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Never Listen to Hep

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You curled up pulling your legs against your chest and touching your toes to warm yourself all the while keeping your eyes on the man next to you. The light from the nightlight you had bought for him illuminating his cheekbones and his jaw and you let your eyes trailed at the beauty. He never liked sleeping with nightlight on but you always had. You couldn’t sleep without a nightlight on and he would always complain and grumbled whenever you slept over at his place but he always trudged out of bed and switched it on anyway.

He looked so peaceful with a slight gap between his lips.

His paced breathing giving off a soft rhythm for yours.

You didn’t even noticed how long you were staring at your boyfriend lost in your thoughts that when he stirred awake you were slightly taken off guard. He let out a soft grumble as he moved pushing the duvet that you had pulled over his shoulder, baring his torso for you to see. You froze scared that you had woken him up and once his breath returned back to that familiar rhythm you let out a soft sigh and slowly turned around trying to get some sleep yourself.

It didn’t work.

You had a better chance of being lulled to sleep by staring at his face than staring at the white wall of his room. It wasn’t long until you turned back to face him and as you saw the man staring back at you with his hands tucked under his cheek. You couldn’t help but let out a squeaked and you groaned out closing your eyes once your brain interpret the man as your awoke boyfriend. “Jay,” you whined out at the surprise.

He let out a small chuckle as he pulled his hand from in between the pillow and his cheek to pull you closer against him.

“Can’t sleep?”

“No.” you sighed out wrapping one hand around his waist and the other below your cheek.

“Poor baby.” He cooed drawing circles underneath the soft material of your wife beater. You looked up at his face and saw that he already had his eyes closed, probably going back to sleep. You chew on your lower lips weighing on whether you should keep him awake as well or try to go back to sleep; not that you haven’t tried for hours. “Stop staring.” He muttered softly against your forehead after giving it a small peck.

“I can’t sleep.” You replied back.

“You’re not trying.”

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Blue Neighborhood {Part 1}

A/N: This was a request I got a hella long time ago, and I’m working on it now. There will be three parts, and it’s based on Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy. Hope ye enjoy! Send requests if you have them!

They were only ten years old the first time they saw each other, and it was one of those storybook moments that people always talk about. The school was crowded, new, fresh with bright eyed and bushy tailed students eager for the day to begin and end. School, well, school held meaning for them. That was where they met, even if it wasn’t intentional; but something told Tyler that it was fate when he saw Craig sitting by himself at lunch. Ten year old Tyler? Not so much. He merely looked at it as an opportunity to make a new friend.

After getting his tray, he waltzed right over to the boy whose name he wasn’t sure about yet, and sat down. “It’s okay if I sit here, right?” Tyler was anything but shy. The other boy looked up, wire rimmed glasses framing his face; he hadn’t even noticed Tyler sit down. But he nodded, regardless of the situation. Tyler smiled at his answer, and began to eat his lunch, taking note of the silence. “You’re new here, right?” He’d never seen the boy around school before so it was easy to assume.

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Old Friend

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A/N: Cute little story I had done before I left, so I just thought I would post it now since I never got the chance before!

Pairings: Seth Rollins X Reader

Warnings: Some Swearing. 

You were sitting on your couch in your apartment, watching TV, when you phone rang. You looked at the calling I.D and see that it was Dean.

You bit your lip. You really didn’t understand why he was calling you. You had already told him you weren’t coming to Raw. He called you yesterday and told you it was in your area, but you nicely declined the offer of letting him get you in. 

Why? Well because your old friend, Seth Rollins would be there. You use to be best friends, but he let the fame of the WWE get to his head, and you, I guess, aren’t cool enough to be around anymore. 

He had told you that he just doesn’t have time for people outside of the WWE. When he told you that, you just kinda stop talking. He would call every now and again, and you would answer, but it was no more then a five minute talk.

Then the last time he was here, he told you right out that it was best to no longer be friends, that he just couldn’t and didn’t want to keep it up, being your friend just was a problem. So you just agreed and haven’t talk to him since. 

Now Dean, who you meet through Seth, was calling you again to get you to come. Your friendship with him was better then yours and Seth’s was last few months you were friends.

You sighed and answered. “Hello?”

“Hey, Y/N. You coming to RAW?”

“Dean, I already told you no.”

“Come on, Y/N! I want to see you!”

“Then come to my house after RAW. I’ll order pizza or something.”

“Roman wants to see you too!”

“He can come over too.”

“Y/N! Just come! Please! For me!”

