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Death of The Cat  Ch-2

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Rated: Angst

Pairing: JaehyunxReader

Summary: Jaehyun was pretty set in his ways, living up to his frat boy stereotypes with pride and a lot of pleasure. But his fatal flaw came in the form of two things; a girl and curiosity.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

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Sunburn - Dash Wilder

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Dash groaned as he flopped down on the couch. I was just as miserable as he was.  “As much as I want to lay with you right now, I just can’t.” I sighed as I laid on the other couch. 
Dash and I spent the whole day with Scott and his family at the beach. We put sunscreen on but I think we didn’t put enough. We ended up getting sunburn and it was miserable. 
“I want you, babe.” Dash muffled into the pillow. I slowly got up before walking into the bathroom. Maybe a cold shower will help. As soon as I turned on the shower, I heard Dash’s footsteps. He soon appeared in the doorway. 
“Is there room to join?” Dash asked, not trying to be romantic in any way. 
“Yeah, come on.” I said as I slipped out of my tank top and shorts. I hopped into the shower. The cold water hit against my red skin and it was relief. 
“This feels so amazing.” Dash said as he got in the shower as well. 
I flashed him a smile. 

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Having this apartment to myself is a blessing, I get to rest without my brother or any of his friends annoying me. Placing my plate on the table in front of me, I can say I enjoyed my own cooking today. Grabbing my glass of wine and sitting back on the couch, when I watch shit like this it always makes me think if prison is really like this, I would probably someone’s bitch in there “ugh, stupid bitch Piper” she gets on my nerves at times, to be honest these bitches get more action then I do. Sipping my wine, I need this wine after today. It’s hard saving lives I guess but it was a good day, I always question myself do I really want this but after all the hard work this is a blessing and I am happy. Looking down at myself, I should have really changed out of my uniform, luckily I have a fresh pair in my room but I was just wanting to leave that place, Bailey has been off work for a week. She did reply to one of my texts so I have been stuck on lunches with Daniel but he has been ok, not made any stupid suggestions as of yet but he keeps questioning me about Chris, I think he likes him more than I do, his gay self. Giggling to myself, he really likes Chris.

Stifling out a yawn, I am on my forth episode. Laying down on the corner couch, I must not fall asleep here because I can only imagine if Nathan brings his stupid friends home. The thought seeped into my mind once again, the point Daniel made about Chris wanting me to be one of his hoes, he said I am too good for him which was cute for him to say but I am not that big headed l to think that. I just want to meet a guy that likes me for me, not because of my eyes or how I look which Chris is looking at that. He has the cheek to text me an hour after to say send me a selfie, I ignored it but then he text me again saying sorry, I am being too quick. I was so confused, he has these outbursts and then apologises, but that is what he is used too. The females would have sent him a nude but not me, I don’t think so. He has been texting me, I give him stupidly blunt answers and he wanted me to come to his house and then he called me stuck up so I stopped texting him, what a blessing that was.

Feeling my head vibrating, blinking my eyes open “shit” I said to myself, seeing the TV switched off, and then looking at my body and the blanket on me. I fell asleep, reaching my hand under the pillow pulling my phone out, seeing the caller I.D. I am not ready to deal with Chris right now, luckily the call ended. I sighed out, looking at the time on my phone “damn” its two thirty in the morning, let me take my ass to bed. I need to wake up at seven, my phone vibrated in my hand again “he doesn’t give up, god” sitting up on the couch and pushing the blanket off my body, Nathan must be home. Stretching out my body, that felt good and Chris is still calling. Answering the call, this is the first time I have spoken to him on the phone because like I said, I ignore most of it “hello” oh god, my voice is horrible. I sound like a man “oh, was you sleeping?” he is clearly alive and doing his thing “kind of yes” scratching the back of my head “can you tell?” I sound horrible, I can’t even clear my throat because that is not lady like “a little, my bad. I don’t know why I called you so late, you usually ignore me” forget it, let me clear my throat “what makes you think that?” clearing my throat “because you been doing it since I got your number, I been thinking about you though” getting up from the couch “well, I can’t say the same but I know someone that is” let me just go to bed “oh really, who?” he questioned “Daniel, maybe you need to drop your number to him” Chris chuckled.

“You got jokes, let’s meet up though. I am free to anything, we do it on your terms because clearly you don’t listen to me” I am glad he is learning, he wants to meet up. Pulling a face “are you still there?” the phone went ever so silent “uhh yeah, well I am busy” am I really blowing him off “you being stuck up again” he spat, I scoffed “this is why we don’t get on” clearly I am not for him “you can’t say that, look. This shit is different for me too. You right, I get you. I can get any pussy right now but I want you, I just honestly like you, please give me a chance” I always feel guilty, closing my bedroom door behind me “what is my name on your phone? Be honest” he questioned so randomly “Maurice” I answered simply “I see, at least it ain’t asshole or something like that. But if you didn’t want to give me a chance then why did you name me Maurice on your phone” why is he like this “you know what, I can meet you. Starbucks in the morning at eight thirty” I am being awkward “which one?” he won’t come, he will be sleeping “138 central avenue” I picked the most busiest one so hopefully he will just say no, he does things at night “cool, you better get some sleep then” I was about to say that to him “bye then” I am half way taking my bra off right now “goodnight” he said so sweet, why is he being like this. The call disconnected and all I think is why me.

