i want to have someone giving me that

You know what? Fuck me up.

Give me a Sangwoo that gets so fucking obsessed over Bum that he’s paranoid over Bum being stolen away. Give me a Sangwoo that so forcibly rejects the idea of losing Bum that he gets ultra possessive/protective.

Give me Bum, so happy to finally have Sangwoo’s love, that he will do anything to protect Sangwoo. Give me a Bum that gets jealous over the attention Sangwoo pays his victims that he plays up the terrified captive bit to make the killings sweeter for Sangwoo. Give me a Bum that tricks the cops into believing that someone else hurt him, someone else (uncle, maybe?) broke his legs and tortured him and that Sangwoo saved him/is hiding him from the monster.

As much as I want Bum safe, I need this like burning. Maybe it’s the Hannigram fan in me, but I don’t want them separated… just maybe balance the scales a bit.

I don’t get anti-Kallura people, like don’t get me wrong I understand not liking a ship, but I really don’t get their arguments.  Like a big one seems to be that Keith and Allura are like Zuko and Katara from Avatar… I don’t see how at all.  I mean they sort of have the color scheme and Allura’s princess but other than that they are completely different characters and a completely different relationship. If someone wants to explain this to me I’d be willing to listen.

There’s also the idea that Keith wanted Allura to die since he’s the only one who brought up the idea of not storming Zarkon’s main base to rescue her since it would not only be a suicide mission, but could potentially give the galra exactly what they wanted with Voltron.  He was playing the devil’s advocate, he said that he didn’t want to leave Allura behind but that he was thinking like a Paladin and paladins defend the whole universe, they couldn’t risk losing the one weapon that could stop the galra on a suicide mission.  It’s a bit cold, but Allura was the only one who felt the same way, that’s why she sacrificed herself for Shiro in the first place since she thought that Voltron was more important than she was.  

Another huge argument seems to be that the relationship came out of nowhere and had no which is understandable since there is no official relationship. Keith and Allura are not a couple by the end of season 2 so all the ship tease moments are buildup of the two characters growing closer, its literally what you are asking for.  

Listen ship what you want to ship, but just admit that you don’t like a ship instead of trying to pretend you have some sort of moral or intellectual high ground when it comes to shipping. And stay in your freaking lane instead of trying to drag down others.

Request Reminder!!!!

Ok, Seth fic almost complete and should be up in the morning!!

So this is your “REMINDER” that requests will open WEDNESDAY MORNING. Probably around 10 eastern. I feel like I’m doing something so important getting all technical lol. But I want to be fair. I’ll leave them open for an hour.

Anyway, please when you request give me some sort of premise you want to go along with it. Not just “Finn Smut” or “Sami Fluff”. You don’t have to give me all the details, just the basic idea. I want to have some creative freedom but I also want to write what you want to read. Also make sure to submit requests in ASK instead of messages. 😍

I am open to writing about any wrestler you want but if it’s someone I’m not familiar with, I will have to research them first. So don’t think you have to stick to the usual suspects (although you know Baron is always welcome here 😏).

Also side note: If you have sent in a request and I haven’t done it, that doesn’t mean that I won’t. I’ve got screenshots of all requests saved and when inspiration strikes, I will do them.

Night guys! Look for Seth in the morning! ☺️

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For the mun: are there any characters you have really wanted to rp with/ have Toshiro interact with?

                    Not entirely?  –  I’m not someone who plans things ahead. Meaning that I love spontaneous interactions.  ———-  I’ve realized that if you are hoping to interact with certain characters then you will only be disappointed. 

I’m currently writing with a great Shusui. @nonviiolent have Chai’s [ @solcorleonis , Di’’s [ @corhero , and Ash’s [ @ichxgo amazing Ichigo’s, Zoila’s Inoue [@auburnhealer , Ambie’s Rangiku [ @tigrismortis , and even Ila’s Aizen [ @deusuprema . I follow a great Ukitake [ @jushirou-ukitake in which I can interact with. I also follow amazing Kisuke’s [ @taiiichou @mysteriousshopkeeper @hakiimono @praktikos-emporos , Angel’s Hisagi [ @kazeshinigami . A Rukia [ @lucxns & Renji. Jule’s Komamura [ @mannarro . I even have an Elsa [ @secretusreginam & Jack [ @frystsnow E.t.c 

      If anything it’d be great to interact with A Hinamori again. Maybe even a Gin? Either than that,  I already have talented  partners for  the major characters in  Toshiro’s life.  To be frank, things like this isn’t things I think about  I want to INTERACT with ALL the characters!! Oc or Canon!!

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I have a question about writing descriptions. I’ve always had trouble with this so I was wondering what are some suggestions you can give me to improve my descriptions writing? I have the most trouble describing the way people feel about things and when to do this.I’m currently working on a scene about someone who’s in battle and i’m not sure if i should describe how scared she is or if i should describe the battle itself and describe the thing that scares her & trust the reader to connect A-B

If your character is heading into battle, you definitely want to address how she’s feeling and what is happening around her.

