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Request: Hello love can you do number 80? Thanks love

Prompts: “How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?” 

Imagine: You and Kai arguing when he kidnaps Elena. 

Damon and you lingered outside the high school, waiting for Jo to perfect the spell. You could tell Damon was becoming impatient, knowing that Elena was somewhere in the high school, completely vulnerable to Kai. 

“Could you hurry this spell?” Damon said, clearly irritated at the lengthy amount of time it was taking Jo to prepare. You and Damon were both listening in to the high school, only to hear deafening silence which only made you even more worried. 

“Okay, I’m ready.” Jo sighed, uncertainty lacing her voice but you had no other choice but to trust her right now. You raised your eyebrows, knowing it would take a lot of strength to cover two vampires, as well as herself especially since she’d only recently retained her magic. 

However, Damon didn’t seemed to care, only determined to get his girl back. Kai had specifically asked for you to come if you were going to rescue Elena, and Damon always believed Elena was worth more than you so you didn’t have much of a choice. 

“Finally, lets get started then.” Damon sighed, approaching Jo as you stood a few feet away. You and Damon had never really got along but you were best friends with Elena so you tolerated him for her and same applied to him. 

Chants floated in the air and soon Jo turned to you, looking at the both of you as if telling you it’s time to go. You gave a nervous sigh before pushing the back door open, revealing the familiar hallways of your high school. 

Taking a deep breath, you took a step into the school with Damon and Jo following closely behind. Damon barged passed you, making you stumble to the side and roll your eyes before allowing Jo to follow after him. 

She gave you a nervous smile, clearly weak from cloaking two vampires as well as herself. You knew she wouldn’t be able to do this for long and most probably wouldn’t be able to handle three vampires but she was the only protection you all had. 

Whilst Damon searched the school, you stayed close to Jo as you followed him around gradually. If she collapsed she needed somebody near her to help her otherwise you feared the worst for her. 

Large footsteps echoed down the hallway and you could hear Jo’s heart rate as she recognized them as her own twin. You swiftly turned around to be met with Kai standing in the door way, staring directly at the two of you but not showing any facial expressions. 

Jo let out a sigh of relief, believing Kai wasn’t able to see you which meant her spell had worked. “Are you supposed to be invisible or?” Kai smirked and you could feel Jo tense as she held onto your arm for support. 

You gripped onto Jo’s arm, knowing she was uncomfortable in the mere presence of her brother. “Come one step closer and I’ll dismember you.” you seethed. 

He gave you a playful smirk with a small head tilt, clearly amused by your threat rather than intimidated. You could feel Damon behind you but he chose against saying anything, presumably for you to figure out why Kai had asked you to be here. 

“Awh, I wouldn’t want you to kill  me before we got a chance to talk.” Kai pouted, before returning to his usual smirk. 

“Why am I here Kai?” you questioned, trying to keep the attention away from Jo. She clung onto your arm and you could tell she was weak but unsure how considering she wasn’t cloaking anybody. 

“Because in return for Elena I want something and that happens to be you, for personal reasons. So simply, come with me and I’ll give Elena back.” he explained, looking at both you and Damon. 

“Deal.” Damon said, barging past you and walking towards Kai. You stood there, astounded at how quickly he was willing to give you up even though if you got hurt and Elena found out she would never forgive him. 

Kai seemed taken aback as well, not expecting him to hand you over so quickly. “Well, that was quick. Anyways you can let go of Jo now, seems we’ve come to an agreement.” he grinned, looking to Jo. 

Jo let go of you, stumbling over to Damon who vamped off with her to look for Elena; leaving you and Kai alone in the hallway. He grinned at you, tilting his head playfully as you stood there still stunned at Damon’s actions. 

“Well, I’m here. Why?” you sighed shakily, trying to remain confident even though you were terrified as to what he could do to you. You listened out, hearing Damon and Elena reunited whilst she was completely oblivious to what he’d done to save her. 

“Because ever since we met every time I see you I get this weird feeling around you.” he started, locking eyes with you making your heart race. 

“It’s called hate.” you smiled sarcastically, clearly wanting to leave. You and Kai always threw insults at each other and constantly mocked each other, especially after what happened with Bonnie. 

“Would you just shut up for like two seconds?” he scoffed, rolling his eyes. You sighed, and stared at him, waiting for him to continue so you could leave. 

“Fine, continue.” you sighed, crossing your arms as you stared at the ceiling to avoid eye contact.

“Thank you. Now as I was saying, I get this weird feeling. Like I feel all warm and fuzzy and honestly it disgusts me. But I think I know what it is.” Kai breathed, staring on at you. 

“Yeah, it’s called hate. Can I leave now?” you sighed, tapping your foot impatiently. 

“How can you think I’m anything but hopelessly in love with you?” Kai almost shouted, you were completely thrown off guard. 

At first you thought he was joking, but when you saw the expression on his face you could tell he was being dead serious. “Kai.” you sighed, unsure how to respond. 

“Don’t say anything. I just needed to get it off my chest.” he breathed shakily. He stared on at you and it was only then you’d realized how much closer you’d grown over the conversation. 

The footsteps of Damon, Elena and Jo grew nearer to the hall way meaning you didn’t have much time to decide on your feelings. 

