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Why People Fall In Love

Muses: Jeon Jungkook.
Words: 4.7k words of cringe worthy fluff.
Type: fwb!au + fake dating!au
Note: This is another my ‘to be posted’ scenarios, posted.  Yay. :D

+ An agreement to become Jungkook’s fake girlfriend and a trip back to his hometown lets you see more of the Jeon Jungkook who you think is only made of Friday hookups and boyish charms.

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“So let me get this straight, your brother’s bringing his girlfriend home for dinner this weekend and you ‘sorta’ blurted out that you have a girlfriend too just because you want to prove that he’s wrong about you not being able to keep a girl?”

Sheepishly, Jungkook smiles and rubs the back of his neck. “Yeah, sorta.”

At his nonchalance, you lightly smack his chest; it’s not like he’s going to feel anything if you straight out punch him anyway. “He’s totally right!”

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  1. Absolutely all of these fics have happy endings. I can’t read hardcore angst or I’ll die. I mean it. 
  2. If there are any other relationships in these fics then it’ll be minor but Johnlock is def front and center and endgame for all of them.
  3. I’ve avoided reccing the really famous Johnlock fics. I love them but all these fics need more love cause they’re all so amazing! 
  4. 99% of these fics are bottomlock but since I don’t care who bottoms or who tops (as long as they fuck and as long as they are in character) (that means no DFP Sherlock) (or Baby Princess John) so if you have a problem with toplock in general, tread carefully.
  5. All of these fics are from AO3. 
  6. Also please excuse my crappy summaries.
  7. Be sure to read all the tags before reading!


  • The Dialogue of John and Sherlock Series by cwb - Sherlock decides that he and John are in a romantic relationship. John tries to educate Sherlock on what that actually means. (this is the cutest, Sherlock is literally hopeless)
  • The Bachelors’ Handfasting by jurgbury - 1800s Scotland where younger Sherlock and older John are in an arranged marriage. (John is so fucking hot in this I want to die)
  • Thirteen Dances (Or, The Doctor Dances) by Knackorcraft - John can dance!!!
  • Hellfire by testosterone_tea - Magical Realism! John is a Berserker (powerful fire monster thing that’s supposed to be extinct) and is believed to be a threat to the country and Mycroft wants him held captive so of course Mage Sherlock is like NO.
  • Bury the Bells by unknownsister - Parade’s End AU. 
  • The Kepler Problem by kinklock - Alienlock and space-explorer/worker/maintainer/something John! (all of Kinklock’s fics are awesome af really)
  • The High Tide Series by stardust_made - A rich arse of a bloke tries to woo a clueless John and Sherlock just about loses his mind I LOVE JEALOUS SHERLOCK (The first story is rated T but the other two are E so…) (my fave)
  • The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes by MapleleafCameo - Sherlock investigates a 60 year old disappearance in the countryside and gets a shock along the way. (Not angsty, don’t worry)
  • The Life that is Waiting For by Youameliakaleigh - Sherlock is the son of a Goddess (so basically a demigod) and John is his trusty guardian/teacher/person/Sun sentinel okay just read!
  • Neighbours by thelookyouredoingthelookagain - John moves into 22IC and Sherlock is very silly, as he always is. 
  • Irrational and Sentimental Series by apliddell - Post S3 lovely Johnlock sweetness.
  • Intimacy Series by sussexbound (SamanthaLenore) - Love confessions and then smut! (First story is T later story is E) 
  • Never Have I Ever by hudders-and-hiddles (huddersandhiddles) - The boys play Never Have I Ever with some of the Met and they get together cause John and Sherlock are so dumb that it takes alcohol and a truth game for them to realize that their feelings are REQUITED DAMN IT okay okay I’m sorry canon stresses me out.
  • First and Only by crimsonwinter - Babylock to Kidlock to Teenlock to Unilock, growing up with John. WIP
  • A Study in Movement by Supernova12 - Teen rugby John is working on an art project and needs to improve drawing movement so he draws teen ballet Sherlock. 
  • A Hard Day’s Night by 221Btls - John the Knight and Sherlock the peasant. WIP
  • To the Sticking Place by blueink3 - John and Sherlock as theatre actors, both acting as the main roles in a Hamlet production! WIP (I don’t know why this doesn’t get more love, this is the theatre version of Performance In A Leading Role!) (my fave) 
  • How Do You Know? by LaurieRoar - John having sex with Virgin Sherlock to see whether or not his claim that he doesn’t like sex is true. (my fave) (but I hardly ever see this recced) (super fucking hot)
  • Well Begun Is Half Done by Avice - Sherlock tryna seduce John but John’s like “Fuck that, let’s get down to it”. (Avice’s fics are severely underrated, they are all awesome)
  • Angel Hair Series by justacookieofacumberbatch (buffyholic) - Successful surgeon John and waiter Sherlock get it on wohoho. WIP
  • A Study in Sex Series by Castiel_For_King - John teaching Sherlock The Ways of Sex.
  • The City of Dreams Series by bittergreens - Lots of sex? Lol.
  • Spinning by Tispy-the-Minx (ComeAlongPond14) - Seventeen-year-old John is assigned to Sherlock’s care.
  • For you, there’s only me by shock_blanket - So much pining the boys are idiots I swear to God.
  • Six Degrees of Separation by testosterone_tea - Sherlock highkey wants to meet John but treats it all like a ridiculous experiment to stay cool, I could kill him, he’s so ridiculous. (testosterone_tea is awesome, their fics need more love)
  • Lovesick by distantstarlight - Sherlock getting sick and John taking care of him and also sex.
  • The Republic of Heaven by Blind_Author - His Dark Materials AU. WIP (okay so this is my fave out of all my faves but it hasn’t been updated in forever but I refuse to believe it’s been abandoned or else I’ll perish) (the fave)
  • Imaginary Pictures by crossroads - Teenlock falling in love with John. Loads of pining. (this needs more love)
  • In Care Of by quietasasleepingarmy -  John writes instructions for Sherlock’s ‘lover’ on how to care for him aka I hate them PLEASE DIE.
  • In A Changing Age by allonsys_girl -  Sherlock wakes up in the 19th century, with no idea how he got there aka I love them I’M GONNA DIE.
  • Pretending to Be by 221BJen (jcoz1701) - John is hired to track down Sherlock, who is an asset to The Centre, a secret agency.
  • The Wrong Wagon by DancingGrimm - Molly starts crushing on John instead of Sherlock when the doctor saved her life. Sherlock (aka the gay baby loser that I hate) notices and just about goes insane.
  • Angel With A Fiddle by Remy_Writes5 - Young soldier John meets violinist Sherlock at a carnival the day before he is to be deployed to Germany to serve in World War 1.
  • The Boffin and the Bachelor by starrysummernights - Uh… John and Sherlock getting together and there’s some fluff and some smut and a bit of angst? (Idk how to summarize this. Really good, though)
  • Fool For You by sheerrloockk - Poor clueless Sherlock proposes to John on April Fools’ Day by accident.
  • Operation Inked by QuinnAnderson - John has a tattoo and Sherlock makes it his mission to see it cause he dumb.
  • Discerning Tastes by Irrevocably_Sherlocked - Sherlock tries to get some good Scotch for Mycroft’s birthday but is faced with a hot, kilt-wearing John and practically loses all his genius because of it. (Irrevocably_Sherlocked’s fics need more attention cause they are the bombdotcom)
  • Lightning and Sea Glass by 221b_careful_what_you_wish_for - Frankenlock AU. (This is a bit angsty so watch out)
  • In Nomine by Atiki - Sherlock can only manage to say John’s name when they have sex. (Sherlock is too cute, I will perish)
  • See Recipe for Details by pandoras_chaos - John makes a list of things Sherlock likes to eat. (Reading this made me hungry. For food. Obvs)


