i want to hit everything right now

ok but can we talk about how even’s biggest fear just came true? 

he reached out to isak after his episode which is such a brave thing to do i am so proud and isak told him to stop texting him. his biggest fear and the reason for hiding his disorder was exactly because he was afraid that isak will leave him and not want anything to do with him

and i know isak is confused and he’s already researching and he would come to accept even but right now all even knows is that the person he loves rejected him because of his mental illiness and that hurts so much

especially because right now even he’s probably getting down from his high and his depression is hitting him, him trying to convey his feelings through lyrics breaks my heart. all he wanted was things to be like his dreams, someone to understand him and save him.  Even Bech Næsheim  is so much more that his disorder and he deserves everything and more

BTS Reaction: When they surprise you with a kitten

Omg this one hit me right in the feels since I have a kitten of my own now :)

Jin :

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As a boyfriend, Jin is going to surprise you with cute little gifts and food all the time, just because he wants to make you happy! And when he saw how excited you were about the kitten, he had to refrain from going out and buying you ten more because your reaction was so great

Suga :

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Suga loves to see you excited; he loves to see that gleam in your eyes. So, he’s going to do everything to make you happy, including surprising you with a kitten. Honestly, whenever you’re happy, Suga is going to be at his happiest, because he lives to see you smile

J-Hope :

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J-Hope would know that he was the best boyfriend in the world, and he’d have to rub it in just a little bit for a couple days or months after he bought you the kitten. But, he’d be so happy that he could make you this happy

Rap Monster :

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Rap Monster wouldn’t be able to wait to give you the kitten for your birthday; he’d probably even accidentally spoil the surprise and have to give her to you early. But, you’d forgive him, because look at your sweet boyfriend’s face

Jimin :

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Jimin would think your stunned reaction was absolutely adorable when you saw the kitten. He’d just simply watch you, so in love, while you took the cat and played around with it, your smile one of the most beautiful he’d ever seen

V :

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V would be just as excited to be getting the kitten as you were, even though he’s the one who bought it. While you were screaming and freaking out when you saw the baby, he would be too!

Jungkook :

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Jungkook will be so giddy while you unpack the tissue paper from the bag he had, knowing that you were going to freak out when you saw the kitten inside. Honestly, the anticipation would be killing him


i was aiming for our s76 who had ult! i wanted that nanovisor! there were enemies on the point and everything!

and it was such an easy click, too. there was a mei wall to the left, s76 is just ahead of me, then from the goddamn heavens, our lucio drops down right as i hit q.

in the comm he goes AWWW YEAHHH


I’m so emotionally wrecked right now. Like Lucifer was finally happy and he had found love and even if the rest of them don’t consider it real because of God’s plans, what they might be failing to see is that their relationship is real in other ways and maybe for once God does want Lucifer to have redemption??? Not to mention he just lost everything he had and got so angry and yet calmed into a intensified worry at the sight of Chloe being poisoned and the trailer for next week and AHHH - that last four minutes hit too many emotions too quickly.

when i had my really long severe depression spell i kept compulsively thinking “i wanna go home” when i was home because everything was so alien, so i made a pretend home where i belonged right
now i just keep thinking “i dont think im happy” and its like no shit youre a shell that doesnt feel things and uses self destructive tendencies to try to fill a void idk what to tell u wtf do u want me to do about it

1D Hiatus: Day 337

* Louis posts THREE selfies on Instagram, THREE

* Niall and Fizzy comment on one of Louis’ Instagram selfies

* Niall posts two pictures on Snapchat

* Louis likes a collage of his selfie and a picture of Harry on Instagram, we obviously freak out

* Niall posts a video on Instagram

* Liam meets fans in LA

* Niall will be attending and performing ‘This Town’ at the American Music Awards next Sunday

It’s Nov 14th, 2016.

