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Hey, first of all, i want to say I admire you and you inspire me lots. So, I have problems when it comes to my characters and their features as, in one drawing I'll have them looking good and like they should be, but in the other, it doesn't look like them at all. I think that could be because of my anatomy or my "style". Do you have any tips? That could help improve that

Thank you bby <3

I still struggle with this, but I think I’m figuring it out. Here’s my advice from what I’m learning now:

  • Portrait Studies! I like to gather lots of portraits of different models from fashion blogs and sketch them. Using different faces seems a bit backwards since what we’re struggling with is keeping a consistent appearance for a character, but it has its uses. I guess it lets me see how many small details there are in faces and allows me more control/confidence when creating a face and then being able to recreate it accurately. It clarifies the vague vision of the face I have in my head and my drawing habits are less likely to take over. Here’s a video which is similar to the stuff I’ve been learning in college that helps when drawing from anything. And here’s a link to my fashion tag on my inspiration blog if you want to practice on some faces too :)

  • Stare at your friends(???) Whenever my friends are talking to me I usually just look at different parts of their faces that I want to learn how to draw. It might not necessarily help drawing in that moment as much as sketching would, but it keeps me interested and gives me something to work on when I actually get down to drawing someone.

  • Draw your friends! My class has gotten to the point where we’re comfortable with taking candid photos of each other while we work or hang out and draw each other for our assignments or just personal works. I didn’t have many artist friends as passionate about art so I’m used to doing it by myself. It gets lonely so if you feel me just try take advantage of having friends, even if they aren’t all artists!

  • Loosen up! This one is going to sound a bit odd because I agree that if you are good at something, never do it for free…. BUT from my experience it’s a lot more rewarding to just have fun with things. I’m not saying that you should give away everything you do for free, it’s just there’s nothing wrong with placing more value on the experience you gain from drawing a friend if they ask sometimes. You will get paying customers so there’s no need to fret over a free portrait study. Find the balance between emotional and financial rewards of creating art.

  • Iterative Drawing! I came across one of Sycra’s videos where he explains one of his methods for improving his art. I sometimes struggle to practice this one because it requires owning up to mistakes which takes courage and a lot of self love haha. When it is practiced, it does have amazing results almost instantly. You can apply this to remembering your character’s face and refining it to the point where you’re confident with how they look!

I really hope this helps :) I look forward to seeing where you go with this advice! Remember to be breathe and be patient with yourself <3

The circumstances of Momo.

Frankly, I’m surprised that they manage to put so much Momo content in this one episode when in the manga, it felt more like his crappy situation at home was revealed to us in tiny hints and implications over the course of several chapters.

At least, that’s how I recall it. Maybe my memory’s wrong but there certainly was more of a gradual, built-up feeling of sympathy for Momo than how it was done in the anime, which was like “Suddenly, exposition!”.

Especially this part.

Momo’s (horrid) mother doesn’t make her threatening appearance until a later arc. Granted, it’s just her voice over the phone but the effect is still there, you know what I mean? And I’m definitely sure the effect didn’t kick in this early.

Now I can’t help but think that they don’t intend to do more than one cour. Since they might be trying to squeeze in as much manga plot as they can into 12 episodes before probably going for an original ending.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing if they don’t screw up the writing too badly, considering this is a shoujo work. Better have some conclusion for the anime than leave it hanging, not knowing if a sequel will ever get green-lit b/c of whatever reason.

Anyways, back on topic, it’s pretty obvious why Momo is trying avoid Nino, despite wanting to see her so badly.

Since he decided to take on the responsibility of paying back his parents’ debt by using his songs to earn money, he doesn’t think he’s worthy of her anymore.

Not like when they were children together, when Momo could write his songs freely and only for the sake of the girl he loved. Back then, everything was still pure and innocent. Everything was clean.

Now all the songs he intended for Nino to sing has been dirtied. They’ve been sold to the music industry for cash.

This is not how Momo wanted it to be. Even if Nino didn’t care and wanted to sing his songs anyway, Momo can’t let her, who’s still “pure” in his eyes, come into contact with something so beneath her. Momo thinks that the way he is now, he is beneath her.

And that’s only half of the misery.

Momo also has to make sure that his mother never comes anywhere close to Nino because who knows what that woman would do? Someone who feels no shame in using their own child to resolve their debt would not hesitate to hurt those important to him to keep him under her thumb.

And that’s why Momo is suffering so much. He’s not just going through one kind of grief. He’s going through several. His mom, his issues with himself…

…and his true feelings.

Feelings of wanting to see Nino, to be with Nino.

Like Yuzu, he’s also in conflict with himself. He wants to protect Nino, wants to do what’s best for her sake, wants to protect her.

Even if that means being cruel to her to keep her away and feeling like shit afterwards.

Because even if he’s determined to do anything to keep her out of harm’s way, it’s not like he can just stop being in love with her. You can’t just expect the heart to not want what it wants.

And that’s just sad because what Momo wants is the same as what he needs right now.

And that’s not for Nino to be his lover or girlfriend but just for Nino to be by his side to support him through his problems. Which he can’t allow because of the reasons mentioned above.

As the saying goes, it’s complicated.

And it’s going to get a lot more complicated now that somebody has “taken” Nino away. This is going to make Momo want to fight to get her back.

I can only imagine how the anime will deal with this, if they’re diverging from manga canon. But I hope it’ll at least be conclusive.

And happy conclusive. Or at least something I can be satisfied with.

BTS’s reaction to you doing a slightly *ahem* suggestive dance:

Jin: “Ah, I’m sorry, honey, I just can’t do it!” Jin groans, crouching over to recover his breath.

“Aww, come on, Jin,” you say, “You were so close to getting it! Let’s run through the choreography just once more.”

He shakes his head. “Maybe tomorrow.” Plodding over to the corner of the room, he grabs a water bottle, and starts gulping.

You let your shoulders sink. “Alright then. But I want to get in a little more practice myself. Do you mind if I stay here for a while?”

“Not at all,” Jin smiles, “Would it be okay if I stayed to watch.”

You pause.

“Sorry,” Jin blurts, “I just thought maybe I could pick up some stuff, watching you. I’ll go, if you want me to.”

“No, no, it’s fine,” you reply, “I’m just not used to being watched when I practice. You’ll have to forgive me when I mess up.”

“My honey? Messing up?” Jin shoots you a disbelieving look.

You just laugh, and head to the laptop, clicking on the song you’ve been working on.

When the music begins, you manage to forget Jin’s there, allowing the melody to pick you up and carry you through the movements. You’re like a well-oiled machine – both sharp, and fluid. As the music draws out its final beats, you slip back to reality, and find Jin staring at you, his mouth hanging open.


