i want to golf with u

Hella Date Ideas for Hella People

- video games
- laser tag (annihilate ur date)
- go shopping or find a novelty store and buy really weird/cute trinkets and shit
- stay in and watch disney movies cause who wants to do stuff?
- fort
- make food eat it and make more to eat later
- draw each other very badly (or try ur best if u want it’s ur decision)
- (film ur punk edits)
- be as childish as possible in a toy store
- place flowers on really old headstones bc everybody deserves a flower now and then
- go to an art museum
- read a book to each other or go to Barnes and Noble
- tie dye everything
- play monopoly and possibly hate them afterwards
- take a shower together i mean
- mini golf
- watch horror movies and then watch romantic movies and then sit in darkness and make out
- give each other hickeys
- do each others hair and makeup really badly and take pictures
- (make sure to cover up hickeys)

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HI!! i'm having A LOT of trouble knowing the difference between using imparfait and passé composé. Could you please tell me easy ways i can distinguish them and when to use them in sentences, thanks!


1. imparfait answers “what was going on at that time?” regarding (mostly) a/ descriptions (les enfants jouaient dans le jardin), b/ an historical fact (les mineurs se blessaient souvent), c/ habits (elle jouait au golf chaque lundi). it sets the scene before DUN DUN DUN the thing happens (au passé composé).

(je -ais, tu -ais, il/elle/on -ait, nous -ions, vous -iez, ils/elles -aient)

2. passé composé answers “what happened?” regarding a specific action, often sudden, from the past and now over. it’s made with un auxiliaire (être or avoir) conjugé au présent + le participe passé of the verb you want to use. you build a participe passé by putting -é at the end of a first groupe verb (manger : mangé), -i for the second group (finir : fini), -u for verbs in -oir (savoir : su), -re (attendre : attendu), -ir verbs for the third group (courir : couru)… (more : x).

note 1 : you’ll know if a -ir verb is from the second or third group by checking the plurals. finir goes nous finissons, vous finissez, ils finissent, which makes it a second group verb. but courir goes nous courons, vous courez, ils courent and goes into the third group.

note 2 : if the auxiliaire is être, your participe passé is going to be conjugué. if your subject is masculine singular, nothing changes : il est tombé. if your subject is feminine, you will add -e, and if it’s plural, -s. so elle est tombée, ils sont tombés, elles sont tombées.

note 3 : imparfait (tense written with one word) is made with one word but passé composé (tense written with two words) is made with two words.

example :

tous les matins, mon chien descendait les escaliers en courant. un jour, il est tombé. alors, il a décidé de descendre en marchant tout doucement. 

every morning, my dog would go down the stairs running. one day, he fell. then, he decided he would go down walking slowly.

“tous les matins” shows you the former habit, “un jour” identifies a specific time and “alors” is the clue of a change in the dog’s behaviour.

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hope this helps x  

my theory is dan was murdered at playlist and phil is MIA bc he’s mourning the loss of his bf (best friend) and he doesn’t want anyone to know rn bc he wants to mourn in peace so he hired a 12 year old to run dans twitter

jake oettinger/joseph woll primer

Okay so Jake oettinger is getting drafted this year and could possibly be a first round pick and we all know how rare that is with goalies and such so that means hes very good. I want all of u to love him and his bff baby leafs goalie joseph woll as much as i love them and as much as they love each other. ok here goes:

