i want to kiss your cheek

Family Name - Jughead Jones X Blossom!Reader

can you write soemthing where the reader is the youngest blossom and openly dating jughead and no one has actually asked how youre doing since jason disspared/body was descovered, except for jug. and one day reggie makes a comment on how dating a loser wouldnt be what jason wanted and you are litterly ready to fight him. But Cheryl, who hasnt really spoken to you since the body was found, is like i know my brother would want our sister happy

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I’m sorry it’s so short, but I hope you like it anyway!

“How’s today been so far,” Jughead asked, squeezing your hand. You looked up at him and you shot him a soft smile. “Better now,” he let out a breathy laugh and rolled his eyes. You looked down the hallways and when you didn’t see anyone you knew, you leaned up a pressed a kiss to Jughead’s cheek. It wasn’t like you and Jughead were dating in secret, it was just that most of the people that were close to your older siblings didn’t like it. It was those same people, that called themselves your friends, who also seemed to forget that you had lost a brother too, not just Cheryl. The whole football team, who looked up to the Blossom family name when Jason was captain, seemed to have forgotten about the youngest family member. Since your brother’s cold, lifeless corpse had been found, even Cheryl hadn’t spoken to you. Your heart sank with the thought of your sister, because if you were still struggling, who knows how she was fairing.  

“Hey,” Jughead said, stroking your cheek, “where’d you go?” You just shook your head in response. When you looked back up at him, his green eyes were squinted in concern. “I’m okay, really.” He nodded, but you knew he didn’t believe you. “I’m feeling so good, that I want to go to the football game tonight.” He raised his eyebrow at you and you smiled. “Will you come with me,” you asked sweetly, holding both of his hands now. He smiled at you, leaning down to look into your eyes, “of course.” The warning bell rang, signaling to get to your next class. “See you in the lounge after school.” He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, “see you then.” You let got of his hands, walking down the hall to your next class.

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Hiya!! I love your blog and was wondering how would UT Sans, US Papy, and UF Sans react to their s/o giving them little signs of affection during the day? They're only a few minutes away from the house? S/O grabs and holds their hand anyway. They're inside Grillby's waiting for food? S/O gives them a small chaste kiss on the cheek. Just little things to make them flushed and because the S/O wants to tell them they love them in little ways. Sorry if it's long! Thanks so much in advance!!♡♡

Thank you <3

UT!Sans: He really likes it. To him it means that you’re happy being with him and you don’t care what people think of your relationship. He doesn’t mind PDA, as long as there’s not a ton of people around. Kisses kind of flusters him a little, though. But It’s a reminder that you’re there with him. If he’s ever worried about the resets taking you away from him, you holding his hand grounds him. You’re here with him right now. It makes it easier to enjoy the mundane things in life, like walking. 

US!Papyrus: PDA isn’t going to do much to fluster him, sorry hon. But he does appreciate the affection. Showing that he loves you by gestures is his speciality so he likes it when you do the same to him. It always ends up with him flirting with you though. Just to even it out a little. You give him a kiss on the cheek while you’re waiting for food? You’re gonna be a red-cheeked mess when the waiter brings it out. 

UF!Sans: He acts like he’s annoyed by it, but if you stop doing it you’ll find him awkwardly trying to push your hand with his until you take it. Not that he’s embarrassed or shy but he wants you to be the one to take initiative. At least in public. If you two are by yourself he’s basically attached to you one way or the other. Kisses fluster him a little, at least around other unknown people. He also wants to be undistracted in public, just so that he don’t miss any threats. The hand holding is actually very nice, it keeps you close to him. After a while of you doing this he’ll start reciprocate a little. Nothing much, just a quick peck on your shoulder when no ones around. 

Bloody - Jackson (Day 24/100)

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Prompt: Bloody
Member: Jackson x Reader
AU: Gang!AU

Word Count: 822

“Seriously? Again?” you asked, leaning against the doorway with your arms crossed. Jackson was standing outside with a big pout on his face, cradling his left arm with his right.

“Please let me in, Y/N! I’m hurt! See? You’re supposed to make me feel better!” he exclaimed, whining. The crimson liquid could be seen through his white shirt and you sighed while motioning for him to come inside. He grinned happily and gave you a small kiss on your cheek but you just grunted.

