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On Oak’s Forced Leave

Hi friends. I know we’re all super pissed about Oak being asked to leave Great Comet to make room for Mandy Patinkin (I am too. Like I was looking forward to seeing him for months, and now I can’t) but I’m seeing a lot of posts on here that include some info that is just wrong, and wanted to clarify them. So here.

1.) Oak being dismissed had nothing to do with race. Let me explain, because I know that it 100% looks like it does, but it really doesn’t. Oak, while having a lot of fans in the Broadway community, is a total unknown outside of it. Mandy Patinkin is famous in film, television, and theatre (I mean, he was Inigo Montoya). While they are replacing a black actor with a white actor, that’s immaterial. What they’re really doing is replacing someone who won’t sell tickets (at least, extra tickets) with a celebrity who will (at premium prices). Is that better? Not really. But it’s an important distinction that a lot of people haven’t been making. 

2.) He did not have “a week and a half” to sell tickets. I keep seeing this point, and it’s confused me greatly. Oak has been announced to take over Pierre since February. That was about five months ago. Any pre-sale that was going to happen would’ve already happened by now, and obviously same day sales weren’t good. They were expecting Oak to be a draw, but he wasn’t. Not Oak’s fault, but it’s just a fact. 

3.) They’re not blaming Oak for not selling tickets. A continuation of the second point, no one is putting the success of the show on Oak’s shoulders (if anything, they’re putting it on Ingrid’s). However, they found someone who could make the show more successful, and he happens to be taking over Oak’s role. This does not mean that Oak was unsatisfactory in any way, shape, or form, and no one is trying to imply that. 

4.) This is not the first time Great Comet has done this. Brittain Ashford was asked to go on vacation to make room for Ingrid Michaelson, for the exact same reason that Oak is ending his run early, and no one batted an eyelash. The only difference is that Brittain is coming back when Ingrid leaves, while most people in the business are pretty sure they have another celebrity lined up for Pierre, hence Mandy only performing for three weeks. 

5.) He’s still getting paid. Just like Brittain, Oak is going to be fully compensated for the time he’s off. That doesn’t make things better, but please don’t think they’re just throwing him out on the street or something.  

6.) What About Denée, Amber, Nick, Blaine, Azudi, Shoba, Paul, Summaya, Lulu, Andrew, Brandt, and Heath? If you’re wondering who those people are, they’re the other PoC in the cast of Great Comet, which has won multiple awards for its commitment to diversity this season. To further break those numbers down: four of them (Denée, Amber, Nick, and Paul) are in lead/supporting roles (out of a total of ten), one of which, Natasha, is the absolute archetype of “white Russian princess.” Not to mention that one of Natasha’s understudies, Shoba Narayan, is literally the only actress of Indian descent (that I know of) on Broadway right now. The Comet team has gone to great lengths to make their show as diverse as possible (they literally have their swings learn both “male” and “female” roles, and you can see same-sex couples at multiple points during the show, and it has a largely female creative team), and frankly it’s a little bit insulting to see people acting like Great Comet only casts PoC “when it’s convenient for them.” 

7.) It was not Dave Malloy, Mandy Patinkin, or Rachel Chavkin’s fault this happened. I’ve seen people attacking Dave and Rachel for allowing Oak to be replaced, and Mandy himself for replacing him. Not okay. If you want to blame anyone, blame the producers. Dave and Rachel have literally no say beyond: “Yeah. We’d love Mandy to be in it. Not sure when, though.” and Mandy just gave them the times he was free between shooting the next season of Homeland, and it happened to be the last three weeks of Oak’s run. 

8.) This is all about making money. Broadway shows aren’t cheap to run in general, but a show like Comet is an absolute beast. 30+ cast members, a huge band, a giant crew, etc. Their weekly running costs are probably somewhere in the range of 700k-800k a week. Since Josh left, they’ve been making ~900k a week, which is fine, if they want to be in debt for the next ten years. Comet had a huge amount of money put into it, and the people running it are definitely feeling pressure from investors to pay it back. This means they have to stick a celeb in every once in a while. 

9.) I still don’t think it’s okay. This all being said, I think it was an absolutely shitty move on the producers’ part (they could’ve handled it a lot better) and am livid. (Though, I do have to admit I love Mandy Patinkin. I just wish he came at a different time.)  But while I’m angry, I think it’s important not to make this into something it’s not. 

Okay. That’s all. 

Britt Speaks More

I am so incredibly disappointed to find out that Oak is being replaced in The Great Comet. It is disheartening to see that it truly seems that they can’t stand by their more diverse cast and that money seems to be more important than integrity.

