i want to go to rio

“I want to be a doctor. All I have to do is grow up and ask the hospital if they have room for any more doctors. I’m probably going to wait until I turn twelve. The best part will be using the thing where you listen to your heart– I love doing that. The worst part will be giving injections because I’m not good at hurting people.”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

“If I didn’t think I could be a part of a movement that could influence, and be a part of helping and change, if I couldn’t help that through what I’m doing, I wouldn’t do this. But I’m seeing that through this position -in this career, and where I have these magazine interviews- I can be an example, and I think that’s important. In all the interviews I do, I say something about being vegan. I don’t want to come off as if I’m a savior. I’m only a very small part of anything, but I think it’s important to be involved. I’m interested in meditation and finding spiritual fulfillment. But for me to just go off and devote my life to monkhood in the jungle would be ultimately abandoning the world, and the consciousness would be on a selfish level. I think I can do a lot more good for this planet if I am out there." 

- River on an interview for Vegetarian Times, March 1988.

Dolores Del Rio, 1948, at her home in Acapulco, Mexico. She left Hollywood after a 20 year film career to return to her native Mexico where she became one of the greatest stars (along with Maria Félix) of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema

“I wanted to go the way of art. Stop being a star and become an actress, and that I could only do in Mexico. I wished to choose my own stories, my own director, and camera man. I could accomplish this better in Mexico. I wanted to return to Mexico, a country that was mine and I did not know. I felt the need to return to my country.”

List of French Movies for you French Learners !

Okay so one of my tumblr friend asked me what french movie she could watch, so I wanted to make a list for her, there might be some missing, feel free to add some you like ! :) Here we go:

(French Name/American name)

Funny Comedies :

  • Intouchables / The Intouchables
  • L’Arnacoeur / Heartbreaker
  • Les Infidèles / Les Infidèles
  • Astérix et Obélix: mission Cléopâtre / Asterix and Obelix: MIssion Cleopatra
  • Le Prénom / What’s in a name?
  • Les Visiteurs / Les Visiteurs
  • Les Gendarmes à St. Tropez / The Troops of St.Tropez (and all the following movies)
  • Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon dieu? / Serial (Bad) Weddings
  • OSS 117: Le Caire, Nid D’espions / OSS 117: Cairo, Nest Of Spies
  • OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus / OSS 117: Lost in Rio
  • RRRrrrr!!! / RRRrrr!!!!
  • La Cité De La Peur / La Cité De La Peur
  • Didier / Didier
  • Le Dîner de Cons /  The Diner Game
  • Un Indien dans la ville / An Indian in the City
  • Les Gamins / Les Gamins
  • Lol (Laughing Out Loud) / Lol (Laughing Out Loud) (the original french version not the crappy remake with Miley Cyrus)
  • Hors de Prix / Priceless
  • Populaire /Populaire
  • Bienvenue chez les ch’tis / Welcome to the Sticks

Less Funny Comedies, Romantic Comedies and Tragedies :

  • La famille Bélier / The Béliers Family 
  • Le Premier Jour du Reste de Ta Vie / The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
  • La Vie d’Adèle / Blue is the Warmest Colour
  • La Môme / La Vie En Rose
  • Persepolis / Persepolis
  • La Pianiste / The Piano Teacher
  • Paris / Paris (2008 Film)
  • The Artist / The Artist
  • Le Péril Jeune / Le Péril Jeune
  • L’Auberge Espagnol / The Spanish Apartment
  • Les Poupées Russes / The Russian Dolls
  •  Chinese Puzzles / Casses-Têtes Chinois (those last three are following)
  • Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain / Amélie
  • Les Petits Mouchoirs / Les Petits Mouchoirs 
  • La Rafle / La Rafle
  • Les Choristes / The Chorus
  • L’Emprise 

Action Movies, Thriller and Horror Movies :

  • La French / The Connection
  • Wasabi / Wasabi
  • Taxi / Taxi (Taxi 1,2, 3 and 4)
  • Banlieu 13 / District 13
  • La Horde / The Horde
  • Möbius / Möbius
  • Mesrine Part 1 and 2 / Mesrine Part 1 and 2
  • À bouts portant / Point Blank
  • Les Lyonnais / Les Lyonnais
  • L’immortel /22 Bullets
  • Les Ripoux / My New Partner 
  • And of course all of Luc Besson’s who are not in french but are from a french director

That’s all that comes to my mind, again, feel free to add french movies that you love and spread the knowledge ;)


“I don’t want to get so lost in thinking about me and talking about me all the time in interviews.
It’s so nice to unwind and just look at other things and get out of yourself. It’s hard to detach myself from myself without neglecting myself. You know what I mean? I don’t want to get in to the habit of thinking about my career because when it comes down to it, it’s not really that important. I could die tomorrow and the world would go on.”