Luckily I don’t need to be in work until ten but I am behind schedule, I need a coffee and some me time, Starbucks and a book before work. Banging my car door shut, I usually come here about eight thirty but I am a little late. I didn’t have time to put makeup on, I only go to put my foundation on and do my eyebrows, not a great look with this uniform on. Not to mention the mess of my hair, my life is always a mess. Fixing my bag on my shoulder, I hope the queue is not long today. Stopping outside the door waiting for the guy to leave, he held the door open for me instead “thank you” flashing him a smile “pleasure” the older white man said, pervert I mentally said to myself. I look disgusting so I wish nobody looks at me.

Stood behind a few people, staring at the cakes in the window. They look delicious but I don’t need it, I did just have some toast but I am craving something sweet. Shaking my head looking away, let me not do that “hi, can I take your order?” the lady spoke smiling “hi, can I have a large caffe latte” she wrote it down “oh and sorry, make it a large” opening my bag, please let me have my purse with me “I’ll pay for this” I froze staring down into my bag, looking away from my bag and looking behind me “oh” is the only thing I said, my plan didn’t work “your name?” the lady said, turning my head towards her “Rylee” I spoke, what is he even doing here “I want this” he placed the bottle of water on the counter, this is so awkward.

I am actually sat across Chris, luckily upstairs in Starbucks it is really dead so nobody is here. Looking around us “you didn’t expect me to be here” he broke the silence between us both, he flashed me a smile, it was so cute “uhm no, honestly I expected you to be asleep. I look a mess and you’re sat across me, oh my god” hitting my forehead with my hand “you don’t look a mess, since when did you care if you look good? I feel you don’t like me anyways which I like” he is right I don’t “that is true” is the only thing I said, he got me there. Staring at the wall smiling “only shit like this happens to me, I always embarrass myself” Chris smiled at me, staring at me like he is enjoying this “you haven’t, you just didn’t think I would meet you. I don’t play around you see, I get annoyed because I can’t have my own way with you which makes me want you. I try and forget you but I really like you Rylee and I wish you would just let go” furrowing my eyebrows “let go? Chris I read everything, I hear so much about you” he shook his head “see you wrong there, you read the shit but did I do any of it? Not everyone with me I fuck, they are just there for my friends. I am wanting to get to know you, I have never done anything like this. I have never done this honestly, you’re beautiful though” he is making me blush now, looking down at my latte wide eyed.

What is life right now “you never know we might not be well matched” he shrugged “every girl you have been with have been in the same position as me, got in your life for being beautiful” Chris sniggered “you right, I won’t fault them. They are beautiful but they was open to every homie, I like the chase with you. I like that you look at me like I am an asshole, I just like the difference” tilting my head “do I have anything good besides the looks?” he keeps saying all the bad things about me “you’re beautiful, you won’t let me get to know you. I think somewhere you want to give me a chance, all I am saying is that you need to overlook what you see. You can call me Maurice, I don’t mind it” hearing my phone ringing in my bag, his eyes not leaving mine as I leaned to the side of me to get my phone. Why am I staring at him like he is me, blinking my eyes away to look at my phone “can I?” holding my phone up, he nodded his head.

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I wish I didn’t say yes to Rylee picking that phone up now, it’s that stupid nigga on the phone. Sipping my water staring at Rylee in annoyance, placing the water bottle down slowly. I could be doing this all wrong, maybe I am approaching this wrong but I am doing what I know, I am used to getting it easy. I can’t believe I am sat in Starbucks in the morning, I don’t know what it is but I feel something. I just can’t let it go, she barely needs makeup and I know behind this persona she is a good person. Just that I am an asshole and I do have females, well I have had a lot but I need to somehow show her that I am not like that, I want to try this “yes whatever Daniel, speak soon” Rylee disconnected the call “sorry” she said to me, I stayed silent because she don’t need to be sorry “I know I say this a lot, I am going to say it again but why me?” shifting in the chair, I don’t know why that group of people has sat so close to us. Bringing myself closer to Rylee “when I first saw you, you got me from there. I just want to get to know you, do it the real way” she don’t believe me “Chris Brown? The man with all the girls in the world wants little old me? A random girl from New Jersey that is a regular person, a nurse. You don’t want some girl with a big booty and titties? I find it hard to believe” biting on my bottom lip as a smile grew “I am a normal guy too you know, this is me. A normal nigga from Virginia, its lonely being Chris Brown” I sighed out “I can only imagine” I have no idea what I am doing with myself here, maybe I am a little out of my depth.

