i want to kill this writer

I knew who I was...

I knew I was different at five…
(My kindergarten teacher was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen).

I finally had a word for it at eight…
(I consumed every writer, singer or actor who I thought was like me).

I started hating my self at twelve…
(I understood the word dyke and the hatred that that word carried when my family said it about random people, not knowing they were talking about me).

I stopped wanting to kill myself at eighteen…

I said the word out loud at twenty one…
(To my best friend I said “I’m gay,” her response, “I know and I still love you anyway).

I accepted who I was at thirty one…
(Still on the journey of life but no longer alone, hoping that I continue to grow).

Dear Yuri!!! On Ice Fandom

I recently listend to the beauty and the beast soundtrack (super excited for the movie) and I suddenly thought how amazing it would be if there would be an AU in which Victor was transformed in a Beast and Yuuri is the beauty who is the one who can save him if he loves him beyond his appearance.
But there not dancing in the Ball room but on the ice.
#beauty and the beast Au

The beast has beautiful silver hair.
Yurio is the cup.
An angry little cup.
The footstool/dog is victors poodle.
Chris is the candlestand. Because he’s hot.

What do you think about JJ being the human who wants to kill the beast??
Who do you think could the other skaters be?

This idea is stuck in my mind but sadly I’m not a writer.
What do you think? do you know a story like this?
Or even better, is there anyone who wants to write it?
Please! I’m desperate!! 😄😄🙈❤


So about Nashville. I’m done. I have no desire to watch any more episodes. At the moment I have no desire to rewatch past episodes either. My investment with the show was with Rayna and Deacon. I like some of the other characters but not enough to sit through watching Deacon grieve Rayna. I have absolutely no interest in watching that.

And the more I think about this whole thing the more pissed I get at Marshall and the writers and how they handled this. They had apparently decided on this stalker thing before Connie wanted out. And instead of Rayna getting a final story writing the album with Deacon, getting some last performances together, everything had the shadow of the stalker hanging over it. And it made it hard to enjoy the nice moments we did get. All because they were so hell bent on doing that long confrontation/hostage scene at the end of 508 and were unwilling to change course.

Also killing her so soon in the season. That also seems to be the writers’ idea. That they were going to split the season into a Rayna half and a post-Rayna half. And they couldn’t kill her in the midseason finale, so let’s push it back from there. Connie seemed willing to give them more episodes to wrap up Rayna’s story (and has apparently already filmed more scenes). But the writers thought they should wrap up her story in the first half. Just no. We barely got our show back. And you think the answer is to torment the main character and then kill her before it’s even been a half season?

And thinking death is the only option? Ok so Rayna can’t just disappear for years. But that assumes the show will last years without her. Put her in a coma. Let her wake up in the finale. At least that option has hope.

Deacon is my other favorite character and I cannot imagine a scenario for him that I want to watch. We’ve seen enough depressing stories for him. And Rayna was it for him. She was his happy ending. Period. He’s loved her his whole life. And after all the time they kept them apart, they don’t even make it to their first anniversary? He has a half finished album of songs with her about their relationship? Best case scenario he holds it together. But within the span of this show I cannot imagine him moving on or being happy. This will weigh heavily on him forever. And I don’t want to watch.

So goodbye Nashville. Thanks for making me regret wanting this show to be brought back.

What I liked most about this episode is that the writers really did do what they promised to “pull back.” Not necessarily on the story issues themselves, but on the Winchesters. We’ve spent a lot of seasons now with the both of them fighting huge threats in ways that are completely unimaginable. I think because of that, it’s incredibly easy to forget how actually dangerous the Winchester brothers are. But here, they were up against human beings. People they don’t want to kill, and beings that don’t need soul bombs or even grenade launchers to get rid of. Instead, they Home Alone a freaking cabin in the woods and take a handful of highly trained soldiers out without killing anyone.

Sam and Dean Winchester are terrifyingly dangerous to everyone, human or otherwise, but it’s not easy to appreciate that until they have to tone it down.

For that alone, 12x09 was supremely well-written episode.

