i want to lick your face sir


Request: ‘Hi could you do fan fic where Shiro gets back from a hard mission with the team and his s/o helps him destress you can make it smutty or not Ps love you blog!’

A/N: I love this request a lot. I will try my best to make it smutty, but I’m not really good at smut anyway. So I hope you enjoy regardless of the fact!

Also this got really deep and I‘m Heathers trash so…

Song- Seventeen (The Heathers)

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You and Shiro were inseparable. As soon as he got in through that door, he had your lips on either where your shoulder and neck met or the shell of your ear and he would place a fond kiss on either of those places. Either way, he really cared about you, no matter what. That also meant he gave you the responsibility that you had to cope/calm him down when he was either stressed or angry…or both. Which you knew was the worst combination.

Shiro as the leader of team Voltron, knew that he had to take the most responsibility. He had to take the fall when it came to his whole team messing up. You knew he took the brunt of the force of the dealing blow. He would risk his life for his team…because it was his sole duty as a paladin of Voltron. That means…you had to be there for him when he needed it the most.

This was one of those times.

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Man With A Plan. Steve Rogers.

Based on this post, Steve has been keeping to himself as of late, leaving Y/N to her own thoughts. In an attempt to get a rise out of him, she goes to her best friend, Tony, for a plan that’s so out there, it just might work.

Triggers: Smut. Possessive/Jealous Steve. Rough sex followed by fluffy smut.

Word Count: 1816

Enjoy ;D

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The Ties that Bind, Bond, Bound

Summary: for @hiddenwritingsintheworld  I picked Tie Kink and I’m going all out with this.

Warning: NSFW, SMUT, BONDAGE cunnilingus, fingering, female receiving most. Starts out wanting, turns animalistic.

Pairing: Sam and Reader

Word Count: it’s me, it’s alot and I hold no apologies.

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S5JK for @hiddenwritingsintheworld

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Fantasy #3

Title: Extra Work

Pairing: EXO Kris & You

Rating: Explicit

Genre: smut

Word count: 2,115

Summary: Naughty office sex with boss Wu Yifan.

Piles and piles of paper works are spread on your work table as you blankly stare at them. You mess your own hair feeling really irritated on why your boss keeps on giving you all these assignments when in fact some of your officemates are not that piled up. You start to wonder if your boss is holding a grudge against you or he just likes to play on you. Rolling your eyes in depression, you grab some of the paper works and start to work on them, thinking that staring at them won’t finish your work.

After hours of looking back and forth from the papers to your computer monitor, you feel awfully exhausted. You look at your office’s clock and beamed at the time. Just in time for lunch break. You organize the files that you already finished and the ones that you still haven’t reviewed. You went to your office’s cafeteria and ate your lunch, munching every food deliciously, thinking that you still have a long day to go.

Feeling full and happily satisfied with the food, you went back to your desk with a positive mind. You stretch your arms upward and start typing on your keyboard. All of a sudden, your officemate’s head appeared on top of your cubicle’s divider, slightly surprising you.

“The boss wants to see you.” Chen said, looking at you with a you-are-screwed expression on his face.

“Why? What’d I do?” you asked, having no clue as to what is going on. You were never involved in any office rumors or gossips; you also doubt that the boss will promote you since you just started working for the company early this year so you were completely puzzled with the sudden happening of events.

“Dunno.” he shrugged then turns his back at you and returned to his desk.

Taking a deep breath, you walk towards your boss’ office with heavy feet. As you stood outside his office’s door, you release another deep sigh and knocked on the door. You heard a faint “Come in” and entered his office. His office chair was facing its back at you when you stepped inside and you can hear that he’s speaking with someone on the phone.

You were nervously fiddling your fingers as you silently stood inside his well-furnished office. The room was filled with the scent of a man’s perfume and it made your heart beat faster and your body warmer despite the cool air from the AC hitting your skin; you easily get turned on when you smell a pleasant perfume of a man. You then start to get tensed as he ends his phone call and turn his chair around to face you.

“Please sit down, Ms. ___.” he said in a very masculine tone, gesturing a hand towards the sofa in the middle of the room.

“T-thank you, sir.” you stutter as you were starstrucked by his handsome features. You walk cautiously to the sofa and sat like a tamed cat.

“You’re probably wondering why I summoned you here, Ms. ____.” he starts to speak in an eargasmic manner and tries to lock gazes with you. Having read your mind, you look up at him and caught his gaze. Bingo. He smirked as he finally succeeds on luring you to him. You gulped and nod your head, whispering an inaudible “Why, sir?” He rises from his seat and walks his way towards you, eyes still fixed at yours. He sat on the sofa’s arm rest and slightly leans down at you, resting an arm on the sofa’s head rest. Your mind suddenly panics as to what’s going to happen next.

He tugs your hair behind your ear and leans down his face next to your ear. “Don’t restrain yourself, Ms. ____. I know you want me too.” he whispered on your ear, sending electricity to every part of your body. You bit your lip, trying to gain some self-control.

“I watch you on that window every single day. Every move you make makes me want to ravish you and make you scream my name, not caring if everybody in this building hears your screams. I wanna fuck you everytime I see you. I wanna make you mine.” he dirty talked then licks the shell of your ear.

“S-sir~” your voice came out as a half-moan and your boss took that as a signal that you willingly approve.