“You not going to drink that?” pointing at her Latte “must be cold now but because I paid for it, you need to drink it” we have been just sat in silence for so long “I was just daydreaming, don’t worry. I will drink it but I was thinking” I feel a little deflated because I have messed this up “let’s start again, I was being a bitch to you. Sorry, it’s just so hard to believe” watching Rylee take a sip of the latte and pulled a face “that I am a normal guy too? Just I have that attraction to you, but like I said we might not even be good for each other” behind all this fame I am just a normal guy, she needs to accept that “I’m Rylee” she said, squinting my eyes at her in confusion “you really need to get your own thing, I did that to you” shaking my head laughing “I’m Maurice” Rylee pulled a face “no, don’t. Just be yourself Chris, you made the effort of coming here in the morning. The least I can do is give you the chance” my face softened “is that because you feel sorry for me?” she shook her head “one Chris point for you” she held one finger up, raising an eyebrow “how many points until I get sex?” she put her hand down gasping “let me actually make that half a point, just because you said about my nipples that night” she reminded me “look, I just got excited” defending my actions, the cutest giggle left Rylee’ lips.

I am happy I got Rylee to smile “you ain’t answered my question, what do points get me?” I need to know this “some Rylee time and ten points does not get you sex” holding my hands up “understandable, so when do I get to see you next. Out of your work uniform” even though she looks so good in it “I don’t know yet, but you know what Chris. I am going to leave it to you, surprise me” I wish she didn’t “oh shit” rubbing my head “you tell me when you are free?” she looked down at her watch “I am late” she shot up, I got up from my seat “weekend, I am off” picking up my bottle and her latte, stepping closer to Rylee as she turned around from picking her bag up. She hit into my chest “oh, this is close” she always does this cute face, it is like she shouldn’t be doing this but she is “you taking this with you, I paid for it” she side eyed me taking the cold cup.

I am walking behind Rylee for a reason, her booty. She is funny though, she is cussing herself out for being late “is that your car? It’s a nice car” I said, she turned back to look at me “really? Compared to your beast” Rylee retorted. I smiled, looking ahead of her “watch-” I said about to grab her but she already hit into the street light “ahh, my face!!” she held her forehead “oh shit, you good?” trying to contain my smile, she turned around to me “go away, you’re laughing” she hit my arm “no, don’t be like that” grabbing Rylee’ arm before she walked off again “cool it” pulling Rylee into me, she moved her hand away from the side of her forehead “I think it is a little sore but you will live” she sighed out “I feel stupid” moving my hand away from her arm “you legit made my day, sorry. You’re funny. Are you ok to drive though?” Reluctantly I touched her forehead, thinking she was going to move her head away but she didn’t, feeling the lump “that hurts and stop wiping my foundation off” she said, moving my hand away and looking at my fingers “it’s still on and look” showing my fingers “nothing came off” I want to laugh so much at her stupidness, but I can’t right now.

My arm resting on Rylee’ car door “so the weekend yeah?” I said, Rylee buckled herself in “yeah, just nothing dangerous. I can’t deal with walking right” placing my hand over my mouth “you can laugh if you want” letting out a low chuckle “sorry” moving my hand “this what happens when you run away from me and then side eye me, I hope your head is ok though” she switched the engine on “I should be ok, take care though. See you soon” I don’t want her to go in a weird way, she is just a breath of fresh air, she is not fake and not doing shit to make me happy. Where has this woman been all of my life “text me back though, bye” moving back from the car, closing the door slowly. She really thought I wouldn’t come here, I wouldn’t come to see her when she has been on my mind all that time.

Catch Me if You Can

Warning: fluff, reader being a tease, cussing, Daddy kink

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader, Nat, Bruce, Wanda, Vision

Request:  I have a Bucky x reader request! Maybe one where they’re sparring and Bucky is going to kiss her but she gets up because she likes teasing him. It carries on like this where every time Bucky tries to kiss her, she manages to get away until he finally manages to corner her. What do you think?  ~ @procrastinatingvirgo

A/n: I hope this is some what you had in mind. I tried to keep it cute but my mind decided to take it the direction it went in. I left it off like I did if anyone wants a part two. I used Google translate for the Russian

tag list: @captainamericasbeautifulbutt

               Since you started living in the tower with the Avengers you had developed a crush on Bucky. Despite him having a metal left arm, which you embraced wholeheartedly without hesitation, you grew close to Bucky. You were a bit shy at first with him about your abilities but he made you feel normal as you did him. Being able to transform your whole body into organic metal and you had super human strength, never got you any friends growing up except your cousin Piotr Rasputin who ended up at the X-mansion with Professor Xavier. You had eventually ended up telling Bucky about how you liked him and he confessed to you as well, thus starting your relationship with him.

               You loved to tease Bucky from time to time and now, well lately you had an idea that you hoped worked. You were sparing with Bucky like you did every day when you didn’t have a mission. You two were paired up since you can take each other’s hits besides Steve.

               You had Bucky pinned to the mat for the fourth time within the hour. Bucky tries to lean up to you to try to give you a kiss but instead you pulled back, smirked down at him and got up. He looked after you as you walked towards the door of the training room. You looked back at him with a smirk still on your face while he wore a slightly surprised expression on his face. He got up to follow you but once he made it to the door, you were nowhere in sight. Your plan was just getting started and you knew to keep it up you had to keep very light touches when it came to him. You wanted to see how long it would take for him to try and corner you.

               Bucky found you in the kitchen, sitting on the counter with a cold bottle of water in your hands and talking to Nat. He walked over to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water of his own.

               “Hey Nat, hey doll.” He goes to give you a kiss but before his lips were able to touch yours, you quickly slide off the counter. You scurried off down the hall, smirking over your shoulder. He looked at Nat and all she did was shrug her shoulders.