So in the spur of the moment, you kissed him. His lips were soft and he kissed back immediately. Emotions stirred inside of you but nothing within you could decide the most prominent feeling. 

“What the hell?” a familiar voice said, making you pull apart with a grin covering his face. You turned to see Elena and Damon, Jo following weakly behind, standing at the end of the door way. 

“Ask your boyfriend.” you smiled to your best friend, before vamping away leaving them alone with Kai. 

Elena looked at Damon who stood there, with a guilty look on his face before looking to Kai for some form of help. “He left her with me, to possibly be tortured or killed, so he could help you. Luckily it was the complete opposite but still.” 

Before Damon could even say another word, Kai vamped away. In search for the recently found love of his life. You. 

(a/n) i hate this but it took me like 3 days to complete and I’m not prepared to just leave it in my drafts.

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dont worry your doing wonderfully :D would you please have the F4 companions react to a F!SS being pregnant? like, when they went into the ice box they were pregnant with shauns sibling, and somehow are still pregnant? (i have no idea if a deep sleep can harm a fetus lets just say it doesnt?) and please would you include Father's reaction? thank you :D

Awh thank you! I like this idea and idk if this could happen so we’re just pretending haha.

Cait: “You’re… pregnant? How? That doesn’t make sense…” She stays by Sole’s side and is very protective of her, wanting to keep the child safe. When Sole gives birth, Cait becomes Aunt Cait.

Codsworth: He knew Sole was pregnant before cryo but was surprised that she still had the baby. When it’s time for Sole to give birth, Codsworth uses his abilities to perform the procedure. Sole makes him the grandfather of the baby.

Curie: She is amazed that Sole has been carrying a baby for over 200 years and checks her vitals and makes sure the baby is okay. When Sole goes into labor, Curie helps her relax and push. Sole is very thankful she had Curie.

Danse: He makes Sole sit out of the intense missions, but he’s there when she gives birth. Danse gets really emotional because he’s never seen a baby this close and cries when the baby is handed to him.

Deacon: Deacon almost doesn’t believe Sole at first, but when Sole gets a doctor to prove it, he is on board. Deacon puts a basketball under his shirt to imitate Sole’s belly and hoardes toys he finds in the Commonwealth for the baby. When Sole delivers, Deacon is right there, holding her hand and helping her breathe. He feels so happy when he gets to hold the baby. He tells the baby he’s it’s “weird uncle Deeks”.

Dogmeat: He licks Sole when she goes into labor and licks the baby.

Hancock: He’s impressed that she’s carried all that pain for over 200 years. He takes every chem and alcoholic beverage from her to keep the baby safe. Hancock also knits little baby clothes and bibs together. He’s by Sole’s side through the whole process, telling her she’ll be fine and the kid will be fine.

MacCready: MacCready thinks of his wife when Sole tells him she’s pregnant. He doesn’t want what happened to Lucy to happen to Sole, so he follows her everywhere and keeps two watchful eyes on her. After Sole gives birth, MacCready helps her raise the kid and calls himself “Papa Mac”.

Nick: Nick worries about Sole when she tells him she’s pregnant. He’s scared she’ll get really hurt or worse. Nick tries his best to keep her healthy and see the doc in Diamond City, which is great because she gives birth to a healthy baby with Nick by her side.

Piper: She’s awestruck and interviews Sole, asking how it feels to have been carrying a baby for 200 years, what she’ll name it, etc. Sole is glad she has such a supporting friend by her side. After Sole has given birth, Piper teaches Nat how to care for children and other things when they’re not at home.

Preston: He thinks babies are precious and is excited for Sole. He’s so nervous the whole time Sole is in labor and almost cries when he sees the baby. He giggles when he gets to hold it and when he hears it’s little baby noises.

Strong: He doesn’t understand pregnancy. When Sole gives birth, he screams.

X6-88: Very surprised that Sole is pregnant. Would this baby be called Father #2? Or maybe..Mother? X6 found that an odd thing to think about and just kept his focus on keeping Sole safe. He’s surprised when he sees Sole’s baby. He actually thinks it’s cute. X6 likes to spend time with Sole’s baby more than he does with Father.

Father: He is startled when Sole shows up to the Institute with a baby. When she explains the baby is his sibling, Father is even more nervous. Sole bonds with Father while bonding with her baby. Afterwards, Sole is glad she got to spend time with both her children before one of them had to go.

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Ok sorry to keep asking you stuff but I'm having a lot of feelings about dru and ty becoming really close and her being like 'I know I'm not livvy but I want to be there for you' and helping each other out and becoming really close siblings I'm just—

aWh, Dru and Ty haven’t had many interactions in TDA yet. Hopefully they do support each other..

Adorable || Michael Clifford

awhh, you’re a sweetum, im so happy you enjoy my blog!


“C’mon babe, it’s a small hang out,” Michael cooed cutely as he squeezed your soft hand. Giving off a shaky sigh, Michael takes notice and pats the top of your head gently with his free hand. “Just stay by me, okay? You’ll have nothing to worry about.” 

“Okay,” you mumble softly, having your arms wrapped around his arm as he held you close. You were off to a ‘small’ party with your red-haired boyfriend. Although people saw you as so quiet and introverted and definitely not a people-person at times, Michael wanted you everywhere he went. It was something about your shy being that makes Michael explode with love for you. All he wants is to show you off to the world. 