“Go to the bathroom! I don’t want blood all over my apartment,” you shouted as Jackson laughed and headed to the sink.

When you had first found out Jackson was in a gang, it had taken a lot to persuade you to stay. He was always coming home bloody and bruised and there were times when you had to re-evaluate what you wanted. But he had somehow always managed to bring you back to him.

You didn’t know what he was like in his gang, but to you he would always be gentle and loving. He was always smiling and lightening up your mood. Both of you had rough pasts, but you found that it was quite easy to talk with him about it. He never judged you and was always supportive of everything you did.

For all of these reasons, you found it impossible to leave him.

“Three years and you’re still coming home with injuries,” you stated, chuckling softly and motioning for Jackson to sit at the edge of the bathtub. You pulled out disinfectant and some clean rags while he began to argue with you.

“Hey! This was a really big fight!” he exclaimed. “I had to defend the gang so I wasn’t going to go easy on anyone.” He looked down at his arm and touched it, wincing a bit.

“I guess they felt the same way,” you sighed, slapping his hand away and walking over to the sink. “Take off your shirt,” you said, while you washed your hands.

“Oooh, I like this part,” Jackson teased, stripping his shirt off while you rolled your eyes. When you turned back around you had to bite your lip from smiling at his figure. You reminded yourself that he was injured, but it didn’t help that he was resting his big arms on his chiseled chest.

“You’re staring again,” Jackson said, suggestively but then breaking out into giggles and immediately ruining whatever mood was being created. You sat down on the side of the tub next to him and put a towel in your lap as you raised your eyebrows.

“Do you want my help or not?” you asked playfully, to which Jackson nodded like a little kid who just got into trouble.

You ignored him and took his hand in your own, gently bringing his arm over your lap and setting it down on the towel. His arm was still wet from when he had run it under the sink, but already a new layer of blood had appeared. Using the wipes, you softly wiped away the excess blood so that you could see the wound clearly.

“It’s not deep, but it covers a large area of the skin” you stated, focusing on the wound. “I don’t think you’ll need stitches but you will need a lot of bandages,” you finished, glancing up at your boyfriend who was looking at you intensely. You instinctively looked away and reached over to grab another wipe.

You wiped his arm once more and rubbed some medicinal cream on it before beginning to bandage it. You could feel Jackson’s eyes on you and you knew that you shouldn’t feel nervous, but for some reason it made your heart beat pick up.

“Stop looking at me like that,” you mumbled, still trying to focus on the bandage you were carefully wrapping around his arm.

“You’re cute when you concentrate like this,” Jackson simply stated causing your cheeks to become faintly pink. You glanced up at him and saw that his gaze was still intensely focused on you so you simply went back to bandaging his arm.

“Is this okay?” you asked, tying the end of the wrap and letting go of Jackson’s hand. He left it on your lap for a few seconds before pulling it back towards him and caressing it.

“It’s too tight,” he bluntly said in a child-like voice. You shook your head and stood up, giving him a small smile and bending down to face him.

“It has to be tight so it’ll heal better, silly” you said, lightly kissing his nose. He pouted at you but you ignored him, cleaning up the bathroom.

This wasn’t the first time he had come home bloody and you knew that it certainly wasn’t going to be the last. But somehow, you thought that it would be okay. As long as you had each other, you could endure anything.

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what do you think jimin would be like as a boyfriend?

i think jimin wouldn’t be an overly romantic boyfriend but definitely one that pays attention to the small details. he’d be attentive and remember tiny things about you that even you might think are irrelevant. he’d also love staring at you doing mundane things like tying your hair back or working on your homework and then he’d smile enough that his eyes crinkle if you caught him staring. although jimin wouldn’t be too into pda except a hand on your waist or a kiss on the cheek, he’d definitely be proud to show you off to his friends and family. if jimin became your boyfriend it’s because he seriously fell in love with you and would want to be with you for a long time like he’s said before “ i want a love story where i will only love one person for a lifetime.” his outlook on love would definitely reflect the way he acts as a boyfriend. also bc of his incredible flexibility, stamina, and those tHIGHS he’d be an amazing lover 

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I was gonna say that I want to hold Caesar's hand, but then I remembered he canonically always has soap covering his hands so uh. I softly pat his cheek.

