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It's not transphobic if you don't want to date a trans person because they're trans. Maybe you want to have your own baby? Maybe you want to only date specifically to your preference. Lets say I'm biologically male and I don't want to date a trans female because I want to have a baby without adopting. That would not make me transphobic.

If you don’t want to date a trans person because they are trans, then yes, you are transphobic. Thats kind of all there is to it! You are literally deciding you aren’t going to date someone because of how they are born/have literally no control of. 

Not to mention? There are seriously a lot of people who can’t have children for any number of reasons? Their health can prevent them from doing so. And some people’s eggs or sperm don’t develop correctly and its impossible for some cis straight couples to biologically have their own kids. So saying this is kind of?? wattt 

My little sister is adopted, and I  see no reason on this earth why not being able to biologically create would stop someone from having a child! Not to mention there are many cis asexuals who won’t have babies unless they adopt,,,, so you using this is kind of just a bullshit excuse?? And if you are a cis male you realize you can have a surrogate mother right 

none of us would want to date you with ur attitude anyways though sweety :)! So you totally don’t have to ever worry about dating a trans person :~) [yes this is intense sarcasm]

also “biologically male” suck my dick asshat what does that even mean. 
There arn’t biologically two genders wtf have you ever been educated. You realize intersex people exist. Also “biologically male” shut up. People only say the biological stuff to erase trans and nonbinary people. I was going to be more polite in answering this but honestly 

Imagine Having To Be Left Behind During The Indominus Attack - PART 1

Title: Blankets of Crimson
Song To Match: Work Song by Hozier
Warnings: minor swearing, no smut, kind of gory (mentions of blood, if that’s a trigger)
Part: 1 of 2
Fandom: Jurassic World
Characters: Reader, Owen, Claire, Zach, Gray, and a special OC


