i want to keep you as my pet to play with and hide under my bed. forever

‘  all i need is for you to stay by my side.  ’
‘  all of the love songs remind me of you.  ’
‘  all of the words in the world can’t show how much you mean to me.  ’
‘  boy,  could i use your love  &  affection right now.  ’
‘  concept:  we’re both awake at 4 a.m.  i call you to hear your sleepy voice.  ’
‘  cute thing that you do:  the most stereotypical giggle  &  then hiding your face.  ’
‘  don’t let this be temporary.  ’
‘  don’t worry about me.  i just want to know you’re okay.  ’
‘  every day i get to see your gorgeous face is a good day.  ’
‘  everything about our relationship feels so natural  &  perfect.  ’
‘  feelings change,  but mine about you won’t.  ’
‘  hey,  guess what?  i love you.  ’
‘  hold me tight  &  tell me you love me.  ’
‘  i always daydream about living with you.  ’
‘  i am so exhausted,  but i’d sleep so much better with your arms around me.  ’
‘  i can’t help but imagine living with you years from now.  ’
‘  i can’t keep setting fires to keep you warm.  ’
‘  i could listen to you talk about the things you love forever.  ’
‘  i don’t think i’ll ever stop wanting you.  ’
‘  i don’t want those memories any more.  ’
‘  i forget who  &  where i am when we kiss.  ’
‘  i get that warm,  pleasant feeling in my chest when i’m with you.  ’
‘  i hope with all my heart that you love me like i love you.  ’
‘  i hope you feel the same way you make me feel.  ’
‘  i just want to softly cuddle with you  &  count the freckles on your cheek  &  i want to run my fingers through your hair.  ’
‘  i know it’s getting scary,  but you’ve just got your perfect self out of bed  &  do the best with what you’ve got.  i believe in you.  ’
‘  i love looking into your squinted eyes while we laugh.  ’
‘  i love when you give me little kisses on my hand  &  cheek  &  neck.  it makes me feel so loved.  ’
‘  i never thought i’d deserve the love you give me.  ’
‘  i think you’ve shown me what love really is.  ’
‘  i want the only thing between our bodies to be our love.  ’
‘  i want the only thing between our love to be our lips.  ’
‘  i want to bury my face in the crook of your neck until we both fall asleep.  ’
‘  i want to listen to the beautiful song of your voice for hours.  ’
‘  i want to make you just as happy as you make me.  ’
‘  i want to wake up to your smile.  ’
‘  i want to wrap my arms around you at 3 a.m.  &  tell you i love you.  ’
‘  i want you to be my yesterday,  my today,  &  my tomorrow.  ’
‘  i want you.  ’
‘  i will always love you.  even when you don’t think it’s a possibility,  i am going to love you.  ’
‘  i would sleep so much better with you right next to me.  ’
‘  if only you could see your angelic self from my perspective.  ’
‘  if you frequently play with my hair,  i might just fall in love with you.  ’
‘  it’s amazing feeling the warmth of your love.  ’
‘  it’s okay to have a bad day every once in a while.  ’
‘  it’s so much easier to fall asleep when you’re in bed next to me,  running your gentle fingers down my back while we softly smile at each other through the darkness.  ’
‘  i’d wait a lifetime to be in your arms.  ’
‘  i’m all yours.  always.  ’
‘  i’m always going to support you.  without even a second thought,  i’ll be there when you need me.  i want what’s best for you.  ’
‘  just knowing you’re there comforts me.  ’
‘  just thinking about how you make me blush.  ’
‘  keep in mind all the things that you have to look forward to,  babe.  ’
‘  kiss me under the starry sky.  ’
‘  let me know if you’re in love with me too.  ’
‘  let today be the day that everything changes.  you are capable of so much.  ’
‘  let’s go on a cute,  cliché date.  ’
‘  let’s sleep together under the stars.  ’
‘  make yourself  &  your own happiness you priority.  ’
‘  make yourself happy before you worry about me.  ’
‘  my kindness isn’t weakness.  ’
‘  my new years resolution is for all our arguments to be settled because i know you’ll still have my love  ’
‘  oh,  what a privilege it is to matter to you.  ’
‘  our love could make flowers bloom int he dead of winter.  ’
‘  pet names are my weakness.  ’
‘  start setting boundaries.  enough is enough.  ’
‘  thank you for caring like nobody else ever has.  ’
‘  thank you for caring when nobody else has.  ’
‘  the world is going to do something amazing for you.  ’
‘  there are times to power through it  &  there are times to say no.  ’
‘  when i look at the stars i can’t help but think of you.  ’
‘  when you look at me,  the butterflies flutter.  ’
‘  you are my happiness  &  you don’t even know it.  ’
‘  you are my starlight.  ’
‘  you are the one i’d do anything for.  ’
‘  you are what puts my mind to rest when i can’t sleep.  ’
‘  you don’t need anyone to rescue you.  you can do it all on your own,  babe.  i know you can.  ’
‘  you feel like home.  ’
‘  you have a smile that lights up my world.  ’
‘  you have no idea how proud of you i am.  you’ve done so much for everyone.  thank you.  ’
‘  you stole my heart,  but i’ll let you keep it.  ’
‘  you’re made of stars  &  you’re my favorite constellation.  ’
‘  you’re my favorite notification.  ’
‘  you’re my home  &  i’m homesick.  ’
‘  you’re not just your mistakes  &  you deserve to be happy.  ’
‘  you’re so much more than good enough.  don’t ever doubt that.  ’
‘  you’re soft  &  sweet  &  too good for me.  ’
‘  you’re something special babe.  you can make a difference.  ’
‘  you’re the happy part of my days.  ’
‘  you’re the one i’m looking for.  ’
‘  you’re the one thing i think about when i wake up every morning.  ’
‘  you’re the reason why i want to get up every morning.  ’
‘  you’re waking,  talking,  living,  loving poetry.  ’



