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Okay so, if you have ever had the misfortune of being in chat with me on the topic of Assassination Classroom you would know I have a very strong belief of gay Karma and demi/pan Nagisa.

Now I was ecstatic to learn they were making the KorosenseQ spin off an actual series (Which is very likely the story Korosensei mentions in passing in the main series he wants to write in which he wouldn’t have to die and therefore is more than likely written by the octopus himself) anyway back on track, while the series seems to have diverged a bit from the comic now (tbh I think they made it better especially pope Gakuho omfg) but with the episodes being so short it means they emphasize certain things while cut other things out.

Trying to stop rambling now the thing that’s really caught my attention is the relationship between Karma and Nagisa (this is 100% a ship post if this is your notp then please stop reading now, if you do ship it or at least tolerate feel free to continue) and since @serenity0220 likes my analysis of these dumb boys so much figured eh what the hell lets post what I noticed in this episode.

Spoilers blow the cut turn back if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

Excuse the lack of spell check I’m literally copy pasting this from my skype chat.

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So I heard you're Mexican ayeee If you haven't, would you mind doing a RFA Reaction to finding out MC is a Latina? And she's always cooking Mexican food and speaking Spanish to them~ But also not afraid to throw a chancla at them if they do something super stupid.

Lmaoooooo I love this request thank you whoever sent this ask ily~ - Admin Abby
(Also a chancla is like a sandal cx)


• He is like rlly impressed with your Spanish
• tbh the only words he learned in Spanish are ‘Te Amo~’ bc he wants to be all slick
• but when he says it he gets all embarrassed and it comes out in stutters
• he loves Mexican food
• he prefers Mexican rice over white rice now omfg since you make it with every meal
• he begs you to teach him how to cook Mexican food!!
• Once he forgot to clean the house and when you got home it was a huge mess
• of course he was stuck on the computer playing LOLOL
• outta nowhere a chancla goes flying into the back of his head
• “ No te dije que limpiaras?????”
• he’s just like ????
• he can’t understand what you’re saying but he knows ur pissed
• haha you bet a few chancla have been thrown at him lmaoooo


• he’s finds it hot asf
• he’s like mmmm call me papi
• asdfgghjk just kidding cx
• but like he finds it hella hot when you talk Spanish to him!!!
• His fav Mexican food I think would be Pozole Verde
• he attempts to learn Spanish but he probably gives up bc it’s too hard lmaooo
• you caught him smoking when he had promised you he would quit!!!!!
• “ Estúpido, dijiste que dejarías de fumar!”
• he’s like “… yeah”
• you got even more mad and launched another chancla at his face
• he threw his cigs away
• and you gave him apology kisses bc you felt sorry afterwards


• He loves you no matter what ur race is!!!
• Omfg this babe learned Spanish for you
• He’ll try to have a conversation with you and it so adorable
• You get high key offended when he thinks all you eat is tacos??
• He once dressed up Elizabeth in a sombrero
• You were like ???
• A chancla was thrown at his face.
• He didn’t dress her up like that again

• She loves flan and pan dulce
• Her fav is Churros
• She sells Mexican sweets and candy at the bakery~
• She’ll celebrate Cino De Mayo with you bc she’s an angel
• She loves when you speak Spanish and like she is so captivated by you
• She turns all red when you talk to her in Spanish
• I don’t think you’d ever throw a chancla at her tbh she’s too precious


• Omfg if ur Mexican u must know the songs Tragos Amargos or Suavemente or El Sonidito lmaoooo
• You know he plays those on repeat cx
• He tries to attempt to do the Payso del Rodeo line dance but he can’t keep up when it gets hella fast and he always bumps into people
• He’s loves tamales tbh
• He also loves Mexican chips
• Omfg I feel like he’d love elotes bc those are bomb
• Once he dressed up like a chola and was like
• ‘Look! I’m Mexican~’
• You like were like
• *throws 5000000 chanclas at his face*
• “I-It was just a joke MC..”