The stars in the sky were twinkling brightly overhead. They were reflected in your sons eyes. He was starting to cry. “I want daddy!” He yelled out, merely five years old. Zach and Gray looked upon him nervously. The monster was out there somewhere. She would hear. “Shh, baby. You have to keep your voice down.” You whispered, pulling him back towards you, though he remained still and refused to move. He wanted Owen- his father. Your husband. It broke your heart to hear him cry out like that. It hurt even more when you realized Owen was too far away to save him. You. Everyone. “We should keep moving.” Zach said, his voice shaking the smallest bit. “Ye-yeah.” Gray added, “we should get to the-” “Mommy?” Andy- your son- asked, tilting his head like the raptors did, “what’s that?” You looked up, staring into dark eyes that blinked suddenly. Your mouth fell open, an icy cold fear settling in your stomach. You hurried to push Andy behind you, your eyes tearing up. You saw her finally expose herself, reaching out for her next meal: the four of you. You fought every instinct you had to run, and shoved Andy over to Zach and Gray. “RUN!” You screamed, the giant claw of the beast reaching out and clawing your leg. Andy cried out for you, suddenly buried in Zach’s chest. The monster roared, and you were sure that somewhere, Owen could hear it… Hopefully he would know to get everyone out. To save himself and Andy. You felt your blood begin seeping from your now open wound, felt your face grow pale in pain. In the distance, a flare went off, drawing the attention of the beast. She raised her head high, her eyes growing larger and smaller, contracting in the light. She shook the ground with her weight, turning away. Zach and Gray looked at you, panicked. “Y/n!” Gray called, tears in his eyes. “Guys,” you said, holding back your tears for Andy’s sake. “Go find your aunt Claire, okay? And Owen. Take Andy to him- I-” a tear slipped from your eye. “Mommy?” Andy asked, placing a small chubby hand on your cheek, “why are you sad?” You smiled at him, “I’m just excited for you, baby! You’re gonna go with… With Zach and Gray, to see daddy!” He frowned, and kissed my eye. “Daddy does that when you’re sad. It makes you feel better.” You smiled, though the memory of your old life- a life of but a day ago- only made you more sad. “Hey,” you said, looking Andy right in his little green eyes that reminded you so much of Owen you started tearing up again, his little frown melting your heart, “when you see daddy, tell him mommy loves him.” He tilted his head again, squinting at you, “you’re not coming with us, mommy?” You glanced at the boys in front of you, “no, Andy-bear, mommy can’t. I got a boo-boo on my leg, and I can’t walk to daddy from here. But mommy loves you, okay? Mommy loves you and daddy, can you remember that?” He promptly nodded, “good boy. That’s a good boy.” “Mommy?” He asked, “if you have a boo-boo, can’t I just kiss it and make it better? That’s what you and daddy do if I get hurt.” You shook your head sadly, “it’s not that kind of boo-boo, my love. It’s in a bad spot. But don’t you worry, alright? Just remember what I told you to tell daddy. What I told you. Can you tell me what you’re gonna say, the first thing you’ll do when you see daddy?” He thought for a moment, and the stated, proudly, “mommy loves him! And me! Mommy loves me.” He stated the last part knowingly, making a stern face, one almost identical to the one Owen wore when training the raptors. “Good, good.” You said, smiling at him. “Will you find us, mommy?” He asked, his tone sad. You knew he had to get going if he were to escape the dinosaur. “I don’t know, baby. But you have to go, you got that? The dinosaur is coming back.” You said, your voice cracking. He nodded, “okay mommy.” He placed a kiss on your forehead, “daddy does that when you’re sad, too, and you always smile. But he never sees you smile, because he closes his eyes. Why does he close his eyes?” You swallowed, “Andy, honey, you boys have to go, okay? Remember what I told you. Mommy loves you and daddy.” He nodded, took one last look at you, and then turned to Zach and Gray. You gave them a look, a sad one, but nodded towards them. They frowned, but turned away, holding Andy between them. He turned his small head back, his light wavy hair waving in the gentle breeze. He didn’t smile; It was almost as if he knew he might not see his mommy again. But he was always strong, always tough. He got the best traits from his father and you. He was perfect. Like the raptors. His sisters, he called them. The only thing he ever had a hard time understanding was why he couldn’t give them a kiss goodnight. Right on their noses, he would insist. It would break you heart to say no, at least, when they weren’t muzzled. You leaned back against the grass, your skin paling. You looked down to assess the damage: a slash right through your calf, almost clean through- you could almost see the bone, and despite your being okay with gore, you almost gagged. Your entire body felt numb- physically, at least. But mentally, you sobbed, wishing for one more night with your cold body wrapped tightly against Owens. One more night to sit up for hours after Andy had gone to sleep to talk about what you had lost- you couldn’t have anymore children. A complication with the birth, the doctor had said. Owen knew how much it hurt you. It hurt him, too, since he wanted a house full of little dinosaur trainers to be. He always said Andy would be the Indominus trainer someday, until that someday was brutally shattered by how quickly our wondrous world was turned upside down. He said that their second child- a girl, he had hoped- would train a pack of raptors like her daddy had. And their third, another girl, would world with the vets, and would love working with the herbivores. And your fourth- you limited him to four, since he could have gone on and on forever, and you didn’t think you could take it- would work the the carnivores. He’d be strong and handsome, much like Andy was beginning to turn out, and he’d brave any challenge in his path. But he’d know when to stop, too. He’d be just like his mommy, Owen had said, before planting a kiss on your forehead. You sighed, letting the hysterics hit you. You weren’t sad about dying- no, you were sad and terrified for Owen and Andy. Owen was getting less than half of his dream now- he had wanted a big bungalow on the island that he would expand for his even bigger family. He would teach each one of them how to ride a motorcycle, despite your arguments against it, and he would teach his sons to be respectful, and his daughters to be brutal and sweet. He would stop at nothing. Now, he was getting only one thing: his son. No bungalow. No wife. No big family with motorcycles and dinosaurs glued to their sides. And for some reason, you felt like it was your fault. For some reason, you thought you deserved what you were getting for not being able to give that amazing man the last thing he seemed to really want. You had given him everything else before that. Your body. Your hand in marriage. The rest of your short life. And he gave you all of those things and more. You cried, holding your dirt-stained hands against your mouth to not make any noise. - /Owens POV/ Owen saw the flare go off in the distance, and hoped to God that it wasn’t you setting it off. He heard the roar, loud, shaking the walls around him. Maybe that part was his imagination. But he had heard the monster, and he was terrified for you and Andy and Claire’s nephews. “They’re okay,” Claire repeated, pacing inside the restaurant, “they have to be. Their phones are broken or dead, but they aren’t. They’re coming back. Right, Owen? …Owen?” He turned to her, tears welling in his eyes. “I should have been there for them, for y/n! You’re stupid asset!” He yelled, punching the wall. Regret spread across his face as he shook out his suddenly bloody fist. “You couldn’t have known.” Claire said gently, stepping towards him, “we were just… I was just… Oh, this is all my fault. My sister is going to kill me…” He let out a crazed laugh, “forget your sister! I’ll kill you, if my family is hurt!” She held up her hands, “now, Owen. I didn’t- I probably do deserve that. Okay, I really do deserve that, but… But I will do everything in my power to get them back and healthy-” “You have no power!” Owen screamed, making the few other people hiding out with them jump, “your park is destroyed! Because of what? Your asset? No! Because of your stupid obsession with keeping people interested! For gods sake, woman, they’re dinosaurs! I mean, mixing a t-Rex with a raptor?! How desperate do you have to be!?” She looked away, tears welling in her eyes. They stayed like this for a long time- until she looked up to see her nephews and Owens son running into the middle of the destruction. But one thing was wrong: she didn’t see you. She knew Owen would die. But she couldn’t help it- she ran out, wiping her tears, reaching for her boys. “I’m so glad your safe!” She called out, followed close behind by a speechless Owen. He knelt down to sweep up his son in his arms as he ran towards him, standing immediately and burying his face in his sons shoulder. “Owen-” Zach began, getting cut off by Claire. “Zach, please…” She begged, shaking her head. Gray’s bottom lip quivered, and he had to bury his face in Claire’s stomach. Zach swallowed both of them in a big hug. “Andy-” Owen began, his voice stuck in his throat, which felt like it was on the verge of closing, “where’s your- where’s mommy?” Andy jumped up, remembering what you had told him to tell Owen. “Mommy says she loves you, daddy. And she says she loves me. She said she was fine, but she was crying daddy. I tried doing what you do to make her stop feeling sad, but it didn’t seem to work. She said she had a boo-boo, one that a kiss couldn’t make better. She said that we had to go because the dinosaur was coming back, and she wasn’t sure if she would find us. She said she couldn’t walk.” Owen stood, mouth agape, staring at his son. He tried to pull himself together, but it didn’t work. He put the boy on the ground, who looked at him sadly, his lips quivering. He had never seen his daddy so sad. Even when mommy was upset- and daddy was always saddest when mommy was upset. He knew; he always paid close attention when his parents had thought he was asleep. But he never went to sleep after lullabies and bedtime stories. Sure, he loved them- but it wasn’t enough. He had a big imagination, a wise mind. He wanted to see things. Things he couldn’t see in the darkness of his bedroom. But what he usually saw was worse than the blackness- he saw his mommy cry, and his daddy hurt. But never as hurt as this. Owen covered his mouth weakly, squeezing his eyes shut. He turned in all different directions, tears escaping his clamped eyes. He rubbed his hands over his hair, not able to hold back his sobs. He fell to the ground, sitting up for a brief moment before he fell over, laying on his back, covering his now tear-soaked face with his dirty hands. “Daddy-” Andy cried, sitting besides his fathers shaking form, “daddy, why are you crying?” Claire turned the boys away, trying to hide her sobs. She had known you well. You were actually friends. You had warned her about this “asset” countless times. She trusted you with this secret for much longer than anyone else. She had made you swear not to tell Owen. “Daddy!” Andy cried, tears dripping down his chubby cheeks. Owen shook his head, crying, his chest aching with the thought of you lying there, by yourself. “Daddy’s okay, Andy,” he tried, but his voice shook, and Andy was smarter than that. “Is… Is mommy not coming back?” He asked, his high voice lowering as he cried. Owen stood up, his breathing speeding up. He looked down, and as Claire turned, her eyes widened. She knew what he was thinking. “No, Owen-” she began, but he held up his hand. “I’m gonna bring her back.” Owen said, stifling his tears. “I’m gonna bring mommy back, buddy.” Andy watched as Owen knelt in front of him, “will you be careful, daddy?” Owen swallowed, and enveloped his son in a long hug. “Yes, Andy. Daddy will be careful.” He stood up, swung his gun over his shoulder, and stared angrily at Claire. “You better pray she’s okay!” He yelled, pointing a finger at her, “I’m bringing her back here. Alive. That’s a promise.” Claire struggled, “Owen! You’ll- you’ll- you’ll get hurt out there!” Despite his being young, Andy still understood what she meant, and hugged him tight around the waist. “Don’t go, daddy, please don’t go!” He sobbed, burying his face in his dad’s stomach. He ruffled Andy’s hair, glaring at Claire, “daddy won’t get hurt, okay? You stay with aunt Claire, alright? Go,” he said, “I’ll see you later, okay! I promise!” And with that final promise, he turned off, not daring to look back as everyone behind him sobbed. In all honesty, the reason he didn’t turn around was so that they wouldn’t see “Mr. Tough Guy” crying himself. He let the tears fall one after the other, letting out sobs and muffled screams as he walked, kicking and stomping. “I’m coming, y/n. I’m coming for you.” He held his gun up, stepping into the forest. In the distance, the Indominus roared, and Owen disappeared into the forest. - You groaned, the pain finally becoming real. You couldn’t move your leg without crying out. You just wanted to be home, holding hands with Owen. You wanted to hear the fireplace crackling and your sons little remarks and facts about various dinosaurs. You wanted to hear the gentle tide sweeping in, and Owen banging away on his bike. You wanted him to kiss your eyelids and your forehead and your stomach, to say “I love you” a million times before you went to sleep just because he could and you wanted him to lay next to you as you stared up at the moonless sky. You heard the monster roar again, this time in the distance. You hoped they had made it back okay. Your eyes felt heavy with death, and your mouth was gross with blood and saliva. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head, and you figured there was only one way to go out peacefully now: you began counting sheep as your blood slowly drained from your body. - “Y/n,” Owen repeated under his breath for the millionth time, his heart racing, his eyes sore from crying. “Y/n.” He heard the footsteps of the beast in the distance, and he felt that he was closing in on you. He had remembered where the flare went off, and figured you were near it- though he didn’t know how close or far you really were. “Y/n.” He looked all around him, beginning to feel lost. Hopeless. Scared. “Fuck it,” he muttered, “Y/N!” - “Y/N!” You heard someone yell, snapping you out of your almost-sleep. Owen. You tried to cry out, but you were too weak to yell. At least- too weak to make yourself yell normally. You knew it would hurt, but you also knew that Owen was stupid enough to run into the woods to save you, so you might as well have made it all worth it. You forced your leg to move, forced your wound into the ground. It would surly get infected, but there would be doctors and nurses everywhere once that mess was over- and you were sure it would end. You didn’t know when, but you were determined to last the entire thing. “AAAGGHHH!” You cried out, tears falling from your bloodshot eyes, “OWEN!” Your lungs seemed to give out with panic. The pain didn’t subside as quickly as you thought it would have. Your throat ached. Your head pounded. You hoped he had heard you. You heard running, a strange rustling in the brush. You watched as your chest rose up and down, slowing, saw your pale skin blanketed in crimson blood. You groaned, your eyes more heavy than they had previously been. You felt Owens familiar touch on your cheek, pulling your head gently towards his. The last thing you saw before darkness was his green eyes- the same as Andy’s- staring into yours, glowing with passion and sadness and hatred and an insatiable thirst for you and everything you were. - Owen had heard the cry, and he was surprised by how close he was- and how close you had been to safety when the worst had happened. By the sound of your scream, you were truly suffering- and he did not want to see you in pain any longer. He ran through the seemingly endless brush, leaping over fallen and crushed tree branches, his gun slung over his shoulder. He saw you laying there, your head rolling to the side, your chest heaving, your skin pale and stained with blood, your leg cut open, bleeding fast. He sunk to the ground besides you, pressed a hand to your cheek. You opened your eyes weakly at him, looking up at him for only a brief second before passing out. He swallowed, hurrying to remember the way back. He let his vest fall to the ground, pulling off his shirt. He hurried to tie it tightly around your wound, his face pale, his eyes wide, his mouth open. He couldn’t think straight- his hands began to shake as your blood coated them. All of the training in the world couldn’t have trained him for that moment- seeing you laying there, dying, pale, bloody… It had made everything he ever learned fade into the background of his mind, along with the memories of his early life. He knew it was there, but he couldn’t pull it out. “Come on, y/n, come on.” He said, picking you up bridal-style, your head falling back. He began hurrying, running through the forest, the Indominus somewhere in the distance, shaking the ground. He struggled to reach a path, though when he did, he had to slow. Everything began coming back to him in that moment. He adjusted his hold on you, tossing you upwards for a moment. He breathed out, and began sprinting. He was strong- he knew that, and he knew you weren’t heavy. You had been very active after Andy’s birth- you decided it was the perfect excuse to get into shape. But from the look of your leg, your jogging days would be over for a long time. - /Andy’s POV/ Andy held Gray’s hand tightly, tilting his head as he was led into a building with shattered glass windows. “Gray?” He asked, looking numbly up at the older boy, “are we safe here?” Gray shrugged, “I don’t know. But as long as the Indominus is out there… I don’t think we can be, anywhere.” Andy wanted to be just like Gray one day. He seemed so smart, so happy. He furrowed his thin eyebrows, looking to his feet as he stepped over broken glass. He could hear the Indominus roaring in the distance, and somehow he knew her. He had been watching her, terrified, for a few moments before she decided to attack. She had looked at him calmly, almost knowingly. He had put it off as just being his imagination, which he later congratulated himself on. Imagination was a big word, after all. He decided that he would protect his mommy and daddy, so that they wouldn’t have to be sad anymore. The Indominus wasn’t that big, after all. And he liked her. And she seemed to like him. He made the choice quickly. He would stop the big dinosaur himself. He was strong enough. He was five, but he was also a future monster-trainer. That’s what daddy called him. (To Be Continued)
You know what the fuck I'm sick of hearing?