“Minako had said he was a blessing - that his pockets were deep and Yuuri was lucky to have caught his eye. But Viktor Nikiforov was a curse, and Yuuri finds himself trapped in a world of blood and death where it takes violence to mend what is broken.”

Mania is a state of abnormally elevated (feelings of) arousal, affect and energy level, where the overall activation is heightened as well as expressions (actions) of affect that are also enhanced. Freud considered that the maniac individual must have suffered a great and traumatic loss (something that could also be linked to the Oedipus Complex phase) and the ego unable to properly deal as it was supposed to turns all of its energy at a target that will act as a substitute for the object of affection that was lost in order to fulfill that gap. Obsessive and violent behaviour might be characteristics indentified in a maniac individual, though they may vary.

Cupio dissolvi is a latin locution that means (literally) «I wish to be dissolved». This concept has played an important role in the discussion on suicide. Some other reflexions and interpretations considered something like one’s desire to leave life in order to die, so that they could join God in the afterlife and end their sufferings, being able to become once again pure in the eyes of God. Freud believed that it wasn’t only a simple matter of having a death wish, it also had something to do with the struggle one goes through in a lifetime while trying to fight against the intense impulse or desire for death (most likely linked to his concept of death drive).

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sweater thieves

For KenHina Week day 3

Kenma would do anything to make Hinata happy, even if that meant moving to Torono Town and leaving Tokyo. So, because Hinata loves Kenma more than anything, he suggests they spend Christmas in Tokyo - and of course he’s going to wear Kenma’s Nekoma hoodie. (It’s a perk.)

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For Shouyo, Kenma would do anything to make him happy. If that meant going out of his comfort zone, for Shouyo, he’d do anything. So, when Shouyo asked him to move in with him in Torono Town, he didn’t even think about it. He packed up and moved almost immediately.

The apartment they found was partially furnished, cheap on the rent and close to Karasuno where Shouyo had a part-time job coaching the team. Kenma found work at an Indie gaming company that was a short train ride away.

It’s winter, they’ve been living together for four months now, when Kenma comes home to find Shouyo asleep under the kotatsu, wearing Kenma’s softest sweater. He’s flushed, a pile of mandarin peels in front of him and the TV is tuned to a volleyball tournament. Kenma strips off his parka and joins Shouyo under the futon. He leans against his boyfriend, the fabric of his sweater soft against his cheek.

Shouyo stirs. “Kenma? Ah, you’re home. Welcome back,” he says, stifling his yawn behind his hand.

Kenma nuzzles the side of Shouyo’s head. “I’m back,” he murmurs. “You stole my sweater.”

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FAMILY || Mafia!Soonyoung [Chp 3]

BLURB: Family is more than just the people you’re born to; family is love, acceptance, and laughter, and the boy with the bright smile who vows never to leave your side.

GENRE: action, au!mafia, romance, family, angst

WORDS: 2367

PART: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

A/N: Rewritten as of 8th Sept ‘16.