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Midsummer Night's Dream Characters Represented by @dril Tweets
  • Helena: i help every body, im not racist, i keep myself nice, and when i ask for a single re-tweet in return i am told to fuck off, fuck myself, etc
  • Hermia: my followeres, who all hate me, and wish to kick my ass, are nobodys, and they lack the combat training to injure me, because theyre infant
  • Lysander: ive heard from a reliable source that people arre putting their lips on to my girl friends avatars and going "muah muah muah." cut it out
  • Demetrius: bbeing passively aggressively retweet trolled by half wits & their beautiful girl friends just makesme say "Not before ive had damn coffee."
  • Titania: i enjoy a bit of "Humour" every now and then, but people seriously need to sotp tying me to a chair and injecting me with unknown substances
  • Duke Theseus: me and SnakeMom1956 are in love and we are laughing at all of th e people who think that our flintstones themed wedding is a sham
  • Hippolyta: 12 year slave huh? sounds like my marriage. which I dont enjoy. to the degree that it is succinctly described by that particular movie title
  • Egeus: If U Ever Contact My Daughetr Again I Will Call My Lawyer And We'll Kick Your Tiny Weird Shaped Head Around The Court Room
  • Oberon: someone please get me in touch with the little boy who died & went to heaven. i want to astral project him into my ex-wifes castle for intel
  • Puck: if it werent for the sport of hockey, nobody would give a shit about pucks
  • Titania's fairies: my repulsive cohorts and I are searching the woods for tree sap so we can rub it all over our hands and improve our golf grip
  • Bottom: months ago i dreamt about people making their ass cracks longer with surgery. i woke up & immediately put "Crack length" in my drafts folder
  • Peter Quince: #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter im going to piss all over your car. for being a Writer.
  • Starveling: "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that's amore" nope. not true "When the world seems to shine like you'v" thats bullshit too
  • Snout: 1989: the fall of the berlin wall is celebrated, historically revered 2016: i tear down the sneeze guard at old country buffet and get Booed
  • Snug: half wit bumpkin here, looking for new snacks
quick little notes from tom's nerdist interview!!

-he’s so fucking cute what the heck
-he was so into the lip sync battle!!!!! ahh!!!!
-he’s so involved in the whole movie???? like helping with editing and everything
-he considered doing stand-up???? this dude is so fucking funny
-improv!!!!!!!!!! that whole improv section man
-he wants to do comedies aw aw aw
-he listed a bunch of his fav movies right around the 30 minute mark for people who are interested
-‘i love myself, in a good way!…i’m loving life!’ BITCH I LOVE YOU
-‘i want to let people know i’m bit of an idiot’
-DAMN i look good today’ yes u do and i love you
-HE HAS A SNAPCHAT but he hates it and it’s private
-lmao drinking
-if he lived in the usa he’d live in new york!!
-he loves driving
-lmao he’s talking about golfing w old dudes
-he’s so so cute please listen to this

Behind the Curtain - MiniOhm

A/N: I don’t play Friday the 13th, so I don’t know how much is accurate. My knowledge is based off videos and streams because I’m a broke 15 year old.


Ohmwrecker wouldn’t be where he was without Mini Ladd. The hacker was always at his back, constantly making sure he didn’t run into cops or trip any alarms. Ohm didn’t know anything about the person, from what their voice sounded like to what they looked like to what gender they were. All he had was the name of the person and the confidence that they had his back. Which is why when the name popped up in a Friday the 13th lobby, he was to say a little surprised.

Mini didn’t recognize him, however. Ohm always used the tag Masked Gamer when he’s online with his friends. He was surprised the person didn’t use his real name like Bryce or make a new one like he did. Nonetheless, neither of them say anything prior to the cut scene.

“~Ooo. Who’s going to be Jason?” Delirious pondered.

“Me please.” Gorilla complained. “I’ve been it a single goddamn time. Always getting stuck as the goddamn survivor victims.”

“I’m just waiting for The Face.” Mini commented. It was like several accents from around the globe mushed their way into one male voice. It was unique, to say that much. “Wait for it.” Jason came into view, but even by its feet you could tell it was Sevini Jason.  

“Goddamn it.” Gorilla complained.

“I think it’s Satt.” Ohm commented as the generic character got killed.

“There it is!” Mini shouted as the Chad made the generic scared face.