“I didn’t realise my honey could be so…” Jin trails off, unable to finish his sentence. He doesn’t need to. His face says it all. You’ve lost your innocent image in his eyes. But that’s necessarily not a bad thing…

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Yoongi: “Y/N? Have you seen Y/N?” Yoongi bursts into the practice room where Hoseok and Jimin are stretching.

“She was practicing with us,” Jimin replies, “But she left a while ago. I think she wanted to work alone for a bit.”

“What’s the rush anyway, hyung?” Hoseok asks.

“Nothing,” Yoongi huffs, “I just want to see my girlfriend. Is that a crime?”

“Aww, you were jealous because she was spending time with us, weren’t you?” Hoseok crows.

“Shut up,” Yoongi retorts, a tell-tale blush crawling up his neck.

Hoseok and Jimin smirk.

“Whatever. I’m going to find her.” He slams the door behind him, and begins to work his way down the corridors, peeking through the doors of different practice rooms. Is he too late? Have you left already?

Then he notices the light shining under the last door.

He opens it cautiously, and is greeted by a wave of music, and you sprawled out on the floor, in the middle of a rather questionable move. You scramble up when you hear the door open.

“Yoongi!” You face turns a violent shade of red.

“Please, don’t stop because of me.”

“I can’t believe you saw that,” you hide your face in your hands.

“Don’t pull that now,” Yoongi chuckles, striding over and pulling your hands into his, “You’re only allowed to be sexy or cute. Both is unfair!”

“Can we just forget that happened?” you plead.

“Never.” Yoongi plants a kiss on your burning cheek, and you bury your head in his shoulder.

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Hosoek: “Hey! Your expressions are too raunchy!” you shout.

Hoseok pauses his dancing to look at you in confusion. “Huh?”

“You’re over doing it,” you tell him, from your spot on the floor, “You have young fans you know.”

“It’s a suggestive dance, though,” Hoseok whines, “How else am I supposed to do it?”

“I’ll show you,” you say, pushing yourself off from the floor.

As the music starts up again, you begin to copy the riské choreography perfectly: too perfectly. Hoseok watches in awe as you swirl about him, your body riding the chords like a smooth rollercoaster. His brain and his lungs have stopped functioning.

“See? There’s other ways of dancing, without making it overtly sexual,” you say, halting your movements, and giving Hoseok an I-told-you-so look.

“That was way worse than anything I’ve ever done!” Hoseok cries.


“You totally exaggerated the worst moves, and your expressions? What was with all that tongue action?”

The blood rushes to your face. “Tongue action?”

Hoseok demonstrates for you, swishing his tongue across his lips. “Just like this!”

“Don’t!” you laugh, pushing him away, “I didn’t do that. Don’t lie!”

“You did too,” Hoseok pushes you back, “You’re a massive pervert!”

“I guess we’re just as bad as each other then,” you giggle, admitting defeat.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Hoseok pulls you into him, and showers your neck and collar bone in kisses.

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Namjoon: “Come on, just do it! It’ll be hilarious,” the MC encourages.

Namjoon watches your face anxiously. When the MC had suggested that you show off a ‘sexy dance’ for the variety show, he was unsure how you’d feel about it.

“You don’t need to do anything you don’t want to,” he reassures under his breath.

You give his hand a quick squeeze, then get up from your chair. “Cue the music!”

As a popular tune starts to play, Namjoon can only watch dumbly as you begin to dance along. You start off silly, swinging your hips to the drums, and making faces at the camera. But as the beat picks up, something changes in your face. Now you’re dropping down, you’re back up, you’re over here, you’re over there. Your body movements are smoother than buttercream.

“I can’t watch this! It’s too much!” the MC cries, and the music is cut off. But the live audience are calling out in disappointment when you return to your seat.

“Rapmon, did you know your girlfriend could dance that well?” the MC demands, widening his eyes for dramatic effect.

“I had no idea,” Namjoon admits, scrunching up his face, and hiding behind his hands.

He’s going to have a talk with you when you get off stage. And then he’s going to plaster you with kisses.

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Jimin: “Jimin, could you take a look at this choreography I’ve been working on?” you ask.

“Sure, baby!” he smiles. You’re normally too shy to show off your skills, so when a chance like this comes along, he’s ready to jump on it, eager to see the dancing he loves so much.

But, as soon as the first beats start up, Jimin knows that this dance will be different from the others you’ve shown him. Your body begins to blend with the notes, turning to melted chocolate, and each roll, each twist, each flick has Jimin’s heart banging, and his cheeks flaring up.  On the final few chords you fall to the ground, and your body begins to feel out the floor, flowing, stretching, and sinking.

When the music fades, your heavy breathing is all that fills the room, a new kind of melody in Jimin’s ears. “What – what did you think?” you ask, pulling yourself up, and coming to sit next to him. He tries to ignore how your damp clothes cling to you.

“It was good, baby.” It’s so difficult to construct advice when his brain feels as useful as a wet dishcloth. “Um… maybe just pay more attention to your footwork in the second chorus…”

“Okay,” you nod, your eyes serious, “Want me to try it again?” You’re about to get up.

“No, that’s enough for one night!” Jimin tackles you to the floor before you can do any more damage.

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Taehyung: You are the kind of person that asks to pet strangers’ dogs. You compliment waitresses on their hairstyles, and play on children’s swings, and make daisy chains when the weather is nice. In short, you are the most innocent person Taehyung knows.

So why? Why is it when you dance something changes in you?

The first time Taehyung took you dancing he was shocked. He had been unable to form a coherent sentence the whole evening, and you had remained completely oblivious.

Now, when you suggest going out, Taehyung’s more cautious.

“Why don’t you want to go dancing with me, Taehyungieee?” you moan, burrowing into his shirt as the two of you lie on the couch.

“Because,” Taehyung mutters, “I’m tired.”

“That’s a lie!” you pout, “Just a couple of minutes ago you were jumping about and singing. Are you sure there’s not something else going on here?”

Taehyung sighs, and sitting up, allows you slide into his lap. “Well, I- I, uh, I don’t really like going dancing with you.”

“Why’s that?” You scramble off him.

Taehyung has to start his sentence off a couple of times before he can get his thoughts in any kind of order. “It’s just, when you dance… you can be sort of, kind of, a little bit… sexy,” he admits, “It makes me feel things I’m not used to, and I get all confused and discombobulated.”

You begin to laugh, softly at first, then with your whole body. “Is that all? Sorry, Taehyung, I didn’t even realise I did that.”

Taehyung giggles as well. Not a normal giggle, airy and feminine, but a deep, rumbling sound. “Sorry I didn’t tell you before.”

“That’s fine!” You jump up from the couch and begin dancing to no music, giving him your best come-hither look.

“Stop,” he growls, and with a grin, he stands up and smothers you in a bear hug.

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Jungkook: Everything had been going so well. Then this happened.

