i want to have a teacher like this so bad

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do you have any tips for managing on your own in a new school where you know nobody? like not looking like you're lonely etc. I'm really bad at making friends and it doesn't seem like there's anybody here with similar interests/personality as me. Aslo the teachers have already started to show concern for me when I'm alone which I find uncomfortable. I have very good friends outside of school so I just want to be left alone tbh.

make yourself busy so that you’re not just there by yourself doing nothing. if you like art, bring a sketchbook to school and draw stuff (its a good conversation starter too, perhaps someone else shares that similar interest, you never know). bring a good book, or work on assignments (if you’re done with everything, work on something you might have due in a like a week to avoid procrastinating it later, or start on your homework) 

i’m the same as you most of the time, i like being left alone doing my own thing in school. from experience, no one really bothers you if you’re doing/reading something, so hopefully some of these help :,)

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I need the story of the Underground Shakespearian Ring

Okay, so the school I went to for 9th grade had this really bizarre grading setup that I still don’t understand- for some reason, instead of the teachers writing up and grading tests and exams and the like, all the work was sent to an unknown third party for them to grade??? It made no sense.

Now, for the most part, the school had decent teachers, and they would just teach the curriculum correctly and then you wouldn’t run into problems with the grading. My English teacher was not one of those teachers.

So like, she hated me pretty early on- she was my homeroom teacher and thought it was disrespectful that I slept in homeroom in the mornings (I was on sleeping pills and they never wore off completely until around 10am), I never had the vocab homework in on time (someone kept breaking into my locker and stealing my vocab books I had to buy a new one like five times), she thought it was “inherently pessimistic and stuck up” when she caught me reading a book called ‘Ninth Grade Slays’ (it was about vampires, not her?), and during our Greek Mythology unit I kept correcting her about the name pronunciations of the gods (she pronounced Hephaestus as Hepatitis one time holy shit). 

Anyway, her feelings on me aside, her teaching skills were shoddy at best. But I had had way worse teachers, so had the rest of the class, and Greek myths are pretty straight-up in what’s going on, so no one really had trouble with the third-party tests.

Then we get to the Romeo and Juliet unit.

Now, fun fact: Shakespeare has always come pretty easily to me. Like, to the point where I sometimes forget/fail to understand that other people have an incredibly hard time translating his works. (I told this whole story to my friends in the school I went to for 10th/11th/12th grade and when the drama department put on ‘Midsummers Night Dream’ one year, more than half the cast tried to get me to translate their scripts and monologues for them lmao).

So, anyway, I’m just a girl, reading Romeo and Juliet and digging how it’s going…and then the teacher starts ‘translating’ it.


I cannot sift through all the bullshit this woman was spewing, but let’s just say that my favorite part is during Romeo’s spew about Rosaline, there’s one part where he says something like ‘with cupid’s arrow/she hath diane’s will’, and the teacher was taking this to mean Rosaline was a Super Lesbian who was breaking the law or something and running away with her lover Diane, which would be a rad storyline, sure, but like…I’m just raising my hand like “Um Ma’am, Diana is the Roman goddess of chastity. What Romeo meant is that she told him she’s sworn off love and is probably becoming a nun?” and this woman just got. So angry. Like, excuse me, you are a student, you’re here to learn, so you clearly don’t know anything about this (I read Romeo and Juliet for the first time in like preschool whoops). Anyway, she continues on making up her own plot to the play, and I…well I was basically Hermione Fucking Granger at this point I couldn’t just sit there and listen to someone be this wrong about something omfg??? She just got angrier and angrier and stopped calling on me after a while.

So for a couple lessons I’m just left to seethe quietly, but one day after class this girl I knew since grade school came up to me and was like “Could you…? Tell me what the hell we’re supposed to be learning?” and I didn’t even like her but I liked the validation of being someone’s Chosen Teacher so I wrote out a summary for her of everything we had covered so far so she could actually write a comprehendible essay for our homework that night.

But THEN the during the class when we got our essays back, she made a HUGE DEAL, like ‘oh Molly, it wasn’t bad enough that you’ve been failing this course material, now you have to drag your friends into it by trying to re-write the play?’ (l m a o). Like this bitch had literally tried to fight me on ‘Paris is the guy Juliet’s father wants her to marry’ and she didn’t even put a grade on my essay where I said the play only ended in tragedy because of how young and naïve the kids were, that if they had taken a breather and thought things through it probably would’ve been fine (it was a damn good essay and I stand by it). But anyway, she’s trying to make me out to my classmate’s as someone who’s trying to sabotage their education for laughs.

This backfired on her.

See, it dawned on people one by one, that she was only teaching the wrong material -> so they wouldn’t know the right material -> so when they eventually would take the exams they would only have her crazy answers -> which the third party graders wouldn’t know about -> everyone fails this course that’s like half the overall grade of the year.

Most students consider that a problem.

So suddenly the class has decided I’m the fucking Shakespeare Whisperer or something, and one by one start begging me for help. At first I was confused, because as I said, it’s so easy for me that I didn’t realize literally the entire class was lost out of their asses here. omfg. So I was really getting hassled here but I didn’t want my entire class to fail you know???? So I started meeting with people during study halls or texting them after school so they knew what was going on. And then they started telling people in this teacher’s other classes, including upperclassmen who were lost as fuck, so this was quickly spiraling out of control on my end, but overall people were really starting to understand the plays better!! So I was feeling really great.

But then, the teacher noticed that none of the homework getting handed in to her matched up with her crazy translations, and knew I was the sole person to blame (naturally). She literally tried to get me suspended over this, she went to the school’s disciplinarian!

Note: This guy, Mr. C, knew I was a God damn angel- my science class was off the charts, inappropriately awful, so every time one of our science teacher’s wanted to give the entire class detention, instead of calling Mr. C up to the class room as was the rule, they’d send me down to get him so he’d know to write up every student except for me. So when my English teacher dragged me in there he was looking her like “What on Earth could this girl have possibly done to piss you off?” 😂😂

And when she explained he looked at her for a very long moment, glanced at me with a signature ‘Office’ Reaction Face™ , turned back to her and was like “You want her suspended…for starting a study group?” and I was CHOKING.

So that really pissed her off and they started fighting and this was a very overworked and Done man so at some point he gave up and was like “I’m not suspending her but fine we can put a ban on the study group if you leave my office” omfg. So all the other students get notified and now they’re back to freaking out about the upcoming exams.

So like two days later, I’m at lunch, complaining about this to one of my friends who had a different English teacher and thus no problem, and I’m on this whole angry rant (Because I’m pissed, a bunch of kid’s grades are gonna get fucked up because of this! They just wanted to do well! I just wanted to help them!) and my friends staring at me quietly the whole time and when I finish I’m like “What?” and she’s just like “…Molly did you literally start up Dumbledore’s Army in our fucking school?” and I died on scene.

But then I started thinking about the comparison and I was like? You know fucking what? If Harry Potter can get those kids to pass their fucking DADA test I can help kids pass their fucking English Exam. Bring it the fuck on, Umbridge.

So I started Spreading The Word that anyone who needs help with their Shakespeare course can still get help, we just all need to meet up once to hash out the details. After some back and forth notes and deliberations, we ended up meeting in the school library, which was hilarious for a few reasons:

1) It was directly across the hall from this teacher’s classroom.

2) It was actually a converted janitors closet, way smaller than all the other classrooms, and there were like 50 people shoved in there; Not exactly an ideal Room of Requirement

3) The library carried no Shakespeare texts, but had the entire Harry Potter series on display to see when you first walked in

But anyway, despite the fact that we were literally three feet away from her door while we were doing this, our teacher was none the wiser of the meeting. We worked out a game plan- everyone writes out bullshit essays that align with what the teacher’s expecting. After she grades those and gives them back, they get them to me- slipping them in my locker, handing it to me discreetly in the halls or in another class, what have you. I then try to power through the dizzying amount of confusion radiating out of the teacher’s mouth and onto these papers, and more or less write out better translation of what was going on in whatever scene they covered, what the highlights they needed to know were, stuff like that, and then slip it back to them in similar discreet fashion (so the teacher/disciplinarian wouldn’t see me and get suspicious ; also because I was like 15 and wanted to feel like a super cool secret agent). They would then keep my copies and use them as study guides for the upcoming exams, where they would then answer all the questions correctly, the way the third party graders would mark correctly, and pass the exams + the bullshit essays would get them high marks in the teacher’s homework grades. The teacher never caught on to what was happening, just thought her students finally started paying attention to her.

All in all, it was a complicated mess, but it fucking worked. I don’t think anyone failed their exams that year. Will I ever be cooler? No. I think I fucking peaked when I was 15.

Favourite things in Spider-man: Homecoming

- Peter Parker is an absolute Cinnamon roll
- Peter actually looking like a teenager
- protective dad Tony!
- “patience” god poor Cap hahaha
- the spider-man theme playing over the marvel title
- Peter just wanting to save everyone and be accepted by Tony #myheart
- he’s scared of heights
- the whole cam recording at the beginning! Why is Peter so adorable jeez
- happy hogan I have missed you
- Ned is so pure
- Flash not being the typical bully
- the gym video with Cap and the teacher is just like “I think he’s a war criminal now”
- the fact that we get to see how normal people view the avengers
- even in a school setting. Like how the girls talk about the hottest avenger and in class they are being taught the accords etc
- Pepper and Tony are engaged!!!!!!!
- Peter so badly wanting to be an avenger and in the end turning the offer down
- Karen is the most adorable AI
- Michael Keaton actually being a pretty decent bad guy
- the scene where Peter gets crushed. Tom is an impeccable actor!
- “what the fu-” god I love Aunt May hahaha
- All the girls are amazing!
- Michelle’s initials being MJ
- Peter trying to be intimidating “I’m not a boy! I’m a man!” In his fake deep voice

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is it me, or does Goetia's Buer sound like a good guy? or at least a true neutral at that, this descriptions make him look like a intellectual in philosophy, a tea aficionado and a skilled medic. so what if he is a polite daemon? MAYBE he lacks true morality but from what i can tell from this descriptions, he seems like at least a cultured (possibly) polite dude.

