i want to lick your hairline

the thing is i actually really like SU angst, but not the kind that questions/erases how much the Crystal Fam love, care about, and strive to do right by each other, which seems to be a lot of it…so I’m gonna be the change I want to see in the world right now

here are some thoughts about older!Steven (or at least more-experienced Steven) acting as the team medic, like when YD lands and stuff:

  • Garnet steeling her jaw like a vice, her back supported on Steven’s arm as he heals a hairline fissure in her (Ruby, although who knows how much that distinction matters) gem with a little give-your-ol-mom-a-kiss peck, and then frantically licks his fingertips to see to other wounds, murmuring ‘keep ‘er together guys it’s not over yet’
  • Amethyst squirming in his gentle hug, yelling ‘I’M GOOD, I’M GOOD! LET ME AT ‘ER!’ while Steven tries to inform her that this is not a good plan. She breaks free and levels a high-impact hit on their foe, spin dash style, but comes out on the other side a little shaky fluff curled up on the ground. Steven rushes to her side and tries not to say I told you so. ‘Had to soften ‘em up for ya, Tiger. What’s a tag-team for?’ she manages, before grunting ‘hang on to me okay?’ and poofing
  • Pearl knocked out with a hard blow to the gem, her head twitching in Steven’s lap as staticy, frantic, disjointed holograms–half-formed memories of a millennia-long fight–writhe and buzz over them. Tears come to his eyes when he hears his mother’s voice, glitchy and disconnected from any related image, murmur ‘You have to stop doing this.’ They spill over when Pearl mouths ‘I’m trying.’ When he heals her he’s braced to be called the wrong name again, but instead she flings her arms around him and says ‘STEVEN, you did it!!’ with so much pride he forgets about crying.