i want to have a room for a closet like stacy

Cool Kids

Kathy met Nick one day in the middle of the school year. It wasn’t any sort of unusual day, Kathy hadn’t woken up feeling any different and everything went as it normally did. She checked herself on the scale in the morning, depression flooding her as she noticed she hadn’t lost a single pound and then she went about the rest of the time getting ready for school.

That was normal too, the girls and boys laughed and whispered about her and a nice little pink note that read ‘Piggy’ with a crudely drawn pig on it was waiting for her, stuffed into her locker rather viciously.

She had gone into the bathroom to cry and it was when she looked up into the mirror after washing her face that she saw him, the tall, handsome boy that she’d never seen before and hadn’t heard come in.

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Ungrateful Part. 1

Requested: No

Summary: Peter Parker found his soulmate in kindergarten, and started dating them at age 11, but he still can’t seem to shake his feelings for a certain Gwen Stacy. 

Word Count: 1,636

Part 1 

Part 2 

Part 3

A/N: This is supposed to turn out angsty, but we’ll see how this goes. Also I know this isn’t 100% accurate to the movie but to baddddd.

2 months before the bite

When Peter Parker was 5 years old he met his soulmate. While most people met their soulmate as a young adult, or if they’re lucky as a teen, but Peter Parker was blessed by knowing his soulmate nearly his entire 

What is your favorite color?” were the first words he had said to them.

Blue and red.” Y/N Y/L/N replied with a toothy grin on their face. 

He would never forget those words, he always looked at them when he was stressed or depressed or simply missed his soulmate. But there was another he had loved since he was a child as well. 

Gwen Stacy. Daughter of Captain Stacy and top of her class since middle school. In Peter’s eyes, she was perfect. So kind, funny, and smart, how could anybody want anything more? 

He shook these thoughts from his head as he walked down the halls, hand in hand with Y/N. They bumped into him playfully looking up at him with a smile on their face. 

“What’s up Handsome? Any particular reason why you’re spacing out, or is my beauty just too much for you to handle?” they inquired flirtatiously. 

He looked over at them before shaking his head and chuckling quietly, “You’re just too damn distracting Y/N.”

They stopped and faced him fully lacing the fingers of both of their hands together. 

“Are you ok though, seriously?”

He smiled at them before pecking their nose.”

“Yeah I’m fine, just tired. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to flunk my English test.”

“It’s Thursday, B - track you don’t have English today.” 

He smiled lightly before giving them a light kiss, “You’re a lifesaver, what would I do without you?”

“Perish,” They said while giggling lightly. 

Smiling they walked down the hall together until their next class. 

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anonymous asked:

I feel like a sexy cute little bechloe prompt would be a little one shot based on the song T-Shirt by Thomas Rhett haha idk why

ugh okay i’m wide awake and didn’t plan on writing anything but here i am. and also i love Trhett he’s my homie. Also, not sure if this is what you wanted but i’m sleep deprived and yeah woo.

Chloe borrowing Beca’s clothes wasn’t anything new. Friends borrowed hoodies and shirts all the time, right? But did they keep them for years afterward? Apparently so. 

They’d graduated three years ago and Chloe still had Beca’s favorite oversized (just the perfect amount of baggy) Barden t-shirt she won out of a t-shirt gun from a game the Bellas had dragged her to. She, however, has yet to ask the redhead for it back.

It was the annual Bella reunion vacation. Most people think annual means only once a year, but this was a five times a year thing. Chloe insisted. And when I say Chloe insisted, I mean she did that puppy dog eye thing that Beca couldn’t resist. Like, ever.

This trip was the last of the year, the whole team was meeting at Chloe’s parents beach house in Florida. Everyone other than Beca and Aubrey had never been, so the group chat was buzzing.

Beca: Guys. What do I pack.

Stacie: Nothing. Come naked.

Fat Amy: While some may say that is a wise decision, I strongly vote against.

CR: someone bring booze. 

Stacie: kidding. I’m bringing beach clothes mostly and like a nice outfit or something for if/when we go out to dinner.

Aubrey: please bring clothes so I don’t have to scrape my eyes out with spoons upon arrival.

Chloe: Idk Becs. I’m with Stacie on this one. From my previous experience, naked suits you well ;) 

Aubrey: I think I’m going to be sick.

Beca: keep it in your pants, Beale.

Beca blew out a puff of air and turned around to look at the eternal black hole that was her suitcase. She threw her phone on the bed and headed for her closet. Think beach. Bathing suit? Where was my new one? She called Chloe.

“Hey you. What’s up? Are you packing?”

“Well I’m trying but I can’t find half of my shit. Did I leave my new black bikini at your place after we went shopping last week? I can’t find it.”

“ohhh! maybe you WILL have to come naked. Muahaha.”

“Chloe…” Beca groaned.

“Haha sorry, nope it’s not here. Did you check in your hall closet?” Beca walked over to the closet next to her bathroom and opened the door only to find a bag from Target on the floor, indeed equipped with her brand new bikini.

“You’re creepy. I found it. Gonna go finish packing, I’ll see you and everyone else in the nuthouse tomorrow.”

“Oh hush. You’re excited.”

“Goodbyeeee Chloe.” With that she hung up the phone and walked back into her room to finish packing.

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Happiest Place On Earth

Hello everybody!! This one shot was written for Lau’s Alternate Universe Funny Quote Challenge! Congrats on reaching 2000 followers @dancingalone21! Make sure you’re following her people… seriously, if you’re not I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself, she’s amazing!!

My Quote was: “And you know what? After we kill it, we can go to Disneyland!” -Sam

AU!Sam x reader: Sam’s a teacher, you’re a dentist, you live a normal Apple pie life!

Word Count: about 1400

Warnings: Shirtless Sam, cheesy fluff, rodent death

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This may or may not be (but definitely is) vaguely based on true events with my husband… enjoy!!


There he was. Your insanely gorgeous, incredibly intelligent, dumbass husband. Crouched like an idiot in nothing but his boxers at the end of the bed, gun in hand. Granted, it only shot BB pellets, but still he looked like a madman, knees bent up under him ready to pounce from his squatting position, like a freaking cat. It reminded you vaguely of when the two of you went bird hunting. His hazel eyes were wide, methodically searching the room.

Oh my god, your room! You’d just returned from a week-long dental convention and had promptly reunited with your husband, Sam, between the sheets before falling asleep naked in his arms. But the scene that greeted you now was not the same as when you first walked in the door. You’d come home to a spotless house- being a high school English teacher, Sam had the summer’s off and always kept a tidy home. But now…It looked like a tornado had ripped your bedroom apart! The drawers of your dresser we’re all pulled out, strung haphazardly across the floor. Your shoes, usually neatly lined inside the closet, had also been flung across the room.

“Honey, WHAT are you doing??” you asked the naked man perched by your feet, propping yourself up against the pillows. His head whipped towards you, his long brown locks flipping him in the face, gun pointed towards the ceiling.