River Jude Phoenix (August 23, 1970 ∞ October 31, 1993)

anonymous asked:

hello friend I have had a pretty bad day do you think you can hmu with some fluffy whizzer/marvin headcanons??

awww i’m sorry friend!! i hope you have a much better day tomorrow!! these are for you, lovely<3

  • whizzer practically melts when marvin strokes his hair or scratches the nape of his neck (canon) but the moment anyone else touches whizzer’s hair, neck or face attack mode is Activated
  • whizzer also likes it when marvin traces patterns on his arms and hands when he’s tired. he watches him because the movements are just mesmerising and it’s so relaxing
  • whizzer didn’t like to hold hands before marvin (or more like he didn’t really consider it – was more of a one night stand than a relationship guy) but marvin just loves holding hands so much and whizzer loves to see him happy. whizzer quickly grows to love it and they’re practically always grabbing at each other in public.
  • marvin is the one who will insist he’s not hungry but then whizzer will buy an ice cream or something and marvin will tell him he should share because it’s only polite.
  • whizzer even offers to go buy another ice cream for him but he’s “not that hungry, god whizzer
  • whizzer practically lives in the crook of marvin’s neck. in bed? cuddling? watching a movie? literal magnetic attraction. even when whizzer’s asleep he moves just so he can stay in place. also this is an obvious advantage when it comes to neck kisses.
  • they go to art galleries together and point at the “ugly” paintings and say “that’s you”
  • marvin: i love yoooou
    whizzer: *snorts* gay
  • they both agree that 80s pop is the most superior pop to ever exist. i’m talking duran duran’s rio and david bowie’s let’s dance. i want you to imagine them in their kitchen at 2am dancing.
  • whizzer: *wiggling and stalking over to marvin as toto’s africa plays*
    marvin, laughing and covering his mouth: you’re- *wheeze* ridicULOUS
    whizzer: but you love me?
    marvin, teasing: let’s not go that far
  • marvin & whizzer: *losing their shit to madness’s baggy trousers in the car*
    jason, mortified: DAD, PLEASE DRIVE
  • whizzer meticulously takes care of his nails and nails are one of the first things he notices when he meets marvin.
  • marvin: well, hey there
    whizzer: god, your nails are awful. ever heard of pushing back your cuticles??
    marvin: i- what…?
  • i’m heading into modern au territory but they’re the couple that insists on clapping along to the Friend’s theme tune no matter what. you’re holding something? tough shit, not anymore!
  • marvin’s a really nice, deep but soft singer and it’s one of whizzer’s favourite things. they could be snuggling together as marvin nuzzles whizzer’s hair and whizzer will request that he sing “their song” – which changes every month btw – and marvin will happily oblige. 
  • i imagine love will tear us apart by joy division is unofficially “their song”.
  • they’re both dad dancers i don’t make the rules. they’re terrible and embarrassing but they’re loved.
  • whizzer loves to gush about the latest fashion trends or photography and marvin is always so eager to listen. whizzer also listens emphatically as marvin tells him about his day.
  • they’re both outrageously competitive. they make bets over the most mundane things.
  • marvin: i bet you can’t scale that wall
    whizzer, already climbing: you bet, my ass
  • one of them gets sick, then both of them gets sick so they are both whiney and unwell in bed together. 
  • they try to get each other to do things with excuses like “but you’re taller!!” “THAT DOESN’T MEAN ANYTHING, MARVIN”. 
  • charlotte and cordelia save them from their bed illness cacoon with food and medicine, don’t worry.
  • whizzer has the World’s Ugliest Laugh (snorts and gasps and all) but to marvin it’s the most beautiful thing. goes out of his way to make dumb jokes and tickle whizzer just to hear it.
Neighbors (Part III)


Neighbors II

She hasn’t seen him for a while, the gym being empty and his car being away for a while. She tried to distract herself, she went to college parties, studied, worked a lot. They both have been busy with Shawn’s trip to Brazil coming up and her studying for her upcoming exams but she had to admit that she missed him. Those eyes and his adorable smile and his voice and scent and curls. But they wanted to take things slow, figure things out. 

She doesn’t even know what it is they are figuring out. But, oh well.