You know, there’s a lot of them that sound like they wouldn’t want to immediately rip your throat out. That’s why I was waiting to answer this one; I wanted to go through all 72 and pick out the Goetia Goodies (O) and the Goetia Goons (X). Let’s see, in order…

  1. BAEL: Hoarse voice, spider legs, fussy. Sounds like a royal pain! (X)
  2. AGARES: I doubt he can always rein in that croc. (X)
  3. VASSAGO: One of many to tell the past and future, he can also help you find things you’ve lost. Just so long as you keep it clean, I guess. (O)
  4. GAMIGIN: A horse with a hoarse voice. That’s unethical. (X)
  5. MARBAS: Can cure diseases, but also cause them. Surely in league with Big Pharma! (X)
  6. VALEFOR: Tempts people to steal! (X)
  7. AMON: Spits fire, but cures controversies between friends. Can also cause feuds? But I have a soft spot for Amon, so… (O)
  8. BARBATOS: Lets you understand birds and dogs, opens magical chests. What a pal! (O) 
  9. PAIMON: The most obedient to Lucifer, definitely a Bad Boy. (X) 
  10. BUER: And here we are at the gentle Dr. Buer. (O) 
  11. GUSION: Depending on what a “Xenopilus” is, he’s otherwise all about friendships. (O)
  12. SITRI: One of those who makes people horny. Armed and dangerous. (X) 
  13. BELETH: He’s got all those trumpeters. Very annoying! (X)
  14. LERAJE: The belligerent demon Robin Hood. (X) 
  15. ELIGOR: Knows all about wars, but doesn’t seem to be all about fighting them. Still, will err on the side of caution here. (X) 
  16. ZEPAR: Can make people infertile! What a dickweed. (X) 
  17. BOTIS: Future-telling, reconciliation, but never trust a viper with a sword. (X) 
  18. BATHIN: The first of those who can teleport people. Neat, but rife for abuse (and Star Trek-style transporter accidents). (X) 
  19. SALLOS: Another croc-rider, but specifically saying he’s peaceful. Well, I’m sold. (O) 
  20. PURSON: Rides a bear. Despite that, the Kings are probably not to be trusted. (X)
  21. MORAX: The bull-man who just want to make the world a smarter place. (O)
  22. IPOS: The Ugliest Demon, but he makes people witty. A Cyrano in our midst? (O)
  23. AIM: A pyromaniac. (X)
  24. NABERIUS: Another teacher! (O)
  25. GLASYA-LABOLAS: “An author of Bloodshed and Manslaughter.” (X)
  26. BUNE: Dispenses money. Commie! (X)
  27. RONOVE: The monster man who nonetheless is a rhetoric expert. (O)
  28. BERITH: He is the Philosopher’s Stone in demon form. All that gold will crash the markets! (X)
  29. ASTAROTH: One of the nastiest. Plus he has bad breath! (X)
  30. FORNEUS: More rhetoric and friend-making. (O)
  31. FORAS: Can make people invisible. Lead us not into temptation! (X)
  32. ASMODEUS: Need I say more? (X)
  33. GAAP: Makes people ignorant. (X)
  34. FURFUR: Another fickle one about summoning, can also cause thunderous storms. (X)
  35. MARCHOSIAS: Vomits fire, but really wants to be an angel again, so perhaps would still be on his best behavior. (O)
  36. STOLAS: All about that astronomy and those herbs and precious stones. No bias here! (O)
  37. PHENEX: A sweet singer and poet. Another who wishes to be an angel once more. (O)
  38. HALPHAS: Probably nice, but is also the bad kind of gun nut. (X)
  39. MALPHAS: Can read the minds of your enemies. As if you don’t already know from their passive-aggressive tweets and comments. (X)
  40. RAUM: Another dirty thief (but of rich kings, so maybe it’s OK), but also destroys cities. Oh. (X)
  41. FOCALOR: Kills and drowns people. Right to the point! Or to the bottom? (X)
  42. VEPAR: Guides warships, but also putrefies sores and causes worms to breed in them. Gross! (X)
  43. SABNOCK: Like Halphas, only for armor, but shares Vepar’s vile worm-breeding-in-sores power. (X)
  44. SHAX: The stealer of senses! (X)
  45. VINE: Discovers wizards and witches (!), but causes rough storms on waters. Also a King. (X)
  46. BIFRONS: Doesn’t seem so bad, but hangs out with the dead so he’s probably fetid. (X)
  47. UVALL: Another Goetia PUA. (X)
  48. HAAGENTI: More alchemy. These demons need some new hobbies! (X)
  49. CROCELL: Can discover baths and warm them up real nice, but also creates noises that sound like rushing torrents, like some weirdo. Consider it ambiance, I guess. (O)
  50. FURCAS: This Knight is a “cruel old man” who teaches pyromancy. We live in the universe where pyromancy is OP, so… (X)
  51. BALAM: Invisibility, King, Bear. Not a good enough ratio. (X)
  53. CAIM: The bird-man, he lends understanding of animals and the waters (!), and things to come. He answers in hot coals, so as long as he’s not summoned near flammable objects Caim probably won’t give you any trouble. (O)
  54. MURMUR: A PERFECT philosophy teacher and mediator to the dead. Just wear earplugs for his trumpeting cohorts. (O)
  55. OROBAS: Tells of the past, present, future, and of divinity and the creation of the world. Said to be “very faithful” to the summoner. What’s not to love? (O)
  56. GREMORY: Future-telling, but another that messes with the hearts of women, if commanded. Come on occultist, just use a dating app like everyone else! (X)
  57. OSE: Ose can transform the summoner into “any Shape.” Keep your fetishes to yourself. (X)
  58. AMY: The flaming liberal science teacher. Like Caim, practice fire safety and you should be cool. (O)
  59. ORIAS: An astrologer, but can also magically promote people through ranks, presumably those undeserving of it. (X)
  60. VAPULA: A winged, lion-headed professor of “all handicrafts and professions.” (O)  
  61. ZAGAN: The bull King, can transmute blood into wine. Sounds a hair more effective than a wine festival. (X)
  62. VOLAC: Tells where hidden treasures are and where serpents may be seen. Needs a friend, badly. (O)
  63. ANDRAS: If you treat him as a joke, Andras will straight up kill you; suppose he’s tired of being laughed at for being an owl-headed man riding a wolf. (X)
  64. FLAUROS: Another particular demon; will lie if things aren’t just right, but can also burn people to death. (X)
  65. ANDREALPHUS: Who wouldn’t want to learn geometry from a peacock? (O)
  66. KIMARIS: The last horseback warrior. Logic, rhetoric, rules spirits of Africa, etc. (O)
  67. AMDUSIAS: The musician of Hell, Amdusias can also bend trees to the summoner’s will. That’s so weirdly specific I think I have to give it a pass. (O)
  68. BELIAL: The King Belial seems to be another fickle with the summoning process, requiring gifts and sacrifices, but is written to have a better demeanor than many others. Still, play with fire… (X)
  69. DECARABIA: The original star man and ornithologist, he just wants you to understand birds! (O)
  70. SEERE: He’s like a demonic U-Haul truck, carrying things to and fro as demanded. Tells of thievery, but doesn’t seem to condone it explicitly. (O)
  71. DANTALION: The last great teacher of the 72, but can control people’s minds. (X)
  72. ANDROMALIUS: Perhaps the most just of all the demons, Andromalius is said to catch and punish thieves and “discover all wickedness.” There must be a lot of internal conflict in Hell’s hierarchies, eh? (O)

So out of the 72, I have determined that 27 of them would be kind of nice. That’s not bad! But aside from the many teachers among them, Buer probably ends up with one of the best professions and demeanors, if not the best.

Of course, all of these demons still have command over X number of demon legions, Buer with 50, so it’s probably all relative, anyway.


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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Request: “17 - Zach Dempsey”


17. “Well, she’s hot. Why don’t you try to date her?”

Word count: 1.530

Posted: 16th of May 2017

A/N: OMG! It’s my baby’s birthday, happy birthday to my angel and cinnamon roll, and I would appreciate it if you talk about MILES in my ask box. I am disappointed and sad too, so Miles would really cheer me up right now. I am so tired and I have some tests and oral tests for tomorrow, that sucks! I hate school so much and I can’t wait for it to end. Honestly.
I hope that you like this Zach imagine and I would appreciate it if you send some requests. Thank you so much, I love you all.

- G. x

Warning: few bad words, I think.

“Zachary Dempsey!” You shouted as you tried to catch your best friend’s attention. You were complaining about some iniquities of your Maths teacher about your surprised long test earlier that day, but you stopped when you noticed that he wasn’t listening to you.