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That’s #nasty

Another segment in the #bars series

back in the booth nd i hit the ground running

i wake up early and the sunrise is stunning

back to back to back to back nights

seeing no end but it feels so right

i remember waking up when I was just a boy

i remember everything that instigated joy

I remember yelling making symphonies of noise

and my parents got mad so they started yelling at me

growing up I always was embarrassed of my acne

all of the bitches would still call me daddy

all of the bullies would call me the fatty

now I’m fuckin beautiful and they all want me badly

then have me

I’m right here, I’ll hop on it gladly

move on that body and hit it exactly

like i know you want it when we’re doing the nasty

#barz #barsfordays #rap #rapping #hiphop #music #hiphopmusic

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Okay so I kinda always knew this but it has just hit me...

During the iconic cuddle scene in episode 5, Isak tells Even that he can make a film out of his story if he likes and i’m just so emotional right now because this means that they have probably spent ages talking about Even’s passion for film making. 

Like how god damn adorable is that? can you imagine everything we missed? Is it Even’s dream to become a director, or a producer or a writer? Or, hell he’s also an artist, so is he into animation? What kind of movies does he want to make? What was THE movie that changed his life and made him fall madly in love with film? What exactly is it that he loves about film? Is it an escape from reality? The seduction of a world where everything happens the exact way it was written? No fear of the unexpected, you can guarantee on it unfolding in the way it was always intended to be.

What is his favourite movie? omg what kind of movies has he made so far? What does he feel when he creates something like that? the control and power of creating an entire world that was once just alive in your brain, but now it is real, it is here, for others to see. They are no longer running wild and recklessly in his mind. He has brought stories to life? is this why he loves film? is this his dream? 

Like i’m just sure he talked Isak’s ear off and it just kills me that we missed it. I might write a drabble of this sometime tomorrow if you guys are interested. Just an Evak dream talk kind of thing. I also promised a few of you a wedding drabble so…I should get to that. 

I understand.

(So… this is the first fic I am writing. It came to my mind one night and it just felt right. Jyn is in medbay, because she took a pretty bad hit on a mission, and Cassian is there being his beautiful self.)

“Everything I do, I do it to protect you. Say you understand.
I understand.”

Those words echo in her head as if she is listening to it right now. Her father’s voice disturbes her, makes her want to break free from the numb state she’s in.
The words keep echoing, but her father’s voice is slowly transforming into another familiar voice and a slightly different sentence.

“Everything I did, I did for the rebellion. But this time, I did it to protect you. Say you understand”, says the quiet, but desperate voice. It’s not a dream, nor a vision of the past. It’s Cassian.

Jyn wants to respond, say she understands. She wants to say “Thank you for coming back for me” and “Please don’t leave me here”, but she can’t. Now she’s the one who’s desperate.

Cassian leans closer and continues: “Open your eyes, Jyn. Please say something. Please Jyn.”

Jyn fights against herself, her body insists in not responding to her brain. “You have to open your eyes, you have to say something”, she thinks.
She tries to open her mouth, but her lips are so dry that it feels like they might be sealed forever. Her throat is so parched that it hurts to make any sound. Her eyelids are so heavy that opening her eyes seems to be an impossible task.

At that time, Jyn feels Cassian moving away. She can no longer hear his voice and the smell of his musk, the smell of ashes and sand that is so characteristic of him, is vanishing. She can’t let him go. “You have to react, Jyn.” At great cost, she slithers her hand on the edge of the small bed, reaching for his hand, like she did on that bloody beach. The quest seems endless, until she feels his warmth has he clasps her hand tightly.

Cassian leans towards her again. His grip on her hand is strong, but gentle and soft, something she never expected from him. “I knew it. You understand”, he says. He doesn’t sound desperate anymore. He sounds happy.

Jyn feels relieved. She makes another effort. Slightly lifting the corners of her lips, she smiles.

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Bonkai endgame!

I would have everything the same right up to when Bonnie stabs Kai loved that bit because it actually gave Bonnie some agency for once. She got to take revenge of her own volition as a personal vendetta not on somebody else’s behalf and I freaking loved it.