You had been living with SVT for about a month now and it was getting boring.

After finding out that you had basically run away from your gang, Seungcheol had forbidden you from leaving the House because he knew your father’s thugs would be looking for you. Your father’s gang was big and could squash SVT like a bug. If they found out SVT was harbouring a wanted person…

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Sunday Smut Spotlight: LOKI

Surprisingly enough, SSS has never put out an all-Loki edition.  But considering the news from Marvel about his glorious purpose continuing in more films, it seemed the time was right for a renewed emphasis on this sexy creature. (who was, for a lot of us, our first introduction to Tom Hiddleston).

As mentioned in the call for fic, I’m putting special emphasis on those stories that are brand new.  Stories are are listed in descending order of original publishing date.  

Images this week are mostly the courtesy of amatasera and elfpunk , who have graciously allowed me to take my pick of their works.  You ladies rule.

I hope you’re all ready for these.  You might need to brew yourself a cup of tea and get yourselves settled in before you start.  You know Loki plays sneaky and rough.

General Warning:  The following are works of fiction intended for mature audiences only.  I do not give trigger warnings, although the authors sometimes do so.  Proceed at your own risk and recognition.


2015-06-14 - Taking Care of the Prince by eve1978​ / mywritingsblog

Summary:  Nessa fills in for her niece as a massage therapist, and her client is a very important person.

‘I mean, your royal highness,’ I quickly recovered as I bowed down to him and avoided looking into his eyes.
He didn’t speak a word but slowly took off his coat and garments and carefully put them on the chair in the corner of the room. I didn’t dare look at him but I could see from the corner of my eyes that he was completely naked.

Without looking I reached him one of the sheets and felt it carefully being taken from my hands, he covered himself up and stepped closer to the table.

‘It’s alright, you can look now,’ his voice gave me chills, the good kind,’ I haven’t seen you here before, are you new?’

‘Yes,’ my voice was barely more than a whisper.


2015-05-09 - What is This by sherekahnsgirl

​Summary: Loki finds a sex toy belonging to his Midgardian roommate/keeper.

The lie fell out of my mouth without me even thinking about it, I’d learned to hide it so well.  "But I have no interest in sharing this very intimate part of my life with you, and you cannot force me to do so!”

I mentally shook my head. Big, big mistake.  Telling Loki he could not do something was a guarantee that he was going to do his best to accomplish it, even if it was something he didn’t necessarily want to do.

And he wanted to do this.

Son of a bitch.  

I was being held captive - naked - who knew were - by a horny Norse God, and there was zero chance that anyone was going to come to my aid.



2014-12-29 - Mistaken Identity by grufflepuff-writes-stuff

Summary: One night, Tom comes home a seemingly changed man. 

“Don’t. Move.”

The voice is oddly familiar. The long fingers around your throat are just as familiar, and much less odd. Your pulse quickens with the surprise of feeling him behind you (you are certain he can feel your heart drumming beneath his hand) but your eyes slide closed. You follow his command, falling still and silent under his touch.

“Good girl.” The fingers tighten around your neck, and his free hand creeps down along your body. Your heart is still beating quickly, though now it is with anticipation more than anything else. “So warm. So pliant. I do believe you’ll let me take you here and now, won’t you? I don’t even have to threaten you.”


2014-11-09 - If Only by icybuepenguin

Summary: While in his cell, the prisoner Loki summons an image of his lover to soothe him.

first paragraphs:

“Don’t tell her I’m here,” he had whispered fiercely to Frigga, over the heavy clank of his chains and Odin’s infuriating voice snapping for his attention. “Let her think that I am dead. It is kinder.”

Now, in his cell, this sparse glass-fronted room that was his for eternity… now he let himself think of her. Her bright, sparkling eyes. Her bold words and her quiet moans. Her soft hair in his fingers, her red lips on his cheek. Loki sank down on the thin mattress on what was supposed to be his bed, forever. It was unlikely he’d get the chance to trick Thor into letting him out of this cell, he thought.


2014-11-09 - Broken by consulting-lokean

Summary: Misty is held captive by the new king of Earth, and not so gently persuaded to enter his service

first paragraphs:

The creak of the wheel turning jars Misty out of her doze. She’d been given a few hours rest between what Loki had referred to as “sessions”. Once upon a time they would have been called sexual assault. The chain that holds her arms over her head tightens, pulling her up so her feet dangle above the dungeon’s stone floor. The redhead whimpers a little as her arms are stretched almost painfully.

