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YES YES YES..... Top 6 of Harry leading with his penis..... Please and Thank You

Oh dear… you guys ARE trying to kill me. KANPNEGNNAPNE I’ll call this the “cock-first” in homage to @aqua-harry​ post: 

1. It’s like a compass - without his cock to lead him, he wouldn’t know where to go…

2. It just can’t help itself, it’s like a force is pulling him by his hips… he even looks down to check “what are yeh doing, mate?”

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3. Hips forward, cock on display… he just can’t help it

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4.  Notice how it pulls him forward? He can’t help it, his cock just wants to be the first thing to arrive…

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5. It can’t hold itself back not even in the presence of elders (and legendary rockstars)

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6. It’s just impossible to resist it, isn’t it Harry?

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This is my first time to hear about the whole CJ drama thing and I feel slightly conflicted. I like their art but their behaviour just makes me feel wrong for supporting someone who spreads hate. So I don't know what to do as I do like their art, it's pretty cool but I feel like I'm one of the small percentage of their fans that feel wrong for supporting someone like them and just wants to appreciate their art.

Ultimately, it comes down to you and what you’re willing to look over.

I’m not going to tell everyone to unfollow CJ because I think they’re doing the wrong thing. Hive mind ideology like that is what bothers me about Tumblr.

You’re a human, and therefore you can make your own choices to support who you want for what you want. I can judge your opinion, but I will never make you out to be the villain for it. That’s not cool. 

And I’d be rather hypocritical if I told someone to leave CJs side, because with all the drama surrounding Felix and the stuff he does (albeit his are mostly just bad taste) I look over a lot of what he does, disagree, and keep supporting him. Having a different opinion does not mean you have to hate someone.

This is a lot where the “respect” mentality comes into play.

Perhaps CJ will grow up. Perhaps they will see what they did wrong and try to change their tune. No one’s actions are set in stone. Heck, if you guys knew me 10 years ago, you’d probably never recognize me.

So you support what you want. I’m not going to tell you you’re wrong. I’m not going to tell you you’re right either. It’s all your personal choice <3

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To the other anon, even if Liam didn't feel like he wants to move on to the next level with Sophia or any other girl then maybe Cheryl came along and he felt like she's right for him and then the baby happened. We don't really know what happened there but it's obvious the timing was right between them and it's very important in a relationship because sometimes everything can go right but if the timing is wrong then everything can go down. I'm really happy for Liam and Cheryl! They seem happy!

For all we know, it may have been an unexpected pregnancy. We don’t know anything because they’ve had the respected privacy that they asked for.

I do know that Cheryl has wanted a baby for a while. She spoke about wanting a healthy family years and years ago and she’s finally got a little baby boy of her own with one of the most gorgeous men on the planet. She’s winning at life, haha. xx


As she begins to speak, the feeling of dread deepens.

Alex: “What do you mean…you know everything? There’s nothing -”

He is cut off as his mother starts screaming at him down the phone. She knows everything - the missing money, the fancy apartment, how he’s been trying to stay in her good books by agreeing to be seen with Penny. How could he ever be so ungrateful for how she has raised him? Why would he betray her so badly?

Alex: “I see…where do we go from here?”

His mother wants the facade to continue, but under her rules. He will lose control of everything, not have any freedom in his choices, be her puppet. If he does not comply, she will expose everything and the life he currently knows will be gone for good!


“Sell your soul, not your whole self.”

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Song: Afraid by The Neighbourhood

This vid ended up going pretty deep. Most of Sayaka’s characterization is extremely subtle, which I think is one of the reasons she’s my favorite character. And I got to delve into that a bit in this AMV.

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Have Mark and Youngjae talked to coco about the seperation yet?? I know seeing their parents seperating can be hard for kids...I just want her to be assured of what's going on and to understand why it's happening so she won't have to be too worried.

I feel like Youngjae legit would have sat her down already and explained to her that her parents still love her and each other very much it’s just the way things have to be now and that it’s not her fault! Coco is a strong women she puts up with a lot already living with those 7 fools lmao😂 she has probably grown thick skin she will make it though this💚

“I wrote her the message while I was lying in my bed. It said: ‘I don’t want to go too fast, but will you be my girlfriend?’ After I hit ‘send,’ I was so nervous that I laid the phone down next to me. I couldn’t even look at the screen. My nose was sweating. After two minutes, I saw it vibrate. I picked it up, and it said: ‘Yes!’ I felt so good. It felt like killing five characters at one time in League of Legends. These last five days have been magic. I feel so happy and nervous at the same time. This is my first girlfriend so I don’t even know what to do. I don’t know what to talk about. I don’t even know how to sit.”