“There’s a mouse,” he deadpanned, turning away from you to continue his search.

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Skype Hijack

I was just gonna post the link but everything’s being stupid so here’s the whole thing.

The first time it happened it was a coincidence. Beca had come into their room and asked Chloe if she could go with her to listen to a mix she wanted to use for regionals. She must have forgotten about her weekly call with Aubrey, but she left her computer on her bed, on and unlocked. When the incoming skype call ringtone started, interrupting Stacie’s homework, she stood up and walked over to Chloe’s bed to shut off her laptop, her hand hovering over the keys when she saw who it was.

She sat down on the bed and accepted the call, smiling when Aubrey’s face appeared on the screen.


“Hi.” Aubrey looked surprised and a bit confused, but she managed to smile. “You’re not Chloe.”

“That is correct.” Stacie smirked. “Beca needed her to listen to a mix so she left, I’m sure she’ll be right back. How have you been?”

“I’m fine, thanks. How’s school?”

Stacie exhaled dramatically. “Hard. I’m taking way too many classes this semester.”

“You’re smart, you’ll figure it out. You always do.”

“But I don’t have anyone who’s willing to sit in the library with me after practice anymore.” Stacie pouted.

Aubrey chuckled. “I miss you too.”

Stacie couldn’t control the huge smile that took over her face. “You should come visit more often, you’d miss me a lot less.”

Aubrey rolled her eyes but she was still smiling. “I’ll think about it.”

The door slammed open and Chloe rushed back in. “Did I miss Aubrey?”

“Nope, I was keeping her entertained. I hope.” Stacie waved her fingers. “Bye, Bree. Come visit us.”

Stacie got up, letting Chloe take her spot and went back to her own bed, throwing one wistful look at the computer before going back to studying.

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Beca Mitchell does not drop the ‘L’ bomb.

Not to her father, or her mother. Jeez, especially not to her step-monster. She doesn’t say it to her friends, not Amy, Stacie, or not even Jesse. 

Beca Mitchell does not use the word.

It’s in the little things, Chloe notices, that Beca shows her love. Like in the way she makes her mixes, shares them, or how the DJ always wears the redhead’s sweatshirt, yet returns it to the older woman’s closet anyway.

It’s in the little things Beca does that Chloe can see just how much love that little brunette can muster.

Chloe’s noticed for some time now that many of the little things the DJ does that show love are often pointed at the Bellas. Silently, without making a big deal out of any of it the small brunette sprinkles her love an affection on each and every one of them.

For Stacie, each time the leggy brunette came home with a guy trailing her, Beca made sure she had plenty necessities in the bathroom for before, during, and after her company.

For Amy there was always an Advil and water next to her nightstand after a wild night out, and that there was no early practice scheduled for the next morning so the hungover Aussie would be able to rest in peace.

Legacy fell asleep hunched over her books so many nights that it just sort of became habit for Beca to turn the lights off in her room, cover the youngest Bella with a blanket, and close the book she was asleep on with a bookmark in it.

It was things like those that Chloe knew just how much Beca loved her Bella family, and showed her affection in the smallest of ways.

Whenever Chloe asked the young DJ to brew a cup of tea, full well knowing that her favorite yellow cup was dirty in the sink, the DJ would wash the cup before brewing the beverage for her redheaded co-captain.

It was just little things.

“You washed my cup,” Chloe said as Beca handed her the cup and curled into the couch of the empty Bella house next to the redhead.

“I did,” Beca smiled, grabbing some blanket and covering the two of them.

“And you’re in my sweatshirt,” Chloe set her drink down on the end table, grabbing at the fabric with her fingers.

“That’s true,” Beca said, her eyes looking right into the redhead’s.

“You don’t let anyone hear your mixes until they’re done, except me,” Chloe mumbled a little quieter this time.

“Uh huh,” the DJ nodded.

“You’re sweet,” Chloe smiled.

“You’re a dork,” Beca said.

And it was another mannerism. Another Beca idiosyncrasy. An oddity, a peculiarity. It was how Beca talked. It was how she said that ‘L’ bomb.

“I love you too,” Chloe said, snuggling back into the DJ.

“I… you know I don’t say that,” Beca looked at the girl who was nuzzled into her side.

“I know. But it doesn’t mean you don’t mean that. You wear my hoodie. And wash my cup. You let me hear your mixes,” she paused and grabbed the DJ’s hands, “you don’t have to say it, Beca.”

“I want to,” Beca sat up, “I want to say it.”


“Chloe I… I don’t know how to put my feelings into words but I guess I’ll try?” Beca looked at their hands. “You’re my best friend and I… I have such a thing for you. Chloe I’ve been fighting this for long enough okay? I… crap. I love you.”

Chloe burst into laughter, reddening Beca’s cheeks.

“I love you too, Dork,” the redhead grabbed Beca’s cheeks and brought her in for a sweet kiss.

An Alternate Interpretation of Big Wolf on Campus

Like most concepts in the horror genre, lycanthropy is often used as a metaphor. Usually with werewolves this is male puberty. This is certainly applicable in Tommy’s case, but I think there is a lens this show can be viewed from whereby being bitten by a werewolf can be interpreted as a sexual awakening, or coming to terms with one’s own sexuality.

In the first episode, Tommy is out on a camping trip with all of his male friends. “Every year me and the guys camped out at the lake[…] but this year was different […] from that night on my life would never be the same.” While there he is bitten by a werewolf, but doesn’t tell anyone what happened.

Tommy starts school in complete denial of anything having taken place during his trip. There he runs into Merton Dingle, a guy he knew since kindergarten, but just noticed for the very first time after having been bitten. His eyes glow and he nearly wolfs out upon seeing him.

Merton is clearly written to be subtextually queer. He is effeminate, likes poetry, art, theater, dancing, miming, cheerleading, watches Dawson’s Creek and The Golden Girls, insists he has too much “style” to be a nerd, dressed in drag, his speech is dramatic… I could go on.

Merton is also bullied in school for displaying his otherness so outwardly. He makes no effort to ‘stay in the closet’, if you will. Tommy doesn’t want anyone to know about his own different nature and hides it, trying to keep his good reputation with the very judgmental small-townspeople around him.

After his first encounter with Tommy, Merton notices his symptoms of lycanthropy when no one else does. Where others find werewolves frightening, Merton is clearly intrigued by them. He mentions seeing Tommy wolf out “gives [him a] thrill inside”.  When he confronts Tommy about it, he denies it. Merton lowers his voice, looking around the room before saying “It’s alright, I know about you. And I think I can help.” Tommy attacks Merton defensively, projecting his own fears about himself and calls Merton a freak. Merton backs off with a warning that Tommy shouldn’t deny what he is.

Tommy then goes on his first date with Stacy where he wolfs out fully for the first time and bails on her. He then breaks into Merton’s bedroom in the middle of the night and begs for help. Merton switches from a fear reaction to blatant homoerotic innuendo in the span of less than a minute. He smirks saying that he could “probe” Tommy but he barely knows him.