I honestly feel that it was a ploy that used Oak’s Hamilton cred to attempt to stay relevant and keep up interest when Josh left. I think there is no doubt about that. The fact that he started late and now they have cut him short when their plans didn’t go as they wanted them to is disgusting. They ignore the praise Oak has received. They ignore all the work Oak put in to learn two instruments, all the songs, and the choreography in a short period of time. They replace him with a well known white actor.

I know this isn’t Mandy’s fault in the slightest, he shouldn’t be blamed for the producer’s decisions. I just think it’s incredibly disrespectful that they won’t even let Oak finish out his contract.

This whole situation leaves an extra bad taste in my mouth after hearing all the things Oak talked about in the Bars Workshop feed. The way he goes about understanding his roles, the effort he puts in, the way he tries to find peace in every situation… His answer for the question about if he thinks this means real change for POC actors rings very true today. He said it hasn’t been long enough to tell if this is real change or something that is just happening right now and will go back to the way it was. This show is proving his point right now.

Things need to change. We have to stand up for POC actors. There is no reason that they should have to work harder to get rolls. There is no reason that their talents should be overlooked just because they aren’t white. There is no reason that they should be afraid to demand change.

This industry is happier to whitewash instead of giving POC actors and actresses the rolls they deserve and it needs to stop. We need to show them how it needs to stop so there can be real change.

All these love triangles made me realize one thing: I need a Dean series, like real bad. Only Dean. Fully dedicated to Dean. All Dean. Everything that has to do with Dean.


Hmh yes, all of it. All of him.

No love triangles now, not at all. Not even to torture you… even if this pretty face is really asking for it. Look at him, he just wants the angst!

Even if he is so freaking adorable smiling. I mean, he’s adorable all the time but I’ll spare him the angst this time.

Whaaaat? Me about to write only fluff? ONLY FLUFF? Oh wow these exams DID mess up with me! Quick someone get my temperature, I must be sick. Alright, there will be action that’s for sure but Dean is going to be a puddle of protectiveness and cuteness. 

Oh and AU of course! I live for that! Bring the AU in!

I’m between detective and boss Dean. But there is also neighbor Dean there too and so many other versions if I look into it.

The Originals season 5

You know what I find most disturbing about the fan service forced KLAROLINE ship now polluting The Originals? Not just the fact that this abusive, toxic, manipulative pairing is being forced into the plot, how Klaus not only tried to murder Caroline a few times, destroyed her relationship to Tyler, terrorized her friends, etc etc. Not to mention ruined the lives of people around her and she in turn also belittled him, feared him, told him to get lost but first wanted sex with him… No, not just all that.

What is must disgusting about this to me is that ANY relationship that’s been abusive should not be supported or placed as OKAY to be in. I don’t care if someone has changed ( to a point ), it still happened. This is a sad and terrible example to be pushing at the young viewers - to say it’s okay her/his boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse beats them, then forgive him/her and be with him anyway. Forgiveness can be found, but move on. It is never healthy to stay with an abuser.

Another thing is she’s basically supporting bullying. Have we forgotten what these trolls did? Harassing the actors and even going so far as to tell actress Leah Pipes to die of cancer?
That shouldn’t be reward by giving them what they want. All that’s doing is bending over backwards like a spineless coward to give these psychopaths what they want. Being the nastiest, loudest cry babies shouldn’t be rewarded. If anything, people like these for any ship should have their ‘ship’ sank just for their ill behavior.

Julie Plec as a writer disgusts me. Any writer who caters to such ill fandom and supports abuse and bullying is a poor excuse of a person in general.

This is not solely anti-klaroline. I don’t bash “ships” to support another regardless of favorites. This goes for any fandom, show movie, etc. ABUSE and BULLYING is NOT OKAY.

You know one of the main reasons I love Phoenix Wright so much? He is so… uncool. Especially for a video game protagonist. 

No one looks at Phoenix Wright and goes “yeah that guy looks like a badass, now I want to play that game”. 

But even though he’s so uncool and normal and like, he’s just a guy, he’s still the hero of the game. He still pulls it off somehow without needing to be Mr. Cool Guy Protag. 

I love him. 😭

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As much as I like destiel, do you want to know what's even funnier? The idea that Sam has wrongly thought that they're a couple for the last five years and they're not. Sam, who's gone through being moody and fed up with it and now just accepts that his repressed brother will just never confide in him. Who discretely gives them their private time. When, years later, the two idiots finally realize their in love Sam's rolling his eyes at how they "fakely" pretend it's all new.