If you pat his cheek he’s going to want to prolong the moment by catching your hand in his to hold it in place so he can turn his face to press a kiss to the palm of your hand (sorry you can’t escape the soap hands)

I’m not writing to you to tell you what you’ve done wrong. No, I think we moved past that point. Today I’m writing to you to tell you what you deserve.

You deserve to love someone who is ready to get lost in your eyes, who embraces your flaws and your quirks, who laughs at your horrible jokes like I did and who smiles in between kisses. You deserve someone who makes you smile so big that your cheeks hurt, someone who picks up the phone for you in the middle of the night and who’s there to hold the pieces of your world together when you feel like everything around you is falling apart.

And I’m so sorry.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t give you what you wanted and I’m sorry you weren’t what I expected. I know it’s not my fault and I know it’s not yours. Let’s put the blame on something we can’t control like bad timing or too much work or the weather, maybe? Something that makes us feel less responsible for ending something beautiful. Something that makes us remember a wonderful time for exactly what it was: talking deep into the night, stained coffee cups and dancing in the rain.

Even though it ended (not on good terms, either) I just wanted to wish you well. The happiness we had is the happiness you deserve for the rest of your life. I just wanted you to know. And I hope you never forget on nights that are too short and days that are too long for you to remember.

—  an open letter to you
I will be the one who will be right next to you every night. I will be the one you can dance with whenever you want to and I will hold you tight. I will be the one who will wipe all the tears from your cheeks. I will be the one who will watch you whenever you fall asleep. I will be the one who will make your every moment a heavenly bliss. I will be the one that will greet you every morning with a kiss. I will be the one that will guide you until my eyes sore. I will love you a hundred times more than your boyfriend before.
—  E.J. Cenita

one afternoon they’re hanging out at even’s place by the window, and at one point even is like “wait, don’t move” and isak looks at him questionably and even goes to his room and comes back with his drawing pad and a couple of pencils. “this is too good, you have to stand still” and isak shakes his head and says “nope. i’m serious. even, no. the last time you said you wanted me to model for you, you shaped my face like a slice of bread” and even actually laughs at the memory (isak gasping when he saw the drawing, and telling even “that’s it, we’re over” and even apologizing with a kiss on his cheek, telling isak he’d throw away the ridiculous drawing - which he didn’t, it’s still hidden in one of his drawers) and says “you had bread crumbs on the corner of your mouth. the inspiration hit me. i couldn’t resist.” and isak feigns annoyance and even adds “i promise i won’t draw your face like a slice of bread. promise promise.” and isak doesn’t budge, so even quickly kisses him and he repeats the word promise in between quick kisses all over isak’s face until isak can’t help it and he lets out a giggle and says “okay, okay okay. since you promised” 

and they’re facing each other and even tells isak “lean your head against the wall. yeah, like that” and he starts drawing and they keep talking and isak tries not to move but after a while he says “eveeen. my neck is started to hurt” and even is looking down on his pad, concentration in his eyes and a small smile across his lips and he tells isak “it’s okay, you can move now”. the first thing isak does is move toward him like he wants to take a look at the drawing but even quickly hides the pad against his chest “nuh uh, i’m not done yet” 

so they hang out by the window the rest of the afternoon, and even finishes the drawing as they speak about nothing and everything. and then even is done and he gives the pad to isak, with the drawing facing down and isak is like “well, well, i can’t wait to see that” because, well, he doesn’t expect the drawing to be anything serious. but then he looks at it and his heart skips a beat and 

it’s beautiful. it’s isak’s face. a realistic drawing of his face. it’s not the type of drawings even usually draws, isak has never seen even draw something, someone like that. and there’s the way he drew isak. he drew light in his eyes. and isak is a little speechless and his lips are a little parted as he keeps staring at the drawing when even asks “do you like it?” to which isak replies “are you kidding me. even, this is amazing. i don’t know what to say. it’s just. beautiful.” and even is beaming and he says “see, told you i wouldn’t draw your face like a slice of bread. you don’t want me to throw this one out, right?” and isak is quick to reply “if you throw this one out, i’m actually never speaking to you again” and then he asks “can i…keep that one?” even doesn’t say anything, just hands out his hand, asking isak for the drawing pad. and when isak gives it to even, even quickly writes something, and then he removes the drawing from the pad and gives it back to isak, with a note at the bottom that reads: for isak. you look beautiful in this universe

Dating Negan would include :