I mean like…..honestly, when Cuban Lance was confirmed, I was so ready for everyone to learn about the culture I grew up on, I was so ready to teach people how to write a Cuban character, but the fact that it has only lead me to more and more discourse has been the most disheartening thing in the world, to the point where I literally had a half-white/half-Peruvian tell me “what about those who don’t want to learn about Cuban culture” and that basically pushed me into this state apathy that I’m in now. Like, idk was it my fault for being so stupid to think that, for once, my culture would be seen and acknowledged as something different from the generic latinx? Like was I stupid to think that people would actually be interested in what I had to say because I’m Cuban who grew up on Cuban culture? Idk m8 idek like, honestly, I’m so tired and disappointed with everything and everyone.

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Goku is a terrible father yeah, but Chichi is still completly unlikeable, super selfish (putting her desires before the fate of the world or what her son actually wants) and not that commited of a parent (she wants Gohan to be super educated yet seems fine with letting Goten take after his father). And let's not forget the circumstances under which Chichi arranged her marriage with Goku, who didn't even understood the concept of it at the time.

Ooooooooo!  Interesting!  Ok, I gotta admit, I kind-of agree with you on the “Goku being a terrible father” thing.  His views and opinions of the world are completely skewed compared to a normal (or as normal as you can get in the world of DBZ) person, and that impacts on the way he treats his kids.  Prime example of this would be the Cell Games, he’s too embroiled in his thoughts on how Gohan is kick-ass that by the time “father-mode” activates he’s almost too late when he starts screaming for a senzu bean.  Then again, that’s the character personality Toriyama was going for with him, and he did also suffer a severe brain trauma when he was a child, hence we forget (HA!  Amnesia pun!).

Ahhhhhhhh!  What’s an anon DBZ message without a mention of Chichi these days?  I have to admit, if you can’t tell already (and let’s face it you probably have as you wouldn’t have sent this message in the first place), I love Chichi.  I could spend the next 20,000 words explaining how you’re wrong for not thinking the same as me, but you know what?  

I respect your decision.  

You wanna hate Chichi?  Do it.  I respect your opinion to dislike a character as much as I would like to think that you would respect the decision of others who think the opposite of you.  Mutual respect.  It’s a concept that’s been swept under the carpet for some time now in many subjects.

But, do you wanna know why I think some people hate Chichi?  She is the most realistic character in the whole of Dragon Ball Z.  Whilst everyone else is caught-up in wish granting Dragon Balls and fighting evil aliens she is the only one with her feet solid on the ground.

Imagine yourself again as a five-year old child.  Your Dad’s best mate goes to your Mother and asks the simple question:  “Can we take your son into an untested and adapted alien spacecraft, blast him off into space and onto another Planet?”  Wanna know what I think your Mom’s answer would be?  “FUCK” and “NO” most likely, and in that exact order, followed by a swift call to the cops.  Does that make your Mom a bad person?  FUCK NO.  Because your Mom is awesome.  Ask her if you don’t believe me.

But, then again, a Mother wanting an education for her child?! The FUCK is wrong with this woman?!

The most obvious reason why Chichi hates fighting can be narrowed down into a simple abridged version:

Child:  “My crush loves martial arts?!  I’ll learn martial arts too to catch his attention!”

Teenager 1:  “I’ll enter into the same martial arts tournament as him and show him my skills and how awesome I am!”

Teenager 2:  “OMG, my fiance is so handsome and kick-ass an- OMFG THAT GREEN FUCKER BLEW A HOLE IN HIS CHEST!”

Chichi had a MASSIVE wake-up call at the end of Dragon Ball, she went from seeing Goku throwing the occasional glorified punch and kick to then literally nearly dying in front of her.  

That’s not the kind of Martial Arts she ever really imagined.  

Again, you are five years old, you’ve been taken against your own will by the aforementioned guy who blew yet another fucking HOLE in your Dad’s chest and killed him after his sacrifice to save you.  You are then trained to fight evil aliens in a harsh wasteland.  

Would your Mom want that for you?  If she was given the opportunity to see the fight on TV and what you were being subjected to, would she not think to grab every gun available and try to rescue you?  

Of course she would.  Your Mom deserves a medal.

