i want to kiss you too

“Prom was invented just to make girls starve so they can fit in a dress and compete over a stupid title.”

“Uh –” Derek blinks, eyes his sister dubiously, “I’m not a girl?”

Cora huffs. “Whatever.”

In the kitchen Laura bursts out laughing. “Don’t worry.” She yells. “Cora is just jealous she will have to wait five years to go to her own prom.”

“I’m not going!” Cora yells back. “Prom is stupid, I don’t even know why you’re going,” she tells Derek, “it’s not like you know how to have fun.”

Derek raises an eyebrow while Laura just laughs harder. “Oh my god.” Their older sister says. “I stay away for six months and Cora turns into a sassy queen.” She walks into the living room, pretends to wipe at her eyes. “I’m so proud.”

“You two are ridiculous.” Derek says, turning around. “And I’m just going because Erica promised to pay me. With ice cream.” Then he gives Cora a wicked smile. “That I’m not going to share with either of you.”

“You are the worst brother!” Cora yells as he begins to climb the stairs. “And I hope you fall on your ass while trying to dance!”

“Can’t hear you!” Derek’s cell begins to ring. “Too busy getting ready to prom!”

Laura lets out a high-pitched laughter. “I love you two so much.”

Derek shakes his head fondly, closes his bedroom door behind himself just as Cora tells Laura to shut up. “Hey.” He answers the phone, collapsing on his bed. “What’s up?”

“Yo,” Stiles answers, “whatcha doing?”

“Listening to my sisters fight.” He says, snorting when he hears his dad start complaining about all the yelling and ‘no, Cora, I’m not letting you go to prom, you’re thirteen!’. “I’m gonna have to check the trunk of my car tomorrow night.”

Stiles laughs. “She’s not that good.”

“If you keep teaching her, she will be.” Derek blurts out, curses himself mentally when he realizes it came out harsher than he intended.

It’s just – sometimes he can’t help it. He’s known Stiles since they were four, Cora wasn’t even born then, but one day she turned eleven and Stiles became her new favorite person. Stiles couldn’t find it funnier and took Cora as his little apprentice. He even taught her how to cheat on Mario Kart.

He’s never taught Derek that.

Derek rolls his eyes, thinks about his little sister still downstairs pouting and trying to convince their dad that she’s old enough to go out. He shouldn’t be jealous of her, but the thing is – he grew up with two sisters, he knows how to share toys and food, but he doesn’t know how to share Stiles.

Because Stiles is his.

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Stacie: Alessia what-
Alessia: Ever since I met you after so many years I knew something was wrong. You were not the same bright and smiling Stacie and it hurts to see you like this. You worry too much, while the answer is easy- she doesn’t make you happy, but I can show you that I would…
Stacie: No, s-stop…
Alessia: When was the last time she hugged you, kissed you or touched you at all? Made you feel good? Did she get to hear all the sounds you made when we-
Stacie: Stop it right now!
Alessia: You’re blushing, you don’t want me to. I remember your moans of pleasure and ecstasy when I was exploring every part oy your body. I remember how hot your skin was everywhere I touched you. I remember the scratch marks you left on me when my tongue was swirling inside of you-
Stacie: STOP!

We're the Ones Who Live: Richonne One Shots Chapter 15: Married at First Sight, a walking dead fanfic | FanFiction
A prompt inspired by @RiseupRichonne on Tumblr. A married at first sight fic set in an AU zombie universe. Rick and Michonne are the adult children of the leaders of Alexandria and the Kingdom. Their parents are sure that the pair is a match made in heaven. Michonne wonders what the future holds as they spend their first night together.

Originally posted by alwayseverythingrichonne

“You’re sure about this?”

“Rick, you’ve asked me that at least a dozen times now.”

“And I still haven’t gotten a convincing answer, Michonne,” he implored. His blue eyes seemed to glow preternaturally in the low light of his bedroom. Their bedroom, she realized with a start.