  • Fandom: I just want them to kiss..
  • Yoi writers: Done.
  • Fandom: then how about cheers for Yurio-
  • Yoi writers: Done ✔
  • Fandom: and pLS DON'T KILL THE DOGGO
  • Yoi writers: He's alive and love his master
  • Fandom: what
  • Yoi writers: as bonus we add smiling Yurio and an almost marriage proposal
  • Fandom: but we-
  • Yoi writers: Want anything else?
  • Fandom: ...how about Yurio have a friend?
  • Yoi writers: Done ✔ ✔
  • Yoi writers: And bonus: the engagement of Yuri and Viktor, and confirmation that Pichit really shipp them
  • Fandom: Is that the heaven
You thought I stopped talking to you because I got bored. However, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m in love with you so much. I love you and it’s killing me because you won’t ever feel the same way. You look at me but you do not see me. Not with stars in your eyes or with a sense of awe. Not with love. So I’m sorry it seemed like I disappeared. For a while I was selfish and wanted to still keep you in my life. It didn’t work out like that. I realized that it didn’t matter if I left or if I stayed, because it would all hurt the same.
—  C.H. // Learning to Say Goodbye

I look in the mirror and I don’t like what I see.
I see things that can be fixed and things that can be hidden.
But I have no energy, I don’t have enough strength the change those things.
So I’m going to keep looking at this mirror hoping that one day, things might change.

But I know they won’t.

—  They won’t
Moffat’s favorite writer used “Redbeard” as a random plot device 20 years ago.

Ready for a little background that will blow your mind? @squirrelwithoutparentingskills dropped by my inbox just now to share some juicy information.

One of Moffat’s favorite screenwriters is William Goldman. He wrote The Princess Bride. Moffat always tells you to read Goldman if you want to learn anything about writing.

Well, in 1996 William Goldman adapted a book called “The Ghost and the Darkness” into a movie.

And in this story, he had a little problem. He needed to make the hero seem brave. He needed a way to boost esteem of that main character.

So he invented a side character and called him “Redbeard”.

Redbeard was to be killed off – he was a plot device.

What I’m saying is Moffat’s favorite writer took a book and turned it into a screenplay but added a character called Redbeard that wasn’t in the originals in order to teach the audience more about the hero.

Also the story is set in the late 1800s with a focus on trains.

Neat. isn’t it?

God I’m so tired or your bullshit!” I yelled

“Sorry that I changed! But that’s what high school does to you you grow up. Why are you mad at me for that?!” She exclaimed

“No you didn’t just ‘change’. You’re not the same person I fell in love with.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re so invested in high school. You’re so invested in being popular and having an infinite group of friends that you forgot life is not just about those four years.” I sigh

“Apparently you even forgot who you really are. Don’t come running back to me when you do.

‘Why do you only write sad poetry?’
Honestly my writing is sad because I want to keep living. Because the more I write, the faster I pull myself out of this hole I started digging when I was eleven years old.
God do I wish I started writing sooner. I wish I had known when I was thirteen that I didn’t have to cut my wrists open to feel less dead. I wish I had known when I was fifteen that trying to kill myself wouldn’t change tomorrow and wouldn’t make my problems disappear. And damn I wish I had known when I was 16 that having my heart broken wouldn’t make my bones crumble to the point of oblivion.
And instead of hiding away bone fragments into places I would forget, I decided to grow and write and share and live.
I don’t write happy poetry because I want to become the embodiment of a happy poem. I want to radiate light from my fingertips. I want to dance under the stars. I want to fall in love with beautiful people. I want a stranger to look at me and think ‘god damn she’s happy’

I know I’m not there yet, and that’s ok.

I write poems that tell me ‘if you can get through this pain you can through anything’. The words are a reminder of how far I’ve come and they are a push to go even further. I want to wake up one morning and think about how I’m glad I didn’t kill myself when I wrote about wanting to die. I want to be there when life gets better.

—  why do you only write sad poetry?

when the writers take 3 steps back on hunks characterization and reduce him to a bunch of food jokes

when the writers kill off ulaz and thace after such minimum screen time after making them compelling and beautiful characters we actually got attached to

when the writers completely forget about lance in general

when the writers made slav ta-

Me: Could we please have some more Aaron?