  • Tell it Like it is by testosterone_tea -  Sherlock and John go out to the pub with some of the officers from Scotland Yard and played some games while they’re at it. (This is fucking hilarious) 
  • The Semantics of Crop Circle Formation: a case study by Sherlock Holmes [unpublished] by canolacrush - John and Sherlock are investigating a weird extraterrestrial-like case but for once, John knows more about it than Sherlock does wink wink read it! (my fave) (this needs heaps more love wtf!!!)
  • My Life Had Stood A Loaded Gun by HeartOfTheMirror - Magical Realism! John is a Healer. (I hate Mycroft in this)
  • Aparecium by 1electricpirate - Potterlock! Sherlock is a Muggle but John isn’t. WIP
  • Enigma by khorazir - The Imitation Game-esque fic. WIP
  • Splatter Patterns by beezee - John is an artist and Sherlock is an art critic.
  • Apprehension by BashfulBunny (Aequoreavictoria) - John is hired to kidnap Sherlock but things go awry obvs. WIP
  • Captains of Industry series by 221b_hound - John is a hot barista and Sherlock is, of course, a fumbling mess. (This series is awesome, the whole gang is here, working close by.)
  • where the good things grow by anchors - Sherlock has a magic garden he uses to brew tea and John has a tea shop. (This fic is so sweettttt and deserves more love)
  • Down with this Ship by FrostedFlame (PinkOrchid) - Sherlock takes John to a gay bar expecting him to be uncomfortable but BAM John the Raging Bisexual comes out to play and shocks the fuck out of the detective.
  • The Thin Line by Odamaki - Sherlock and John in a super snug closet  and John gets a raging boner lolllllllll.
  • The Frost Child by twistedthicket1 - Everyone have gifts and John keeps his a secret but Sherlock finds out. (my fave)
  • Dawn Before the Rest of the World Series by PoppyAlexander - 1920s England, butler Sherlock and gardener John. (John is so romantic in this, I want to cry)
  • Dreamer by MagdaTheMagpie - After Afghanistan, John keeps dreaming about Sherlock dying and does everything he can to stop it. (my fave)
  • ROT-13 by berlynn_wohl -  John the spaceman crashes his pod in Sherlock the alien’s planet where he meets Sherlock and fuck it’s hilarious just read.
  • Don’t Underestimate John Watson by BakerTumblings - John is offered the role of Lester Nygaard in Fargo and basically never underestimate him, for reals.
  • Brother Mine by annabagnell - Parentlock and MPreg! Sherlock gives birth to a baby much to the impatience and delight of excited big sister Michaela (This is so sweet)
  • Care of Magical Creatures by stillaseeker - Some Potterlock domestic cuteness and hilarity. 
  • Ink and Honour Series by moonblossom - 1800s. Mrs. Hudson takes in young Captain John Watson who was injured in the Napoleonic wars alongside her young ward Sherlock. (first story is M but the ratings after that are all over the place so read tags) 


  • Love or What You Will by miss_frankenstein - John is an English professor and Sherlock is a PhD student assigned to be his TA. (I just… I love this one so much… I will die) (my fave) (this fic introduced me to my favourite poem, Sylvia Plath’s Mad Girl’s Love Song)
  • Bookshop Series by alivingfire - John meets Sherlock at a bookshop.
  • The Master of Latham Hall by Kryptaria - John and Sherlock investigates murders at Latham Hall and is in for a bit of a shock. (A bit of angst but not in regards to John and Sherlock) (I love you. I will always love you. God, I die every time)
  • A Haunted House series by cassyl - Major Character Deaths but not angsty. (Can’t say anything more cause spoilers but seriously, don’t worry, just read)
  • Once Upon a Beast Becoming by antietamfalls - Sherlock is an ancient being cursed by a Druid and John is the only person who can rid him of it. (loveeeeeeeee)
  • between each beat are words unsaid by darcylindbergh, hudders-and-hiddles (huddersandhiddles) -  On their wedding night, John and Sherlock gift each other with a collection of writings they wrote about the other. (Sweet af)  
  • Deleted Files Series by oh_my_stars_and_sky - Every time Sherlock deletes something from his Mind Palace it shows up in John’s mind. WIP
  • Four Shots Series by Opy3332 - John works at a Starbucks at SIS Headquarters and meets Sherlock.
  • Quality of Life Series by cleflink - John has great healing powers! WIP
  • Truth or Consequences Series by Majela - John gives Sherlock a taste of his own medicine in regards to drugging people without their consent.
  • Witness Protection by missilemuse -  John used to be Jim’s fiance but he finds out about him being super evil and all and testifies against him. He meets Sherlock and ya know: lurve. (my fave)
  • The Red Dianthus by kinklock -  The boys investigate a mysterious disappearance in a supposedly haunted house, and get much more than they bargained for.  
  • Watch What They Photograph Series by Itsallfine - “If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.” (First two stories are rated T the last is E)
  • A Different Kind of Complication by Atisenia - John, living alone in 221B, started getting letters addressed to Sherlock.
  • Without a Doubt by prettysailorsoldier - 1950s Teenlock.
  • The Strait of Juan de Fuca by mightypog - Post Reichenbach. John is distant from Sherlock even though he has forgiven him and Sherlock tries hard to fix their friendship.
  • Turbulence in the Sky by esplanade - Sherlock wants to tell John how he feels about him but he keeps spouting bullshit instead oh my poor child…
  • Affectionate Investment by MillieTheFreak - Sherlock and John feeding each other like it’s the most natural thing in the world I LOVE THEM
  • What Would Sherlock Do? Series by EinahSirro - John uses his deductive powers to find out if Sherlock reciprocates his romantic feelings and to seduce him! 


  • The Contingency Plan by mightypog -  When Sally and Greg prevent Sherlock from committing suicide when he thinks John has been killed, Sherlock and Sally reconsider each other. (bit of angst, nothing heavy) (this is so real like this is exactly how canon Sherlock will react if anything happens to John) (my fave)
  • Evidence by JezebelGoldstone - Angry papa Lestrade comes bounding up to 221B demanding the return of all the evidence Sherlock stole so the detective tells the DI about some of the evidence so he’ll let him keep it. (Sherlock is amazingly sentimental in this, I love him)
  • And as the seasons change, I love you more by Teatrolley -  A year in the lives of John and Sherlock, essentially. (I will bawl my eyes out, this is so… just so! So much) (This isn’t rated so I’ll just put it under here) 

If I’ve mentioned your fic here and you want me to credit you or add a link to your Tumblr or anything like that, let me know! 

I’ll be updating this post regularly as more great fics will inevitably come along. And I’ll always be happy to rec specific fics to anyone and everyone! Just ask. I read Johnlock fanfic 24/7 every single day so might as well utilize it somehow. 

Lucky Number 24 - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 5008

Warnings: Smut

Notes: Lacrosse Week Special for my favorite bby, Stiles. I can’t believe I just wrote this. I never intended for it to actually turn into that but I got to the point I wanted to, and kinda couldn’t stop from there.

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Submission #2

You boys asked and here’s another story for u. A long one, but it’s worth it for sure. Well done again cuck @jomothehomo


When I first told my husband that I was into cuckolding, I don’t think he understood it. I had watched him nail the fuck out of the stripper at the Rooster, but he was hesitant to fuck someone else behind my back. He is a devoted husband, after all, and he wanted to make sure that I was also sexually satisfied. I started telling my former fuck buddies and boyfriends about what I wanted to do, and they encouraged me to go for it anyway. An ex told me that any top would be turned on by the idea of his partner encouraging cheating, so he told me to pursue it.

When Christmas rolled around, we drove back up home to Pittsburgh to spend it with our respective families. My husband dropped me off in the city, but he drove down to West Virginia to spend the night with his father and stepmother. I was staying at a friend’s house, but she was out of town. I had the entire house to myself.

I was settling into bed that first night, when I started a casual conversation on Facebook Messenger with a friend named Cameron. My husband and I actually met doing theater, and Cameron was a teenage kid in the ensemble in some of the shows.  He was always a sweet kid, but now he was a confident, fit, 19 year old twink. We flirted a little bit, but then we started talking full on about sex. His boyfriend was also out of town for the holidays and Cameron was staying at his parent’s house. We started talking about how Cameron should bring his boyfriend, Lucas, for a visit in Miami…and then we talked about what would happen if we heard each other having sex…and then it evolved into us both into the idea of swapping boyfriends. I would bottom for Lucas and Cameron would bottom for my husband.

(Cameron’s ass)

We were getting each other pretty hot. We had swapped some pictures of our cocks and even sent each other Snapchats of us jerking in bed. I never thought of Cameron in any sort of sexual light before. Then I had an idea. I asked Cameron if he was actually interested in my husband. He said yes. I then probed further and asked if the opportunity arose, would he want to bottom for him. After a few minutes, he replied, “I’ve wanted your husband to fuck me for a long time.”