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Guess who isn’t doing what she’s supposed to be doing again? *Whispers* me I have a graded recitation in Economics tomorrow and my Professor teerrrrifiesssss meeeeeee.


  • You woke up late on admissions day and they ran out of class slots.
  • Except for that one class.
  • With that one Professor.
  • “Are there any alternatives? Can I take it next year instead and take English 106  in advance?”
  • But noooo, the alternatives are full too. 
  • You have no choice but to pick that class up.
  • So you show up early and prepared and you read up on all the theory your Prof recommended and you got a prime seat in the middle side where people are least likely to be noticed or asked a random discussion question. 
  • Your prof is one of those menacing older people who are quiet but deADLY.
  • Gives metric tonnes of homework
  • Probably makes everyone recite in front at least once
  • You’re just about ready to die when he calls you and tells you to talk a bit about existentialism. 
  • You get up, because it’s better not to prolong your agony. 
  • “Existentialism emphasises on the existence of a person and of their ability to make their own choices through will.”
  • “Yes, but are we really free, [Last Name]?”
  • “Wh-come again?”
  • Anything you say makes no difference your prof is just very convinced he is right about whatever he’s saying to the point that it sounds like he’s just trying to be contrary.
  • “bullshit
  • “If you’re going to pick on someone stop wasting your time on education or all your so called students will come back to haunt you with how full of shit you and your lessons are.”
  • “Ah, Gladion Virdis. You actually bothered to come to class.”
  • Truthfully you’d never seen Gladion before that point but hot damn
  • Gladion is v chill even if the prof is eyeing him with eyes like murder. 
  • “I would come more often if you didn’t just spew shit out of your mouth all day. And by the way, Philosophy isn’t about humanity it’s about self and you don’t get to dictate our selves.”
  • The entire class is sort of in awe sort of frightened of him.
  • Despite all that, Gladion comes by for Finals and aces the entire test even without attending class.
  • “How did you know all that about Philosophy?” You manage to ask before he could leave.
  • “My sister Lillie had him as her Professor before and she had no clue what he was saying so I taught her.” 
  • After that, you ask him if he wants to go somewhere - your treat - as thanks for saving you from embarrassment.
  • (I’m imagining art student s/o painting him standing up for her omfg so precious)
  • You learn that Gladion is studying a business course to take over his family’s non-profit organisation.
  • From then on you and Gladion become study buddies (you help him with English and Theology and he helps you with Math and Philosophy that sort of thing).
  • A lot of people are more than shocked that he comes to school just to see you sometimes and rumours start floating about that you’re dating.
  • You insist that you’re not but Gladion is frowning as he leans down to peck at the side of your mouth.
  • And you’re like ???
  • And he’s like :))))
  • “Wait, are we dating?”
  • “I went to class for you!”
  • Living together in a flat with like two loft beds and a window seat with fairy lights everywhere. So homey.
  • He buys the groceries and you vacuum. It’s such a cute domestic set up everyone is just waiting for you two to tie the knot.
  • When you do vows at the wedding it starts with. “When I met you, I failed Philosophy class but it was ok because so did you”.
Dating Yugyeom Would Be Like...

•him resting his head on top of yours whenever he would give you back hugs.

•most of the members, especially jackson bothering the both of you whenever you’re at their dorm.

•"oh my god our baby yugyeom is all grown up now!“

•"shut up jackson i’ve been taller than you since our debut.”

•he rarely gets jealous but if he sees another guy looking at you he’ll grab your waist and pull you closer to him.

•"you’re mine, okay?“

•watching him and bambam fight like 24/7.

•basically watching him fight with all of the members 24/7.

•listening to chris brown songs all day everyday.


•getting to watch him freestyle to a bunch of songs.

•having the rest of the members of got7 walk in on you guys at the wrong time.

•"hi guys do you want anythi– oh my god yugyeom!“

•"what the hell jackson get out!”

•"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! uh use a condom! Bye!“

•having his arms wrapped around you tightly when you guys are in bed.

•"goodnight y/n I love you so much.”

•waking up to his morning voice omfg.

•"ah~ good morning, did you sleep well y/n?“

•laying in bed with him and just admiring how good he looks even though he was half asleep with messy hair.