He comfortably sits down next to you on the sofa and starts to rub your thigh while he closes the gap between your faces.

“Call me Kris.” he breathed as he captures your lips in a tight lip-lock.

You kissed back as you can’t just let this opportunity go to a waste. What sane woman would decline the offer of this sexy beast in front of you? You hesitantly throw your arms around his neck and push him closer, making the kiss deeper. Smirking into the kiss, Kris then harshly bites your lower lip causing it to bleed and making you groan from the slight pain. Kris took the opportunity to enter your mouth using his tongue, exploring your wet cavern. You can feel yourself getting wet down there so you tried to keep your legs closed but Kris’s hands were too quick and stopped you. He settled his hand in between your long silky legs and travelled upwards, towards your already wet core.

“God, I’ve waited so long to touch you like this.” he said after breaking the kiss.

You moaned as a reply to his lusty talks. You throw your head back as his fingers found your clothed pussy and starts to teasingly rub it. He watched you with a satisfied look on his face as you go nuts while he plays with your covered pussy.

“You’re wet already. I guess that means you want me too, right?” he smirked as he adds more pressure on your pussy. You nod while biting your lower lip, afraid that if you speak, you will let out a load moan instead.

He started attacking your jawline up to your collarbone with wet kisses while sucking on it, leaving some visible marks on your milky skin. You were drowned with lust so you didn’t mind going out of his office with purple hickeys on your body. All you wanted right now is to feel good and Kris is doing an impressive job.

This is so wrong but damn it feels so good.

He lays you down the couch as he continues to touch you. He fondles your breast on top of your shirt while his other hand is busy circling your wet pussy. He effortlessly unbuttoned your shirt with one hand. He stared at your laced bra and felt his cock harden at the sight of your underwear. You lift yourself up slightly to remove your shirt completely and throw it somewhere in the room.

“I can see that you came prepared.” he said when he saw that the clasp was at the front and unclasps it, throwing it to the other side of the room.

Kris’s tongue was teasingly licking and sucking your hard nipple while playing the other one with his free hand, making your back arch. What surprised you was when he set aside your underwear to one side and inserted a finger without any difficulties. You groaned in extreme pleasure. I wonder what it would feel like if his dick is inside me instead of his finger.


“Are you a virgin? God, you’re so tight.” he asked and complimented at the same time when he paused pumping his finger into your hole. You shake your head. It has been a year already since you had your last sex thus making your pussy hole tighter this time.

“This just makes things easier, then.” he rises from the sofa and starts to strip in front of you. You just stared at his body as he removes all his clothing, piece per piece. Your eyes travelled from his nicely sculpted abs down to his long erect cock, standing in full attention, with pre-cum dripping from its head. You gulped at the sight and had the sudden urge to play it inside your mouth.

“Like what you see?” he stared down at you as he pumps his member. Without hesitating, you replaced his hand with yours and start to stroke it, increasing the pressure every single time. Kris starts to thrust his hips as he throws his head backwards. Seeing him looking vulnerable at the moment, you took the opportunity to lick the head, tasting the slight saltiness of his pre-cum. He grabs a fistful of your hair and moans as you start sucking the tip of his cock.

“Fuck. Your mouth feels so warm. I wonder what your pussy will feel like.” he sex-talked, making you moan from excitement while your mouth is busy sucking his rock-hard dick. Kris suddenly stops you after minutes of bobbing your head up and down on his member.

“I want you now.” he said as you both looked at each other, eyes screaming with lust.

With that being said, you strip yourself from your pencil skirt, together with your underwear, bending your body and showing your perky ass to Kris. After kicking aside your panty, you looked back at him and his face was absolutely priceless. Not able to hold back anymore, he held you in his arms in a back hug and pushed you towards the sofa, making you kneel on it.

Kris aligns his cock on your wet folds and starts to push his self in. You both moaned as he fills you up to the hilt and you envelop his cock with your warm pussy.

“Ah fuck, you’re so hot.” he whispered in your ear as he starts to thrust slowly in and out of you. Setting your hair on one side, he started giving your shoulder and nape some butterfly kisses as he started pounding into you. On the other hand, you’re holding on for dear life on the sofa’s head rest as you feel every inch of your pussy being rubbed by your boss’ long, fulfilling dick.

“Ah, ah, ah, ahh~” you tried to control your moans but failed to do so. Getting fucked by your boss in his office in broad daylight, with hundreds of employees just outside the room intensified the mood. It made both of you excited that in any moment someone might walk into the room and find that you’re having sex with your boss.

Kris reached out his index and middle finger in front of your face, for you to suck on and help you control your moans. His other hand gropes your breast as he drilled his cock into your pussy, doubling the pleasure you’re feeling. With that, you feel yourself ready to reach your most awaited release so you let him know by clamping on his cock. He growled from the sudden tightness and got the message so he thrusted into you faster and deeper.

“Please come inside me. I wanna feel your warm seed inside me~” you said in shallow breaths.

“But—” he hesitated but you interrupt him.

“I’m on pills. Don’t worry.” you winked at him and smiled.

Without any second thoughts, he went faster and after a few more thrusts, you arched your back as you reach your orgasm.

“Ahhh, Kris!” you silently screamed his name as you reach your euphoric pinnacle.