“Good morning, pet.” Loki’s condescending smile accompanies the greeting. As usual, he wears a black suit that hugs his tall frame. She doesn’t register on his danger scale enough to warrant armor. His hands reach out and cup her breasts, a chuckle escaping his lips as she wriggles to try and keep away from him, spitting at his face, but missing as usual. “Still as feisty as ever. I like that in a woman. But I would rather have loyalty to me.”


2014-11-09 - Banished for Love: Loki Loki Loki by storylover92

Summary: Loki has a gift for Sigyn’s birthday

first paragraphs:

“Good morning Love. Happy birthday.” Loki walked out onto his balcony and stood behind her. He leaned down and kissed the top of her head, her hair smelling of sage and rosemary. Hilda had already set breakfast out for them, knowing they wouldn’t want to go to the main hall. It was Sigyn’s birthday, which meant they probably wouldn’t be leaving the bedroom.

“Good morning and thank you Dear Mischief.” She was oddly quiet, granted she wasn’t much of a morning person.

“What’s going through your head?” Loki sat down across the table from her and laid his napkin across his lap.


2014-11-08 - Don’t Hesitate by carriehiddlebatch

Summary: Reader POV - you are betrothed to another, but want desperately to be with Loki at least once before you wed.

first paragraphs:

You take a piece of paper and write in your steadiest hand, even though you’re shaking with nerves ~ Please summon me to your chambers so that no one sees. I need desperately to speak with you ~

You fold it and give it to the servant who is waiting beside you. You ask her to deliver it directly to Loki as quickly as she can manage, to let him know who it is from, and that the matter is urgent.

As you watch her leave you are overcome with all manner of emotions. This is either going to be the greatest night of your life, or the single most embarrassing.


2014-11-09 - Ties That Bind (chapter 11) by sigyn-hiddleston
[link to fic page

Fic Summary: Before embarking on his disastrous attempt at conquering Midgard, a SHIELD agent with a grudge against an old flame offers her allegiance to Loki of Asgard. But when his plan goes sideways, he kidnaps the woman for his own sinister plan, using her as leverage to keep himself out of prison.

excerpt from chap. 11:

“Sigyn?” Loki called as I entered the vestibule in our suite, emerging from the formal seating area to the right of the fountain.
Some part of me wanted to be mad at him for his words last night, for his behaviour in front of not just myself but Hel, but I remembered my revelation. Small things. He could have handled the situation much better but he had made a point; I too had found solace from my problems at the bottom of a stein of mead… regardless if I still stubbornly believed there was a difference in those situations. Instead, I held my hands out to him as he leaned down to kiss my cheek. “How do you fare this afternoon, husband?”

“My behaviour last night was remiss. As such, I have sought to make amends for my words. Come, I have something to show you.”


2014-11-06 - A Midnight Visit from Your King by a-beautifully-hiddled-disaster

Summary: Reader POV - you get an unexpected but welcome visit.

first paragraphs:

You’re standing in front of your window, looking out at the night. It’s pitch black and in your darkness, you don’t see your reflection, not that you’re worried anyway. The nearest neighbors are miles away and the road is deserted, so you feel perfectly secure standing there in nothing but a filmy black robe.

You jump as you feel a hand behind you snake into your hair and fingers begin to tangle. Your breathing gets shallow as the hand jerks your head to the side and you feel cool breath against your skin. “Hello, pet,” he growls lowly before his lips meet the goosebumped flesh of your neck.


2014-11-08 - It’s a Heartbeat by tartanroyaltea

Summary: Loki receives a Midgardian girl as a gift. 

An excerpt:

Giddy excitement filled every pore. He had always longed for a Midgardian pet, but alas, it had only ever been a dream. Until now. Loki restrained himself from leaping down all twenty steps in an instant. He glanced at Odin, who nodded, granting him permission to receive his gift. He gathered himself and glided down the steps, watching the girl flinch infinitesimally as she realised his approach. The Ambassador was still bent in a bow, but his face tilted upwards, keen to see the Prince’s reaction to his gift; the Ambassador had selected the girl himself, and it was of paramount importance that she pleased the difficult young prince.