“I don’t want to see him…” You whispered, into the phone.

Dean was slint on the other end for a moment.

“I’ll keep you away from him.”

You sighed hard. “Fine! You win, Dean! I’ll be down there soon!”

“Yeah! Haha! See you soon!”

“Yeah, whatever.”

You walked in the back way with Dean at your side. “I’m happy you came, Y/N. I really missed seeing you. It’s been to long.”

You shoved your hands into your pockets. “It has.” You said, smiling at him.

Dean led you around, showing you where the bathrooms were, the little place where there was food, drinks and then his locker room, where you would be most of the time. 

“I have to go and talk to someone real quick, you can look around if you want.” 

You nodded your head as he gave you a quick smile and left. You had a backstage pass on, so you just were going to look around.

As you were walking down a hall, you seen Seth at the very end. You went to turn around quickly, but you couldn’t leave the hall fast enough, and Seth looked down the hall and seen you turn the corner. 

You walked quickly down the hall that went back to Dean’s locker room, but before you could go in, someone grabbed your arm.

You turned and Seth stood there. His face was a mix of, shock and happiness.


“Hey.” You said, pulling you arm from his grip. 

“What….What are you doing here?” He asked.

“Uh, well….Dean told me RAW was here, and he made me come and see him.”

“You came to see Dean?”

“Yeah. Who else would I come here to see? It’s not like we’re friends anymore, you made the clear the last time I seen you.”

Seth stood there, rubbing the back of his neck. “Well, you see, I didn’t mean it. I wasn’t think right, and I tried to call you, but I could reach you.”

You laugh in disbelief and said, “Really, Seth? You told me you couldn’t and didn’t want to carry on being my friend anymore. So…You did mean it! For fuck sakes! And I had to get a new number, and if you paid any mind, you would have seen that when I got it, I sent you a message about it. But I forgot, you’re to much of a big time wrestler now to care about little ol’ me!” 

“Don’t say that! I’ll always care about you!”

“Yeah ok! Is that why you didn’t talk to me for a year!?”

“I told you I couldn’t get a hold of you!”

“You could have asked Dean or Roman for my number, since you know, we’re still friends!”

Seth stood there quietly. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I let everything go to my head. I forgot what it was like to be without you, and it sucked. I…I’m sorry for being a shitty person, but I made a mistake.”

“Sorry sucks, Seth.” 

“Please, please! Forgive me! I just want my best friend back….” 

“I don’t care what you want Seth. You hurt me. You just dropped me, like all the years together meant nothing. What about all the years we lived together? What about all the times I was there for you?” You shook you head.

“You were my best friend, but you dropped me like I was a hot potato. What kind of person, friend…does that?” 

“I shitty one…..I get it if you don’t want to forgive me. I understand, but can’t you a least try?” 

“We could do what we use to do when we lived together. Play video games, watch movies, get pizza, popcorn and soda. Remember when we did that on Monday nights, because they were the worst night of the week, so we made it fun?” He asked, hopeful.

You crossed your arms. “Yeah. I remember.”

“So, how about after RAW, we do that back at your place?”

“I came here with Dean, to spent time with him. I don’t think he’d like it if I just left him for you. So maybe another time.”

But before you could turned away, you heard Dean yell for the end of the hall, “I don’t care if you go with him! Just make up!”

Then you heard Roman yell, “Yeah hurry up! It’s about time!”

Seth looked at you, nothing but hope in his eyes. Part of you wanted to crush that hope, just because he made you feel like shit, he left you and hurt you just because he was a big wrestler. But the other part of you want to hug him and forgive him because you really missed your best friend. 

And Seth wasn’t making it any easier, with his big brown doe eyes, and pouty lip with his eyebrows all pulled together. 

You groaned loudly. He knew you couldn’t say no to that face.

“Fine.” You grumbled.

Seth smiled, before pulling you into a bone crushing hug. “I missed you so much..” He whispered.

“I missed you too.” You whispered. 

“But you’re paying for everything.” You said, trying to pull away, but Seth wouldn’t let you.

“I figured. But I don’t care. I’m just glad I have you back.”