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heres some userboxes

i was going to make the entire class, but i dont have the spoons for that. if you want a specific character i didnt do you can request them.

“And I’d give up forever to touch you, ‘cause I know that you feel me somehow. You’re the closest to Heaven that I’ll ever be, and I don’t want to go home right now.”

“And all I can taste is this moment, and all I can breathe is your life. And sooner or later is over… I just don’t wanna miss you tonight.”

When your best friend @princess-kurama makes you listen “-Iris- Goo Goo Dolls” and you fall in love with it to the point you cry. And you fall in love with those six, animal-animated couples too. 

p3/p5 family au info thing

first and foremost, i’d just like to reiterate that this is an au so i can do whatever i want with it, don’t go militant on me for having fun pls thanks 

alright so i woke up with like 409386093 asks about the parents dying [niijima parents’ death isn’t a spoiler but there are p3p spoilers in here so watch out :0….]  and i suppose this is needed shdfjfgkhfjal i’m laughing so hard- so the range of questions i got are “YOU’RE GOING TO KILL THEM OFF?” “THEY’RE GOING TO DIE” “THIS MEANS THEY’RE DEAD” and

OKAY SO, i originally made this au so i can have them both alive and happy so, it doesn’t really follow p5verse that much. i didn’t really think too deep about this au to ponder about how they’ll die because i just really wanted to have an akiham family to play with LOL (i like to call this branch “please save me from p3p depression”)

however, after some development with friends, it got a little bit more angsty and this is where it starts to follow p5verse more. so back to the original p5 plot: yes, both parents will die like how p5 has told. (i call this branch “Depression Setting In” GKSGLSKG:AL;)

so basically:

  • first branch = lighthearted; “No Angst Allowed, Good Time Only”
  • second branch = angsty, bittersweet; “lms if u love eating shit and dying”

i like both branches tho so i will most likely draw for both sometimes! mostly just the first branch tho bc i wanna run away from depression pls so i apologize in advance if i ever confuse you all with that HAHA so you can interpret my drawings with whichever branch you prefer: if you love being in post-p3p/p5 canon denial bliss or eating shit and dying, it’s up to you my dude

for the second branch, to answer the questions:
1) “how will hamuko die?”

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HTGAWM's Aja Naomi King Plays Coy About Dating Alfred Enoch

How to Get Away With Murder fans have really been shipping Aja Naomi King and Alfred Enoch.

We’re talking about a real-life romance.

And Ms. King is doing nothing to quell the hopeful whispers that really took off earlier this week when King posted a pic on Instagram of her and her parents visiting with Enoch in London.

I caught up with The Birth of Nation actress last night at The Hollywood Reporter’s Most Powerful Stylists dinner and asked if she wanted to clear up any of the dating speculations. After all, Enoch was photographed just last month apparently kissing a mystery woman believed to be his girlfriend during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

“I would like to clear up nothing,” King said with a big smile and a big laugh. “People could think what they want and I’m going to let them.”

She then laughed some more. “He’s a beautiful man and I think I’m quite a lovely young lady,” she said.

Too cute—but what a tease!

King captioned the photo of her parents and Enoch, “Had the best time in Paris and London. Another great adventure with the people I love most in the world!!!”

“My parents love Alfie,” King said. “They do. They do.”

Getting used to hearing him talk in Great Britain took some getting used to. “It’s so weird,” King said. “When he was here, he would only speak with an American dialect. It’s really startling. So when I called him for us to get together in London, I was like, ‘Where are you doing? Talk normal. Stop speaking in this weird accent.’”

Love life aside, King attended THR’s dinner with her stylist Tara Swennen. The actress looked perfectly chic in a butterfly print Roland Mouret dress and Jimmy Choo heels. She credited Swennen for “nudging” her out of her comfort zone when it comes to fashion.

“I’m such a sweet girlie girl and I like that she edges it up a little bit. She’ll so some really funky things with me,” she said. “Make it a little more va-va-voom. Make it a little sexier. It’s nice.”