(Wooowoo!! More dating prompts!! Hope you all like it and it is as requested!! :D PS. I really love this one guys XD Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner)

-Him mentioning to everyone how super hot you are to him

-Him grabbing you by the back of your neck to press his forehead against yours to whisper “I love you”

-Him making you laugh with his comments, behavior and demeanor

-Him and Lucille having your back whenever someone threatens you

-Him just loving to take his time to fuck you hard and good

-You being able to convince him to let himself being tied up and teased during sex

-Him just loving you when you would publicly show your affection for him

-You making his soft and kind side come out whenever you are alone

-Him not ever wanting to be the reason you cry thus him making sure you’re happy being with him

-Sloppy kisses on your cheeks, your lips and your forehead as a way to say good morning

-Intense and competitive ping pong matches, where neither of you easily give up and it sometimes scares the others, especially when you both take off your jackets

-Him not being able to imagine his life without you around to make him laugh or to laugh at him

I spent 218 nights staring at the moon from my bedroom window, listening to music that described exactly the heartbreak I was feeling and wishing some how it would bring me to you. That’s 7 months of feeling completely and utterly broken over you, and the distance between us. But tonight is different. I’m lying in your arms under the same moon, in your little town, the cool breeze making goose bumps on my cheeks that your warm lips kiss away. My mind is so blurred with happiness that I looked right into your brown eyes without hesitation, and said I love you. And you didn’t say it back but that’s not why I said it. I said it because I wanted you to know that on lonely nights when you’re cold and can’t sleep, you miss your family and your dog and your little brother, I’m the one thinking of you. I didn’t say I love you because I wanted to hear it back, I said it because you needed to know.
—  live-lifesimply 

“Hey, bud,” Jack says, hand against the small of Bittle’s back.  Bittle’s cheek is warm and smooth beneath his lips when Jack kisses him.  He smells like flour and sugar and whatever he’s mixing in the bowl on the counter in front of him.

Coming home—home—to him is everything Jack never knew he wanted.

And then Bittle huffs and hip checks him.  “I’m not your bud, pal.”

Jack grins.  “Yeah, well.”  He leans around Bittle to scrap his finger against the upper side of the bowl. Tastes chocolate and pecan.  “I’m not your pal, friend.”

Bittle stops stirring long enough to gape at him, before he shrugs and goes back to the bowl.  “I’m not your friend, amigo.”

“I’m not your amigo, bro.”

“I’m not your bro, bruh.”

Bruh.” Jack leans against the counter, hand on his heart, and pouts.  It makes Bittle laugh, the sound bouncing off the cabinets.  “I’m not your bruh, fiancé.”

“What.”  Bittle blinks at him, eyes wide, spoon suspended.  “I—”

Jack grins, closes what little distance there is between them.  He kisses Bittle soundly, pulling away only when Bittle’s tongue curls against Jack’s bottom lip.  “I win,” he says, and turns on his heel to head to the bedroom to change, Bittle crying foul behind him.

[based on something @marswithghosts and i do all the time because we’re dorks. it was all i could think about when jack called bitty ‘bud.’]

Chubby body appreciation post tho???

Soft bodies are so?? GOOD??
Big tummies are good pillows and good kissing surfaces.
Tummies with stretch marks?? GOSH, YES??? It’s like nature itself is putting down a trail of lightning that says “KISS HERE PLEASE”

And chubby/fat arms though? Can we JUST? Thighs and stomachs get a lot of love (and rightfully deserved) but can we talk about ARMS??
That cute arm chub that I just want to be wrapped up in a hug and a snuggle in? SO PRECIOUS?? 
People with such soft, cuddly arms that there’s lil bumps and stretches from cellulite?? CUTE??

And soft necks? Necks with some squish on them? Very extra kissable?? And squishy cheeks GODDD I WANNA SMOOSH YOUR CUTE CHEEKS KISS ALL OVER YOUR FACE!!! And when people have chubby cheeks and lil dimples?? Or when they have high cheekbones so when their cheeks are chubby they’re VERY prominently chubby?? THIS IS GOOD AND FANTASTIC??

And THIGHS. My god. Thick thighs are never praised enough no matter how hard one tries. Big, soft laps are so perfect for laying your head on! And stretch marks on big thighs? Cute lightning patterns to trail your fingers over or gently kiss when you’re already laying in their lap?? YES!!
Cellulite on thighs is also so so good and cute!! Dimples in cheeks are wonderful and so are dimples in thighs and butts?? CUTE!!!