               “Come catch me, возлюбленная (sweetheart)!” You called out to him from somewhere down the hall. You ran further down the hall, opening and closing some doors as you went to try to slow him down. Which worked at first until he realized what you were doing.

               “Come out, come out where ever you are, котенок (kitten)!” Bucky called down the hall towards you.

               You wanted to keep this going, so you stepped out of a room into the hallway that way he was able to see you. You turned to him, you walked right up to him letting him get close to you and as he pulls you in for a kiss, you managed to slip out of his hands and scurried off again down the hall giggling as you walked off. He knew you were trying to play a game with him, he also knew that a game like this can last for days.

               That is what happened. Every time Bucky tried to give you a kiss, you had managed to slip away from him. It was getting to the point that he was getting frustrated in more than one way. Every time your skin touched his, every time your lips barely touched, and every time he could feel your breath on his skin the need to kiss and touch you grew. He knew he was going to get you back for all light touches and almost kisses, he knew just how to do it. Just now he had to catch you.

               You were sitting in the lab talking with Bruce. As you were talking, Nat walked into the lab. She hugged you quickly.

               “Hey there малютка (little one).” She looked a little concerned about something.

               “что это (what’s wrong), Nat? Did one of the guys get into something that they shouldn’t have?” You tried to guess what troubled her.

               “No, everyone is behaving good today surprisingly. Well, everyone except for Bucky.”

               You knew what his problem was, hell you were the cause of the problem. “I know what’s wrong with Bucky.” She looked at you puzzled. “Ему нужно трахаться (he needs to get laid).” You spoke in Russian that way Bruce wouldn’t feel completely uncomfortable. Bruce’s face still went red, not knowing exactly what was said but he understood the content of what was said. Nat smirked a little now knowing Bucky’s problem.

               “Really?” You nodded your head, answering her question. “You’re playing cat and mouse, which is causing him to act like this?”

               You hopped off the table you sat on. “Come Nat, walk with me.” You waved your hand telling her to follow. She followed you. “Bucky is getting sexually frustrated and as soon as he gets his hands on me, well I may not be of any use the next day. He tends to get a bit rough when he does. There are times I get that way and it tends to happen when he’s away on a mission.” You walked down the hall with Nat at your side.

               “Have you told him about it? I’m sure he’ll be glad to help you out when you’re like that.” She looked at you sympathetically.

               “Whenever he gets back from a mission, he tends to be exhausted and I love to take care of him when he gets back. Especially when the mission hits him a bit harder than normal.” Nat nodded her head, as she kept listening. “He is the same way with me after I get back from a hard mission.”

               You both kept talking as you walked into the kitchen, where Wanda sat with Vision on the couch watching some movie you didn’t bother trying to figure out. You opened up the fridge, tossing Nat a bottle of water and grabbing one for yourself. You wanted to end this little game with Bucky so you decided to let him catch you. “I’ll see you later Nat. I’m going to go to my room to take a small nap.” With that you were off down the hall.

               You made it to the elevator without anyone else noticing you. As the doors open, you felt a presence behind you. Before you could turn around, you felt cold metal seep through your top around your waist and you knew it was Bucky. As his hand tightened around your waist, his lips attached themselves to your neck. You both stepped into the elevator, his lips still on you. He sucked on the sweet spot on your neck causing you to moan lightly.

               “You have been a bad little котенок (kitten). You know that right (Y/n)?” His voice was low and husky as he spoke against your neck. “You have teased me for almost a week, now it’s time for a punishment.”

               If he wasn’t holding you up, your legs would have given out on you. “извините папа (sorry daddy). I didn’t mean for this to have gone as long as it did.” You tried to play innocent.

               “Playing innocent isn’t going to save you.” Bucky turned you around so you were now facing him. He tilted your face towards his as his lips met yours in a passionate dominating kiss. As the doors to the elevator opened, he pulled away from the kiss. He instantly threw you over his shoulder causing you to yelp. “Now, малютка (little one), your ass is mine.”

               You couldn’t say anything in response as he walked down the hall towards your room.

Do You Love Me? - Luke Hemmings One Shot

Requested: Nah

Author: Julia

A/N: This will be another one shot series (basically 90% of what I post is a one shot series sooo…. deal) also not edited sorry 

Summary: (Y/N) and Luke had been friends for years, and that soon turned into a small puppy love romance. But (Y/N)’s twin brother Michael hates Luke with a passion. That is until they become close friends, and Luke stops speaking with (Y/N).

“How was school today babe?” Luke asks jumping to sit on the brick wall beside me. The bus should be here soon, and it wasn’t anything new for Luke and I to talk while waiting. “It was fine, your asshole friend thought it would be cool to put gum in my hair. So I had to cut some of it.” I lifted the smaller stands of hair showing him the size difference. “Clay threw the gum at you?” He asked angrily. He’d always been protective over me, even more so with his group of friends.

