling in love with him.
'I’m a vampire.. the whole royal family are..’
'The whole family? Vampire? But they do not exist!’
Shu nods, he moves his hand away. You see sharp fangs in his mouth.
'They show more when I.. I succumb to bloodlust.’
'Shu..’ you can’t quite believe it.
'Will you still stay? I promise never to hurt you!’

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Requested by anon <3
Prompt:  Can I get a stiles x reader imagine where she is void and he is attracted to her or where he is void and she is attracted to him?

i love void stiles help—-


He gazed at you and he felt something spur in his chest, along with the frantic screaming of the real Stiles in his ear. He tilted his head, curiously, watching the way your hand skid across your notebook, eyes glancing from the blackboard to your paper and back. His muscles tensed, darkened eyes narrowing lightly when you threw your hair over your shoulder, exposing your neck.

He wanted to bite it. Lick it. Suck on it. Leave such a big bruise that would tell everyone who you actually belonged to.

He gripped the edge of his table, the wooden surface groaning softly under the force of his fingers. The bell rang, alerting and snapping him out of his trance. His eyes shot to you again, watching as you picked your things up and turned to him. You smiled, cheerfully, making something spur in his chest again. Oh, how he wished he could just break that pretty face in half-

“Stiles!” You called for the umpteenth time, making the awkward teen blink at you and quickly scramble up on his feet. You raised a confused brow – he was not acting the way he usually did.

“Sorry, I was just…” Stiles started, finding your (colour) irises and locking them in place, “-thinking.” He finished, quietly.

“About what?” You asked, unable to pry away. The brief flash of darkness in his face and the upwards sadistic tilt of his lips was gone when you blinked, making you wonder where you seeing things, or…?


His voice made shivers creep up your spine.

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You got me feeling //all// sorts of things with your concert vibes. I'm especially stuck on the idea of a Pink Floyd/Roger Waters concert with Harry, like either showing up just a touch high or getting high there, and being plastered to each other the whole goddamn time while the music just destroys you. GOD. And leaving the concert with your ears ringing and your brain melted unable to keep your hands off of each other as you're coming down from your high...damn i want that.

And climbing into the car that’s come to collect you from the venue and you’ll still singing along to the songs you heard that night, humming gently. When he ducks his face into your neck, he’ll start peppering kisses up your jawline, licking and pecking soft kisses to your skin before singing against your lips and kissing you passionately. And you can smell and taste the cheap beer in his breath and on his tongue and he’s got bleary eyes as he comes down from his high, euphoric state and his hands are fumbling around your body and they’re more eager than ever to get your clothes off so he can touch your skin. 

“Gon’a fuck you so hard when we get home, baby. Nice ‘n deep ‘n hard. Right inside yeh.”

Holy hell. PLEASE. xx

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I'll give it a quick go. I doubt it'll have something similar BUT I'll try... - kissing harry when his lips are a little sensitive and tingling, and he just wants to feel your lips against his. So he's whimpering, groping and pulling at your shirt to get you closer to him so he can kiss you. But you avoid his lips on purpose, and trail your kisses down his jaw and neck, leaving hickeys and bites, all the way down his collarbones and chest. Lot longer than intention ;)

And before you know, you’re kissing at his cock, tonguing at the tip and licking up his shaft and he’s shaking underneath you, fingers buried in your hair, mouth open around moans and lips still sensitive from your harsh, demanding kisses.

“Jus’ wanted yeh to kiss me…” He breathes out, choking on a breath when you press a pert kiss to the pink tip of his cock.

“I am kissing you.” You giggle, before opening your lips and flicking your tongue on the slit at the top of his shaft. “Don’t you like my kisses? I can stop if you want…”

Grunting at your teasing words, he bucks up, pressing further into your mouth and you welcome him, closing your lips tightly around his girth and suckling  eagerly. “Fuckin’ tease! Fuck, get me further down, that’s it… don’t stop, keep going jus’ like that.”

And it doesn’t take very long until he’s bursting into your mouth with a shout, oozing cum coating your tongue before you swallow it all down and allow him to pull you up into a tongue filled kissed, that allows him to taste him on your mouth.


