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About these hurricanes...

If you are anywhere on the eastern half of the country or are in Texas, put together your hurricane kit now.

I mean now.

For those of us in the path of Irma, it’s unfortunately too late to be able to guarantee preparedness even if money isn’t an issue for you; I know my county is entirely out of bottled water at this time.  But for those of you who aren’t in this situation, don’t wait until there’s disaster impending to stockpile these goods.  Prepare now.  And next year, prepare before the first storm is even named for the season.  I know it’s not cheap to assemble all of this stuff, but non-perishable foods can feed you in non-disaster times too, and bottled water keeps very well.  And even if you don’t have to worry about your ability to afford your hurricane kit, remember that money won’t do you any good if the goods you want to buy aren’t available.

And if you’re like my family with no bottled water left to purchase in your city, remember that tap water collected now is as safe as it was before Irma was declared.  Any foodsafe bottle, including cleaned-out soda bottles and milk cartons, can be filled with tap water and stored.

Some highlights from the Class DVD outtakes/deleted scenes:
  • Charlie’s mother is the reigning monarch of the Rhodia, the bloodline runs through her. Charlie described being her son as “like having a really strict boss all the time”.
  • Charlie’s father “wanted nothing more than to be a fisherman, but he had the misfortune of being born a prince. The duty of a prince is to marry the Queen.” Matteusz asks if that meant Charlie would have had to marry a Queen as well. Charlie says, “Yes… I would have. I’d almost forgotten that with all the… genocide…”
  • The montage in Nightvisiting lasts for the whole first verse of the song and has lots of really adorable moments from Tanya’s childhood.
  • Varun Singh is a dentist
  • Ram’s mom has a few scenes with Varun and Ram. Her nickname for Ram is “beta” (not sure of the spelling) but I couldn’t find any definition of the word that worked in context. Ram points out that it means “second” in English.
  • Dorothea, Quill, and Charlie inadvertently watch a Coal Hill student get devoured by the petals. The kid was in Charlie’s history class. Quill looks disgusted at Dorothea and Dorothea looks utterly shaken.
  • In Detained Ram has a speech where he talks about wanting to excel and be “better than the best” and how he was on the elite level but now he feels like he can’t ever be there.
  • In a cut scene from Detained, April reveals that her mom looks at her like she’s afraid of her, and April feels guilty about magically healing her spine, agreeing that it was a violent thing. “She’d accepted it. She’d created a whole new life and identity for herself, and I just reached in and took that from her.”
  • This leads into a really cute Macsingh moment where Ram kisses her hand and they play footsie under the desk
  • Tanya and Matteusz try to figure out if the asteroid/meteor is telling the objective or subjective truth about there being no way out of the prison. Matteusz says something like, “I’ve seen belief mistaken for truth before. The consequences can be very bad." 
  • April: "I’ve got the brain and the strength of a King running through me. What exactly do you think you’re gonna contribute?” Ram: “…I’ve got really nice pecs.” *music starts playing and Fady dances out of there like a boss* 
  • Katherine Kelly in full Quill makeup, screaming at Greg Austin in full Rhodia makeup: “I have a feeling one day we’re gonna be on a planet where you have something called a mobile phone and I’m gonna smash it so hard that you won’t be able to text your boyfriend!” *both dissolve into laughter* 
  • Katherine also keeps accidentally referring to herself as a Rhodian and cannot keep a straight face around the Cabinet of Souls.
  • They interviewed the Arn puppet. It has a thick New York accent and talks about being approached on the street and asked if it wanted to be on television and “next thing I know there’s this lady named Kate with a scar and I’m coming out of her eye and a black guy with long fingers grabbing my face”. Someone gives the arn a cigarette. The puppet tries to smoke it but gets told he can’t smoke inside the building.
  • Basically the whole cast is precious and dear god why can’t we have another season PATRICK NESS COME BAAAACK
Survival 101: Earth (Part 1)

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Pairings: Bellamy Blake / Reader (Sawyer)

So I’ve been working on this one for quite a while, its been done many times before, the whole rewrite of the 100 with your own character. I’m not expecting my version to be any better than anyone else’s but i’m hoping people will enjoy it anyhow. 

I’m going to be going along with the episodes and adding in parts and maybe changing it up a bit as well. I’ve given the ‘reader’ a name just because I needed one for the storyline. 

I really hope people like this and depending on how it goes down i’ll keep writing it along with the seasons for as long as people want to read it. 

If anyone would like to be tagged in the next parts please just let me know.

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So overall you were having a pretty crappy day. It had started out normal enough, waking in your tiny, cold cell in the Skybox. Now however, it seemed likely that it would end with your death in a large fiery explosion.

You and the other 99 ark delinquents had been marched from your cells first thing this morning, systematically tranquilized and gradually reawakened in a drop ship hurtling towards earth.

From somewhere you could hear Chancellor Jaha explaining what was happening to you all. You weren’t paying attention though too focused on the bone jarring rattling that you were experiencing. Your entire body was shaking in your seat as the ship rocketed back towards earth.

The whole ship was groaning with the effort of re-entering the atmosphere and not breaking into tiny pieces. Across from you a boy floated, enjoying the final moments of zero-g. He was talking to a blonde girl, a girl you recognised as Clarke Griffin. The chief mechanics daughter. You’d seen her a handful of times since she entered the skybox. Mainly because her solitary cell was right next to your own.