•getting to learn lots of choreography from him.

•"y/n please can I teach you this one! it’s my favourite!!”

•"yugyeom that’s what you say about every choreography you wanna teach me"

•"that’s because they’re all my favourite!!“

•random compliments from him here and there.

•"you’re really pretty.” “you’re so cute” “I’m so lucky to have you.” “you’re my everything.”

•turning everything into a contest.

•"hey y/n I bet you can’t eat the bowl of cereal faster than me.“

•"let’s see who can run to mark hyung the fastest!”

•I feel like this kid would whisper “I love you” to you every five seconds. like the kid loves you so much he can’t go a day without saying it to you in person or in a text. He just loves you so much and he never wants to loose you.

Hi guys! I’ve never done those “Dating _____ would be like” post before so hopefully you guys like this one:) maybe I’ll do the rest of the members if you guys liked this one

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Omfg I need RFA reactions to Sick Rapper MC™ too pls

✿ Ask and you shall r e c e i v e. The request referred to is here.


  • This boy looks at you, eyes sparkling, and whispers… 
  • “oh my god you’re so cool.”
  • Yoosung is not cool. Yoosung is a nerd. But boy oh boy does he want to be for your sake, so he tries to learn to rap along with you.
  • Unfortunately, he’s bad, like - just horribly, hilariously bad. He can’t keep time. He can’t keep rhythm. He gets embarrassed and stutters every time he tries to swear. But he tries so hard so you’ll think he’s “rad”.
  • You do not think Yoosung is rad, but you just want to pinch his cute little cheeks.
  • He ends up writing you the lyrics of a LOLOL rap song that you make a video for, and it goes totally viral. You end up doing more, and become a Youtube sensation.
  • Yoosung is so proud, he brags about you to all of his internet friends. 
  • #1 in your fanclub.


  • ok so he wants to be in a production with you stat
  • can like, they make a Korean rap musical or something and make you the lead
  • you’ve got so much talent
  • Even though it’s not really what he does, he can admire what you do as a form of art. Pacing, rhythm, energy - you’ve got so much to you, so much life, and he’s in complete admiration of it.
  • He tries to get you a deal with his producer, pushing that this will be a hip new thing that the youth will like. Secretly, he just wants to work with you, but he says he wants to get you a good job where you can do what you like.
  • What clearly are good at.
  • You produce some duo songs with him, where he does the nice, pretty chorus and you do the quick, fast paced verses. You end up getting kind of a cult following, and the media stars making a buzz about you - the hip Korean rapper - and Zen, the beautiful Korean star.
  • Zen is so happy. Bless. He gets to share his creative success with you and he’s over the moon.


  • w-what is this
  • she doesn’t understand
  • she expected something as pretty as you to come out of your mouth and t-this is just
  • just
  • ……..hey this is actually pretty catchy and cathartic.
  • Much like death metal, rap is a great way to let out your feelings about the Man, and boy does JAEHEE NEED THAT
  • She can’t really bring herself to join you in your shenanigans but she kinda likes it.
  • One time, you do this, like… half-rap half-beat poetry thing for her, and it’s actually really romantic and she kind of melts.
  • Jaehee has some kinda weird tastes.


  • you introduced this man to so many new words that day.
  • He has no idea about any of this lingo means, but he’s… fascinated, and he watches you with the same intensity that he stares at a business partner during a deal.
  • He tries using some of the words he hears you say in the chatroom, and everyone BUSTS A GUT LAUGHING
  • do you want to be made famous, he’ll make you famous
  • he buys a bunch of rap albums and listens to them like he’s listening to foreign language tapes. he’s going to learn to speak like you if it kills him.


  • he thought you were perfect before but man
  • m a n
  • you form a tag-team where you diss people in verse
  • the both of you think really quickly and can drag people down to the dirt. think epic rap battles but it’s the two of you vs. the world and you always win.
  • you start doing your gig in the chatroom, where - not only do you rhyme - but you include puns, jokes, and complicated references to programming and/or statistical analysis
  • you are the nerdiest rappers on the planet.
  • Seven gets you a pair of glasses that match his, and he practices Cool Poses with you for your songs.