“The sooner we do this, the sooner it will be over with,” she lowered herself nervously to the bed, layers of tulle and lace gathering beneath her. She would never have chosen such a garish dress for herself. Unfortunately, her input had mattered little when it came to the subject of her wedding. The man in front of her, her husband, had been vetted and selected with careful consideration. Both his parents and hers were in complete agreement as to their compatibility. She had only met him a handful of times before, on trades and group runs. They’d never exchanged more than a few words at a time.

“We don’t have to do anything,” his twang was unfamiliar to her ears, but oddly comforting nonetheless. He sat beside her, his tuxedo clad leg brushing hers.

“Except get married,” she did not mean to say it, but the words slipped from her lips before she could stop them.

Surprisingly, he laughed, the mirth evident on his face. “Crazy world, ain’t it?”

She was inclined to agree. Still, insulting the man she was meant to spend her life with did not seem like the best option. “I didn’t mean to offend…”

“No offense taken,” he assured her, loosening his tie. He had tanned, calloused hands, the hands of a man who was used to working outside. The sight of them was reassuring. Perhaps he would not mind her callouses. “My parents said they used to do things like this in some places in the world, even before the turn.” He continued, studying the tie that was now draped across his lap.

“Apparently, it was effective,” Michonne smiled gently at him. “Otherwise, why continue it?” She fiddled nervously with her own fingers, suddenly wanting to be rid of the dress, back with the familiar weight of her katana swung across her back.

“We have to repopulate the world. I guess it takes some coercing,” Rick chuckled wryly to himself. “Still, they could have given us a moment.”

“Sometimes we don’t get a moment, not in this world.” Michonne did not know why, but she was echoing the argument her mother had used against her when this plan had been announced.

“I guess that’s true,” Rick looked thoughtful. “Still, we don’t have to get started on it tonight. Not if you don’t want to.” Michonne studied him. She’d never much looked at him in their limited interactions before now. There was little time to focus on anything but survival when you were outside of the walls of any settlement. Rick had always handled himself confidently on the road. She saw now that his confidence extended beyond just work.

“Would you want to?” Michonne questioned him, amused by his seeming lack of nerves. She was impressed, truth be told. He was handling the situation with a grace she admired. She imagined he could have had his pick of Alexandrian women. Now, he was hers. He did not seem bothered by it.

Rick shrugged, a slight blush creeping up his lightly stubbled cheeks. He’d been clean shaven this morning when they said their vows. All four communities had shown up, bells on. It wasn’t every day that the communities intermarried, and certainly not two people who were so prominent. Still, prestige had not earned Michonne the right to pick her own partner. She’d been paired with a fighter as strong as she was, at least according to her parents. Rick was a survivor. Now, they would start a new generation of survivors.

“It wouldn’t be so bad,” he grinned lightly at her, his eyes raking teasingly over her. She flushed beneath her dark skin, but couldn’t help her amusement.

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You know what i hope for, that yousef and noora talked about sana and yousef apologized for kissing her too and told her he likes sana, and that's what noora wanted to tell sana, i don't know, seems like shit is starting to get down and i think everybody is gonna get hurt in some way.

SAME i feel like the plot would be way too obvious if noora and yousef were together its all just….so plain if thats the reality. but i don’t believe it. i’ll hold my judgements until friday. 

but if he really is dating noora, istg im not even kidding i’ll change my url and unstan yousef and yousana bc that shit is messed up, even p-chris would disapprove

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Hello happy Friday (where I live) do you know who were the 104th and vets first kiss was?

Mikasa: didn’t have her first kiss yet
Reiner: Bertholdt to practice for a possible kiss with Annie
Bertholdt: Reiner
Annie: Hitch
Armin: Thought about kissing Eren once but didn’t want to make it awkward
Eren: kissed Jean 
Jean: Eren
Marco: a Girl named Marta
Sasha: Hitch
Connie:  a Mirror
Historia: Ymir
Ymir: Marcel
Levi: Farlan
Hanji: Moblit
Erwin: Marie
Nanaba: A guy she met in Military, she can’t remember his name
Mike: Erwin
Moblit: Hanji

A happy Friday to you too! 💗

Bts reacting to you working long hours!