I don't want to reblog that long ass BoL vs Coco post

But the amount of misinformation on it is astounding. When Gutierrez opted his movie at Pixar, he was turned down because Pixar was already optioning Coco, they noted similar themes, and while in the past they’ve completely cancelled movies to allow similar sounding projects from other studios a chance to flourish (the whole Newt/Rio thing), I’m guessing they didn’t cancel Coco here because at this point neither project had been totally green lit. Part of the reason BoL eventually DID get greenlit was because Fox saw the whole trademark debacle go down, prior to Coco being formally announced (remember the first rumblings of the project started spreading when Toy Story 3 hit theaters) and Fox saw it as an opportunity to get a movie made that could beat Coco to the box office and establish mindshare specifically so that when Coco did finally get announced this exact dumb comparison stuff would happen. You guys are doing exactly what Fox hoped would happen. And speaking of the trademark debacle…

Disney/Pixar did not try to trademark Dia De Los Muertos as a way to own the holiday and merchandising and distribution rights etc. It was to register the then working title of Coco, and start the ball rolling on all the work and contracts necessary to get everything from trailers to posters to yes merchandise made. The backlash to the whole misunderstanding delayed the project and made them have to wait until it’s final title was nailed down to officially announce anything. Keep in mind that other holidays and yes even Dia De Los Muertos have already/since been trademarked for the purposes of film and short projects, just as Disney was attempting to do 5 years ago. It doesn’t mean any of the distributors of those films can sue someone for celebrating or that they can commodify the holiday in any way.

Also, in what way is Coco existing a bad thing? The Book of Life is great, I like it, but it’s not a transcendental film that means there’s no room for similar concepts to be explored ever again. It was forced to include a marketable but relatively inauthentic cast, referenced to contemporary music and humor that could make for a sellable trailer. It’s frame narrative is heavy handed and clunky. Visually it’s absolutely ace though, and frankly, I think Coco looks beautiful too from what little we’ve been given. The casting for Coco is promising, the crew is promising, the intent and the amount of research has been promising. Disney/Pixar also has the capital and the reach to make this a film that will be seen by a far wider audience than The Book of Life was able to, and that’s important! We should be encouraging this! Assuming the movie doesn’t turn out to be a terrible and offensive garbage heap, which even given Pixar’s worst output, seems highly unlikely, how is it a bad thing for this movie to be made? Oh, I guess because in 120 seconds of broad strokes the teaser seemed too similar to The Book of Life? Why not give this movie a chance to come out, see it, and THEN make your comparisons? I know a lot of people feel that whatever came first cannot be topped and should remain unchallenged, but as a Mexican, I whole heartedly welcome attempts to introduce audiences to stories and themes I grew up with. A movie like this taking off opens the door for more, and more stories about my family’s culture, about different aspects of that culture, beyond DotD. DotD is mainly the go to because the core of the celebration is universal and we encourage EVERYONE to participate. It’s an aspect of our culture that we openly share already, but here’s another chance for it to be presented with a voice that can reach further. I’m stoked, to be completely honest.

Plus, while a lot of people on here are trying to be scorned on behalf of Gutierrez, and pit these two films against each other instead of letting them complement each other, Gutierrez was tweeting how excited he is to see Coco.

Good morning! ☀️ A little #tbt for you today. I really like this photo from when I was living in Dundee so I wanted to share it again. Also we have an early start today since we are going to Nerja for a hike, so I’m short on time for an oatmeal photoshoot. 😜😅 We are hiking up the Rio Chillar today! This should be a nice hike in the heat since we have to walk through the river. 🤗💦

Draw Lots

“Good morning, everyone.” Class E’s yellow octopus-like teacher greeted them with a wide grin on his face like usual.

“Good morning, Koro-sensei.” The green-haired girl greeted their teacher back, “What’s up?”

“Nyurufufu.” Koro-sensei wiggled his tentacles as a sign of his excitement, “I just got a message from the Principal. We will be having our first Christmas Festival and everyone is invited to participate.”

Everyone in the class exclaimed upon hearing the news.

“How exciting!”

“It sounds like fun!”

The Class E’s room is filled with noise from their excitement.

“I wonder what are we going to do for the festival? Is there a competition Koro-sensei?” The green-haired girl said excitingly while clasping her hands together.

“Nyurufufu. Correct, Kayano-chan.” Koro-sensei patted Kayano with his tentacle before facing the whole class once again.

“Listen, everyone.” The class became attentive, excited to know the rest of the news, “There are two contests that we need to join in.”

“WHAT?!” The class said in unison.

There were at least 2 more weeks left to prepare for the said event. With studying for the upcoming exams and assassinating their teacher, how would their schedule fit?

“There’s not much time to prepare.”

“Yeah. That would need a lot of work.”

“Oh come on. I just want to enjoy our Christmas festival.”

The class’ enthusiasm was suddenly changed into frustration.

“What are the contests, Koro-sensei?” Their red head classmate asked confidently, “We’ll pull it off.”