“Mhm.” I rolled my eyes, seeing my twin brother Mikey walking to meet us at the wall. “I’ll talk to him. I’m sorry he did that.” Lu kissed my cheek, not knowing Mikey was close enough to see. “Don’t fucking touch my sister Hemmings.” Mikey spat at him, looking between us angrily. “Shut up Michael.” I narrowed my eyes at him, silently telling him to back off. “Stay out of it (Y/N), why do you hang around with this ass hat anyway?” I rolled my eyes at him, without answer.

Truth is I know why I hang out with him, I like him, and he’s honestly one of the sweetest boys I’ve ever met. The real question is why does he hand out with me? I know he likes me, and that I like him, but neither of us has ever tried to put any kind of label on our relationship. But both of us knew not to hang around with other people in the way we did. 

“I’ll go wait over there. Talk to you later?” Lu asks sweetly, jumping down from the wall. “No, stay here.” I pleaded, honestly not wanting to talk to Mikey anymore about Luke. He smiled, nodding his head and moving to sit next to me again. I leaned in, placing my arm around his shoulders, kissing him, not caring if Michael saw or not. 

It didn’t take Lu long to start kissing me back, moving his hands to rest on my hips. “For fucks sake!” Michael yelled “Get off my God damn sister Hemmings!” Both Luke and I groaned, looking over to a fuming Mikey. We jumped down from the wall looking at Mikey’s reddening face “And since when do you get to dictate who I kiss, Clifford?” Luke shot back, I bit back a smile at Mikey’s mouth dropped, not used to Luke fighting back. “Since she’s my fuckin’ sister. Stay away from her.” That’s when I decided to chime in, Mikey doesn’t get to decide who Luke or I kiss “Mikey shut up. I’ll kiss whoever the hell I want, as will Luke. Now go away.” I shooed my hands at him mockingly.

“I better not see you near my sister again.” Mikey growled, locking eyes with Luke. The second Mikey had turned his back, Lu turned to me and pulled me close to him and kissed me. With his hands cupped around my cheeks I couldn’t help the feeling of happiness that ran through me. Luke and I have had our fair share of make out sessions, but something about this kiss, and knowing that he doesn’t care if Mikey sees made it so much better.

Seconds later though, something hit both Luke and I in the side, knocking us to the ground. I looked up to see Mikey sitting on top of Luke, punching his sides, and once on the cheek. I moved quickly to where they were sitting on the ground, Luke was yelling at me not to do anything, and Mikey didn’t say a thing, just kept hitting Luke. Without really thinking I punched Mikey in the face, making him stop and glare at me, before getting off Luke and walking away from us. 

“Holy shit are you okay?” I ask Luke, who was looking almost dumbfounded between Mikey and I. “U-Uh. Did you really just hit him?” He laughed, moving to get up, but cringing, moving a hand to his side. “I punched him, yeah. Are you alright?” I asked again, lifting up his shirt to see a large forming purple mark. “I’ll be fine. Next time though, don’t get involved, please. I don’t want you to get hurt, even by mistake.” He pleaded, I quickly nodded my head, and got a cold bottle of water, giving it to him to hold over his side. 

I looked up to see Mikey glaring at both Luke and I, but I couldn’t focus on anything other than his puffy dark cheek. Shit, now I have to apologize for that. Now that the bus was going to be here any second people were running down the sidewalk to get to the bus stop on time, some asking questions about Luke and Michael’s faces, and if there had been a fight.

I ended up helping Luke off the grass, even though it looked painful as hell, and helped him on the bus. I decided to get off at Lu’s just to make sure that someone was home to help him. Hopefully his mum would be there, that way I can tell her what happened, because knowing Luke he’s going to act like he fell or something. Damn boys and their pride.

Once the bus pulled up by Lu’s house, I got off, looking at Mikey to make sure he knew I was going to be here for a bit. He just nodded, and looked away. As soon as Luke opened the door, his brother, Ben started yelling something at him from up stairs about his guitar being in the way of something he wanted to do. “Just move it! I don’t care.” Luke called, walking into the living room, sitting on the couch. 

Moments later, Liz walked in her eyes widening is shock as she saw Lu’s cheek, as it was all puffed up and purple, much like the one Mikey has on his cheek. “Lucas! What on earth happened?” She asked frantically, moving to the kitchen, to get ice I’m sure. 

“It’s nothing mum.” He threw his head back to the back of the couch, clearly not wanting to tell her what happened. He looked at me pleadingly just as his mum walked back in with ice wrapped in a hand cloth “Don’t lie to me.” Liz warned, looking at me and giving me a warm smile. She had always been pretty fond of me, even though my brother was the cause of much of the harm done to her son. “Mum it’s-”

She turned to me “(Y/N). Do you know what happened?” She asked sweetly, Luke knows I refuse to lie to his mum, so he groans again, taking the ice from her waiting for me to answer. “Mikey kinda-” She nodded in understanding, with a small laugh. 

“He sure is protective of you. Luke did you make him mad on purpose?” She looked to Luke sternly, although Lu had tried to make him mad, it’s no excuse to hurt him. “Well yeah but-” She gave him another warning look. “But (Y/N) punched him this time. It was pretty sweet.” He laughed, looking at me. My face had to be beet red right now, I’ve never hurt anyone before, and now I’ve punched my own brother in the face. 