You decided to have a picnic after school as you wanted to study for your Peer Communications exam together. Your final exams were coming soon and school was about to end, finally.

The day seemed so calm and tranquil. The mild and fine weather just came in as the colourful flowers bloomed and the trees suddenly became green. The heat of the sun kissed your skin as the howling gale made your hair sway in different directions and the only noise that could be heard was your fussy voice, together with the chirping of the birds.

“What the hell?” He jumped a little bit, accidentally throwing his pen on the blanket that you were sitting on. “What is your problem?” He asked with his furrowed eyebrows, still having his gaze concentrated in somewhere else.

“Dude, I was blabbering with no one!” You nudged him to catch his attention, but he was lost in his thoughts once again so you followed his lost gaze.

Your heart suddenly ached and your chest tightened as you saw him staring at a familiar and pretty girl from afar.

“Hannah.” You slowly nodded your head as you closed your heavy and thick Communications textbook. You remained in silence as you dealt with the deafening sound of the falling fragments of your heart.

Honestly? You really liked Zach since your Sophomore year. It started with a simple and innocent crush, but you started going out as friends and your feelings for him just grew wider and deeper. You tried to repress every emotion that you felt for him by avoiding him once, but it was useless because you kept on falling in love with him more and more every day, at first slowly, but then all at once.

“What’s up with her?” You curiously asked as you twiddled with the pen in your right hand. You stared at Zach and he suddenly looked at you.

“Just thinking about what happened during Valentine’s Day.” Zach answered and he flashed you a sad smile. You corrugated your forehead as he said that he didn’t have any date that night and he was going out with his friends, but it came out that he was with her, at least, that was what you expected that happened. “Don’t look at me like that, because I know what you’re thinking!” He playfully ruffled your hair and he gave you some loud laughs.

“Why? What am I thinking about?” You asked as you pretended to be innocent, obviously didn’t want to be caught.

“I was with my friends that night, stop being jealous.” He joked and he just laughed even harder when he received a loud slap on his arm, it didn’t have any effects on him as he was strong and muscular.

“I never thought that you weren’t with them!” You rolled your eyes as you lied through your teeth. Zach shook his head happily and you noticed how enthusiastic he was when you acted jealous around him.

“Yeah, right!” He rolled his eyes and he watched Hannah reading a book from afar. You watched her too and, although you could barely see her, you still had the chance to admire her features: long brown wavy hair, pink rosy cheeks and red full lips. She was beautiful and you couldn’t deny that it wasn’t impossible to like her, nevertheless her bad reputation at school. “Her date was Marcus.”

“They hang out together?” You curiously asked. Marcus had a really different behaviour compared to Hannah and it was strange for them to go on a date together.

“The Dollar Valentine of the cheerleaders.” He shortly answered as he finally closed his textbook too. You remembered how your previous Valentine’s Days went in the past few years and you were thankful that you decided to stay with your parents this year. “Marcus was an asshole though.”

“I have always said it.” You proudly stated as you flashed him a convinced wide smile. Zach nodded his head as he was agreeing to what you have just said. “Then what happened?”

“Well, he thought that Hannah was an easy one, just like what those school walls heard from some students about her.” Zach looked at you and he caught your eyes, but quickly looked away. “Long story short: Marcus wanted to have sex with her and, of course, Hannah rejected him.”

“Damn it! Where’s the fucking respect?” You complained and you furrowed your eyebrows as Marcus’ behaviour disgusted you. How can a man do something like that? It wasn’t even a behaviour to consider.

“I know.” Zach shortly answered. “Hannah spent the night crying as I remained with her, trying to make her laugh.”

“And?” You raised your shoulders as you waited for further explanations.
“And nothing, I talked and she listened. Nothing more.” Zach honestly answered and a dead silence was created between the two of you.

You knew Zach perfectly and you’ve always noticed it whenever he would lie about things. It didn’t seem that he was lying, so you believed him, although you still thought that he liked her.

Well, she’s hot. Why don’t you try to date her?” You suddenly blurted out as you were trying to find some interesting topics to talk about. You hated the silence when it came to Zach, you find it annoying when you couldn’t find any topic to discuss about.

“What?” Zach slightly shouted and you could say that he was shocked too. He didn’t expect you to say those things. You couldn’t understand why you chose that topic out of all the possible topics in the world, it was embarrassing and you somehow hinted him that you didn’t find him interesting nor you weren’t interested in him.

“Well,” You knew that you couldn’t take everything back anymore. You were afraid of what he might say about it, but you needed to go with the flow. “she’s beautiful. Isn’t she?”

“She is,” Zach honestly answered and you harshly felt a dart hitting perfectly the bullseye of your heart. “but it doesn’t mean that I want to date her.” He emphasized his words, trying to make you understand his point.

“Why not, Dempsey?” You pushed yourself to the limit and you still continued on teasing Zach, even though you knew that it wouldn’t be a good thing for you.

“Because it’s a no, (Y/N)!” Zach ruffled your hair once again and you just laughed as you noticed that he was starting to be annoyed. He’s never liked it whenever you would take care of his relationships, neither when you talk about your celebrity crushes or your admiration for some people.

“Tell me why!” You insisted and you kept on laughing as Zach gave you a death glare.

You held your stomach as you cried for your happiness. Annoyed Zach was the best Zach and you just loved it. Your laughter, though, was interrupted when Zach wrapped his arms around your neck and pulled you backwards, making you lean your body on his chest.

“What the he-“ You were about to complain for his unexpected actions, but then he suddenly pressed his lips on yours to shut you up. You were obviously shocked, because why would he do such thing?

Your eyes grew wide as the happening still had to sink in your mind, but as soon as Zach moved his lips to deepen the kiss, you flutter shut your eyes and enjoyed the movements of your lips as they locked and fitted perfectly. You started to play with his hair and he caressed your face, slowly drawing some circles on your burning cheeks.

“That’s why, (Y/N)! I’d like to date you, instead of her, because I love you!” Zach whispered in your ear, confessing his feelings as you broke the kiss in need of air. He let your head rest on his chest and you flashed him a wide smile. “Is that clear now?”

“More than clear, Dempsey!” You laughed and you rolled your eyes as you lingered the smell of his perfume on his neck. You loved his scent and you couldn’t deny that he attracted you even more.

“So?” He raised an eyebrow as he held your hand tightly, interlacing his fingers with yours. “Can I try to date you, instead?”

“Try?” You jokingly questioned him. “I thought we are already dating?”

“Well, your thoughts are never wrong.” He winked at you and you both let out some soft giggles, being happy and thankful of the fast, but great moment that happened just a few minutes ago.

Being happy is underestimated, it is stereotypical, but Zach? Zach had that capacity to take you to another world, to make you discover new emotions to feel whenever you were with him. You were beyond happy for sure, because it was you who he wanted to be with and not anyone else. He chose you and, like what he has said, he loved you.

How to study while struggling with mental-health

Em Português

  So, I’m new to this studyblr thing, but I haven’t seen something like this before. Studying can be hard while you go on and off with with your illness, and I believe the most important is bending your way of thinking. It’s hard word. But recovery is such a gratifying hard work. 

   You just can’t study sometimes, and that doesn’t mean you’re not being productive. Treat yourself, your body needs rest, food, exercise, relaxing. Everytime you do one of this, you can congratulate yourself. Congratulate yourself, even if it seems so small. In my bad days, texting my best friend is hard. And I let myself feel good when I do it. When I think that only if I’m studying I’m being productive, I tend to loose motivation, and get into the vicious circle of feeling bad brcause I don’t study and not studying cause I feel bad. So I find other ways to feel productive, and increase them until I can put small studies - and them increase them! This might take a few days, or weeks. But remember that you’re trying and that already is remarkable, so do congratulate yourself and do be proud that you got out of bad to brush your teeth. 

 You can try: 

  • Taking care of yourself 
  • Watching a TV show. 
  • Baking something! I love this one 
  • Stretching and walking. It can be just around your room, but it will wake your body up. Cuddle and playing with a pet if you have one. 
  • Reading anything. It can be the dumbest fanfic ever, but it will help you concentrate, so nice one! 
  • Playing a game. 
  • Sketching drawings or random quotes. And this ain’t meant to look pretty, just to be fun. 
  • Coloring.
  • Making yourself some tea. 
  • Anything really!

  “But others are so productive”. You know what is AWSOME? Living when your mind is fighting against you. You’re already formidable for anything you can accomplish because of this. Remember that you’re not to blame on how your brain works, and allow yourself bad days. And every time you do study, don’t ever think “finally, I lost so many times already” but be SUPER proud of you. I am. You’re doing great if you’re searching so much to find helpful tips already.

   Planing is great, but breaking schedules is ok. This happens to everyone, I promise. You wouldn’t blame yourself if you got stuck in the rain, or had to help a friend, right? So why do if you can’t get out if bed? You can’t always control it. So what I do is planing, and instead of feeling bad about what I haven’t done, I feel good about what I have done. Sometimes, looking at lost dates is hard. So I close my agenda and just make a to-do list, crossing the items when I get to them, and never following orders. And remember to put small tasks in your list as well! 

  Have a routine before studying, and have a routine before studying when you’re not feeling good. This helps your brain associate that it needs to concentrate. 