Omg I love this. I seriously love the “Sam Knows” trope because….well, Sam knows. Sam knows his brother and KNOWS he’s in love with Cas and it’s glorious.

urg, just every rewatch brings up new stuff. So much meta on Dean projecting on to Sam and repressing the things he wants for himself.

3x10: Dean faces ‘himself’:

Dream Dean: Joke all you want, smart-ass. But you can’t lie to me. I know the truth. I know how you look into a mirror… and hate what you see. (…)  What are the things that you want? What are the things that you dream?


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Sam turns around, almost looking at him. 
Sam: No. No. Dude, it doesn’t matter. 
Dean: Whatever. 
Sam: (to himself) Whatever.

They both know. Urgh.

EXO Reaction to them liking a boy

Enjoy lovelies! Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Will be like super protective of his boy* “No one touches my boy… you are not even allowed to shower with him now!”


“Why do you think I always look so nice? Even when I go to bed… because I want to impress you… I want to catch your eye… be everything you dream of” *I’m sorry but I’m a SuRis fan xD*


“I guess.. it’s time for me to finally tell Hyung how I feel… I’m sure he likes me… I think he told me once..” *Flies to China that day xD because you know… LU*


*He would ask for the boys’ advice on to how to get the boy he likes* “You guys know him, know what he likes… please help me in this.. please”


“Look how my Kyungy is… how pretty my boy… ahh I love him” *Seriously, he would just say it. Nothing to hide here*


*He would be pretty nervous at the beginning because you guys know how self conscious he is but that wouldn’t stop him. He would still go after the boy he likes. Even if he has to compete with Sehun for him xD* 


*Like he would go from the dorkiest person alive to the sweeties cutie pie in three seconds* “Yes Channie… everything you say. I’ll follow you to the end of the world”


*He would be so open about it. Like if he likes someone, he will make sure the whole knows about it*


“I’m in love, I’m in love… and he is my best friend~ and he likes me back~ lalalala~” *Honestly he would be the same dork but in love*


*If this boy is shy by nature, he would probably be even more. Like he would be so afraid of the boy he likes not liking him back or something* “Please accept my feelings, my heart is yours. Only yours” (ugh ily so much bby)


*No chill* “What? What’s wrong? We can show our love here, let’s show them how much we love each other” *Yeah but don’t be dirty boy, or maybe a little I don’t mind xD*


*Mama would have a serious talk with the boys introducing their father, whom they already knew btw* “SO yes boys… We are finally getting married. After five years, many fanfics, shippers, drama…. he’s officially your dad” *:3*

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Meeting Him: Part 2

Request: “Hi can do you a Harry Hook imagine where the reader comes to save Mal , and Harry and her end up together. Thank you so much I love your reading ❤️”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

A/N: This will be a part 2 of one of the imagines I already wrote since you all wanted it😘 

The first part is right here: Meeting Him: Part 1

Warnings: None

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The gang had finally arrived, “Welcome.” Harry said extending his arms out. His acting was amazing right now. You were starting to believe he really was a villain although he wasn’t.

“Sorry about this guys but we have to make it believable that you know I’m a bad guy too.” Harry rolled his eyes.

“We understand.” Ben said.

“Yeah just don’t put us too close to the end of the plank I’m kinda scared of heights.” You confessed.

“Don’t worry I won’t.” Harry reassured.

He held you and Ben as he brought both of you towards the plank. Harry could tell you were really nervous because he whispered something in your ear quietly so no one else could hear.

“Don’t worry I won’t let you fall.” He said and you nodded.

“Okay I believe you.” You replied.

Time skip after the girls had sung their song the sword fight went down. Let’s just say you kicked ass. You did flips, cartwheels and plenty of those skills on the pirates that were a part of Uma’s crew. You were doing amazing as Harry noticed until you got cornered by a pirate.

The guy swung his sword at you, you tried to dodge past it but it grazed your arm leaving a painful cut. You grabbed your arm in pain, you waited to be most likely stabbed multiple times but it didn’t happen. Harry and the pirate had their swords connected.

“Go go go.” Harry said.

You stood up as quickly as you could and moved to the side. Harry kicked the pirate overboard causing him to land in the water.

“Come on Y/N and Harry let’s go.” Evie yelled out.

You noticed Jay, Mal, Carlos, Lonnie and her were waiting on the other side for you. Harry nodded at you and you were about to go with Harry across the bridge until Uma spoke up.