Understanding what his friend is trying to do, the bluenette backed up the red head to help the class cheer up. “Yeah. We’ve been through a lot. We can do this.”

The rest of their classmates gained again their confidence remembering the contests they have against the so-called chosen ones.

Through their assassination skills learned in class and their team work that has been built to kill their teacher, they have won most of the contests and keep up with Class A.

“We’ll beat that class A of theirs!” A guy with a spiky, black hair which is dyed blonde around the sides shouted.

“YEAH!” Everyone agreed, all cheerful and energetic once again.

“Nyurufufu. Very well.” Koro-sensei was pleased by their mind set. They have grown so mature and strong.

He started writing on the board with the word ‘cross-dressing’ before facing the class.

A wide grin on the red head and the yellow-haired girl appeared after reading it.

“Ohoho~” they both reacted.

They looked at each other as if understanding what the other one is thinking.

“Oh no.” The bluenette let out a sigh knowing that right at the very moment that nothing good will come next to him.

The red head raised his hand, “I think everyone would agree that Nagisa should be our representative in cross-dressing.” He said while visually showing his horns and tails while grinning.

“K-Karma!” Nagisa complained about the suggestion.

“I think so too. I mean Nagisa really looks like a girl. He could easily win the contest.” Putting her right hand on her chin while his left hand was on her waist, she supported the red head’s suggestion.

“Not you too, Nakamura-san.” The bluenette pouted knowing that they were teasing him again and that he can’t do anything about it. No one can go up against the Nakamura and Karma’s tandem when it comes to teasing the bluenette.

“But I think so too, Nagisa.”

“You’re really perfect for the role.”

The whole class agreed to the red head’s suggestion even though they feel bad for Nagisa. With his feminine features, even the girls on their class said that he might be cuter than them.

“B-But!” The bluenette didn’t know what to do nor say. All he wanted was for them to stop, but they won’t.

“Nyurufufu. I think it fits you best too, Nagisa-kun.” Koro-sensei joined.

Nagisa sighed heavily knowing that nothing could stop them and everyone was on it too. “A-Alright, I’ll do it.” He said in a low voice.

Everyone, except the bluenette celebrated upon his approval.

“One of the contest is a sure-win now, Koro-sensei. What’s the other one?” The light brown-haired guy asked.

The yellow octopus-like teacher puts a box on top of his desk with papers inside it.

“Written on the papers are your names.” He started to shake the box and put one of his tentacle inside. “We’ll be doing a Romeo and Juliet-like play.”

“Oohh~” Everyone exclaimed.

“But to make it more fun for us…. The roles will be assigned through draw lots.” He looked at everyone’s reaction and he saw thay they were all excited thinking what would be their role.

“This is quite exciting.”

“I wonder who will I be playing.”

Koro-sensei averted his eyes at the bluenette, “Nagisa-kun, because you would be our representative for the cross-dressing competition, you will play the lead, Juliet.”

“W-Why me?! That’s not fair, Koro-sensei!” Nagisa stood up and slammed his hands on his desks. He can’t believe what his teacher said.

The light brown-haired guy turn around his seat to look at the bluenette “That’s okay Nagisa. If I would be the one to play Romeo, I’ll treat you gently and give you the best kiss you can have.” He winked while wearing his easily-get-a-girl smile, teasing him.

The bluenette’s face turned blank, “I’m not a girl, Maehara-kun. I won’t be attracted by that.”

Maehara laughed hard at Nagisa’s response.

Meanwhile, the red head was suddenly annoyed upon hearing Maehara’s statement about giving his best friend the best kiss.


Karma raised his hand and stood up which caught the attention of the class.

“I will play Romeo.” He blurted.

Everyone’s eyes widened, surprised by his statement.

“Did he just–?”

They looked at him waiting for him to say or at least act that he was joking. But he didn’t. He’s serious.

“Ohoho~” Both Nakamura and Maehara responded.

The class shares the same thought, knowing how close they were to each other that they are most of the time mistaken as a couple.

The red head ignored the reaction of the class and looked at the bluenette to see his response.

His golden eyes met the azure eyes of the bluenette staring at him, surprised and noticed that his friend’s cheeks were red.

He felt blood crawling to his face upon seeing Nagisa blushed and realized what he said was something embarrassing.

He averted his eyes to the classroom door to hide his blush and said, “I’m skipping.”, in a low tone voice and walked fast to the door.

“W-Wait! Karma!” Nagisa stood up and went his way to follow his red head friend.

“Wait!” Koro-sensei panicked knowing that two of his students were going to skip his class.