It was late—around 1:30 in the morning, but my husband was also online. I encouraged Cameron to talk to him the same way he and I did. Get each other horny but then find out if he’d be down for some extracurricular play. After a few minutes, Cameron confirmed that they were chatting, and they were immediately flirting. Cameron told me that he was going to set something up with my husband, and once he had all the details he would tell me what was going to go down. He didn’t talk to me for 2 solid hours, and I frantically kept looking to see if they were both online. At almost 4 am, Cameron sent me a massive amount of screenshots—it was their conversation from beginning to end. They did everything. After a few mindless moments of flirting, they sent each other pictures, videos, and they even admitted to fantasizing about each other. Cameron added that they chatted on the phone for a few minutes. I thought waiting for a response was torture. I had the hardest time not cumming before I read the entire conversation. The hottest part, however, was the very end. Cameron told my husband that tomorrow Lucas was going to be out of town and he wanted him to come over. My husband confirmed a time and they said goodnight to each other. That’s when I blew my massive load. I am a big shooter anyway, but I had never shot that hard in my entire life.

When I woke up the next morning, Cameron told me that he wanted me to come over in the early evening. I had told him about my desire to be cuckolded and he wanted to make my fantasy a reality. My husband was coming over at 7, so he told me to get there at 6:30. Cameron shared a cute little apartment with Lucas, and I was instructed to hide in the living room closet. He would keep it cracked the tiniest bit, but I could also look through the slats to get a good view. He went into the bedroom to change, and he came out in just a tshirt and basketball shorts.

Cameron is about 5’11 with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Despite having toned arms and legs, he still has a round baby face. When I say Cameron has the nicest ass I’ve ever seen, I am not exaggerating. It’s the type of ass that I have no idea how one gets it that perfect. My ass is definitely nothing to scoff at, and I do squats every day to retain a bubble ass. Cameron’s ass is something else entirely. It has the tiniest amount of blonde fuzz on it, but his hole is furry as fuck. When I grabbed his cheeks, it was firm but had enough give to make anyone want to play with it further. It is seriously perfect.

(more of his ass)

I took my place when the 7:00 rolled around. I took everything off in the closet to avoid making any noise when I was watching. From my view, I could see the back of the couch and the entire living room from the entrance hallway.

From the moment they walked in the door, they were on each other. They each downed a glass of wine quickly, but they were constantly touching each other. The drinks were a formality. They tenderly started kissing each other near the back of the couch. Cameron was obviously trying to get me the best view possible. My husband pawed at Cameron’s ass and they took off each other’s shirts. They stood there making out, bare chested, for 10 solid minutes. Just kissing slowly and sensually. I noticed they were grinding their cocks together through their pants. Cameron’s was more noticeable through his mesh shorts, but since my husband is so hung, you could see his through his jeans.

“You’re bigger than I remember,” Cameron said as he rubbed my husband’s chest and arms.

“I’m a big guy,” my husband said playfully before kissing Cameron harder. At 6’4, my husband towers over almost everyone.

Cameron reached down and started unbuckling my husband’s belt, and my husband replied by reaching into Cameron’s shorts. They both started moaning and kissing harder. My cock was dripping so much precum by this point that I had to stop touching myself and hold my hands behind my back. Within seconds, Cameron and my husband were both naked before me. Cameron broke the kiss to look down at my husband’s cock.

“Holy fuck, that’s big,” he moaned out.

“Bigger than Lucas?” my husband asked with a smile.

“Ohhh yes. Waaaay bigger,” Cameron replied. He immediately got on his knees and my husband into his mouth. He shot me a smile as he licked up and down the shaft. He was much more adept at handling his cock than the stripper was. Cameron was hungrily deepthroating my husband in record time as my husband rubbed both of his hands in Cameron’s hair. When I looked at his face, it was a mixture of pleasure and surprise. I don’t think he expected for Cameron to suck cock that well either.

After a few minutes, my husband pulled Cameron up by his armpits back to a standing position and they kissed hard. He wrapped his arms around Cameron’s waist and grabbed his perfect bubble butt. My husband had a hand on each cheek, and Cameron’s ass was more than a handful. My husband moaned as he rubbed Cameron’s ass around, and you could tell he wanted to claim that ass as his own.

Cameron led him over to the couch and forced my husband to sit down. All I could see was the back of my husband’s head as Cameron disappeared on his knees again. Cameron’s head started bobbing up and down into view and he went down on him, and my husband interlaced his fingers behind his head and truly relaxed. Cameron then stood up and started lowering his ass onto my husband’s cock. I couldn’t see anything since the back of the couch was in my way, but the horniness on Cameron’s face was evident. This was no longer about me fulfilling a fantasy for me—he wanted my husband inside him. They struggled for a few minutes, because of his size.

“Fuck that’s the biggest I’ve ever had,” Cameron whimpered out as he gained a rhythm.

“That’s only a couple inches.” I heard my husband say.

Determined to take it, Cameron lowered himself more and really started to moan. My husband reached down to have his hands on his hips to pull him back onto it more. Cameron then, without pulling out, swiveled around to face my husband. “There ya go” he said as Cameron took it deeper. The pleasure on Cameron’s face was insane—his mouth was hanging out, his eyes were shut, and he kept throwing his head back as he jerked his cock. I could see his twink-y biceps flexing as he stroked.

They were sweating. I could see it sliding down between Cameron’s pecs and my husband’s back was slick. Cameron hopped off for a few minutes and told my husband to get behind him and fuck him doggie over the back of the couch. He looked me dead in the eyes as my husband slid back inside him.

“Mmmm it feels bigger,” he whimpered out. He never broke eye contact with me.

“I’m going to fuck you like you always wanted,” my husband grimaced. I love his cocky alpha top smile. “Fuck your ass is perfect” he added.

“Better than Joey’s?” Cameron asked.

“Better than Joey’s. By a fucking mile,” my husband said, throwing his head back. The tuft of chest hair between his big pecs was soaked.

“You’re deeper than Lucas could ever be. I’ve never had a man that deep…mmmm…fuccckkk meeee…” he whimpered.

The sounds of my husband’s hips smacking Cameron’s ass was so loud that I didn’t have to worry about making any sound. My hands was soaking wet with precum. I had to cover my mouth with my free hand to keep my heavy breathing down.

They both had incredible stamina—it was like they didn’t want it to end so they kept slowing down, speeding up, slowing down, speeding up. My husband flipped him onto his back onto the couch and all I could see was my husband’s beefy chest flexing as he spread Cameron’s ankles wider and wider. I was edging in that closet for a solid 45 minutes.

After they slowed down, Cameron unexpectedly got up, grabbed my breathless husband’s hand and led them out of sight. What the fuck was going on? I stood there, cock in hand, for a few minutes in complete silence. Then I heard moaning again. They moved to another room. Cameron and Lucas shared a bedroom off the main hallway, so I assumed that’s where they were. What the fuck was I supposed to do?

“Fuck me harder, baby. Gimme that huge cock!” came from the hall.

Fuck it. I sneaked out of the closet, completely naked and sneaked down the hall. I had to go slow in order to make sure the floorboards didn’t creak. I could hear the smacksmacksmack growing louder and faster, but I needed to stay completely silent so I wouldn’t get caught.

Cameron only had a sheet acting as a bedroom door. If it wasn’t there, you could see straight into the bedroom. It wasn’t fully pulled back. All the motion in the bedroom was making the curtain waft soooo very slowly….back…and forth…baaaack…and forth. One minute, I could see my husband’s ass flexing as he drilled Cameron’s hole, but then the next, I could only hear their incredible sex. I stood there with my dick in my hand as I was only afforded the quickest glimpses into their fucking.

They were getting close. It was passionate, hard, sweaty, long-awaited fucking. Cameron was beating off hard with one hand as he grabbed my husband’s ass with the other. I could see them occasionally kissing, but they were grunting deep. Animalistic fucking, by this point.

My husband grabbed Cameron’s ankles and spread him wide again.

“Where do you want this cum, baby?”

“In me!”

“Ohhh…you want me to fill up that hot hole, baby?”

“Yes…I’ve wanted your cum since I was 16…gimme that cum…”

As soon as those words came out of Cameron’s mouth, my husband thrust into him so hard that Cameron’s eyes almost bugged out. His ass kept convulsing as he shot spurt after spurt of cum into him, pulling him into a sweet embrace as Cameron shot a big load on his own chest. He moaned very softly and gently.