 I have three routines, for example:
 In my normal days, I just stretch, drink cold water and put some music I like and get straight to studying hard.
 On my sad days, I take a cold shower, eat a snack and play some concentration games. Only then I get to studying, and I start with baby steps - I tend to watching videos or listening to poadcasts first. It takes a while, but anything you can do you need to feel proud about.
  On my hipomaniac days, I go for walks or even runs. I need to tire my body a bit or I can’t focus. Then I take two glasses of water and a shower. Only THEN I study, and usually start with reading, to remind myself that while I have a lot of energy and feel good, it won’t do anything without discipline. 

  Find out what works for you. On bad days it will take a while, but if it gets you going, it is more than worth it. 

  Exercise. And again, it is okay when you can’t - and not a privilege of us neuroatypicals. But exercises are good ways to control your body chemistry. I have three exercise routines - again, for normal days in which I have energy, for days when I have less energy and for days in which I have WAY too much energy. You also don’t need to do this everyday, this is me, but have a schedule. And never fear to break schedules. Also, eat healthy.

  Remember: mental illness is all about chemistry, which is frustrating, but also means you can hack it. And not just with medication. 

  Talk about your feelings, and not only when they’re bad. If you can afford a therapist, great. If you don’t, regularly talk to hotlines or trustworthy persons. Or just write about it. It really works to reduce your number of crises.

  Power posing. Talking about hacking brain chemistry! I learnt this from a lecture called Our Body Language Shapes Who We Are, from psychologist Amy Cuddy - you can find it at TED. And it changed my life. Posing like Wonder Woman or all star spread for two minutes gets your cortisol (stress hormone) levels down, and your testosterone levels up! Sounds silly, but it does work. Also, it does look kinda silly so you can laugh and have fun while at it.

  Have safety plans for every bad emotion you feel. I make lists I can look at when an emotion is overwhelming and pick something to do. Things like anxiety crises, sadness, anger, apathy and self destructive thoughts. This will help you reduce the times of this bad emotions and refrain it from growing into worse things, such as episodes. 

  Motivation. Motivation is important to anyone. I love lists - especially because I can hide them if they’re making me feel bad - so I have one for this as well. Things such as: 

  •  I love learning 
  •  Studying is a way of having control over my brain 
  • I want to be a teacher that makes a difference

  I also love listening to Sia’s The Greatest, it’s kinda of my fighting song. If you have one, blast it and perform it ridiculously around your room until your dog is staring at you like you bring dishonor to the family - or is it just my life. 

  Find your motivation and keep it to your chest. ]

  Try out different study methods in different states. Look at posts at studying tips - always remembering that some might not work for you, and that’s not (just) because of your illness, and that’s ok, that’s why they are so many - and use them to build your study routines. Routines are great because they bring safety and help you when you’re lost. 

 Sometimes you can’t control your sleep. It is important to try, however, don’t blame yourself if your brain just make it impossible some days. This is to the folks that are on the bipolar spectrum and like me can go 5 days straight with a maximum of 4 hours of daily sleep. If you know you can’t control it, don’t force it. It will make you feel anxious and you get MORE enrgy and impulsiveness. Tiring your body and brain helps. 

  There are days when it is three a.m. and I just can’t sleep but am not feeling bad. On those days, I work for a maximum of two hours. It is a nice moment for putting your reading in day. But never do this for many consecutive days, you’ll feel like a zombie later. However, it can help with getting something done. And it is especially calming for unrest. 

  Remember that bad days happen and you’re allowed to feel, to cry and rest. And that you’re never a burden when you need help or talk about your feelings. You are only human. Have routines, break routines. Do crazy wishes like decorating a Christmas tree in the middle of June. Pamper yourself. And just never give up. 

Hope some of this helped.


Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Description: reader is a shy person that doubts herself a lot, but a certain boy inspires her

Warnings: none, except this literally sucks so bad and I hate it but it was anon requested o I hope you like it anon I’m sorry this sucks
Disclaimer: I usually write my reader inserts as girls, but if anybody wants a nonbinary or male reader inserts, I’m 100% down for it! Just let me know :-)


It was almost cliche the way I met Jughead.

We took creative writing together, as well as a few other classes. Our teacher had given us our first project that we would have to present to the class, either a short story or a poem. Usually, my teachers would give me a free pass on the “presenting” part, because of my phobia of public speaking, but this year I wasn’t getting the special treatment. My creative writing teacher told me she would cut my grade straight in half if I didn’t present.

I panicked the entire week, hoping that somehow I could just get out of it. I thought about faking sick, or telling the teacher I had family troubles, but I knew they wouldn’t buy it. I tried piecing together bits of poems I had, but nothing worked. I was too stressed about going up in the front of the class to be inspired. The day before the presentation, I had nothing. Nada. Zip. I couldn’t get myself to piece anything together.

I plopped down in to my usual seat in the back of the class, frustrated and near in tears at this point. I heard a bag drop beside me and turned my head to see Riverdale’s official loner and the boy that infatuated me, Jughead Jones. He nodded his head silently and gave me a small half smile before pulling out his laptop and cracking his knuckles. He began typing furiously, as if he was on a mission to empty his head and film the blank document on his screen. I knew that much was true, since Jughead was always lost in thought and always writing.

An idea popped in to my head and I began to write, my pencil flying across my paper and the brick wall of writers block inside my head broke, a river of inspiration now flowing. It was funny how quickly it snapped, yet, that’s how it always happens.

“Whatcha writing?” I jumped 6 feet in the air from my seat, my hands flying as they covered my paper.I whipped my head around to see Jughead had his elbows resting on my desk and an innocent smile plastered from cheek to cheek, while his head rested in the palms of his hands.

“N-nothing, just working on the assignment for tomorrow.“I answered truthfully.I wasn’t too surprised he had spoken to me. It wasn’t like I had never said a word to Jughead. I was friends with Betty and Kevin, and Jughead and I were lab partners.

"Can I read it?” Jughead flashed me a grin, as if he was silently begging me.

“Y-you’ll hear it tomorrow.” I giggled, ducking my head over the paper, my hair falling around it like a cloak and keeping it hidden from the eyes of the slightly snoopy boy.

Tomorrow came, and all of a sudden, It was my turn to go up to present to the class. The teacher called my name and I stood up from my seat in the back, walking nervously to the front and clutching the paper with my poem in my hands. I made it to the front and looked up to 25 pairs of eyes staring back at me.

“T-this is a poem I wrote, called "infatuation” .“ I spoke nervously. I cleared my throat and looked down at my paper, not before seeing Betty giving me a reassuring thumbs up.

"Your mind is an etch a sketch, erasing and creating thoughts in your mind a thousand times over.I wonder what occupies the mess that is that etch a sketch.”

I began reading.I read off each paragraph, feeling the eyes of my peers boring in to my skull.

“And that is why you are my infatuation, you capture my attention, you are the center of my affection, maybe someday, you’ll look back in my direction.”
I finished.

The class clapped loudly and I blushed, handing the teacher a copy of my work and making my way back to my seat quickly.

"That, was incredible.” I turned to my side to see Jughead smiling at me.

“I-it was alright.I threw it together in a day.” I responded modestly.

“Are you doing anything after school?” Jughead leaned over, resting his elbows on my desk.

“Nothing actually, might go home and find something to watch on TV.”

“Well, what do you say to ditching those plans and joining me at Pop’s?” Jughead grinned, waiting for my answer.

“I think that would be nice.” I smiled.

And months from now, when that same boy would be lying on my bed and come across that poem I had presented that day, and he would look up and ask me “Who was that poem about?” I would just smile and lean over to kiss him before answering “You, silly.”

i hate how math is almost always taught assuming that you dont want to be learning it. almost all of my math teachers have said something along the lines of “i know you dont want to be here” or “as if that wasnt bad enough, you also have to do this step!” or “dont worry, you dont have to take any more math classes after this semester”. maybe more people would enjoy math if it was taught like the exciting subject it is.

i vividly remember when my passion for math was sparked, in grade nine when we were doing trig. my teacher did an example where we calculated the height of a building by measuring its shadow and using the position of the sun. i thought it was so amazing that you could do that! measure a building using its shadow?!? incredible!!!

then of course in grade 11 physics i was blown away by the knowledge of the way things work we can calculate using math. the consistencies in the laws of nature were mind blowing to me, especially conservation of mechanical energy. math is such a powerful tool we can use to describe and study such a broad range of subjects. im determined and excited to gain a solid understanding of math so that i can help solve some of our generations mysteries in physics.

but its honestly so deflating to have my peers and i addressed as if we’re expected to hate learning math, as if its a chore or an unfortunate obligation.

idk thats just something that bugs me.

Dealing with a bad grade or negative thoughts:

I have had a huge number of messages and inboxes asking about how to deal with a bad grade, or how to feel better about the fact that they have to much work to do/think they are going to fail their exams. I thought I’d make a post addressing this, in the hope that it will be helpful to some of you :)


  • The first thing you have to do is to accept that you have got the grade you have gotten - whether that is a B instead of your usual A, or it is a fail grade.
  • Try and analyse why you got that grade. Is it something as simple as not working hard for that assignment? Or did you work hard and still not achieve the grade you wanted - then the issue might be exam technique, timing etc. 
  • It is so important to talk in this situation. Talk to your teachers about the grade you got, and about how to improve - do they think this is a one off? Or is there something they can do to help if they think you might be struggling with the material. The worst thing you can do is to deny the grade and just withdraw yourself.
  • As hard as it sounds, look at this ‘bad’ grade as something good. Take this opportunity to learn from any mistakes you might have made. Correct the paper you didn’t do well in so that it is up to full marks, try and see exactly why you didn’t get the marks you missed.
  • Then start working on an action plan of how to do better next time. The worst thing to do would be to stall completely and get focused on this one bad grade. If you focus too much on it then you won’t be able to progress and learn from what you did wrong. Instead of focusing on the fact that you got a bad grade, look forward to the next test and be determined to smash it!
  • If you are in the position that this isn’t a one off, and you are finding a particular subject and its exams very hard, maybe you should looking at getting a tutor? Talk to your teachers to see if they can give you extra questions, or one-to-one sessions during lunch/after-school. Your teachers want to help you, so utilise them.