“Fuck, ____!”

Feeling your pussy walls clenching his cock, he wasn’t able to control his orgasm and released all his seed deep into your womb, burying his head between your neck and shoulder.

You were both a panting mess after coming down from your high. He pulled out from you and you feel yourself fainting from the great fuck you had. As you feel your knees giving up on you, Kris caught you and settled you on the sofa, giving you your clothes back.

You both put on your clothes in silence. As you finish fixing yourself, he broke the silence and spoke.

“Sorry if that was too sudden. You know… the confession and the sex.” he shyly said as he rubs a hand on the back of his neck, not making any eye contact at you. You find his action cute, though.

“It’s okay. I won’t be able to resist you anyway.” you smiled reassuringly to him.

He looked up at you with a hint of glow in his face. “So, um, can I ask you to go to dinner with me tonight?”

“As long as there’s an event at your place after, then why not?” you smirked.

Getting your hint, he smirked back. “Deal.”

A/N: Okay. I have to be honest that I got wet while writing the sex scene. Shit.

Stockholm Syndrome - Ch 6

(A/N- wow, 6 years later and this is posted… sorry. here’s chapter 6 finally. Also, ***CONTAINS SMUT AND DADDY KINK SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!***)

Ashton and I sit in a comfortable silence while watching TV for about an hour. I almost fall asleep but Ashton’s hand rising up my leg wakes me up fully, knowing his intentions.

“Are you ready to play, baby girl?”

I can barely speak and my throat feels dry now, “Mm-hmm.”

“Use your words, kitten. Let me know that you want to play and we’ll go play.”

“I want to play.” I speak up confidently, surprised with my own voice. He smiles almost victoriously and takes me in his arms, effortlessly standing up with me draped in his arms.

“Okay, let’s go to Daddy’s special room then.”

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Private Office Hours (Part 4)

Originally posted by mishaisgodaf

Summary: Reader meets Sam’s brother Dean and spends some quality time with the boys…

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Pairing: Professor!Sam x student!reader (x Professor!Dean)

Word Count: 3,600ish

Warnings: language, smut

A/N: I have no shame whatsoever for this…

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Daddy? (M)


characters: Yoongi of BTS

word count: 1768 (please excuse any errors i didn’t even edit this)


You were pushed against the wall, completely unfazed by the coldness because as of this moment, you felt as though your entire body was on fire. Yoongi stared down at you, eyes hooded and half-lidded, his left hand brushing your hair away from your face. Your body was rigid; you have no idea what he had in mind. How the hell did we end up like this?

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Double Stuffed

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

Pairing: NeganxReader
Word count: 1,087
Warnings: Swearing, DP, anal, oral, rim job, Daddy!kink, spanking, very NSFW gifs
A/N: This is the final chapter!
Tagging: @nerdflash @faegal04 @damalseer @i-am-not-a-freak @vika-hiddles @mein1928 @craftersdust @panic-everywhereabouteverything @fayemenelmir @crowleysqueen88 @ashiewesker @crzcorgi @strangersangel9 @syrenially @frenchybell @meganlpie @chipmunkchick @oh-goodness-loki @iheartthelochnessmonster @lakama15 @spontaneousam @somanymatthew @drampop @youhuntorbehunted @emonroe @bkwrm523 @wildfirekhaleesi @abbylouise11234 @ioanashalala @roparo @rapsity @alwayssmilepretty @kathyjimenezg1 @itsrainbowunicornstuff @pumacat69 @scarletwinchester84 @lovetusk @thewalkingmombie @crapythings
Double the Fun masterlist

Negan had called you early that morning (waking you up), to tell you that they were on their way back. You grinned like an idiot, and then he let you get back to sleep. If there wasn’t much traffic, they should have walked back in right after your shift started.

When that evening came, you decided to dress for him. You picked his favorite pair of shorts, a fitted t-shirt that reached right under your belly button, and cowgirl boots. Checking your make up in the mirror, you grabbed your apron and made your way to the bar. It was a Wednesday night, so you weren’t expecting it to be too busy. Jo was off that night, so it was just you and Ellen. That didn’t keep you from checking the door each time it opened. Each time hoping for Negan, just to be disappointed. 

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{the lover} || Eisuke Ichinomya x MC (Reader)

[Anonymous said
Can u make a part 2 the professor and mc for kbtbb?]

Ahhhh, yay!! here’s my first request! A kind reader asked that I make a part 2 for {the professor}, so here it is!

Oh, I forgot to mention this, but the reader/MC is 22 years old while Eisuke is 27.

**do not repost or plagiarize this story.


{the lover}

//professor!eisuke ichinomiya x student!reader//

This is torture.

You were squirming in your seat, your face feeling hot because of how much you were blushing. He’s too handsome, oh god, why couldn’t I have stayed in the back row??

Standing in front of the white board was Eisuke as he writes out the important concepts of the latest chapter. Because of his newly implanted ‘assigned seats,’ you were forced to sit in the front row, taking the middle seat as it gave you the perfect view of Eisuke’s form. This in turn earned a great deal of glares and hateful whispers from the girls in your class.

Although you knew that you were getting a lot of hate from those girls, you were never once hurt or harmed by them. If Eisuke saw that things were getting a bit too heated, he would appear directly beside you and demand that everyone stop harassing you. That you were his now, and that anyone that messed with you had to answer to him.