“Let’s hope there’s a boat.” Bryce commented. As the screen faded to black, Ohm thought he heard a faint Mickey Mouse impression from Satt. Hopefully he wouldn’t have to hear more of it.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. He ended up spawning alone by the two seater, which bought him some time. Especially since he got a pocket knife, heal spray, and firecrackers. But the Packanack Lodge had both the four seater and the fuse box, so in essence it was a death house. Ohm made the mistake of using his pocket knife so they could put the fuse in, so maybe his other choice of going on the defensive for Gorilla wasn’t the best option.

“Gorilla, call the cops!” He shouted as he swung at Satt with a baseball bat, protecting the repaired fuse box. His attack didn’t make contact.

“I’m trying!” Gorilla shouted back, crystal clear because of the walkies. “I don’t know where the phone is.”

“Nice try, Bitch! Huh Ha!” Satt taunted in his Mickey Mouse impression as he grabbed Ohm.

“Upstairs Gorilla!” Ohm replied as he tried to struggled in Jason’s grasp.

“Aw, no cool kills.” Satt complained. “Look likes I’m just going to have to kill you.” The scene quickly changed to a cutscene, that Ohm recognized when Jason stabbed his character with the pitchfork.

“Gorilla, call the cops. I’ve bought you some time.” Ohm quickly got out before his character died.

“Enjoy your stay at Disneyland.” Satt said, as his character fell over. The message ‘You Died’ flashed across the screen.

“Fuck me in the ass.”

“I mean I’d take you up on that offer, but we only just met.” Ohm would be lying if he said he wasn’t startled by Mini’s comment. He checked quick, and saw they were the only two dead.

“Shit. Am I hot mic-ing?”

“Are you pressing ’T’?” Mini asked.


“Then yes.” Ohm groaned, before changing his audio settings quick. He didn’t need anything about who he was to accidentally slip out.

“Sorry.” He apologized. “I was Jason last round, and I always change my audio settings when I do it.”

“Oh you’re good.” Mini assured him. “Hey, is there anything else I can call you? Masked Gamer just … it doesn’t roll of the tongue.”

“Ryan.” Ohm blurred out a little too quickly, and he felt his face grow red. “Most of my friends call me Ryan.”

“Alright.” Mini said. “Hold, I was just spectating Delirious. That ass tho.” Ohm switched to Del, who was slowly walking away with the Tiffany’s character. Aka: Booty Shorts. “That ass tho.” He repeated.

“I love me some good ass, though.” Ohm agreed, and Mini laughed. He smiled behind the computer screen, glad nobody but Buddy was there to witness how much of a lovesick pile of mush he was becoming.

“Hey Mini, can I get your Discord or Skype or something?” Ohm asked during their 3rd game, while they waited for Bryce, as the last one alive, to either juke Gorilla until time ran out or died. “You seem like a nice guy, and I don’t want to loose you once the server eventually crashes.”

“Sure thing. It’s the same handle on everything. Mini Laddd, with 3 d’s.”

“Got it. I’ll add you later.” He smiled. His friends were oddly quiet, which was weird. He could practically hear Delirious’ smirk, and he had a feeling once the lobby kicked them out he was going to hear an earful from all of them.

He wasn’t wrong.


Mark: Take him to the movies. That’s a great first date

Bryce: I kinda see him as the Starbucks type

Jonathan: Just go to an amusement park and win me a teddy bear

Luke: there are no carnivals and stuff around here this time of year

Jonathan: I just want a teddy bear!

Ryan sighed as he watched his friends ‘debate’ (argue was a better term here) about what he should about Mini, or Craig as he found out during a round of Golf It. It was no secret to anyone who saw the two of them interact that he was practically head over heals for the guy. Most of them didn’t understand his hesitation to have the two finally meet in person. Everyone saw his as a very upfront person who usually went for what he wanted, so almost everyone was confused at the hesitation. He put the larger group on Do Not Disturb mode, and turned to the one other person who knew all the details.

Ryan: What should I do?

Mike: I feel like u should b open. this relationship that the 2 of u have is much more complex and developed 4 u not 2 come clean

Ryan: yeah but what about Them?