Later Tommy invites Merton to go WITH HIM on his second date with Stacy, and Merton responds shyly but is pleased. During this date Tommy ditches Stacy again to help Merton. Stacy then starts dancing with another man. Tommy watches her while standing with Merton and says “That should be me in there dancing with her, but no. Look at me. I’m a freaking monster.” Merton insists he isn’t a monster for what he is. Then Tommy leaves his date to go back to Merton’s house, even after he un-wolfs. On one date with Stacy, Tommy is so distracted spending time with Merton that Stacy leaves him. Merton is shocked to discover after many dates Tommy had never kissed her.

A common trend in the show is where Tommy is out with a girl and leaves her because he wolfs out. Usually this happens when she tries to initiate something physical with him. You could say the lycanthropy actively prevents a sexual relationship with women. His solution is to run to Merton. Merton recites poetry to him among other things to calm his werewolf side, and encourages him saying that Tommy shouldn’t be concerned about dating women at all when he has the gift of being a werewolf instead.

In one episode Tommy is given the opportunity to transfer his lycanthropy over to someone else. Tommy chooses Brett Johnson, someone he admits to admiring and lists his positive qualities. Merton is very visibly jealous. Tommy tries to bite Brett, but stops himself at the last minute. Brett responds “Next time you feel that special way about a fella you should take the time to find out if that fellow feels the same way.”

Tommy then goes to Merton. Merton begs Tommy to bite him instead of someone else. Tommy agrees, much to Merton’s excitement. Merton has his shirt pulled down, and Tommy is physically holding him down over a table, a second from biting him when Stacy is mentioned on tv, making him stop himself again, and run back to his female love interest.

Throughout the course of the series, Merton and Tommy develop a deeply close relationship. They constantly touch and hold each other, faces inches apart when they speak, sharing hugs and even kisses. It only takes 7 episodes before Merton has taken nude photos of Tommy that he sleeps with under his pillow. He also gave Tommy a bath and administered a prostate exam on him. This last being a callback to and fulfilling Merton’s statement about knowing him well enough to “probe him”. A clear metaphor for a sexual relationship between them. Tommy has also slept in Merton’s bed on multiple occasions, and in one instance Merton rocked him to sleep in his arms.

They’ve both admitted that each other is the most important person in the world to them. Merton’s most telling confession being “You can’t die, we’re not done! You’re the only person who made me feel like I was really alive!” Tommy having a similar one in a different episode stating that “[It] meant more to me than anything, except Merton.”

Or maybe more than any other, the scene where Tommy states that becoming a werewolf was almost worth it, because if he hadn’t he would never have gotten to know Merton. 

For the anon who asked for a bit of Louis’ POV in Roots and for @littlechilllarrie who has a birthday coming up next week and loved this particular part.

“Harry, hey,” Louis whispers.

Harry nods against Louis’ neck, not saying anything.

“We fucking forgot to buy the mugs.”

He bursts out laughing at that, stepping back, letting his hands fall to his sides uselessly. “I know. You distracted me and I totally forgot.”

Louis bites at his bottom lip, smile bright. “That makes two of us.”

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When You’re Gone

I wanted to do something a little different so I wrote Bechloe! And it features their lovely future aca-child, Emily :)

Imagine your OTP sending their kid(s) off to camp. Who gives them a hug before they go? Who pesters the kid to make sure they’ve packed absolutely everything they need? Who cries when they leave? Who worries about them after they’ve gone?

“Em, seriously?” Beca sighed as she leaned down to pick up yet another abandoned t-shirt, the brunette easily folding it with a roll of her eyes. “Little dude, you’re going to a music camp, you don’t need to look all fancy.”

“It’s a big deal, Mom,” Emily huffed as she poked her head from her closet, her brows furrowing as she looked at the woman. “I-It’s nine days of intense vocal training, insane choreographed routines, and more cardio then Aunt Aubrey could dream of.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Beca chuckled. “So I’ve heard.”

“Emily,” Chloe called as she walked into her daughter’s bedroom, her brows dipping as she looked around the destroyed bedroom. “Sweetheart, what are you doing? We’ve gotta leave for the airport in fifteen minutes.”

“I’m looking for the shirt Aunt Stacie bought me, it’s good luck.” Emily mumbled as she dove back into the closet, materials flying over her head as she dug through her things. “I can’t leave without it.”

“Em, I packed that three days go,” Chloe reminded her with a shake of her head as she moved to collect the thrown shirts and shorts. “Don’t worry, it’s all taken care of. I promise. Go get your shoes on, okay?”

Emily stood from the closet and frowned slightly before giving a small nod as she lumbered out of the room, her rapidly growing form stumbling before she turned to shoot her mothers a lopsided grin before vanishing.

“I think somebody is a little nervous,” Beca noted as she looked to her wife a look of amusement, Chloe snorting before nodding in agreement. “I don’t think she’s the only one though…”

Chloe paused, “What are you talking about?”

“You’ve packed and repacked her suitcase four times, you’ve called Cynthia Rose at least eight times to ask her questions about the camp, and I heard you sneak out of bed last night.” Beca smirked. “You’re freaking out, aren’t you?”

“She’s going to be across the country, Beca!” Chloe exclaimed, her cheeks darkening to match the color of her hair. “I think that warrants a little bit of a freak out. She’s only thirteen. Are you sure she’s ready for this?”

“What? Chlo, of course she is. She’s been counting down the days.” Beca scoffed as she moved towards the redhead, twining her arms around her trim waist. “You and I have been counting them down too, remember?”

“No, you’ve been counting them down,” Chloe mumbled with a roll of her eyes.

“Hey, I’m gonna miss the kid like crazy but it’ll be nice to have some time with my wife.” Beca shrugged, Chloe rolling her eyes before dropping a kiss to her lips. “She’s going to be okay, she’ll have a great time.”

“She may have a great time, but it’s going to be weird not having her around,” Chloe noted with a small, defeated sigh. “She’s gone to sleep away camp, but that was only for two days. This is almost two weeks.”

Beca smiled sympathetically before giving Chloe a small squeeze, “She’s gonna do great, alright? Cynthia Rose will keep an eye on her and in eleven days she’ll be right back here where she belongs.”

Chloe hesitated before finally smiling softly, “You’re right.”

“Haven’t you learned that I’m always right, Mrs. Mitchell?” Beca teased.


The whirl of the tires cruised easily through the familiar streets of LA, Chloe glancing towards her wife who was focusing on the road while shooting occasional glances towards the rearview mirror to steal glances of their daughter.

Chloe could see the dread flickering over Beca’s face as they neared the airport and she couldn’t help but bask in the fact that she wasn’t the only one terrified by the idea of shipping Emily off to New York.