“Hey hey!” Luke greeted you two at the door, having Michael give him a hug before letting you two inside. “Hey, Y/N,” Luke said softly, giving you a small smile. 

“Hey, Luke,” you said quietly, having your grip on Michael tighten as Michael led you deeper into the party. You froze a bit, watching as there were hundreds of people around. Slightly in awe, you followed Michael cautiously as he greeted as many people as he could. 

“Calum, Ashton!” Michael cheered, having the two Australians turn around and greet him with beer in their hands. 

“Michael!” Calum yelled, giving him a quick man hug before backing up. “You finally came, dammit, what took so long?” 

“Trying to convince the Mrs. to come with me,” Michael joked, having you blush a bit more as you leaned your head on his arm. 

“It wasn’t that hard,” you defend sheepishly, giggling a bit as Calum and Ashton gave you hugs. “You guys are gonna crush me,” you said as the two put you in a Cashton sandwich. 

“Then stop being so petite,” Ashton entertained. 

“Or how about you stop being so big?” You grumbled quietly, having Michael quickly take you in his arms and plant a kiss on your head. 

“You’re so cute,” Michael said softly before guiding you to the living room. You scanned the room to see people huddled in a circle with an empty bottle in the middle of it. They all looked up to see Michael and cheered, gesturing for him to join the game. 

“Come and play a round, Clifford!” One of them encouraged, having Michael reluctantly refuse. But more of them began to encourage him as well, making him roll his eyes before agreeing. “We’re playing truth or dare.”

“Alright, I’ll play,” Michael said as he grabbed your hips and pressed your back against his body. “But she doesn’t play, okay? I’m just gonna keep her on my lap.”

“Awh, but why not?” One of the guys said as he smiled at you. 

“I don’t want any of you kissing my princess,” Michael said with an eye-roll, having you blush before he takes his seat in the circle. He spreads his legs out and pats down the space between them, near his crotch. Without much time, you immediately found yourself on the floor as Michael rested his chin on your shoulder. He put his hands on your lap, allowing you to tug and wiggle his long fingers as he played the game. He’d never admit it, but he adored it so much when you played with his fingers like you did with his hair. 

“Babygirl, can you spin the bottle for me?” Michael asked you sweetly as he was deep in the game. He was also pretty far from the bottle because of you, so spun it for him. Spinning it, it lands on someone and Michael quickly kisses the back of your head and whispers a ‘thank you’ before continuing the game. 

At some point, the bottle lands on Michael and the person who spun it looks at Michael with a smirk. “Truth or dare, Michael?”

“Dare,” Michael said confidently, always being the ballsiest of the boys. He never feared dares and only chose dares. He felt like the best when he did. 

“I dare you to do your favorite thing you do with Y/N,” the person dares, having everyone look at you with fire in their eyes. You flush up and hide in Michael’s chest, having him chuckle as he rubbed your back. 

“My favorite thing would have to be this,” Michael begins before he pulls you off his chest and instantly smashes his lips on yours. He gives you a rough, passionate kiss with tongue. You felt the vibrations of his moans enter your mouth as you quickly melted into the kiss. A minute later, he lets go and leaves you panting and completely red. 

“I can see why that’s your favorite,” someone in the circle comments, having everyone laugh as you were still flushing. You hid in Michael’s chest once more as he wrapped you in his big arms and gave you a squeeze. 

“What can I say? She’s adorable,” Michael gushes as he rocks the two of you a bit. “I love my baby girl.” You squeak at your nickname, causing everyone to ‘aw’ at the both of you before returning to the game. 

a bit short, i know, ahh, but i hope you liked it xx

Zalfie,Movies And Pictures

Ship: Simon X Reader

Requested? : Yes, by @sidewomanxix

Summary: My turn to request. Could I please have a fluffy AF Simon imagine where y/n & he are spending the weekend in the Zalfie household since Y/n is good mates with Zoe? Zoe & Alfie are out so you’re with Simon just chilling on the couch all snuggled up watching telly & idk, add in some extra cute shit that couples do, thank you!

Warnings: None



Zoe, my best friend since secondary school, and Alfie invited me and Simon to stay at their house for a few days whilst me and Zoe film some videos and catch up a bit as I haven’t seen Zo in a few months.

“Babe, are you ready?” I Ask Simon from the bathroom

“Yeah, you?”


I walk out the bathroom after applying mascara, to see Simon taking a selfie in the mirror, I chuckle to myself, then came up behind him and pecked him on the cheek.

“You look cute” Simon says looking at your clothes, a tight black long sleeved shirt with a burgundy skirt and Old Skool Vans accompanied with a dark red lipstick and rose gold eyeshadow with eyeliner.

“You don’t look too bad either, Minter” I laugh back

“Let’s get going then” Simon looks at you smiling

I walked to Simon’s Range Rover, we would’ve took my Lamborghini Huracán Avio  that I was able to get when I reached 40 Mil on YouTube but that was in repair as someone tried breaking into it, but just cracked the window, and got we obviously brought snacks and drinks, also listened to some great tunes.