It all began with a simple ‘dance off’, but things had quickly spiralled downhill, and now Jungkook is watching as his friends crowd around you, offering compliments, and admiring looks. Some even have the nerve to add cheesy flirtations to the brew of unwanted attention.

Why did ‘Something’ by Girl’s Day have to come on? Why did you have to dance the choreography so well?

He can still picture you sinking to the ground, matching the ripplings of your body to the beat. That vision won’t be leaving him any time soon. He had been shaken up by your bravery, and okay, he admitted it: pleasantly impressed.

But your amazing dance skills didn’t give the other members of Bangtan the right to steal you away from him. He watches from a distance as Hoseok bounds around you, and as Namjoon claps a hand on your back. He bites down hard on his bottom lip, trying to stifle his irritation.

Then Taehyung picks up your hands and begins to hop about. “Wah, Y/N’s so good at dancing!” he sings.

Jungkook can’t take it for another millisecond. He pushes his hyungs out of the way, and grabbing your wrist in his blazing hand, he begins to pull you away.

“Jungkook?” you question, “Is something wrong?”

“You’re only allowed to show those kinds of moves in front of me,” Jungkook mutters, his cheeks colouring as he leads you away.

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A/N: Why have I never done these before??? This was so much fun to write! I might have got a bit carried away - that’s why these are so long, heheh…

(I don’t own these gifs)

Not Another Tragic Backstory | 1

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 + Epilogue

Jughead x Reader
Word Count: 994
Warnings: I solemnly swear. By which I mean, there be curse words below!
Summary: Riverdale has resurrected the Blue & Gold and with it, the Journalism program! This week’s lesson: Human Interest/Profiles. Reader is paired with Jughead who writes an unflattering profile on her, prompting her to confront him about it.
A/N: This is kind of a prologue, I guess. There’s gonna be 3-4 parts total. Frankly this is my FAVOURITE thing I have written so far. I will hopefully have part two ready for publication tomorrow. I didn’t really proofread, which y’all should be used to by now.

“Welcome to your first lesson in writing profiles. Now, profiles are more common for magazine writing but when it’s been a slow news week it doesn’t hurt to profile a prominent figure in the community. These kinds of stories are classified as human interest stories. They’re a staple in what makes a community paper a vital part of everyday life.” Mrs. Cooper is an adept journalism teacher with a commanding presence. I didn’t think I was going to like having her as a teacher at first, but all of her lessons have been engaging and I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in my writing ability–and a significant increase in my English grade.

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Sonny Carisi for the ship thing please!! (This is barbabangme btw!)

*smooshes your cheeks in my hand with a sincere look on my face* Thank you … for delivering to me … my son …

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I feel like @Emmerdale could rescue all of this by just making Rebecca bi and having her fall madly in love with Debbie Dingle. Reasons this would work: 

• Bex being bi herself but not accepting it would explain her biphobic comments to Robert (because internalised biphobia is a thing)

• Have we considered that part of the reason Bex is always hanging around Aaron and Robert is that she has this subconscious jealousy NOT of Aaron for being with Robert necessarily, but because she wants what they have and she doesn’t understand it yet? (bi ppl will get this I guarantee it, this stuff is confusing and it can take ages to figure out)

• We already have the perfect set up aka Rebecca starting out hating Debbie because Ross has always loved her even when they were together (and being lowkey too involved in what she gets up to) but actually it’s kind of not hate…

• There needs to be some huge argument scene where Debbie’s all “what is your problem, posh girl? don’t you have some foxes to shoot?” and Bex is really offended? Like “I would never hurt an animal! it’s not my fault I’m rich! You stole my boyfriend” And Debbie would say something like: “I’m over Ross and you’re not exactly one to talk on the whole boyfriend-stealing score, are you?” 

• It’s such a culture clash but in a REALLY good way. It would lead to such great conversations and heart to hearts. 

• The Robron parallels!!! Need I say more???

• Rebecca confiding in Debbie about what a dick Robert has been over the years and Debbie being all, yes, I have been there, he may be family and married to my cousin but he’s also a prick I feel you

• Rebecca using that lovely kind maternal-y/auntie-ish side we’ve seen in the few scenes she’s had with Liv on Sarah and Jack!!! You just know Bex would love them! Can you imagine her being ADORED by Sarah and Debbie even getting a bit jealous because wait a minute that’s HER daughter. 

• Debbie being all tough and cynical and sorted and realistic about the world, contrasted with Bex being this huge hopeful optimist who thinks the world is beautiful and wants to have fun and hasn’t quite grown up yet. Think about what these characters could do for each other. Seriously. Imagine Bex gaining maturity and Debbie learning to let go and actually enjoy herself (because she has had a tough life). 

• I just have a thing for the aesthetic possibilities of Debbie in overalls and Rebecca floating about in her floral dresses and faux fur coats and floppy hats. 

• A couple that could become friends with the two other big young couples aka Robron and Vadam. 

• Please tell me I’m not the only one who can actually HEAR their dialogue in my head? So much sarcasm from Debbie and brightness from Bex and just general loveliness. Think the chemistry and conflict of Robron (because of backgrounds/ opposites attract etc) but with the healthy supportiveness/lightness/fun of Vadam. 

• Emmerdale needs a wlw relationship REALLY badly

• Rebecca needs a storyline where she isn’t just a thorn in Robron’s side or used as a walking womb with inconsistent traits. 

• IMAGINE Chrissie and Charity having to pretend to get on at social occasions. Seriously imagine it. 

• Just imagine how uplifting this storyline would be. Bex and Debbie are two characters that need some happiness in their lives. I’d love to see a wlw relationship being given the depth that Emmerdale (sometimes) gives its m/m ones. 

Kid Flash: Not My Name

Imagine correcting the firefighters who got Kid Flash’s name wrong and Wally being totally taken with you afterwards.

Warnings: None


You were blissfully enjoying the walk home while checking your phone for any new messages, you caught sight of the news headlines however - a fire had started at the Cadmus building. Conveniently, that was only a few blocks from your current location.
Any normal person would’ve continued on their way, but not you - where’s the fun in that? As a result you decided to take a slight detour towards the danger in hopes of a more entertaining walk home, also out of curiosity because this was quite a big deal and would probably make the headlines in the morning, at least you could say you were there.

Upon reaching the flame engulfed site a gust of wind sent your (h/c) tresses into your face with a yellow blur sighted out of the corner of your eye - Kid Flash you assumed. You stood a distance away from the fire fighters and watched as the speedster raced up the building grabbing 2 scientists and getting them to the safety of the roof before slipping down the building himself, causing you to wince slightly. Luckily the red head grabbed the windowsill able to prevent his fall.

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Leroux Christine: The Black Domino!