“You packed a few sweaters, right?” Beca asked as she reached out to turn down the radio, her mix falling away to background noise. “And did you bring your phone charger? Your mom and I expect a call at least once a day.”

“Mom, I already went through the check list with ma,” Emily whined with a slight pout. “Ma packed me a few sweaters, an extra phone charger, and a new battery in case the one in my phone mysteriously stops working.”

“You can’t be too prepared.” Chloe shrugged once she caught sight of Beca’s amused smile. “I want to make sure that she has everything.”

“I’m going to be fine,” Emily sighed as she gave a dramatic roll of her eyes. “I’m gonna be with hundreds of other kids so if my phone somehow stops working then I’ll be able to use theirs. Plus, Jake is gonna be there.”

“Jake?” Beca snorted. “Is that supposed to comfort me?”

“Beca,” Chloe said, the warning clear in her tone as she shot her wife a glare causing the woman to release a long sigh before tightening her fist around the steering wheel. “I’m glad that Jake is going to be there, Em.”

Beca couldn’t help but shake her head at the idea of Stacie and Aubrey’s son being with her daughter for two weeks; it was bad enough his hormones had led him to kiss Emily last month, but the idea of them alone together terrified her.

“You just make sure to remind that kid that I will know if anything happens,” Beca grumbled as she turned into the airport. “I expect him to keep his hands to himself and his lips better stay far, far away from yours.”

“Mom,” Emily whined, a blush brightening her cheeks.

“Leave her alone.” Chloe scolded as Beca drove into the parking lot, the brunette pouting slightly as she pulled to a stop before the pair glanced towards their daughter. “You ready to go, baby?”

Emily beamed before nodding happily, “So ready.”


Beca glanced over her shoulder to watch as Stacie and Aubrey fussed over their fourteen-year-old son, the woman rolling her eyes before she turned to catch sight of her wife doing the same with Emily.

Chloe licked her thumb before smudging it across a supposed stain on Emily’s cheek, the teenager whining as she shoved at her mother’s hand while cringing away as the redhead reached for her once more.

“Ma, stop!”

“I think you missed a spot, Chlo.” Beca smirked as she moved towards the pair before licking her own thumb and playfully rubbing at one of Emily’s cheeks. “Jeez, Em, when was the last time you took a bath?”

“Apparently right now,” Emily mumbled as she swatted at both Beca and Chloe’s hands before narrowing her eyes at the pair. “Can you two stop already? It’s gonna be great. Like, super great. It’ll be fun.”

“For what I paid, it better be the best time you’ve ever had.” Beca scoffed before grunting as Chloe’s elbow made contact with her side, the brunette rubbing at her aching ribs. “I’m just kidding!”

“Just remember that you’re perfect the way you are,” Chloe ordered as she fidgeted with the lapels of Emily’s jacket, the woman clearing her throat. “Don’t let anyone tell you different, okay? You have so much talent to offer, Em.”

“Thanks, Ma.” Emily whispered as she wrapped her arms around Chloe, the taller woman falling into her daughter’s embrace as she pressed a loving kiss to her head. “You gonna be okay without me?”

“Okay? Ha. She’s going to fall apart.” Beca teased.

“Would you like another elbow to the ribs, babe?” Chloe asked in a sickeningly sweet tone, the woman drawing away from her daughter as she glared towards her frowning wife. “That’s what I thought.”

“Your mom is right though, you’re gonna be the most talented there. Don’t let a single nerd tell you that you’re not.” Beca ordered as she stepped towards her daughter, her arms curling around her lanky form.

Beca swallowed hard when she felt Emily’s arms twine easily around her body, the brunette releasing a shuddering sigh as she squeezed her eyes shut; apparently sending her daughter off to New York was harder than she had planned for it to be.

Squeezing the teenager to her, Beca tried to remind herself that it was only eleven days and then her kid would be back in the safety of her home; releasing Emily, Beca stepped back and forced a smile.

“Be good, alright?” Chloe murmured as she brushed a strand of her daughter’s hair from her face, cupping a hand under her chin. “Remember your manners and treat everyone with respect, even if they don’t show you any. Be the bigger person.”

“I know, Ma.” Emily sighed.

“And remember that we love you, okay?” Chloe added in after a beat of silence, the redhead dropping continuous kisses to Emily’s forehead till she whined in annoyance. “We’re going to miss you so much.”

“I’ll miss you guys too,” Emily assured them with a lopsided smile before she noticed Jake making his way towards him, the brunette scooping up her luggage. “Try not to miss me too much, okay?”

“It’ll be a struggle, but we’ll make do.” Beca chuckled. “We love you, Em.”

“Love you guys.” Emily chirped.

Chloe whimpered as she stepped forward to gather her daughter in one last bone crushing hug before the teenager squirmed her way free and followed behind Jake, Aubrey and Stacie joining the couple as they watched their kids walk away.

Emily paused a few feet away and glanced over her shoulder, Beca lifting her hand for a small wave before the teenager gave a nod and once again turned to walk towards the security area where both she and Jake disappeared.

“Do you think it’d be weird for us to show up at the camp tomorrow? Maybe Cynthia Rose could use some help?” Stacie suggested as she glanced towards her wife with a hopeful expression, Aubrey lifting an eyebrow slowly. “No?”

“He needs some space, this will be good for him.” Aubrey assured the woman as she rubbed comfortingly at the brunette’s back before looking to Chloe and Beca. “At least we have two more at home to keep us occupied.”

“Hey, Emily is definitely enough for us. More than enough.” Beca scoffed with a quick shrug of her shoulders before folding her arms over her chest. “Let’s be honest, no kid is gonna be able to top her. She’s perfect.”

“I miss her.” Chloe whispered, her lower lip quivering.

Beca chuckled softly as she looked to her wife and caught sight of her tearfilled blue eyes, the brunette reaching out to intertwine their fingers before giving her hand a small squeeze as she looked back to Aubrey.

“Think we can borrow one of your kids for a few days?” Beca asked.


“I wish parents could actually go out and see them perform on the last night,” Beca muttered as she stripped back her bedsheets. “It’s kind of weird that we’re not allowed, right? We should talk to CR about that.”

“Becs, we get a DVD of the performance,” Chloe reminded her as she walked from the bathroom with her toothbrush in her hand. “Cynthia Rose said it puts too much pressure on the kids for parents to fly out to see them perform.”

“I think it’s lame. Maybe I want to make my kid nervous. She needs to be at top of her game at all times.” Beca smirked before catching Chloe’s stare, the older woman arching an eyebrow at her. “Kidding.”

“She’s going to be fine,” Chloe assured her as she tucked her toothbrush into her mouth.

“Says you.” Beca grumbled. “The longest she’s been away from us is four days, Chlo. What if she gets scared or upset? It’s not like we’re going to be able to be there to comfort her, we’re thousands of miles away.”

“Beca,” Chloe sighed, her words muffled by her toothpaste. “She’ll be okay.”