Changing your attitude and thinking positively:

  • A lot of you have sent me messages telling me that you are scared to fail, or that you are sure that the work you’re doing won’t pay off etc. In cases like this I think it’s you attitudes that need to change.
  • If you take the stand that you will fail your exams, that because you are getting bad grades now you’ll obviously fail in summer so there’s no point even trying etc. etc. of course you aren’y going to do well! You need to think positively in order to succeed.
  • Start telling yourself that you will succeed, that you will pass, that you are good enough - even if you don’t believe it at first. If you keep that mantra going around your head, your attitude will shift and you will start feeling better about your situation.
  • Don’t dwell on the past - on grades you have got earlier in the term etc. just keep focused on the future, and the things you have to do in order to get where you want to go.
  • Keep reminding yourself of your goals and aspirations. If ever you are feeling unmotivated or in doubt of yourself, remember what you want to achieve and think about what you have to do to get there, and how much you want to get there - this will help motivate you and empower you.

Remember that bad grades do not define you. You are worth so much more than some letters on a piece of paper, so make sure you are happy and healthy before you start worrying about a bad grade. Good luck all of you! :)

Wanna Be Yours

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Summary: Reader finally confronts Dean about something they’ve known is long overdue…

Pairing: Professor!Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Warnings: language, smut (sub!Dean, dom!reader)

A/N: Oh I love writing fics like this. Quote for this one was, “If you want me to get naked, you’ll have to convince me it’ll be worth my time.”…

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A Broken Heart

Character: Jungkook (BTS)
Word count: 2497
Summary: Young Jungkook finds out one weekend what a broken heart really feels like | #fluff #babysitter!au

Related stories: You’re Like a ButterflySave Me, Save Me

a/n: omg these babysitter stories are so fun to write! baby bts are so cute I can’t ;;w;;

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Bad teacher. (Alex Standall)

Title: Bad teacher.

Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: heeyyy i love your account and was wondering if i could get an alex standall imagine when y/n has a panic attack in class and texts alex and he meets her in the hallway and helps calm her down?? if not that’s chill but if you do thank you!! have a great day :)            

Word Count: 800 words

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: Bad teacher, bad grade, principal’s office.

Warning: Panic Attack (it’s on a low level, but I want you to be prepared in case it can hurt someone’s sensibility.)

Author’s Note: I love you all. Continue requesting. I felt like I kind of familiarize with this one because once I had a problem with​ a teacher. And it ended a little messed up. Also, I’m having a lot of trouble with my laptop. It’s just doesn’t work like it should, so it’s harder for me to post. I’m sorry. On Wednesday, I’m not posting anything because it’s my birthday ;) I’ll keep you informed when I’ll post.

Two hours of this class, I never liked it. The teacher hated me, a lot. He always stared at me for an hour while everyone else did the examples he wrote on the board. Then, when I finished mine, he said they were wrong and he never signed anything I did. He thought how bad student I was, and told the director I should reconsider another school to study Maths.

Every week I had this class, I freaked out. I tried to skip class, but Alex always told me it wasn’t the best. Now, here I was.

“Y/n, he wrote your name on the board.” Sheri whispered to me and I at first surprised.

“Mrs. Y/L/N, would you make me a favor and tell me what did you do for homework?” He said rudely.

“We had to-” Everyone was looking at me, and some started giggling. “Check the exam you gave us. With-” The teacher stood up and made a weird noise from his throat.

“I’m tired of you, Mrs. Y/L/N. You can never do something good. I ask you to do a simple task, and you can’t even do that. Are you sure you can even think?”

Some girls at the front laughed and I had some tears coming out already. He laughed again.

“Someone can answer me that question? Because it looks like Y/n, can't​ do it.” He ended and Sheri took my hand.

No matter how much I studied, he just didn’t like me. He wasn’t like this with everyone, only with me. Sheri held me stronger and I felt so weak at that moment. Tears already were on my face and my hands were shaking. The teacher stood up and start to deliver the past exams. I studied really hard and I knew I had a good result.

“Here’s your exam. You’re so silly.” He said while I took my exam from his hands.

I got an F. Really? I studied hard enough for this test, this must be wrong. But unfortunately, before any words came to me, tears arrived first. Something was stuck in my throat. I felt my mouth drier than usual and it was getting harder to breath.

“Sheri, I need to go out.” I told her and she nodded.

I stood up and walk to his seat trying to clean my face.

“Can I go out?” I whispered and he laughed.

“Get out of my class, you’re not doing anything anyways.” He pushed me a little and I went to the corridor on my way to the bathroom.

“Y/n?” Alex’s voice interrupted me. But I tried to keep walking. “Hey.” He touched my arm and pushed me against his chest, and I hugged him. “Clay, can you leave us?”

Clay was here too? Now he saw me crying, but Alex’s chest was comforting. He caressed my back slowly and rested his jaw on my head.

“Hey, I’m here. What happened?” He continued hugging me but I cried again. “You want some water?” I nodded and he took his water bottle out. “Here is some paper.” I cleaned my nose and handled him my exam. He opened the paper and looked confused at it. “First of everything, are feeling better? Take some chocolate.” He gave me a chocolate bar he had in his pocket. “You’ll feel better, I promise.”

I grabbed it carefully, and take a bite of it. He took from his backpack a notebook and take out a paper. Then started to compare it with my exam.

“Come with me.” I held his hand, and we walked. He holding the two sheets of paper, and holding my hand while I ate his chocolate bar. We arrived at the principal office but he never stopped holding me. “Hey, can we talk to the principal?” He announced to the principal's​ secretary. I ended his chocolate bar and he touched carefully my hand. “I promise you’ll be fine.” We waited around 20 minutes, not doing anything just sitting there. Alex holding my hand all the time, or hugging me. I just wanted to have him with all during everything. Sheri texted me, but I ignore the notification and continued waiting with Alex.

We entered with the principal. And he saw us with a concerned look. I had a messed up make up, and Alex looked angry. His grin was usually calm, but this time he wasn’t like the principal expected.

“We have a problem with a teacher.” Alex stated and he put the two pages on the table. “This are the same questions, both are our exams but hers has a bad grade. And it’s unfair.”

And just like that. Mom came to see the situation, the teacher got mad, and they finally took me out of his class.

Alex stayed all day there, holding my hand.

Dear Straight People,

Who do you think you are?

Do you have to make it so obvious that I make you uncomfortable?

Why do I make you uncomfortable?

Do you know that makes me uncomfortable?

Now we’re both uncomfortable.

Dear Straight People,

You’re the reason we stay in the closet.

You’re the reason we even have a closet.

I don’t like closets, but you made the living room an unshared space

and now I’m feeling like a guest in my own house.

Dear Straight People,

Sexuality and gender? Two different things

combined in many different ways.

If you mismatch your socks, you understand.

Dear Hip-Hop,

Why are you fascinated with discovering gay rappers?

Gay people rap. Just like gay people ride bikes and eat tofu.

Dear Straight People,

I don’t think God has a sexual orientation,

but if she were straight, she’d be a dope ally.

Why else would she invent rainbows?

Dear Straight Women,

I mean, “Straight Women.”

Leave me the fuck alone!

Dear Straight Men,

If I’m flirting with you

it’s because I think it’s funny. Just laugh.

Dear Straight People,

I’m tired of proving that my love is authentic. So I’m calling for reparations.

When did you realize you were straight? Who taught you?

Did it happen because your parents are divorced?

Did it happen because your parents are not divorced?

Did it happen because you sniffed too much glue in 5th grade?

Dear Straight People,

Why do you have to stare at me when I’m holding

my girlfriend’s hand like I’m about to rob you?

Dear Straight People,

You make me want to fuckin’ rob you!

Dear Straight Allies,

thank you, more please!

Dear Straight Bullies,

You’re right. We don’t have the same values.

You kill everything that’s different.

I preserve it.

Tell me, what happened to

Jorge Mercado?

Sakia Gunn?

Lawrence King?

What happened to the souls alienated

in between too many high school walls,

who planned the angels of their deaths in math class,

who imagined their funerals as ticker-tape parades,

who thought the afterlife was more like an after party.

Did you notice that hate

is alive and well in too many lunch rooms,

taught in the silence of too many teachers,

passed down like second hand clothing

from too many parents.

Dear Queer Young Girl,

I see you.

You don’t want them to see you

so you change the pronouns in your love poems to “him” instead of “her.”

I used to do that.

Dear Straight People,

You make young poets make bad edits.

Dear Straight People,

Kissing my girlfriend in public without looking to see who’s around

is a luxury I do not fully have yet.

