i want to imagine that louis gave him lots of cuddles afterwards

One Direction Preference 'When He's Upset'

Harry: When he’s upset, he’ll storm in like an upset puppy and immediately go to you. He’ll hide his face in the crook of your neck, just seeking for your comfort. You’d take his face in your hands and ask him to talk about it. If he refuses, you’d pepper his face in kisses until he cracks a smile.

Liam: He would find you, and just wrap you up in a big bear hug. He’d tell you immediately, “I’m upset.” And you’d sit him down, letting him lean his head on your shoulder as he told you everything. Afterwards, he’d thank you for listening and tell you he loves you.

Zayn: He’d flop out on the couch, just wanting to relax. After a moment, he’ll call out for you and when you come he would demand you cuddle with him. He’d hold you, your back against his chest, as you both just eventually fell asleep in each others arms. When you woke up, you’d put on a movie and cuddle a whole lot more.

Niall: He would come home and follow you around until you gave him attention. He’d say, “I had a bad day…” All he wants is your love and attention to make him feel better. His lips would constantly try to find yours and he’d just want to love you up for the rest of the day with sweet kisses and sharing food while he talks about it.

Louis: You’d usually know because he always slams the door, you’d rush to him and pull him into a hug as he mumbles into your skin, cursing every bad thing or person he encountered today. You’d sit on the couch, his head in your lap as you played with his hair and massaged his scalp. He’d spill out everything to you soon enough, and sometimes he’ll fall asleep in your lap.