i want to have fun when i play pokemon

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He's beauty, he's grace, he'll help his kids play sun and moon you honestly seem like the best dad


I try!

My son is playing like a pro and my daughter just needs help with reading. They mostly come to me when they want a pokemon. My daughter traded me one of her Zubat for a Cutiefly and told me that I was to make the Zubat a Crobat and return it to her. They seem to be having fun.

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I don't know if anyone's mentioned but back in the day, when Homestuck was just getting started, the readers would send prompts and Hussie would use them to move the story forward. Hence Zoosmell Pooplord, and John's intrusive thoughts. Also, just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying your liveblogging style. I hope you have fun with it, and grow to love this epic convoluted monster of a webcomic. Welcome to Homestuck! You're here forever :)

Holy fuck, so it was like twitch plays pokemon and everyone contributed? that sounds legendary.

And yeah, I’ve accepted my fate. 

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How many Pokemon games have you played?

well my first game was diamond in like. 2009?? it was rly fun i loved it.. then my cousin let me borrow black in like 2012 and i still rly want a copy of it JHGFD it was great, then i got pokemon x when it came out in 2013, got omega ruby in 2014 and now i have sun!!!

It’s kinda funny to look back and remember how last year, I was one of those haters who were totally against Yo-Kai Watch because it was a “Pokemon Killer.” So I looked at a bunch a Yo-Kai Watch stuff and declared it “stupid” compared to Pokemon.
Then when that settled into a mild indifference, I ended up watching a few episodes of the anime, and they were actually a lot of fun. Then I decided to try out the actual game.
Now, as you can see, I’m quite deep into the series. I bought the Yo-Kai Watch itself, a bunch of medal packs, and I have 180+ hours spent playing the game. Heck, now I actually want Yo-Kai Watch to be a big thing in America! I’m now glad I gave it a chance. Besides, it’s not like anything can really get rid of Pokemon at this point. It’s grown far too strong a fan base to be going anywhere anytime soon.

The creators of Pokemon Go saying that sites like Pokévision are cases of the players hurting themselves because “it takes some of the fun out of the game” and talking about wanting to make it so things like that don’t work really pisses me off lol

Because nothing screams fun like walking for hours til your feet hurt and catching 50 fucking weedles/pidgeys/rattatas in a row in the hope that you might accidentally stumble across something new.

It’s ESPECIALLY fun when you live in a smaller town like mine where pokestops are few and far between so I have to spend a LOT of real money to continue playing because I run out of pokeballs due to those aforementioned basic ass Pokemon breaking out of the balls I catch them in and running away. CONSTANTLY. HOW DO WEEDLES EVEN BREAK OUT OF BALLS ANYWAY, THEYRE JUST WORMS

When y'all haven’t even done shit to fix that three-step glitch you can fuck off with trying to take away something that actually makes the game way less tedious and frustrating. The only purpose the “nearby” tab in the game currently serves is to tell me what to look for in Pokévision. It’s totally useless otherwise


today I was at my dads place to celebrate my sister’s 14th birthdayand there were these twins there, like 8 years old

I became their BIGGEST IDOL EVER

So imagine me trying to draw with one 8 year old on my lap, another 8 year old sitting VERY close to me, asking me questions about well everything. You know the typical “Why? WHY?” Response to everything you say.

they got to try out my fountain pen and I told them to not press hard when drawing with it, which they thankfully listened to

and their parents gave me a ride home, so we sat in the car and played pokemon go together which was fun. But it was really like"Mooom I want to sit next to Mirjam!!“"Mom can Mirjam sleep over??”

I think it must’ve been that I also have like green blue hair.

They drew me a bunch of drawings as well. Gonna save them because they were cute.

look I’m not gonna harp on this, but black folks

remember when you see people joking about jumping fences and shit for Pokemon Go that we ain’t them and the world is not forgiving when it comes to us

Please, please becareful out there 

Throw on some nerd crap, pokemon badges, something so that when you say you’re playing a game, you have one more layer of truth laying out on the surface. Go out with friends, don’t skulk around

I hate living in a world where I feel the need to say this, but take care of yourselves and be cool out there, I want this to stay fun 

Hey everyone! This has to be the strangest Digimon painting, or just strangest painting I have ever painted (I was actually looking at poop for reference!) I wanted to get back into painting Digimon since I have been painting plenty of Pokemon lately, and I thought Numemon was a perfect character to make the transition; no pressure and just a ton of turd throwing fun. The reason why I was inspired to paint Numemon was a strange one, but I remembered when I played Digimon World on the Playstation and my Agumon always turned into this guy. Good times, good times… :’(

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy and thank you all for looking!