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goals I want to achieve by 2021 🍷🍒🌹

I’ve always wondered in 5 years what would I be doing? Would I be broke as fuck, trying to scramble enough money for my next meal or will I be financially independent and have no worries of necessities, like paying my electric bill the next month? I decided that in order to be satisfied with who I’m going to be in the future, I have to set goals. I can do a lot of shit in five years and I’m hoping that one day I read this post and be proud of what I have done. I refuse to be a do nothing bitch, I have decided that if I want something to change, whether that is financially, physically or mentally, I will do something to change it. So, here goes my list..

- lose 15-20 pounds (this one should be done by 2017, considering there’s four months left and it’s a pretty easy goal)
- finally be sure on what I want to study
- graduate college debt-free (I know I can do this)
- have 4 restaurants (kind of a stretch, but I really want to own a few restaurants and I hope I do)
- help my mom pay her house off
- have at least 100,000 saved (saving account or retirement fund)
- be satisfied with who I am (!!!)
- drink a gallon of water a day (the wonders this does for your skin, working on this currently)
- fix my teeth (getting retainers soon!!)
- financially independent
- own businesses
- give to others (i want to get to a point in my life where I can help out a family that are in a financial struggle)
- I want to be able to go to someone’s house and just stock their fridge up with food and not even blink a eye (I hope I can do this on a regular basis)
- learn how to use coupons!!! (someone teach me??!!) (if I can spend less on food and save this money instead?? I will be a happy bitch)

I’m sure there are more things I’m going to add and I’ll edit them in.