“Weren’t you crying earlier today about her leaving?” Beca pointed out as she dropped onto the bed, the brunette tucking her legs under the comforter. “I’m just saying, we’re far away from her and it’s weird.”

Chloe rolled her eyes before turning to walk back towards the bathroom, Beca laying back in bed and twiddling her thumbs as she stared at the bathroom doorway before her wife appeared with a small smile.

“You’re so cute when you worry.” Chloe teased as she pressed a knee to the bed before leaning over to drop a kiss to Beca’s forehead, lingering for a moment. “Our daughter is going to be so wrapped up in music that she won’t have time to miss us.”

“Well, that’s not a very comforting thought.” Beca scoffed.

Giggling, Chloe scrambled into the bedsheets before her phone chirped, the redhead reaching for her iPhone and grinning happily as she opened the picture message that her daughter had sent her.

“Moms, having a great time already. Miss and love you.” Chloe recited.

“Lemme see.” Beca ordered as she reached for the phone.

Beca chuckled at the sight of her daughter smiling brightly from her place in front of the building she would be stuck in for the next ten days; it warmed her heart to see the excitement sparkling in Emily’s eyes, the happiness clear on her face.

“She looks so happy.” Beca noted.

“She is. She’s wanted to do this for a long time.” Chloe reminded her as she pulled the phone from Beca’s grasp before typing out a reply to their daughter. “She’s going to do great, and she’s going to have an awesome time.”

“I still miss her.” Beca sighed.

“I miss her, too.” Chloe assured her as she set her phone on her bedside table before laying back in bed, snuggling closer to her wife. “Just eleven days and she’ll be back. We can do that, right?”

“I’d say yes, but I think I’d be lying.” Beca chuckled as she rolled into Chloe’s embrace, nudging their noses together. “You know, it’s not too late, we can take that trip to New York that you’ve been…”

“Goodnight, Beca.” Chloe giggled.

“Okay. Fine. I get it.” Beca grumbled, silence surrounding them for a beat. “We should call Cynthia Rose tomorrow.”

“No.” Chloe yawned.

“…what if we FaceTimed her tomorrow?” Beca offered.

“We’ll see.”

“We’ll see? I can live with that.” Beca nodded as she settled back against her pillows, Chloe’s head tucking comfortably underneath her chin as the brunette smiled lightly. “Goodnight, Chlo.”

Prompt: Hey! I adore your writing! I was wondering if you’re still taking mini prompts? If so, could you do something with Chloe getting her super pink lipstick all over Beca during a makeout session? And then Beca seeking it or someone else seeing it and just the reactions? 

I feel like this anon definitely gets what brand of trash writer they’re dealing with here, so A+ kudos. I went with the idea of an established Bechloe that’s still trying to keep things quiet because Beca doesn’t want to cause drama and wants to do everything on her terms because she’s a tiny, idiotic, control freak. Hope you like it. 

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anonymous asked:

A Cinderella story - Chloe has a crush on beca . Beca has no clue and is dating Jessica . Chloe is a nerd and beca is popular . One night Chloe goes to the dance and has a night she can't forget .

To say Beca Mitchell was a princess at their school was an understatement.

People often referred to Beca as the “Prince of Barden” because society is fucked up and men will always be seen as superior to women because men are jackasses, thus proving the argument that prince was more powerful than princess.

Beca Mitchell had sick beats, a badass image, and a large platform of sex appeal.

(So why was she dating Jessica, the ‘it’ girl and sweetheart?)

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Request: Reader and Cas have unexpressed feelings for one another. Reader has joined a theater group and is playing Christine in “The Phantom of the Opera.” She keeps it from Team Free Will because she figures they (or at least Dean) will think musical theater is stupid. (How much or if they know about her singing abilities is up to you.) They find out and come to a performance. Cas, while impressed with how well she did, is jealous that Reader is kissing another guy up on stage. This somehow comes out. Cue lots of innocent fluff and admission of feelings! No swearing or “OMG” from the reader, please. Also, keep it as innocent as possible; kissing and cuddling are great, but that’s it. Prefer if Cas makes the 1st move romantically, but OK if not. THANKS

Request: Happy Monday! Could you write a oneshot where the reader has a gap between her front teeth and a big nose. But she likes castiel and do something cute! And cuddling? Love you thanks!

Request: Can you do one where Cas asks Sam and Dean for advice on how to flirt with you and they tease ya’ll about it and push you together and the reader is embarrassed because she really likes Cas?

A/N: I know nothing about Phantom of the Opera, so I basically skimmed wikipedia. Sorry for any mistakes!

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: beca asks for a room of her own rather than sharing with chloe because: "you don't know what personal space is Chloe and i'd like to sleep without you practically on top of me!" But ends up going into chloe's room later that night cause she can't sleep. -hospital anon

Picking housing arrangements for the Bellas turned out, unsurprisingly, to be quite the ordeal.

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anonymous asked:

I've been dying to read a really really jealous!Chloe fic, and if you can write one with the right amount of angst/fluff I'd be delighted! (I've always pictured that she was jealous of Jesse, like the reactions of the final kiss in PP1 if this helps, but Bechloe endgame all the way) Thank you :)

Chloe wasn’t necessarily known as the jealous type per-say. She was more of the silently sulk in the corner while no one is around to witness it, type. But lately it was getting harder and harder for her to hide it. She’d known she had feelings for Beca for a while now, ever since hood night to be exact. And at this point she’s pretty sure it was more than just your every day, run of the mill crush. It could’ve been the beer from the keg talking, but something about Beca always seemed to reel her in. Her smirk, her infamous ear monstrosities, her voice. Oh, her voice.

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“It’s too late.” Beca grumbled as she stared longingly at her best friend from across the living room. The Bellas were scattered across the living room chit chatting as music played in the back ground. The redhead was currently talking to Stacie with a wide smile on her face and a yellow cup in hand.

“No it’s not.” Amy countered.

Beca tore her gaze from the ginger to look at the blonde next to her. Amy had known about her crush on Chloe way before Beca had even come to the conclusion. It was only after she broke up with Jesse that the blonde helped Beca opened her eyes to her repressed feelings.

“She spent so much time waiting for me and I always ignored her advances.” Beca said with a sigh.

“I swear shawshank if you don’t talk to redhead…” Amy made a wild gesture with her hands and Beca could only frown in return. She did not know what exactly she was being threatened with but knowing the Australian she was not going to risk finding out.

“Fine.” She muttered hoping it would make her friend back off for a while.

“Now.” Amy ordered loudly with wide eyes.

“In a few minutes.” Beca replied as she took a step back.

“Stacie!” Amy hollered across the room.

The girl turned and exchanged a knowing glance. A mischievous smile covered Stacie’s face as she grabbed Chloe who yelped as she was carried and thrown into the nearby closet.

Beca did not get a chance to react before a pair of string arms were wrapped around her and she was lifted off the floor.