To improve your descriptions, have a look at the posts under the description section of my post master list. To learn how to describe emotions, check out The Emotion Thesaurus on Amazon. :)

The WQA inbox is closed for a few days while I catch up on questions. If you have a question in the meantime, please see the master list or search the tags on the main site. :) <3

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Enj's dick? Question mark? Is he trans?

R: Jesus, I’m such an asshole for having said that… I-I’m sure he doesn’t want me talking about him like that. At all.

R: But to answer your question, yes. He’s a trans boy, and I really don’t think he’d mind me saying so…he’s very vocal about his rights and all that, after all. I’m sure he’d be happy if it was, like, giving someone the courage they needed to come out or something.

R: God, I hope not anyway.

R: He’s only out at school, so…yeah…we love him for him though, no questions asked.

I want to start calling my senators! I have seen a lot of posts about this in the last week or so but I haven’t been able to do it until now. And now I can’t seem to find any of those posts saying who I should call and about what issues. Would someone be able to either forward them along to me or give a master post of numbers and issues about which we can call out senators?

hey anon who just sent me those really long asks

im not american lmao im british and the age of consent is 16 here and guess what lol i think thats fucked up i dont think it should be legal for a 40 yr old to have a relationship with a 16 yr old so you can drop all your “america centric” shit

“theres only a year between 17 and 18” yeah buddy if a 25 yr old was dating someone who was 18 i’d think that was fucking weird? it wouldnt be illegal but i wouldnt understand what someone old enough to have graduated university twice would want with someone fresh out of school or possibly still in school?

also personal anecdotes from your life are meaningless to me i have no way of verifying if your parents are actually the top psychiatrists in the country or whatever the fuck and personally told you that ~age is just a number~ and frankly i dont give a shit? because my beliefs about this stuff are my own personal beliefs and i couldnt give a fuck if you agree with them or not.

also nice attempt to own me with “in islamic countries they have CHILD BRIDES!!!!” with your fucking “get some real shit to complain about” bullshit fuck off i really do not care what you think and if you wanna respond then come off anon coward so i dont have to cover other peoples dashboards with your dumb bullshit

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youre a bubble rper you should leave

I’m beginning to think that someone here has it out for me. Honestly I wasn’t going to bother replying to any of your messages (I’ve gotten about 6 on here that I’ve deleted already, and frankly I’m scared to check Stormbuck or Derek’s accounts) because I don’t want to give you that satisfaction. I think it’s been made clear that you’re mad about something that I’ve done to which I have not the slightest clue. You’re not hurting me in this situation I hope you realise that- you’re hurting our admins who are the ones that have to deal with you when someone figures out who you are; you’re hurting the new RPers that now might be scared to join because they see that there’s a spiteful person in this group that sends rude messages, you’re hurting the other rpers here who might be scared to interact ooc now that they’re seeing hate on the dash. I’m considering closing off my anons for now until you decide to grow up and leave me be. If you honest to god and truly feel that I’m a bubble RPer send me a message; if I’ve dropped one of your threads or don’t interact with your characters do the mature thing and MESSAGE ME OFF ANON because doing what you have been won’t resolve anything it’s just going to leave me ticked off. 

Lastly as much as I’d love to do exactly what you ask and please of me after you’ve been harassing me, no I will not be leaving Plath. I’m sorry to disappoint but I plan on staying here. 

also  i dont know if it was silly to do this but someone asked so i made this amazon wishlist.. cause my birthday is tomorrow.. obviously nothing would arrive on time and u dont HAVE to get me things (its mostly socks…) but if u want to give me something to look forward to that’d be cool…. !..!!

if u wanted 2do something different u could draw me a picture or send me a gift on flight rising.. thats cool too…(trust me i love the dragon stuff)

or u dont have to do anything..! really whatever is ok… we’re all busy ppl..

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Attractive and perfect to cuddle

I’m guessing this is a response to what my body looks like to someone else’s eyes?

Thank you!! I have to admit, I am a damn good cuddler!!

Any one else want to give their opinion?

What do you see when you look at me?

I’m super lame but I’ll give you so much of my heart

5 a.m. Thoughts

Someone who’s going to hold my hand in the car and outdo my goofy dancing. Someone who’s going to let me pick on them, giving it back twice as bad. Someone who will come over at 1am when I’m too afraid to sleep alone. Someone who won’t mind sitting up at 5am when I’m physically sick from my anxiety and nightmares. Someone who understands that I have horrible days but that they make my good days that much better. Someone who kisses me at every comma in my sentences. Someone who will wrap me up when I lean into them, in the middle of the bar or in the middle of the kitchen. Someone who traces their fingers along my back and answers my hundreds of questions. Someone who listens to me ramble on about politics and things that make me feel one way or another. Someone who remembers my favorite flower and song and weather. Someone who doesn’t make me question how they feel. Someone who wants me, through & through.
That’s the girl I want.

Before you ask someone who suspects they have a PD why they don’t seek a professional diagnosis let me tell you what I have experienced as someone with a professional BPD diagnosis.