But tonight, I am drunk in my freedom,

grab her hand on the busiest street in Philadelphia,

zip my fingers into hers and press our lips firmly,

until we melt their stares into a standing ovation, imagine

that we are in a sea of smiling faces,

even when we’re not

and when we’re not,

we start shoveling,

digging deep into each other’s eyes we say,

“Hey Baby, can’t nothing stop this tonight”

because tonight, this world is broken

and we’re the only thing

that’s going to keep it together.

anonymous asked:

Headcanon where jungkook is a hip hop dancer and jimin does ballet and JK's coach tells him he has to take lessons from jimin cause he needs the extra practice on some techniques and so he does but they end up getting frustrated with e/o and that results in yelling which leads to them making out and then they end up together the next week and it's all fluffy and cute

i’ve actually read a fic like exactly with this plotline. i’ll try to make it as different as i can! (here is the fic). i love dancer au’s, they are like my fave ever how did you know?? i’m including sungdeuk, momo from twice, and hakyeon from vixx in this hc as well :) this is angstier than anticipated also. GUYS I’M REALLY SORRY IF THIS SUCKS IT’S SO FUCKING LATE IT’S LIKE 5AM AND i have lost all ability to comprehend any of this but i was determined to finish it before bed.

+ “it’s okay jungkook. don’t get too worked up about it,” namjoon said patting jungkook on the back. jungkook thought he probably couldn’t look more pathetic than he did right now, with his forehead planted on the mcdonald’s table. 

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Bad Writing Advice

In Year 9, an English teacher at my high school handed down a piece of writing advice so terrible I still want to take her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her.

“Don’t write if you don’t have anything to say.”

I’ll be honest, this killed my motivation for about a term. I’d write, but it didn’t feel good enough. I was fourteen and still becoming my own person. I didn’t have many opinions outside, “I like this book, but this other one bores me. Wow, I really hope I don’t have maths today. Oh, fuck, I do. Better buy a one-way ticket to Misery City.”

So my list of passionate opinions was fairly short, and even when I tried to include them, it felt like trying to wedge an aeroplane sideways through a railway tunnel. On top of that, I didn’t have enough experience as a writer to include a specific message or theme.

Like most, I started writing because I was enthusiastic about storytelling, and I wanted to make a mix of cool elements that appealed to me. Stuff that might appear shallow to someone else, but is actually the product of hours of fun, and marks a few hundred words of progress in someone’s writing journey. Work which is worthwhile because of its imperfections, because it’s part of the training wheels stage.

But to be told that I wasn’t writing for the right reasons? That cut my legs out from under me, and all my previous momentum sent me crashing into the bushes, motivation scratched and ego bruised.

I eventually went back to doing things the way I wanted to, but it nagged at me. An adult, one in charge of an English class, surely knew better than I did, right? Was I self-sabotaging by ignoring her? Would I ever write anything actually worthwhile?

I chewed the ends of pencils, rubbed holes in paper with my eraser, stared at a blinking cursor, all while wondering if the thousand words I’d just written were fundamentally useless.

Ten years on, I’ve made a lot of progress. I continued to read frequently, write constantly, and everything I’ve written has been something I’m interested in.

And I found my voice, opinions, and thematic interests along the way.

So, today, I’m amending that advice and turning it from something that restrained me into something that, hopefully, might offer a little freedom.

“If you keep writing, you’ll find something to say.”

One year I had an English teacher (10th grade) go on sick leave for a very long time, so we got a substitute. 
The substitute was great, everyone learned better, more kids were passing the class, everyone got better grades. (Honestly we all hoped she wouldn’t come back for the rest of the year, but of course, she did.)
When she came back she didn’t want to believe that he could have taught better than her, so she dropped everyone a letter grade.

When my sister had her in 10th grade asked the class “How many of you want to go to college?”
About half the class raised their hands.
“Alright” she said “ Only about half of you raising your hands will make it to college.”

The same teacher also then said
“I’m the only 10th grade English teacher here, so if you don’t like me that’s just too bad.
Oh, and if I get a call from your parents saying you’ve complained about me, well then we’re done. You’ll get to stay in the class and get taught, but you won’t be getting any extra help from me, you’ll just be out of luck.”

The American school system everybody.
Teachers who don’t care about the students get to stay forever.
Great teachers usually get let go before they can make a difference.

anonymous asked:

Hi. Question that I bet you've already received and answered re: your post about being attracted to women but being unable to visualise a relationship with one? For you, if you don't mind sharing, what was it that brought you to pursue a relationship with a woman in the first place? Personally I'm in a place where I think there's a potential for a relationship, but I don't know if I want it partly *because* she's a woman? Anyway, thanks for sharing your original post. That was meaningful to me.

I’m in a position where she likes me and I’m quite attracted to her but the idea of a relationship with a woman is strange and foreign in the same way that you expressed in that original post. Anyway, it’s not like you’re Ask Annie or anythin like that. Just curious what got you from “I’m attracted to women” to “I’m married to a woman.”

hey anon, sorry for the delay — i’m pretty bad about answering asks in the simplest of cases, and this was one i wanted to knock around in my head for a bit.

i realized i liked girls when i got a crush on one in high school, completely unexpectedly. but she lived far away and thought she was straight and so while i accepted this new thing about myself it was easy to think that i’d never really have to confront it again. when i graduated my favorite teacher, to whom i’d come out as bi, said something about hoping to come to my “wedding or commitment ceremony” one day, and i remember scoffing. looking back on that moment is strange. there i was, lucky enough to have a lesbian mentor actively envisioning this future for me when no one else was going to, yet even she didn’t go so far as to imagine that i’d have the right to marry a woman, and the alternative she suggested seemed absurd to me, like something belonging to a different world from the one i knew.

going to college helped. my best friend from high school, who is gay, went to the same college and i got to watch him date in a way he hadn’t been able to before. it was a small school and by chance, he ended up in a dorm where it seemed like no one was straight, and that’s where i met her. i didn’t expect my feelings, but neither could i ignore them.

it’s a cliché, but if you’d asked me then, did i love women?, i don’t know what i would have said. but i would have been able to say that i liked her, and soon, that i loved her.

now, of course, i know that i do love women, and that that thinking was a form of denial. but in a way i think this denial had a kind of usefulness, in breaking down one of the big questions of life into one small enough for me to handle. it’s hard to grapple with whether you want Relationships With Women. it’s a lot easier to think about whether you’d like to try a relationship with this woman. the rest can wait.

i want to let you know that you have my permission to think that way, if it helps. it might not seem like the most ideologically correct thing, but as i’ve said before in this space, your job isn’t to have ideologically correct feelings, your job is to be ok. if you’re attracted to her, then questions about women in general, or the concept of womanhood, or whatever, are just kind of beside the point, at least for now. focus on what you feel about this person, specifically, and trust yourself to figure the rest out in due time, knowing that there’s no rush.

also, i have no idea what your situation is, but as always i think it’s a good idea to spend as much time around other lgbt people as possible if you’re not already, though i know that’s often easier said than done. a meetup, a hobby or volunteer group, a sports team, a band, a chorus — these things have made a world of difference to me in terms of making me feel that not being straight is normal and good, and that being true to myself is fully compatible with a rich and happy life.

my experience, of course, is just one experience, and so if others reading this would like to share your experiences around this, i encourage that. in any case, i hope this answer is helpful, anon, and that it finds you well.

Okay, this confession is going to be pretty long, but I feel like I should let this al out. I am about to be a senior in college, majoring in early childhood education. I love my major. However, my college experience has been a rollar coaster- changing my major multiple times before choosing education. My parents are beginning to accept that I’ll be a teacher in a year. It took a while for me to accept that I want to become a teacher, even though teachers don’t make a good salary. Also, my parents are immigrants and even through they’re divorced, we’ve been financially struggling (still) for as long as I can remember. This summer, my mom went homeless (living with relatives) and I saw how much she struggled trying to get an apartment… This summer has been so stressful, because it seems like we’re scraping up everything we have just to make ends meet. And it makes me feel bad that I went to college just to become a teacher… As much as I love and appreciate the profession… I don’t want my mom, my sister, and I to financially struggle anymore, and I’m considering changing my career after maybe 2 years of teaching to registered nursing (and move up to nurse practitioner)… Why not (move up to) become a principal? I don’t see myself as a leader that way, I don’t want to run a school, and I don’t want to lead teachers who are dealing with the stress that comes with being a teacher… At least as a nurse, I won’t have to compromise who I am a person, my personality and values, such as helping and caring for others, especially children.

It’s unfair that I have to worry about something like this… My classmates (who are all white) don’t even have to worry about living on a teacher’s salary because they all come from middle/upper middle class homes with generational wealth and more than half them are in greek life so they’re most likely going to marry up. I don’t have those same benefits. As a child of immigrants, from socioeconomically disadvantaged circumstances, a first generation college student, I feel like it’s up to me to make a change for me and my family for a better life.