“The parachutes are going to deploy. Get back to your seat or die”

Parachutes, parachutes meant almost certain pain. Yeah there it went, the metal of the exodus ship almost screamed in protest as everyone started shouting and shrieking with fear. Cursing you held tight to the seat belts laced around you. Gravity reasserting itself as you were slammed back into your seat, head feeling like it may explode inwards from the pressure.

The floating space walker had vanished, thrown into the side of the ship. Maybe even dead from the impact.

With another groan and horrific impact crash the ship hit the ground, sliding for what seemed forever before coming to a sudden stop. The machines went quiet and for the first time in your life you couldn’t hear any hums from life support machines or engines.

Clarke had unclipped herself and was bending over the spacewalker checking his pulse as the others unclipped and ran down the stairs to the lower levels. You carefully unclipped yourself as well following the main group of teenagers downstairs. Watching as they argued loudly about whether or not to open the door.

The main instigators being the reappeared Clarke Griffin and a man wearing a guard’s uniform. You didn’t recognise him and he seemed older than the 18 year cut off for delinquents in the skybox.

“If the air’s toxic we’re all dead anyway”

He had a point there. “Bellamy!” a dark haired girl appeared. Finally you smiled, Octavia. So the boy she was hugging must be Bellamy. The brother she couldn’t shut up about. Silently you moved carefully through the mass of people getting closer to the front of the group.

You could hear mutterings about Octavia as you got closer. “That’s the girl from under the floor”

“No one has a brother anymore”

“That’s Octavia Blake the girl they found hidden under the floor”

Octavia’s head spun around and you saw the violence in her eyes. Before she could act on it you’d turned and driven your fist into the nose of the boy speaking. His eyes rolled back in his head and he dropped like a stone. All talk stopped as eyes turned to you as you looked over at Octavia. Her eyes widened in wonder as she took a step forward.


“O!” she grabbed you as the two of you locked your arms around each other holding tight.

“Octavia?” Bellamy snapped “Who is this?”

It was Clarke who answered him, staring at you like she’d seen a ghost. “That’s Sawyer Kane. Councillor Marcus Kane’s niece”

“Hello to you too Griffin” you glanced at Bellamy and the uniform he was wearing once more. “You never mentioned the almighty Bellamy was one of my uncle’s underlings O”

“He wasn’t anymore…”

“Enough” Bellamy snapped pulling Octavia away from you, he grasped the lever and ignoring Clarke’s shouts pulled it down. The dropship ramp groaned and slowly swung open. Earth lay there in front of you. You were home.


Predictably the delinquents had gone crazy when allowed off the ship. Racing around, screaming and laughing. Pulling things from the earth and generally living up to the role of renegade teenagers. You however had climbed to the top of the dropship, enjoying the freedom of being able to move your limbs and muscles once more. All you could see from the top was more forest, laying out in front of you like a never ending green carpet.

Below you Clarke was arguing with Wells Jaha about how to find food for the whole camp.

“And how are you two going to carry food for all 100 of us?”

“4” the space walker, Finn, announced grabbing two gangly boys who unfortunately happened to be walking by him at that moment. “Can we go now?”

“Not yet” Clarke looked up catching your eyes “Sawyer?”


Clarke sighed “Don’t make me beg Sawyer. Please”

You stared levelly at her for a moment longer before nodding “Fine 5” you jumped from your perch landing easily on your feet in front of Wells.

“Wait if Sawyers going so am I” Octavia announced linking arms with you “Make it 6”

“Hey, O! What the hell are you doing?”

She shrugged off Bellamy pulling you along behind her “going for a walk”

Bellamy glared hard at your back as you passed by him. He disliked you already, not something you could do anything about right now.

“Earth, Sawyer. This is so fucking cool”

“Yeah, awesome” you looked carefully around the woods. You had no idea where you were, what was out here and what the world had left in it. So until you all did, the best thing to do was be cautious. Very cautious.


You were walking easily over the forest floor, taking point in this group of teenagers. Behind you the others stumbled along tripping over tree roots and multiple other debris. You were close enough that you could hear when the conversation inevitably turned to what you’d all done to end up being thrown in the skybox in the first place.

“I got to know what you two did to get busted” Finn was asking the other two boys. Monty and Jasper just shrugged smiling at each other.

“Sumac is not the only herb in the garden, if you know what I mean”

“Someone forgot to replace what we took”

“Someone has apologised like a thousand times” Monty hissed at Jasper the two of them then continuing to bicker between themselves like an old married couple. Jasper was the one whose stare eventually fell on you curiously.

“So what did the ninja princess up there do? What can Kane’s niece have possibly done to get kicked down here with us criminals?”

You stopped walking at the question. It was always going to have been asked eventually, you’d thought you might have had more time but even so you turned to stare evenly at the group of teenagers behind you. It was Clarke who answered the question. She seemed to have a habit of answering questions not meant for her.

“She killed someone. Murdered her mother”

“What?!” Monty squeaked out now looking terrified.

You simply smiled at them all, turning to keep walking. Octavia running to catch up with you despite Jasper trying to grab her. “Sawyer tell them the truth” she urged.

“Why?” you kept moving helping Octavia over a broken tree. “I did kill her”

“You know that’s not true”

“O listen to me” you looked straight at her. “It’s as much of the truth as any of them need to know” you framed her face with your hands smiling at her “it’s cute that you want to protect me but trust me, I don’t need it”

It was Finn who approached the two of you later on, eyes flicking between the two girls.

“Kane teach you anything about these?” he held out a simple knife.

“Where’d you get that space walker?” he chose not to answer as you took the knife off of him. “Sure you want to risk giving the sharp and pointy weapon to a killer?”