After a long 2 and a half hour drive we finally arrived at the zalfie household!

Simon knocks on the door and we patiently wait for a few seconds until Zoe opened to door,pulling me into a hug, a few tears shed from Zo

“I’ve missed you so much” Zoe says

“I’ve missed you too!” I reply

“You alright, mate?” I hear Simon and Alfie talking, I’m happy they get along.

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Hi so i have a crush on one of my closest girl friends. The problem is, she's straight and 2 years younger than I am, which is too young for me. I really love her, but we dont get to see each other often since i graduated, and our texting is sporadic. She's my first real crush on a girl. I still deal with internalized homophobia, which makes matters worse. I want to keep our friendship alive, so do you have any tips to get over her? Thanks for listening 💙

Awh hi sweetie 💙  That’s a hard situation to be in :( It’s never easy getting over someone, but I think the not seeing each other often and sporadic texting will actually help. Now that you’ve graduated, you can focus on something (or someone) new to explore, which can hopefully also distract you from her. In the end, it really just comes down to having enough time. And time away will make that easier, but it will still take more time. I think the best you can do is text her to be friendly and keep your friendship, but channel your feelings into something else and try to stay distracted instead of thinking about her. Easier said than done of course, but best of luck to you!

So, this week I have been absolutely obsessed with the song “New York” by Ed Sheeran, I’ve always loved this song, but I’ve been over analyzing the lyrics because I think their really cute. Now, when this song first came out, I didn’t think it was about Taylor at all, Like, it doesn’t seem like Taylor to drive around new york in a taxi with a guy, but recently, I’m almost one hundred percent undoubtedly sure it is about Taylor Swift.

Shall we take a look at the lyrics?

Five drinks in on Friday night, we only came to dry your eyes, and get you out of your room.
To me, i believe this line is discussing the topic of the Harry/Taylor breakup. Ed has always been there to comfort Taylor, so it makes sense that he would dry her eyes if she was crying about all the heartbreak and nonsense.
Now this bar has closed it’s doors, I found my hand is holding yours, do you wanna go home so soon? Maybe we could take a ride, though the night and sing along to every song thats on the radio, in the back of the taxi cab in Brooklyn.

Now, these lyrics I’m a bit skeptical and unsure about. all I can say is that, if Taylor had a few drinks, I doubt she would object to Ed holding her hand, and I’m sure she’d honestly take it as a comforting, friendly gesture. Also, She may suggest going home, because lets be honest, its Taylor Swift and she’s far from the “party hard until the morning” type.

And if I kiss you darling, please don’t be alarmed, its just the start of everything if you want.

Now, to me, this screams sweeran. because can I please bring this up, because it explains itself.
Yesterday, you gave me a call, stressing out about it all.
This, I believe could possibly be a link to the VMA issue with Taylor.

Reason being is:
“Selena said, ‘I think Miley’s gonna win [over me]’. And Taylor was like, ‘Shut the f*** up!’ That’s all that was!”
Ed went on to reveal that Taylor was understandably mortified after video footage made it appear that she was talking about her ex.
“Taylor was like, ‘I think I messed up’,” he added.

And you don’t know where to begin, cuz you’ve spent a lifetime fitting in, only to wind up on the other side, by yourself, and everyday you’re screaming out to all the people that you used to know.”

THIS. This one is the lyric that lead me to believe that this song is about Taylor, because she was obviously bullied as a child,

And she’s spent her whole life trying to fit in, trying to express herself through her music, only to be overwhelmed with hate aimed at her, landing her on the complete opposite side of what she wished to do.
also, the “screaming out to all the people that you used to know” line reminds me of reaching out to old friends that have since seemed to fade out of Taylor’s life, such as Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and many more.

But that’s just the way that life goes, and you hear it in every song you know, so DJ, play it again.
This lyric, I’m unsure if he said in “every song you know” or “every song you wrote” If the lyric does happen to be “wrote” I’d have to say that it’s most likely about the blonde songwriter we all know. But if not, I feel as if this line could relate to Taylor’s love to music and the way she emotionally connects to it.

It’s okay to cry, but I’m thinking maybe that’s a waste, after all, you know I’m here for you.
Taylor has said before that he’s extremely wise and gives the best advice, and we all know that if Ed knew Taylor was upset, he’d be the first there to comfort her, and thats just how I imagine this played out. He’s always been there for her, and this lyric is basically saying he always will be. Keep in mind…
“Me and Taylor aren’t going to fall out” -Ed Sheeran

“I never want to lose Ed, and the only way to guarantee he will be in my life is not to date him” -Taylor Swift (awh)

I’ve just kissed you darling, I hope you weren’t alarmed, it’s just the start of everything if you want…
let’s just let this one linger ;)

Now, I could be wrong about this. The song could be about someone else, like Ellie, or Claire, but just wanted to let my sweeran heart be happy for a moment :)

Don’t try too hard. If he wants you and is seriously interested in you he will try his best to keep in touch with you and won’t only text you once a week. He won’t end the conversation so easily. He will text you back even if you reply short or sound uninterested. He even will text you again and ask you why you didn’t reply to his last message. It’s easy like that. And if he doesn’t act so, stop worrying. Because we all know, if a man wants a woman he will do ANYTHING to get her. You don’t need someone who doesn’t need you.
—  My best friend’s cousin

Request: I know this is long but bare with me  I have a request for a DeanxReader where it’s when Sam is in the cage with Lucifer and instead of Dean going to Lisa’s, he goes a tries to find another partner He’s in a random bar and the Reader gets in a bar fight and kicks their ass easily  He chooses her and trains her to be a hunter and they both form feelings for each other but don’t tell one another  Then when Sam is freed, the Reader leaves, and Dean then tells the reader Thank you love

Pairing: Dean x Reader, a little of Dean x Sam

Word Count: 3,252

Warnings: A little bullying in the beginning, Angst near the middle and that’s about it.