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

me: i know destiel isn’t ever going to become canon. jensen has said it on multiple occasions, they’ve all said that wasn’t a storyline they were going to go down, and i understand this and am now going to move on

an episode like 12x12: *happens*




i’m stuck. i both want to open up, have others slip on the spill, pour myself down into coffee cups. and i want to be safe. i hate the look on their faces when they see what’s inside me. i hate watching the pity or the disgust like they stepped in something nasty. i hate that i can’t let go unless i lose control. i hate having to be in control. i just want someone to know.

It seems like Victor enjoys Yuuri's reaction when he's getting a liiittle too close for comfort to Yuuri?????

But after a while Yuuri would be so used it wouldn’t phase him at all

Victor: *taking Yuuri’s face and hand in his hands* Let’s get to know each other a little better
Yuuri: Victor Nikiforov. I know the exact location, shape, and size of the freckle on the underside of your left asscheek. What more is there to know?

Victor: *walks into the kitchen completely naked except for skates on* ♫oh yuuuuuuuuuuriiiii♫
Yuuri: *rolling his eyes* Jesus Victor. Phichit, Chris, Yurio, and Beka will be here for dinner any minute. Now unless you want me to burn this food you’ll go back to our room and get dressed immediately
Victor: *grumbling and sighing* ….i don’t even know why they’re coming…it’s just Chris’s birthday. geez..

Victor: can you show it to me soon Yuuri?? Can you show me your true eros???
Yuuri: I have like 4 times in the past 2 hours but if you wanna go again… *starts pulling his shirt off* alright then

Victor: *comes up behind him and grabs his waist* well good morning my sexy little katsudon
Yuuri: *turns around and whispers in Victor’s ear* you haven’t brushed your teeth yet have you?????

Victor: Yuuri, do you have any suggestons? Something that would excite me?
Yuuri: *grins slyly*
Victor: What did you think just now?
Yuuri:  well, quite a few things *whispers in his ear*
Victor: *blushes like mad* and… y-you would wear the-
Yuuri: al. ready. wearing. it.

Yuri On Ice: The Ship that keeps on giving...

I live for this moment. The noise he makes. The way his eyes dilate and he starts to blush a little bit. THE MOMENT YOU KNOW THAT HE IS CRAZY FOR THIS DRUNK JAPANESE BOY. I can’t. Kubo, you insane genius. I will never ship anything like I ship these two. That is just masterful story-telling. MASTERFUL. This is all I’ve ever wanted.

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I’ve decided to stop speculating on what route these two will go down ..because it’s just so damn fun to see what Kubo brings us each week. It is genuine affection, mutual respect, small moments, physical closeness and just real love. It isn’t Hallmark and cliched.  It is character development and trust. Two people are unraveling their old personalities to become better, more dynamic, the best versions of themselves. This is the shit that I came for and will stay for. Here we have a healthy


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portrayal of a relationship that I have ever witnessed. And that just makes my heart sing. For couples everywhere of any gender, ethnicity, age, this is a love story for the ages. This is what I would show my non-existent kids when I want them to understand what a relationship can and should be. That physical affection is good and sex can be great, but as this quote says “Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.” Too often sex is portrayed as the “end all be all” of a relationship. If kissing is the first step, then sex is the last. The Final Stage, if you will. Why do we break our intimate relationships down into landmarks of the physical instead of the emotional? I want to have a relationship rooted in emotional intimacy, not physical intimacy. And shit if I don’t get my fill of it here.

Yuri and Victor hear music in each other’s souls and their bodies are the instruments they use to play that music.

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What he says: “Lydia’s gonna drive me down to DC. She wants to help me move into my dorm, so.” 

What he means: I whined and complained about how I had to go all the way down there with all my stuff and it’s a really long drive and, gee, Lydia, there’s lots of hotels along the way, you know, and also I hate sleeping without you anyways and HEY we’ve never taken a trip together as a couple and shit I’m not very good at interior decorating, what if I can’t make my dorm room feng shui? wouldn’t it be ccarrraaaaaazzzy if you drove down to DC with me and helped me move in? Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. 

Being Jughead Jone's Best Friend Would Include....

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Hi, this will probably be very similar to one of your other requests but could i request a being Jughead’s best friend would include?

I’ve never wanted to be a fictional character’s best friend this much before. I’m sorry it’s so short by the way. If you want more message me.