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I got so much hate today. People told me I should kill myself because I'm supporting an abuser and a fool and stuff... they told me I should learn living from them and everything... and then there is my father who told me that if Johnny wants to do one right thing in the world he should kill Trump, dress up as him and act as if he was the president for 3 more days before leaving the white house forever and disappear😂😂

Omfg I feel like your dad and Johnny would get along famously…

5 things tag

was tagged by my great lover @hyacinth-ink​. thank you so much! ^_^

Five things you’ll find in my bag:

  • my hello kitty wallet
  • some hair ties lol
  • female necessities because… you never know when you need to help yourself or someone!
  • phone charger
  • lots of change because i just throw them in my bag lol

Five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • omfg! trash! hahaha
  • my sister’s piggy bank that’s under my bed hehe
  • my blue hair colored wig
  • shoes
  • taehyung photocards ^_^

Five things I’ve always wanted to do:

  • take my father (may he rest in peace) to Hawaii
  • learn the guzheng
  • take a walk in the palaces of many chinese historical films
  • dress up in historical clothing!!!
  • learn how to art well because i want to publish my own mangas, if not, then comics

Five things that makes me happy:

  • my lover hehehehe he gives me so much butterflies ugh i hate him
  • seeing all of my biases super duper happy
  • eating ice cream whenever i can
  • making people cry over my angst HAHAHAHA
  • bullying my friends with spamming their biases LOLOLOLOL

Five things I’m currently into:

  • making graphic and video edits
  • collecting anime figurines because i’m finally rich for them haha
  • watching youtube makeup tutorials so i can perfect some eyeshadows art
  • making mashups because i love mashups 
  • decorating my new room in my mind LMAO

Five things on my to-do list:

  • start packing my clothes for my move hahahaaha
  • start writing my… stories… that… i’ve been neglecting on… because all i have are outlines… I REGRET NOTHING
  • look for a new job or i will be poor again
  • need to buy an anniversary card for my lover
  • S L E E P MORE

and i now tag!!! @junhyungnie @yoongkyun @peachyseo @daintywriter @dt-minsuga @park-thatasshere @taeagi @dailydoseofdia @helloblamebts @cosykims @iwishiwaslessawkward

Dating Jaebum would include (pt.2)