A/N: I love this idea so much, I’m so sorry I’m late I’m not sure what happened. Thank you for the request and I really hope you like it! I had a lot of fun writing this.


It’s been a long week. Your parents kicked you out, after realizing you could cause danger. You’ve been a hunter for a few years and kept it a secret until today, they found all your books in your room, your research papers, the guns, the blades and so on. This meant for a trip to the bar, then after that you had no clue after.

You arrived to the bar, tear stains on your face and your shirt wet from trying to dry them but there was no use. You walked in and ordered what you usually get when you’re upset, a bottle of whiskey. Not even thinking that you had to drive home after. You were lost in your thoughts after what happened tonight, thinking where to go, what to do and so on until some preppy girls caught your attention as the two of them sat in the booth seat in front of you, giggling and smiling.

“Can I help you?” You slurred, taking another sip out of your whiskey bottle, giving them the “I don’t want to talk” look. “Oh- we just wanted to chat. Hey how do you stay so slim? I’m jealous!” the one blonde said, giggling after. “Yeah! We’re all impressed.” the other blonde said, taking a sip of their fruity shot they brought with them. “I work hard.” You replied, looking at them with confusion. “Oh..*chuckles*..That’s..I’m sorry Amanda, I can’t keep going on with it!” She busted into laughter, nearly spilling her drink.

“Go away, thanks.” You said, giving them a stern look. “Awh, why are you drinking so much whiskey, are you realizing how pathetic you are?” “Fuck. Off.” You warned, slamming your bottle down hard against the wood, almost shattering it. “I bet your parents don’t even love you-” the blonde didn’t even get to finish her sentence before you got in. You grabbed her by the neck of her shirt and threw her on the ground, the other blonde following after. “You- *kick* have- *kick* no- *kick* fucking- *kick* idea!” you yelled in between sobs and deep breaths, kicking the first blonde in the ribs leaving her in pain on the ground. “and you” you warned, pinning the other blonde against the wall and getting in her face. “my body is fucking wonderful, you ass. Just because I don’t have plastic surgery and look like a barbie doll doesn’t mean I’m not- *punch in the jaw* fucking beautiful.” you left them both covered in their own blood, lying on the floor while “helpful” 40 year old perverts who were just drunk and wanted sex came to the rescue, leaving you alone until you heard a deep voice from behind.

“Hiya, quite a fight you put out there.” he said, taking a seat where the girls were sitting before, looking over at the crowd then looking back at you, giving you a nice smirk. He looked either really tired, or really drunk. His eyes were sunken in and his smirk seemed sad, like he’s hiding the pain. “Don’t tell me you’re going to tell me how worthless and fat I am too.” You sighed, looking down at your palms that are wrapped around your bottle. “More like the opposite. Names Dean Winchester, and yours?” “I don’t give out my name right away.”

“Ah, smart girl.” he smiled, taking a shot after. We sat in silence for a few minutes, awkward silence until he started up again, not realizing I just want to be left alone. “You from around here?” “Yup. You?” “Yeah, down the road actually. Where’d you learn your fighting moves from? I’m really impressed.” “What, don’t think a girl like me could fight?” You joked, trying to show him how strong headed you really are. “N-no! I just- you’re freaking awesome.” “I’ll take the complement, Winchester.” you shot him a wink, making him laugh and relax.

~Three years later~

It’s been three years since you’ve met Dean Winchester. Who would’ve guessed that random guy at the bar would become your best friend, well crush also. Lately you’ve been feeling things with Dean. Whenever he talks, all you could do was watch his lips move and wish they were on yours. His voice made your heart beat a thousand times a minute, and he made your knees weak just walking past you. You never planned to like him, hell maybe you’re in love. But he’d never feel the same, never. You two hunt together, after you two started getting close you told each other more and more every day.  That man has saved you more than you can count.

You two were sitting at the kitchen table eating mash potatoes that you made for him for dinner. Everything was fine until you brought up something you should’ve never brought up.. Family.

“So, I never got to know about your family. Brother? Sister? Parents? Spill it Dean.” you looked at him with love and care in your eyes, not knowing what to expect. He looked up at you with shock, then looking down at his food, ignoring your question. “Dean, please. You can trust me.” you begged, taking his hands in yours without even realizing it. When you realized what you did you felt your heart stop, looking at him with fear. He looked at you with sadness in his eyes, but comfort. Like he trusts you, like he was about to open up but was scared he’d scare you away.