Octavia smacked your arm “Don’t be an ass Sawyer. He’s helping”

Finn continued to stare at you evenly “I don’t think you’re going to hurt us if that’s what you’re implying”

You spun the knife round a few times, easily letting it rotate around your fingers “Not right now I’m not”

Laughing at the confused look on his face you continued onwards. The group straggling out into a vague line as you eventually hit a massive lake. Clarke coming up to you.

“This shouldn’t be here”

“Yet it is”

Clarke glared at you “Sawyer. If you can’t help…”

“Watch it Blondie. I’m here aren’t I? Didn’t even get angry when you announced to the group that I’m a murderer. So choose your words very carefully Griffin before I start to become actually unhelpful”

“You did kill her” she muttered stubbornly.

“And If I can kill my own mother, just think about what I could do to girls with too loose tongues”

You smiled nastily as Clarke’s eyes widened in sudden panic. Before you could say anything else though Jasper whispered from behind you “I fucking love earth”

You turned just in time to see a half clothed Octavia jump into the water, surfacing with a smile as she dripped water over her skin, clothes sticking to her body.

“O, get out” you snapped coming closer to the shore line.

“Come on Sawyer, live a little” she splashed water over at you making you jump away again.

“Yeah come on ninja girl, take your damn clothes off and get in” Jasper was rushing forward when suddenly he froze, voice changing to terrified. “Fuck! Octavia get out of the water”


You’d seen it now as well and it was big, swimming straight for Octavia. “Octavia NOW” you were halfway to the edge when with a scream Octavia had been pulled under the water.

“Octavia” without thinking you started pulling clothes off. “Distract it” you ordered Clarke. “Get its attention away from O”

Clarke ran with Finn to start throwing anything they could find into the water. While you waded into a river that had a killer snake in it.

Shit it was cold, you had the knife in your hand that Finn had given you only moments before. Who knew that would be coming in handy so soon afterwards.


Her head surfaced for a moment and you changed direction as with a shriek the thing seemed to let go of her, Clarke was throwing who knew what into the water and you could see its outline chasing towards the splashing further up the river.

You had a limited amount of time to get Octavia out of the water. Grabbing her shaking arm you pulled her into your body where she clung. Teeth chattering.

“Come on O, move it” you commanded starting back out of the pool of water.

“SAWYER IT’S COMING BACK!” Finn screamed running for the two of you.  

Pushing Octavia as fast as you were able you got her to the shore line and stumbling into Finn’s arms. Dropping down on the stone yourself as the blurry outline of the sea snake vanished once more, denied its meal.

You were breathing hard as Finn having passed Octavia to an incredibly thankful Jasper leant over you.

“You ok?”


He smiled offering you his hand, clasping his wrist you allowed him to pull you up to your feet. Handing you your still dry clothes. “That was an incredibly brave thing to do for someone you met this morning”

“Who said I met Octavia this morning?” you pulled you shirt back on, shivering from the cold of the water. “And not brave… stupid”

“The girl under the floor… she’s been in the skybox for 2 years. How do you know her?”

“Don’t call her that” you snapped instantly. Eyes clashing with Finn’s. “She has a name”

Finn held his hands up in peace. “How did you meet Octavia?”

You looked carefully at Finn. He seemed genuinely curious and not just trying to get information for bartering purposes.

“Solitary. I met O in solitary. Ironic really, but even the Ark couldn’t keep us alone 24 hours a day. She had the cell next to mine. I looked after her… I look after her”

“Sawyer?” Octavia appeared stepping into your body wrapping her arms around your waist and letting her head lay on your shoulder. You let one hand rest on the back of her head maintaining eye contact with Finn who was watching the pair of you carefully.

“You’re no killer” he mouthed silently before turning back to the others. Unfortunately he had no idea just how wrong he was, just how much of a killer you actually were. None of them did even Octavia.


“We’ve talked about this all night, someone just needs to hurry up and go first” you snatched the vine off of Finn who had been hesitating for what seemed like forever.

“No, wait…” it was Jasper and you looked at him impatiently. He reached out a hand unsteadily “let me?”

“Fine, go” you handed it over and watched as he took your place at the front.

Finn whispered something to him slapping him on the shoulder once. Jasper nodded and changing his grip once more screamed out “See you on the other side bitches” and took off, the vine held and in what seemed no time he was stood on the other side of the river, jumping about and waving his hands in the air.

You joined the others in celebrating, arm punching the sky as you smiled and threw an arm around Octavia’s shoulders as you waved at Jasper.

“Let’s go Princess your up” Finn shoved the rope at Clarke, who was on the edge of the cliff when something flew past your heads.

You all watched, unable to do anything as a wooden spear lodged itself in Jaspers chest, right under his sternum, he was thrown backwards with the force of the blow, choking on the blood pooling in his mouth. Octavia screamed in your ear as your grip on her tightened.

“JASPER!” Clarke was pulling at the hold Finn had on her as he pushed her to the floor.

“It came from behind us” you whispered to Finn putting Octavia behind you as you glanced back into the forest. “We’re not alone here”

I know everyone is getting hyped for reunions on the next season of Game of Thrones, and I get it, there’s a TON of potential reunions that could give us plenty of great scenes, like:

Jon & Arya

Gendry & Arya

Sansa & Tyrion

Jon & Sam

Jon & Bran

Arya & The Hound

Sansa & The Hound

Hell, Tyrion & Bran, even.

But what I really, really REALLY want to see.

Is Jorah and Lyanna Mormont meet each other. Screw Cleganebowl, Mormontmeeting is where it’s at!