it’s a little bit longer than pt.1 but u thirsty ppl asked for a pt.2

here we go

• him being all over your thighs
• and butt
• and stomach
• basically your whole body
• him sending you cute pics of Nora
• bc everyone knows how much he just misses his baby
• he really likes to cuddle with you
• lazy conversations bc why the fuck not
• “I love you”
• “I love you more”
• “I love you the most”
• “I totally disagree with that part”
• “No you don’t”
• “Stop it Jae”
• “But it’s the truth”
• “oh shut up”
• and then you’d just snuggle into his chest to hide your blushing face
• but he saw and gives you the ’:^)’ look bc he won that conversation
• you wearing his clothes all day
• especially his hoodies and t-shirts
• and he would drool at the sight
• “put that tongue back where it belongs Jae”
• “i can put my tongue between your wet folds if you want me to”
• “Omfg Jae pls”
• he would really love you walking around the house wearing his clothes
• but he would prefer them lying on the floor
• just his hands covering your body
• and touching every inch of you
• and then he would get into action with the 3 points i just mentioned
• what a fucker
• did i mention that he really likes to cuddle??????
• i mean he’s the best cuddle buddy in the goddamn world!!!!!!
• him drawing random patterns on your exposed skin
• and him kissing your crown
• when you’d fallen asleep while cuddling on the couch
• he’d carry you to your shared bedroom to tuck you in
• and then he’d continue to cuddle you until he falls asleep
• and fuckboy!jb
• he would want to mess with you when he’s at home alone and you’re at school
• so he’d message you
• “baby when do you get back from school?”
• “i won’t be back home for the next 2 hours :( i need to go to the library to learn for the upcoming test. sorry babe…”
• “but i’m hard rn”
• and he would send you a pic as proof
• “i don’t care. come home and help me getting rid of this tent in my pants”
• “Seriously Jae. you know how to take care of that yourself! you don’t need me to get rid of it. this test is fucking important. now stop”
• “but my hands cannot compare your tight little pussy wrapped perfectly around my cock. now come home”
• “omfg sTOP”
• “but i guess you don’t want me to fill you up to the hilt and pounding into you relentlessly. hitting that perfect spot that makes you scream my name and you cumming all over my cock several times while mewling, crying and begging for me to continue. it’s okay. my left hand will do”
• “don’t you dare touch yourself! I’m coming home right fucking now!”
• “You’re such a good girl for daddy. i bet your panties are already drenched”
• “fUCK. STOP. I KNOW THEY ARE. just gimme 4 minutes!”
• and he would reward you with what he messaged you a few minutes ago
• maybe he would deny your orgasm several times because you didn’t react coming home the first time he asked you
• but he’ll definetely fuck you into oblivion
• and after that steamy session
• he’s just a cinnamon roll tbh
• from “thank you for letting me date your daughter” to “your daughter calls me daddy too” in 0,03 seconds
• ffs he would be really nervous when he’d meet your parents for the first time though
• he’d be so nervous that he would accidently say “hello i’m Im Jaebum. But our complex knows me as Jae”
• and he would be super embaressed about what he said
• and you would choke on your own saliva
• but your parents just thought he would be nice to ppl so everyone knows him
• no
• you actually scream that name when he fucks you
• that was a close one
• so he wouldn’t say a word for the rest of the day
• baking christmas cookies on cold winter days
• including flour fights
• and much laughing
• ending up together in the shower
• and him taking you from behind while the water runs down your bodies
• watching horror movies together
• you sitting in between his legs
• and him being super scared
• “calm the fuck down Jae. it’s just a movie”
• and then you would be sceaming so loud bc of that fucking jumpscare
• and he’d just laugh his ass off
• “Fuck this! I’m going to bed!”
• and he would turn off the tv to follow you
• “I’m coming with you so we can cuddle~ and maybe have sex”
• “stop yourself Jae. I’m not in the mood after i’ve seen that bloody fucker with the chainsaw”
• “oh baby girl. i will get you in the mood when i’m going to go down on you. i promise”
• “try again in the morning Jae”
• but he’d just ignore you
• and he would really get you in the mood like he said
• but he would be the cutest boyfriend ever
• bc you know he loves you just as much as you do ♡

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Ok but like, imagine Gabriel's s/o wants to learn Spanish to surprise him but they literally have no clue how to start and one day he walks in on them watching Dora the Explorer and they're singing along and repeating the words. I could just imagine them constantly shouting "ROJO" and Gabriel's like "what the fuck?"

OMFG I READ THIS DURING CLASS AND LOST IT. A++++. But yeeees. I love it so much. 

I can see Gabriel questioning his s/o and they’re a little embarrassed. They only watched it to learn Spanish, but they just got sucked into it. Plus it’s so awkward when she just stares at you with those dead eyes. Gabriel would laugh at his s/o and volunteer to teach his s/o Spanish. His s/o might still watch Dora and maybe Gabe can watch and participate too lol.

anonymous asked:

so I follow you on your main blog and I saw you ranting about invisible illnesses (and you were totally right about all of it) so maybe an au where Aaron has an invisible illness?

Fuck me up x20

So because I don’t want to attempt talking about something I don’t know or understand, I’ll just go with my own disease. Cool? Cool.

And omfg I’m gonna try not to make this sad.

So Burr! Being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at like… I don’t know, 13. And it’s really tough learning you have an incurable disease at that age, especially without any solid support system (except maybe his sister, who can only do so much).

Especially a disease that’s triggered by stress! So even if he learns how to take care of himself correctly – eating right, exercising, trying his best to be free of stress – stressing over something or even just being upset can send him right back to the hospital.

So imagine Burr who is so obsessed with his parents’ legacy, who is working hard as hell to get good grades and to go to Princeton, having a disease that’s triggered by stress. Which is like 60% of this dudes life, so it’s difficult as fuck, but he manages.