“My mom died when I was just a kid, my dad when I was around 28. My baby brothers in..he’s dead. He’s been dead for years. Miss him every day. My mom was amazing, not a day goes by she doesn’t cross my mind. Same for Sammy and Dad, loved them to death but god my father was an ass. I started the hunting life when I was 4 and even on top of that I had to watch Sammy all day, all night. It was hard, but it made me who I am today.” he finally finished his story, letting you take in every bit of it in. He didn’t even take his hands out of yours. He looked tired when he finished, he looked drained. Like he just let everything out and now he’s empty.

“I’m not going anywhere, you know that right? You’re stuck with me for a very- very long time.” you laughed, trying to cheer him up. He smiled a little bit and looked down at both of your hands, then looking back up at you. “Hey, do you want to learn how to shoot my kind of guns? the REAL kind, not the tiny wussy ones.” he joked, making you laugh too. “Yeah yeah, let’s go.” you replied, walking down the spare room down the hall that had all their hunting things in, locked up.

“This is my favorite, it’s powerful and awesome..like me.” he winked at you, handing the gun to you. God he was right. “I uh- I’m scared. I don’t know what to do.” you sighed, passing the gun back to him. “Here, watch me.” he said, facing the gun to the targets they had hanged up and shooting it. “See, normal but it’s got more force on it, see watch place it in your hands like you normally would.” he passed the gun back to you, running his finger tips across yours after making you get butterflies. “Here, I’ll steady you.” he noticed you were struggling with how heavy it was. He stood behind you and placed his hands on top of yours, placing his fingers in between yours, making you blush thank god he was behind you so he couldn’t see that you were as red as a tomato.

“And…shoot!” you shot, got it right next to where he did. “Good job! I knew you could do it!” he yelled happily, kissing your cheek, tensing up after realizing what he did. “Fuck-uh..sorry I got a little over to happy..” he laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head and biting his lip. “It’s fine you dork, let’s go to bed it’s pretty late.” you played it off, not trying to act like you’re dying of happiness inside. “Ok, night y/n!” “N-night.” you stuttered, still in shock after what happened, touching the place he kissed on your cheek with your finger tips like a little school girl, god you were in love. Stupidly in love.

~Two years later~

It was 5 AM and you heard a knock on the door, a loud one too with a few bangs. Sadly Dean was a heavy sleeper and could sleep through an earth quake so you had to get up and see who it was, hoping it wasn’t a demon or something like that.

You put on your pj pants and walked to the door, taking a deep breath before opening. You opened it and saw a random, tall man with a brown jacket and plaid shirt on. “Oh- uh is Dean here?” he asked, taking you to shock. “Um..y-” a voice cut you off from behind, making you jump. “S-Sammy?” Dean trembled, almost falling to the floor. “H-hey'a man..” Sam replied, running into his arms. They both hugged each other tightly, even shedding some tears while you stood there, confused as ever.

“Is this your brother?” You asked. “Y-yeah..Sammy, how?” “I always find a way, I’m never going to stop being up your ass.” he laughed, making him laugh too. After a few moments of awkward silence Sam spoke up again. “So uh- you finally got a girlfriend man?” he nudged him with his shoulder, sending him a wink. “Uh, no she’s my best friend.” If only you were his girlfriend. “Yeah- Y/N Y/L/N. I’ve heard a lot about ya” you said, shaking his hand. “Ah, good things or bad?” “Good, all good.” you smiled.

~A month later~

Things have been okay the last month, but you couldn’t help but feel like you’re in the way. They need to be by their selves without you in the way, family comes first. Dean doesn’t need you anymore, he’s got Sam to help around. You got up, grabbed your suit case that was under your spare bed and packed everything you could in it. Your clothes, photos, and so on. You were looking through one of your boxes of things that meant a lot to you that you had, smiling at the memories you had with your friends before you had to leave them all behind for their sake then you came across a necklace Dean gave you a few years back for your birthday. It had a heart on it with the date that they first met. You felt a tear slide down your cheek and hit your lap. You packed everything in the suit case, and closed the door for the last time. Saying a quiet goodbye to what used to be your room and left, on your own..again.  Back from where you started.

~Dean POV~

It’s around 8 in the morning and I’m now waking up. Something felt weird, like something was wrong or today was going to be a bad day. I got up, pulled on my gray sweatpants, AC/DC shirt and walked into the bathroom. Did my usual morning things but something was different, something felt wrong.

It’s now 10, I’m in the kitchen reading the paper looking for hunts to do while Sammy makes toast. Usually Y/N would be up by now, she was always an early riser. Maybe she stayed up late or didn’t get any sleep, I’m not sure.

It’s 1 now. Something’s gotta be up, Y/N hasn’t came down the hall once and I’m really starting to get worried. Did Sammy scare her away? Did I? Is she sick? Depressed? So much to wonder. I really hope she’s feeling okay, I hate when she’s in pain. Whenever I see her bright beautiful smile, it makes my day no matter how shitty of a day it was. Her sparkly y/e/c  always lighting up so bright it could light up a dark room. Her laugh and voice makes my heart pound so fast-awh what am I kidding everything about her makes my heart pound fast, but she can never know. Never. I am poison, I am a bomb. Everyone who gets close to me, they die and I can’t add her to that list, I can’t. I’d never be able to live with it.