I’d have him crash Jo and Alaric’s wedding but I’d just have him cause a scene maybe even hit his dad with a particularly painful spell if he tried to challenge him. Kai goes on this huge rant because he’s always wanted to get how he feels of his chest and now his whole family’s here in one place so it’s the perfect time. Eventually, he says something cocky like ‘I could kill you all right now’ and Bonnie stands up and orders him out of the church. Kai plays it cool and scoff and ask what makes her think she can make him do anything and Bonnie just smiles and says ‘i beat you once I can do it again’

Then kai gets really close to her and tells Bonnie he’s not angry that she stabbed him in the other prison world and that not only are they even now, but he respects her. He declares very publically that she can do a lot better than Mystic Falls or slumming it around with the likes of Damon and tells her that she’s the most amazing person he’s ever met and the real reason he came back.

Just as he finishes up his heartfelt speech (and Bonnie is flawed) Liv and luke sneak up and hit him with a spell to knock him out but he’s too powerful for them and fires back accidently knocking Liv unconscious (everyone thinks she’s dead but it turns out eventually that she’s okay).

Kai’s speech surprisingly inspires Caroline and she makes the decision to go to NOLA/TO and asks Bonnie to come with her which she accepts. Then I’d make Kennett a thing (after already establishing a flirty sort of romance in season 3-4) and have Kai show up out of nowhere one day and give Bonnie the two men fighting over her she’ always deserved.


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Hi hi! I hope this makes sense (I'm awful with words ^^"), I love me some papa headcanons. And I love angst. With that said, could we maybe get some headcanon's for Kukui, Kiawe, and Guzma when their s/o is pregnant but they lose the baby (so miscarriage pretty much)? You obviously don't have to do this one if you don't want. ^^"""

Aahh, I love making fictional characters miserable >:3 and I’ve actually done a scenario like this for Guzma right here! ^^


* He’s just shocked when he hears you miscarried. It doesn’t fully hit him what’s just happened, he doesn’t say anything as he feels you hold him tightly. You two had everything set up for the baby, even had a name picked out for it and now he can’t believe that everything is now just gone. He puts his arms around you, unsure of what to say for the first time in a while.


* He doesn’t believe it when he’s first told about it. When he saw you crying and hunched over yourself, that’s when it really hits him what’s happened. He sits next to you and pulls you towards him, trying to comfort you without losing it himself. He buries his face in your hair, trying to hide the tears that started to come out as he tries to tell you with a straight voice that you two could always try again at a later time.

Writing Prompts

1) He turned away, silently begging her to call him back. Say no, we can fix this. Say, we’ll make it. Tell me you want to fight for it. Please

2) After everything she had done she was angry. All that, all the sacrifices. For this. 

3) “Do you honestly think we’re going anywhere like this? We’re not anything and we never have been. We’re stuck and frozen. And the world is moving on without us. Wake up! This is doing nothing but holding us back, we need to learn how to let go.” 

4) She wanted to take everything back. Make it so they didn’t know, hide it all away again. It always worked better like that anyway. 

5) The raindrops hit his skin like knives but he didn’t move, the bus would come any minute. 

6) “Just leave me alone, I can’t deal with you right now, a war is about to start.” 

7) The reflection in the window was enough to make it clear what was happening. They had come for her. 

8) He had watched him die. Held him in his arms, felt his heart stop beating, watched is last breath, seen the life leave his eyes. He was never the same. 

9) “I’m not me today.” 

10) She was emotionless, empty, devoid of thought and feeling. They were gone. They were really gone. 

Han Solo + Sparring

“If you don’t move Solo, I swear, I’ll bring you to the ground.”

You had to keep in your laugh. Han was probably scowling at you right now for that comment. If Luke hadn’t insisted on having you train with your eyes blindfolded, you would’ve been able to see the deep frown set on his features. He didn’t want to hit you, even if it was just for a training exercise. Instead of showing his concern, he taunted you instead.