Which is probably an understatement because Crohn’s is HELL. He continues going to school even though his stomach is killing him. Keeps trying to eat even though the anemia is making him lose his appetite, but he knows it’ll only get worse if he doesn’t eat. He could be walking down the hall and laughing with Angelica when there’s this random pain in his stomach that keeps him rooted to the spot and unable to move, to even inhale too deeply, until the pain goes away. And he tries so hard to play it off and brush people off when they ask what’s wrong and just tries to hide all of it. But it’s not that easy when you have to stop in the middle of the hall and clutch your stomach and people – who have no idea what you’re going through– are bumping into you left and right and increasing the pain and all he can do is grit his teeth until the pain subsides in seconds or even minutes.

And this would be so goddamn interesting because all I can think of is the “I am the one thing in life I can control.” line and it really doesn’t apply here. The one thing he could control in his life is being controlled by this unpredictable, incurable disease. So this is either a really great story about how he works around that and learns how to take that control back, or a devastating story about how this disease gets the better of him and he isn’t able to do what he wants because this one small thing is controlling his entire life.

(Shhh I’m trying to make it happy let me finish)

So let’s say he goes into remission for a while. He’s taking care of himself and he’s eating right and it’s been years since he’s been to the hospital. Burr is doing great, basically! It’s been so long since he was really sick, he forgets what it was even like. And he even finishes his first year of college with perfect grades, great friends, and not one emergency room visit. Everything is great.

He’s even embraced this disease. Learned how to work around it. To get his shit done from a hospital room or curled up in his bed because he’s unable to move. He works through it. And it pays off.

And then it’s his second year. And he meets Alexander. And he rooms with Alexander. And Alexander is his #1 source of stress okay he’s loud and obnoxious and argues about everything and stays up at all hours of the night annoying the shit out of Burr and it’s even worse because Burr actually likes him, despite all this. He has moments where he’s just so smart and even funny and Burr can’t help but admire how hard he works and all that he accomplishes even if he’s jealous as hell.

But he’s always trying to get Burr riled up. To get him to argue back. And it’s really not worth the stress. Simply thinking about the stress causes Burr more stress. Hell, constantly being in the immediate vicinity of Alexander, someone who’s default state is ‘stressed’, stresses him out by association. So he’s either gotta get the hell out of there (which…he really doesn’t want to), or finds some other way to avoid all this stress.

Eventually, after talking to Angelica about it, he decides to just tell Alexander. He’s pretty understanding when he wants to be. And even though Burr is terrified because he’s never told anyone but those who were absolutely necessary (Angelica, his teachers, etc.), he knows he has to do this.

But he’s still scared. Especially because he hasn’t quite mastered the art of talking about it without getting emotional. It’s not like he has much practice, really.

But he does it. Lets Alexander know he has this chronic illness that he’s been living with for most of his life and he hasn’t really told anyone so this is kind of a big deal for him so if Alexander could maybe stop purposely antagonizing him and doing things that set him off just because he finds it entertaining and maybe go somewhere else when he’s stressed, that would help him out immensely.

And it looks likes – for a small, minuscule second– that Alexander actually gets it. That he might even feel bad. But of course, he’s an asshole and does the whole:

“Well, you don’t look sick.”

And Aaron is speechless. Aaron has never experienced this until right now, in this moment. Everyone he’s told has been so understanding. Didn’t want to make him talk about it if he didn’t want to. Went home and did their own research instead of bugging him for more information or even…questioning him. Almost as if they don’t believe him.

And it sucks. Your illness and your feelings being invalidated just because you don’t “look” sick. And even when Aaron does his best to explain why he doesn’t physically look sick, Alexander is still asking questions. Still asking him to explain. And a disease like this.. it’s not something you ever want to get into too much detail about. Especially with someone who you aren’t all that close to and even have somewhat of a tiny (and slowly diminishing…) crush on.

So Aaron is becoming upset and frustrated and knows he shouldn’t have to explain himself but keeps trying because dammit, he doesn’t know why Alexander won’t believe him. Doesn’t understand why the hell he can’t just go on the Internet like everyone else and stop asking him all these uncomfortable, probing ass questions.