“Harry if you leave you will be dead to me I will never forgive you if you go with them.” Uma threatened.

“Go ahead I don’t mind I’d rather be at Auradon knowing you hate me then be here in this horrible place. I’m done being your puppet and your servant Uma I’m out of here.” Harry said.

“Come on let’s go hurry.” You said.

Harry grabbed your hand and you both ran together to the tunnel with the rest of the gang. Uma was about to go too but Mal kicked the platform causing anyone to stay stuck that was on the other side.

You all ran to the limo, you were still grabbing your arm in pain.

“Guys make space Y/N got cut with a sword.” Mal said.

“Y/N are you okay?” Jay asked.

“It hurts a lot but yeah I’m fine.” You said gritting your teeth.

“Hurry everyone get in the limo Y/N losing blood we need to get her back to Auradon as soon as possible.” Ben said

Everyone got into the limo right away after putting their swords in the trunk of the limo. Once everyone was inside the limo sped off.

“We’re happy to have you Harry just try not to cause too much trouble.” Ben laughed.

“Don’t worry I won’t I have Y/N to control me.” Harry winked causing you to giggle.

You looked down at your arm and noticed the fact that it was getting worse more and more blood seeped out of your wound.

“Shit it’s getting worse.” You said. Blood dripped out of your hand like a river.

“And so are you honey you’re incredibly pale.” Evie said worried.

“Hurry up please!” Mal exclaimed at Jay who was driving in front with Lonnie.

“I’m going as fast as I can.” Jay replied back.

“I’m getting tired.” You said weakly.

“No no no Y/N stay with us come on.” Harry said as you slumped in his arms.

“Keep your eyes open.” Carlos said.

“I can’t it’s getting harder.” You said before you completely blacked out.

(Comment for a Part 3)

Requests are closed so please do not send me requests! I am trying to get done the ones that have been requested. Numerous people keep sending me requests after I have made it clear that they are closed and I’m starting to get annoyed. So please do not send me requests because if you do I will delete them! I will let you all know when requests open again.

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Do you think Sam still loves shippers?

Maybe somewhere in the back of his mind. Honestly I don’t really blame him if he doesn’t. He’s had misinformation shoved down his throat for over a year now. He doesn’t have time to keep up with everything that happens so he has to rely on snippets of information and when those snippets are coming from people who are biased and who hate us, what is he expected to think? 

I remember last July when we had that conversation with him about what was going on in the fandom and he seemed genuinely interested in patching things up with us. He wouldn’t have bothered replying if he wasn’t worried about hurting our feelings and if he truly hated us. I tweeted him during that conversation and said that I know he’s in a difficult position and that none of us wanted this to happen. He liked it which tells me he agreed with it. Obviously things are different now and it’s been a long time since he’s acknowledged our existence in a positive way but I still have hope that he knows we’re coming from a good place and that the things certain people say about us aren’t true.

This theory post is part of the problem

Just a theory, not an OMG THIS WILL DEFFO HAPPEN. Cos it won’t. I just had an idea of what COULD happen that I wanted to share cos I’m a fucking sadist and I love you guys :D

So I’ve been thinking.   Instead of ya know… going to FUCKING SLEEP!

Some of us are reaching ‘Anti hype burnout’ and he simply doesn’t care.  He keeps dropping those fucking bombs.  As soon as there’s a “but I’m tired now” post in the tags, BAM another bomb.

What if…

What if he wants this. Exactly this. Wearing us down.  Battle fatigue. 

We turned on him at just a strangled hint that he’d hurt Chase. We turned on him.  On Anti. We called an army and threatened war.

He’s bringing it to us.  All of us.  Whether we turned on him or not.  Hint after hint, until we spot a pattern (like the titles) and it’ll change to make our heads spin. Threat after threat, until we see a pattern (like Zalgo) and it’ll change to make our heads spin. Something’s coming, but we don’t know when.  Soon. Patience. We can’t relax, we’re stressed, we’re burning out.  Bomb after bomb until we’re so battle fatigued and shell-shocked that all our excitement is reduced to dust. We’ll be sick of his very name, even those of us who love him dearly. We’ll be done.  We’ll be over it. 

We’ll be tired.
Worn out.


That’s when he’ll reappear.  When we’re exhausted to the point of resignation. When we hate his very name, he’s going to give us a reason to.  That very thing we fear.  The destruction of EVERYTHING we love.  Every ego. And it will happen largely on camera. He’ll force us to watch, clip by clip, piece by piece, their bodies and their sanity slowly and carefully picked apart, sinew by sinew, thread by thread, bomb by bomb. 