“I wouldn’t want to hurt you, sweetheart.” He teased, lifting his fists in the air. “I break girls’ hearts, not their noses.”

You rolled your eyes, though it was made a little more difficult with a cloth wrapped so tightly around your head.

“Trust me, the only thing that’s going to be broken is your ass if you don’t attack right now.” You shot back, eagerly awaiting the first punch. You wanted to practice everything that Luke had taught you.

“Most girls want to have a nice meal for the first date.” Han grumbled, swinging his fist. He let out a breath of relief when you dodged.

“I’m not most girls.” You ground out, ducking another one of Han’s jabs. His hand flew through the air, feet stumbling to catch balance once again.

“Oh, so you admit, this is a date.” He smirked smugly, completely taken off guard when you hook your leg around his knee and drop the both of you to the ground with you on top.

“This is not a date, Solo.” You growled, pinning his arms above his head. “This is training.”

He struggled for a moment beneath your hold, stopping with a sly smile.

“It feels like a date from down here.” He raised a brow, tightening his fingers against your interlaced ones as proof.

You scoff, leaning in a bit closer so your lips hovered above his mouth. “If this was a date,” you began, voice honeyed and sultry, “Then I suppose this would be when I kissed you.”

He hummed in agreeance. “I suppose it would.”

Through your training, you could feel his eyelids flutter close, his heart speeding up in his chest. He moved up a fraction of an inch, hot breath caressing your lips. Your mouth curved up the slightest bit, forming a rather soppy smile.

“Too bad it isn’t.” You whispered, leaving a soft kiss against his cheek before pushing yourself up and off of him. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss the heat from his body.

Han blinked, entirely dumbfounded. You could tell that Han was scowling at you once more.

  • brain: ok, take it slow, buddy. write the fanfic, proofread it, wait a few days so you can see it with a fresh mind, make revisions...you want this to be good, right?
  • me: ya
  • brain: ok good. so you have the first draft done, now look it over and make edi--wait what are you doing why are you hitting ‘publish’ did you ignore everything i just told you
  • me: ur not my mom lol fuk off

I’m having a really bad week and I feel like I’m about to crash. Everything is stressing me out today and I feel like I’m about to have a panic attack. I want to update Your Enemies Closer, I want to vote for destiel on that poll and I want to watch spn and makes gifs but I think that if I do all that, I’m going to hit a brick wall and breakdown. 

So I think it’s best that I not watch the episode right now and watch it later where everyone has already made gifs and there is no pressure from myself to get them out on time. Because even if I do watch it with the intention of not making gifs, I will inevitably end up making gifs. I also probably won’t be voting anymore. I’ve been voting for hours and hours the past few days and it’s tiring and stressing me out. 

I’m going to focus on finishing chapter 10 of Your Enemies Closer so that I can get it out tonight. I only have roughly 2000 words to go and I have about 11 hours to finish it so if I’m not doing anything else I will hopefully get it done. 

I’m kind of upset that I won’t be able to make gifs tonight, well ones on time at least (I might make some later but I’m not sure) because I do love making gifs but every spn episode I always put immense pressure on myself to get them out and it always stresses me out. I’m actually super glad that we will be having two weeks hiatus because I need a break so I can regroup and destress. 

Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know what’s happening. I’ll still be making gifs throughout the week and maybe tonight but just not when the episode comes out. 

Further reactions to the preview:

“Kristen is the one person who like, floods him with this history of who he used to be and what he used to want, and he can’t help but be like, consumed by what could potentially be a second chance.”

Cory says that Isabella brings Edward back to who he was before he killed Kristen. Yet Edward has repeatedly said that he likes who he is now, and he is certainly “hitting his stride” working for Oswald. Cory has said that Edward enjoys working for Penguin and has fun manipulating things in his favor, it’s literally the perfect job for him.