I walked into her bed room, hoping and praying to any angel up  there that she’s okay. I opened the door and saw nothing. Her bed was messy, and all her stuff was gone, my heart broke and I went into full panic mode. She can’t be gone, she can’t be. I ran down the hall into the library where my brother was and tried to hold the tears back.

“Have you seen y/n? She- she’s not in her room..” he looked at me with a confused but scared look. “No, I haven’t since yesterday evening. Maybe she went out?” “and she took all of her stuff with her?” I asked with a sarcastic tone. “I’ll track her down, you go look and think of somewhere where she’d be” Then it clicked, the bar where we first met that’s down the road. I grabbed my keys and drove off without even a goodbye.

10 minutes passed and I finally arrived to the bar, running straight in without a look, running into grumpy men and pushing girls who kept clinging to me away. “Have-have you seen a girl, y/h/c, y/e/c, about this tall?” I asked, trying to catch my breath. “Brown old rugged up car?” “Y-yeah.” “She’s outside, been here all night and won’t leave, maybe you can tell her this ain’t no free motel.” That’s all it took, I ran out the door without even thanking the man and ran straight to her car, the car I knew was hers.

~Normal POV~

I was sitting in my car, laying in the back seat and parked at the bar where Dean and I first met. I don’t even know how much I’ve cried the past night. I didn’t sleep, I didn’t eat. I got drunk off my ass and now I have a hangover from hell, nice. I heard a loud bang on the windows, making me jump out of my seat. I looked up and saw Dean soaked from the rain, looking at me with the sadness in his eyes kind of the same when he was telling me about his family that one day, that look I never ever forgot.

I opened my car door, allowing him to come in and sit in with me. He climbed in right away and climbed in the back with me, shivering. “Y/N? What- what are you doing here? Why aren’t you h-home?” he asked, looking at me with his jaw clenched. “I had to leave, okay?” “You didn’t have to, you chose to. Why?” “Dean, we don’t have to talk about this just let me be..” I begged, trying to hold back the tears and anger. “No. I’m not leaving. Now tell me why! You promised you’d never leave- right to my face and you left without even a goodbye, why!” I didn’t reply and looked away. “Fucking hell y/n am I not even good enough for an explanation? Are you going to leave me like everyone else did, oh wait you already di-” “CAUSE I LOVE YOU.” I snapped, looking at him with anger and tears running down my face.  He didn’t say a word and just looked at me with shock.

“Yeah, I fucking love you. You can be a douche bag, you can be so self hatred, so mean, so-so selfish when it comes to hunting! but damn it I love you. I love the way you smile, your laugh, your voice gives me chills, the way that day you taught me how to shoot your gun? and you snuck your fingers I in between mine? Yeah, it felt like it was fucking meant to be. Like they were finding a missing puzzle piece, our hands were the puzzle pieces and guess what? they connected, like it was meant to be.” He didn’t make me shut up, he didn’t take his eyes off me for a second, and he didn’t let me stop.

“But you know what sucks? I’m not good enough for you! I’m not some barbie look alike chick you hook up with a lot after we go to the bar, I’m not a beach blonde beauty, and I’m shit! I’m a sad, lonely, broken piece of shit and god damn it Dean I just want you to take my broken pieces and bring them back togeth-” he cut me off pressing his lips hard on mine, taking my breath away. I ran my fingers in his hair and he ran his over my jaw bone, bringing me in harder every second until we couldn’t take it anymore.

“Shut up you dork, and let me get my part in.” he laughed, face inches away from mine. “I love you, so, so much. I never told you cause I’m poison. People get close to me, and they die. I just don’t want to add you to that list, okay? I can’t. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself..” “Dean Winchester, you’re an idiot.” he sighed, looking down at his lap. “But you’re my idiot. Every day we get closer, and closer to death. Hell I could die tomorrow and it’d be over for me. But you know what? I’d rather spend every living day happy with you, than not with you at all.” he smiled, the biggest smile I ever saw. It was like all his sadness and doubt was thrown away. The crinkles next to his eyes lit up, and he looked so happy. Like a kid opening presents on Christmas day.

“God, could you be any more perfect?” he whispered, pulling me in for another kiss. “Please, promise me one thing?” he asked, pulling away. “Of course- what is it?” “Don’t tell Sammy I had this chick flic moment with you, I’d never hear the end of it.”  I laughed, making him laugh too. “Your secrets safe with me.” he pulled you onto his lap and kissed you so hard, your lips will probably be swollen by morning. And it was perfect, sitting with him in the rain, nothing but the sound of rain hitting the car and just being together, happily.


Matt Espinosa Imagine for Anon

i was standing in the crowd at magcon watching matt, matt and i had been going out for a while and i was visiting him on tour. i couldn’t keep the smile off my face, he was just too adorable up there. “matt? matt?” cameron called “what oh yeah sorry” matt said coming back into focus. “awh guys he’s a little distracted today because his girlfriend is here and he wanted to impress her” the crowd awh’d and starting clapping. i went completely red and tried to keep my head down but a few of the fans recognised me. “go on man, go get kiss her” carter said as matt turned bright red. the crowd erupted into cheers and i hid my face in my hands.

matt jumped down off the stage, omg was he actually doing this. i stood there in disbelief as the girls around me stood to one side so there was a clear path leading from matt to me. i stood there with my hand over my mouth as i shook my head. matt came closer and closer towards me. when he finally reached me he grabbed me by my thighs causing me to leap into his arms. he starting full on making out with me in the middle of magcon. the girls started screaming and i think i heard a few of the boys scream. we slowly pulled out of the kiss as matt bit my lower lip slightly. “hey” he said with a massive smile on his face “hi” i said giggling.