Schneeplestein is the most useful, he’ll fall first, he’s already corrupt, but Anti will let him keep enough of himself to ensure that the tiny, far off, voice of reason in his battered mind understands that what he’s being forced to do to the others is so very, egregiously wrong that it’s bending the very fabric of his screaming sanity past breaking point. 

Jack will hold out the longest. Left sufficiently intact as a useful host. 

Everything we love. 

He’ll give us a reason to fear and loathe him and we won’t save them. We’ll simply watch it happen because we’ll be resigned to it.

He may even set us little challenges to try to save them. Just to see how much fight we have left.  To see how long it takes us to realise that by completing his challenges, by allowing ourselves to be puppets we’re simply drawing out the inevitable. We’re forcing them them suffer longer.  In the end we’ll beg him to end their suffering. We’ll know what that means. We’ll be resigned to it.

He’ll make us kill the ones we love.
Because he’s Anti.  
And we can’t do shit.

okay people talk a lot about jandi and jyrus but not a lot of people really talk about muffy other than to say they’re cute. but what i love about muffy is that marty seems to know what he’s doing. he knows he’s flirting with buffy a little. but with buffy i think it’s funny how the whole season she’s like “what’s a boy ??? i only know COMPETITION” until the season finale when she’s like “oh shit i know what a boy is and this ones kind of okay. i don’t want to crush him and now i don’t know what to do”

Secret Love Song - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 14)

Part 13

When you pulled into his driveway, you typed in the code to open the gate. You drove right on in and quickly parked your car and got out. You ran up to the front door and rang the doorbell. You were all for coming over here to fix things, but now that you were standing in front of his door you were extremely nervous. But he was your boyfriend, you shouldn’t be nervous, right? 

Just as you were about to turn around to leave, the door opened. 

“Y/N?” He asked. “What are you doing here?” 

“I know you didn’t want to be around me tonight, but I need to talk to you about something,” you told him. “I’ll just be here for a little bit and I can leave after, but I just have to tell you something.” 

Harry’s heart sank into his stomach. This was it, this was the moment he had been waiting for since he found the test earlier that day, but now that it was happening, he wished it wasn’t. 

“Yeah, sure, come in,” he said moving out of the way. 

You walked into his house and he shut the door after you walked in. 

“Do you uh-do you want something to drink?” He asked. 

“No, no, I’m fine,” you said. 

He nodded and you walked into the living room and sat down onto the couch. Harry sat over on the chair next to the couch. It was silent for a bit and you knew you were going to have to break it. You were the one who came over here and told him that you needed to talk to him, so you needed to talk. 

“I know why you’re upset with me,” you said. “I know you saw the pregnancy test in my bathroom.” 

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He sighed. “Don’t you think I deserved the right to know assuming that I’m the father.” 

“Wait… What is that supposed to mean?” You said. 

“We haven’t exactly been together all that long,” he said. 

“Okay, I told you that I hadn’t slept with anyone since my ex and that was well over a year ago,” you said. 

“I know, but why else wouldn’t you tell me that you’re pregnant?” He asked. 

“I didn’t tell you because I’m not pregnant,” you said. 

“You’re not?” He asked. 

“No, I’m not,” you said. 

Harry let out a sigh of relief. “You still should have told me that you thought you were pregnant,” he said. 

“But I didn’t…” you sighed. “Let me just start from the beginning. After you left this morning, Jess called me freaking out, so she came over and brought the test for herself because she’s pregnant and she needed a friend. So, the test that was in my bathroom was hers, not mine.” 

“O-oh,” he said. 

“And if I had known you saw that, I would have told you sooner that it wasn’t mine,” you said. 

“Now, I feel like a royal ass,” he sighed. 

“I get why you were freaked out, but why didn’t you just ask me about me it?” You asked. 

“Because I wanted you to tell me if you were pregnant,” he said. “I didn’t want to make you feel pressured into telling me if you weren’t ready.” 

“So, you just decided to push me away?” you sighed sadly. “I thought you wanted to break up with me.” 

Harry got up and sat next to you on the couch. He wrapped his arms around you and sighed. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. 

“You don’t want to break up with me right?” You asked. 

“Of course not,” he said. “I love you.” 

“Then why did you push me away?” You sighed. “I mean I don’t exactly want to be pregnant either, but would it have really been the worst thing if I was.” 