Sunggyu x reader When you are sick and he takes care of you

Summary: He was very tired after a week of hectic schedules but he still takes care of you

Word count: 1,006

Genre: Fluff

You had been sick for almost a week and with all those constant sneezing and coughing along with severe sore throat, you had no signs of getting better. You hadn’t told Sunggyu that you were sick, with all the schedules he had, he sure didn’t have time taking care of you and as a result he would blame himself. Although you really want someone to take care of you, you didn’t have the heart to tell Sunggyu that you were sick. You didn’t want to add on his stress as he already had too much to stress about. You got away with being sick was because Sunggyu had too much schedule and decided to crash the dorm instead heading back home. If he knew you were sick and didn’t tell him, he would be furious. 

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Affectuous Nursey headcanon

Nursey has a lot of love to give, and if he can’t give it to Dex directly, he’ll give it to his pets. Which are all named after Dex. Because wouldn’t you know it, Nursey loves angry red things.

Dex is a fiery ball of anger that Nursey learned to understand, before falling in love with everything hidden under the defensive anger. Nursey channel his affection towards his red betta fish and venus flytrap, who are both named after Dex. 

At first, Dex thinks he’s poking fun at him but then he learns from Chowder that Nursey loves these two more than anything and that he won’t stop talking about them. At first Dex doesn’t really care and he think Nursey can’t be talking about them that much, because it’s a fish and a plant, they can’t be that interesting.

But Nursey is really invested in the lives of his pets and plants and talks about them a lot. When they move into the attic together, Dex has a front row seat of Nursey cooing at his betta fish. And just when he think things couldn’t get any weirder, Nursey get himself a kitten. A cute fluffy ginger kitten with amber eyes that he names Purrdexter, who hisses at anyone who isn’t Nursey.

Of course, Dex did notice how Nursey names every aggressive red thing he owns after him (from the betta fish to the angry-looking lobster plushie) and he also notices how much Nursey loves them. So he has to ask him about it. Both because he thinks it’s cute, and because he’s curious to know the reason behind it.

“Why are you naming your aggressive pets after me?” Dex asks.

“Because you’re red and angry all the time, but I know it’s because you’re defensive about things. Just like Purrdexter. And you know what? I love him. Even if he isn’t the friendliest cat. Just like how I love you even if you’re not the friendliest person,” Nursey replies smiling.

And that does it for Dex. This giant dork is just so full of love and Dex wants to tell him that he can give it to him. He hugs Nursey tightly before smiling back at him. Nursey hugs back and Dex can feel all the affection Nursey channels to him and he only hugs him tighter.

“I love you too, you fucking dork.”

They both give each other happy dopey smiles before they kiss.

Later Dex tries to argue to rename all the pets but loses against Nursey’s pouty face. Nursey loves all his red and angry pets. And his red and angry boyfriend.

“Does that mean I have adopt a fish, five plants, one kitten and buy a dozen of plushies and name them all after you to tell you I love you or…?” Dex says, laughing.

“Stop making fun of my little dexters or I’m breaking up with you and replacing you with a dog. His name will be Pupdexter and I’ll train him to tear your clothes to shreds,” Nursey pouts.

Dex only laughs and kisses him softly, making Nursey’s pout turn into a smile.

One-shot submitted by: Anon

“DAMN IT!” Loki screamed, throwing another glass at the wall. “IT WAS ALL MY FAULT! I COULD OF SAVED HER! AND IF THOR WOULDN’T OF FOUND THAT BLOODY GIRL, SHE WOULD OF LIVED.” He grabbed the table and flipped it towards the kitchen. “MY OWN BLOODY MOTHER! I NEVER EVEN TOLD HER JUST HOW MUCH I LOVED HER. Gah. Not even my actual mother, but I feel so damn guilty!” He screamed yet again, and falling on the couch. “Everything is always cause of my brother. I would be happier dead.” A sudden burst of anger rushed through Loki, and he walked toward the TV and grabbed it, his body going blue. Just then, you walked through the door back from work. You stared at the destroyed apartment, and saw Loki with the TV in his hands. “WHAT THE HELL!” You shouted. Loki looked at you and set the TV down slowly, his hand fading back to normal. “I-I’m, uh.” “Your what? Freaking what, Loki?” “I’m-I’m so sorry, my princess. I got out of control.” He responded. “I got really upset about my mother.” You suddenly felt a wave of sadness fall on you too. “Aw, I’m sorry, hun. It’ll be okay.” You embraced him and wiped his teared eyes. “You wanna talk tonight?” You said, running your fingers through his hair. Loki shook his head. He looked up at you and said, “Oh. Forgive me, won’t you?” He gave a pouty face that could stop wars. You thought for a moment and replied with, “Yes, of course. I could never stay mad at you, babe.” A wide grin appeared on his face and he jumped with joy.