“When are you going to have kids?”

“Ohh, you know, if you don’t start having kids soon, you’ll be too old.”

“Don’t you want kids?!”

“Women need to have children early.”

“Don’t you want to grow up with your children?”

I do want children. I do not want children YET.
I do not want to bring up a child where money is an issue. I do want my child to have a happy upbringing. I will not have children because other people want me to.
I will have children when I am ready.
I am scared to bring a child into this world when I can’t afford a house, where people are raped and murdered and bullied.
I will be a good mother, when I choose to have children.



Charles: “What do you want me to say, (Y/N)? I’m pissed off, more than that. I thought you loved me, but now you’re carrying his baby..”
You: “I didn’t knew it would happen. I was drunk, it was one night. I told you about it right?”
Charles: “Yes, but he loves you and you know that too. You have his baby in your body and I’m here, alone.”
You: “I’m not gonna leave you!” 
Charles: “How do you want to handle this all, (Y/N). Because I know I can’t handle this.

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You are so hot I want to have your babies.

parental responsibility is my deepest fear

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no no we do want extreme underage age gap fics uwu

anon:  Bigger age gap the better
anon: Ooh could we have your fave extreme underage fics pls?
anon:  I could go for some extreme underage fics! Rec please?

your wish is my command !!!! 

here’s my fav extreme underage fics !!! (all j2)

Be More Careful (We Can’t Be Caught) (6/30?)

Sleeping Baby Sleep Peacefully (5/28?)

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Daddy’s Toy (9/30?)

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and one sam/dean/john bc its just so hot  Warm Inside and Out

your bite’s worse than your bark: an #abuse playlist

  • Dog Teeth: Nicole Dollanganger
  • Isabelle: Gregory and the Hawk
  • Candles: Daughter
  • The Violet Hour: Sea Wolf cover
  • Organs: Of Monsters and Men
  • Baby’s Romance: Chris Garneau
  • Over and Over: Chris Garneau
  • Trouble: halsey
  • Hell: Have Mercy
  • Dread In My Heart (Mother Mother remix): Justice McLellan
  • Start to Fall: Get Scared 
  • Waterfall: Smashing Satellites 
Vocal Tone Phone Ettiquette

Real and true Sugar Daddy’s are like unicorns. Rare, mystical and magical!

Make sure that you always speak to them in that same charming and powerful way. Inundate them with sexyness. The tone of Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston or even Ariana Grande. Soft, raspy, airy.

Speaking to men in this tone has always helped me stun and shock them into doing what I want.

Be alluring and engaging when you speak. After you’ve seamlessly worked talking about your desires into the conversation, NATURALLY. Bring up the item(s) wanted.

A secondary tone that I use to get what I want is the “bratty baby girl tone”. Imagine that you’re a super cute and adorable young girl, innocent and spoiled.

Example: OMG Baby/Daddy! I want this SOOO bad. It’s so amazing and adorable!! It would look so cute on me! Or “I would love to have this.”

*Try on item if at store or show/ share photo of item if not at a store*
Then touch his hand, arm etc. Always seal the deal with physical touch.


Be sure to always communicate in a controlled, sophisticated and sexy way. The best tones in my experience are bratty/ childish or Sexy, light and raspy. Utilise a charming voice to woo your daddy when you do speak up. Make sure that you’re the sweetest sound that he’d want to hear.

Make that sugar fall babies!


“You serious about us coming?” Aaron asked for the fifth time “yeah, come to New York. Just hurry we need to be at the airport soon” Aaron at first wanted me to take Josiah with me to New York so him and his baby mom can have time alone and then to think about it, I was not about to change no stank diaper “also Josiah can see me on stage live, little miss ratchet will get the taste of the good life” looking over at Aaron’ baby momma “I know you talking over there about me, monkey ass nigga” she spat “I said something nice actually, I am inviting your stank ass with me to New York and look how rude you being” she knew I was bad mouthing her “Mijo still coming with us though?” I nodded “yeah, he just need time out but I am just worried because I think Robyn is bringing Mel on purpose” sighing “I’ve still not spoken to her but I did text her the time. She ignored me” Aaron raised his eyebrows “what you do?” I shrugged not knowing myself “I swear I did nothing, she just hating me” I wish I knew so I could fix it “keep being nice to her and she will break. That stank attitude will stop soon, if you be all mean with her she will play on that” it’s hard for me to be nice.