The Flash’s Candice Patton Weighs In on Broken ‘WestAllen’ Engagement, Teases 'Breathless’ Musical Role

TVLINE | How do you think the circumstances would need to be different for Barry to even think about proposing again?
I think he’s got to be genuine, first of all. Not that he isn’t genuine, but he needs to make Iris assured that obviously he wants to save her but that he wants to be with her because he loves her, and she’s the only person he wants to be with.

TVLINE | My readers are repeatedly asking: Are we going to see Iris doing anything to investigative the Savitar thing, to kind of help her own cause?
No. [Laughs] I know, I know fans are constantly wanting to see Iris do more investigative work and to use her reporter skills to further the narrative that’s happening this season with Savitar. Maybe next season we’ll see more of that.

TVLINE | She’s being “crossed over” [by some Supergirl cast].
She’s being “crossed over,” yeah. We get to see Iris as a completely different character — new name, new everything. Barry is whammied by the Music Meister and both him and Kara are in this dream-like state where they envision a world where… Iris is this fast-talking, brash daughter of a mobster. It’s a wig that we put on, and I was very much inspired by [Dick Tracy‘s] Breathless Mahoney. It’s just fun for us to do something different, because Iris usually has that “girl next door” thing going on. Even the sets we’re in are so glamorous and kind of 1940s-style. It’s really fun.

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He had to brace himself before knocking on that door...







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Pride of the Actor, Pt. 1

Summary: Michele and Jesse ask Dan and Arin to come in and talk about Good Game, Season Two. The Grumps are super excited… until Michele suggests making the proposed romance between Ryland and Alex canon. Now Arin and Dan need to decide if they’re professional enough to make that happen. 

Warnings: Some crying and angst, some introspection of the egobang community, mild criticism of Tumblr and other social medias.

Genre: Meta fiction, fluff, sort of mild egobang, rylex, some angst.

Author’s Note: This fic is over 5000 words long, so to make for easier reading, I’m putting it into two parts. =) Enjoy! 


“Thanks for coming in, guys,” Jesse said. “Michele and I appreciate it.”

 Two days ago Jesse called and asked Dan and Arin to come into his office. Arin had been hoping it was about Good Game. They had been pushing YouTube Red to let them try a second season, though it was hard to truly gauge the fan response. Game Grumps YouTube comments suggested a majority of their fans hate it, or at least the ones that hated it were loud and drowning out the actual fans. Facebook was a little more positive, Reddit was all over the place and Tumblr… well, Arin wasn’t on Tumblr, but from what he gathered, it was generally positive. And full of shippers. Which could be a good or a bad thing, depending on your perspective.

 “No problem,” Arin said, taking a seat next to Dan. “What’s up?”

 “Well, to start, we have great news,” Michele said. “YouTube Red approved Season Two of Good Game.”

 “No fucking way!” Dan said with a grin. “That’s awesome!”

 Michele smiled. “We thought so. But it does mean we have some thinking to do regarding season two.”

 “Whatever you need Dan and I to do, we’re up for it,” Arin said, grinning ear to ear.

 Michele and Jesse exchanged glances.

 Arin raised an eyebrow. Uh oh. Had he just promised something they couldn’t deliver? He tossed a quick glance at Dan, who shrugged. He turned back to Michele and Jesse. “I’m not sure I like that look.”

 “Well…” Michele continued. “We were talking about story related stuff for season two, and we thought we’d take a look at what the fans want for this next season.”

 Oh, crap.

 Arin ran a hand down his face. “I think I know what’s coming next.” Dan’s face grew red.

 “Well…” Jesse said. “You know that there’s a ton of people who… who, um. .” 

 “Who ship us,” Arin finished. “The Rylex shippers, or whatever.”

 “‘Rylex’?” Dan repeated with a little snicker. “Well, they’re clever with their ship names, if anything.”

 “Don’t google it,” Arin said.

 “Anyways,” Jesse continued. “We were… we were, um… considering making that… canon.”

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Hey :) I wanted to tell you the Detective Mun's name is Gwon Ho. It's says on his business card that he gives to Sun's teacher. But obviously if you can't read Korean you wouldn't be able to know that. Hopefully he will be back for the next season though and he'll properly introduce himself to Sun :)


*i could have read his name  at least >.<; i had to learn hangeul a little bit bc i have flight to Seoul next week!*  DETECTIVE MUN KWON HO (or Gwon Ho)

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Does it ever mess you up that this show has been on air for twelve seasons, and yet certain characters we know next to nothing about them? Like, we've never seen Cas's true form (not that I exactly want to) and we don't even know Meg's real name or who she was before hell. Even Crowley what we know was mostly confirmed because of his mom. Like, does it mess you up as much as me how much one can care for a character, spent hours watching them, know how they'd react, but know nothing about them?

Nope. Their name or their ‘true form’ is not who they are it’s what they are. 

(For me Cas’ true form is literally his form now, Misha, it’s not a vessel anymore, he said in 11x23 that it’s his body, and we all know my view of endgame for Cas, it’s the form he identifies with now, this is his true form, imo).

How we learn who characters and people are are is in their choices, what they choose to do and say and what they identify as, who they are personality wise, it matters not one jot to me what Cas’ original celestial form was or what someone else named Meg. Yeah it would be nice to know their personalities better so Meg/Crowley I agree it would be interesting to know their backstories a little more, but only where it’s relevant to who they are now.