Admittedly, those first few weeks were rough and nerve-wracking, but it worked in keeping you safe. Eisuke made it his duty to remain by your side at all times, just to keep you safe. This included staying over at your dorm and sleeping in the same bed as you do…

Although you didn’t really sleep much when Eisuke was around.

Seeming to know about your thoughts, Eisuke turns around to gaze at you, a small smirk decorating his features. He keeps his steady eyes on your blushing face for a few seconds before returning his attention to the textbook. “Alright, everyone turn your book to page 87 and work on the first three problems.”

Your blush deepens when you turn the page, seeing the three problems as you read over them. You let out a soft groan, not understanding any of the problems. Dammit, it’s because my notes have been terrible lately.

You knew that you weren’t paying attention to Eisuke’s lectures when your eyes were focused on his handsome features. Before, when you figured you had no chance with him and saw him as nothing more than your professor, you took better notes and aced all of his quizzes and exams. But now that Eisuke views you as his woman, you found it difficult to be as attentive as you used to be.

Instead of listening to his lectures, you would become entranced by the sight of his golden eyes, or the way his soft strands of brown hair seemed to shift to the right when he moved. You thought about ways to dip your fingers within his hair, gasping and pulling at them while he made love to you. Before you could even realize it, the lecture was over and your notebook always came out empty in the end.

You look down at the page before you and could not think of a single answer. When ten minutes have passed, Eisuke lets everyone leave and ends his lesson for the day. He reminds them to finish the page he assigned and waits for everyone to exit the class before turning to you.

When you realize that you still hadn’t answered any of the questions, you tremble nervously in your seat. “[Name].”

You wince, hearing Eisuke call out your name as you answered him, “Yes sir?”

His back was facing you when he closed the door to his classroom, locking it as he pulled down the blinds. “You haven’t been paying attention to my lectures lately.”

You gulp, trembling in your seat, “I’m sorry, sir.”

“I don’t want to hear apologies, I want to know why you haven’t been paying attention.” You face the front and see him take a seat in front of his desk, sitting with his legs crossed while he leans back against his chair, “Well?”

Knowing that Eisuke would “punish” you for not being honest, you tell him the truth, “I-I was too busy thinking about you, sir.”

“Is that so?” You watch as Eisuke leans forward, a predatory gleam seen in his golden eyes as he licks his lips, “I thank you for your honesty, come over here. Let me go over the assignment and lesson with you again.”

You nod and stand from your seat, taking your notebook and textbook with you. Walking to his desk, you ask him where you should sit and whether you needed to bring a desk over.

Eisuke smirks and leans back, “Your seat is right here.” He points to his lap, making your blush deepen across your face.

“B-But sir-”

“It’s Eisuke when we’re alone.” Not waiting for you to answer, he settles you on his lap by grabbing a hold of your arm. You land against him as his hands trail up your thighs.

“Good, you wore a skirt today like I asked you to.”

“U-Uhm, can I ask why you wanted me to wear a skirt?”

Eisuke chuckles darkly before pointing at your notebook, “I know your notes have been terrible, so I devised a new way to tutor you.”

Uh-oh…this can’t end well.

“I’m going to explain the lesson, and every time you don’t pay attention or get a problem wrong, I won’t let you come.

Showing you what he meant, he slides a finger across your panties, harshly pressing against the bundle of nerves before sliding a teasing finger over your slit.

“A-Ah!” You lean back against him, moaning out his name. The fabric that covered your opening was steadily becoming wet, and you could feel his arousal harden from beneath you. Eisuke clears his throat and opens the textbook to the chapter he taught, “You best pay attention if you want your reward, [Name].”

For the next hour, you were squirming against him, doing your best to pay attention as you focused on his words. Soon, you were able to solve the problems he assigns and gasps when you complete the lesson.

“E-Eisuke, I did it! I understand it now! Thank you- mmmph!”

Eisuke captures your lips with his, tasting you before hotly whispering, “Good girl, it’s time for your reward now.” His erection was practically straining against his pants when he impatiently unbuckles his belt. Pulling down his zipper, he frees his length from the confines of his boxers. He teasingly runs the tip of it against your panties, purposely brushing against your clit as you moaned in response. Reaching into his pocket, your blush deepens when he pulls out a square foil, “Y-You planned this?!”

Eisuke merely grunts, turning you around so that you were straddling his lap while facing him. He tears open the foil and rolls the rubber on to his hardened arousal, “I hate having something between us when we have sex. You should consider going on the pill.”

“T-The pill? I…ah!” He suddenly picks you up and settles you down on his throbbing member, your breath being taken away at how good he felt inside you. Burying your fingers within his hair, you move on instinct, keeping one hand on his shoulder as you felt his length slide slowly in and out of you with your movements. Your thrusts end up being uneven and sloppy, but you still managed to make Eisuke moan as he leans back to watch you.

“Heh, not bad for your first time trying to ride me.” Eisuke’s smirk was enough to make you even wetter, and he groans when he feels that your walls had become slicker. Placing both hands on your waist, he stops your movements and picks you up, “But it’s not quite enough to satisfy me. I need more friction.”

Eisuke leans forward to whisper in your ear, “Let me show you how it’s done.”