“Hey what are you doing? Put me down Amy!” She protested as she struggled fruitlessly while she was being carried toward the same closet. The door was opened, she was thrown in and the door closed quickly.

“Amy, Stacie, open this door right now!” She shouted as she banged her fist against the door.

“Beca?” She heard Chloe call from behind her. She could not see the girl in account that it was dark in the closet.

“Yeah.” She affirmed her presence as she turned to where she guessed the girl was.

“Why are we in here?” Chloe asked curiously.

“You know why shortstack?” She heard Amy yell from the other side. She glared at door even though the Australian could not see her.

“Get on with it or you’ll be in there all night.” Stacie ordered. She heard footsteps walking away and sighed knowing she could not put this off any longer. She wracked her brain for ways to approach the situation but everything seemed terrible and her nerves weren’t helping at all.

She reached out and grabbed Chloe’s arm. The girl didn’t pull back as she slid her hand down to Chloe’s own. She moved Chloe’s hand towards her sweater and placed it there.

“Feel my sweater?” She asked timidly.

Chloe laughed and Beca tensed. “Beca, that’s your boob.”

“Fuck, I’m sorry!” Beca apologized as she took a step and was pressed against the door. Chloe’s hand dropped and she felt her breath quickened, she was going to mess up her only chance.

She took a deep breath before trying something else. “Is your body from McDonald’s?”

“Excuse me?” She heard Chloe reply with an offended tone. She could only imagine the redhead, arms cross and a glare on her face.

“Because ‘I’m loving it’.” She stuttered unsurely.

“What are you doing?” Chloe asked but there was no anger in her voice.

Beca groaned and passed her fingers through her hair in frustration. She could only wonder how the hell Chloe made it look so easy. “I’m flirting with you.”

Silence. She really wished there was a light in the room so she could see Chloe’s reaction because at the moment she just wanted the earth to swallow her whole.

“Chlo-” The words died in her throat, a body crashed against her, pressing her onto the door and she felt a pair of lips on her face. The lips quickly moved and found her own. She closed her eyes and responded, lips moving fervently. She felt elation and the butterflies in her stomach didn’t make her feel like she was drowning.

Finally they separated and Beca was left breathless. Her chest was heaving and she could feel her face burning. There was smile on her face and she noticed her hands were now gripping Chloe’s waist.

She felt Chloe’s lips ghost over her ear, “Took you long enough.”

anonymous asked:

Chrissie just said that Chloe had her own room, so bechloe prompt? Beca constantly hangs out there and has clothes there and stuff and Bella's joke and say just move in her room already

Beca likes Amy, don’t think she doesn’t. It’s just that whenever she needed silence and peace around her to be able to mix, Amy would be rambling on about how she did enough cardio for the day with four different guys and didn’t need the exercise round the Bellas always did at night. Sometimes she even gave specific details about what exactly she had done with her lovers, and Beca’s headphones couldn’t be turned up loud enough to drown out what she was telling, because images already made its way onto Beca’s eyes.

So that’s what the reason was at first.

Chloe was the only Bella who had a room to herself, no one had any business coming in there. Chloe herself wasn’t even in there a lot, some days only to spend the night in her bed, so it was the perfect hide-away spot for Beca. Chloe’s room was the only place in the Bellas House where it was quiet and nobody around to poison her mind with gruesome, sexually tainted images. But through the years, the room at the top of the house hadn’t just been used by Beca to escape to and to work in peace. 

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anonymous asked:

Halloween prompt: the bellas go to a Halloween party and thinks that Beca won't turn up because she totally blew it off earlier. Beca then turns up in a sexy costume tor something to that extent? And everyone is shocked? Just do your thing, that's if you want, but it would make my day :) love your minifics

“Beca,” Chloe called as she walked up the steps, her hands locked in her hair. “I need your hands.” 

“I’ve heard that before,” Beca said when she heard the footsteps come close enough to the end of the stairs for Chloe to hear. 

Slipping her headphones off, she saved her work again. At most, she had another hour of work left on the mix she was currently tearing apart. 

Chloe was standing with one hand on the banister, the other still in her hair, donning Stacie’s bright green skirt and a purple bra. “You’re a tease,” she said effortlessly, rolling her eyes at Beca and earning a smile. 

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006. He Steps Up In Your Child's Life

Harry: “Harry, what is the matter with you?”  The worry was most adamant in your voice as you circle through the short corridor to find Harry seeking refuge in a guest room. He was pacing, just a few steps right and left, with his hand covering his mouth and looked like he was in just as much thought as he was overwhelming emotion in the moment. You had left your son, Austin, outside by the private hotel pool with Louis and Eleanor to follow your boyfriend of the last seven months after he abruptly left. You thought the group of you was having such a nice time. Everyone was in such great spirits and then Harry ran off all distraught out of nowhere. You rested your side against the door frame and watched him. Had he even heard you? “What’s going on?” You pressed him urgently, feeling like if you didn’t get an answer soon you would begin to assume the worst.

“I just…” He finally stopped moving long enough to make eye contact with you and fully grip his thoughts. “I love Austin so much.” He told you softly, running one hand through his mop of hair (the ends wet from the pool). Harry’s voice sounded frail like he was sharing a burdensome secret with you, but his eyes rounded out full of sincerity. In fact, Harry looked scared. He shrugged his shoulders and sucked his lips inward. “When you first told me you had a kid, [Y/N], I had no idea what it would be like, but I gave it a shot and now I’m so in love with him. I didn’t think I’d feel like this.”

You gave Harry one more moment to compose himself, wrapping your own head around what he had just shared with you as your chest swelled with joy. You adjusted your bathing suit bottom and then quickly rushed towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck and holding him to you. His arms instantly folded around your waist as he breathed you in, the smell of chlorine in your damp hair. Harry had always wanted a family of his own; he just hadn’t realized he was going to find it so quickly.

Liam: Since Liam had cooked you and Stacy, your four year old daughter, such a nice meal. You volunteered to do the dishes and clean up afterwards. It didn’t take much convincing either. Liam despised doing the dishes like Kanye West despised paparazzi up in his business. Stacy was supposed to stay in the kitchen with you. She usually liked to fill up the lower rack of the dishwasher or just keep you company as you went about rinsing dirty dishes, but she tip toed quickly out of the kitchen and across the flat to where Liam was sipping a beer on the couch and watching the very end of EastEnders.

“Did you like dinner?” Stacy asked him with wide bug eyes. She pressed her little forearms and elbows into his leather couch and tried to use all of her weight to pull herself up on it.

“Of course, I did. I made it.” He told her, removing his focus from the illuminating screen and picking up her tiny weight with one hand. “Did you like it?” He asked once she was propped up properly on the couch. Stacy just nodded and watched him as he returned to looking at the television screen. She waited a beat or two, looking at her surroundings (she hadn’t ever been in Liam’s apartment before) and then without any notice, she shifted as close as she could get to him and rested her head against his chest, her ballerina bun pushing right into it.