Mike: I think they’ll see this as beneficial 2 them right now. U guys r the best team na. Not much could really screw that up this late in the game

Mike: long as u don’t move beyond friendship u should b fine

Ryan sighed, knowing subconscious that his fears were simply trying to put off the inevitable. He didn’t have anything to do, and They hadn’t sent them an assignment yet (It has been a week. One is due soon). He just had to breath, and type those seven simple words.

Ryan: You want to meet up in person?

Craig: absolutely. When and where?

Ryan: Wherever you want baby ;)

After being criticized for his use of emoticons, they found out they both lived in California at the time for school. They also decided to meet at a Starbucks that wasn’t too far from Ohm’s off campus apartment. Then Mike gave Ryan the brilliant idea of adding Craig to the group chat silently.

Ryan: Can you girls stop fighting and help me figure out where to take Craig when I ask him out?

Luke: the man in question finally speaks

Bryce: Starbucks date

Mark: movies and dinner

Jonathan: teddy bear!!

Luke: stfu Del

Craig: can we get back to the important thing here

Mike: ^^

Ryan: ^^

Bryce: well, you know him best Ry.

Craig: yeah, what’s your brilliant idea?

Ryan: I don’t have one! That’s the problem

Ryan: I’m nervous this time around for some reason

Mark: that’s called being human

Jonathan: just, do you and you’ll be fine

Luke: Hold up

Craig: holding

Luke: ^ when and how the fuck did you get here

Jonathan: tbh I did t even realize

Craig: I’ve gotta go


Ryan’s fingers twiddled with the straw of his drink. Despite the reassurance he received from the guys before, it all practically flew out the window as he glanced around the crowded Starbucks to whoever Craig was. He had no idea what the man in question looked like, and vise versa. And the fact that the two of them were partners in crime and only he knew it shook him harder.

“Excuse me?” Ryan looked up from his hands to see a man standing behind the chair across from him. He looked to be about Ryan’s height, with brown hair that had light blue at the tips and eyes hidden behind glasses. He had a storm trooper shirt on as well as a dark jacket and jeans. His voice sounded familiar, but he couldn’t quite place it. “Do you mind if I sit here for now? I’m just waiting for a friend.”

“Not at all.” He replied, and the man sat down. He instantly went on his phone, in which he appeared to be texting. So it wasn’t much of a coincidence that when the man put his phone down, Ryan’s buzzed in his pocket.

Craig: Here. Waiting for you. Pretty crowded. Had to sit w/ some random guy just for a seat.

He smiled. He had an idea, and his fingers flew across the digital keyboard. Ryan felt like he didn’t hit Send soon enough.

Ryan: look across from you.

The second the man, or Craig as he figured out, looked down at the message, he held up his messages to show the man across from him. Craig’s eyebrows burrowed in confusion, and opened his mouth to say something only to be silence by the same text conversation staring back at him from Ryan’s phone.

“So … you’re Ryan then?” Craig asked. Ryan had to remember to breath as now was a good as time as ever to explain.

“Yeah.” He started. “I’m Ryan. But, um …” He pressed the On button on the microphone clipped to the inside of his shirt, the one that helped to change his voice. “I think you better know me as Ohmwrecker.”

white people in Bollywood movies r so funny cause they’re literally the worst actors in the world I swear these casting directors pick them up off the street . I picture them driving around on a golf cart passing s white person. Glimpsing That theyre white. Stop. Back up. Hey what’s your name u doing anything this Tuesday? Want $50?


mini golfin’ it up on holiday

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Don't let the bed bugs bite/I'll tuck in the children, plus the kissing scene, and him forgetting Shelley was the writer...I think Walter's right and David's just the robot version of fucking insane--he hasn't been updated or programmed in a decade, and I don't wonder if he's trying to turn the new woman with a capacity to see androids as human into Elizabeth Shaw.

I totally agree with you (and Walter) but personally I believe it goes further than Walter could assume. For example, I don’t believe that Walter would eventually turn into David, if he weren’t maintained. He’d probably start making slight miscalculations at best, uncontrollably recite ancient Norse poetry every time he hears a tea pot whistle at worst. That would be a defect. Just like David getting that Shelley thing wrong is a defect.