I had to tiptoe back into the closet as they laid there. I thought they would cuddle, but my husband came out after a few minutes. His chest had some of Cameron’s load smeared across it. They must have been making out for a while. He got dressed and they made small talk. As he was ready to go, they kissed a little bit more and he left.

Cameron opened the closet door and said, “That was the best fucking I’ve ever had.”

At the same time, he realized I didn’t cum yet. We started making out as I jerked off. We sat on the couch and he talked dirty to me.

“After he came, he told me that he was going to fuck me again…his cock is so big…I can still feel him…his cum is so deep in me…”

When he said that, he grabbed my free hand and put it between his legs. He guided my fingers to his wet hole and I could feel some of my husband’s load on the hairs on his ass. I started to finger him and I could feel how hot his hole was. It radiated heat and it was so wet.

I stood up, got between his legs and guided my dick inside him. He wasn’t expecting it, and instinctively grabbed his cock. I slide into very slowly.  I wanted to feel just how open and warm his hole was from my husband’s cock. Amazingly, it was still kind of tight, but the wetness got me so hot. As soon as I got balls deep I started getting close. Feeling my husband’s handiwork, I started exploding rope after rope of cum inside him. I couldn’t stop. I grabbed Cameron’s ankles and started thrusting into him deep. His cock was hard again. “Harder, baby” he said as I finished cumming inside him. I collapsed on him and we made out slowly. We laid on the couch cuddling for a few minutes, and I helped him cum a second time. We talked dirty and how we wanted to do this again.

I got dressed, thanked him, and left. When I left Cameron’s apartment building, I had a text from my husband that said, “When you said you’d let me fuck other guys…how serious were you about that…?”


Damn! How did u boys liked it? It got me hard here for sure.

Who’s next? Or what should my little cuck @jomothehomo write about this time?

Don’t be shy cucks, your boys aren’t.

Dean’s Flannel

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Summary: Flannel is a standard in the hunting world but it slowly becomes something more for Dean and the reader…

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,300ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s Favorite Things Challenge. My prompt was “Flannel”…

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Sound the Alarms: 05

Sound the Alarms: 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08
Ship: Jungkook | Reader ~ Jungkook | Seulgi
Description: You were in love with Jeon Jungkook since you were 14, but made the mistake of introducing him to your best friend at 16. Now you’ve slept with him at 19, and it appears that fate isn’t done screwing you over when it comes to your two best friends.
Warning: Hella Angst, EXTREME Toxicness (don’t read if you can’t handle the abusive side, it gets bad), Voyeurism? Exhibitionism? Film, Intercourse, Death
Word Count: 5,140

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Homegrown, grass-fed, organic Coach Bittle headcanons

(This got really long and fluffy. Sorry.)

Coach looks like a scary dude, but he’s actually a big softie. He has a really intimidating resting bitch face, and a more intimidating murder face, but he would rather eat shit than say shit.

Coach is hella passive aggressive. If you mess with him he’ll be all like, “Wah, I was always taught to turn the other cheek. Hate the sin, love the sinner.” But then he’ll blind copy your boss and forward your emails if he feels like you’re being rude. Or he’ll hand out invitations to a cookout to everyone except you.

And it’s really interesting because Suzanne Bittle is the opposite. She is small and very sweet, but if you mess with her she ascends through passive aggressive and straight into aggressive-aggressive. Like, in high school Bitty had a lot of trouble with this one teacher. Not the subject material, but the teacher. Bitty would ask for help or clarification and the teacher would basically do the academic equivalent of “No, fuck off and die.” And then this teacher would “lose” Bitty’s assignments periodically, and he would grade Bitty’s tests way harder than anyone else’s.

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|A Theory part 5|


GENRE: Angst, Smut, Pure unadulterated nonsense


A/N: I am so so so sorry for how long this took for me to get out. I really hope you guys like it. Now, I since already gifted the Jackson stans, I believe the eldest hyung and the leader deserve some love too, yes?

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“Dress sexy” .

Jackson’s husky words echoed in my mind as I washed my body, making sure to shave, exfoliate and almost everything else in the book I could think of. I touched my skin making sure it was silky smooth to the touch before turning off the water and stepping out. The steam enveloped the room, making it a foggy maze to the door. I grabbed the dark colored towel off of the rack, wrapping the fluffy thick cotton around my body before I left the humid room, relishing in the cold air hitting my wet skin when I opened the door and stepped out into my room. In my immediate line of sight, I could see a broad back and shoulders going through my closet, carefully inspecting each article of clothing before pushing it aside and moving onto the next.

“I like the red” I heard his low, smooth voice speak as he inspected a dress I wore once to some high end fashion party Bambam dragged me to.

“It suits you” he mused.

That deep, melodic and smooth voice belonged to only one person. But how and when did he get in my room? How long was I in the shower for? It couldn’t have been that long, could it? My mind was swirling with the bombardment of questions assaulting my conscious, the most prominent one being what the hell was going on.

“Jaebum?” At the call of his name he took his attention away from the dress and turned to me.

I could fully see how he was dressed now, a simple white button up, buttoned up to his elbows with black slacks on. It was simple, but with his accessories of the silver earrings and simple chain, adorning his neck, he made it gorgeous. Giving me a once over, his lips spread into a gorgeous breathtaking smile. He kept his hand on the smooth, silky fabric of the dress as he addressed me.

“Evening baby girl” he said in a smooth, polite voice.

The initial shock of Im Jaebum in my room, while I was naked no less, was staggering and highly difficult to get over to say the absolute least. He raised an eyebrow at my silence and I could see the smug glint in his eye. He was breath taking, it was almost impossible for me to take my eyes off of him. His dark hair was styled back and away from his forehead, giving me a view of his gorgeous features. He watched me as I watched him, silently egging me on to do something as I continued my ogling unabashedly. That was before my mind took me back to the reality of the situation; Until I was reminded of the questions that needed to be answered.

“What did Jimin tell you?” Finding my voice was difficult but to produce it was even worse.

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A Secret Affair

Prompt:  What started out as something tedious and inconvenient turns into a force nothing can tear down. 

Pairing: Kylo Ren X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Sexual content and mentions of violence

A/N: This was inspired by this set of headcannons written by the amazing @obiwannacorncobkenobi, go follower her if you love Star Wars! 

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“What the hell is this?!”

And just like that all of the excitment of the sensual moment had depleted and been replaced with negative adrenaline and the utmost embarrassment.

“On my base?! This is an outrage!”

Every possible outcome raced through your mind as Kylo Ren carefully lead your legs off of his waist, freeing you from your previous position between his body and the wall. Your bare feet touched the cool concrete on the floor and you shivered. You were suddenly very aware of the fact that you were completely naked.

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10 Ways to say I love you - Peter Parker imagine ( part 2)

Summary: This is the second part to 10 ways to say I love you, you don’t have to read the first to understand this part as there is no connection to the first part but I suggest you do. (Part 1)

a/n: I meant for these to be up way sooner than today I’m just terrible at keeping myself on check. Link to Masterlist Here. I’m sorry the last one is so long i got carried away!

Not even two seconds after stepping out from the tiny corner restaurant you and Peter had ate at, the rain started pouring. You hadn’t gone out of your way to impress, but you had put effort into your look today and weren’t about to let the rain ruin that.

You grabbed Peter’s hand and pulled him under the closet cover for the rain. Neither of you had thought to bring an umbrella, so here you were stranded under a random cover for protection in the rain.

“Isn’t this the part where you grab my face and kiss me in the rain Peter?” you teased, nudging his shoulder with yours. “Do you want me too?” Peter shoots back smiling at you.

“I just think it would be ideal, you know, considering the setting and all” you reply stepping into the rain and facing upwards. “Hey, come here” Peter brings you back under the cover embracing you. Only letting go to remove his jacket and hand it to you. “Here, Put this on so you don’t get cold” he says.

“But you will be soaking by the time we get home” you counter, taking the jacket into your hands. “Don’t worry about me” He says looking away for a second, then facing you again. “So that kiss in the rain?”

You had come over to Peter’s for a movie and food, although you and Peter were together, you denied being so. However from the looks May was giving you from the kitchen when she thought you two weren’t looking, it seemed like she had put two and two together.

You were snuggled into Peter’s side with this arm wrapped around you comfortably. You had let Peter choose the movie, while you chose the snacks. 30 minutes into the movie the snacks had been long forgotten and You had unknowingly drifting off on Peter’s shoulder.