Probably my favorite of the Leroux designs to date. The challenge here was to try and make it as accurate as possible but also work in my own fondness of gorgeous gowns. 

I’m including the original sketch/notes page in this one because I really wanted to illustrate two details that the finished rendering does not necessarily show, the first being a hooked hood and the second being the ‘barbe’ hanging down from her half mask that fdelopera’s fantastic research talks about here. I decided not to include it in the finished illustration for the simple reason that it was already done and I wasn’t sure how it would look. 

Historically, Domino cloaks are supposed to close over anything worn underneath and hide it but I elected to ignore it. 

See the rest of my Leroux costume designs here!

Please do NOT repost any of my original designs anywhere without my express permission. 

MCL: Art Day - Seven Deadly Sins

Did any of you notice that the whatever sin your group had to portray in episode 29 had to do with your guy/the guy in that group?

Nathaniel was in a group that portrayed Envy. Melody became the subject as she has always wanted Nathaniel’s attention. And she is often jealous of Candy when Nathaniel talks to Candy rather than her. So it may not be Nathaniel directly who portrays Envy, but it’s something that follows him.

Castiel was in the group that portrayed Wrath, which is appropriate for obvious reasons. He appears angry half the time in all the episodes. Seems fitting that he would be a part that.

Lysander was in the group portraying Sloth. Lysander is a pretty relaxed person and avoids confrontation. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but he doesn’t show emotion or interest so easily. He also often appears lost in thought or daydreaming, and of course is forgetful, which are things that attribute to sloth. Thus, the group decides to do the sandman for their portrayal of this sin.

Kentin was in the group that portrayed Greed. Though he isn’t money hungry or materialistic, greed can be an emotional sin as well. He has always been a bit greedy for Candy’s attention and returned affection, and strives to earn it.

Armin was in the group portraying Pride. And who better to represent it than Amber. Like Nathaniel, the sin that Armin is a part of portraying isn’t necessarily linked to him directly, but it’s something he has to deal with on a daily basis with his brother trying to dress him, dealing with Amber as a partner on several projects, and Alexy hanging out with Rosa, who often demands compliments for her work and design to boost her ego.

The only sins that aren’t portrayed in the art fair are lust and gluttony.

But in episode 30, I think they were portrayed by 2 people rather than art work.

Dake would be a perfect representation of the sin, Lust. That dubious flirt always wants to make out with Candy. It’s his only goal whenever he comes into play.

Lucy represents Gluttony. Gluttony is the embodiment of indulging in something of large or numerous quantity. Though Lucy could also represent Lust, she goes through a lot of boyfriends to feed her need for starting a new relationship so often that she doesn’t stick with the same person for very long. She craves that feeling of starting a new love, not having it or keeping it. It’s an indulgence, and I think would be better represented by Gluttony.

What do you all think? Am I off base?

I’ve been doing a lot of serious soul-searching lately in wake of my severe migraine episodes and PTSD bullshit. It’s giving me perspective.

For one, I am done with thinking I’m unworthy of love and care. I’m extremely flawed, I’m a huge work in progress as a human being but I need to starve the voice in my head that tells me I’m unworthy of affection, unworthy of people caring for me.

Also, this is really fucking crazy for me to write down let alone THINK, but…I’m going to work hard to forgive my abusers and those in my past who hurt me. Even him.

This doesn’t necessarily mean I want any of them back in my life, but it does mean I want to reflect on what they did to me and how I can evolve and grow past it. Heal. Actually HEAL.

So, for the rest of this week I’m going to focus on positives. Hanging out with friends when and where I can, exploring healthier coping mechanisms, unblocking people on Facebook who I fear and loathe. Possibly seek out a dialogue with the people I fled from because I felt they weren’t treating me correctly.

Just because I can’t afford a therapist doesn’t mean I can’t heal and find ways to blossom on my own. 🌺

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So, I accidentally forgot to put my guard up when I met a new girl recently and I'm really into her so, of course there's a problem, right? She's separated from her ex wife(cheated on the girl I like) and I'm terrified that they're going to work things out and idk what to do bc she and I vibe on a crazy level and we're both really into each other.

Not necessarily. If you two vibe and really are into each other then I don’t see why she would want to go back to someone who cheated on her. There may be history but some things people can’t always work through. Hang in there and see where it goes just be cautious.


Part I: reason | Part II: alone | Part III: happy misfortune | Part IV: dreamy | Part V: possibilities

December 28th

The pub was crowded and warm inside, they had been walking around the past hour just so Remus can show Sirius around a little but the night time was extremely cold and it was about time they went in. As they settled on a table for two they found in the far end of the pub, Remus called a waitress to order their first round. When the girl looked up at the both of them, she lost her words for a moment, Sirius Black had that effect on people.

“Uh, what can I get you?” said the girl almost as if she was choking. She was as pretty as they come but Sirius was just something else. 

“We’ll have two pints of Fosters please,” replied Remus causing the girl to finally look away from Sirius who was busy checking his phone. He put his phone on the table as he smiled to Remus.

“I was just talking to Reggie, sorry,” he apologised as he took off his black coat that looked like it cost more than Remus’ whole wardrobe. “Tonight, we get to know each other if you are going to force your friendship on me as you promised.”

“Exactly what I had in mind,” confirmed Remus. “So why is your brother in Italy during holidays, I’m sure they have holidays, too.”

“You can see the appeal of entering the New Year in Milan,” smiled Sirius but his smile didn’t reach his grey eyes. “After last year, he distance himself from our family, too. They had problems with Reggie studying art, he saw the opportunity and got away as fast as he could.”

“Well, good for him,” he said just when the enamored waitress dropped their beers. “I told you yesterday, too, but I really do hope we aren’t boring you.”

“Remus, your family is the loveliest people I have had the fortune to meet,” he began as he ran his hand through his damp hair. “Please stop pestering yourself, I am an adult and I can leave when I want to but I don’t want to.”

“I’m glad you think like that,” confessed Remus. “I don’t what I was thinking when I literally forced you to come with me.”

“Living in the moment?” laughed Sirius, his laughter filled the emptiness in Remus’ lungs and he felt like he needed it to survive. “Well, this is way better than sitting at home drinking by yourself, I’ll give you that.”

“So I have a question but–”

“Ask it. Come on Remus. All cards on the table tonight.”

“Oh, okay,” mumbled Remus and he took a deep breath. “How do you afford the house you are living in? I can’t afford a 1+1 in London without selling my soul.”

“Actually I make decent money at where I work,” began Sirius. “But my uncle passed away a few months ago and he left me a considerable amount in his will. I remember the look on my father’s face, it was a sight to see.” 

“I’m sorry for your loss,” said Remus as he drank the rest of his beer. “You know what this calls for? Shots.”

“Are you trying to get me drunk Remus?” he flirted with a smile and Remus felt the air leave his body for good.