10 years in the making Pt.2


I studied myself in the mirror. I didn’t look like I usually did, I let Delany get me ready and man did I look hot. My legs looked longer in my heels and short dress, my eyes popped with the help of a nice Smokey eye, and the red lipstick looked amazing with my complexion. After Delany’s little pep talk I decided that I wanted to slay tonight. I wanted to show Derek what he could have if he were mine. “Y/N, you look so hot and I’m proud of my creation.” She says with a big smile on her face. “Awh, thanks Lany and I also want to thank you for helping me out.” I said giving her a hug. “Anyways, are you ready to go, the boys are waiting for us outside.” She said peeking out the window. I mutter a yes as we both walk out of the bus. I keep my head down, nervous to see the boy’s reaction to how I look. I look up and see all eyes on me. “What are you guys staring at?” I ask feeling insecure. “Damn, lil mama you look bomb as fuck!” Nate says with a smile. I gave him a shy smile back and looked to the right of him, just to see a lip biting Derek. My heart melted at the sight of him. He put his hand out towards me signaling for me to grab onto it. The second I grabbed his hand he pulled me into his embrace his arms snaking around me. “Baby you look so good.” He whispered in my ear. “Thank you Derek.” I said pulling away from him. I think that I am going to try and ignore him for the night. I want him to chase me tonight. I want HIM to lust over ME for once. After a 10-minute ride to the club we all hopped out, ready to turn up. The first thing I did when I got there is head straight to the bar. “What would you like sweetheart.” Says the very handsome bar tender. “Can I get 3 shots of vodka, please?” I say with a smile. As soon as he gave me the shots I downed them within a 5 second time period. After ordering 3 more everyone started looking really good. I looked over to see another chick on Derek. “Two can play this game.” I whisper to myself. I head to the dance floor and start dancing on a random guy. He grabs my hips as I start grinding my hips. I look over at Derek and he looks hella pissed. I make eye contact with him and bite my lip. He pushes the random chick off of him and makes his way over to me. “I got it from here, bro” He said to the guy pulling me away from him. The guy just scoffs and walks away with an attitude. “Derek, what the hell?” I say acting like I was mad even though I was in the happiest mood. “He was touching what is mine.” He says grabbing my ass. “Since when have I been yours, Derek.” I say acting like the fact that his hands rubbing my butt didn’t affect me in any way. “Oh please, Y/n you know you have always been mine, whenever I come around you blush, or when I bring a girl around your mood changes, and not for the better, either, I know you want it baby.” He said kissing my neck. “Derek, you don’t understand, I remember when I first met you I was just an 11-year-old girl and I thought that it was just a tiny crush, but no you had to be a little shit and make me fall for you even more, I remember when I turned 15 and I was hanging out with you and Delany, Delany got up to use the bathroom and you grabbed my face and kissed me, that’s when I knew I was in love with you, I had to sit back and watch the person that I loved be with everyone except for me, Derek I am always going to be yours no matter what.” I say letting all of my feelings spill out of my mouth. “Y/N, baby I’m not good for you.” He said pissing me off. “I just spilled my feelings out to you and you’re going to sit here and tell me you aren’t good for me, Fuck you man!” I said pulling myself out of his grip running outside. I get outside and at this point tears are flowing. I should’ve just kept my mouth shut. I hear the doors of the club open and see Derek walking towards me. “Y/N…” He said walking towards me. “I like you a lot, but you know how I am, I know that I’m going to fuck up, I care about you too much to hurt you.” He said, looking into my eyes. “Okay, Derek.” I said giving up on trying with him. “Y/N, baby don’t act like that.” He said trying to grab my hand. “No, Derek I will act however I want, all of this was just pointless.” I say, looking away from him.  “What do you mean all of this was pointless, Y/N?” He asks in confusion. “I mean trying to impress you all these years, I’ve tried and tried but you still don’t want me.” I say my eyes filling with tears all over again. He placed his palm on my cheek and rubbed his thumb over my lip. “Baby.” He whispered. He leaned in slowly and placed his lips on mine. Woah I thought in my head. I slowly kissed back, after a while he pulled away. “Wow, that was amazing.” He said smiling showing me his perfect teeth and amazing dimple.  “I wanna try” He said confusing me. “Huh?” I say still baffled from that amazing kiss. “Let’s be together, Y/N.” He said looking into my eyes. “You’re just saying that because you feel bad.” I said frowning. “No, I’m saying it because I mean it, you make me happy and everything is brighter when you’re around.” He says pecking my lips. “Okay.” I said smiling. He took out his phone and called us an uber. After he was done on the phone he turned to me and said “don’t you think it’s funny?” He asked “What?” I responded with a confused face. “How long we waited for this.” He said looking at me. “10 years in the making.” I said leaning up and pecking his nice lips, that were now all mine. Those 10 years turned out to be worth it.