Hips with squish over them?? GAH!! I CANNOT HANDLE!!! Please be more confident with your hips (if you feel comfortable) because when you are you give me LIFE!!!

Back rolls?? CUTE and very fun to trace hands over and hold onto during snuggles!! Looks very cute all the time! 

Chubby/fat bodies in crop tops and short shorts?? YES!!! CUTE!!!

Chubby/fat bodies in sweat pants and a tshirt? EXTRA SOFTNESS TO THE SOFT CUTIE!!!

Chubby/fat bodies in swimsuits?? VERY CUTE?? Swim trunks and soft belly is very very good!!
One pieces that cling tight to your stomach or ride up your thighs are still cute no matter what anyone says!!
Two pieces? GOOD!!! You look so cute! Don’t feel obligated to cover that adorableness if you don’t wanna!! 

Chubby/fat bodies in lingerie?? SO IMPORTANT TO ME!!! When stomach is tucked into cute underwear it is very very adorable and when there’s chub over low rise underwear it’s also very very cute and endearing!! THIGH HIGHS?? UGH, MY HEART. I KNOW THAT THEY PROBABLY ARE FALLING DOWN CONSTANTLY BUT THANK YOU FOR WEARING THEM YOU’RE DOING US ALL AN AMAZING SERVICE.

In conclusion:
Softness is good
I will kiss you all over
Holding you and feeling handfuls of squish is amazing
I love you

Dear future girlfriend,

I promise to hold your hand through all your hard times, even though it’ll be hard for me to watch you go through it. I’ll love you even when I’m mad at you and I’ll kiss your forehead and listen to your words even when you slurring them, drunk and make no sense. We’ll get into stupid fights over ridiculous things and I’ll be a stubborn asshole but I promise to admit that I’m wrong when I am and hold you when tears are streaming down your cheeks in rivers of sadness, and tell you that it’s going to be okay. I’ll be there for you when you’ve just watched a scary movie and don’t want to sleep alone.. heck, I’ll even watch the movie with you. I’ll be right at the end of the phone for when you want to tell someone how awesome your day was and I’ll be right there when you’re lonely and want someone to cuddle with and watch Netflix. I’ll bring you up breakfast in bed when you’re too tired to move but too hungry to go back to sleep. I’ll be right by your side to remind how beautiful you are to me every single day and when nothing seems to be going right in your life, I’ll be there to give you a long, tight hug. I’ll try my best to make sure that you don’t feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, and even if I’m halfway across the world, I’ll make sure that you feel the weight of my love more. When you fight with one of your parents, I’ll help you sort it out because you take after both of them far too much and if they had not given you life then I would be without you. We’ll go to a train station and get a ticket to a random place and spend the day exploring every corner of that location. I’ll be a sarcastic little shit, and take our banter to a next level, you’ll playfully hit me and I’ll tell you that I love you and steal a kiss before you can say anything else. I’ll fight my way through my shipmates to make sure that I’m one of the first people off of the gangway so I can be one bit closer to you. I’ll skype or facetime you whenever I get the chance, or if none of those are working then a phone call or text will simply have to suffice, but I will make sure that whether I’m out in the Gulf, or in port at Birkenhead or Falmouth, you will know just how much I am in love with you. Whether it’s the best day that you’ve had or your worst, I’ll always be there for you. I promise to love you through it all.

Affection Meme

Send one of these from your muse to mine, or send me a  ➥  for their affections toward yours.  

Fingers in Hair: I will treasure you.
Hand on the Head: I think about you a lot.
Kiss / Touch to Ear: I forgive / forgave you.
Forehead to Forehead: I’m here / understand.
Kiss on or around Eye: I don’t want you to be sad.
Hesitant Touch: You’ve hurt me / I still care for you.
Boop on the Nose: You’re adorable / make me happy.
Kiss on the Cheek / Mouth: I love you / I’ve missed you.
Touching the Chin: I want honesty / things to work out.
Mouth on or near Neck: I want you / want to be with you.
Touching the Neck / Shoulders: I want you to feel good.
Leaning on Shoulder: I need you / your support right now.
Kiss / Hand / Touch over Heart: I want your understanding.
Kiss on the Wrist / Palm: I feel deeply connected to you.
Holding Hands: I want to be reminded of your presence.
Touching Fingers: I want to speak, but lack the words.
Arm around Waist: I want you to be careful / feel safe.
Touch on / Kiss to the Ribs: I regard you reverently.
Hand on Lower Back: I’ll be by your side no matter.
Hands on or near Hips: I feel possessive of you.
Touch to Thigh: I want something more with you.
Head on Lap: I trust you / feel safe with you.
Hand on Knee: I am concerned for you.
Other: Fill in what your muse does / feels!