“Hours and hours at work. You’re such an independant woman, damn.” Has a smirk on his face.

“Joonie no.”

“Come on, you can be a little late…”

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“What am I supposed to do all day if you’re gone?” he asked while giving you kisses.

“Cook me a delicious meal?”

“You just want me for my cooking skills.” 

“Of course not. Also because you’re very hadsome!” You kissed him before getting up to get ready.

“You hurt me.”

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“Jagiyaaaa,” he said in a whiny voice, “don’t gooo. I know you’re going to stay therefor hoooours.” He tried pulling you back in to bed. 

“Hobi stop. I have to go. I’ll eat lunch and take breaks dont worry.”

“I guess I’ll go too but you owe me cuddles!”

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“I can’t believe you have such a busy schedule.”

“You do too though?”

“Haha you right. Let’s at least have lunch yeah? And I’ll bring you some coffee to your office.” He kisses the top of your head and leaves.

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“No marshmallow please stay~ We can watch movies and cuddle and build forts and eat sweets and waaaaah so many things to do!”

“Taetae you know I can’t.”

He tackles you and attacks you with kisses before you can even get up, “I’m not taking no for an answer so call in sick!”

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“But do you have to today?”

“I have to alomst everyday Chim.”

“Make room for at least one Jimin visit pleeeeease?” he pouts.

“Okay, one thirty minute chim trip scheduled,” you look up at him to see his blank face, “fine fifty minutes but thats all I can do.”

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“Laaaame, you should stay here and cuddle me!”

“I can’t even get up because of your heavy arm!” You try pushing it off but it flops back on you.

“You can’t get up… and you’re so warm… no point in working all day today if you ask me.”

(You’re tae)

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jeon 02 / jungkook (fuckboy,smut)

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summary: you hated his name but part of you wanted to feel his tongue on your skin

warnings: slight smut

chapter 01

“i don’t know I thought I would ace this test but I guess not…” your friend said while the two of you were leaving the classroom. no matter what she was telling you, you couldn’t put your mind at peace because each time you thought of him you felt his hot tongue on your neck. the way he flicked at your soft skin and kissed the hell out of your sweet spot, just made you feel numb as you wanted more of him. 

the next class you had, just so happened to be with him. part of you was too scared to even enter the classroom as you knew he kissed many many other girls, and just like that he would forget about you and that you even exist. so you enter the class praying he wasn’t there already and luckily he wasn’t. sitting down at your table you prepared your books and waited for the class to begin. 

and then he entered

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The Blood Runs Too Thick
  • MC x Soryu
  • Summary: The ultimate betrayal comes with the ultimate sacrifice to escape. (meant to be a oneshot, but could make more if you want me to!) And here I am w part 2 lol
    Warnings: Gore, Dark, Angst.
    a/n: OMG I wrote something lolol hop you like part two! Sorry I changed the pov of this one to third person but you know WHATEVER I DO THAT ALL THE TIME ANYWAYS 
  • Tags: @nitelotus, @ixypixie, @ladystar0710
  • Check out the tag for this series! This is part two. 
  • Like my writing? Check out my masterpost here!

“She’s there,” Soryu whispered, hand pressed against the glass of the Tokyo station where Khim sat. His breath hitched in his throat as he watched Mamoru question her, her small frame seeming to collapse in on herself as a way to escape. His eyes couldn’t help but wander to her face, so hallow and hurt from years on the run and then down to her left leg. Her left leg, “God dammit,” Soryu chocked, turning around, tears stinging his eyes in frustration and pure anger. He couldn’t believe he let someone do that to her. His own men at that.

He turned back around and went to slam his fist against the glass but only let it hit gently as he stared at her through the glass. Where he leg once was was now replaced with a crappy metal augmentation that someone along her travels probably hooked her up with. The flimsy metal frame that supported just under her left knee looked raw and uncomfortable as he could easily see the rash forming where skin touched raw metal. He cringed, knowing that if he found her, if he was there, maybe she’d still have a leg today. Maybe…they would have had a family by now.