You had woken up around 10 minutes before the movies end but tried your best to steady your breathing to make it seem as if you were asleep. For a few minutes you had thought you had pulled it off until the entirely of the credits had rolled and he spoke up. “I know you aren’t actually sleeping” You tensed being caught.

Shhh I like being in your arms” you whisper, shifting but your eyes still closed.

“See! Plus your lips slightly part when you really are asleep” he states as if were nothing.

“You creep! you like watching me sleep?” you ask stretching your arms in front of you, only to wrap them back around his torso.

You loved ice cream it was no secret and Peter knew this, he would always let you finish it. Today was no different you sat in a booth enjoying a sundae at a place Ned had told you guys was the best in town.

You both talk about how your days were going and you being thankful he finally took a day for from his ‘Stark internship’ to spend with you. Throughout the conversation you grab three more spoons of ice cream while Peter grabs half a scoop. If only could even call that half a spoon.

“Do you always hate the flavors I choose or do you just hate ice cream?” you question him sadly.

“I don’t hate either” He laughs off your question.

“Then why don’t you ever enjoy the ice cream we get together?” you ask picking at it with your spoon.

I love ice cream, almost as much as you do, but I love giving you the last scoop more.” he answers as if it had been obvious this entire time. You lean over and kiss his cheek lightly. However that doesn’t stop the blush that creeps up on Peter’s neck.

“I love you too Parker” you say, interlocking your free hands together.

Sitting across from May on the table you were looking through some of her old photos she had decided to share with you. You picked one up of her and uncle Ben posing with a red backdrop in a studio.

“This one is really nice” you said facing the picture towards her and smiling.

“I remember when that one was taken, it is isn’t it?” you replied with a hint of sadness in her voice.

The sound of the door unlocking made you redirect your eyes to the door and in waltz Peter. “Hey, didn’t know you were coming over” he said throwing his backpack down and coming to sit next to you.

“Thought I’d surprise you, how was decathlon practice?” you asked, sorting through the photos again.

“Good, what’s all this?” Peter motioned towards the table.

“Just a few pictures, look at this one” you said handing him the one you had showed May early. You didn’t let him speak before you begin again, “We should go and take pictures like that” you offered, preparing for him to decline.

Instead Peter agreed, “Wait seriously?” you asked in shock.

Yes, I’ll do whatever keeps you happy” He said with a genuine look of adoration on his face.

“You’re the best” you said wrapping your arms around his torso and putting him in for a hug. Even just a hug in front of May made Peter blush and May smiled knowingly.

You walked up the tiresome seven flights of stairs to reach Peter’s door. Aunt May opened it and let you in with no hesitation. “How was school?” she asked returning to the kitchen to tend to the stove.

“It was good, eventful as always you” you replied, making your way to Peter’s room. “Peter’s not home but you’re welcome to wait for him” May stated and nodded towards Peter’s room. You open the door slowly with one hand while the other dug through your backpack until you looked up.

“What the F-” you begin and Peter instantly turn around and slammed the door shut with a kick and clasped his hand over your mouth. You quickly pry off his hand and whisper yell, “Peter what the hell is this? what the hell is that? what the hell are you doing?” you question him, motioning all over his suit. Peter immediately slams his hand over his chest, deactivating his spiderman suit.

“I can explain everything” he stutters out. You just stare at him eyes wild and making an attempt to steady yourself using the side of his bed.

Aunt may opens the door and peter swiftly kicks his suit under his bed, “I think I may have overcooked the food and hey what did say about keeping the door open? and- Peter oh my god put some clothes on” she says ushering him into his closet. “He will right out after he is decent, in the mean while we are going out for thai soon, care to join?” May asks with a smile on her face.

“I-uh I can’t, parents want me home soon, very soon. thank you though” You tried to say as normally as possible with everyday that has just occurred in the span of two minutes.

“Well alright I’m going to open some windows in here before the fire alarm goes off” She begins to exit the room, and you let out a heavy breath.

Peter stumbles out of the closet, pulling his shirt over his head. “Look I can explain, it’s just-” he begins before you cut him off “Does May know? Does anyone else?” you ask. “No” he says. and you wrap your arms around yourself. “Well crap now i know and I wasn’t suppose to know, I’m-” you start pacing around his room.  

It’s- It’s okay, I feel safe sharing my secret with you” He says caressing your cheek.

You lean into his hand closing your eyes for a second but then open them again remembering he’s spiderman “Wait you’re out there every night and you are putting yourself in harm’s way?!”


Being in glee club was your favorite part of high school. You had a ton of friends in the glee club and you always looked forward to it. The only problem is that your biggest rival was Dalton Academy. The reason that was such a big problem was your best friend, notorious asshole, Sebastian Smythe.

You were walking down the hallway at regionals, making your way to McKinley’s dressing room. You were humming your notes when someone grabbed you elbow, covered your mouth and pulled you into a closet.

“Hey, Y/N.” Sebastian whispered in your ear. The smirk on his face evident in his voice. “Sebastian!” you whisper-yelled at him, trying to hide a laugh. “What? I was trying to come wish you luck without your people tearing me apart.” Sebastian answered, laughing. “My people? What is this? West Side Story?” you retort. “Well I hope not” he laughed “because then I get shot and let’s be real. I’m too pretty to died.” You laughed hard but tried to keep it quiet because how were you gonna explain two teenagers in a closet if some one found you. “Well I just wanted to say break a leg, Y/N.” he said with a big smile. “Thanks Seb, you too.” you replied hugging him. He hugged you back then put his hands on your shoulders. “Make me proud, I love you.” “I love you too, Seb.” 

You walked out of the closet and heard someone coming around the corner, so you stopped and leaned against the wall and started looking at your phone. “There she is!” Heather yelled. “Y/N! Where the hell have you been? We’ve been looking everywhere!” Santana said to you. “Sorry guys, I guess I just lost track of time.” You answered them. And you could almost feel that boy smirking from behind the door. 

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Cassian x Reader, Part 1

Title: Whatever It Takes / AO3 
Part 2: tumblr
Part 3: tumblr
Length: 7.5k
Series rating: M for language and sexual content (contains some torture)
Summary: Reader and Cassian have kept their relationship a secret but when Reader is captured and tortured by the Empire, it’s obvious to all of Yavin 4 that Cassian will stop at nothing to get her back.
Author’s Note: A lovely anon requested this incredible idea and I immediately fell head over heels in love with it. Starts out pretty angsty but there will be fluff to make everything better, promise. :) Happy reading!! XOXO
Masterlist / WIP List 

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A surprise party for the twins? But they get all suspicious and MC is trying to hide the surprise in the best way she can. Sorry if m english is bad and this don't make sense, love your writing so much <3

Countdown to the Cake: 1

The Cake

“Hey, MC. You know I gave you that Arabic dictionary so you can come in here whenever you want, right?”

“Yes, I know, Saeyoung. I just forgot.” On purpose. You needed to buy more time, getting stuck on their door would do the trick for a while. “I was just so worried my laptop wasn’t working, you know?”

“Yeah, yeah… let me see the damage.” You take the laptop off your bag. “Well, I’m not familiar with Jurassic technology, but let’s see what I can do for you.” You knew keeping this old laptop in your closet could be useful one day. More time to buy.

“So, uhm… where’s Saeran?” you look around, trying to get a hold of him.

“In his bedroom, as usual.” He says, opening the laptop without any trouble.

“Oh… is he sleeping?” this could be a problem if he’s sleeping.

“Probably not… why?” he looks at you. Relax, MC… he doesn’t know anything, he doesn’t suspect a thing… calm down and act naturally.

“Nothing. I was just wondering if you two would like go out and hang a little after you do your little magic there.” Little magic? Ugh… what’s wrong with you?

“Oh, we can hang out right here.”

“Yeah, or… we could go out. I didn’t put on a nice dress to stay inside a bunker that smells like honey and soda. No offense.”

“Not taken.” And he goes back to the laptop’s circuits, whew… that was close.

“You really put on a nice dress, MC.” You look behind to find Saeran standing next to the door.

“Thank you…” even though you know he’s not really complimenting you, it’s more like an observation.

“And what did you do with your hair?” shit! You knew changing your hairstyle could make them suspect something…

“I… combed?” both twins nod and look at you. Shit…

“Makes sense.” Saeran says, heading out of the room. Whew! That was close… how long do you still need to stall?