I have been sat on this jet for an hour, I am highly annoyed because I have to pay a fee for being late but what does Robyn care. She seems to want to do shit to piss me off “you need to sort your woman out nigga!” Hood shouted “look will get yo fat ass out of those seats, I done told you about that being their seats” I barked “she ain’t even here! We sitting here like dumbasses, you fucking whipped nigga! You about to get all mushy when she walk in, watch” Hood slowly got himself up “they’re here” Mijo mumbled, about fucking time I thought to myself “Hi shawty” Hood mimicked me “least I got one ape” Mijo busted out laughing “dumbass, sit yo ass down!” Hood fell silent sitting his ass down. Watching Robyn step on the jet “sorry” she said to nobody in particular, she had some big ass shades on and I know for a fact she is mean mugging everyone “why you late?” I asked, Robyn placed her bag on the table and slid her herself in the seat “so you just going to ignore me?” sliding out of my seat “I am sitting here” I got in Lee’ way “negro” she huffed turning back and into some dude “the fuck do I sit!?” she spat “in my seat next to Mijo” sliding in the seat and sitting next to Robyn, the jet ride to New York is about to be fun.

The pilot walked over to me “I know the charge, its fine” I said before he could say anything “Okay sir” he looked over at Robyn “I will apologize on Rihanna’ behalf” I said, the pilot nodded walking off “I don’t need you to do shit on my behalf and why are you even sitting here” shaking my head looking away “who you!?” I said to this no named dude in front of me “he’s with me” Mel said, I let out a oh “cool, my bad” getting my hand out, the dude laughed “my name is Lucien” giving him a slight smile “Chris” letting his hand go, he let out a laugh “it’s okay, I understand. Rihanna has been like this for a while even in the car, she made us late” this guy is actually cool “what is new, wish I knew what was up with her” looking over at Robyn but she didn’t even look my way “so what you do?” I might as well be friendly “I own clubs and I have opened a new club called Lava lounge?” I don’t think I even know the place “never been but I will be sure to visit” the dude look like he had hit the jackpot “I was going to ask Rihanna but you’re here, what if we could work out some business and you could host a day? I will make pay you good money” looking over at Robyn “you know what, I’ll do it for free” Robyn soon perked up “serious homie?” I nodded looking at Lucien “just drop me a line, Mel has my number. I’ll let you know a day” Lucien looks happy as hell.

Tapping my fingers against the table “you want anything sir?” the hostess asked “no ma’am” smiling at her “busy jet today huh?” she laughed walking off, she is used to my more quiet flights with me and just my manager. Clearing my throat thinking of a way to talk to Robyn without her talking so damn loud “nigga you look mad uncomfortable” Aaron said laughing “little monkey ain’t talking shit now is he?” Aaron’ baby mom said “can you please tell your minion to shut her mouth, this is why I told you to not fuck with them Texas hoodrats” Hood busted out laughing “I want to fight him Aaron” Aaron put his arm around her “he playing, just calm down” I am not even playing “Chris do be talking too much shit, he be thinking he the boss and then when the actual boss comes he like a little bitch” Mijo decided to join in to roast me “I was about to say that!!” Hood shouted “least he doesn’t fuck with women when he is married, now shut the fuck up” Robyn shouted, my eyes grew wide as the whole jet became silent “pipe down, barking like a damn dog” I was not expecting Mijo to be so vocal today “come on now, let’s stop this” Lee perked up, I remained silent not saying a word “dog is your fucking wife!” Robyn spat back “Robyn, stop” frowning at her, Mel hid her face “did I not tell you to shut the bitch up, I don’t give a fuck about her! I told you about this shit” Robyn stood up which made me stand up “please Robyn, stop this shit” I don’t want them stopping this flight either “man Mijo sit down” I heard Aaron say.

Turning around seeing Mijo stood up “who you standing up too bro?” I know Robyn stood up but that does not mean he does “I can’t stand her, manipulative bitch she is. Wake up and leave her! I fucking told you” I knew this was a bad idea “you going to have him talk to me like that?” staring at Mijo silently pleading with him to stop. A heel flung pass me out of nowhere near hitting Mijo but he ducked down quickly “crazy motherfucker” Mijo stepped towards us in anger but I stepped towards him “sit the fuck down!” I shouted in his face, both of our faces an inch from each other, the jet so eerily quiet “sit the fuck down Mijo, you couldn’t do this shit for me” I am so mad at them both “both of you sit down” I feel so damn angry now “he called me a bitch” Robyn said “I said sit the fuck down Robyn! The shit had nothing to do with you!” I said through gritted teeth “everyone just don’t speak to anyone, I am down with you all” Mijo silently sat back down “Lee you can have your seat back” no point sitting next to someone that hates me.

The Jet landed and everyone remained silent “wait! Let them get off first” rubbing my face “I did nothing Chris” Mijo said trying to talk to me “leave me out of it, I don’t care” so over the shit with the both of them. Looking across me Josiah just glared at me “least you had a good sleep huh” he smiled at me “I guess you chose a side” Robyn mumbled getting up “I don’t give a fuck, I am going in a cab. Both of you can do what you like” I am being dragged between the both of them and I am bored of it. After apologising to the pilot and the hostess I stood at the top of the stairs bout to walk down, I see both Robyn and Mijo waiting for me to come down. Two SUVs and then there is me “both of you can go” I shouted walking down “I will make my way there somehow” getting to the bottom of the steps “we walking through to the front of LAX” I said to my bodyguard “I need to get a cab or something, sort something out” snatching my backpack from Mijo “we family and you letting that come between us” shaking my head “that is my girl, if you was that much of family to me then you would have dropped the shit, but no. Respect Robyn before me and you will be cool no more” Mijo looked at me in shock “And you!” turning to Robyn “fix your fucking attitude because there will be problems, you don’t bring her shit between us and don’t ever make me look stupid on a flight full of people” walking off with my bodyguards, so over their shit.

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I honestly hate early mornings, Jay must have purposely booked me in so early. Looking around the reception waiting room “Miss Fenty Jay will be here soon, anything to drink?” his assistant asked, shaking my head “no thank you” I knew he would be late “excuse me lady, put the volume up on the TV” I shouted seeing Good Morning America on, Chris’ name plastered all over the screen. I have not seen him since he shouted at me, I have no idea what hotel he is in and I am too stubborn to ask him or even text after he shouted at me. Jay’ assistant put the volume up a little “you sounded like your mother there” Lee said “excuse mi ladii put di volume up” Lee mimicked, I didn’t think I sounded so bajan which caused me to laugh “shut up bitch” looking back at the TV “so good to have you in our studio, how are you Chris?” he looks so adorable with his pinkie ring on, he has kept that since I bought it him when we first dated, I can’t believe he still has it “I’m good, tired but good” the interviewer laughed “So what’s new with you? You have been quiet on the music scene” I do actually feel bad for snapping on him like I have been, I need to talk to him but now my ego is getting in the way because he won’t talk to me but I am in the wrong so I should start first “I have been concentrating on me mostly, I feel as if I am always there in people’s faces they will get bored so I took a step back. I also been looking into fashion more, I love fashion” that is where he won me back, if I didn’t go to that fashion show I  probably wouldn’t be sat here feeling bad “and also concentrating on Rihanna” the interviewer said, Chris laughed and so did I “that also, seems like people have some strange obsession with that. Every step with us has to be accounted for but yeah that also” Chris sounded very feisty there “I feel as if people see me frown in a certain way with Rihanna there will be a whole blog on how angry I was and we argued when it was never that” the interviewer nodded understanding “I know there was something saying about when you landed in New York, you caught a cab?” the look of annoyance took over Chris’ face “this is why I say people are so caught up with blogs, I needed to be somewhere else so I said I would catch a cab” perfect explanation on his side “you ended up at some jewellers, do I hear wedding bells?” I didn’t even know this, Chris laughed “possibly but for now we good” the TV switched off causing me to look up “ready?” Jay beamed, that was just rude as fuck because I was watching that.