“Are we friends, Liam?” Forever curious, she asked.

“I think so. I’d like you to be my friend, Stacy.” Without thinking, Liam did what felt natural and stroked his hand over top of her tiny head. He hadn’t clued into it, but he quite liked how comfortable Stacy felt with him, how she longed for contact with him, and included him in their outings or any time they spent together. She had been very welcoming to him which was a pretty big deal since she had no obligation to. He never thought he would be hoping for the approval of a daycare aged kid before. “I love you.” Liam said, knowing it to be one hundred percent true. He wanted only good things for her and he wanted to be able to be a male figure she could look up to and come to if she needed anything.

You peered around the kitchen wall, listening in to their sweet and private conversation.

“That’s nice.” Stacy mumbled before her mouth parted to let out a loud yawn. Liam picked up her little hand in his and put it near her mouth, reminding her of what you were trying to teach her – to cover it up.

“Ready for bed?”

Stacy nodded, closing her eyes and making herself comfortable underneath Liam’s bicep.

“I love you.” Finally, she replied back – making both yours and Liam’s hearts melt.

Louis: You had fallen asleep against Louis’s chest on the couch, watching one of his favorite movies for the umpteenth time. It wasn’t that you didn’t like it or were bored, it had just been a very long day at work for you and then you had picked him up from the airport followed by rushing to get Tristan from Kindergarten, take her to tee ball, enjoy a little alone time with Louis, pick Tristan up, make dinner, get her to bed, and watch a movie. Any human would be exhausted, even one who was fifty percent Red Bull. Above your head, Louis had also drifted into dreamland only to be awoken by the sound of feet rushing around the couch and a tiny sniffle. His eyes adjusted to the blue light glow from the television and then rested on the petite pajama-clad girl that barely came up to his shoulder (even when he was lying down)

“Tristan, what are you doing out of bed?” He tried to whisper. He didn’t want to wake you up even if your daughter was out of bed and standing right next to your sleeping body.

“I miss my…dad…” She began to sniffle, breathing in deeply and still not able to catch her breath.

Louis scrambled to sit up straight, your head rolling to the side of his chest and closer to the back of the couch. He very gently turned himself around, bare feet on the floor and your body off of his completely. He faced Tristan and leaned in, fighting his own sleepiness, to pay her much needed attention.

“Oh honey…” He cooed at her and reached for her hand, understanding completely if she didn’t want to take it. “It’s probably too late to call him, but I’ll talk to your mum in the morning and then you can call him.” Louis didn’t really know your arrangements with Tristan’s father, though he knew he was somewhat in the picture. He didn’t want to overstep his boundaries, but more than anything he wanted to calm the little girl down as she sniffled and sniffled, always ready to let out a wail.

“He sings me to sleep and I can’t fall back asleep without him.” She whined, her eyes swollen from salty tears. Louis wondered if she had been crying in bed long before coming out to the living room. It absolutely broke his heart.

“Well, Tris, I’m not your dad, I know… but I’ll sing you to sleep if you want. I don’t mind.” He tried his best to comfort her, hoping she wouldn’t completely shut down his offer. You had rejected him the first time he asked you to go get dinner with him and it stung badly. He imagined being rejected by a five year old would be just as painful, if not worse.

Tristan nodded, swallowing a snotty tear that had ran down her face and between her lips.

Louis slipped off of the couch completely, taking her tiny hand in his masculine one and walked back quietly to her bedroom where he sat on the floor by her bed once she had crawled back in it and softly sang ‘Dream a Little Dream’ by Ella Fitzgerald, one that he knew the words to and he quite liked himself. He watched her quietly and made sure she was really sleeping before he left the room and returned to you.

Niall: “Thank you so much, Niall. I know that you weren’t expecting to have to watch Ashlyn. It shouldn’t – it won’t happen again.” You couldn’t be more grateful to him for stepping in when you were called to work. It was your first full day with Niall in what felt like forever and the last thing you wanted was to have to ditch him halfway for work, but when your boss called, Niall thought it was best that you go and report to your job. You needed the extra hours and he didn’t want you to lose the gig over him. He had said that he would watch your three year old little girl, but you could see the fear loud and clear in his eyes before you darted out the door. “Where is she?” You asked, hanging up your winter coat in the closet and peering over Niall’s shoulder. It hadn’t even dawned on you that Niall could potentially lose your daughter – or worse.

“She’s just in her room. We were in the middle of a braiding lesson when I heard the door.” He informed you, hands in his pockets and a goofy grin appearing crooked on his face.

“A braiding lesson.” You nodded, curious to how that was going. Walking further into your very small apartment, you stood against Niall and gave him a kiss, your lips lingering as your hand slid into the back pocket of his jeans. God, you had missed him so much.

“Yeah, on her Teresa dolls. Well, I got Barbie since I’m blond.” He explained to you, chuckling and then leaning his head to the side to give you another long kiss.

“That makes sense.” Chuckling, you pursed your lips together as if to say you understood completely. Once you had removed your hand from Niall’s behind, you went to go to your daughter’s room to check on her, make sure she was in one piece, and then ask if she was ready for dinner.

“Wait, [Y/N]!” Niall called at you as if he was further away than he actually was. You spun right around, eyebrows raised, and giving him your attention back. He walked over to you, his hands back in his pockets, and nervously looked right into you and cleared his throat. “I want to adopt Ashlyn.” He surprised you with saying. You stood there stunned silent, your face blank. “I want her to be my daughter, too. I want her to be Ashlyn Horan.” Niall told you very matter of factly, but since you weren’t showing any expression, he started to backtrack. “Obviously, I need your approval. You’re her mother, I’m just saying…”

“Wow, you know how to bury a lead.” Finally, you found your pulse and spoke.

“I love her. I have for a while, but I want more days like this.”

Reaching up, you placed both your hands flat on Niall’s cheeks and gave him a kiss that was so hard; your lips almost became one.

Zayn:  Jett sat at the bottom step of your apartment building, checking his bare wrist the way he often saw you do when you were checking for the time. Of course, you actually wore a wrist. You slid your arm over your five year old son’s shoulder and squeezed it in a comforting gesture. This was not untypical of his dad. He had been hours late before and, on a few occasion, he would forget to pick him up all together. You squinted as the sunlight poured down into your eyes and made out the shape of Zayn in the parking lot, his hands holding his hips and a scowl taking over his stern face. “Babe, sit tight, okay?” You checked on your son, giving him a little kiss on the cheek and then leaving him on the step with his two favorite action figures. You kept Jett in your line of vision while slowly approaching Zayn, who looked ready to punch one of the many cars in the lot.

“You okay?”  Cautiously, you asked. His back was to you, but you could still see how tormented and angry he was. You could feel it radiating off of him.

“No.” Without letting a beat go by, Zayn muttered. “I can’t believe you’re not more upset.” He spun around and nodded at you with the point of his chin.