That’s what you ask Yoosung over the phone when you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. How long do you need to keep the twins distracted while the other RFA members organize the surprise party for their birthday?

“I don’t know, MC… we didn’t know Jumin ordered such a… handful decoration, so it’s taking a while to put things in place. You need to hold them a little more…”

“I’m trying. I even brought a laptop with Windows Vista on it, but… they’re suspecting something, Yoosung, I can tell!”

“I doubt it. They probably don’t even remember what day is today. Calm down and keep going with the plan, you’re the perfect bait!”

“Yeah, I should be used by now…” you hang up and go back to where Saeyoung is, only to find the laptop functioning normally. “What did you do?”

“I fixed it! Like you wanted.” He smiles widely. Shit! You forgot you’re dealing with a genius here.

“Oh… oh yeah! Thank you! Are you really sure it’s working?”

“Well, yeah! Are you doubting my skills, MC? I’m offended!” he does a dramatic gesture before smirking teasingly. “Now let’s get out of here, the world needs to see you in a pretty dress and combed hair.” No! Too soon!

Or maybe not… the plan was just holding the twins, there was nothing about keeping them inside their house. Maybe you can stall in another way…

“So what you wanna do, MC?” Saeyoung asks when the three of you go inside one of his cars. You look at both of them, Saeran isn’t happy about getting dragged out of the house, it took your persuasive abilities  (whine until he is tired of listening to your voice, that is) to convince him to come along. This is a party for the twins, you need them both there.

“Hum… I was wondering if we could go to uhm…” your phone starts buzzing, you look at who’s calling you “Zen?” you say out loud.

“Zen’s place? No! It’s too small there!” Saeran complains, that’s when you realize you said it out loud. Stupid!

“Z-Zen? Did I say Zen? No, uhm… that’s now what I meant, I… need to use your bathroom again, be right back!” you get out of the car and run inside the house again. “Hello?”

“Achew! Hey, babe! So, uhm… achew! Remember I was supposed to pick the cake at your place? Achew! Why didn’t you tell me your neighbor has a cat?” For fuck’s sake, you forgot about Mr. Cat Damon!

“Oh, Zen… I’m so sorry. Is everything okay?”

“With me? Achew! Yes, yes… my throat is just a little clog, you probably noticed my voice isn’t as soothing as usu… achew!”

“And the cake?” you feel bad for him, but now there’s a cake at stake! Well, not really, but still…

“Oh yes, it’s fine… you have a lovely decoration, by the way, it really suits you… achew!” oh yes, Zen. Perfect time to flirt… “I just couldn’t make it to the kitchen, because the cat was there, how did he get in?”

“Mr. Cat Damon always finds his way in… that sneaking little thief.”

“Oh, just like in Ocean’s 11?” Ahh, a reference to Matt Damon… clever, Zen… wait, there’s no time for this! “Anyway, I… I’m trying to reach Yoosung, Jaehee and Trustfund, but none of them are answering.” Of course, because they’re busy with the decoration!

You tell him to get out of there before his allergy gets worse and that you’ll find a solution. In the meantime, you call Jumin… nothing. Jaehee? No answer. Yoosung? Voicemail… what now? Well… it looks like you’ll have to discreetly get the cake, find a way to hide inside Saeyoung’s trunk, pray it doesn’t melt, and hope you’re not caught by two smart former hackers… god help you.

“I’m sorry we have to go back to my place, Saeyoung. It’s just… I really need to grab something I forgot there.”

“It’s fine, MC. Maybe we can come up and hang out there, then…”

“NO!” you yell, making both twins stare at you. CALM. DOWN! “I mean… no… my house is such a mess right now…”

“Ah, darn it! I thought I was finally going to see Mr. Cat Damon again… does he still breaks into your apartment?” Does he?

The ride to your building is silent. You’re worried about letting something spill everytime you open your mouth. Thankfully, the twins aren’t that talkative. You wonder if it is because they know what day is today, but they prefer avoiding thinking about it? Knowing everything you know about them now, you can’t even imagine what kind of sad memories revolve their birthday…

“We’re here!” Saeyoung states, that’s when you notice how much you were spacing out. Focus, MC! This party means a lot more than you can possibly think!

“So, uhm… can you do a favor for me? I need you to let the trunk door open…”

“Why?” both twins tilt their head in confusion.

“I… need to put something mine in there. It’s… personal…” well, you can’t use the bathroom excuse on this now, can you?

“Oh, I see what’s going on here…” Saeyoung looks at his brother and gives him this weird smile, no… shit! They know? “You’re on those lady days,  ain’t you?”

“What are you saying, idiot? Don’t make her uncomfortable!” Saeran says, blushing. Oh my God… they think you’re on your period? So embarrassing, this is… this is… perfect!

“It’ fine, Saeran. Yes, I… yes, I am. And I need to grab a bag with some spare clothes and… other things, in case of an… you know, an… accident…” this is more embarrassing than if you actually were on your period.

“Oh, things… as in tampons, right?” Saeran asks.

“Yes, Saeran. Tampons. So uhm… keep the trunk door open and whatever you two do, don’t leave this car, okay? I’ll bring… I’ll bring a lot of tampons, and it’s kinda embarrassing, so please…don’t look!” well, this is weird, but maybe will be enough to keep their curiosity away. For once, men’s lack of knowledge on how periods work will save the day.

You go to your place, and the cake is in the balcony, like you instructed the guy from the cake store to let. Okay… now you need a bag to put the box inside and pretend it’s a lot of tampons! What a genius plan! Now where is that bag? Maybe you have one big enough in your room. You go there and look for those old paper bags from fancy stores you kept to remind you bought something from a fancy store before, ugh… isn’t it amazing how your dorkiness is working in your favor for once?

You go back to the kitchen and when you’re about to place the box inside the bag… you hear Saeyoung’s voice next to the door.

“Come here, Mr. Cat Damon!” NOT THIS FUCKING CAT AGAIN!

“Ugh, that’s the stupidest name I’ve ever heard!” Is Saeran here too? Well, yeah, Saeyoung would never leave him alone with one of his babies, he’s so possessive with those cars!

Mr. Cat Damon comes in and meows at you. One of these days… Mr. Cat Damon, one of these days…

“MC? What’s going on?”

“I… I…” need to go to the bathroom? Forget it… there’s nowhere to run.

“What’s in the box?”


“Do you really think we’re that stupid?” Saeran asks, glaring at you. Uh oh… “You’re up to something, ain’t you?” Well… you can’t really keep on lying, can you?

“I… I am, and the other RFA members are too. Zen was here before, but Mr. Cat Damon showed up and made him sneeze, and nobody was answering because they were busy with the decoration, so I tried not to ruin the surprise because everybody put so much effort on making this a happy birthday for both of you, since you guys deserve so much after everything you’ve been through, and I want you too to be happy and loved, and protect you two because I care so much about you guys and… I’m not really on my period!” You say as you feel the tears rolling down. Saeyoung and Saeran look at each other completely lost.

“Oh… we… kinda forgot it was this day of the year?” Saeyoung asks his brother.

“Yeah… so used to not celebrating at all for all those years…” oh god…

“So… so… I just ruined the surprise?” more tears, and Saeyoung runs to you.

“Hey, it’s fine… you didn’t ruin anything. Well, except for Saeran’s innocence with that tampon thing, but… don’t worry, MC. The biggest surprise here is seeing how much you tried to make this day special, it’s so good to know we have someone so willing to make us happy.”

“Oh, but that’s no surprise! You already know how much RFA loves you, guys! The party was supposed to be a surprise!”

“I think surprises suck.” Saeran states, crossing his arms. “So stop crying and feeling so bad on yourself.” He glances at you quickly “… please.”

“Yeah, you can’t ruin your make up that goes along with the nice dress and the combed hair, girl!” Saeyoung shakes your shoulders lightly. “So, come on, I’ll help you put the cake in the trunk while we teach Saeran how to pretend he’s surprised.”

“Thank you, guys.” You smile at both of them, Saeyoung chuckles, and though you’re not sure, you think you saw Saeran smiling a little. “Yes, let’s take this cak…”

SPLASH! You just see the box with the cake hitting the floor and Mr. Cat Damon looking at what he did… then he looks at you like this was completely natural. You open your mouth in shock.

“This cat… is the incarnation of the evil! I’m going to kill him!” you go towards Mr. Cat Damon’s direction, yelling.