“It wouldn’t be the worst thing, but it wouldn’t be the best thing either,” he said. “We’ve only been together for a few months and we’re both really young. Plus, I really want to focus on my career right now and as much as I do want kids one day, I don’t want them before I’m ready.” 

“I completely agree,” you said. 

“I didn’t mean to push you away,” he whispered. “I just had a lot going though my mind and it’s still no excuse for what I did or how I acted…” 

“I sort of understand it,” you said. “But next time, if you want to know something, just ask me about it.” 

“I will, I promise,” he said. 

You smiled a bit. “Well, I guess I better go now,” you said standing up. 

“You don’t have too,” he said quickly. 

“Are you sure?” You asked. “I thought you wanted to be alone.” 

“I changed my mind,” he smiled. “Unless you don’t want to stay.” 

“No, I do,” you smiled. 

Harry smiled wrapping his arms around you. “I really am sorry about how I acted, I felt horrible and I’ve missed you like crazy.” 

You laughed. “You did?” 

“I always miss you when I’m not with you,” he smiled. 

“Well, then I guess I better stay then,” you joked.

Harry laughed and pulled you onto his lap after he sat back onto the couch. 

“So, Jess is pregnant?” He asked. 

You nodded. “Yeah, I know you won’t say anything, but please don’t. She doesn’t want a lot of people knowing just yet.” 

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” he said. “That’s something that she needs to tell everyone.” 

“She’s so scared though,” you whispered. “Mostly because of who the father is because they used to date, but it turned into more of friends with benefits type of situation.” 

“Oh, wow,” he said. 

“Yeah, she’s not sure how he’s going to take the news,” you said. 

“Well, if he was a real man and really cared for her, he would step up and help her with the baby if that’s what she chooses,” he said. 

“You’d think, but you never know,” you said. 

“If it were you, I wouldn’t leave,” he whispered. 

“I know,” you smiled kissing him quickly. “But we don’t have to worry about that because it’s not me.” 

“It could one day, if we’re not careful,” he stated. 

“It could, yes, I mean anytime we have sex there’s a possibility, but I’m on the pill and I take it everyday at the same time and we use condoms every time, so we’re taking all the right precautions,” you said. “So, yeah it could happen, but the chances are very slim. Unless, you just don’t want to have sex for awhile…” 

“I never said that,” he said quickly making you laugh. 

“I know you didn’t, but those are our only options. Either we have sex and take the small chance of me getting pregnant or we just don’t have sex,” you said. 

“I don’t exactly prefer the latter,” he laughed. “You’re too irresistible.” 

“Apparently I was this afternoon, when you weren’t in the mood,” you pointed out. 

“Only because I was freaking out,” he admitted. 

“Are you trying to say you’d like to take me up on my previous offer?” You smirked. 

He laughed. “Maybe later, but right now I think we should order in some dinner and just spend some time together,” he said. 

“I’d like that,” you smiled leaning into kiss him. 


The next morning, you woke up before Harry and made some coffee. You grabbed his laptop and logged onto your blog and finished up some posts that you had been working on. You were so into writing, you didn’t hear your boyfriend walking into the room. 

Harry wrapped his arm around your shoulders and kissed your forehead. “Morning,” he whispered. 

“Morning,” you smiled. 

“What are you working on?” He asked. 

“Oh, just a few posts for my website,” you said. “I’m reviewing some products.”

“Do you enjoy working on it?” He asked. 

“I do, yeah,” you smiled. 

“Better than when you worked at the magazine?” He asked. 

“Yes and no,” you said. “I enjoy being able to write what I want and feel without someone saying I shouldn’t and I love that I can work from anywhere, but I do miss the whole getting a paycheck every two weeks.” 

“But you are getting paid though right?” He asked. 

“A little yeah,” you nodded. “Companies are reaching out to be to review their products for some profit and then I’ve been working with another website who pay me for every post I contribute to their site, but it’s not the same amount of I was getting at the magazine. I have quite a bit saved up, so I’m not struggling to pay my bills just yet, but I know that saving’s isn’t going to last forever.” 

“I’m sorry,” he sighed. 

“Why are you sorry?” You asked confused. 

“Because I feel like this is mostly my fault,” he sighed. “Being with you, put you in the situation with your job and I’m the one who essentially pushed you quit your job.

You clicked save on your post and closed the laptop. You looked back at Harry and sighed. “We both know that’s not entirely true. I was unhappy working there and yes being with you, put me in a bit of a bind, but we both know I was either going to have to choose you or my job. I don’t regret choosing you.” 