“Oh my, is he okay?” Luke’s jaw dropped at her question “I’m your son! You haven’t asked me if I’m okay!” She shook her head walking back to the kitchen, “You don’t need to be babied Luke. Besides I’m just trying to be polite. Michael is a sweet boy.” Luke laughed humorlessly “Yeah, right up until he’s punching you repeatedly.” He joked looking at me. “I’m sorry.” I said nervously, for the hundredth time in the past half hour. “You didn’t make him punch me, it’s not your fault.” He smiled, kissing me for a moment before Liz came back in clearing her throat. 

I sat laying on my bed, complaining to Becca about how Luke was still ignoring when the front door opened and closed. “I’m home. Calum and Luke are here! Spending the night too!” Mikey called up over the stairs to my bedroom. “Cool! I don’t care!” I yelled back, looking back to Becca. “It’s been four months since they became friends and three months and 29 days since Luke last spoke to me.” It sucked, the second Luke and Mikey became friends, it’s like I was nonexistent to Luke, he’s barely even looked at me the past few months. “Guys suck.” She comforted me, i just nodded my head in agreement, listening to them talk down stairs about some band thing. 

That’s another thing, they started a band. A fucking band called 5 Seconds of Summer what the fuck does that even mean? They’re all idiots, though Calum is the nicest of the three, he at least speaks to me like I’m a normal person. “At least no one has seen Luke around with any girls, he hasn’t seen anyone since he stopped talking to you.” I know she’s just trying to make things better, but in a way that almost makes it worse, he just stopped talking to me for no reason. 

Although if I’m being honest, I know the reason. Michael. I don’t know what happened between them, but as soon as they became friends I was out of Luke’s life. “I need a drink. Want anything?” I ask, getting up from my bed, pulling my hair into a messy bun trying to get some of the heat off my neck.

“I’ll take a piece of Calum if you can get that done?” She joked, Becca has had a thing for Calum since they first met at Mikey and I’s 7th birthday party. “I’m sure you would, but I don’t think I can help with that one hun. A drink maybe?” I laughed, throwing the pillow I’d been laying on at her.

“Water I guess. Then get your ass back up here to help me with this damn math project!” The whole reason our parents had agreed to let Mikey and I both have friends over tonight was they were going out to some dinner for dad’s work. So they didn’t have to deal with five teenagers, although leaving all of us alone most likely wasn’t the best idea, as they know about Luke and I- whatever we were- before. 

I ran down the stairs, hoping to avoid idiots one two and three. Sadly, I wasn’t so lucky, I rounded the corner to the kitchen, and saw that the three of them were rummaging through the cupboards, and fridge. “What in the hell are you three trying to do?” I ask, watching Luke as he dug through the snack cupboard. “Will you make us something? Please (Y/N).” Mikey asked using his puppy dog eyes. 

“And why would I do that?” I cross my arms, scanning the three boys looking helpless in the middle of the room. “Because we’re stupid and don’t know how to cook anything good. And you’re an expert cook, who loves her brother, and tolerates his asshole friends?” Mikey smiled sweetly. “Only because you noted that you’re all stupid, and the two of them are assholes. Though maybe it’s just you two that are assholes. I actually like him” I pointed to Mikey and Luke for the asshole part. Calum gave them a smug smile as he realized I was saying I actually like him. 

“Whatever you say. So you’ll make us food?” Mikey asked happily. I nodded, pushing Luke to the side so I could get in the fridge. “What do you want?” I ask, looking to see we had quite a bit to choose from. The three of them started shouting out answers, and I couldn’t understand over their jumbled words. “Decide amongst yourselves, I’m getting Becca to tell her I’m feeding the children.” I walked to the bottom of the stairs and just as I was about to yell up to Becca, I heard Mikey in a hushed tone.

“Don’t stare at her ass Luke. We may be friends now, but don’t think that means I wont kick your ass again.” I rolled my eyes thinking about Luke staring at my ass. “Becca! I have to feed the idiots that are down here. Bring the project down here!” I heard a slight sigh from my room, but she was getting up and moving around, getting ready to come down to the kitchen.

“Have you made a decision?” I raised an eyebrow, looking between the three of them, seeing Luke’s face is slightly red. “What wrong with you?” I ask, nodding at Luke. “He’s cold.” Mikey said quickly. I looked at him like he’s an idiot, because let’s face it, Luke isn’t cold, he’s embarrassed Mikey caught him looking at my ass. 

“So you just don’t speak at all anymore?” I looked back to Luke annoyed. He opened his mouth to say something but Mikey patted him on the back “He’s saving his voice so he can sing better.” I rolled my eyes, turning away from them, to get veg tables from the fridge “Sure, it’s not like it’s cause he was caught looking at my ass.” I mumbled loud enough so they could hear me. I set the vegetables on the island, looking up to the three of them. Mikey looked pissed, Lu’s face was more red than before, and Calum was doing his best not to laugh.

“Food? Decision been made or..?” I ask, impatiently. “That chicken thing that mom makes. With the hot sauce, and the- the- those.” He pointed to the peppers that I’d gotten out. “They’re called peppers dumb ass. And are you talking about fajitas?” His details weren’t making this much easier. “Yeah. Those. How long will that take?” I thought everything through before I answered “Maybe an hour?” I guessed, as Becca walked into the kitchen, eyeing Calum instantly.