You bite at your bottom lip and nod, “Try not to be too loud, after all class is still in session.”

After picking you up, he forces you back down, the fast movement causing him to go even deeper inside of you as you begin to see stars. You were left moaning and gasping out his name while Eisuke treated you to a delightful reward for finally understanding his lesson.

Perhaps there were perks to being the lover of a professor after all.


Legacy Part Nineteen

Summary: Sam and Dean ditch you for their own hunts. You’re okay with that, you’ve got plenty to occupy yourself with.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Part Twelve

Part Thirteen

Part Fourteen

Part Fifteen

Part Sixteen

Part Seventeen

Part Eighteen

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Save Me - Chapter 106

“Don’t worry, baby girl,” Jared whispered, gliding his hands to cup my cheeks as he pulled me into him, his hard cock pressing into my tummy, “I won’t do anything I don’t think you can handle.”

He kissed my lips gently then nipped at my bottom lip as he pulled back.

“You also have your safe words. If you need them use them.”

“Yes, Sir, I trust you.” I whispered back as I snuggled into him. “I’ll use them if I need to.”

“Thank you, baby girl. I promise I will never break that trust.”

He allowed me a few minutes of his warmth then started to guide me towards the massage table. Every step was a bit of a struggle with the anal plug being so large. Still being blindfolded, I felt like I was a wobbly mess.

Jared had his arms around me guiding me as I carefully walked next to him. I thought my ass was sore before but now with each step I took, I thought I was going to split in two.

Holy hell, the pressure in my ass was almost unbearable. I found myself clenching my jaw in an effort to control the discomfort. Thankfully, I didn’t have too far to walk. Within a few steps, I felt my hip bump into the side of the table.

As I felt Jared maneuver around me, I wondered what more he had in store for me tonight. My body was filled with so much nervous energy, I could barely stand still.

“I’m going to release your hands. I will help you onto the table but until then, I want you to stand still.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I did as I was told and stood perfectly still. Jared released one arm then the other and once the chains were unclasped, they both fell limp at my sides. His hands immediately went to my shoulders rubbing my sore muscles to work out the cramps, all the way to my wrists.

“What color are we, baby?” Jared asked softly in my ear as he began to leave open mouthed kisses from my ear down to my shoulder.

“Green, Sir.” I breathlessly replied.

Just saying the word ‘green’ had my pussy clenching. I was ready for whatever he had planned next.

“Very well. Let’s get you onto the table.”

Jared placed my arm around his shoulders as he bent to pick my legs up with his other arm. I wrapped my arm around his neck as I held onto him. Laying my head on his chest, I breathed in his scent then placed a kiss on his neck.

I loved when he carried me this way. It’s every girls dream, I think.

He brought me to the other side, placing me down gently on the padded massage table. This one was his, I could still smell the vanilla sandalwood massage oil on the blankets.

“Quiet your mind, baby. Relax your body.” He instructed, placing his open hand in the middle of my chest. “I’m going to massage some oil into your skin.”

The only noise in the room was from the chain that he had around his wrist that was still attached to my collar. As he walked around me, I could smell the heavy scent of vanilla.

“I want you to relax and let my voice calm you. I’m going to take the chain off my wrist but my hands will stay on your body so you’ll know I’m here. I will not leave you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir, I understand.” The words slowly falling from my lips.

He took the handle from around his wrist and placed it next to my head. For now, he left the cuffs on my wrists but I wasn’t tied down to the table.

Lifting his hands for a second, he let massage oil spill into them, rubbing them together to warm the oil. Standing at the head of the table, he began at my shoulders.

Very slowly and very tenderly, he massaged my muscles, inciting a deep moan from me as my entire body began to relax. Jared was taking every bit of tension I was carrying away and it felt utterly amazing. Even the ache from the anal plug felt better.

“Let go and just feel baby. Tonight there isn’t going to be even an inch of your skin that hasn’t felt my touch…” He murmured as he glided his hands down to my breasts.

My god. That thought sent an instant tingle through my whole body which ended with a deep throb in my core.

“I would love that, Sir..” I moaned.

Jared leaned in closer and I could smell his scent as his chest was hovering just above my nose. His hands were like magic as they drifted softly over my skin. Taking each breast in his hands, he kneaded them then brought his attention to my hardened nipples. Nothing he was doing was rough, it was all totally sensual but as he pulled my sensitive nipples away from my body, it was like lightening streaking through my entire being.

“My god… Ahhh…” I whimpered as I gripped the blankets under me in my hands.

Now standing at my side, Jared spread his hands wide as he slid them down over my ribs. The way I was feeling, I started to understand just how loosing your sight heightens your other senses. The feel of the soft blanket under my body, the smell of the his skin, even listening to Jared softly breathing sounded as loud as his voice when he spoke to me. All of this made the massage he was giving me even more intense than I could have ever imagined.

Jared swirled his hands across my tummy and over my hips before he ventured lower.

What I wanted was for him to let his fingers venture into my terribly wet and aching core but he didn’t do that. From my hips, his hands softly slipped down the outside of my legs.

“Sir, please…” I begged.

I needed a little release. A touch. A lick. Anything.

“Please, what, little one?” He asked softly as he continued to massage each leg.