Three years passed since that night and Soryu barely has had a life since that night. That night scared his life and the Dragons. Gyo and five other men turned on Soryu and in a last ditch attempt went for Khim as payback for not making a deal with another organization that they were secretly apart of. His poor choices and his overly trusting attitude with the Dragons costed Khim her leg, her life. He couldn’t live with that.

Mamoru walked out of the room and quickly lit a cig and sighed, “She wouldn’t let me smoke in there with her,” He commented, causing Soryu to give him a strange look. Usually she would have never minded, “Started to get all antsy. I think she’s been tortured before she made her escape,” He finished, eyes locking with Soryu. 

Soryu struggled to swallow the lump in his throat.

“Jesus,” Baba commented, “Just what has she gone through?” 

“I think this runs deeper than just the Ice Dragons,” Mamoru answered, “I think this involves all of us. She wouldn’t tell me much, kept askin’ for Soryu over here. ‘Is he okay? Is he here?’ Was all she’d say,” He said annoyingly, his eyes slowly moving to Soryu to see what he’d do. He remembered when he brought Soryu here, saying that Khim was being held in a room waiting for him, for everyone. He remembered the panic on Soryu’s face, the anxiety in his eyes as he scrambled to follow. 

“Go and talk to her Sor,” Baba said, giving him a friendly pat on the back, “She wouldn’t be here if she didn’t need you.”

He didn’t need a friendly back or Mamoru’s imploring words. He was going in to see her. He took a steady breath and opened the door, breathing in the sight of her. She was still beautiful in all her fear and anger. She kept her hands folded in her lap, head casted down. Her hair was much longer now, reaching her mid back, and she’d lost weight. He mentally reminded himself to have her eat more since she was so thin before.

“Khim,” He called out to her.

Her head snapped up, eyes wide as they locked with his. He wore a kind smile on his face for her, to hide the anger and sadness inside of him. It was like the life came back to her as she tried to stand up on shaky legs to run over to him.

“S-Sor!” She gasped, only getting one step in before Soryu was already there, taking her in his arms, “Sor…Sor…Soryu oh god,” She cried in his chest as he held her close, as close as he could that wasn’t painful to her. She dropped her crutches to the ground, hands mindlessly grasping at his back to grab a fistful of his collared shirt, “You’re okay right?” She kept asking over and over, “I’m okay…you’re okay…” 

He leaned over and placed a kiss to the top of her head, his hands running circles on her back. He paused and gripped her shoulder, pushing her back, “Let me look at you,” He said.

Tears streamed down Khim’s cheeks, a kind smile on her face was nothing like the cold and angry one she had when Mamoru was talking to her. He wiped them with the pads of his thumbs, cupping her cheeks, taking her all in. 

He assumed Mamoru let her shower here, because she smelt faintly like normal soap, but somehow the smell just reminded him of her, of what they were years ago. His eyes carried on down, to her small frame and to her left leg. She reached a hand out and lifted his chin back up, so he wouldn’t have to look at it anymore, but he gripped it and looked down, bending down to get a better look. 

“Does it hurt right now?” He asked, not really knowing how she would answer. Did it hurt her when she was tortured in front of Soryu, not saying a word. Or when she was dragged away to somewhere she didn’t know with people who didn’t care about her? Or did the torture hurt her? The pain she suffered for three years? The lack of a leg? Did it hurt? Of course it did, he knew that. But the question just tumbled off his lips.

“The augmentation a friend made for me in a pinch did the trick,” She said, reaching down and running a hand to where metal met skin, “But it hurts if I walk for too long.”

“Luke is making you replacements. He’s coming to check you out,” He said, turning to the oneway window and giving a nod, already knowing that Baba was on the phone with Luke the minute he walked in the room with Khim. 

“Great,” She whispered, “I think it might be infected or something. It never healed properly,” She said, a sad smile on her face. 

“What happened?” He finally asked, moving to sit down on a chair and taking her in his arms so she sat on his lap, “Where did Gyo take you?”

Her expression clouded over and now the cold and sad look on her face came back. She leaned in, arms circling around his neck, her lips next to his ear as she whispered to him, “Have you heard anything?”