TWD writers: Okay, sure. Why not? Here you go.

Me: I didn’t mean….

TWD writers: You want some more? We probably should. People already think we are homophobic because we killed Denise. So yeah, it will do the ratings some good. Give him another scene.

Me: No…this is not what I meant.

TWD writers: You wanted some Eric as well? We could do like 10 seconds with him and Aaron

Me: Something romantic?

TWD writers: Sure.

Me: Get out!

TWD writers: What? Fans these days. Happy with nothing. Be glad he’s still alive.

You tell me you want to stay and all I do is push you away until you choose to leave me one day. It will hurt me even more than anything ever has in my life but I can’t drag you down into this chaotic world of mine. I have to let you be free, even though it’s killing me but I want nothing more than for you to be happy.
—  Tenari Ioapo // You are worth sacrificing my own happiness.
Jungkook Fan Fic Recs

Here are just a few chaptered Jungkook fan fics that i actually love even though the majority kill me with feels. Check out everything by these writers because i honestly don’t think i would be able to survive without their beautiful writing. PART 2  | Masterlist

Arranged Love by @jungkxook

Roommate by @mystline  (this was actually the first fan fic i ever read and honestly ever since i’ve had a whole new perspective on life.)

Tomorrow by @jungk0oksthighs (Jeon Law honestly makes my day everytime i think about it)

Hidden Stars by @jungblue

Liar Liar by @minthusiast

The Blood Disparity by @hanipdnim 

Astray by @btsmutimagines

Philophobia  by @minsvga

Dark Obsessions by @kookzbunz

Brother’s Best Friend by @idolimagines

Neighbours by @sylph-wings

Roommate by @tayegi

Unpopular opinion about HTGAWM

Unpopular opinion but I actually liked the finale????

Like, I totally and completely understand where everyone’s anger and disappointment is coming from, but I thought that all in all, it was a good way to end season 3 and it leaves a lot of new potential storylines for season 4.

Now, here are some things I wanted to talk about:


1. Wes’ death:

Yes, I am pissed that they ACTUALLY killed off Wes. I was pretty damn sure that the body being “moved” was just an excuse to cover up for the fact that THERE WAS NO BODY because HE DIDN’T ACTUALLY DIE. I thought that that was going to be the big plot twist/OMG moment. I was latching onto the possibility that maybe, just maybe, he faked his own death with the help of whomever he called on the phone in the cab that night. I was wrong. HOWEVER… I get WHY the writers did that. Killing off, for example, Frank simply would NOT have had the same emotional response from the audience and wouldn’t have really opened up any new and exciting storylines to explore in the future either. Same thing with killing off Nate. (It seems that the majority of the fandom is kind of indifferent about his character, so the consequences of his death would have been lackluster for the most part – other than some inevitable scenes of Annalise grieving). Killing off Simon (the annoying new guy) would have just been plain dumb and a total cop out. As sad as it is, Wes’ death is opening the door to a lot of new storylines. Killing off Connor, Laurel, Michaela, etc. without knowing enough of their respective backstories first would have been stupid and unfair. At least with Wes, we’ve already spent 2+ seasons exploring his backstory in great, great depth. Most of the main storylines on the show revolved around him. Now his arc has come to an end and it has undoubtedly impacted every. single. character. The fact that it was overwhelming tragic continues to show what we all already know about HTGAWM: it’s one of the REALEST shows out there in terms of depicting everyday life and social issues. HTGAWM is woke af. There’s no denying that. Life is tragic. Did they really have to kill off Wes? No, of course not. But did really have to make Annalise be raped repeatedly by her uncle when she was just a little girl? What about Bonnie? No, right? And did they really have to make Annalise be in a car accident that caused her to lose her unborn child, thus traumatizing her for the rest of her life? Nope. But you know what? These things happen in real life and not a lot of shows have the BALLS to depict that on screen. HTGAWM does. Wes’ death is so powerful precisely because of how UNFAIR it was. I’m not justifying it. I’m just saying it makes for powerful storytelling. Again, how many of you would have cried if it had been Frank or Nate? Likely, not many. Would Frank dying have started a discussion about the kind of crap POC experience everyday? That was the point. In conclusion, at least Wes’ character was not rushed, his death was premature for the character but not for the story, and at least now we can focus on Laurel, Michaela, Connor, Oliver and put the spotlight on their backstories more.