That’s my view :)

I know that this is probably a bit early, but I’ve already started making a wish-list for season 7. feel free to add :)

- I hope we get lots of cute Turnadette family moments, but I also hope that Shelagh remains a working mum.

-I really want to know more about Sister Winifred. What was her name before she became a religious sister? Why did she become a nun? (I did recently read an interview with Victoria Yeates in which she said that we probably will discover more about her character in the next series, so fingers crossed)

-In the same vein: more about Shelagh’s past. we know absolutely nothing apart from that her mother died when she was young. why did she become a nun? I know that it seems hardly relevant now because she no longer is a nun, but come on.

-ShelaghXTrixie interaction. or, you know, just more interaction between the Turners and the nuns and nurses in general.

-Closure on Chummy

-Angela speaking


-Shelagh singing

-a story line in which Delia gets to deliver a baby. You know, in which she really establishes herself once and for all as an individual character, rather than Patsy’s girlfriend. we’re already well on our way, though

-Interaction between Sister Monica-Joan and Shelagh

-Valerie’s secret. what is it?

-Maybe see some more of Sister Ursula? I know most people hated her, but I think she was really rather interesting.

-Cynthia. we need to know how she is doing.

-Barbara and anti-conception.

-a story-line about rape. it will be awfull but CtM can handle delicate subjects so well

I guess some of these will, of course, become reality ;)

Most of my wishes seem to have to do with Shelagh, which makes me feel a bit greedy because we had a lot of Shelagh story time this season, but I just find her so interesting

Zero Hour spoilers

Ah, the return of the gravity wells. Super useful, those gravity wells.

Thrawn’s plan was solid (his plan that he’d been letting the Rebels escape for all throughout the season on the increasingly tenuous rationale that “it’s allll part of the plan”). It was only because Star Wars Rebels -needed- him to lose that he lost. ie. His blockade was solid, but Konstantine decided to pull some idiot shit. He could have wiped the rebel base out with the orbital bombardment but Tarkin -specifically- told him to keep the rebel leaders alive.

I have no problem with the notion that Super Hyped Legendary Mastermind Thrawn is destined to lose, it’s just disappointing that he loses not because he’s outmaneuvered, but because the plot nerfs him.

Then he got Bendu’d. In fairness, there was absolutely no way he could have accounted for the Bendu. I liked that his reaction to this “Jedi devilry” was to shoot it in the face.

“I do not require glory. Only results, for my Emperor.” That tells you everything you need to know about Thrawn, and what keeps him intriguing, despite the feeling we should be seeing him pulling more victories for the Empire.

This also marked the point at which It Makes So Much Sense that Hera would make General of the Rebel Alliance. She’s already got the standing in front of a projector trading terse military remarks with holograms of fellow leaders bit down.

Along with “There’s no time to argue. As Jedi, you have the best chance to escape.” Cool, impersonal calculations.

But then there’s also, “That’s only funny because you’re still alive. Now please come home, love.” I enjoy how subtle and downplayed the romance between Kanan and Hera is, but sometimes I also just want to see them make out. At least this episode gave us some fond arm-touching.

RIP Sato and those two extra dudes. I guess it was impossible to get past this point without sacrificing a lamb on the altar of the narrative.

Glad to see Mama Wren and her awesome Klimt portrait again.

Also, Tristan in Clan Wren’s armor. With a Sabine drawing on the pauldron.

There was a concern all throughout the season that Kallus wouldn’t make it out alive, but when Thrawn walked in on his transmission and -did not- kill him, it became apparent he was probably meant to survive the episode.

Was hoping Kallus would keep that li’l loose lock of hair though. It was attractive. Along with the bruises. And that li’l smirk.

Kallus standing in the Ghost along with everyone else is something I’d been wanting to see since it came out that he was Fulcrum.

Surprised he didn’t get a scene with Zeb though. Being that it’s sorta Zeb’s fault he defected.

Stuff I want to see in the next (last?) season of Rebels:

Yavin 4. We already know they’re headed there.

More Thrawn. Specifically Thrawn explaining himself to the Emperor.

Ezra’s Jedi trials. It’s up in the air whether Ezra and Kanan are officially Jedi, but if Kanan could have his Knighting (via ghost Inquisitor), so can Ezra.

Kallus being a rebel rebel. Possibly passing on the name of Fulcrum to a certain Cassian Andor.

A bit of a pipe dream, but I’d love to see Admiral Rae Sloane. She’s supposed to have a history with Kanan, and after reading Aftermath: Empire’s End, I just really want to see her again.

Battle of Scarif. Pleaaase.

Filling The Void // A Dylan O'Brien Smut

A/N: I haven’t done a Dylan smut in a while, so here we go! Oh and this imagine is set when they were shooting Teen Wolf season 3B. If you guys ever want to leave requests in my askbox, you totally can. But you should know, I don’t do personal imagines. Okay, enjoy :)

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When I went to grab the popcorn out of the hot microwave, I suddenly heard the sound of a door slamming.

With the popcorn in my hands, I walked over to the front door of the house. Dylan had finally arrived from a long day at work.

“Hey baby.” I welcomed hugging him.

“Hey.” Dylan said dryly and quickly hugging me back.

Okay something is definetly wrong. Dylan never passes up the opportunity to share affection.

I looked up at him, confused, but he just looked straight ahead.

“I’m gonna go take a shower.” He stated walking towards the stairs.

“Okay.” I said as he climbed towards the second story.

Dylan is always such a happy, bubbly person. It doesn’t make sense for him to be this way. Unless something happened at work today. Yeah that’s probably it.