  • You met in him in the diner.
  • You’d always hear people whisper about him when he walked past
  • But you always thought he seemed like a pretty cool guy.
  • “Hi, I’m Y/N. I go to Riverdale with you.”
  • “Yeah? So what?”
  • You sat down in his booth despite his rudeness.
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Trying to write. What are you doing?”
  • “Trying to get to know you.”
  • From there, it became a thing to sit down next to him whenever you saw him in Pop’s.
  • He became a bit friendlier towards you, but it took some time.
  • After about a month of early friendship, he told you about his novel.
  • You saw this as progress in your relationship and openly hung out with him during school.
  • Pop’s became your hang out spot because you both enjoy the burgers there.
  • But sometimes you’d go over to his house to play video games.
  • He’s not the most affable of people, but you somehow make Jughead a tiny bit more people-oriented.
  • He’s not as blatantly rude to people like he was.
  • Still has a hard time trusting people in general
  • But he trusts you with his life.
  • He always listens to your problems, and only tries to give you advice when you want to hear it.
  • It turns out he’s extremely good at giving advice.
  • You keep him updated on anything regarding the Blossom twins and what happened over the summer.
  • He let’s you proof-read his writings and takes your comments to heart.
  • He genuinely cares about what you think.
  • He defends you whenever someone talks bad about you
  • Which ends with you patching him up afterwards because he’s bad at fighting.
  • Being his friend it like having one of those small dogs that tries to start fights with anyone that comes near you.
  • He’s not afraid to be sarcastic around you either, like his humor is so dry.
  • He doesn’t really smile a lot, his lips quirk upwards a little but that’s it.
  • The one time you hear him laugh it’s the funniest crap.
  • You start laughing at his laugh and he laughs more
  • The night ends with your sides aching from the laughter.
  • He’s just a great friend all around, and you’d die for each other. (or kill.)
  • what i say: i'm fine
  • what i mean: istg if yuuri wants to end this thing with viktor because he thinks that it's all been an act after the grand prix finals i am going to personally fly to barcelona and sit yuuri down to watch a detailed powerpoint presentation about how much viktor loves him. we will do a full moment by moment analysis for any bit of doubt that yuuri has. but i can see why he would want viktor to stop being his coach because he knows how much the ice is calling to viktor.

I’ve been seeing a number of posts cropping up, and wanted to address them, the general gist of what they’re saying being “Yuuri doesn’t deserve to win because he’s the weakest skater but he’s going to win anyway because of plot armor and the overpowered protagonist trope”.

And I’m like


Leave. Sit down and listen.

Let’s get two facts down straight:

  • We still don’t know who will win; you are making assumptions.
  • Yuuri is an unreliable narrator.

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Sameen Shaw Appreciation Day

I loved how last month everyone got into paying tribute to ‘If-Then-Else’ with me so I thought I would give you all a heads up that I plan on doing something similar this coming Tuesday (February 21) to celebrate the anniversary of the first time our favorite compact Persian sociopath graced our screens. (‘Relevance’ aired on February 21, 2013)

I’ll be posting my favorite stills of Shaw all day as well as Shaw-centric posts on my other blog. I’d love to make a day of reveling in all her badass glory.

So dig up your favorite Shaw posts or make some new ones! 

It’s hammer time 🔨

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In addition to the @starbotdubssituation, I have a few words to say about Ultima’s response here (sorry Steph if you’d rather not get tagged in this). I looked up his channel out of pure curiosity and found this video.

This is exactly the kind of non-apology that people in bad relationships need to look out for. In fact people in any relationship, because often when someone’s in a bad relationship it doesn’t FEEL bad to them, at least not for a while. I want to break down what he’s doing here because it’s almost brilliant in its structure, and so true to form for people who are emotionally abusive.

1. He comes out the gate with a ton of unqualified absolutes. “What’s going on in the here and now.” “100% real, honest, and transparent (”anyone who has been subscribed to me…knows this)” “I’ve kept it real with the fans since day one” “This is nothing but the unclouded truth.” “I will not make excuses for my actions.” We have no reason to believe these are true, he’s said and done nothing to back them up. It sounds really upfront and honest, but there’s really nothing substantial here. It’s all fluff to appeal to the emotions (also phrases like “if you cannot find it within your heart to forgive me as a human being” serve the same purpose).

2. His first apology is to those whose respect he has lost (which he highlights himself by saying he wants to “apologize in advance to them”). NOT to the people who he has hurt. This is an important distinction because the respect of his fans is an asset with material value. I couldn’t say whether he did this consciously or not, but at the very least it seems a rather bizarre choice for a first apology given all that’s been alleged against him.