Walking behind Jay not saying a single word, I may be being a bitch but if I don’t act like such a bitch then I will probably be depressed crying and in my feelings. Stepping into the meeting room and seeing my manager and some execs, I didn’t know it was that serious. Holding my head up high and taking a seat “this seems important” crossing my leg over my right “am I being dropped?” Jay chuckled “no not that” raising an eyebrow “I make you all too much money for that to happen” I smiled a little “well the reason we called you in this meeting is because we all feel as if we need you to get back out there with your music” which I knew they would “let’s be real here now Jay, you feel as if I am spending too much time on a guy that is giving me bad press so you want me to go back into the studio somewhere far away, I don’t know maybe Australia so the relationship I have with Chris becomes so strained we split. Let’s not play this game again because it’s boring and this time I am in this relationship for the real thing” I snapped at him “real what?” he laughed while asking me that “what you think? Marriage and kids, what else? I won’t have this ruin me again, I am wide awake this time because I am bored of being your bitch, I rather be his bitch not yours. You don’t care about me and if you did then you wouldn’t be dragging me into this room to make me do things to get me away from a man that you hate because it ruins your image and he hit your people!” my face is probably red right now but I am not having it “we are thinking of you!” hitting the table with my hand “thinking of me? I can record an album with Chris and you know it but you’re about to tell me no! We have people in other countries, fuck them” my manager cleared his throat, looking to the ground, I feel so trapped now.

The room is so eerily quiet now but I don’t care “I told Chris he owes me, I have footage of him hitting my people. I won’t have you bringing my company down because of him, he had G beat up, his house ruined. He hangs with gangsters and thugs, he claims a gang and you want to be dragged into that?” squinting my eyes at Jay “you know what Jay, do it. I won’t let you ruin my life because you have some footage” deep down I just want to give in, what if Chris ends up in jail “okay this is going too far, nobody is doing anything like that. We need to look to the future, if you can fulfil a new album and with Chris that is fine by us” me and Jay just stared at each other in hate “I will make sure Chris’ name is all over that shit too, just to piss you off more” getting up from my seat “don’t forget I run your shit, this company is me. I run the show” I shouted walking out, no more weak Rihanna fuck them.

“What happened!?” Lee ran towards me “I made a fucking point” picking my handbag from Lee “he trying to get you to go away again?” I nodded walking off “fuck them, I think they got my answer” walking towards the elevator “where has that nice Rihanna gone?” Lee asked, closing my eyes taking a deep breath “this is them trying to get me away from Chris, it’s bullshit and I am over it” the elevator doors opened and I was quick to enter the elevator slapping the ground floor button “I told him how it is, they dragged me into a meeting to tell me about nothing really” shaking my head “can you please just call Chris and tell him to meet me at the hotel” Lee gave me a blank stare “he is your man! Do it your damn self” rolling my eyes getting my phone out, this bitch would make my life hard for me, she could have just done it for me. The elevator pinged as we reached the ground floor, the door opened while I unlocked my phone walking out “shit!” I spat hitting into some big guy “sorry” looking up seeing Chris’ bodyguard “Chris sent me, I waited here for you” my heart fell a little, he is still thinking of me “where is he?” his bodyguard shrugged “I’m just here to protect you” frowning “where is he!?” I asked again “he’s shopping Miss Fenty” I nodded looking ahead of us “let’s go, I want to go to the jewellers” placing my phone in my pocket.

Arriving at the jewellers the security team at the store opened the door for me, I have never been to this store but I am hoping I can find something here rather than going everywhere “Morning Miss Fenty” a gentlemen ran over to me “I need to make this quick” looking around the store “where you keep the VIP area” I didn’t want people snapping pictures either, he nodded walking and I proceeded to follow him “what brings you here?” he asked as we got to this back room, very nice “our VIP room, please take a seat. Any wine at all?” I shook my head “I need something custom made and unique. I want it today, well now to be honest. its last minute” his mouth hung open “who is it for?” he asked “my boyfriend” he blinked several times “Chris, my boyfriend. Chris Brown” Lee snorted “he has very good taste in jewellery. Always custom made to his liking” the guy paused “I will be back, I have some things in the back” watching him get up “that guy gave you a blank stare as if you didn’t date him” Lee busted out laughing.

Hearing my phone vibrate in my pocket I quickly got my phone out seeing Chris had posted a picture, unlocking my phone and waited for the picture to load. He has posted a picture of him with a tee saying free “this asshole is being shady” shaking my head, my notification popped up again saying he posted another picture ‘love the fans’ he captioned it “now you know why this motherfucker loves this fan” turning my phone towards Lee “ohhh she pretty” he ain’t slick at all “right we have a few things” the jeweller walked back into the room “place them on the table” he said to a lady, she placed some boxes down and walked off “these are custom made, we have cartoon pendants that Chris loves having and an all diamond watch, now I remember Chris looking at it but said no because it was pointless. I would not lie to you on this he said it” I nodded slowly waiting to see this watch, picking up the box he opened it and pulled out an all diamond watch “well damn” I said as he passed me the watch “I will get him this, when we’re married and when I think he deserves that much to be spent on him” glaring at the price tag “when I get my engagement ring and it’s a pretty price I’ll get this for him” the jeweller laughed, I am being deadly serious.

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Me and Robyn are just as stubborn as each other but I don’t feel as if I should contact her after she has been treating me like dirt, I am going back tomorrow but I don’t know if she will be on the jet or not. Me and Mijo have not spoken, he’s with me but I ignore him not wanting to hear it “you both can stay here if you would like?” I felt bad on Aaron and his little minion, they barely got to unpack their cases and we leaving but they came for a family holiday “on a real, stay here. It’s on me, I feel bad for Aaron” kissing Josiah’ head walking into the elevator of the hotel “no, it’s fine. I can pay for my family” I went silent smiling down at Josiah just playing with my chain “you have not let go of that child” Hood said stroking his cheek “well I am spending quality time with him” stepping off the elevator “let me give you some kisses before I go” kissing Josiah’ cheek several times, his giggle warmed my heart “we finna go Disneyland aight? I promise you this on your first birthday young man” strolling towards my room “you have a visitor” Hood whispered, turning my head towards him he pointed in front of us. Looking in front of us there sat on the ground in front of my hotel room, Robyn.