This should be illegal.

“Maybe,” shot back Remus bravely and saw the infamous brow of his shot up. 

“Guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens,” he whispered to himself as Remus ordered a few shots of vodka, just to have back ups. 

When they downed the first one, Remus remembered how long it had been since he had gotten properly drunk. The vodka left a trail of fire in his throat and he tried to shake it off coolly as he could but when he stared at Sirius’ shrivelled face he lost every ounce of self composure he had and started laughing uncontrollably.

“I don’t do vodka,” laughed Sirius as he tried to look normal again. “No, correction: I don’t do shots.

“But you were… so… cute,” said Remus as he tried to catch his breath. “I’m sorry but that was the most helpless face I have ever seen.”

“Are you enjoying my misery?” he teased as he licked his lips for the remainder of vodka. “Now my turn, why university and teaching?”

“Because I’m a learner and I’m really good at teaching actually,” he explained. “Also I want to get a doctorate degree. I like to think that the researches I’m a part of will help people with diseases eventually.”

“What is your area?”

“Genetics,” he replied, his head held high. Remus always had enjoyed delving into the depths of life. “It’s where our future lies actually but I’m going to bore you with why genetics is important for our survival some other day.”

“I love how passionate you are about this,” said Sirius with a smile as he pulled the second shot in front of him. “I wasn’t very passionate about being an attorney until recently.”

“Why not?”

“Because it was what my family wanted for me,” he admitted as he raised his glass. “If it was up to me, I would have strayed as far away from law as I can. At least Reggie got away.”

The familiar burn made itself less recognisable this time and Sirius’ face was a little better, there were still two more shots on the table.

“What do you say we pick up the pace a little?” added Sirius as he pushed the shot glass towards Remus with such charisma that Remus forgot how to speak so he just smiled and nodded.

Another down and it felt good, Remus felt a bit more relaxed as he called the sweet waitress girl for four more shots, if they were going down, they were going down properly. When the girl came back, she had six shots on her tray.

“One from me and one from our bartender,” she said as she put the shots down. They both looked at the bar and saw an tattoed goddess waving their way, what was it with this pub and all the pretty girls that worked there?

“Thank you,” said Sirius with a grin as she helped the girl unload the glasses.

“Okay now that we are both a little bit tipsy,” began Sirius, his eyes locked on Remus’. “How’s love treating you Remus?” 

Er, well, not good I guess,” he babbled. “It’s hard to focus on dating when I have so much work to do.”

“Love does not require effort,” countered Sirius as he once again pushed a shot glass in front of Remus.

“It looks like you are trying to get me drunk,” complained Remus as he tipped the glass and swallowed the vodka for the fourth time. Sirius put his glass down and looked at him mischievously. 

“You’ll never know, Lupin.”

“So what’s your family like?” asked Remus, it was a very intrusive question but he started not to care anymore.

“Annoying as fuck,” stated Sirius. 

Yes please, more cursing.

“Loads of annoying traditions, stupid rules to follow and not being anything you want to be. If you don’t fit in their description of what’s right, you are absolutely wrong.”

“Family dinners must be peachy,” joked Remus to lift his spirits, no one should live in a house like that. “Another?”

“Sure, why the hell not.”

Fifth one was down and now Sirius shined a bit too bright, but it was a wonderful sight to witness.

“Is it just me or is this place getting hotter by the minute?” he asked and put his hair in a bun in matter of seconds, exposing his cheekbones to stand out with all their magnificence. The way his face was built could be studied as art and no one would object it.

Dear Black Family, I don’t like you but I like your genes. Thank you.

“So, what about your love life Sirius?” asked Remus. 

Vodka should be called liquid courage.

“I haven’t found anyone to get hang up on,” replied Sirius nonchalantly. “I mean, I have dated a few people the last year but none of them affected me the way I wanted them too and you can deal with casual sex for so long.”

Remus almost choked on his own spit, he tried to brush it off with a small cough but it wasn’t working.

“Oh, sorry. I’m a bit too comfortable with those subjects,” apologised Sirius as he laughed. 

“Are you one of those people who believe in soulmates?”

“No, not necessarily,” he said with a soft smile and spark to his eyes, he was kind of slurring his words but it was very lovely. “I just believe that someday someone will come into my life and it will be so easy and natural, that I won’t even notice.”

“That sounds–” began Remus but a small hiccup interrupted him. “That sounds beautiful.”

“The last shot?”

“Yes, please,” answered Remus and he raised his glass one more time. “Here’s to us finding what we are looking for in the New Year.”

“I’ll drink to that.”

“You know it’s so funny,” he began. “I never thought I would spend my Christmas with a total stranger let alone bring him home and then go to a bar and get drunk with him.”

“I told you before there was a reason we met,” said Sirius, now he was slurring his words for sure. “A reason with million possibilities.” 

Maybe they hadn’t drink too much but they had drunk too fast and somehow it felt right. The small head spin and the halo around Sirius was all worth spending a night with him, alone. The way he talked about love, like he was a hopeless romantic which he wasn’t, the way his eyes shined from the alcohol in his blood and the way he smiled at him right this second. Remus wished his dream was reality so much but that, that was also a possibility that came with the reason.

“Yeah, possibilities,” said Remus absent-mindedly. “Should we ask for the check and walk home?”

Sirius nodded and Remus raised his hand to get the attention of the waitress. When the check came both of them reached for their wallets but Sirius was convinced he wasn’t going to let Remus pay.

“Stop it,” he half shouted as he stretched his hand to hold Remus’ from reaching into his pocket and Remus felt his skin burn, it was the best feeling ever, even better than being drunk. “You are letting me stay at your place at least let Uncle Alphard buy us our drinks.”

“I can’t believe you used dead relative card,” said Remus angrily, he didn’t like when people bought him things.

“Stop being a killjoy and say thank you, I thought Hope raised you better.”

“Thank you,” snickered Remus, not being able to continue being angry. As they went into the winter air he felt happy that there was alcohol in his blood, because it wasn’t as cold as he thought it would be.

“Excuse me while I hold onto you like a lost puppy because I will most definitely fall on ice,” said Sirius just before he put his arm in Remus’.

“And you think drunk me is a good place to hold on?” he teased. “I’m very much suspicious of your decision making.”

“Shut up and walk,” ordered Sirius. Remus abruptly stopped and turned his gaze around to give him a look that probably was very effective that Sirius almost instantly shrunk in size. “Sorry, but you should do that look more often.”


“It’s hot as fuck. Excuse my language.”

Did he just?

“Are you serious?” asked Remus, just to be sure. Sirius raised his eyebrow as he does and smiled like a child and then it dawned on Remus.

“Why yes, I am Sirius.” he laughed.

“I just realised I won’t ever be able to use that word ever again.”

