i want to hug youuuuu

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Hey I just want you to know you can take all the time in the world with Unbound cos you're already using your free time for this and I am so grateful! It's the best Nessian fic I've ever read :) Don't neglect your studies, get some sleep+food, and I believe in you!!!!!!!!

This is actually the kindest message I’ve ever received??!?!! Thank you so much :’)  For real though, I’m planning on finishing it if not tonight, then definitely tomorrow! I want to get it off my back haha 


[ M!A : Continuous innuendos + bunny outfit for 5 asks! uwu . Much celebration

These M!A’s made it lmao .

Thank you for 850+ followers ;w;!!
I don’t get how it’s come to this but I really appreciate it and just ahhhhh

My children are super supportive and wonderful so free hugs// ]

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"Write in my ask how you’d describe me to somebody who’s never met me" -Here goes: Felerial is a blogger on Tumblr who spends much of his time either talking to his girlfriend, Kasumychan, or shipping BBRae. He's a grand author, though if you were to ask him he'd probably just call himself mediocre. An overwhelmingly nice person, he enjoys reading fanfictions, as well as veiwing the impressive art that exists on this website. Is he worth following? I would say most definitely! .... - How'd I do?

Awwwwwwwww! Highly accurate! =p hehe, Thank you!! <3