He smiled leaning his forehead against you. “I love you.” 

“I love you too,” you smiled putting your hands on his cheeks. 

“And remember, if you need anything, let me know,” he whispered. 

“I know,” you smiled. “I could use some breakfast right about now…” 

He laughed. “Coming right up,” he smiled giving you a quick kiss before going into the kitchen. 

You smiled and went back to working. 


Later that day, you and Harry were laying on the couch together, watching a movie. You were laying against Harry his arms wrapped around you. You smiled holding his hands as you watched the movie. In the middle of the movie, you hear snoring and immediately knew it was Harry. You laughed a bit as you turned to look up at him. 

His mouth was opened and his head was back on the pillow as he slept. You turned around and sat up a bit seeing if he would move or wake up, but he didn’t. You giggled as you leaned forward and hovered over him. Still nothing. 

You couldn’t believe he fell asleep like that. Scratch that, you were actually more shocked that he had fallen asleep sooner. Part of you thought it would be best for you to let him sleep, but where would the fun in that be. You reached up and grabbed his nose causing him start coughing and wake up. 

“W-What’s going on?” he said sitting up. 

“You were snoring,” you said. 

“I don’t snore,” he defended. 

“Babe, you do,” you laughed. 

He crossed his arms shaking his head. “No, I do not.” 

“Yes, you do,” you laughed. “You’re so loud I couldn’t even hear the movie.” 

“I’m tired,” he whined. 

“Then go up to bed,” you laughed. 

“I don’t want to go by myself,” he said. 

“But I’m not tired,” you said. 

He shrugged. “We don’t have to sleep just yet…” he smirked. 

“I thought you were tired,” you pointed out. 

“Well, now that you woke me up, I can stay up for a bit,” he smirked. 

“Perfect, we can finish the movie,” you said turning back to face the TV. 

“That’s not exactly what I had in mind,” he mumbled. 

“Aww, you’ll be okay,” you giggled leaning against him again. 

“Yeah, but you being half naked doesn’t help my situation,” he mumbled. 

“I’d gladly put a shirt on,” you giggled. 

“I’d rather you didn’t,” he smirked kissing your neck and wrapping his arms around you. 

“Are you trying to seduce me?” you laughed. 

“We both know I don’t have to try very hard,” he smirked. 

You rolled your eyes. 

“Don’t do that. It’s true,” he said kissing down your shoulder. 

“I’m watching a movie,” you said pointing to the TV. 

“One that you’ve seen countless of times,” he whispered. 

“So, I still wanna finish it,” you smirked. 

“Nobody’s stopping you,” he said. 

“You’re distracting,” you laughed. 

“I’m not doing anything,” he smirked innocently. 

“Uh huh, sure,” you said turning around to face him. 

“Hm, seems like its working,” he whispered leaving kisses along your chest and pushing you back against the couch. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you mumbled as you felt his lips making their way down. 

“Are you sure?” He smirked when you let out a moan. “Cause I think you do.” 

“Shut up,” you mumbled pulling him up to you for a kiss. 

He smirked as he kissed you back wrapping his arms around you while the movie still played in the background, completely forgotten. 

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I can totally see Emma kicking Killian's ass at boxing, and him totally loving it!. 🔥 Damnit now i kinda want it.

girl same. wait. u know what.


Now I keep thinking of that moment in 508 where Killian tells Henry, “I gave him my left hook,” which of course was a play on words because, well, hook, but it also means that he knows what a “left hook” is. It’s a boxing term.

So it’s actually ENTIRELY REASONABLE to assume that Emma has taught Killian about boxing and maybe even sparred a little. Considering her greasy diet and fab body, I’d assume she’d have to work out pretty regularly. Storybrooke’s gotta have a gym somewhere.

Plus it’s Emma, she’s gotta let off steam somehow. And now… she can do it with Hook. And then do it with Hook. ;)

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If I may ask, what is this "little theory" of yours that you said may be coming true?

(the question comes from my tags on this post

I’m really sorry for the delay, anon! I was going to answer this but then sth happened and I couldn’t concentrate so now here I am:

Well, it’s not a theory per se, more of headcanon maybe ??

I was discussing Kuro with my boyfriend around the time of the filler chapters (aka, the idols) and even though he doesn’t read it, he told me that it was odd for him how our!Ciel wanted to have great power and become an Earl with everything that such a nobility title involves. His reasoning was that if you have the chance Ciel had, you’d wish for more than you ever had, not for the exact same, you know? And so, he thought that maybe Ciel wasn’t actually a Phantomhive, but just a regular kid who came across this opportunity to be a nobleman. 