Imagine your daughter helping Sam to plan your wedding

“What colour dress do you want?” Sam asked, kissing Katie’s cheek as she sat on his lap.

“For the weddin’?” she clarified, and he nodded.

“Mmhm,” he hummed, opening the wedding binder you’d been slowly working on.

Currently, the only thing you’d decided on was venue, so Sam wanted to enlist your daughters help to speed things along.

“What colour is Mommy’s?”

Sam laughed slightly. 

“Mommy’s will be white, sweetie,” he reminded her, and Katie nodded.

“I like lellow,” she told her father, while pointing at the page in front of her.

There was a floral arrangement that you’d liked as a bouquet, some of the flowers a beautiful pastel yellow colour.

“That’s super pretty,” Sam agreed, one arm wrapping around her waist and resting his chin atop her head. “I think that’d be beautiful.”

You walked into the room, grinning at the sight of the two people you loved more than anything in the world chatting away about your wedding.

“Mommy!” Katie grinned, reaching a hand out to you.

“Hey, Katie Cat,” you smiled, handing her the bowl of fruit you’d prepared as a snack and moving the binder out of the ‘splash zone’ from the orange.

“Kate wants a yellow dress,” Sam told you as you leaned across to kiss him softly.

“That’d be beautiful,” you agreed. “My little maid of honour in a pretty yellow dress, I like it.”

Your daughter grinned around a mouthful of pineapple, some of the juice running down the side of her chin.

“Maybe no pineapple while you’re in your pretty dress, huh?” Sam suggested, mopping up the juice with his sleeve. “Bit too messy.”

Daddy!Sam ‘verse

Experiments Part 6

Hoseok x reader

Part 6

Genre: smut, best friend au,

Warnings: smut, so much smut,

This chapters warnings:blowjob, strong language

Words: 2246

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“h-hobi~.” You moaned from the rough kiss as he pulled away from you and smiled at your heaving body. those small movements had your body craving his and everything about him as he held you there on the bathroom counter.

“there’s no way in hell i’m letting you out of the room dressed like that.


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I have this head cannon that Will is really careful about physical touch with Nico. So like yeah they’re dating but he always asks, “Can I hold your hand?” Or “Could I get a kiss on the cheek before you go?” Or “Do you mind if I hug you right now?”

And on good days Nico doesn’t mind. On bad days he’s a little hesitant but doesn’t want to hurt Will’s feelings bc it’s not Will’s fault he’s so weird when it comes to being touched, but Will assures him it’s okay to say no even if they’re dating.

So basically their relationship consists of handholding and kisses on the cheek amd the occasional cuddle at a campfire or on a canoe.


Considering all the shit that’s probably going to go down in ToA, I sort of see Nico pushing himself again and Will berating him, so Nico is like “I’m not your patient! I’m not a kid, stop treating me like one!” And Will is just like, “I KNOW THAT YOU DENSE IDIOT BUT YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND I NEED YOU T BE OKAY AND YOU DON’T LISTEN DAMMIT.”

Then Nico sort of realizes that Will is hella protective because of that, but Nico’s is like, “This is my home. These people are my family now. I had to help.” And Will is just trying to keep him awake until they get some more ambrosia or something but it takes too long.

Then all of a sudden Nico just stops breathing amd Will panics and is doing literally anything to wake him back up (I’m such sappy trash like just Dionysus, Apollo, and Hades sort of reaching this mutual agreement of no he is not dying and Hades being the big Boss downstairs, you know) and all of a sudden Nico just gasps and wakes up and


I laid down to sleep and my mind ran wild instead.

Anyway, Will later apologizes for what he did since he hadn’t even asked and Nico is just like shut up, but he’s blushing bc tbh it was great. Cue cute handholding.