2014-11-08 - Punishment for a Peeping God by lokis-rainbow-succubus

Summary: When Agent Victoria refuses to make breakfast for Loki, the God of Mischief tries to sneak into her room to frighten her. But his plan backfires & finds himself in an interesting situation.

first paragraphs:

It had only been 5 months since Colonel Fury had assigned Agent Victoria to be Loki’s guardian & tutor regarding to adjusting to life on Earth, or Midgard, as he called it. He was rude, demanding, pulled pranks on her constantly, and although some were genuinely funny and made her laugh, there were just some days she’d love nothing more than to slap that smug handsome smile right off his face… Among other methods of punishment.

It was 8:30am on a Saturday morning & it was Victoria’s first weekend off in months. She was sleeping peacefully up until there was a loud knock at her door.

“Agent Victoria, I require breakfast.” Loki spoke through the door, his tone agitated & impatient. Victoria rolled her eyes and growled, not budging from underneath her warm blankets.


2014-11-08 - The Queen’s Gentlewoman by clintashashipper

Summary: Young Loki as a virgin


As always, he had run to the library at night, yet now he was looking for books that were forbidden to read, and he had found out about the things only the whores would know of. On and on he read, studied and explored, if so to say, but Loki slowly gave up hope; weeks turned into months, and months turned into a year, and the younger prince started to doubt if there would ever be such thing as a woman that would keep a desire for him within her. His mind brought him to think of the brothels, where ale and whores were waiting, but it disgusted him in the very moment when he thought of his brother spending his nights there, as well. Thor would only make fun of him, and take his victory when whores would shed nothing but laughter at him.


2014-11-06 - Persuasion (chap 1, chap 2) by neither-blue-nor-green 

Summary: Sonja, a young mutant with exceptional powers, is sent by Charles Xavier to spy on Loki and Erik Lensherr, but is captured by them.

an excerpt

She froze when he came closer, both intimidated by his presence and by his knowledge. Nobody except Charles had ever found out what her ability really was. Other catalysts just strengthened other mutants, by touch or by proximity. She had to want to help. Nobody could force her to use her power, it shut down the moment she wasn’t willing to use it. Even under duress, with a gun held to her head, it didn’t work. She had to be convinced. Once she was sure that her goal was the same as the other’s, it was as if a bond was forged and she gained the same ability, basically turning them into a two-person team with the same skills and boosted strength.


 2014-11-01 - Hurt  (multi-chapters) by kinky-fiction-vixen

Summary: Odin has Loki punished, and uses a beautiful woman to administer the torture.

an excerpt from chapter 1:

She knew Loki all too well, so the fourth vial was something she had concocted herself to try and make up for what she had done to him. The green liquid was thicker than the rest, so it took longer to circulate. Once it was in full force, there was no denying what response she was aiming for. Though he was feeling immeasurable pain, she wanted him to get something in return. His skin slowly faded back to the cool, creamy complexion she’d known for so long, and his breathing slowed.


Wonderful older stories below.  Those marked ** were not submitted by the authors, but added by me.

2014-10-06 - The Turn of the Jewel by crescent-moon-rising

2014-08-30 - Asgardian Sex Swing by clojury

2014-08-08 - **The Throne of Midgard** chap 1 by laterovaries

2014-03-16 - **Storyteller** by @poeticfucknuttery

2014-02-20 - Soothe the Savage Beast (ao3 link) by haveahiddles and sincerejester

2012-10-09 - Called from Shadows by geminiloveca


Sweet dreams, gentle readers.

Please remember to like, comment, and re-blog on the stories themselves.  Writers love to know they have an audience!

who wants the best cat ever

so this is horrible but: since i’m definitely moving back home in a couple months, if not sooner, i have to find someplace for the cat. i would really really really like it if he could go directly to a home instead of back to the ASPCA, especially since kittens will start being available soon and he’ll have lower odds of being chosen. so if you’re in/near NYC and want a cat or if you know anyone fitting that description, please please please read this post and consider this handsome friendly gentle playful darling boy. and even if none of the above applies to you, please please please reblog this!

so here is my very long and honest description of an INCREDIBLY WONDERFUL four year old cat, available starting now to anyone who i know, or who someone i know knows, or who can provide a reference from their current/previous vet, and who can get to an upper west side apartment and get him back home from there. (also of course you’re welcome to visit and hang out with him–i promise zero pressure if you decide he’s not right for you.) he’s from the ASPCA so he’s neutered and has had all his shots and he’s microchipped; i will provide his current vet record.

he comes with the following long list of free stuff:

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