And he realizes at some point that this isn’t Alexander not believing him or trying to get him to admit he’s faking it. This is Alexander interested. Wanting to know as much as he can. Eager for knowledge about something he, surprisingly– for once – knows nothing about. The asshole doesn’t even realize he’s upsetting Aaron until Aaron grabs a bunch of his shit and walks out because it’s just too much to handle and stays with Angelica for a while.

They get past it eventually. Apologies are made, and the topic doesn’t come up again. But it’s obvious that Alexander still feels terrible. The guilty looks he gives Burr when he thinks he’s not looking says it all.

It’s also pretty obvious that Alexander does his research. Because he starts babying Burr, almost like Angelica did when he first told her. He’s always asking “Did you eat?” or “How are you feeling today?”. He’s hovering over Aaron’s shoulder when they have lunch with their friends and watches Burr like a goddamn parent, making sure their child is eating all his vegetables.

One time, he even smacks John’s bag of cheetos away when he offers some to Burr because “No, he can’t eat those.”

“What? Why not?”


“Because what?”

And Alexander is glaring at him so John just apologizes and goes back to eating his cheetos.

He asks about all Burr’s trigger foods. Makes sure when they all go out to eat, that the restaurant has things Burr is able to eat, too.

And Burr has no idea what to do because now that small crush is back full force, but he’s also super annoyed because he’s been taking care of himself for years without Alexander’s help. He sure as hell doesn’t need it now.

Imagine Alexander persuading Burr to be more open about it. Telling people “I have this disease, but it doesn’t control my life”.

He does it and thinks he’ll regret it but…it’s ends up being a good thing. The admiring looks he gets. The amount of people that come up and talk to him about their own illnesses or their family member’s and he’s all of a sudden extremely proud to be able to talk about this openly without it making him emotional. Him being open about it and embracing it and helping other people is something he never dreamed of happening, but he’s so glad it is.

Of course, there are downsides. There are still those ignorant people who say “Well, you don’t look sick” and “You’re over exaggerating” and continue being ignorant even after Aaron explains it? but Alexander is probably right there with him, fighting people and telling them off about being insensitive and talking about shit they don’t understand (even though that was him at some point, fuckin hypocrite) and Aaron is looking at him with Heart Eyes™ because he’s come such a long way

But anyway this had no set path I just kinda pulled it out of thin air, but I hope this is what you were asking for! 😂

Hey y’all (update + help pls)

Hey guys! 

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here. (I’m sorry) I just came off an 18 hour semester (along with other obligations), so my life has been revolving around school. Cool thing though, I just finished my Phonetics course and OMFG it’s so cool and I would loovvve to share some of the things I have learned with y’all (if y’all are interested).

More cool updates, I am now a triple major~ I added Iberian Language and Culture (focus on Spanish) and an Asian Language and Culture (focus on Chinese) along to my Linguistics major, so that’s a lot of fun and interesting stuff. 

I also came to ask for some advice. As I have said before, I want to study linguistics and go into academia. The Iberian L&C and Asian L&C are just to help me have broader knowledge and provide a basis for future research (plus I just love Chinese and Spanish). A cool thing UT offers is a dual focus in Spanish and Portuguese within the Iberian Language and Cultures major. It would make me have 95 hours left instead of 80 class hours, but I think it would be cool. 

It would mean I would have another 18 hour semester as well as 15 hours every semester instead of 12. And it would mean I would have less depth in my knowledge of Spanish culture, but I would add fluent Portuguese and knowledge of this side of the Iberian Peninsula…

What do y’all think about adding that on as well?

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Ahh I love your url it's so pretty, I assume you must be a jellyfish lover?^^ I love jellyfishes myself and can be quite geeky about them, so I love it when I see other jellyfish lovers ~ btw your blog is sooo cute*^*

Ah thank you so much! It means a lot to me🌈 Omfg finally someone knew the real meaning behind my url! I love you💙 I really love jellyfishes and still need to learn pretty much about them~⭐ Come whenever you want to me and talk to me about jellyfishes!