2. Annalise throwing Wes under the bus

Idk why so many people were upset about this. This is literally what Annalise has been doing since day 1. She’s a brilliant character but has ALWAYS been morally questionable. Season 2 Episode 4, anyone?? That was the EPITOME of Annalise’s dubious morality! Do you guys remember what Michaela said to her after they framed Nate in season 1? “How are we supposed to be okay with this? He’s innocent. And he’s Black.” Here’s the thing: Annalise framed an INNOCENT Nate for Sam’s murder. And you know what? After the framing served its purpose (protecting Wes and the others), she got him off about four episodes later with Eve’s help. She then framed an INNOCENT Catherine Hapstall for Sinclair’s murder AND her own shooting/attempted murder (at the hands of Wes, might I add). And you know what? She took the blame away from Catherine literally in the next episode. Right now, Annalise has pinned Rebecca’s murder on Wes and has also outed Wes as Sam’s killer (which, remember, is NOT a lie… Like Bonnie said, Wes IS a murderer) Why did Annalise do that? Well, to prevent them all (herself, Nate, Bonnie, Michaela, Connor – WHO WAS KIDNAPPED AT THE TIME, Laurel, Oliver, Asher, Frank) from going to jail! And you know what?? I’m willing to bet that next season she’ll think of something to restore his good name and image (just like she did with Nate and Catherine) AND get back at Denver. She just couldn’t do it all at once. Poor woman needed a break after the LITERAL HELL she’s been through. She just needed an impromptu solution asap.

3. Wes’ killer being Laurel’s dad

Not random at all, seeing as how WE DON’T EVEN KNOW THE MOTIVE YET. If when we finally find out his motive and it turns out to be lame and stupid, THEN we should complain!! NOT NOW!!! In season 1, we didn’t know WHY Frank was the one who murdered Lila. It seemed random as fuck. Then in season 2, we find out why and it was such a well-written and complex backstory that even managed to involve a number of characters (Sam. Annalise, Eve, Wes, the Mahoneys, etc.) Pete Nowalk already confirmed that we’ll be finding out more about Laurel’s family and backstory next season so CHILL. (Side note: My personal theory is that Annalise hired Laurel’s dad to murder Frank – since the first hit man she hired failed – and the guy that Laurel’s dad hired messed up and killed Wes instead. That would explain Frank saying to Annalise, “I know it should have been me.” That would also make Laurel’s “It should have been YOU” to Frank at the hospital technically be considered foreshadowing/a clue/hint).

4. Laurel’s and Oliver’s offensive comments

Laurel’s telling Connor to kill himself was NOT OKAY. Oliver assuming Laurel’s dad worked for a drug cartel because he’s Mexican is NOT OKAY. You know what else is not okay? The way Annalise treats Bonnie, Annalise also telling Frank he should kill himself just a few episodes back, Connor telling Laurel she should get an abortion and that it was good that Wes died, etc. These aren’t writer flaws. They are CHARACTER FLAWS. It is BELIEVABLE that after all the traumatizing shit these people have gone through, that once in a while, a darker and uglier side of them comes out. A side that will make them go, “I’m sorry… That wasn’t me…” later. That makes sense to me. Is it okay? No, of course it’s not okay. But it’s believable. They are human beings completely capable of fucking up and unintentionally hurting others, especially when they’re panicking, when they’re in the middle of a crisis, and after all this life-changing insanity that’s ruined their lives and screwed them over and has likely permanently damaged them and, let’s be real, has probably given them suicidal thoughts, too. 

Let’s remember that HTGAWM continues to be one of the most diverse shows out there, with an abundance of POC and LGBT+ actors and characters, and that it also shines light on a variety of pressing social issues. That’s it, y’all. That’s all I wanted to say.