They walked silently as snow fell like cotton, it was peaceful and they were drunk. They entered the house as silently as they can and made their way to Remus’ room.

“Do you feel like sleeping at all?” demanded Sirius as he took his shirt off to reveal what dreams are made of.

Not anymore.

“Dunno,” replied Remus, he had taken his sweater off, too, he couldn’t be bothered with being embarrassed at the moment and he turned around to face Sirius, he was looking at him like he just saw a ghost.

“What’s– what’s that?”

Remus always forgot his scar, he had gotten so used to it that it didn’t even occur to him he would never want Sirius to see it.

“Oh, I had a massive heart surgery when I was younger,” he revealed as he stared at his own chest, Sirius had gotten closer to get a closer look. The more he got closer, the harder it was to breathe. Sirius raised his hand as if he wanted to touch it, Remus understood his curiosity since Sirius didn’t seem to have even a scratch on his skin.

“Can I?”

“Yeah sure, go ahead.”

Remus closed his eyes at the touch without intending to, his hands were cold but very careful as if he was afraid he would open the wound again. He didn’t know what made him trust Sirius enough to let his hands roam on his scar but it was a different feeling and he was praying that Sirius wasn’t feeling his heartbeats through his skin, each beat was another possibility.

“I’m glad you are alright now,” he whispered as he pulled his hand away. “We should probably sleep.”

“Yeah, we shouid,” repeated Remus as he went to turn the light off, it was going to take days for Remus to live that down.

“Night, Remus,” mumbled Sirius sleepily.

“Night, Sirius.”

As soon as Remus closed his eyes, all the possibilities flooded his mind like a tsunami and he just focused on one.

But what if House and Wilson were Time Lords?

Not necessarily the Doctor and the Master, but just…Time Lords. Hanging out on Earth, because they can.

Wilson would be just as fascinated by humanity as the Doctor is, I think, and he wants to help people. House, on the other hand, doesn’t see it, but he sticks around because Wilson is there and he’s found something interesting to do at the hospital Wilson is working at (using diagnostics as his mental stimulus).

House complaining about how stupid humans are, and Wilson defending them by pointing out all the good they do and how much they’re capable of caring. House is never fully convinced.

Wilson asking House why he doesn’t just “sonic” them to immediately figure out what’s wrong with them, and House telling him that would defeat the purpose.

The two of them comparing humanity to Time Lords in different ways.

Wilson being worried if/when someone finds out they’re not who they say they are, but House just rolling his eyes and being blunt.

Think about it.

joshaya headcanons (✿◠‿◠)
  • they may be playing the long game, but that doesn’t mean they can’t become really good friends along the way, and they really do, sometimes when josh makes an appearance at the matthews’ apartment he’ll help maya with her homework “can’t you just give me the answers?” “i could but then what would you have learned?” “you really are a matthews aren’t you?” 
  • they bond over their love for horror movies, one night maya, josh, and riley decide to watch one and riley can’t make it halfway through without holding a pillow over her face and eventually retreating to her room for the night, maya and josh though, are on the edge of their seat, stuffing their faces with popcorn, and end up standing on the couch when it gets to a really scary part, they’re so loud cory has to come downstairs at 2am and tell them for the fifth time to go to bed 
  • they’re prank masters, their target usually being cory who always seems to fall for the whipped cream on the nose trick when he’s asleep on the couch, it takes a while but eventually they get bored of pranking everyone else and start going for each other, the problem is that they’re both just so good that they can’t seem to get away with anything, they’re always anticipating the other’s moves “you can’t get me, hart, i’m untouchable” “we’ll see about that, uncle boing” 
  • when the time comes for maya to start learning how to drive, josh is happy to allow her to practice with his own car; they start off simple and stay in a parking lot, maya is a confident driver, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s good; “i swear, maya, if you get one scratch on miranda…” “miranda? don’t tell me you named your car” “i did and she’s a little old so try not to kill her will you” “maybe i should work on trying not to kill us first” “good call” 
  • josh walks in one time when everyone is hanging out in topanga’s after school, “boing!” because maya has never stopped doing that when he enters the room, then she calls him over and says she wants to tell him a secret, but when he leans down maya grabs his beanie and puts it on her head “how do i look?” “not that many people can pull off a beanie you know” and maya looks offended “but it looks good on you maya” and he doesn’t bother taking it back from her when he continues walking over to the counter; “i want my own boing!” “smackle!” then auggie, sitting on riley’s lap: “is maya going to be our aunt?” “yeah, auggie, maya is going to be our aunt”   
  • maya starts dating, and josh wishes he could be upset about it, but he’s too busy being happy for her (even if he does tease her about her boyfriend once in a while) and pretty soon josh has a girlfriend of his own, but their friendship hasn’t changed one bit, josh ends up breaking things off after a few months because things just aren’t working out with the girl 
  • maya on the other hand is happy to accept her boyfriend’s invitation to prom, but the night doesn’t go as planned, the guy turns out to be a jerk and she takes the subway back to topanga’s, still wearing her dress, expecting her mom to still be at work but is surprised to see josh sitting at one of the bar seats, so she sits next to him, telling josh all about her night, and he told her about his breakup too, then josh stands up and offers her his hand, “what are you doing?” “everyone deserves to have a good prom” “you can’t be serious josh” “why not? there’s even music” so they slow dance in the middle of topanga’s and don’t care one bit how silly they look, and it’s the happiest both of them have been in months, “are you still in it for the long game?” because she hasn’t asked that for months either, “i never stopped” and by that point the rest of the gang had shown up, because of course they weren’t going to stay at prom when their friend was having a miserable time, and they watch maya and josh dance the night away, eventually joining in on the dancing themselves
A Very Lucky Woman

TITLE: A Very Lucky Woman


AUTHOR: Tomstinkerbell

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you get a call from your gynaecologist’s office that there’s an “area of concern” on the mammogram you had a couple of days ago. Your husband Loki is with you when you receive the call, and he insists on coming with you to the resulting biopsy a few days later, even though you find out that they won’t let him be in the room while they’re conducting the procedure – you know he’ll be in there with you, regardless of what they will or will not allow.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Possible trigger for medical procedures/breast cancer sufferers/survivors

You are lying in Loki’s arms one morning, one of the few times you are simply allowing yourself to be fawned over by him, petted endlessly, caressed and nuzzled as if you two have just found each other, instead of the reality of the situation – that you’ve been together for almost five years. But he never seems to tire of touching you, and Lord knew he’s always after you to the point of inappropriateness – not that you’re any more able to keep your hands off of him, either, though, really. Your friends are always teasing you about the fact that you’re always holding hands, you always sat practically – or literally - in his lap, always walked arm in arm, kiss each other hello and goodbye, being generally, sloppily and unapologetically romantic with each other, no matter who’s around.