“Can we talk?” she came with a bottle of wine and god knows what else “yeah” I mumbled turning to give the baby back to Aaron “goodnight baby boy” waving at him, he smiled at me. Getting my key card out of my pocket and putting it in the slot pushing the door open “After you” holding the door open for her, she slipped into the room with her several bags “what store you lifted?” closing the door behind me “a food store but also I have another bag with my clothes in, but that is if I stay…. Only if you want me too” why is she being so cute “I may have to charge you, I take sexual favours also” Robyn actually broke into a smile “nice to know you’re happy and single” that soon caused her to frown at me “why say I am single?” placing her bags down “because you started it, you said you’re single but now you’re here. You can stay if you want I am not bothered because clearly you don’t care” taking my jacket off and throwing it to the side “Chris I’m sorry….” I didn’t say anything but just ignore and proceeded to walk round the bed “you look nice” shaking my head laughing, sitting on the edge of the bed taking my shoes off “you want me to go?” she asked but I stayed quiet shuffling back onto the bed and laying down. Looking at Robyn she is acting mad cute and calm but also that is worrying “I bought you sorry gifts, you want to see?” she needs to stop being cute, how annoying “you gonna talk to me?” She nodded putting her head down “what’s that word you need to say to me first though?” Robyn looked up at me “I love you?” she said, shaking my head “nope” looking ahead of me just waiting “King Breezy?” busting out laughing “come on Robyn, better than that? You upset me so…?” looking at her hoping she gets it right “I’m sorry?” nodding slowly “Can I have a hug now? I’m really sorry, I didn’t meant to upset you and push you away” side eyeing Robyn “if you must” opening my arm “but I’m still kind of annoyed with you” Robyn got so excited, she was quick to jump on the bed on her knees crawling over to me.

Robyn face planted into my chest “damn, heels all on my bed and shit” putting my arm around her “sorry, I lost my balance” she said as she got herself together using her hands to get back up and crawl over on top of me “you clumsy as fuck” Robyn finally laid on top of me wrapping her arms around my neck “baby I missed you so much and I am sorry, minus the Mijo part but I am sorry” letting out a sigh “I overreacted and you probably don’t want to hear me but I guess I should tell you, you probably want to leave and give up on me. I am just so over things” Robyn slowly got up from me “well tell me and then I can judge” I wonder what has happened “not even going to lie to you Chris but maybe it’s not you, it’s me. I am useless” she is actually confusing me “we spent them days together, how can you go from that to this? Talk to me? Stop treating me like shit because I am trying to be nice to you here” Robyn knows she is pushing my buttons, she swallowed hard “I uhm started my period” looking down “then why you got your pussy all pressed all on me?” letting out a little laugh “sorry” Robyn mumbled sighing, placing my hand on top of hers that were on my chest “so? You started your period, that’s fine” shaking her head “Chris! I was supposed to be pregnant, how can this be I have been counting my days, I started early. I am wasting your time and sperm. I am a waste of ejaculation why do you want to be with me, I can’t even hold a baby or your sperm” furrowing my eyebrows “Calm down, that does not mean shit. Baby I love you, that baby shit is getting to your head” I can tell in her eyes how desperate she is “you need to stop it” Robyn shook her head “you won’t understand Chris, you’re a man and you can do what the hell you want. I don’t feel as if I can have any” she is confusing me “but you have a period!?” I shouted “the does not mean I can hold a fucking baby, look Chris I just…” she drifted off “maybe you need to move on” letting out a laugh “you being dramatic, maybe this is stressing you out, calm down and let it happen. Was it Mel that did it to you? The fact she fell pregnant again?” Robyn’ shoulders fell, I knew that would have upset her “that’s her life and I don’t care, I keep telling you this that you should just let it happen. I promise you that it will happen ok? I won’t leave because of that and you know it so don’t push me away” Robyn pouted wiping her tears that fell with the back of her hand “you look like a spoilt child that wants things your way” least I know why she was being so angry.

Shaking my head throwing my phone to the side, management be driving me crazy. Seeing Robyn laid out on the couch, she moved over from the bed to the couch real quick but then again I was rather long on the phone. Sitting next to Robyn’ feet “what happened with you? How come you just ran off to the bathroom like you speaking to some next bitch?” oh shit, I swear I think Robyn is bipolar because her mood switches so fast “it was my manager, I was supposed to go to a club but I ditched it. That club is something to do with Jay and I rather not, I have a bad feeling about it so I told him no” moving my hands to her feet, rubbing them gently “oh sorry” shaking my head laughing. Robyn met my eyes and smiled at me “I’m being a real bitch, you about to kick me out soon” leaning over her she kisses my cheek “mhmmm a simple cheek kiss doesn’t fix the abuse I get from you, what happened with Jay anyways?” Robyn laid back into position “he was just trying it with me again, I am ruining my image and you’re a thug, the usual. I set him straight, trust me on this” my hands pausing their movements on her feet “how did you set him straight?” I am interested to know this “You know how much of a bitch I have been with you so I was a bitch in that meeting, told them I run the show and they need me to make money which is true” Robyn fell quiet turning to me “you know Chris I am sorry, I know I have a short temper but I don’t want to hurt you” she explained quietly. “You only hurting yourself with the whole baby business, personally there is shit I feel we need to deal with. We still are very childish, for the most part we can’t even have an adult argument without saying we are single, anyways I rather you not get fat so the baby shit can wait” Robyn rolls her eyes “how can you be mean about being fat when you’re fat” shaking my head with a chuckle “you’re actually right, I think you are about to get kicked out this room” squeezing her little toe “ouch!” snatching her feet away from me.

Robyn leans down to where the bag she brought with her rests on the floor “you want to see your gifts? Well the sorry gifts?” this is a first for Robyn, smiling at her “aww my baby, that smile is so cute” Robyn cooed “mhmmm better be something nice in there, maybe some sexy lingerie for yourself for my entertainment” I said with a wink and Robyn grinned at me before she reaches into the bag to pull out the items. Leaning across and planting a kiss on Robyn’ lips. She opens her mouth and responds on instinct, welcoming my tongue and quickly gets carried away in a wave of desire.  I pull back and kisses Robyn’ lips briefly again. Leaning awkwardly over her knees “you know you didn’t have to buy me anything, you know I am cheap. Just get on your knees for free…” She rolled her eyes at me pushing a box in my face “I got you flowers” Robyn mumbled as I sat back intrigued to see what she got “wait, you got me flowers?” she nodded hiding her face “that’s different but thank you, you’re so weird” I laughed opening the box to see a gold Cuban chain with a diamond encrusted Bart pendant “aww baby, I don’t have this either. You know you didn’t have too. Thank you baby momma” leaning over pecking her lips “it was last minute but I’m happy you like it” Robyn dipped her hand in the bag again “here” passing me another box “more gifts?” she nodded, taking the box from her, this box is much smaller. Opening the box seeing a ring “it’s a new pinkie ring for you, I saw you wearing the old one which made me so happy but I got you a new one” this means so much, I am actually in shock “on a real Robyn, thank you. I didn’t expect this or the flowers” I laughed looking over at Robyn, she was holding up a box “strawberry cheesecake?” I spat in shock “I know my fatty loves his cheesecake” I am in actual shock “you spoiling me baby” she nodded grinning at me, I am truly bless with this woman.

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The gentle smile on his face tells me I got something right, he stood up to find the remote for the TV “hurry up” I complained. When he came back over to the couch I had shifted and moved forward, leaving the spot behind me empty for him “come” I said, he grins and slides in between my body and the couch wrapping his arms around my waist as I settle back against him. He presses a kiss to my neck and places his hands low on my abdomen. I feel our warmth and relaxes into his body, picking up the remote and putting any channel on. Reaching my arm behind me and rubbing the back of Chris’ head lightly “I love you” Chris’ arms are still wrapped around me “I love you too ma” one of his hand has crawled a bit further south to put the tips of his fingers just underneath my sweatpants resting comfortably. The other hand moved upwards and was softly cupping my right breast. I sigh feeling my nipple hardening under Chris’s hand and wishes I wasn’t on my period as I settle back against his warm body. I can feel his own arousal against my back, his crouch never stays down. I move just a bit to rub myself against him and he groans, his fingers pushing down on my abdomen but doesn’t respond. Dislodging his hands from my stomach as I turn around in his arms. I rest my body against his chest, looking up at the face of the man who loves me so much, I probably drive him crazy. Pressing a kiss to his neck and sighs, breathing in the smell of his skin; I had missed him.