Now, I was sure that Ciel was indeed a Phantomhive, so I accepted half of his theory because it does make a lot sense! 

So now, with these developments, and considering real!Ciel’s condescending attitude, everything seems to indicate that our!Ciel was ‘’the other one.’’ RCiel was the future earl, he was to marry Elizabeth, he was the strong, healthy and cheerful one, while OCiel was kinda the forgotten one. That’s why that night he made the contract, he asked to have everything that may have been denied to him in the past, and it’s totally understandable. Maybe he just wanted to know how it was to be like his brother, the one to have it all and be appreciated by everyone.

So now I think that moments like this:

or this:

must’ve really hurt our!Ciel, you know?

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Can you do a Roman Bürki smut after when he came back from from his training ?

I hope this is ok! I’ve wanted to write some smut for him for a while now so I hope this is what you had in mind. Please let me know what you think. 


Post Training.

I’d turned over that morning to be faced with Roman sleeping soundly. The sight of him laid, his chest bare and his arms out made me smile.

We’d been dating for several months but as of the last month, he’d asked I stay over a few extra nights a week. Of course I’d said yes without hesitation. I loved being here when he came home from matches or training and he didn’t have any concerns calling me on the way home, telling me to get dressed if I wasn’t already and would take me out.

He loved being in my company and I loved being in his.

My eyes had flickered over his tattoos, over his torso and settled on his face, which was still beautiful in sleep. I watched his chest slowly rise and fall with a happy smile that played on my lips.

“Stop watching me.” He whispered, his lips barely parting. I jumped and this made him smile. “Do you always watch me while I sleep?” He’d asked, one eye open. My stomach had flipped and butterflies had erupted. He truly was gorgeous. From the thick lashes, beautiful brown eyes and soft pink lips. I’d never been a fan of facial hair, preferring a clean-shaven man but with Roman, I couldn’t get enough of him.

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So I’ve  been think about the StarkQuill loosely-based-on-Tangled AU story I wrote about recently, and now the story is stuck in my head, but mostly with Stony flashback scenes. 

Because as hurt and angry as Tony is by his break up with Steve, he loved Steve, and the relationship was really good. 

I just know if I wrote out that entire story there would be constant flashbacks to what Tony and Steve had (often times paralleling moments between Peter and Tony). So as Tony falls for Peter he’ll have this internal conflict where part of him wants to move on, but another part of him just isn’t ready to let Steve go, which causes Tony to feel a lot of resentment toward himself. And that’s only the first part of the internal conflict. 

Tony would also have this inner debate about whether he actually likes Peter or if he’s just lonely and projecting his remaining feelings for Steve onto Peter. He can acknowledge that there is a selfish part of himself that just wants to date someone so he can feel like he’s moved Steve, and he doesn’t want to use Peter like that. 

The biggest issue though? The issues that remains even after Tony has concluded that he really does like Peter? There’s an expiration date on their relationship. Tony knows Peter won’t give up his life in space for him, and Tony can’t repeat what he did with Steve and give up everything for someone else. So why open himself up to love again when he’s just going to be disappointed? 

Rhysand's New Sisters

Do you ever just imagine Rhys silently wanting to care for Feyre’s sisters? Because by marriage they are now his own sisters. A position that has long been empty and a void in his heart. Nesta and Elain could never replace his sister, but at least he finally has a sister again. Do you imagine how hurt Rhys felt when Nesta would snap at him, ignore him, be unkind in anyway towards him or Feyre? That his new sister-in-law wanted nothing to do with him after she was first turned and Elain was so distant is was like she didn’t even exist anymore? His two new sisters, a family bond he had not had in many, many painful years now filled by Feyre’s through marriage and silently wishing, hoping they would open up to him so he could have his sister again?

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Um... Mom I have this fear of sex and my bf keeps pressuring me into it and he said he'll leave if I don't and I don't really know what to do anymore. I love him so much and I have a fear that our love is one-sided. He was the one who asked me out and begged for me to accept his heart, but now he's trying to blackmail me into sex and I don't feel comfortable with it. Sorry to bother you with my problem, I just don't know what to do plus, I don't want to give up my virginity so early.

Dump him. I’m sorry to be so blunt but if he’s trying to pressure you into sex he is definitely not good for you at all! I know you may feel like you love him but if he doesn’t respect that you don’t want to and is threatening to leave you, he’s a dick.