Because I’m the girlfriend and just because I love him so much, I’m gonna do what I can to cheer him up.

I entered the kitchen, placed the popcorn down, and put chicken nuggets to bake in the oven. Then, I walked over to the DVD racket and grabbed a random season of Friends. I put it into the DVD player and sat on the couch waiting for him.

“Have you seen my blue t-shirt?” Asked Dylan suddenly.

I turned around and he was standing in the living room doorway, with only a towel covering his private area. Everything else was exposed and dripping wet.

“I, uh, left it on top of the machine.”

“Thanks.” He said, walking off.

After a bit, Dylan came back and sat down next to me.

“What’s this?” He asked.

“You seem a little upset, so I decided to cheer you up.” I said, smiling widely.

“Oh cool.” Dylan said, smiling weakly.

“Okay, what’s wrong Dylan?” I asked, scooching next to him.

“Nothing’s wrong.”

I raised an eyebrow, not giving up on him.

Right when he was about to open his mouth to say something, the timer went off in the kitchen.

“That would be the nuggets.” I stated, getting up. “Hold that thought, I will be right back.”

I grabbed the tray of nuggets out of the oven and placed it on the counter. I then turned it off.

“Alright. Speak.” I said, sitting back down on the couch.


“Come on Dylan, I’m worried about you.”

“I’m sorry.” Dylan sighed. “It’s just.. I’ve been playing an evil character for so long that it feels like he’s becoming apart of me. I feel like…like I’m starting to develope this void.” He confessed.

I looked at him lovingly. Dylan is such a good person that he’s worried about changing.

“He’s a character Dylan.” I said. “I know it feels like a lot to handle right now, but it’ll pass. I promise. That’s all apart of being an incredible actor. You take a little a bit of your character with you.”

Dylan turned around and looked at me. I smiled at him.

“Just the fact that you’re scared of feeling void, means that it’s not there. People who are void are empty and numb. And last time I remember, you cried watching How To Train Your Dragon 2.”

Dylan laughed and it was music to my ears.

“Thank you.” He said, locking his eyes with mine.

I just leaned closer to him and placed a kiss on his lips. Dylan instinctively put his hands on either sides of my cheeks and deepened the kiss.

He swept his tongue across my bottom lip and I opened my mouth for him. His tongue immedietly found mine.

I climbed on top of him and was now in a straddling position. I could feel his already hard member against me. Dylan’s hands were gripping my waist while mine played with his hair.

Dylan pulled away to breathe, but I didn’t stop. I trailed wet kisses from his neck towards his jawline and sucked on his sweet spot.

Dylan pulled my mouth back on his and started to remove my shirt. I broke the kiss for a breif second so he can pull the shirt over my head. He then did the same.

Dylan unclasped my bra and took it off, throwing it on the other side of the couch. Dylan’s hands went directly to knead my breasts and my breathing increased.

I grinded against him and Dylan moaned. I smiled to myself and reached over to unbuckle his belt. Dylan just watched me as I did so. After opening his pants I got off of him to remove them.

When I did, I kneeled in front of him and leaned down. I took Dylan into my mouth and swirled my tongue around his tip.

Dylan’s hands went on my neck and he started to buck his hips. I laughed, causing vibrations and he moaned. I picked up my speed and Dylan squirmed under me. I hummed and took more of him in my mouth. He moaned even louder and throbbed in my mouth. I can tell he’s close.

Finally, Dylan bucked his hips, stiffened and came. His hot liquid went down my throat and I swallowed.

I looked at Dylan and his eyes were shut, with his head leaning on the couch as he breathed heavily.

I chuckled and kissed him on the lips. I went back to straddling him and grinded on him. Dylan reached down and slipped his hand inside my underwear. His finger found my special nub and rubbed circles on it. I broke the kiss to lean my head back and moan. I could feel Dylan get hard again.

He went faster and faster and I gripped onto his biceps.

“Stop.” I breathed, when I felt myself get close.

“Did I do something wrong?” He asked, out of breath. I just shook my head as I got off of him and removed my shorts and underwear.

Dylan understood where I was getting at and proceeded to pump himself a little.

I positioned myself over him and slowly slid down. Dylan’s width stretching me, causing moans to escape my lips.

After waiting a bit to adjust, I started to slowly bounce on him. Dylan moaned and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. I got a hold of his shoulders and went faster. Dylan’s hands were on my waist to help guide me and pick up my speed.

Dylan would buck his hips everytime I slammed on him, causing me to scream.

Dylan was throbbing inside of me and I could feel myself tighten around him. Dylan screamed as I came and then he stiffened and released his hot liquid inside me. I didn’t stop bouncing until both of our orgasms had completely finished.

Dylan and I stayed there, staring at each other and gasping for air.

“Thank you.” He breathed.

“You don’t have to thank me for having sex with you.” I chuckled.

Dylan’s hand went up to my cheek and carressed it with his thumb.

“I’m not just thanking you for that. I want to thank you for always being there and never giving up on me.”

I smiled at him.

“Do you know why I’m not actually void?” He asked.


“Because you fill me up.” He said proudly, with an adorable smile on his face.

All I could do was give him a passionate kiss.

“You know those chicken nuggets are probably getting cold.” Dylan stated, pulling away.

I laughed.

“Go ahead.” I said getting off of him and sitting on the couch.

“Love you.” He said, shooting up and sprinting towards the kitchen.

He was still naked so everything just bounced and I couldn’t stop having a fit of laughter.

“Love you too.” I managed to say, through the tears running down my cheeks.