Chris lets out a moan with his eyes shut, who is he fooling trying to sleep. Deciding to reward him for being such a good boyfriend, I slowly lift his top and press kisses to his chest as I make my way towards his waistline. When I look up he still looks asleep and I nip at the space between his belly button and his jeans just to test; that always breaks his cover if he’s fake sleeping. He responds by pushing his hips upwards, his hands now on my shoulders and squeezing but he still seems to have his eyes closed. I slowly unbuckle his belt and undoes his jeans while looking up at his face. I know he’s terrible at fake sleeping and is just waiting for him to slip up. I softly stroke his erection over his boxers while a groan comes from his mouth. I giggle, tugging at his boxers and pulling it down so I can slip out his semi hard dick. I gently stroke him and wait for him, Chris finally opens his eyes “you trying to fake sleep huh” using one hand to firmly grip the base and work my tongue over the tip. His hips jump up but his eyes don’t move from mine. Running my tongue along the head of his dick before working my entire mouth over it, only stopping when I feel him hit the back of my throat. I hum in satisfaction. With another swipe of my tongue and a trip to the back of my throat, Chris’ hips jerk up and he thrusts into my mouth, grinning at him and moving my tongue along the slit of his dick. “This has to be the sexiest thing” Chris mumbles while still staring at me. I wink at him, putting his dick back in my mouth and sucking on him gently as I deep throat.

Chris started saying my name, grasping my hair and gently thrusting his hips. I taste the beginning of his release in my mouth, preparing myself to feel his cum, I jerk his dick while bopping my head up and down at a pace “man!” Chris winced feeling his cum hit the back of my throat, I was about to choke but I was not about flop on this, I will take this. Slowing my hand motion on his dick as little spits of cum still dribbled out into my mouth “swallow” Chris grinned, his cum is still in my mouth as I froze considering to spit “go on…” his eyes all wide watching me move back with my mouth full, Chris quickly placed his hand over my mouth causing my to swallow and I gasped slapping his hand “asshole” tasting his cum all in my mouth, wiping the sides of my mouth and getting up from my position “can I just jerk my dick and you stand naked” laughing shaking my head “your legs be driving me crazy baby” walking into the bathroom, I need to brush my teeth.

My body slowly regained consciousness and felt his hot skin against my cheek, his strong arms around my waist. I smiled and without opening my eyes I cuddled deeper into his chest. And then his voice, his warm breath into my ear “morning” I mumbled into his chest, Chris laughed. Pulling back a little so I could look him in the eye “what’s funny?” I mumbled before snuggling back into his chest “I think I had the worst night with you, you kicked me several times and then complained I was too warm so you pushed me away, you only settled that ass down when the sun came up and then you saying morning in some happy ass tone” trying to supress my laugh “it’s hard! I was having bad cramps and hot flushes and you kept snoring which annoyed me to kick you” burying my face in his chest “you’re a mess” clearing his throat as I looked up at him pouting, he smiled as he bent down lifting my chin up with his index finger and touching my lips with his own. “Bad ass morning breath” he said as soon as he pulled back “fuck you” I whispered as I closed my eyes again and cuddled back against his bare chest “you’re most welcome babe” he put his arms around me and pulled me even closer, his nose nuzzling in my hair.

Watching over New York City, watching people rush around in the early morning to go to work. It’s real peaceful to just watch people walk by with a blunt in hand, luckily we ain’t sharing this balcony because me and Chris would probably get in trouble for public nudity. Turning around with the blunt between my lips “you look bad as fuck” squinting my eyes at Chris with just his robe on and nothing else, moving the blunt from my lips and blowing the smoke out as Chris stood in front of me “you don’t look that bad either” raising an eyebrow looking down “don’t be rubbing ya dick on me, nasty!” Chris laughed wrapping his arms around my bare torso pushing my robe back from me “why you have to be on your period for” Chris mumbled against my neck while pressing kisses lightly “you gonna have to wait with your horny ass” Chris moved back “you don’t understand how fucking good you look” he lifted his hand up biting on his knuckle, putting my head down closing my robe “stop, you making me go shy now” only he can make me go all shy.

Picking Chris’ backpack up “let’s go! Everyone is waiting in the lobby” Chris can be worse than a woman, I for one cannot be bothered with the way I feel. Shades and sweatpants for me “who died?” Chris ran out the bathroom looking at me “you if you don’t hurry the hell up” I smiled seeing the chain I bought him, he’s wearing it “okay let’s go” frowning at him just eating leftover cheesecake “Chris! That is old food from last night and it’s not even hit twelve and you’re eating that, you’re such a mess” Chris is too busy eating to even care, rolling my eyes opening the door “hurry up fatty” shaking my head walking down the lobby of the hotel “yo this cheesecake is the best though, how can I waste that” he said behind me with a mouth full of food, hitting the elevator button “I really can’t believe you bought a whole piece, no plate or nothing” Chris shrugged with no care in the world, getting my phone out as the elevator pinged open. Placing Chris’ backpack on the floor on the elevator, Chris stood in the corner chewing down the cheesecake still. Putting the camera on and flipping it to the front camera and pressing record “this is Chris’ breakfast, cheesecake with his fat ass” Chris grinned licking his fingers looking into the camera “come here” Chris moved over to me placing his dirty fingers over my mouth, taking record off screaming “asshole!” the elevator doors opened and I look a damn mess with cheesecake mess over my mouth, Chris laughed picking his backpack up walking off.

Mijo looked at me and turned his head, I swear I would slap him if I could “niggas!” Chris shouted, I love seeing Chris in that happy mood “Mr Happy as fuck” Hood hit his back, walking over to Mel and Lee “Melissa, your flight to Barbados will be leaving an hour after we leave, I told mommy” Mel side eyed me “all I can I say is that you better look after my child” she pointed, pulling a face “now you know damn well this bitch will be riding the dick with no care in the world for that chid so it will be me” Lee spat “hush ya damn mouth, I have business to deal with” Chris walked over to us with Aaron’ little son “say bye to the Bajans” smiling watching Chris with him “I rather be bajan than a country ass nigga” Lee waved him off “he is just so adorable” pinching his cheeks “Aaron is staying here so he won’t be travelling with us” kissing his little cheek “bye baby” Chris rocked him walking off, smiling lightly at him, hopefully that will be us with our own child.


You: “I’m gonna have your baby.” 
Jason: (eyes widened) “My baby? Like, we’re gonna have a child?”
You: “Yeah, I didn’t know, because I thought we did it save, you know. But I got a test because I got the symptoms and I found out I’m pregnant.” 
Jason: “What.. what roll do you want me to play in his or her life?” 
You: “I want you to be the father. I mean, I know our relationship is going on and off, but I think.. I want to make us happen. Us and the baby?” 
Jason: “I’m a bit shocked, but I think we could make this work. I also want to make this happen.

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I'm glad you're feeling better! "Y/N come back to bed I'm cold...." Luke xxx

Thank you sweetie

“Y/N, come back to bed, I’m cold.” Luke mumbled sleepily from in his bed, his covers pulled up to his chin and his eyes dropping still. Your boyfriend still looked a picture even after just waking up and it shocked you sometimes.