Just as his fingers twine themselves into your hair, the heel of his palm settling with infinite gentleness against the apple of your cheek as his lips find yours, your phone rings where it sits tucked into your headboard.

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Being Seungkwan’s younger sibling would include...

I’m bored and I feel like this lil shit would be so cute to have as an older brother!^^

-Admin J

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

-You both being sassy as shit.

-Using his hate of aegyo as an advantage.

-”Oppa/Hyung~ can I please ha-”

-”YES! If you shut up you can have it!”

-Goofy childhood pictures that only you two know about.

-Whenever you want bonding time one of the boys’ always has to come along. *cough* DK *cough*

-Asking him to sing for you and he’s all like

-”Cause your oppa/hyung is the best singer ever! Am I right?”

-Always embarrassing you in front of the others.

-”Oh, oh, Y/N, Do you remember that time when-”

-Wanting to punch him most of the time.

-But he can be sweet.

-Being there for him while he was still a trainee and getting emotional when he finally debuted.

-Going to a lot of their concerts and he would see you in the crowd making him work harder than ever.

-He would always try to be the best role model towards you, even if that meant doing things he wouldn’t necessarily do.

-You’d always inspire him.

-Hanging out with the maknae line.

-He’d tease you when you got your first boy/girlfriend.

-”Oh no! My baby Y/N is growing up to fast!”

-But really, he’d be ready to kill the guy/girl if they did anything to you.

-”Don’t even think about hugging him/her!”

-Basically he would be an annoying shit but a great brother.

dunk tank fic just because

[as per pocketlass request because of recent events]

Derek arrives at the Beacon Hills Annual Fall Carnival to raise money for a new wing in the hospital, prepared to spend lots of money, as he’s been told by various people to show up. Derek spots Erica and Boyd canoodling by the Ferris wheel, and they wave excitedly at him. Isaac he barely recognizes behind the large stack of plush animals he’s holding, snorting at an equally large stack of plush animals that Stiles is holding. Looks like there’s a competition or something going on there. Derek doesn’t want to get into it.

He plays a few ring-toss games, happily loses forty bucks or so, and then finds himself being accosted by quite a few people screaming and shrieking wildly.

Oh, the dunk tank. Derek munches on a thing of cotton candy, watching with amusement, trying to see what poor sucker got convinced to get thrown in cold, freezing water in the middle of October.

No way.

Derek drops the cotton candy when he sees Scott step up to the platform wearing a pink fluffy robe the exact shade of the cotton candy now on the floor, abjectly forgotten. Scott waves happily to his audience, accepts a few wolf whistles graciously, and then strips out of the robe, stepping forward in only a pair of tight pink boxer briefs. Derek isn’t even sure they could be called boxer briefs at this point, because they very well could be tighty-whities, but they’re not white. They’re a lurid shade of pink. 

And damn, he looks good. 

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Neighbors (2.1)

AN: I honestly love this story… Of course, I post all of the stories on here before ffnet.


“And you’re n-not like nervous to meet my father?”

Sasuke looked up from his tattoo magazine to his girlfriend. It was Friday afternoon. The school had a half-day so she came to the parlor to wait for him. “Should I be?”

“Whoa, you’re meeting the daddy?” Temari, the blond receptionist asked, plopping down beside Hinata. Hinata remembered her first time coming here and the vile look Temari gave her. Turns out Temari is, much like she is with Gaara, protective over Sasuke. She thought Hinata was some stick-in-the-mud, high maintenance girl.

Although she can be a stick-in-the-mud, she wasn’t high maintenance. They learned of her paranoia and tease her constantly.

Sasuke nodded and smirked at the blonde woman. “Think he’ll like me?”

“Dark aura, tattoos, piercings and nonchalant attitude…what father wouldn’t?” She laughed. “I’ll be surprised if he lets you inside without spraying a bit of Holy Water.”

Hinata frowned. “T-that second part isn’t true…”

Temari laughed harder and gasped, leaning towards the Uchiha. “Are you two banging yet?”

Hinata face burned. “N-no!”

She paused and asked. “Really?” Temari looked at him for confirmation. Sasuke shook his head and continued to flipped through the tattoo magazine. “I could have… Whoa, hey, maybe you got a chance,” Temari stood. “Hey Gaara!”

The red hair called back, “What?”

“Guess who isn’t-”

Hinata jumped on the blonde back. “No! Don’t go screaming it!”

Temari hoisted the girl on her back. “Geesh, she’s so cute, Sasuke. Let’s get matching piercings, Hinata.”

“S-Sasuke!” Hinata called. Sasuke simply waved her off and continued reading the article.


Hinata sat in the middle of her floor. “I’ve h-had so many memories in here,” she whispered. “Goodbye floors I’ve fallen on countless times.” She stood. “Furniture that I’ve stumped my toes on, walls I’ve hit my shoulders on, cabinets I-”

“You’re a fucking mess,” Sasuke dropped the folded boxes under his arms to the floor. “I’m getting you check out.”

Hinata waved him off. “You’re taking me out of my home.”

Sasuke opened up one of the boxes. “Don’t make it seem like I’m forcing you to come. You said-”

“I was jealous,” she poked him in the chest. “I was…jealous so I said it.”

Sasuke took her wrists and held them above her head. “You can have these back when you learn to use them.”

Hinata giggled and stood to her tip-toes. “S-sorry…” She watched Sasuke’s eyes lower as she came closer. Right before their lips met Hinata turned away. “Y-you can have them back…a-after you learn how to act.”

“Ah, you’re going to get enough of mocking me?” He quickly let her arms go and picked the girl up. Hinata smiled and kissed him once. Sasuke returned the motion. She wrapped her arms around his neck. “Princess…”

She simply pressed her lips to his and gave a muffled, “Yes?”

“I think I-” he was cut off by her cellphone. He let her go slowly.

“Hold that thought,” she asked and answered her phone. “Hello! Awh…Yes, the r-rumors are true. Who…told you?” The short woman laughed. “Awh, I’ll miss you too, Mako.”

Sasuke groaned. That idiot maintenance man is the main reason why he moved. He was working the plumbing upstairs and put a hole in Sasuke’s bathroom ceiling. He was not about to have an old woman watching him shower.

“Yes, I’m moving in with Sasuke-kun… No, no… He isn’t necessarily making me.”

Sasuke snatched her phone away. “Look, I’m taking her out of this hole. She had mold in here and your solution was air freshener.” He didn’t allow the man to continue before hanging up.

“That’s was mean!” Hinata pouted.

“Never said I was nice.”

There was a painful pause. “You… You want me to be safe. That’s it.”

“Princess…” Sasuke warned. “Stay back.”

“You d-don’t want to me to stay here for my health too!”

“You faint all the time. It can’t be healthy.” He backed up, almost tripping over the boxes.