He kept a calm expression on his face, his hands moving to rest on her back, moving in small circles like he was consoling her. He knew the angle they were at, and the CCTV wouldn’t catch what she was saying from this angle as she was talking into his ear. He became alert, eyes quickly darting around the room to see if they’d be caught. 

“Gyo’s men have died, the five of them,” He whispered into her shoulder and felt her nod beside him, “And Gyo left Japan.”

“Exactly,” She whispered in his ear, “But theres more to that story than you know,” She said, her slim fingers working their way into his hair, “ They’re lying to you.” She finished. She felt Soryu tense in her arms, not sure of who she was talking about. 

“Who?” He asked, lifting his face a bit from her shoulder so he eyes stared at the one-way mirror in front of him.

“Mamoru isn’t telling the truth,” She said, “He tipped Gyo off that you were getting suspicious about him,” She said, “One of his men told me that….Don’t trust them.”

Soryu waited outside Luke’s office on Khim’s request. He heard her whimper here and there from the procedure Luke was preforming on her with her new leg. He was getting impatient as the seconds passed, leaning agains the wall with his gun clearly in his hand. Eisuke stared back at him, eyes squinting, trying to find any trace of information on his face.

“What did she tell you?” He asked, “Don’t lie to me.”

He knew that Eisuke probably watched the CCTV footage and knew they were talking, but what they said he would never know.

“When you looked up at the window,” Eisuke said, getting Soryu’s attention, “I knew she told you something that pissed you off,” 

Soryu casted a glance to his sides, making sure the hallway was clear before looking back at Eisuke. He pulled out his phone and looked up, wordlessly hanging up in seconds, “Talk,” He demanded, arms folding.

“She…” Soryu began, but stopped. If he already was questioning Mamoru in his mind could he trust Eisuke? Baba? Could he trust Luke?

Before he could continue he barged in Luke’s office out of fear, “Khim…!” He called, seeing her standing in front of him about to open the door herself.

“Ah..!” She yelped, about to stumble backwards, but Soryu reached out and hooked a arm around her waist first, steadying her.

“You’re walking?” He asked, looking down to see a treated wound and a fresh, sleek new left leg. 

“Yeah, it’s a lot easier with this one since I had to practice on the toughest leg for three years.” She commented, making Soryu wince at her blunt honesty. It hurt him knowing she went through that so long and he couldn’t help her.

“Khim,” Eisuke called out, walking into the office. 

She didn’t say anything, only reached out and gripped Soryu’s hand, which caused him to cock his gun knowingly in front of Eisuke and Luke, “This can wait until tomorrow,” Soryu said, reaching to link his arm with Khim’s to give her support, “We’re going to go home for the night. She needs rest.” 

Eisuke scowled at him, “Tomorrow.” He reminded Soryu.

Tomorrow they’d talk, but for now he wanted to take Khim home.

He presses her against the wall the second they are in their old apartment. It reminds Khim of home, of safety, as she grips Soryu’s shirt and drags him down to her level, hungry for a kiss she hasn’t felt in three years. His hands go to cup her face, her once soft cheeks now being hallow, reminding him of what she has gone through. Her hot breath lingers on his lips every second they separate to only try and go deeper. Her name is hot on his tongue, every spare breath he has is left to saying her name, almost as a reminder that she is here and in his arms. 

Her hands ghost down to his sides, unbuttoning his shirt and letting her hands skim over his toned muscles, his skin. She savors the warmth as her arms encircle his waist, pulling herself closer to him. 

They both stop and stare at each other, drinking in the sight. Three years they’ve both been without, suffering in their own way. Soryu couldn’t believe she was alive and in his arms right now.  

He wouldn’t pity her, and until she told him to stop he wouldn’t. 

He lifted her in his arms bridal style and wordlessly carried her to the bedroom. He felt her fidget in his arms in her usual embarrassment until she spoke, “S-Soryu…”

He gently sets her down on the bed, hovering over her, “What’s wrong?” He asks, afraid of what she is about to tell him.