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What about parenting AU with RFA + V + Saeran, pretty pleaseeeee? <333

ू(ʚ̴̶̷́ .̠ ʚ̴̶̷̥̀ ू)

~Like, what they’re like with kiddos? U got it. I’m a huge sucker for them as parents tbh. Marshmallow fluff ahead

◉ Yoosung

  • He’s such a good dad!
  • Very sensitive to the babies needs
  • He will stay up late to hold and rock the baby while he plays LOLOL
  • Carries photos of his kid and a family photo and shows it to everyone
  • Like
  • If he’s at the grocery store he will whip it out nonchalantly
    • “Thanks for bagging my stuff so fast! Gotta get home to the wife and kid heh heh. See, that’s them there with me, aren’t they so cute?!!!!”
    • “………I know. You showed me that just yesterday, sir.”
  • When they get a little older they sit on his lap while he plays LOLOL and they cheer for him, they love it!
    • “Go get em, daddy!”
  • Expert ouchie kisser
  • He can not say no to them ever.
  • So he’s a “go ask your mom” type of dad lol
  • You guys wear matching family shirts when you go out
  • It’s less fun for the little ones as they get older but it makes their dad happy so they groan and put them on lolol
  • Yoosung is the only one they call for in the middle of the night when they’re scared
  • Daddy is the master monster slayer in LOLOL
  • So of course, he has to come in and scare away any in the closet or under the bed

◉ Jumin

  • If it’s a girl, they’re wearing so many frills and bows OMG
  • The kids can do no wrong in his eyes
  • Everything is cute to him
  • His favorite thing with the babies is putting them to sleep
  • Will sing them lullabies while rocking them its freaking precious!!!!!!!
  • His kids will be spoiled rotten of course
  • But also have manners
  • He steps back from work to be home more after he has kids
  • Family is something that Jumin’s always felt incredibly strong about
  • He is adamant that you all have quality time together
  • And his father even changes when he sees his first grandchild
  • Him and Jumin both have strong family values, and so he actually steps back from women to spend time with his grandchildren while he still has time
  • He no longer cares about going out on dates with young pretty girls, he just wants to be around his sons family-which makes Jumin sooooo happy !!!
  • You all take lots of family vacations together
  • When they get older he likes to bring them to C&R and teach them about the business, he lets them hang out in his office
  •  He opens up so many new products related to children after becoming a father and uses his kids as the models because he thinks they’re perfect!

◉ Zen

  • He is such a softie when it comes to his babies
  • If it’s a girl-LOOK OUT
  • He will be the dad who enjoys scaring the shit out of her boyfriends
    • “Just remember…if you touch one hair on her head…I was in a biker gang. And I’ve scouted plenty of places to hide bodies, punk.”
  • If he has a son, that’s the kid that comes home from preschool like
    • “I have 12 girlfriends!”
  • And Zen is so proud but teaches him how to be a proper gentleman
  • The kids help him practice and run lines
  • They put on performances for you in the living room
  • Constantly gloating about them and posting pictures online
  • His fans are oBSESSED with the kid pics tbh they love his kids so much
  • They’re always sending toys and stuff in the mail for them
  • He thinks it would be so cool if they wanted to pursue an acting career like him
  • But
  • He is constantly telling them that he will support them no.matter.what.
  • He doesn’t want them to feel the same way he did when he was young
  • And he’s always super aware of what their dreams are and he always has their backs 100%

◉ Jaehee

  • Super mom
  • She can be a bit of a control freak at times but it’s all out of love
  • Has a schedule for everything and when they get older there WILL be a chore chart
  • Love to cook and bake with the kids, it’s her favorite thing
  • They’re always doing something on the weekends
  • Whether its going to a movie, the park, museum etc but she feels it’s important to get out as a family and experience stuff
  • Master of lunch packing tbh
  • Her kids always have amazing lunches
  • She never wants them to be scraping by for food and has to make sure they are eating healthy for growing minds!
  • Tiny Zen fans OMG
  • They watch his dvds together and they all gush about him its so cute
  • Their fav thing is going to his performances!!
  • Zen lets them backstage afterwards and they just jump on him and hug him
  • They’re his favorite fans–ever.

◉ Saeyoung

  • We all know he’s the goofball dad, o k
  • His kids will have meme onesies
  • He builds tons of toys made especially for them
  • They’ve always got the coolest gadgets, all their friends are constantly begging to hang out at their house
  • You will randomly walk in and your house has been made into a giant obstacle course or fort
  • He’s always encouraging them to play and have fun
  • They help him prank Yoosung
  • a lot
  • Teaches them many languages and they make fun of Yoosung and he can’t understand it and they’re just laughing and laughing and Yoosung is crying
    • “Don’t drag them into this too, Saeyoung! Stop talking about meeeee!”
  • Yes, he likes to have fun and play with them
  • But that’s only a part of it
  • He’s actually pretty strict!!!
  • Obviously, within good reason. He just wants them to be the best people they can be, and he wants to be a good father who can both tell them right from wrong as well as play around and make them laugh a lot
  • You do.not. want to come home with bad grades or have the teacher say you were goofing off in class
  • He will ground you SO FAST.
  • Tries to stress that it’s okay to have fun but there’s a time and place, and your studies come first
  • Will not tolerate them mouthing off to you, not listening or having an attitude
    • “Hey. Your mother asked you to set the table. If you don’t do it right now I’m going to send a virus to your phone and computer both and you’ll be living like a pioneer until I say otherwise.”

◉ V

  • Tender papa!!
  • So many pics of the kiddos all over the place!!
  • His favorite thing is cuddling with them, honestly
  • And they love it too !
  • Master at piggy back rides
  • Also a fan of carrying them on his shoulders when you’re out and about
  • Wants to spend all of his time with them, and enjoys taking them to school and picking them up when they start getting older
  • Family dinners are full of laughter and smiles and he loves to hear all about everyone’s day
  • Not a dad who shies away from telling his kids how proud he is of them, and how much he loves them

◉ Saeran

  • Very protective of his kids
  • His favorite thing is sleeping with you all in the bed
  • Wouldn’t let Saeyoung hold the babies for the longest time lol
  • He is the dad that wears the kids in a baby bjorn whenever you guys go out
  • When they get older he is guilty of sneaking candy and ice cream for them and himself
    • “Shhh…our secret, ok?”
  • Very loving and caring
  • He’s the type of parent that his kids trust to come with any of their problems
  • Although they hate that they can’t sneak anything by him as they grow older
  • He’s been there, done that, and will not hesitate to hack into their stuff if he feels like something fishy is going on
  • His favorite thing in the world is reading to them before they go to bed
  • He tucks them in and reads whatever book they pick out
  • Or sometimes they ask for him to make one up, so he does
  • It’s so cute
  • On the weekends you guys always have picnics in the park
  • He wants them to always be able to run and play outside and enjoy the sun and laughter
High School Band AU: Ch. 13

This was a mistake.

A really bad one. The kind of mistake you know it’s terrible from the moment you even take action. And yet, you can’t stop, it’s stronger than you, it’s cruel because it catches you on a moment you’re too confused and emotional, which, to a teenage riddled by hormones and immaturity, it can be almost everytime.

Talking back to the teacher was a huge mistake!

And you know that while you’re sitting in detention. But, as ironic as it sounds, staying in a place where nobody knows you and nobody can really judge it’s exactly what you need right now.

You kissed a college guy. So what? The guy has a girlfriend. Well, morally questionable, but it’s not something we don’t see everyday. So why are you feeling so bad to the point you’ve been distracted in class and avoiding the Mystic Messenger crew for dear life? Nobody knows what you’ve done, but it takes a glance at one of them for you to feel like your deepest sins are out for everybody to know.

So lowering your gaze when you notice Saeran sitting on the desk next to you feels like the most natural move.

“Oh yeah… ‘Hi, Saeran! How are you?’ if you don’t know, that’s what you do when you meet someone you know.” He whispers.

“Hi, Saeran…”

“Huh? I mean, yeah, that’s what a normal person would do, but you’re not normal, so you should say ‘shut up, you little piece of shit, it’s not like you would say hi to me either, you jerk! Blah blah blah girl stuff blah blah…”

“I guess…” you don’t need to look at him to know he’s staring at you with a mortified expression.

“Okay, are sure you shouldn’t Go see the nurse? You’re obviously sick!” he reaches his hand to touch your forehead. “You’re really sick, usually you would bite me for doing this or whatever…”

“What are you saying? I would never bite you!” you slap his hand away, lowering your gaze again “Keep your fetishes to yourself…”

“Whew, there she is…” he sighs sharply, and it’s hard not to look at him and laugh at him for being so silly.

“What are you doing here?” you ask, trying to dodge from being the topic.

“What do you think? I did bad shit and this is punishment.”

“What did you do?”

“Well, uhm… because, uhm… anger issues and maybe… walking around with a razor?”

Oh yeah… you already knew about the razor. He used it to defend you from the senior that day. No, why using an euphemism? The guy saved you, just admit it.

But you didn’t know you weren’t the only one to know he had the habit of walking around armed. Probably some teacher found it and… wait, but that doesn’t make sense!

“Shouldn’t you get expelled or something instead of just going to detention?”

“Good to know you want me expelled, MC.” You roll your eyes, and he laughs. “No, I mean, yeah… I should if…the school’s social worker didn’t know I might have some… issues back at home, which explains my violent nature… so uhm… I can stay here as long as I do counseling along with being in detention.”

“Oh, like some kind of social rehab?”

“Yeah, something like this…” he looks away, obviously embarrassed. Well, there’s no reason to, this is something understandable…

“Well, uhm… it’s nice that you have this chance.”

“It is.” Both of you look ahead, you wonder if it is because you’re both thinking of this or just… being a little thrilled by his sudden moment of honesty and no bickering from neither parts. “What about you? Why are you here?”

“Because I’m a mess.” You growl, remembering what brought you here.

“Well, did you… did you just notice this now?” you glare at him, making him laugh. “I mean…  being a mess isn’t exactly punishable.”

“I called the math teacher a… ‘fartknocker’.” He muffles a laugh, bending over his desk.

“You don’t even know how to curse someone! You’re so… dorky.”

“Shut up.”