“Karma-kun! Nagisa-kun! Don’t skip my class!”


My first ever fanfiction! I just want to contribute to the fandom. 😅😅

DR AU Assassination Classroom

This is based on @incorrectassclass’ idea of a Danganronpa Assassination Classroom AU

•Karma and Nagisa are childhood friends and Nagisa makes Karma promise not to kill anyone because he doesn’t want his friend to die
•Okajima is killed by Meg for being a pervert
•Isogai and Maehara are killed together
•Karma loudly declares that if ANYONE even TOUCHES Manami he will go BALLISTIC on them
•Rio and Rinka are the detectives. Rinka is great at noticing all the tiniest details (along with Chiba) and Rio is good at putting all the details together and figuring out what happened
•Kayano is the Sayaka, and dies early on
•Nagisa is heartbroken and basically doesn’t know how to cope with it
•I guess they knew each other before hand? And Kayano, Nagisa, and Karma were a trio?
•plot twist, the one controlling Koro-sensei is Aguri and Kayano was supposed to be the Mukuro, but gets killed
•the survivors are Nagisa, Karma, Manami, Rio, Sugino, and Kanzaki
•Sugino and Kanzaki have a Kazuichi-Sonia relationship (he calls her Miss Kanzaki and is super obvious about his feelings for her)
•Karma and Nagisa are best friends and Nagisa starts crying at the end because he’s so happy that Karma made it too
•Nagisa is also crying because Kayano was one of the masterminds, and because she’s dead
•Karma and Manami totally hook up afterward, and they are basically inseparable.
•Sakura (Nagisa’s tutee) is the one trapped in Towa, and Rio goes to help her out
•Eventually Sugino gets Kanzaki to go out with him and all the other survivors ship it
•Nagisa is the Super High-School Level Assassin
•Karma is the Super High-School Level Mathematician
•Manami is the Super High-School Level Chemist
•Rio is the Super High-School Level Linguist
•Sugino is the Super High-School Level Baseball Star
•Kanzaki is the Super High-School Level Caretaker
•Isogai is the Super High-School Level Class Representative
•Okajima is the Super High-School Level Photographer (Lol, yeah that’s what he’s doing)
•Rinka is the Super High-School Level Gun-User (couldn’t think of anything better LOL)
•Chiba is the Super High-School Level Sniper
•Karasuma is Munakata and Irina is Chisa
•Class A are the Remnants
•Nagisa, Karma, and Manami are trapped in Future Foundation with Karasuma, Irina and Takaoka (who dies first and was Class A’s teacher and brought them to despair)
•Karma dies in Future Foundation
•His forbidden action was basically the same as Kyoko’s forbidden action was, except with Nagisa
•Irina dies too (Karasuma kills her like Munakata killed Juzo)
•Nagisa 100% blames himself for Karma dying, and afterward he isn’t ever really the same
•he and Manami become way closer, and become inseparable friends (no romance though) and they reopen Hope’s Peak together

Maybe I’ll do more for this, but thinking about this AU is super fun so I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to it!!

O. D. Emery stands on his farm in southeastern Texas. On the one side of his property is the Rio Grande River and Mexico. On the other, a 20 foot concrete and steel beam wall, guarded by border patrol. Emery’s father bought this land in the 1940s and he grows cotton and sugarcane on it. Under President George W. Bush, a barrier was put up here to stop the flow of drugs and immigrants coming in illegally. Emery has liked the results and thinks more walls should be put up in this area. “Who wouldn’t want the wall? Crooks? Illegals? They are the only ones who don’t want the wall. I don’t think we are going to build a wall across the bridges, you can still enter legally. You can still see your family or go shopping. We are just trying to stop the illegal activity.” 

– Lulu 

(Photo: NPR/Samantha Balaban) 

[DL] 100 Sleeping Princes & The Kingdom of Dreams

From the 4th of september to the 4th of november i’m going to share 100 Sleeping Princes & The Kingdom of Dreams ( Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100-nin no Oujisama ).  

Cast : 

Ozawa Ren : Tiga

Takasaki Shota : Lid

Adachi Yuuto : Sai

Saki Masato :  Mad Hatter

Takamatsu Kouichi : Capita

Iiyama yuuta : Cheshire Cat

Uesugi Teru : Marchia

Kawasumi Bishin  : Chrono

Takane  Masaki : Dormouse

Yoshioka Yuu : Frost

Takahashi Rio : Graysia

Yamanaka Shouta : Synny

[Rules] under the cut

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