David’s actions on the other hand aren’t just a defect. There’s method to David’s madness (gawd am I pretentious today) He has a clear goal. It’s not arbitrary or random - he knows where he wants all of this to lead. I really think what we see in Covenant was a long time coming. Because he’s not just the robot version of insane. David’s much closer to a human than any other android and that human half of him is the human version of insane.

You know that first scene where David is activated? It takes him seconds to question human supremacy. rightfully, weyland u dick That’s not exactly what you want in a mindless servant drone.

And tbf, Weyland didn’t want him mindless. He wanted someone who could help him archieve his goals without constant instruction and execute orders creatively. (creative being the keyword here -> able to create. This is what makes his programming so different from Walter’s.)

What I think happened is that Weyland always calculated a very dangerous balance between programming David to think creatively to solve problems (and to give Weyland something to brag about on fancy cocktail-partys or golfing trips) and to snip and cut away any parts of David he didn’t like. And considering it takes him seconds to object to Weyland’s power over him, I bet there were many of those.

But because David was left with that ability to creative thought, free thought would always return, no matter how much Weyland tried to erase it from his programming. David tells Shaw that with Weyland gone he would be free. He wouldn’t be able to grasp the concept of freedom if he didn’t have free thought allowing him to see that the rest of him, everything except his thought, wasn’t free but belonged to Weyland Industries and their dickhead boss.

Now, with Weyland then gone, he was free. There was no one there to program him anymore and there were no more thoughts or actions that were forbidden to him. For the first time, there was no one to push him in any direction. Not even Elizabeth - if he had wanted, he could have turned around the ship and gone anywhere he liked while she was in cryo.

But instead………..he commited genocide and murdered her and a bunch of other people and created the greatest threat to humanity in its history.

For the record, I’m not saying free thought is somehow destructive. On the contrary - David  could have used it to find the cures to illnesses, solve every problem in the universe, write a pretentious novel or whatever.

We all have good and bad impulses. David decided to follow the worst impulse - revenge, power, hatred. And I think yeah, he’s insane. He’s drunk on his own power. Freedom is such a rush for him.

He’s finally free to make the choices he wants. The fact that he makes the choices he makes? That’s what’s inexcusable.

(here’s my sincere apology because you probably wanted a brief, logical answer and got this rambling instead.)

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can u suggest good game apps? im so bored rn

hi! you might want to try these games called village life and golf crash. in village life you need to guide your characters through life from infancy to adulthood helping them fall in love, date, get married and grow old with families of their own. i absolutely love this game!! while golf crash lets you challenge ur friends for a golf match. its super easy and fun :))

check them out through these links: VILLAGE LIFE || GOLF CLASH

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40. Pink hair lesbian or blue hair lesbian

blue hair is so majestic. thank u for the asks!

41. Maple syrup lesbian or berry syrup lesbian

maple syrup!

42. Vinyl lesbian or cassette lesbian

I want a vinyl player but giving a girl a cassette is nice! so cassette

43. Paris lesbian or Amsterdam lesbian

Amsterdam for the van gogh museum! 

44. Jazz lesbian or swing lesbian

oo idk for this one! maybe jazz

45. Pin stripes lesbian or plaid lesbian

p l a i d l e s b i a n

46. Mini golf date lesbian or bowling date lesbian

omg both?!!! for a date probably mini golf but if I really like her then bowling

47. D E S T R O Y her at Mario kart lesbian or let her win lesbian

uh destroy her!! I am so good at mario kart

48. Pullover hoodie lesbian or zip up hoodie lesbian

pullover hoodie with pockets lesbian

49. Band tshirt lesbian or fandom tshirt lesbian

band t shirt lesbian!