“I’m used to this. Jett’s used to this.” You explained nonchalantly. Obviously, you weren’t pleased with the situation and you had a very disappointed little boy to look after, but it wasn’t like this was a total surprise. You had a feeling it would happen since news had broken about you and Zayn’s relationship, it was worldwide news now and your ex was less than thrilled. It wasn’t out of the question for him to take his anger at you out on your little boy.

“He shouldn’t have to be used to it!” Zayn threw his arms up in the air, fed up. “He’s five! He shouldn’t be let down like this by anyone especially not his Dad who he talks about like he is some kind of hero!”

“Please, stop shouting, Zayn.” You didn’t want Jett to hear him specifically, but you also didn’t want Zayn to get himself all worked up over the situation. You reached for his wrists with your hands and massaged them with your thumb soothingly. “I know. You’re right. He shouldn’t have to go through this and it breaks my heart that he is, but you getting upset isn’t going to change the fact that his dad isn’t here and that he’s hurting. Just be there for him right now. Let’s give him a great day.” You shrugged your shoulders and let your eyes do the pleading as they looked up at Zayn’s sorrowful brown ones.

Zayn’s stomach caved in as he inhaled deeply. He looked over your head at Jett, watching him sitting by himself with his toys in hand. Slowly, he calmed down and looked back at you.

“I’m never going to let him down like that.” Zayn swore through grit teeth, balancing his gaze between you and your son who he was starting to fall in love with. “Never. I’m going to be there for him and I’m going to be the fucking best Dad to him.”

“I know.” You nodded, assuring him that everything he said was right. “Thank you.” You kissed him quickly before leading him by the hand back to Jett.


anonymous asked:

fic prompt: chloe accidentally breaks beca's headphones which causes them to have a huge fight and not speak to each other which has chloe freaking out. though i don't have any ideas how they make up or beca somehow comforts chloe..i dunno. but you're super great with writing bechloe so i'll know you'll rock it!

There was a knock on Chloe’s bedroom door. It was hesitant, and when there was no response but a string of curse words, Emily poked her head in cautiously. 


She was sitting at her desk, plugging and unplugging headphones into her computer fervently. Curse words were spewing from her mouth, and each time, Emily winced. 

“Chloe?” she repeated, finally loud enough to break Chloe out of her haze. Blinking, she glanced over at Emily, seeming to notice her for the first time. 

“Hey, Em,” she said breathlessly. “What’s up?”

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You Guys Get in a Big Fight (The Make-Up)

Zayn: His P.o.v. I was with the boys “Hey how’s y/n” Niall said “I don’t know”‘How don’t you know she is your girlfriend"Louis said “Well we aren’t together right now”“What do you mean?” Liam asked “We got in a fight”“about what?”“she saw me smoking”“i thought you quit"Harry butts in "I did i just got stressed out with the new album”“Well you should have told us or her”“I know”“but what else did you do because y/n wouldn’t have left jsut for that”“i told her things”“like”“she is annoying and nags to much” Louis hit the back of my head “Go get her back Zayn” they said i nodded and left. I called her friends to ask were has she been staying they told me in a hotel. I knocked and waited for her to answer “I’m coming” she yelled out.God i missed her voice. She opened the door with Red Puffy eyes it looks lke she just got out the shower.When she saw me she wanted to slam the door but i pushed it open “What do you want Zayn” she said as i walked in “You to come back home”“Well that is not happening”“I know i broke my promise to you and i told you those mean things but it’s not true i have just been stressed out”“You should have talk to me Zayn”“i know i should have”“why didn’t you?”“I don’t know” i walked up to her and wrapped my arms around her “Will you please come back home” she kissed me “That’s a yes” she said as we stood their hugging.


Louis:  I was at home talking with my mom “Hey where is Y/n?"She asked "We broke up”“Why?"she sat across from me."I messed up mom”“I don’t think it can be that bad”“I told her rude stuff I told her i needed space while she was sick”“oh sweetie” she came and hugged me i felt tears come down.“You love her don’t you”“Of course i love her she makes me feel whole and now she is gone”“Then go get her back”“how?”“Your a Tomlinson you don’t back down”“Your right”“i know i am now go get her” I got up.I called everyone i can to find out where was she.Then her Best Friend she is at her house. I was there waiting for her to answer it was her Best Friend. “You better not hurt her” she said pointing at the door. I walked in to see Y/n curled up in the blanket.I walked in and laid next to her “Babe i am so sorry” i kissed her cheek then she started to wake up “Louis” she whispered “It’s me babe i am so sorry for what i did and said it’s not true” i pulled her closer to me “did you feel that way”“No babe of course not when you left i felt so empty i don’t want to feel that way anymore i love you” i kissed her forehead “You won’t say that me again”“I promise” she kissed me “i love you too Lou" 

External image

Liam: His P.o.v. When i came back home she was gone.It’s been a week since i last seen her.This week has been hell.The boys keep trying to get me to come out the house but i just can’t.I keep hoping she will come back "Liam we found out where she is?"Niall said "WHERE"i yelled out "Calm down Liam”“just tell me”“I’m right here” she appeared behind Niall and Louis. I stood up as the boys walked out the room.“Liam why are you doing this?"she said as she looked at the mess in the room "I messed up y/n i lost control that night but it won’t happen again”“did you cheat on me that night” she whispered “No i sat in the bar then i came back and you weren’t here it broke me I love you y/n i couldn’t even do that to y-"She slammed her lips on me. I missed her kisses i kissed back she wrapped her legs around me "i love you” i whispered to her “I love you too" 

External image

Niall: I’ve been in the room with Stacy.She fell asleep in my arms i didn’t hear noises so i put her in her bed kissed her forehead and walked out the room.I entered the room to see Niall sitting on the bed, i walked up to the closet to change clothes.He wrapped his arms around me and left kisses on my neck "I am so sorry for yelling at you and Stacy”“You don’t have to apologize to me”“but i do because i took my stress out on you”“I forgive you but don;’t say that Stacy messes up everything”“she doesn’t I’m sorry” he kissed me passionately. We ended up in the bed “I am so sorry and i am going to make it up to you” he bite my neck “you better” “Is that a challenge”“is it” i winked at him. He made up for it ;)


Harry: After Y/n left her guy friend came her,he came to drop of her invitation to his wedding and he was her cousin.Now I’m here at the wedding waiting to see y/n. I can’t believe i didn’t believe her. Then i saw her walk in she went to greet the couple.As she went to the table I walked up to her “Is this seat taken” I whispered in her ear,she looked up at me “Harry what are you doing here?” she was surprise “I came to get you to come back home”“And why will i do that?”“Because you love me”“Well i want a relationship with trust” she walked away from me.I followed her to the hall outside “I just feel like one day you will leave me for someone better who is there for you everyday”“But all i need is you” she whispered “and i need you too”“next time believe me” i waked up to her and lift her chin for she can look at me “Their will be no next time babe I love you” i kissed her “I love you too"