I could hear the smirk that no doubt graced his lips in his voice as he dragged his warm hands up the inside of my thighs. He totally avoided where he knew I wanted him the most which killed me. He knew what he was doing and he loved it.

“Please touch me, Sir, I’m aching for your fingers.”

“You’ll need to be more specific than that.”

“You know what I mean, Sir, PLEASE!”

“Tell me.”

I will not throw a temper tantrum, I will not throw a temper tantrum.

I repeated it over and over. I was feeling bratty at the moment but I knew enough to know that if I acted up and behaved that way, I would definitely NOT get what I ultimately wanted.

Deep breath, here goes the dirty talk…

I felt a rush of heat across my chest as I took a deep breath, fingers crossed I don’t embarrass myself.

“I want you to slip your fingers deep into my aching pussy then use your thumb to rub my clit. Please, Sir,” I said as I licked my dry lips, “fuck me with your fingers.”

I felt as he walked back to stand on my right side, trailing his hand up my leg but avoiding where I was begging for his touch. Resting one hand on my tummy I felt as the other was softly placed on my left cheek, using it to turn my face towards him. His palm pressed my face into the table.

“Open.” He said, the tip of his cock already resting on my lips.

As I opened my mouth, he thrusted his cock to the back of my throat while simultaneously driving his fingers into my dripping pussy. I moaned around his width as he fucked my mouth. Spreading my thighs open to allow him more access, his fingers were quickly bring me to the edge.

Jared must have sensed how close my body was because as soon as I felt it, he instantly he pulled his cock from my mouth and his fingers from my pussy. As he dragged his fingers, drenched with my juices, up my body, I wanted to cry.

“Not yet, my little one. There is still so much sweet torture I want to inflict on you.”

Far too young to die

WARNING: Okay so I know I’m pretty vague on warnings but this time I won’t be. Please bare with me, there is traumatization, killing, death (of a loved one), dead bodies and blood.There’s also being stalked, panicking and fear of strangers. I hope this doesn’t offend anyone. The reader goes through a lot of emotion in this chapter, mostly very serious concerns such as insomnia, PTSD, being a mute and depression. Again this is not for the joy of reading about these things or to romanticize about it, I’m writing a more life like character and what getting traumatized actually does in long term affect. I hope you guys enjoy.
Summary: Reader finds out Clark’s “true” feelings about her. More of her memories are played out. Bruce and readers’ bonding is surfaced from beneath, revealing more.  
Notes: Alright so there’s a lot to cover in this chapter. I enjoyed writing it very much and again I want to apologize to everyone for my un-expecting hiatus. I’m glad to be back and can’t wait to write more for you all! :)

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Chapter 6


He sat in his chair, frustrated, his hand covering his face. The office was busy today due to the major natural catastrophe on the other side of the world and Superman’s great heroic act to save helpless civilians from the night before. But lately Superman hasn’t been seen as the hero he’s been trying to prove, people see him as false god, a mocking act, a freak meant to manipulate and deceive the beliefs of humans; but that’s not the intention, it never was, all Clark ever wanted to do was help.
  “Kent!” Perry shouted walking out his office, “Where’s Kent?” He asked looking to people with a mug of coffee in his hand. 
 “Here,” Clark shouted raising his hand up. Perry sees him and marches up to him, “Is (Y/n) back yet?” He asks.
 Clark shakes his head, “I don’t think–”

 “Hey Perry,” You come up from behind a little out of breath. Clark looks at you with a shocked expression, he wasn’t expecting you to come back for awhile.
 “(Y/n)..” He says your name softly and low. 
You avoid to look him directly in his eyes, “Hi,” you said sheepishly keeping your body to face Perry. 
 “(Y/n) it’s good to see you back. How do you feel?” Perry asks. You nod “I feel like I’m ready to get back to work sir.” 
“Good, that’s what I like to hear. You two get to work, I want that article in by noon.” 
 “You got it,” You say watching Perry leave.

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Home Help (part 3)

 ( Luhan / Reader )

( Angst / Fluff / Smut )   i guess…

do not worry ..it’s last part of Home Help.. ^^… enjoy~ ♥

*”Ah…. so bright…my eyes…hurt and what… who is it…?…Luhan…?”* “Yes… ____ “ *” What are You doing here? …. “  , “I’m looking at You…”….” Eh…You always looking at me… it makes me…-” … “…uneasy ? “ …” Ye…s…”

* “ It’s normal to feel this way …we could…. we are both mature now….” …*Ah~ my head hurt so bad….am i dying? It feels like my head going to explode… *

I couldn’t hear Luhan’s soft voice anymore. Everything went black. * God, my head… ah..*. I opened my eyes a little but because of bright light i couldn’t stand it and closed my eyes again. * Was i dreaming? … About Luhan…? Really ? * “ Ahh…”. I moaned gently, and moved a bit. I find myself being a bit wet and I felt softness of bed on my skin. It was a bit cold but felt so nice. Now i felt something big laying next to me … * What the hell is it in my bed …? * I opened eyes and saw it.  “ Yaaaaa…. what are You doing here… “ I screamed and got up from bed as fast as i could. 