“Between the three of you, none of you know how to make food?” She asked annoyed, as we are supposed to be working on our math project that’s due in a week. “Well I guess we could have but a woman’s place is in-” My eyes snapped to Mikey who was looking at Becca clearly amused. “Finish that sentence, and you’re making your own dinner.” I pointed at him with the knife I was cutting the chicken with. 

He raised his hands in defense, and walked out of the room without another word. “Seriously (Y/N), I don’t get it. How are they so hot, yet so fucking stupid?” I laughed, shaking my head at her, grabbing a pan to cook the chicken in. “Guess they can’t have it all.” I smiled at my own joke as I started preparing the rest of the meal.

Half an hour later, Becca went to the bathroom, mostly to get away from the idiots who were being loud and obnoxious two rooms over. Using the few moments of spare time, I started adding seasoning to the chicken, and singing quietly to myself. I heard someone walk into the room, figuring it was Becca I didn’t think anything of it “What are the idiots doing? Hitting each other with sicks?” I laughed, turning to see not Becca, but Luke. 

“Oh. Uh- Hi.” I say quietly, turning back to the chicken, but only wanting to shove my head in the oven. “Hey.” I looked up at him, as this was the first time in a month and a half he’s said anything to me. “D-did you need something?” I ask, still not turning to face him. “Not really. I just wanted to say hi, I guess.” I bit my lip, not wanting to really talk to him. I would just start thinking about all the good times I had with him, only for him to stop talking to me again. 

“Okay. Well, hi.” I mumble, stiring the chicken, even though it doesn’t need it for another minute or so. When I moved my hand, my wrist hit the side of the hot pan, causing me to jump back in pain. “Ouch, fuck! Shit.” I yell, shaking my hand as I move to the sink to run cold water over it. 

“Shit, are you alright?” Lu asked, at my side a second after I got to the sink, he held my wrist under the water as I sat there trying not to swear more. “Fine.” I finally mumbled, still biting my lip in pain. “Here, let me get you some ice. It might help.” He went tot the freezer, and grabbed some ice, putting it into a small plastic bag, and handing it to me. I looked up at him defeated, taking the bag “Thank you, Lu.” I sigh, holding the cold bag on my wrist.

I looked up to smile at him, but once I did, his hands were on my hips, and his lips were pressed against mine. Without hesitation I smiled, kissing him back, and wrapping my arms around his neck, letting the ice bag fall to the floor. “Woah shit.” I pulled away from his kiss quickly looking to see someone standing in the doorway of the kitchen. 

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Shut Up and Drive! (Part One)

                                        Shut Up and Drive! (Part One)


‘Anything?’ Dean asked as he entered the living room, kissing the top of my head. The boys have been staying at my cabin since the attack at Bobby’s, we were trying to find some way to kill this demon.
‘Define anything?’ I asked, stretching. Looking at the clock it was now 2am.
‘You have something?’ He asked surprised
‘A higher tolerance to caffeine than I would like. And the ability to deal with sleep deprivation better than one should.’ I sighed, he laughed.
‘Coming to bed?’ He asked, I looked over at Sam, feeling bad I was about to abandon him.
‘Go on. I won’t be far off myself.’ He smiled tiredly. I nodded, looking over at Bobby who had already fallen asleep reading a book. One of the few we had managed to salvage from the burnt down ruins of his home. Dean didn’t need to be told a second time, he grabbed my hand pulling me up, kissing me on the lips and dragging me to bed.

Things between us have been good, it is amazing what comes to light when you think you have lost it all. Several weeks ago we had both thought we had lost the other, taken out by this damn demon. Stupidity, guilt and what ifs still consumed me. But we were good. I pulled on my pj’s and climbed into bed, snuggling up to Dean, his arms wrapped around me. I sighed, contented. Which then set him off, his grip around me tightened. He kissed me on my head, forehead then lips.
‘I love you Y/N.’ He said quietly, his lips moving against mine.
‘I love you too Dean.’ His hand ran down my side, pulling me in tighter. I kissed him back, moaning slightly.
‘How tired are you exactly?’ He murmured.
‘Oh I will be a wake for a little bit yet.’ I grinned cheekily,
‘That’s what I like to hear.’ He laughed, pulling me onto him. He kissed me again, deeper and more passionately than before. I responded kissing him back, nibbling on his lip. I heard him groan. It didn’t take long to lose the pyjamas. It was almost a nightly and morning ritual since we got back together. The addiction we were forming to each other probably wasn’t healthy, but after everything it seemed to fix it, help us feel more relaxed and well just coping better in general.

I fell asleep later, my head on his chest listening to his heartbeat. I woke up a few hours later with what could only be described as a ‘Duh Me’ moment. I looked over at Dean who was still sleeping. I tried to sneak out of his arm, but in feeling me shift he only pulled me in tighter. Placing a kiss on my shoulder in his sleep, before drifting back into a deep sleep. I waited a few minutes and tried again. This time succeeding, I pulled on some leggings and a baggy sweater. I headed downstairs to the living room.

Sam was asleep where we left him last night, as was Bobby. I made a coffee, grabbed my laptop and a blanket and headed outside. The mist and fog through the woods was beautiful, especially this time of the year, I settled into the swinging seat and got to work.