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WHIPPLEFILTER, give me a headcanon of yours on how Lightning makes Sally feel better when she is having a tough day <3

After Radiator Spring’s first-ever running of the tractors event, Sally discovered that one of their out-of-towners had made off with his Cozy Cone alarm clock. Sally was understandably upset, given that you can’t just go out and buy another one, especially not if you live in Radiator Springs. 

First, Lightning panicked, because Sally was sad and Sally’s the one who showed him how to be comforting in the first place, and he figured her own charms and wiles probably wouldn’t work if she was the one who was upset…

After taking a moment to regroup and focus on the dilemma at hand, he devised a three-prong plan:

1. He moved the alarm clock in his and Sally’s garage to one of the cones, so the motel could regain its symmetry. (When it comes to the Cone, Sally is all about symmetry.) He made sure to wake her up at exactly 7AM every morning, in place of the alarm clock. (And how did HE wake up? Sheer force of panicked will, haha.)

2. He did seriously consider like, hiring a private detective and orchestrating a nation-wide conehunt, but ultimately decided this was a little too high-key, and not the kind of lavish spotlight attention Sally’s really into.

3. So instead, taking a leaf from Mater’s book, he told her a story about hiring a private detective and orchestrating a nation-wide conehunt. In this story, it turned out there wasn’t any nefarious visiting tractor-runner–because how sad would it be to have to mistrust future guests? No. This alarm clock was a clock with a vision, and a taste for adventure: He wanted to see the world. It was this long, insane, colorful story that took Lightning’s entire stay in Radiator Springs to tell. 

A few days after Mack and Lighting left for Daytona to start the new racing season, Sally got a Florida postcard in the mail. It wasn’t Lightning’s name at the bottom of the card, though. Instead, it read, “Hi Mom, Doing well. Sorry for not leaving a note. I didn’t know how. Learned how to write while in Kansas. Now in Florida. Next stop Big Bentley! Love, One Happy Clock.”

Sally hung it up by the front desk. When Lightning later discovered this, he got embarrassed, and was just like, “You weren’t supposed to SHOW that to anyone…”

And Sally replied mischievously, “And why would YOU be embarrassed? You didn’t write it!”

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I've been re watching the second season, i came across a question which has not been answered in the next episodes.What or who,jason was hiding in episode 2x03 "My name is trouble". Spencer and Toby find bandages with blood on it when jason throws the garbage in the trash can. Is he helping ian or Melissa to abort the baby ( i know this sounds gross)

We’ll never find out this :( 

They wanted us to think Ian is alive and that Jason was hiding him - but later when they revealed that Ian had been dead for over a week… it was clear that Ian wasn’t in Jason’s house. And it really made sense if it was, because of the blood in the trashcan too. Jason would’ve been helping Ian recover from his wounds from falling off the bellower. But just that one little reveal ruined it all: that Ian was dead for over a week. So who was in the house.. we’ll never ever know. There is no WAY they’ll bring this up again. With 6 episodes left… ugh, it’s just not gonna happen. And that sucks, because it’s obviously something the writers forgot. If they answer things along the way like HTGAWM then we wouldn’t have this issue.

Another annoying this with this show is when they create red herrings - that’s fine; all mystery shows have red herrings - but when the reveal/truth finally comes out and the red herring still make no sense… THAT SUCKS. Red herrings always need to have truth behind it. You can’t just lead us down a path, reveal something totally opposite to what you were leading us down, and forget to explain everything you did down that path we were just on… it’s pathetic.

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also about the german stationary brands, maybe also stores where you can find them, preferably not online? aesthetics is a really big part of me getting motivated for studying and i really want to become better at studying but i can't find any cute stationary in germany anywhere that isn't super expensive and simply not affordable when you are a uni student.

original question: what are your favorite german stationary brands?


I’ll admit that some of my stationery really is more on the expensive side (my parents and I share a lot of these things because we are all stationery nerds), so I’ll just make a list of everything I know and then indicate how expensive it is! I’ll also make some suggestions down below on where to get cheaper but still aesthetic alternatives. 

These are exclusively German brands but they may be available in other countries too!

  • Faber-Castell (€€)
    • My go-to choice for pencils. They basically never break, they have a great selection of different types (also mechanical ones), and you can also use them for sketching! 
    • I use: Pencil 9000 HB, Mechanical 1345 0,5mm, Polychromos. You can find them in any
  •  Stabilo (€)
    • Heaven of highlighters. I still have ones from four years ago and they still work, so even if they’re on the pricier side, I think they’re definitely worth it! The boxes with several colours are usually cheaper than buying them separately. 
    • Stabilo Boss, Stabilo Boss Pastel
  • Staedtler (€)
    • Their pigment liners are the best ones I know. Smooth in writing, last a long time (even when uncapped for a while), and come in many different tip sizes. 
    • Pigment liner 308, Triplus Fineliners 334
  • Brunnen (€)
    • I used their college notebooks for literally everything in school. They come in every layout and version you can possibly think of! The standard ones have 80 sheets, but there are ones with 160 sheets that have better value for money. 
    • example: college notebook A4 80, A4 160
  •  Lamy (€€€)
    • If you write with any type of pen that has to do with ink, Lamy is a safe choice. They last you for years - I had my Lamy safari for five years in school and it still works today, though I don’t use it as much. 
    • Lamy Safari, Lamy studio, Lamy logo
  • Leuchtturm1917 (€€€)
    • Probably the most studyblr-famous German brand in existence. I use their notebooks as bullet journals and their jottbooks for special projects I’m doing, like as a notebook for an internship. They’re of an amazing quality. They also have great calendars. 
    • Notebook A5 
  • Leitz (€€€)
    • Folders, Binders, Organisers. They come in every colour you could wish for, and I only ever broke one so far. 
    • Leitz style folders