“ ____ ? - 

-… You are so loud… shut up, my head hurt. “. He said. “ Don’t tell me to shut up… what we… God…” I was walking nervously around Luhan’s room. Luhan got up and screamed. “ Have You been that drunk last night You idiot ? We did nothing…we….You was drunk enough to forget where is key to your room….And You fell asleep in my bed…” … I looked at him with confused. “ But..” … “Ah idiot !!” He screamed again.. and added “ Can’t You see we both have clothes on..” Luhan said, left the room and went to the bathroom.

When i found key to my room i was able to change and take a shower. * I’m going meet my friend today and Lin. I’m really curious if he change as much as Luhan did…am i really was that drunk …and end up with Luhan in one bed…. so embarrassing…* I let out deep sight and looked at watch..*It’s almost time to go out and meet with XiaoYu* Suddenly Luhan came into the living room. “What is it? “ …* Should i say ?* …” I’m just about to go now…and i …i’m just really glad we did not do anything..” I looked at Luhan and his eyes was full of anger. * Did i just say it? * ..” Yes? So maybe you wish to do this with Lin instead ?” Luhan screamed at me. “ What are You even…” He stopped me and said. “And i told you that You are not going to meet them…”. I lost it and now stared to yell. “ XiaoYu is my friend.. and i’m going to meet them. You are not my father…” It was first time that i did yell at Luhan that much…I don’t used to lose control. “You know, i thought that you have changed, but You want to meet someone like them. You are exactly the same as them.” He yelled louder and went a bit closer to me. “ I’m sorry that while we were at school I laughed at You that day, but i can’t get it why you treat me like this. I did nothing more to You…”  “Oh yeah… so maybe You should think a bit more…

…I don’t care about silly laughter. But i guess You are to stupid to understand your guilt…You did nothing more?… fucking liar..” He said and my mouth goes wild. “ Liar? I never lied to you …you used to be so ….-”” Loser ? Is this what You wanted to say?! “ He said still yelling. “ No !! But You know what?.. forget it …i’m going now and when i will be back i will take my stuff and move out. And yes…. I won’t work for You anymore. Isn’t this what You wanted for so long..me to resigned to leave you alone?…So here You have it” . I screamed and was about to cry but i was able to hold it. I didn’t want Luhan to see me that i lost control and that i’m weak. I was about to go when Luhan grabbed me by the wrist, but i snatched up and left the house.

* That’s it… i don’t want to see him again… i’m not a liar….I don’t know what he is talking about … what quilt? * I thought and realized what just happened. The first tears started to fall. * He… he used to be so… gentle… this is what i was about to say….gentle… * 

I walked a bit and found myself near the cafe, where I was about to meet with Yu and Lin. I didn’t want them to see me cry but I could not resist. I went to the cafe. Not knowing that behind me went Luhan and hid behind one of the pillars, I went to Lin and XiaoYu. Luhan was close enough to hear everything we say. In the café we were the only ones, because most of the people were in work

“____. What happened ?! “ Yu screamed when she saw i was crying. Lin was standing next to her. His face is same as i remembered. He seems not changed at all. “Yah… is this because Luhan ?… it is isn’t it…? “ She raised her voice. “ Yes…” I said still sobbing. “Luhan?…wait… no way…Ah You have contact with this girl ____? “ Lin said with his mocking tone. “ Ah this boy will never give up, isn’t he ? what a loser … “ Yu said. I pulled away from them.   “What do you mean by that ?” … I asked and my tears stopped. Lin looked on XiaoYu to stop her from talking. “ ____ just forget about this loser. I’m here so why you even care about someone like him?” Even if i have quarreled with Luhan i couldn’t think about him in bad way. I remember the way he cared about the dog. Even if he was saying mean things, i didn’t want anyone to say such a things. “ Don’t talk about him like this… his name is Luhan.” I said to Lin and i looked down. “ What the … why You care about this… fuck, if i knew You will be like this now i would beat him more…” He said and i petrified. “ What?!” I said loudly. “God Lin… You should bite your tounge more often…” Yu murmured.



“What ?! …How could you do that… what he ever did to you? “ I screamed at Lin incredulously… “ Fuck You ____ . I don’t care about this little girly loser … And I will tell You more. I’m really happy that i told him that you told us to do so… He looked like he was about to cry…” “Luhan…-

-….I really didn’t know…. I … I hate You, both of you…. how could you do such a thing to someone …” My tears started fall again. I coudn’t stay there any longer. I ran away and when i was near to exit i noticed Luhan and his eyes full of hate. I not stopped …i couldn’t look into his eyes. *I’m so sorry Luhan…i didn’t know what he did to you… i’m really….* In the same time Luhan came to Lin and Yu.

Luhan hit Lin hard enough that he wouldn’t have dare hit back and after that he followed me.

I ran so fast that it didn’t take me long to get home. I ran to my room and immediately pulled out a suitcase. *I can’t stan it… i just… now i know why Luhan hate so much… it’s all my fault…..i’m so weak…. Luhan isn’t …. he is the strongest … now i see it …*. Everywhere on the floor in my room lay scattered clothes. I tried to pack up as quickly as I could. Suddenly Luhan entered the room . “ ____..” He said and was watching me constantly. His voice so soft, but i couldn’t look at him, i was so sorry .. “ I’m so sorry…it’s my fault… i understand why You don’t want me to be near to you now… “. I said in the nerves and did not stop to pack my things. “No… don’t do this…” Luhan said, groaning voice. Tears began to fall even more, when suddenly Luhan came up to me and grabbed me violently by the shoulders and pushed into the closet. I wasn’t looking at him. “ I can’t stay here…” ..” ____..” 