Years ago I had met a priest who worked for the Catholic Church, Father Gregory dealt with possessions and blessings. But he was also the go to man for the Supernatural within the Church. He had contacts at the Vatican. They had a collection of books older than time itself.

I emailed Father Gregory, asking if he knew anything or could point us in the right direction. Cas was coming up blank, and at the moment this was all we had. Placing my laptop on the table I sat back, curling up in the quiet, enjoying the coziness of it all.

About half an hour later Dean came out 2 coffees in hand.
‘Refill?’ He asked, handing me the cup, climbing under the blanket. I cuddled up to him, his body is like a hot water bottle. Dean kissed my head and enjoyed the morning with me. It was such a normal couple thing do. I sighed, the reality of what was to come setting in.
‘Shits going to hit the fan, you know that right.’ I told him. I felt him stiffen, we had so far avoided the reality that came with this demon. We both knew what was coming, so far she had control over so many demons, each of us having had a close encounter, too close for comfort.
‘I don’t want you around when it does.’ He told me, I could hear the fear and pain in his voice,
‘That’s a non-negotiable factor in this Dean. When it comes to a head, it will be all hands on deck. At this point, the apocalypse was a cake walk compared to her. I mean seriously Lucifer was sane.’ Dean groaned and grumbled something. He knew I was right. Hearing the door open we looked up to find Bobby, Sam and Cas.

‘Hey.’ I said looking at them. Sam sat on the table, Bobby leaning against the pole. Cas just standing there.
‘We can’t keep hiding.’ Bobby admitted
‘I don’t know, the quiet life isn’t half bad.’ I joked. Dean gave me a squeeze.
‘We can’t attack either.’ Sam grumbled.
‘What do we know?’ Dean asked,
‘She has no name, one of the first demons, controls almost all demons, and wants to end life on earth.’
‘The angels are ready for battle.’ Cas commented.
‘Why?’ I asked him surprised, he looked confused.
‘They happily wanted the apocalypse, this is basically the same thing. Just with a chick instead of Lucifer. Oh my God!’ I added, annoyed ‘they are a bunch of sexist douchbags.’ I stated. Dean sniggered, Sam smirked and Cas looked confused, I heard Bobby muttering under his breath.
‘No, Lucifer’s apocalypse was meant to happen. This demon is supposed to be dead, God did not want this. They will help stop it.’

I heard my mobile ringing, weird no-one knew this number. I ducked inside to answer it. I checked the number it was blocked.
‘Solomon will force the hand.’
‘Father?’ I asked, unsure. The voice too young.
‘Gregory cannot help.’ And the line went dead. My blood ran cold, something was wrong. I started dialling, calling anyone and everyone who knew the Father. I flew outside, booting up my laptop, I checked my emails. Nothing,
‘Y/N?’ Sam asked, watching me panic, Dean was already out of the seat.
‘Baby?’ No-one was answering. I swore, trying another number. The place I knew him to be was at the St. Peters Church, South Carolina.
‘Babe!’ Dean said more forcefully, trying to get my attention.
‘Something’s wrong.’ I told them, explaining the call. Cas’ face changed, ‘You know him?’ I asked, Cas nodded.
‘I have worked with him in the past, a man of great faith.’ He remarked.
‘He wouldn’t not answer me.’ I said softly ‘Can you find out if he’s alive at least?’
‘Is there a way of finding out if he is dead?’ Bobby asked.
‘Angel radio.’ I looked at Cas, he nodded. ‘There is no way, if in heaven he could slip through the gaps.’
‘So what does “Solomon will force the hand” mean?’ Sam asked.
‘Solomon was supposedly given a ring, with it he could control demons, talk to animals and other things.’ Bobby told us,
‘But it hasn’t been seen for centuries. And there are so many different images of what it looks like.’ I sighed, trying another number. ‘Why the hell isn’t anyone answering?’ I yelled, frustrated.
‘I’m heading to South Carolina.’ I declared.

I never wrote you a poem before, your hair never invoked
words to fall from mind onto ink, onto paper. Your eyes
never looked like lakes, or rivers, or seas for me to soak in. Your thighs
were never mountains or forests. Your voice
was never a song to sing to the skies.

I never saw you as art, just another a la carte menu
to order from. I saw the beauty in everything
around you, always slightly
out of focus.

You never liked my work before, my metaphors never
created emotion in your eyes whatsoever.
My poems were always about
some other boy, in some other place. A dream
or somewhere in space. Anything but you
never you.

It’s the absence of your hands wrapped around my skin, it’s the
fear that I will never taste your lips again, the feeling of forgetting
what we once were.

We are scars on each other, dents in each other’s existence, born out of
different fires, lit by the same stray match.

Not fire and water,
but fire and fire, burning brighter but also burning out. We burnt
our initials into everything we touched.
Again, and again, and again.

Third-degree burns make your nerves numb, a swig from that bottle made your face numb, and a hit
from that pipe you hated so much, made my pain numb.

Guess in the end we both wanted the same thing, I think
they call that irony.

Like the irony that it took 323 miles for me to realise that I loved you.

—  my first poem about you, Rafael Ortiz.