“Whoa, calm down, MC!  Calm… down!” Saeyoung holds you against him, you two lose balance and fall on the floor, splashing cake frosting everywhere.

“It’s… It’s ruined. Just like the whole surprise…” You say, your voice starts breaking again. 

“Oh no no no… It’s not your fault, MC. Don’t worry!” Saeyoung hurries in comforting you. 

“Yeah, silly. It’s just cake, we can get another one tomorrow or next year, whatever. There will be plenty of birthdays for us to have cake.” You and Saeyoung look at each other, then at Saeran. Did he just say he wants to celebrate in the years to come? 

“Awww MC, did you hear that? Saeran just said something sweet!” you two giggle, but he doesn’t look that happy. 

“Oh… So you like it sweet, huh brother?” He asks, kneeling before you two and grabbing a fistful of cake. “Is that sweet enough for you?” He shoves the cake on Saeyoung’s face. You look in shock and try to hold your laugh, but it’s impossible.

“Now what are you laughing at?” Saeyoung throws cake frosting on you, and before you know it, this is a food war. Your kitchen is a mess, and Mr. Cat Damon ran out of there, but you didn’t even notice, you were too busy laughing and having fun with the twins.

Which… was interrupted by a clearing throat sound, clearly made by Jumin. The three of you freeze as you see the other RFA members judging and watching this curiously.

“What the hell is happening here?” Jaehee asks, shocked.

None of you know what to say and just keep looking at each other, like “who’s gonna talk?”

“Well, uhm… surprise?” Saeran asks.

You can see the other days here!


And THAT pretty much explains why Min Hyuk is “not interested in women”. Well that, and a certain “mysterious” girl who saved his life 10 years ago and whose painting he keeps hidden in his closet. TWO stepmothers (probably money-hungry)! That must be one hell of a dysfunctional family - a father who wants to dictate his life, half-brothers who see him as rival,… - no wonder he wanted to get away from that mess and isn’t eager to have romantic relationships with females.

It makes sense that he keeps being drawn to Bong Soon who is spontaneous and outspoken and couldn’t lie even if her life depended on it; Bong Soon who is so utterly unimpressed by his wealth or looks.

“I have a long list. It could be my half-brothers, my competitors, and players from the game whom I fought in reality. I don’t have a clue. There are too many suspects.”

So naturally, it turns out that MH’s life isn’t as easy and carefree as other people paint it; his success didn’t come without costs. Now it becomes clear why he was so unperturbed by the threats at first - he’s been targeted his his whole life. And he thought that this blackmailer is another one of them, but then he realizes how much dangerous this person is and tells Bong Soon to leave him alone because the last thing he wants is for her to get hurt because of him. No matter how curious Min Hyuk is about her or how much he enjoys being with her, it’s not worth risking her life - he already cares too much for her and is too much of a good person to do that. There is something so heartbreaking about the way he so readily resigns himself to face his enemies alone because he’s so used to being alone, dealing with everything alone and taking care of himself.

It’s very likely that no one has ever protected him, except probably for his mother, but suddenly here comes Bong Soon, the woman who was so reluctant to become his bodyguard at first, who is determined to stay by his side and protect him despite all the danger.

Warm Me Up ch. 38

*Note: if you can’t read the full thing, go to the OP. Mobile doesn’t show the read more link for some reason. 

Extra note: Everyone is free to stop reading any time they don’t feel comfortable :)

Click Here for Ch. 1

Click Here for Ch. 37


Over the last couple of days, Nico hadn’t told Will many details about how his reunion with his father went. When Will got home, he found Nico listening to music, writing in his journal, his eyes puffy and bloodshot. Despite it, there had been a small smile playing on his lips and a kind of serenity in his eyes. He had looked at Will, smiled, then continued to write.

Will had showered and laid beside him, asking if he was okay, leaning against him as he wrote. He didn’t want to press if Nico didn’t want to talk. The best Will could deduce was that their talk had gone decently well.

Now, two days later, Nico seemed distracted as he walked around the house, mindlessly picking at small things- arranging the drapes, twisting the blinds open or shut a little, moving the salt and pepper from the table to the counter to the stove and back, and rearranging pillows or couch placements. Meanwhile, Will was catching up on Once Upon a Time. The most surprising thing had been the fact that Nico hadn’t snorted or made a sarcastic comment yet.  

Suddenly, Nico plopped down beside him. He didn’t say anything, but Will grabbed the remote and paused his show. Then he turned to Nico and raised an eyebrow. “What?” he asked.

Nico’s legs started bobbing up and down anxiously until he pulled them onto the couch and folded them beneath him to sit cross-legged. “I want to do something.”

Will furrowed his eyebrows. “Okay.”

Nico took a breath and began fidgeting his hands. “When I went with my dad, it was really awkward. Then we got back here, and I started arguing with him. There was… a lot of crying and yelling…. He apologized a lot.” Nico frowned and looked down. “I don’t know if I want to forgive him just yet. I feel like I have to figure out if he means it.” He glanced up with ebony, mysterious eyes right into Will’s soul, leaving him breathless. “I want him to meet you. As my boyfriend. And if he’s okay with it, I’ll start forgiving. I’ll let him try again. If not…. I don’t want him in my life.”

Will’s eyes widened and he twitched back in surprise. The reality of what Nico had said settled and left Will as anxious as Nico had been all day. He was going to meet Nico’s father?

“If you’re not comfortable, it’s okay,” Nico assured. “I just… I figured this was the best way to figure out if he truly wants to try to be a good dad for me.” He shrugged, eyes downcast, hands weaving together and coming apart nervously.

Slowly, Will lifted his boyfriend’s chin and smiled. “Okay,” he said with more strength and certainty than he felt. “I’ll meet him. When?”

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A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 8-ish

So, @outlandishchridhe and I were talking and we realized something… There was one thing in chapter 8 we really wanted to do (and were super duper excited about) and COMPLETELY forgot. SO y’all get a wee little ficlet today. Don’t worry everyone, we’re both multitasking. I’m still reading my books for school and doing my schoolwork, plotting oddly is helpful with that. Hope y’all like this little tidbit you’re getting!

That was the last of it. They’d made arrangements for the furniture she wouldn’t need and had found places for all of her things. The closet and dresser were a little cramped now, but it somehow felt right. Uncle Lamb’s Viking sword hung back in it’s place, looking like it was finally home. Claire seemed happy too, to be back.

The only photographs she had of her parents sat beside the photos of his own family, though he’d moved hers to the forefront. Looking around, he was pleased to see how well her things fit in with his own. Hearing her soft voice drifting in from his - their - bedroom, he went to see what she was up to.

“That’s just about right, I think. I’m glad to see you survived being packed and unpacked and repacked.”

Delicately, her fingers drifted over a glass case as she stared lovingly at the rose inside. It was the same rose he’d given her when she’d come to see his show, the one she’d hung in his closet to dry.

“I was hoping ye’d like it,” he said quietly. She didn’t seem surprised that he was there. “When I left it there, I wasna sure if ye’d keep it as a memory of us together, or throw it against the wall. But I kent that ye had wanted to save it.”

“I thought I might faint the first time I saw it, lying on my bed. It clicked with everything else.”

“What did?”

She turned to face him, standing and putting her arms around his neck.

“That you loved me. And that you loved me enough to let me go, even though it broke your heart. I didn’t see it before, that I loved you too. Or, I did, but I was afraid to admit it to myself. But then it all made sense and seeing what you did for that silly little flower, well… I knew I had to come home then.”

He kissed her, long and slow, feeling the emotion swirl through him at her words.

“I’m glad ye did, and that ye feel that here. If ye wished, we could find a different apartment. One we pick together.”

Shaking her head, she smiled softly.

“Home isn’t this apartment, you silly Scot. Home is you.”

BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Wearing his Sweater.

Namjoon: ”She looks so cute why am I so lucky?”he thinks to himself as he walks to the kitchen with takeout. 

You blush looking down at your hands,”I got cold and all my sweaters are in the laundry basket.” 

He smiles going over to you as he wraps his arms around your waist kissing your temple chuckling,”I think it looks better on you then on me.” 

“Oh does it?”you asked smiling up at him. 

“Yea I think you should keep it. Come on lets eat and then we can watch a movie or something,”he said smiling not taking his eyes of you the whole time.