“Baby, you know I have to go. I had a day off work last week I can’t miss it again.” You said, sitting on the bed as you tied your shoe laces. Of course you wish you could stay with your gorgeous boyfriend; the last thing you want this week was spending 8 hours with colleagues you hated and a boss you hated even more. The bed shifted behind you as Luke crawled over to you, his bare chest pressing to your back, his arms moving around your waist and his legs hanging either side of you.

“Y/N, you work so hard though. They give you so much to do and as a reward they give you even more, I don’t see why you’re still at the stupid job but I know I’d much rather see you laying here with me until some stupid time in the afternoon.” His voice was still full of sleep and the husky tone almost made you melt against him as he pressed a few light kissing to the side of your neck and pulled you closer to him.

“I’d love to stay baby, but if I do then its gonna make my job harder than it already is and I can’t deal with the extra stress right now.” You sighed, your head hanging down sadly as you rubbed over your eyes. Luke breathed against you before pushing you up and twisting you so you could straddle him comfortably.

After seating on top of him, your eyes stayed downcast as thoughts of your terrible job ran through your mind.

“Hey.” Luke said softly, trying to grab your attention and lifting your head with his finger. You met his gaze and almost felt yourself relaxing as you stared into his distracting blue eyes. “You have a shit job, and a shit job and even shittier colleagues. But that’s only one thing you have to worry about. And I know that if you ended up quitting you would find a much better job even quicker because of how amazing you are. Anyone would be stupid not to have you. But, I know you don’t want to quit just yet because you’re worried. So how about, if i really can’t make you stay now, that when you get home, I’ll have a bath run for us, I’ll rent a few movies that are probably really shit so we can just make out instead, and I’ll order us a pizza and we can just have an amazing night together. Plus, if it goes even worse I’ll give you a massage.”

The smile on your face was too big to deny and you giggled at your cheesy boyfriend, who had a shy smile on his face as well. “Make the pizza a Chinese and you have a deal.” You giggled, moving your arms around his neck and leaning your forehead against his.

“Gotcha, baby.” He agreed, leaning in to kiss you softly. “Now go to work and whenever something goes wrong, just think about how amazing your boyfriend is and what a fabulous night he has planned for you.” He joked.

You laughed and nodded in acceptance, pressing one more kiss to his soft lips before regretfully climbing off him and grabbing your purse.

“I’ll be sure to do that, Lu. I love you.” You said as you started leaving.

“Love you too!”

anonymous asked:

I honestly think that Karlie should get out of this toxic relationship with Taylor. She deserves so much better than a girl who isn't at ease with herself and doesn't want to accept who she is. Go away Karlie baby, and just LIVE <3 (love your blog btw)

It’s more complicated than we think. It’s closet cases, nothing nice about it. I think Karlie is actually implicated in this - Don’t forget she is a beard too for someone’s else. She also have an image to maintain, and I do believe the boat ride looking as a fifth wheel wasn’t the best publicity she could have on that day. Her team -agents and managment - will step up if Taylor miss with that. For the rest, it’s private. -Chip-

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I've never had a 1st kiss, I'ma 18, been bullied, beat up, and even called racist names by girls. I've try online dating and none of that has worked, and I feel it's best if I give up tryna' to ever have that dream of being married.

you’re only 18 baby your life is just beginning and believe it or not you havent even found yourself yet you shouldnt be wanting marriage as of now you should be living til something reveals itself to be ya next wife, u gotta experiment and forget about the childish shit that happened in the past.

Liam Dunbar + Text Posts P4

Text post: wtf- want to fight
                  dtf- down to fight
                  af- always fighting
                  iagtfts- I am going to fight the sun

People that have to be involved: Liam

**Derbear: Derek in Stiles phone, Pack Dad: Derek in Liam’s phone, Baby Wolf: Liam in Derek’s phone**

( photo cred.  the-twerpiest-twerp )

Stiles - { text to Derbear at 11:56am } Der if Liam texts you ignore it

Stiles - { text to Derbear at 11:58am } for your’s, mine, Liam’s and the pack’s sake please gather the strength to ignore your baby wolf

Derek - { text to Stiles <3 at 12:01pm } he says it’s urgent

Stiles - { text to Derbear at 12:02pm } IT’S NOT URGENT DEREK DO NOT ENGAGE

Stiles - { text to Derbear at 12:02pm } I REPEAT DO NOT ENGAGE

Derek - { text to Stiles <3 at 12:03pm } calm down Stiles I’m gonna see what he wants he’s texted me like 8 times

Stiles - { text to Derbear at 12:04pm } UGH okay fine fine whatever your funeral

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Kieran excused himself pretty quickly. I don’t blame him - to hear that you’re having a baby, and then hear so quickly that your girlfriend doesn’t want it…? London jumped up onto the sofa beside me, purring softly. 

“What do you think, London? Should I keep it…?” I asked, scratching him behind the ears. His eyes slitted in approval, and he placed a paw on my stomach. Now that I think about it, it does look… kinda big. God… how far along am I? I thought you weren’t meant to start showing until at least three months, which puts this at…. well, pretty much the first time we did it. Crap. Stupid fertile boyfriend. “Does this mean you want the baby?” London meowed, and I frowned. “Well, when I start making serious life decisions based on a cat’s advice, I’ll let you know.”

“ Yo Snooty McSnotwhine, the Mona Lisa’s vanished eyebrows have been the subject of debate and analysis in the art expert community for hundreds of years, long before your parents squirted water at each other from across the clown car and then honked their bicycle horns to indicate they really wanted to make a smug, insufferable little clown baby together. “


jennis41digsdragons said: I had this plan for a natural birth but because this is Canada, my birth plan, and Bean being compounded, I was contracting every 5 mins but I wasn’t dilating for 5 days so it was a have an epidural and get some rest thing. I don’t know how I did it.

We have a saying on the L&D floor— when a woman comes in with a birth plan, you better have things ready for a c-section.

Birth plans are great in theory and they give women feelings of control, but they are illusions. The only plan that matters is the baby’s plan. The baby is in control and the birth plan be damned. I wish birth plans were approached a bit more sensibly. Women freak out “THIS ISN’T IN MY BIRTH PLAN” well then shame on your doctor or midwife for making you think a birth plan was the magic cure to having the birth experience you wanted…

I’m not saying your birth plan was bad or foolish or anything. I’m just saying I think the birth plan thing can be a bit misleading for people and I wish it wasn’t stressed so much. It should be a dialogue between patient and provider not a “Here are my terms. This is how my birth will go.” Seldom does it ever go that way and women get all in a tizzy about it.

neither of us have a right to decide
what is holy.                       i told you
i was almost a catholic baby,
a half-lie i wanted to be true
if only because i knew     you would
be disappointed.
there is no glory in either of our
            doubts: your face when
i talked of  prayer, how
walking across that bridge  back to
your car,             i remembered that
what gives a photo life
is artificial light.
—  Kirby Knowlton, from Catchlight
So what’s happened is,

it was decided overnight is that Admin K wanted Northwood to stay open and active. So we’ll do that.

Once we do move over to Higher Learning, it will be obviously a college/university roleplay. The roles will be older. It will still have the reality TV concept. However you’ll have more freedom to do as you want as there is more options for on campus activities/organizations, having jobs, living arrangements, etc. 

It will be a college setting with a city aspect to it. 

As far as roles go, you can keep your role and move it up, by keeping your name/FC whatever. OR you can completely change everything. Because you are my Northwood babies, you will get first dibs on everything before I put it in the roleplay tags.