From professionals 

  • A therapist refused to treat me because she didn’t want to deal with a “borderline patient”.
  • A therapist refused to put my BPD on paper because she was worried about how it might affect my future.

  • Upon being informed of my diagnosis a doctor in an inpatient hospital immediately placed me on extra precautions (consequently limiting my freedoms even more) despite me giving literally 0 reasons beyond “I have BPD”

From “friends”

  • A friend responded to me with uncalled for pity and said “I don’t envy you” because she was told that BPD is an impossible illness to handle or even survive.
  • A friend (who is studying psychology) suddenly went quiet and refused to continue the conversation when I revealed my DX to her. She later stated that she didn’t know what to say because she was taught all people with BPD are bad people. She was taught this in the same classes that most mental health professionals will take in some form before going into the field.

  • A friend (who works as a LSW) told me she hated borderline patients and followed that up with a ridiculous amount of ableist slurs.

From psychology teachers

  • “BPD is untreatable”
  • “Borderline patients are impossible/draining/awful/hopeless/etc.”

A lot of this is also said about other cluster B disorders which was not in any way a fun time for me when I was questioning NPD nor is it great knowing I likely having co-morbid HPD.

This is not to say there are no good professionals but it is to say that there are some very good reasons someone may prefer to self-dx and that’s ok. The mental health system is terrifying and fucked up in a lot of ways and if someone doesn’t want to navigate it to get their DX professionally backed up that’s their choice and it’s not up for debate.

Also if you have or suspect you have a PD this is a reminder that PDs are survivable and they are treatable if you want to seek treatment. You’re not a bad person just for having a PD and I’ll fight anyone that says otherwise (ง'̀-‘́)ง  

i know you didn’t choose the name “crow-tit” but maybe you should work a little harder for a rebranding. 

ohhhhh kay friendo. you’ve got a whole photoshoot here so i guess you want me to give you the once over. here are a few of my notes:

  • too small
  • beak too short
  • uncomfortably round
  • eyes look fake
  • is that fur? are you a bird? (am i being punked again?)
  • too much sass for someone with no job experience
  • no pictures in flight… seems suspicious.

i decided to look you up to see what your other photoshoots revealed… wow…

that’s embarrassing. 

come back again when you get serious about the bird schtick and after you put some color in your wardrobe. maybe wear a hat so i have something good to look at. 

3/10. would not pet.

I hate dating
I hate that i have to pretend I’m not into someone i am into
I hate that i can’t give away too much because they’ll get bored
I hate that i can’t be “too available” because I’ll be too needy
I hate that i can’t return their texts fast because that means i don’t have a life
I hate that i have to be mysterious
I just hate dating
But the games seem to work
I guess I’ll just keep playing them until i find someone who will want to know me and all of me
—  2am thoughts

I know its like a common fandom thing for Nursey to have two moms so here are some things to think about from someone who gets it:

- sure he has different names for each mom but half the time he doesn’t give a shit and just yells “Mom!” until the one he wants answers

- makes dad jokes a lot. Like maybe the guys are talking about their parents and Dex says “my dad did this,” Nurse will just quietly be like “I don’t have a dad” and everyone flips their shit (side note whenever he does this around people who don’t know he has two moms they get really freaked out)

- says “my mom” for everything and people have to stop him and ask which one a lot

- the boys call him a “test tube baby” in the most loving of ways

- always got to make double the mother’s day gifts in school, and always gave the father’s day ones to to grandpa

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I love how charmed Magnus always seems when Alec is stammering. It's honestly one of my favourite things with them when they interact, it's so sweet and heartwarming seeing how patient Magnus is. I often get my words mixed up and end up stuttering trying to correct myself and it's so embarrassing, like i wish someone looked at me like that when it happens.

awww same, he always looks so fondly on Alec? I mean, Magnus doesn’t want slick and cool; he wants genuineness and heart, and Alec gives it to him in spades. And when he stumbles for words but still looks so earnest and determined to say what he wants to say, I feel like that touches Magnus in a way few others have.

tbh when Alec stutters, too, it’s interesting because you can see his stubbornness even in small moments like this, like. he doesn’t ever stop or give up, he just keeps pressing on because he has something to say and dammit he’s going to say it no matter what – but you can also see the way his face lights up when Magnus gently fills in for him, when he gives Alec the words he can’t quite find. Alec has gone much of his life with so few people really understanding him aside from his siblings.

I also get the sense that while some of it may be nerves, it’s also partially a sign of Alec actively trying to look for the right words to say? Like, Alec is normally quite blunt and I don’t think he’s unaware of this. I think he knows he’s blunt, and so with Magnus because he likes this man and he wants Magnus to like him, too, he’s sort of – maybe thinking twice about how he phrases what he means and that causes a lapse between his brain and his mouth that usually isn’t there (since it only really happens around Magnus.)

anyway, these two are so soft around each other my heart genuinely hurts. :( sometimes i come across a gifset of magnus being angry and then magnus around alec one after the other, and the difference is night and day.