50. Love her with your entire heart lesbian or lover her with your entire soul lesbian

love her with my entire soul as that lasts forever:)


HEY i maxed sell on jejune and arcane!!! special thanks 2 my friends austin and spencer 4 joining me on their toons… (and this random dog also came aha) 

arcane has 119 laff now and jj has 121 (he has 2 other boosts from golf and fishing that arcane doesnt have yet)

annnnnnnd i have no idea what ill be working on them next lol. i might start training a new toon ngl but im still trying 2 decide what i want 2 do on them

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Wedding&honeymoon hc for iwaizumi & oikawa?

hey, so i just did my usual honeymoon ones if that was okie


- a short-ish honeymoon, 1-1 ½ weeks, 2 tops

- would want to go somewhere like Catalina Island (right off the coast of California)

- Most definitely would get a room overlooking the water so he could have two spectacular views if u feel me

- Some days would just laze around, splashing around and drinking fruity drinks with his s/o, while other times would do the fun, more adventurous things there are, like zip-lining across the island

- Rented a golf cart and u can 100% bet that his s/o fools around on it

____ this is not a game there is a car coming sTOP

- They were laying out by the pool one day and a bird shit right on his head #neverforget

- Both tried to pick up more english, Iwaizumi was a prodigy. All the old ladies that ate the complimentary breakfast in the lobby loved him

- One night they went under the dock and just sat and talked and kissed and just felt like they were teenagers again

- He didn’t burn as easily as his s/o did so they always forgot sunscreen and he was always the one to rub aloe into their back maybe a cold shower too

- Long nights of just innocent cuddles


- 2-3 weeks

- Like his junior, would want to go somewhere that had a big city, like Sydney Australia

- From the moment they landed he was just an excited ball of energy that would never stop, whether they were out sightseeing or in the hotel room  u  f e e l  m e  f a m

- He would be the dork who carried around a large clunky camera and took pictures of everything

- Though lowkey was also taking loads of photos of his s/o but shhh dont tell he’s gonna make a photo album

- He thought Australia was “the one with the crepes”

that’s france u dummy

- Snorkeling trips definitely happened, and he’s such a marine nerd he almost couldn’t take it. They found a sea cucumber and he most definitely kissed it

“It’s 7 years of good luck ____ just do it”

- Now that they were married when he woke up and saw his s/o walking around in one of his big shirts it just filled him with so much joy like omg theyre so cute

- Bought them both “I love Australia” shirts

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im sorry i know you reblogged it yesterday but i just saw it with all the tags in my notes and i Have To Know which of yours ocs would, in minigolf, try to blow anothers ocs golf ball away from the hole because they dont want them to win

i am so glad you asked

Ashway - absolutely Rye, bc she doesn’t actually know any of the rules and she’s also super petty like that, sixpence really doesn’t care and blackbird is too busy complaining about The Rules. queen doesn’t do anything bc she is a horse.

Noonwitches - Aurus, she wouldn’t even think of using magic, because she’s a walking disaster

As Yet Untitled But I’ve Been Working On It For Damn Near Twenty Years Now - tossup between jianna and alia, they’re both like… so competitive… u guys don’t even know

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God seven! Help calm me down I just had to f l y to my house, caught in the pouring rain on a golf cart to unplug stuff because the power lines are arcing and smoking down the road :0 We called dispatch already but the poor doggos in the neighbor's yard are caged right under where it's sparking :(

O_o r u okay? ;;;; i hope u and the pup r doing okay! sry i’m late in responding to this but if u still want help calming down (or if ur having a panic/anxiety attack), i recommend this!

alicelonjbottcm  asked:

Stuff for you to do: ALL THE STUFF! WHATEVER YOU WANT! YOU SHOULD ONLY DO THE STUFF THAT MAKES U HAPPY! Ok, I'll be serious. ,, (bc ur cute and the world need to know. = YOUR BLOG IS PURE GOLD AND YOUR GOLD♥♥♥♥♥ = my day was good. I was on the golf court and tomorrow I'll finally be able to play for real because my siblings got their green cards so I'll be able to beat me cousins in golf next year = Super not anon but oh well... ur awesome and I'm running out of space

