i want to know who greenberg is

Imagine: Finding our Greenberg likes someone else so you get to spend the dance with Stiles

You stared at Stiles for a while, completely in shock and confused as you tried to work out what he had just said. You held up your hand, finger pointed. “Hold that thought,” you instructed, turning to go back over to Greenberg who was giving you a weird look.

“Hey, something wrong?” Greenberg asked, eyebrows raised.

“Uh, yeah.” You sighed and rubbed the back of your neck. “Stiles just told me he wanted to take me to the dance and I was wondering if you’d mind if I danced with you and then went to dance with him. I don’t wanna ditch you so-”

Greenberg’s face lit up suddenly. “Yeah! You know what, you go dance with him for the rest of the night! Thanks for coming with me,” he said, kissing your cheek quickly and shoving through the crowd to a girl sitting with her friends around a table. He took her hand and they got up to dance.

Now you were extra confused, but you shrugged it off and headed back to Stiles who was looking down at his shoes. You took his hand and smiled when he looked at you. “Lets go dance.”

“Really? I thought you were with Greenberg.” He rolled his eyes at the name, like a child, really.

“Nope, he found someone else.” You gestured to Greenberg who was leading the girl in a weird dance.

Stiles snickered and slid an arm around your hips, leading you onto the dance floor. He spun you around a bit and danced with you, making sure to make you laugh whenever you stopped smiling. At the end of the night, he agreed to drive you home and while you were trying to fix the bottom of your dress (which had ripped from some girls overly studded dress), Stiles took your hand.

You smiled widely. “I had a really great night, Stiles. Thanks for dancing with me and everything.”

He nodded and kissed your cheek. “I had a great night too. maybe next time I can actually be the one to ask you out,” he joked, grinning.

“Yeah.” You looked over at him and bit your lip before leaning in and kissing him quickly. You shot him a sly smile and got up, sliding out of his Jeep. “Stay by your phone and wait for my call.”

“Who says I gotta wait for you?” he rose his eyebrows at you as you started walking up to your door.

“I did.” You winked and went inside.

Half an hour later you called him, and he had been waiting by his phone.

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I just had a delicious thought and I need to share it with someone who will appreciate it: powerbottom!Poe. Poe riding Finn, giving him everything. Selfless Poe wanting his hurt boy who has never known any affection how good love can feel. Poe fucking Finn, taking care not to hurt his injuries, knowing just how rough he can fuck him. Powerbottom!Poe.

all I got out of this is gentle dom!Poe and needy sub!Finn and I’m just so here for it, god bless