“Oh, I will before you call me a fartknocker.” He laughs, and you try to hold back a wry smile. “I mean, it was only a matter of time for you to cuss a teacher, but you should at least have called him something that it isn’t funny!”

“I was just… look, I was mad, it was the first thing to cross my mind.”

“Why were you so angry?”

“It… it doesn’t matter.” You cross your arms, avoiding his gaze. Like if he could read beneath your eyes.

“Uhh, so dark and mysterious… I’m almost starting to like you.”

“So I’ll shut up before you do.” He chuckles breathlessly. Are you that funny or is he just mocking you? Jerk…

“Let’s get out of here.” He gets up, throwing his bag on his shoulder.

“What? No…”

“Come on! You don’t have to be in detention for such a lame thing like that. And I… don’t want to stay in detention. Let’s ditch this.”


“He won’t wake up. Believe me, I’m here almost every day and he doesn’t even notice when people ditch this.” He notices you were looking at the teacher. Oh… so he’s sleeping? You thought he was just super into that newspaper… okay, he was clearly sleeping and you’re stupid. What the hell?

“But is it… really okay for you to ditch this, Saeran? I mean… isn’t this part of your rehab or something?”

“Well, it’s not like I’ll be recovered and ready to reintegrate the academic environment properly watching that fartknocker snore.” You roll his eyes as he smiles teasingly. “Come on, he won’t even notice we’re gone.”

“Why do you want me to go with you so bad?” he furrows his eyebrows, apparently annoyed.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want. I thought you would like to be out of this hell, but if you want to stay and listen to his fascinating dreams about cars made out of pizza, knock yourself out.”

“As interesting as pizza cars sound…” you hear the teacher inhaling deeply “… yeah, let’s ditch this.”

You’ve never stayed till so late at school. It’s… a little more terrifying than you thought. Are the hallways always that long? And the stairs to the library look like the path to hell with the orange shade of the sunset hitting the walls like that.

“Are you scared?” no, the actual hell is having to hear Saeran’s teasing tone.

“Shut up.” He speeds his steps a little, making you run behind him. “Where… where are we going?”

“You? Have no idea. Me? It’s none of your business.”

“Did you really convince me to get out of there with you and now you’ll leave me here… alone… in the… dark?” you look around, trying not to hug yourself.

“Well, I was going to… but if you’re going to shit yourself and cry, I better be around to take some pics.”  Grrr, he is… Ah he is such an asshole!

“Go fuck yourself!” you turn on your heels and tries to stomp out of there, but he reaches you and holds you by the arm.

“Hey, I was just messing with you! Come on…”

“No, I don’t need this shit right now, Saeran! I really don’t!  You have no idea how terrible I feel and the last thing I need is you making me feel worse!”

“Jeez, calm your ass down, MC! I’m… I’m sorry.” You glare at him, crossing your arms. “Don’t be mad…” oh my god… what’s with the pout? He’s acting like a kid!

You sigh, trying to calm down. He’s a jerk, but you would be even worse if you decide to take on him. Would he ever do something like you did? It’s hard to tell how far can go the morality of a guy who has a razor…

“I’m not mad. I’m just… okay, I’m angry. But… not at you. Don’t worry… I’m sorry for yelling at you…” you look at him. To his hair, actually, you don’t dare to look at him in the eyes.

“Prove that you’re sorry.” What the…

“Excuse me?”

“I’ll only forgive you if you come with me.” He turns his back on you and starts walking. “Hurry or you’ll be alone here and I ain’t coming back to pick you up.”

Pffff, he’s bluffing. Isn’t he? ISN’T HE? Shit, better run!

You go after him. He is going to… the baseball pitch? Wait, no… there is this place behind the pitch, you’ve heard about it, it’s the…

“Welcome to paradise.” He says, making an exaggerated gesture for you to enter. “It looks like it will cave in at any moment, I know, but it won’t… I think.”

“What is here?”

“Hum? Oh, it used to be the gym warehouse before they built a new one. Now it’s where we hang.”


“Yeah, you know… the weirdos.” He scratches the back of his head. “Let’s go!” he snorts in impatience, grabbing your wrist.

Okay, it’s not that bad on the inside. A lot of the weidos are the art kids, so of course there a lot of cool paints in the walls. As you walk in, there ‘s a little tent that it looks made of trash bags, where a punching bag and some instruments are places like someone just left the place.

“Those fuckers… if my sticks aren’t here, I’ll really… oh, here they are!” he twirls them on his hands.

“Is it safe to leave instruments like this here?”

“Nobody has guts to come in here ever since the rumors about the goth kids doing rituals here.”

“Were the rumors true?”

“Well, if you get possessed or something, we’ll find out.” You laugh… trying to not let him see you shivering. “Are you calm now?”

“A little more, I guess…” you look away. “But I’m still… angry.”

“Who made you get so angry?”

“Me…” you sigh, looking at nowhere.

“Ah yeah… you’re pretty annoying.” You glare at him. “I’m just kidding. Why are you mad at yourself?”

“Because… I did something stupid, something… really hurtful to a lot of people.”

“Did you cut someone with a razor?”


“So you’re cool, don’t worry.”

“Oh… believe me, what I did can bring a lot more damage than a razor. I… am such a bad person, Saeran…” you lower your gaze. “And I’m so… pissed at myself, I’m so… grrrrr! I’m so… you know how I can be a itch most of the times? I can be salty, mean and sarcastic, but I never… ever felt this… anger, is just so… ughhh!”

“You know the counselor tells me there’s nothing wrong with getting angry, it’s like… a sign that you still care. The thing is how you… express the anger that makes the difference, or some shit like this, I don’t pay much attention.”

“Said the guy with a razor.”

“Because I’m still learning! Like that shit you said once, how was it… ‘progress, not perfection’?” yeah, at Yoosung’s basement… wait, was he there? Didn’t he make a whole scene before entering? Oh, he was really waiting to make an entrance, huh? “Anyway… you have to learn how to… channel your angry into something productive. Look around you, this place is riddled with anger, whether it’s in paintings, punching bags and…” he hits the ride cymbal “…music.”

He adjusts every component of the drum carefully. It’s fun to watch him like this, so focused and… with his mouth shut. Ugh… drummers are areally cool, aren’t they?

Good lord, you have a thing for drummers. Damn you, Ashton Irwin!

No, but it’s not just that… say whatever you want about Saeran, but the prick is talented! He knows what he’s doing. He… can be really decent when he wants, like that time he saved you, like… right now, when he is trying to comfort you and… prove to you you’re not the piece of shit you are. He is… a cool prick.

Cool enough to make you stand right beside him as your eyes watch his intently. What is this? He’s not playing anymore, why is your heart pounding so fast?

It’s already night when you and him leave the school. You shoot some quick glances at him as you pass next to the baseball pitch, he looks as nervous as you, though he always looks a little nervous about something.



“I…think I made a very rude comment about you being a mama’s boy or something some time ago.”

“You asked me if my mom was going to be mad at me for being late.” Oh… he remembers every single word of it.

“Yeah… I’m sorry for that. I… Saeyoung told me you guys have some problems with her and…”

“She’s an alcoholic and we have to be home early to make sure she’s not doing anything stupid to get sent to jail. It’s a pain in the ass to keep bailing her out.” Oh…

“Oh… shit, Saeran. This is… are you okay?”

“Of course not! Don’t you think I’m terrified to end up like her?”

“Saeran… you… you won’t.”

“How can you be so sure, MC?”

“Because… you’re angry about this, so… it means you care.” He widens his eyes, his eyes look so glossy… is he crying? “I know it probably means shit to you, but… I’m really sorry for you, Saeran, nobody deserves this, your brother doesn’t deserve this, you don’t deserve this, you…”

You stop breathing for a second when you feel his arms circling you. You try to look at him, but his face is buried in your hair. Hesitatingly, you hug him back. When he finally exhales, you feel comfortable to stroke the strands in the back of his head.

“I’ll be the judge if it means shit to me or not.” His voice is muffled, but you’re sure is breaking.

“Whatever you say.” You lean your head on his.

He walks you home. Now it’s your turn to look nervous, what should you say now? The guy who always looked so aloof and ready to tell you to go to hell is actually the most vulnerable. Vulnerable enough to open up with you, like no other member of the band did, like… nobody ever did to you.

“You didn’t need to walk me home. Now you’re late.”

“It’s fine. Saeyoung is home, so it will be fine for today. The hell I would let a girl walk alone at night. I’m not that douchy, you know? I…” you stand on your tip toes to plant a kiss in his cheek, oh, now he is definitely blushing, especially because you miscalculated and kissed a little too close to the corner of his mouth. “What the hell? What… what was… what was that for?”

“I know you’re not the douche you try to be, so I just wanted to shut your mouth.”


“Hey! I could have punched you to shut you, be grateful!” he rolls his eyes and chuckles. “Good night, Saeran.”

“Good night, MC.”

You watch as he walks away. Before he turns the street corner and is completely out of your sight, you can almost swear you saw him brushing the cheek you kissed lightly.

You go to your bedroom feeling a heat glowing inside your chest, your stomach is empty, but you’re not hungry. Oh… could this be… butterflies in the stomach, as people say? You’ve never felt anything like this before!

Is this normal? You didn’t feel anything like this when you kissed V. Oh god… you kissed V! Rika’s boyfriend!

The night with Saeran was so thrilling and sweet it almost made you forget you’re a horrible person.


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