UPDATED 4/24/16! (Links are officially broken thanks to Tumblr, please message me if you need to find something before I have time to sit down and redo everything, or try searching my blog by tag)


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if you give a girl a rope

when you get home I’m going to tie you up
and lick you from your neck down to your knees

you’ll want to make me stop so you can fuck
me cross-eyed just the way you know I like

and I will laugh and keep on teasing you
with hands and hair and just my breath alone

you’ll try to hang on to your self-control
and so we’ll battle to a sweaty draw

I’ll play my game and then release your bonds
and your revenge on me will taste so sweet

you’ll never want to leave again and so
you’ll promise even though we’ll know you lie

Moan For Me (Chanyeol Smut)

   The faint touch of his lips on your throat make you shiver, which doesn’t go unnoticed as you can feel him smile against your skin. His hands travel down your sides slowly, stopping at your hips for a moment, squeezes hard, and then goes down to grip your thighs. He’s still kissing your neck, but this time he’s adding tongue and teeth into the mix, licking a hot trail from the side of your neck to right below your ear, sucking and biting into the skin harshly, then soothing it with his tongue. You try to hold back the moans that are desperately trying to escape your mouth, which, evidently, Chanyeol doesn’t like, so he does something about it.

“You know I don’t like it when you hold back those sounds, baby. C'mon, let daddy hear you moan.”

You whimper quietly, shutting your eyes tightly because now he’s grinding against you, breathing harshly into your ear.

“Not what I wanted, baby girl, you know daddy wants you louder than that. You don’t want me to have to spank you, do you? Or would you like that? Daddy spanking you over his knee, making you beg for more, for me to go harder.”

This is what caused you to whine, spreading your legs wider and canting your hips up to meet his thrusts.

“Please, daddy, please, I want more.”

“That’s all you had to say, princess.”

~~Admin Sam

Pete sat in the lobby while you were trying on that dress you liked so much. Pete was getting fidgety so he looked around to make sure no one was paying attention and stuck his hand in through the curtain of the dressing room you’re in and just grabs a handful of ass. He starts smoothing his hand over that one cheek he grabbed and then he just spanks it. After hearing that little moan from you he looks around and steps in repeating what he did before but biting your lip and telling you that you have to be quiet so that they don’t hear you scream. “Your ass looks so perfect in that dress, love.” He whispers huskily in your ear before turning you to the mirror and caressing your every curve. “You are pure perfection, my favorite addiction.” He said kissing, licking and nibbling at your neck leaving a bite mark behind. As he started caressing your thighs underneath that silk dress. “I want all of you. I want you to be mine forever.” He whispers in your ear. You open your eyes to seen him holding a small dark blue box in front of you with a diamond ring inside it. “Be my wife, my queen.” He said taking your silent yes as an answer and sliding the ring on your finger. @hardcorewwetrash @sammiielli (Just a short story) @lilmisscrisis @wwesmutdonedirtcheap

Michael mocking you for sucking at his video games, rubbing your head with his knuckles as he would have a firm grip with his arm around your neck. Your smug comment, “might suck at this and have you laugh at me, but I can also suck your cock and have you moan,” would change his attitude rather quickly. Instead of having a firm grip around your neck with his arm he would just hold his hand around it, pulling you in for a hot needy kiss. His pulse would quicken as you would unbutton his pants, pulling them down harshly as you’d hear him whimper, in greediness for what’s to come. Once you’d let his cock spring free he’d smirk at you before hitting you up with some seductive comment like “want this?” pumping it from the base to the very top, licking his lips as you took over, grabbing his throbbing erect cock, stroking it lightly to tease him. “Still laughing?” You’d say, winking before putting his tip in your mouth, peaking up at him only to see his head fall back and eyes to shUT

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So my cousin came over today and he wanted me to help him reenact something that happened to him at school but I didn't want to get up bc I'm lazy af. So he grabs my leg and tries to drag me but he couldn't bc I'm fat af so hE LITERALLY SQUEEZES MY STOMACH AND I JUMP AND SQUEAL SO THAT WAS MY NIGHT HOW WAS YOURS

AWWW CUUUTE! You got a ticklish belly? Adorable. You gotta good cousin, haha.

My night was cool.. the closest i got to being tickled was by my dog being laid right next to me as i wrote fanfic and licking my neck. (I have a veeery ticklish neck) but i didn’t pull away cause im tickle trash so i just laid there giggling while i wrote tickle fics.