Taehyung: “Jagiya have you seen my blue sweater?”he asks looking through his closet. 

“No I haven’t seen it at all you said quickly going to your room looking through the pile of dirty clothes. Whenever Taehyung left for group activities you always wore it. He never noticed that you would borrow his sweater because you would always hang it back in his closet but this time you forgot. 

“(Y/N) what are you doing?”he asked. “I want food and I have $10 in one of jeans,”you lied not facing him. 

“Is that my blue sweater?”he asked walking over to the small desk. You blushed,”Oh look your sweater…” He looked at you laughing,”You’re as red as a tomato Jagi!” 

“Shut up Tae,”you said hiding your face. He continued to tease you throughout the day and also let you keep the blue sweater.

Hoseok: He just came back home from tour and wanted to surprise you. It was around one in the afternoon so he knew you’d be awake. He opened the door to your apartment and went into the living room where you were fast asleep. He instantly smiled seeing you wearing an oversized BTS sweatshirt. “Jagi! I’m home!”he yelled smiling. 

“Hoseok!”you screaming falling of the couch. 

He started laughing,”Ah, (Y/N) you look so cute in that sweatshirt you should’ve modeled for it.” 

“Aren’t you going to help me get up?”you asked angrily,”Don’t ever surprise me like that or else you won’t have a model next time.”

Jin: You had the day off work so you decided to clean the apartment you shared with Jin. It was fairly chilly inside the apartment and you didn’t know how to work the heater yet since it was old so you took one of Jin’s sweaters. You plugged your phone to the speakers putting it on shuffle. You were sure Jin wouldn’t come back home until later on tonight since he was preparing for their next comeback so you started to dance while cleaning up. 

Boy in luv came on and you turned it up a bit higher. You were mopping at this point but you dropped the mop not hearing Jin opening the door. You started singing and dancing smiling pleased with yourself. Jin was watching you amused trying to hold back the laughter. You spun around facing him out of breath,”Jin!” 

“Why are you sweating on my pink sweater!”he explained. “I’ll buy you a new one,”you said pushing back your hair. “Ugh I guess you have to keep that sweater that makes you much more adorable. What a shame,”he said smiling picking you up as you wrapped your legs on his waist. 

“Does it really look good on me?”you asked smiling. “Yes it does,”he said kissing your nose.

Jungkook: “Jungkook did you eat the sandwich I made?”you yelled looking at the fridge again. “No,”he tapping your shoulder. He was holding your sandwich smirking at you eating it. “Jeon Jungkook!”you said going towards him. 

“Why are you mad Jagi?”he asked laughing running away from you. “I just worked out and I’m hungry as hell,”you said trying to keep up with him. He stopped holding less than half of your sandwich in his hand,”Here take a bite.” 

You rolled your eyes,”No I don’t want it anymore.” He shrugged his shoulders and ate the rest. “I’ll be right back,”you said smiling heading up stairs to his room. “Two can play at this game,”you thought to yourself putting on his favorite sweater and also his snapback. You walked back to the living room where he was playing video games. “I’ll be right back,”you said kissing his cheek. He stared at you wide eyed. “It looks good on me doesn’t?”you asked smiling. 

“Come here,”he said grabbing your hand,”You know I don’t like sharing clothes but just because you’re so damn cute I’ll let it slide for now.” You laughed as he shut you up with a kiss,”Go before I make you late to wherever you have to be.”

Yoongi: “So you’re going away for three months?”he asked frowning. 

You nodded,”I haven’t seen my parent in over three year so I want to spend time with them.” “I understand,”he said relating to your situation. 

You used to work back in the US but got transferred to South Korea. You never had time to go on vacation that often and when you did you really didn’t have a lot of money but you’ve been saved up enough to spend some months to be with your family. 

“So do you just want to stay home or go out?”you asked looking at him. “We should go out,”he said surprising you. “Come on (Y/N) before I change my mind,”he said grabbing your hand. 

You smiled wondering where he was going to take you. He took you to various stores buying you little presents for your family. You got back to your apartment tired laying on the couch. “After this it’ll probably take you a decade to get me to go out again,”he said laying on the floor. 

You laughed,”You were the one who said let’s go out!” “I know,”he said,”Jagiya before you leave take one of my shirts or sweaters so you won’t forget me.” 

You laughed looking down at him,”It’s not like I’m leaving for 3 years.” 

“I know but it’s going to feel like it,”he said looking at you with sad eyes. You walked to his room taking one of the three sweaters he had putting it on,”Yoongi I’m going to have to buy you more sweaters while I’m over there.” When he looked up at you he started smiling real big,”Come lay down with me on the floor.”

Jimin: You and Jimin were playing a boxing game at the boys dorm. “I’m so going to beat you (Y/N),”he said trying to swing at you but you blocked it. “It won’t be that easy Jiminie,”you said taking a swing at him. “I’m obviously taking it easy if I would actually be trying I would’ve beat you 10 seconds into the game,”he said concentrating on the game. 

You rolled your eyes as you took one punch and beat him,”Ha!” “Like I said I was going easy on you,”he said crossing his arms. You were dancing around rubbing it in his face. “Come here,”he said pulling you into his arms,”Aren’t you cold?” “A little but it’s ok,”you said smiling at him. “If you want I’ll let you borrow one of my sweaters,”he whispered pressing his lips on the back of your neck making you laugh. 

“I want the one the grey Winnie the Pooh one with the pom poms,”you said thinking back to when you made him buy it. “I still can’t believe you got me to buy it. It looks so horrible,”he said making a face taking you to his room. He looked through his closet throwing the grey sweater at you the pom poms almost hitting your eyes. 

“These things can leave a person blind,”you said putting it on,”I’ll just cut them off.” “Aww you look like a little girl Jagi!”he said smiling squishing your cheeks. “Jimin cut it out,”you said pushing his hands away. 

Good Luck, Jensen

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,685

Summary: Jensen gets jealous which leads to a fight with the reader. She leaves wanting space but Jensen tracks her down.

Requested by: @marvelfreak019

Jensen can’t wait to stroll through the front door and see your beautiful face. He’s only been gone for about five hours but he misses you already. You’re the best part of his day.

He heads inside after a few rounds of golf with Jared and hears you laughing, the sound always makes him smile.

Then he hears a man’s voice and it makes him stop in his tracks. Jensen listens closely and he immediately recognizes the obnoxious voice.

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Remedy (6)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, smut-ish, fluffy, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

Taglist is fixed! Please message me if you want to be tagged. (not on this post pls, just message; I just can’t keep up otherwise!)

Remedy (1) Remedy (2) Remedy (3) Remedy (4) Remedy (5)

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Jealousy: C.G

Warning: Cursing, sex jokes, sexual sayings, Carl Gallagher, fights, Carl Gallagher.

It was early in the morning, you were just about to head over to the Gallagher house to walk to school with your boyfriend Carl, you were getting ready when your mom walked in and said “Hunny, Carl is here.” You smiled “Alright send him here please mom.” She walked out and a couple seconds later Carl walked in “Hey baby.” You blushed “Hey Carl, you’re never up this early. What’s up?” He laughed “What’s wrong with seeing my girl bright and early?” You giggled “Everyone arguing again?” He sighed “Yep, about Ian, meds, Mickey coming out of jail soon.” You sighed “What’s new.” He pulled you close and kissed you, he seductively said “Mmm, wouldn’t you look better with those clothes off.” He lightly bit your neck, you sighed pushing him away “Now I’ve gotta hide another one from mom thanks Carl.” He smiled “Just to make sure everyone knows you’re mine.” You laughed “Well everyone already knows that from us being caught doing stuff, kissing so do I need to go on?”

He laughed “Baby girl, gotta keep it running don’t want no one hitting on my girl.” He then lightly grabbed your ass, you smiled “Well lets go to school Gallagher.” You both walked out of your room, your mom yelled out “Fi and I don’t want another call today saying you two are fucking in the janitors closet again. Do it at home either one we don’t care. Just not at school.” You both laughed and walked out the door. The walk to school was kinda boring, you two arrived at school, late as per usual, you had art first while Carl had training with Sargent Trent, you kissed him goodbye and parted your ways. You arrived in art, this guy walked up to you it was Hayden Mitchells, he said “Oh wheres your lover boy, not like him to leave his mistress alone.” You growled “He’s out training. And probably gonna beat your ass later too. Now go away Mitchells.” He laughed “Oh please, you know you want me.”

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