He has everything he wants.

Going off of that, when Ed said “what more could anyone ask for” to Oswald I feel like he was saying it too, y'know? He is just so happy where he is right now.

I think that he truly does not want to go back to who he was, but I also think that he’s going to explore the possibility and entertain the idea for the time being with Isabella anyway. This is because he wants to be sure that Oswald- and a life of Riddles™  and Crime™ - are what he truly wants

Which, I mean, DUH. He’s gonna become The Riddler, of course he doesn’t want Isabella and what she represents. She is a kind of metaphor for what Edward used to want, and where he wanted it from: love, praise, and acceptance from peers. He still wants those things, those feelings, but he is receiving them from a different source. Right now, he is getting what he truly desires more than anything from Oswald, and through more nefarious means than Kristen (‘normalcy’) offered.

TD;DR Ed is getting closure from his old life by using Isabella. This is part of his journey to becoming The Riddler; he needs to completely leave Kristen and everything she represents behind in order to fully commit. But this is Gotham so of course it’s going to go horribly wrong :)

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Do you think right now Robert is planning on telling Aaron the truth when he gets out? What with Chas telling him not to say anything. I was a little confused by what he said to Liv today. I know he would take it back if he could, I know he feels guilty, and hates himself and is terrified of losing Aaron. I feel like he's smart enough to know that if Aaron doesn't hear it from him it will be 100 times worse, but I just can't decide where I think his head is at right now.

I don’t know that ROBERT knows where his head is right now. Aaron coming home is everything he wants and dreads. I don’t think it’s going to hit him until he has Aaron right there in front of him. He isn’t supposed to say anything and he thinks he can deal with that but I really do not think he can.

We shall see what happens. 


It’s 1:15 am. I’m sitting on the bathroom floor crying in fetal position. My drunken, aggressive Mom banging on the door. Sometimes it seems as if I will never get that noise out of my head. That or hearing my Mother say “I just want to hit you right now, bitch”. Running to the bathroom to escape her wrath while I hear her banging and screaming is the worst feeling in the world. I jump in the shower crying with everything in me repeating “why do I have to deal with this?” “Why me?”. Why do I have to hear my Mother say horrible things about me? Why did I not notice how drunk she was in order to avoid this? Why do I have to fucking worry that my Mom could hurt me? But that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is when she comes upstairs and knocks on the door, forgetting what she had just done. Half of me is saying to leave. Leave for at least a day or two. The other half is saying to forgive her. Because that’s the heart you have. Because you know it was the alcohol talking. And do you know what? I’m going to forgive her. Because that’s something you learn when you have alcoholic parents. You learn to be a fighter. You learn to turn your pain into something greater than yourself. So, I’m going to get up, brush myself off, and go tell my Mom goodnight and that I love her.

I need a plot where Amira is going to pop the fuck off lol I got a lot gifs for that and I want to use them accordingly. As far as connects are concerned I do want fulfill the following: 

“A bitch need help sometimes” - I need a bomb ass assistent that’s gonna help me get my life in order because my time management and shit is terrible. They’re real cool they kick it sometimes but they get shit done. 

“Talk shit, get hit” - This is more of a development thing for me right now everything is cool but I don’t want people to think that I’m a push over so yeah.

“Talk some sense”- This person can be male or female but they’re like my voice of reason because I know my best friend is gonna ride with me regardless, but to balance that out I need someone to tell me chillout and give some bomb ass advice and smoke weed with me while we do that. (I have someone in mind for this I’ll ask them lol) 

“Might just have to bring you on tour”- A boo thing this a later connection because right now I’m focused on my music and tour but eventually that will change. HIt my inbox if you are interested and we can work that out to see if they can start talking,just be cool, and vibe. 

Yeah that’s all I can think of for right now but if you have any plots/storylines or any connections. I’ down for whatever just hit my inbox if youre interested in any of the roles above or something you had in mind.