So… see you all in season 4.

(Sorry if there are typos in this post. I don’t feel like proofreading).

// Thank you!! I’ve been having a bit of writers block lately agh. This isn’t as good as I wanted it to be but oh well.


- He thought you were oddly quiet in person compared to the messenger. You were so goofy in your texts, like you didn’t care about anything and it always managed to make him smile.

- He still loves getting to see your face in person no matter how shy or serious you come off, your little smile or blushes literally kill him. Why are you so cute?!

- When he invited you back to his home every bit of him was Holding Back The Beast ™, You started to become the you that he was so used to inside the screen. Your jokes, tone of voice, everything about you just made him feel so good. You’re just a big softy on the inside and he loves it. Maybe you just stiffened in front of crowds. He’s met actors who are like that before.

- Prefers just hanging back around his house ( or yours ) so you act more comfortable. Lazy day, goldfish shaped bread, a romance movie, cuddles. The best.


- Don’t lie to yourself, this man is a softie when he’s all by himself. Big tough trustfund in public but at home it’s just him lounging in his underwear doing stupid shit or aggressively googling phrases; trying to understand internet slang

- So he’s comfortable with you both ways since he’s almost exactly the same. Stiff and serious when he needs to be, an adorable fluffball at home.

- Loves the fact you’re so comfortable in front of him to be yourself. It makes him feel good that you trust him. It’ll make him smile a lot, the things you do or your jokes. It’s refreshing and sweet.


- He’s pretty nervous meeting new people, so he’ll try to act a little serious in front of you as well. Kind of shy too.

- But when you two get privacy he loves seeing you open up and become the playful little MC you are in the messenger. It’s the best, he’ll take influence from you and start opening up as well.

- Does a lot of goofy things with you once he sees how comfortable you are with him. He opens up quickly to you too, it’s nice to see you both have a lot of similarities.


- She’s pretty stiff and serious most of the time, not too bad but once she’s comfortable at home she loosens up a lot more.

- So she gets accustomed to your personality change pretty fast. It’s nice, it makes her feel like she can trust you and be more open in front of you.

- Loves how silly you can be sometimes, it’s adorable and always manages to make her smile when she’s stressed out.


- God Seven-Zero-Seven knows your secret side. He’ll try to dig it out when he first meets you, trying to get you to play along with his jokes or skits. But you won’t break? Woah you’re good.

- As soon as you get somewhere private you continue one of his skits or jokes and it makes him so happy, he’s weaning your good side out.

- Loves it when you’re playful and goofy with him, it’s adorable and always has a critical hit on his heart.


- He likes both ‘sides,’ the serious side makes you seem more professional and stern. But your playful side just radiates happiness and innocence and he loves it.

- Especially getting your serious side to break a little in public, it makes him feel accomplished to hear your tiny little laugh or a joke of yours.


- The serious side is pretty hot honestly. You just look so focused and stern. But your playful side makes him happy. He loves seeing your face light up when you’re with him.

- And only him, since he notices you’re not that way in front of others. It makes him feel accomplished.

- Tries to play along with your little skits or when you’re excited to be excited as well. He doesn’t want to act stuck up compared to you. The innocence is adorable.

Holy Sh*t, Batman

I have a lot of feels after that episode of Gotham

Originally posted by intoastrangeworld

  • Alfred is so done with Bruce’s romance
  • Harvey doesn’t always know what he is doing, but he’s doing a damn good job. 
  • ED, DON’T DO IT.  
  • Oswald, my precious penguin child, run. 
  • Barbara stirs sh*t for fun
  • Jervis’s Hat, though
  • Mario’s plan had a lot of room for things to go wrong
  • Bruce can be clingy
  • Selina and her mom could create an interesting dynamic
  • Zsasz. He’s just there.
  • Lee’s dress is beautiful
  • Jim shooting Falcone’s men in the knees was awesome
  • Jim was not supposed to kill Mario. But what did he do? He killed him. You had one job. ONE JOB. 
  • The writers don’t want me to be happy
  • Nygmobblepot. That’s all I want. They are wonderful homicidal husbands.