“I’m not the same,” She admits, “My body, it’s––” 

“It’s what?” He asked, annoyed, “It’s the same to me. You’re here, you’re still beautiful” He adds, a kind smile on his face.

She offers him a small smile, “It’s not just my leg,” She says, and moves to remove her shirt, revealing small scars on her torso and chest. Scars from cigarette burns and other deep cuts that were once on her body. He squints at her body in anger for the men who did this to her, “Luke said they can be treated but––” Before she could finish Soryu is already kissing each scar.

“They show how strong you are,” He whispered, slowly moving along her body to kiss each one, “They show how much you struggled, fought. You wanted to come home and knew I was waiting, looking too,” He finished, looking up to see tears in her eyes. 

“I love you,” She sobbed, chocking on her tears, “God, Soryu…!” Her sobs turned into wails as she clung to him. 

And he swore he would never let her go.

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hi hello it says you're an advice blog so here goes: because im homoromantic grey-asexual, am i allowed to say im gay/lesbian even though im not sexually attracted to girls? its just a bit of a mouthful to say... much love <3

You can call yourself what you want. I call myself a lesbian / gay too but sometimes I like to kiss boys. But I dont fall in love with them. People will say then you are not gay. But I see myself as gay. If you feel okay with that label then call yourself like that it is on you !

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I want to snuggle w harry on a really cold night. Me freezing my ass off & whining about how cold it is, and harry teasing me bc "honestly it's not THAT cold bug" but he still pulls me close and warms me up. Rubbing his hands up and down my arms and eventually resting his big hand underneath my pants on my ass bc "gotta make sure your cute liuhl bum is warm too." -canyouimagine1d

BYEEEE and he’d gasp because your fingers and toes are SO damn cold. But he’d give you little kisses and probably wrap you up in one of his sweaters. Rubbing your arms and teasing you. “Stop whining, m'right here.”

Y'all look at mateo. That kid is bored out of his head!😂

he’s got places to go and people to see haha

Anonymous said:

Twitter account messi10stats have a photo of Leo and Antonella kissing.

i saw, thank you! i’m just about to reblog some videos and pictures of it :)

Anonymous said:

Mateoo is cuteee thiago is naughtyyy!! Who was mateo calling so intently though before finally giving his attention to his papa that last gif is!❤️❤️❤️

i think maybe his mama? or maybe he just wanted to go somewhere haha. thiago’s full of energy, but he’s so sweet to matu, it’s adorableeee. yes, that moment was too cute!

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I was watching a anti-srydia video and now I really miss my salty family. Just wanted to send some y'all some love. I deleted my tumblr for personal reasons, but I'm thinking maybe I will make a new one. I miss you all so much~FerociousFig

And I miss my lil demonic fig too :(  Hope everything is ok with you, mate. We will be here, waiting like devoted dogs for your salty return.

Kisses, unicorns and a barrel of salt for you <3

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collapse + dickamy

There was something hazy and grey beside him and Dick groaned loudly.

“What happened?”

“You fell,” came Amy’s voice from the grey blob that could’ve only been her hair. “Passed out, really. Alfred thinks its because you haven’t been eating.”

Now that he could see her, he could see her rather severe expression.

Dick grimaced. “Would you believe I was too busy to eat?”

“No,” his girlfriend said flatly. 

She must’ve just gotten back from Russia; some welcoming.

“Alfred’s offered to order some take out from that Chinese place we like as long as you eat.”

“Did he tell Bruce?” Dick almost didn’t want to know the answer.

“What d’you think?” Amy asked archly before leaning over to run her fingers through his hair and kiss his temple. “Maybe you need to look after yourself for a change, babe.”

Dick grumbled under his breath and she allowed herself a small chuckle.

SHIPPING INFO     //   answer  the  following  for  your  muse(s)  so  people  know  how  shipping  works  on  your  blog.   REPOST.   don’t reblog.


Zaveid x Eizen, thanks to a certain someone


I am quite easy going, to be honest ? If you want to write angst, go for it. If you want to make one of our muses suffer, go for it !! I love all the romantic gestures such as kissing, cuddling, or some perverted ones like ass groping.