“ No, Luhan… please let me…”. Luhan was holding my face in his hands and began panting louder. After a moment, his lips landed on mine. He pulled his mouth for a moment and after a second he attacked me again. “Lu ….”. He kissed me again and again, panting into my mouth with incredible thirst. He pulled back per centimeter to whisper in my mouth. “No, stay with me please.” I could feel my tears salty taste in mouth. I stopped crying and answered. “I can’t work for….”. “No. Don’t work for me anymore, but stay with me ____”. Luhan kissed me again and started kissing deeply. I opened my mouth with pleasure that i felt and soft moan escape my mouth. Luhan did the same, and his tongue started to move in my mouth. It was so wet, and I started making myself more wet. Luhan hastily kissed me and would not let me go, even for a moment. *Ah his tongue is so sweet…. feels so nice*…

Luhan’s body approached mine. His hips clung to my hips. “Ah …” I groaned when I felt Luhan’s hard member poking into my crotch. “Luhan, your … ah ~”. I managed to say between his wonderful kisses. “For so long … I wanted to… feel you…you taste amazing….”. Luhan grabbed my hips, reaching with his fingers until the buttocks and pushed me gently through clothing. “You want feel it ____?” He said, and pushed harder this time. I groaned, and Luhan took my hand and put it on his crotch. Luhan began moving my hand up and down looking me into my eyes. His face was so passionate. He looked like all his anger gone. I wanted him so much. I wanted to make him feel so good. I started to unbutton his pants. Luhan sighed seeing what I’m doing. “____?”. Luhan looked at me all excited. “Lay down, Luhan …. I want to … do something for you ..”. Luhan kissed me on the cheek. “You already have done so much for me  ____ ..”. Luhan said. He went and lay down on my bed. I stood in front of the bed and began to undress still looking into his eyes. “You are so beautiful ____…”

I smiled when I heard his words. My heart beat even faster than when he kissed me. I took off all the clothes from myself and went to bed. I moved closer and closer to Luhan and when I was with him I took off his pants and threw on the floor. The same I did with his boxers. In front of my face appeared Luhan’s penis. Apparently glad to see me. It was big and pulsing up and down. In Luhan’s eyes was desire and impatience. I could see how much he wants me to touch him. Even if I wanted to tease him a little, I wanted him very much and I could not wait any longer. Without waiting any longer I caught Luhan’s fuck by my hand and began to gently move. Luhan moaned softly. “Do not torment me anymore ____, I want to feel your lips …”. * Yes sir * I thought and licked my lips. I put the tip of his penis into my mouth, and after a while i went down. Luhan growled at me and grabbed the sheets. I moved slowly and passionately caressed his dick with my tongue. Luhan began to breathe faster and suddenly grabbed my hair gently. “Yes … in this way, baby ….”

I moved like this for a while when Luhan grabbed me harder by my hair and pull gently upwards. His member jumped out of my mouth and with it my saliva, which began to run down my chin. Luhan approached me and began to lick it off. “I love the taste of your saliva ____, and now ride me baby …”. Luhan said, grabbed me by the hips and pulled at his side. He grabbed his penis in hand to facilitate me to insert it. Forgetting about how big his penis is I sat on it. I screamed out of feeling of stretching my muscles. “Ahh …. damn ____… you are tighter than I imagined …”. I was petrified. “You’re so hard Luhan … I don’t know if I can move …”. "From now on you’ll have to get used to my size …. Ah.! Fuck … I’ve been waiting for so long that now I can’t stop ____…“. Luhan began to move his hips up, making me bounced. "Ah …Luhan … it’s feels so … ah ..please …" I put my hands on his chest and began to moan uncontrollably. "Your voice is so sweet ____, now that I know …. ah … I want to hear more of it …”. Luhan said, held my hips up and started to vigorously fuck me. His penis was all in my fluid which began to drip on his hip. I groaned when suddenly Luhan lifted and moved me toward the wall. He leaned his back on the wall, approached his face to mine and started thrust in me slowly and passionately. I coveted him so much that I started to rise and fall just to feel him harder and deeper inside me. I started to move faster and faster, and Luhan’s breath was deeper than ever. I grabbed the railing behind him to keep a balance and rode him even harder. “Yes, darling …. you are so good in this….”…With each thrust our groans grew louder. “Luhan … ahh … I think I’m ….”. “Yeah, me too …”. Luhan said, and began to move his hips pushing me in the animal way. I screamed loudly and arched my back, when suddenly I came, and he with me.

We lay down side by side, panting and looking into each other eyes. “I Love You ____.” . “I love you too Luhan.” “Will you stay with me?” Luhan asked. “Of course i will, honey.” … I said and smiled. He hugged me to his chest and stroked my hair still breathing hardly … Suddenly, my phone started ringing .. I jumped out of bed. “And where You think You are going?" Luhan said, and grabbed me by the wrist. "hm … my phone …”…”Oh no no no ….

…it’s time for round 2, baby …”

I hope You enjoyed it ~ I know how confusing it was…my english …

Love You and thank You for support ♥