“You’re so-”



“Don’t say it,” the Uchiha turned around and of course Hinata leapt on his back.

“You’re so nice, Sasuke.” She said directly in his ear. “Is that your weakness? To be called o-out on your niceness?”

Sasuke dropped to the couch ultimately squishing the girl behind him. Hinata gave a muffled laugh and latched onto him more. “What’s the animal you’re acting like?”


“No, a leech.” He pried her legs from his waist. “Let’s pack before that fat-ass, Mako gets down here.”

Hinata sighed. “Goodbye couch, I’ll remember the comforts you’ve g-given me. Good-” Sasuke tackled the girl to her back.

“God, shut up.” He cupped her face. “Or I’ll make you.”


“Uchiha Sasuke, I am here… and ready… to fight!” Mako panted at the opened door. “Gah… Get off of… Her…” He clutched his heart and fell to one knee. “Just wait…”

Sasuke looked back at the girl. “Can I kiss you now or…”

“No! H-help him!” She squeaked.

“Fine,” Sasuke stood and picked up the man by the collar. “Get up Fat-Ass.”

“I’ll… I’ll kill you… U-Uchiha.”

“Yeah, alright. Find a cookie and come back to me.” He pulled him out the door. “Fuck, do you believe in green foods?”

“P-pickles… Fried pickles.”

Hinata watched them before lying on her back. Her cheeks warmed thinking about the events of today. “I w-wonder what he was going to say?”

Whoa, that was a strange sense of Déjà vu.

berrysphase  asked:

🔥, Combeferre?


–I guess my main unpopular opinion for Combeferre is probably (still) that he’s not the Group Mom/Caretaker.  But I think people are starting to move away from that– I see more and more jokes about his terrible Mad Science decisions over the last year– so maybe that is not that unpopular?

–this isn’t a disagreement, just something I don’t see discussed a lot, or , like, ever, so I guess it’s not popular? in a neutral sense? but: I think Combeferre has really good instincts for what he personally needs in close relationships. Like, his intro and his behavior at the barricade both show a real tendency towards internal conflict, and to getting frozen in place through trying to balance out the benefits of different approaches. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you had any makeup tips for someone who isn't very good at doing makeup? For many years I didn't wear makeup, but I've been really into it for a year but I feel like I'm not up to par. I see other girls look like makeup superstars and I'm just like "I can do mascara well." I struggle with simple things like foundation/concealer, contouring, filling in my eyebrows, winged eyeliner, etc. Sorry if this is random, decided to ask you since your makeup always looks good. Thanks!


first let’s start with your skin type. if you have oily skin, dry skin, combination skin (a mixture of both oily and dry), or textured skin you really want to reach for makeup that suits it. most makeup products will say what they tackle most (ie. for oily skin! and it’s usually on the front or back of the bottle). a tip i will say for any skin type is to ALWAYS MOISTURISE BEFORE YOU APPLY MAKEUP!!!!! apply moisturiser, LET IT SET (NEVER go straight in with your makeup on top of freshly applied moisturiser), then do your makeup. it’ll make everything 10x easier to blend, and acts as a much better primer (in my opinion).

also with skin, it’s good to know what undertone you are. meaning, your skin colour leans a certain way depending on if you have warm, cool, or a neutral undertone. if you have a warm undertone to your skin, your colour will lean to a more peachy, yellow, or golden tone. if you have a cool undertone to your skin, your colour will lean to a more pink, red, or blue and if you have a neutral undertone to your skin, you will have a mixture of both. the reason to knowing this helps you when picking the proper foundation colour as they oxidise (they react when exposed to oxygen by changing in colour very slightly. they’ll turn orange or peachy or ashy. depending on what foundation you buy. if you buy the wrong one, when you go outside it will become very noticeable because of this). i would suggest looking online for videos or articles to determine what your undertone is! (i know there’s a trick to knowing your undertone by looking at what colour your veins are on your wrist, but to be safe look online)

now on to foundation, when searching for one, i suggest going to the drug store first. since you’re a beginner there’s no need to spend heaps of $$ on products you don’t even know how to use (but if you have the money who am i to tell you how to spend it).

the drug store however can be really tricky. the lighting in my ones usually have very fluorescent white lighting, kind of like a ring light type of white (if that makes it easier to understand). so what you’ll want to do is grab a tester (or many if you don’t know what’ll match your skin best), swatch it from the side of your cheek down to your neck, blend it as best as you can, then go outside (the reason for this is because of what i stated earlier, the oxidisation of your foundation). give that a couple minutes to let the natural air hit your face and then see how it (they) look in the natural light and fluorescent lighting. the reason for swatching it on the side of your face and down your neck, rather than anywhere on your face, is because you always want to match your foundation to your neck, and that’s the easiest way to do it when you’re purchasing a new foundation.

now, concealer. if you’re looking for one that’ll just hide blemishes and such, always match it to your foundation!
if however you’d like a concealer that’ll highlight your features, always go for a liquid type that’s a couple shades lighter than your foundation colour. liquid concealers are much easier to blend!!
and you wanna always set your concealer with a translucent powder!!!!!!!

contouring is……funny. i just got the hang of it myself.
basically i splurged once and bought the Smashbox Contour Kit at my local beauty store.

basically, in all literal honesty…..you don’t need a kit for this. my advice? buy a grey based brown eyeshadow (or Taupe whatever that colour is) and use that as your contour shade.

the contour shade will act as a shadow more than anything but IMO isn’t necessarily needed.

buy a bronzer from anywhere. literally. any bronzer that works well for your skin type is what you want. after you’ve applied your contour shade when doing your makeup, the bronzer brings it all together (which is why I don’t think you need a contour shade but w/e). place the bronzer on TOP of the contour shade line you created on the side of your face and blend INTO IT and UPWARDS.

INTO IT - so it isn’t patchy
UPWARDS - so it’ll warm up more of your face and look “natural”

and lastly, tools. because how else would you apply any of these products? with your hands 👏🏽 NO 👏🏽

it doesn’t matter if you just freshly washed your hands qween, never apply your makeup with your hands.

for beginners, i would suggest a brush. imo, stippling brushes leave heaps of streaks and will just confuse you if you’re new. so i would suggest a very dense flat top brush, one that’ll be able to hold a lot of product.

for contouring, use an angled brush. (i spoke about powdered contouring but if you choose to use creams i would use a beauty sponge).

for liquid concealer, use a beauty sponge (so you’ll get the hang of using a sponge).

for face powder used in small areas use a tapered off brush (that just means at the top it goes into a really tiny triangle or angle if that makes sense).

and for face powder used everywhere else, use any big fluffy brush.

i hope my advise has helped 💫💞 i’m still new to makeup so everything i’ve shared is what i’ve learned so far 😁