I CAN write smut too but I’m not exactly a smut driven person ?? Most of the time, I tend to drop smut mid way because I just can’t sum up the writing muse for it so you’ll see me asking for fade-to-blacks more often.

There are, however, only a few other things that I don’t do when I ship:

- Abusive relationships

- Guilt tripping by either party. By that, I mean a character stops functioning properly ( neglects eating or overworking themselves till bones ) over the tiniest, tiniest arguments / misunderstandings / faults that doesn’t only lie in my character – and uses it to guilt my character to chase after them and baby them ALL THE TIME ?? I’m okay with it happening from time to time over serious fights but if my character has to fix things 99% of the time, then – no thanks ?? I’ll get very drained.

- Smut on first interactions between muses, UNLESS it’s clearly ic for that character to come to mine for flings. It happened and it makes me very uncomfortable. 


It depends. If they’re a teenager ( 17 or younger ), it’d be around 2 years + or - AND no smut will be written. When it comes to adults, age gaps generally aren’t a problem for me since I do roleplay immortal / long living characters too. 


When the characters’ no-no parts become too descriptive? LMAO


There’s Zaveid x Eizen which I’m shipping hardcore with @draclysmic everyday. 8′)
Zaveid x Dezel, the cute wind babies, with @lukeimyurlinx
Eizen x Eleanor with @vermundr and I just love it so much !!
Gaius x Ludger with @king-gaius because THESE TWO CLEARLY ARE GOD SENT
Jude x Milla with @evasion-finalist which I am dragged to its lovely ( and painful ) shipping hell <3
Yuri x Flynn which I’m doing with a friend on skype !!

Platonic ships, we have 

Sorey && Alisha with @bokudou because what is life without pain 8′)
Alisha && Alisha with @melphisxisylvia BECAUSE TWIN VERSE WITH KOI IS PERFFF !!
Eleanor && Alisha with @melphisxisylvia and it’s really damn sweet !!
Eizen && Edna with @adeadend because I love big broooooo so much ?? ;;;~~;;;
Richard && Ratatosk with @the-king-of-the-wind and aaaa – this has been around for some years and I’m so happy that it’s still alive ??

KIND OF platonic ships

Zelos && Zaveid with @zelotae and their banters are beautiful af 8′)))


Preferably, yes. I doubt anyone would enjoy their threads becoming romantic all of a sudden out of the blue. I’m a very easygoing person and always love to try working things out !


It depends. If I find two characters clicking then I ship it ?? Since recently, I’ve been subconsciously avoiding shipping … though, for many years, romance had always been one of the top few genres I enjoy writing so – who knows ??


If the two characters click very well, I’d draw ship arts of them and bombard you with headcanons at the dead night of 3am. I’ll be your van eltia 


Yeah. I generally like to give a chance to multiple people ? I’m more selective multi-ship, however so I rarely ship willy-nilly as well. If our headcanons click and we can talk about our characters in romantic situations easily then it’s a yes go !


Aside the aforementioned ships mentioned in no. 6, I also ship Stahn x Leon, Eizen x Dezel ( maybe ?? ), Ludger x Jude, Julius x Nova – and I think that’s all ??


Talk to me about it ?? Headcanons ?? Threads ?? Memes ?? And be okay with my limits and my tendencies to go ship crazy on some days

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I did a play with a local theatre youth group every year from when I was 7-18, and when I was 14 the director got drunk at the wrap party, and as he was leaving cornered me and just, put his hand on my face. He stroked my face for two moments too long, in front of everyone, but because he was "just Marty" it was ignored. I masturbated to that memory for a month. Please help me write a version of that memory where he really did what he (and I, in a dark corner of my teenaged mind) deeply wanted?

He asks you to stay back a little longer after everyone leaves to discuss the production just so he can get you alone. As soon as everyone leaves he grabs your face again and plants a kiss on your lips, you nervously kiss him back feeling his other hand grip your bum.


“i don’t know how to say goodbye”

the lift kiss for @snowscharming ❤​ part ii of your valentine’s gift!

[part i]