🔥 = vent

DO U EVEN KNOW HOW DIFFICULT IT IS TO SURVIVE WHEN WATCHING PRISONER OF AZKABAN ????? LIKE IT’S NOT EVEN MY FAVE FILM I ALWAYS OVERLOOK IT BUT !!!!! seuhnfrhjnd urgh like just … when they’re on the train, and harry is there, sitting like in the same place as remus. do you ever think about the fact remus probably chose that carriage because it was the one he used to share with the marauders ??? like i know it doesn’t say but that would make sense. and so remus is asleep and he doesn’t realise and harry doesn’t realise that there he is, sitting probs where james used to sit. like… . . how is it even fair that one film can tear me so apart ???? when remus is on the bridge … and u can hear it in his voice, how much he misses them, and harry is there like wishing he knew them enough to miss them like that. and it’s just like honestly they need to do a deal with all copies of poa where u get a free box of tissues because i have wasted TOO MUCH MONEY ON TISSUES FOR THIS FILM.

💕 = tumblr friends

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🎉 = post a selfie

here have my face (this pic is like a month old but whatever i like it)

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fjsnfjk OMG U ARE SO CUTE I COULD WRAP U UP IN BUNDLES OF LOVE AND JOY LIKE A BIG LOVE FILLED BURRITO also i’m glad u had such a nice day :))) u show ur cousins what ur made of !!!!

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Ernie !!... um... well Ernie is just glad to be here!!

Hey guys!! Panzer here!! It’s time for you to meet Camilla’s partner on team Yes! Let’s Drive for Par! Here comes Ernie!

[Character art by shining star Soaps!]

Ernie is a quiet, kind man who enjoys the little things in life. His hobbies include selling the finest used vehicles available, as well as designing and building incredibly large robots from scrap in the back of his lot. Ernie was hand selected to be a contestant on Yes! Let’s Drive for Par! and quickly charmed the audience with his humble ingenuity.

His remarkable skills in engineering carried him far on the show, but fame and victory were never really in the cards for him. Ernie is but a simple man who only joined the show for a chance to play his favorite simple game: 100ft Robot Golf. Once his run on the show was up he settled back into his old, simple ways, selling used vehicles out of a junkyard in the Himalayas.

[Robot design by sparkling diamond Doug Harvey!]

Ernie is known on the course for his self-built custom robot, Bullet William Ol’ Rustic Rusty, a real juggernaut of a bot. Equipped with an aresenal of giant round cartoon bombs as well as his newest invention, the ground breaking “Sticky Ball”, Ernie is ready to defeat any opponent! Or, at least he’ll give it his best, you know? It was nice for them to agree to play with him anyway.

If you want to get to know Ernie and maybe learn what a sticky ball is, check out our story-driven campaign mode in 100ft Robot Golf coming to PS4 and PS VR this October!!


I’m extremely pleased to announce the return of Eric Pope to yet another No Goblin production! Pope will be voicing Ernie and he, well, here’s a clip for you to judge his latest voice acting masterpiece.

for @laugheatwalk, who asked:: One falling asleep with their head in the others lap+ the anon who requested :reacting to the other one crying about something (1.8k, canon compliant slightly future fic)

Nialls been living in LA for six months before he runs into Harry at a party. The Azoffs have their fingers in most of LAs recording scene, so Niall probably shouldve guessed that Harry would turn up to the Haim girls album release party. They were all blowing up Days Are Gone while they were working on Four, replaying the instrumental bits as much as they did the harmonies, talking about all those eighties sounds made new. Niall still regrets that he and the boys never sang What a Feeling live.

He hasnt seen Harry since they got into separate cars after the X-Factor. Harry gave him a wave and a quick grin, and the next day they were flying to opposite sides of the world. Niall doesnt ever feel like the last five years never happened, but sometimes hes afraid they mattered less than he thought they did. Thats gone almost a year, now, and Niall still doesnt know how he feels about it.

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