Where to find all this stuff irl: 

  • All of these things should be available in any good stationery store. If not, they can for sure order them for you!
  • Places like Thalia, Hugendubel, and Karstadt often have good offers, especially now during the back to school season. As far as I know Thalia also offers Payback points for every purchase.
  • If you want to save money, go for no-name brands  - especially with folders and binders, notebooks, ink refills, flashcards etc. There is next to no difference in quality or aesthetic. Lidl and Aldi sometimes have surprisingly lovely college notebooks and envelopes and that sort of thing! They’re also great for scissors, glue, correction fluid and all that crap. 
  • If you want to buy in bulk, consider places like Metro (if you have access to it), Kaufland, but also Amazon (where you often get better offers if you buy a lot of something). Otto Office and Viking are also possibilities especially for bulk purchases.
  • I would invest a little more in things you need very often - a good fountain pen for example will pay off in the long run, as well as a good and reliable calculator. 
  • Independent bookstores often have a small stationery section with lesser known brands that make really cute designs! 
  • One of my best friend only ever had plain black notebooks and made her own designs on them with correction fluid. They looked awesome. If you want special designs on a notebook etc, you can channel your creative side and make it yourself! :)

I hope this helped! Good luck in uni :) 

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Hey! I know you've probably got stuff on but if you ever felt like adding to I am hockey (and so can you) I'd really appreciate a post on the playoffs. Atm I have NO idea what is going on :/ 1 minute this is the most important game next thing you know they're playing again??? I come from a bg of A(ussie)FL and once you lose against the team your playing against, you go out and get drunk bc your season's over. So yeah. I am VERY confused. If you just want to Reply, that's fine 😊 (I'm an edm fan)

oh man, a whole post on how seeding works would take a million years, but this is the basics: there are four rounds, the very creatively named rounds 1 &2, the conference finals, and the stanley cup finals. in each round, teams play to the best of 7. in the first round, 8 teams from each conference start off (so, 4 matchups total). 

right now these matchups are:

eastern conference

leafs v caps
pens v jackets
habs v rangers
sens v bruins

western conference

ducks v flames
oilers v sharks
hawks v preds
wild v blues

in the second round, the winners play each other, also to the best of 7. in the conference finals, the two teams still standing from each conference play each other. the winners of the conference finals go on to the stanley cup finals, and whoever wins that wins it all and gets a shiny new boyfriend (or, in my case, keeps their shiny old boyfriend, because he loves us the most and we’ve built a life together over the course of the last year).

hope that helped! no offense but i hope your team loses and mine repeats.

You know what I want? I want a ballet based on the myth of Hades and Persephone. The seasons are highly emphasized in classical ballets, so it would be perfect. It could be in four acts, one for each season, with summer first. Demeter and the nymphs are out with Kore, picking flowers and all that, and it finishes with the abduction after she plucks the narcissus.
The second act is autumn, and the first scene focuses on Demeter beginning her quest among the gods to find her daughter. The next scene is in the Underworld, and Persephone takes on her new name once she meets Hades.
Next is winter, and it could begin with a scene with a large number of corps dancers as the newly deceased, and we discover that Demeter is neglecting the earth in her quest, and the act ends with Hermes being sent to retrieve Persephone.
The last act, spring, takes place in the Underworld, and Persephone has mixed feelings about leaving. She and Hades dance an awesome Pas de Deux with the pomegranate, and she is left alone onstage, and eats the six seeds. Hermes and Demeter arrive to retrieve Persephone, until Demeter sees the pomegranate juice on her daughter’s lips. Persephone herself decides on splitting the year in half, and the ballet ends with one final dance between Hades and Persephone until she leaves with Demeter.
I just want Persephone to have a stronger role in her only famous myth, choosing for herself and getting her own ideas, and I want pretty Vivaldi inspired music and beautiful sets and costumes.

It’s been a little over week since the OUAT Season Finale and…

  • I’m still quite happy with how my characters ended. Rumple made the right choices (again) and didn’t get karmically smacked down for them this time. The journey to the Rumbelle happy ending (beginning) may not make any sense, but I’ll take it. I don’t have to worry about them anymore and we got a dance and a kiss and a baby and dinner with the family. It’s all good.
  • My finale happiness might have something to do with the bit where I haven’t watched a good portion of the last two seasons. It probably helps that I didn’t see many of the plot holes, nonsensical arcs, and ooc behavior.
  • I thinking about when I would have checked out of the show if I wasn’t in the fandom. I’m thinking probably mid-5a, which is when I stopped watching live and started skipping scenes/episodes. However, it’s possible I would have picked it up again with HHH and then 100% dropped it in 6a. I despise 6a. But I enjoyed 6b, so there you go!
  • On that note, OUAT is done for me. They wrapped it up and next season is a new show with the same name. I’ll be checking it out simply because Rumple will be there (and I know I’ll want to gif him), but I’m not feeling any emotional connection.
  • And a question: What is so angry making about characters you don’t like getting a happy ending in the finale??? There are characters I can’t stand with their happy endings at the dinner table, but so what, I’m happy about my characters. Is it that people convinced themselves the characters they hate were going to be the Big Bads and finally die in the last season? I avoid A&E’s interviews, but they’ve been real consistent about how their plan was to give their main villains (esp Regina) their happy endings.