3. Two minutes into all this fluff he finally says he’s going to keep it short and concise because “time is a very precious matter.” Aside from being a contradiction, I’m pretty sure the most important matter in the video should be adequately addressing the issue at hand. Brevity has nothing to do with that. If it takes a longer video to properly explain what happened, then so be it. I can only chalk this up to showmanship, kind of like those people in the mall kiosks who pull you aside so you can sample their product, and several minutes into their spiel are still saying “in just 2 minutes I can show you why you need this product!” Maybe it’s just because I’ve worked a lot in marketing, but this whole video sounds very much like a sales pitch to me. Especially with how fast he’s talking (unless that’s how he always talks? again I don’t watch his channel).

4. He says he will explain WHY he did what he did, not WHAT happened. Here’s where the real problem with this video starts to show itself: his rationale has absolutely NO bearing on the situation at hand. What he owes his fans and Steph and everyone else he’s hurt is a summary of the events and an apology. Bringing in his reasons for doing what he did sounds a lot like those “excuses” he said he was not going to give in the beginning.

5. IMMEDIATELY after he begins that objective summary he gives completely unnecessary “opinions” about how he feels about Stephanie. And this is where the emotionally abusive language kicks in. Remember when Steph said in her post how her psychology bells started ringing? This is what she was talking about. “I literally honored and treasured our relationship to the fullest and never took it for granted.” There is so much to unpack in that sentence. It’s one-sided, it’s absolute, it’s possessive, and it’s blatantly untrue. Because if he hadn’t taken what they had for granted, he wouldn’t have hurt her in the first place. To take something for granted is to fail to appreciate it. If he believes that is true IN SPITE of what he did, then it’s clear his definition of appreciating someone in a relationship has nothing to do with the other person’s feelings about the relationship.

6. The summary continues and is peppered with his emotional reactions (”I was like oh no, did I do something wrong”). Again unnecessary, and only meant to illicit sympathy for him as opposed to communicating the story in an “unclouded” manner.

7. Next is a HUGE RED FLAG: he implies that how he treated Stephanie (or rather how the thinks he has treated her) has ANYTHING to do with whether or not she should be in a relationship with him. Do you remember all those “friendzoned” memes from a while back, and how one meme that responded to them went something like “women are not vending machines that you put kindness coins into until sex comes out?” THIS IS WHAT THOSE MEMES WERE TALKING ABOUT.


It doesn’t matter how nice you are. It doesn’t matter if you treat them like a “queen,” or a “king,” or whatever. You have no right to them. They are free to end the relationship on any terms they see fit, and if you are any kind of a decent human being with even an OUNCE of respect for them you will let them go and not pursue them any further. FULL. STOP.

8. He says twice that Steph “came out of nowhere” and said this to him. At this point he’s done a full 180 and framed HIMSELF as the victim here. That’s right–not even halfway into the video and now HE’S the one who had this sudden breakup INFLICTED upon him. Steph is now the instigator who brought these events upon HIM. This couldn’t be a more perfect example of victim-blaming.

9. He glosses over the later parts of the story, summarizing the events only by saying he “became greedy” and “began talking to other women.” This is the part of the story where he himself says he did wrong, yet he offers no detail into what specifically he did and said. Before when he was the victim, we got a play-by-play for how the breakup went down. But he spends as little time as possible actually explaining what he did wrong.

10. More appeals to emotion. “When you want something so bad so as to be able to have that completeness, to be able to have that love with someone, you’d do just about anything to get it.” He completely fails to see how his “love” was one-sided and, after the termination of the relationship, totally unwelcome. Even now he does not understand how it is possible for someone he wants to be in a relationship with to not want to be with him. In his mind if he likes the person and treats them right, they should by default feel the same way about him. He does not understand autonomy in relationships.

11. More appeals for the audience’s forgiveness.

Never once in the video does he apologize directly to anyone he hurt. Never once does he ask for their forgiveness, or express any regret for hurting them or losing their respect. The only forgiveness he asks for is that of his subscribers’.

I know not everybody appreciates a wall-o-text in their feed, but if you got this far thank you for reading. This is a textbook case of emotional abuse. If you or someone you love has a partner who talks like this about them, or apologizes like this when they do wrong, please step back and analyze the situation. When you’re in the middle of this it can be so hard to see the signs, but they’re there and crystal clear if you know what to look for. Much love to Stephanie and everyone else affected by him.