i want to go to parish

How long has it been? Six months. A little more. Tomas looks older now by years. A decade. But his eyes still carry that flame, lit from the very center of his soul’s burning. His hair is streaked through with gray like sparks illuminating the night. His eyes are lined, his hands are bruised.

And his face looks as though it hasn’t known the touch of a razor since the day they’d parted. Marcus steps forward, his hands shuddering gently as he lifts them. He brings them to Tomas’ grizzled face with all the reverence of a man drawn to worship. With all the caution of a man cornering a wounded animal. Tomas doesn’t pull away, doesn’t flinch. He gazes into Marcus’ eyes unblinking.

“It suits you,” Marcus says.

Tomas lets his eyes slip shut, and for just a moment he leans into the touch. “Thank you.”

Marcus pulls his hands away. Tomas opens his eyes.

Catholic Pick Up Lines

Use at your own peril.  Lol

• Hey, I’d love to say a prayer before a meal with you sometime? How about Saturday at 8:00?

• I think God just answered my discernment about my vocation to a married life.

• Is this seat taken or are you a Sedevacantist?

• Can I take you out for a small meal that when combined with another small meal doesn’t exceed your day’s large meal.

• So last night I was reading in the book of Numbers, and then I realized, I don’t have yours.

• What’s a nice girl like you doing in a confession line like this?

• Are you a traditionalist? Because your form is extraordinary.

• The bible says to give food and drink to the hungry and thirsty… How about dinner?

• Baby, your hair is like a flock of goats leaping down the slopes of Gilead.

• What time do you have to be back in Heaven?

• I’m starting a Parish Directory, can I have your name and number?

• I guess the Never Fail Novena doesn’t ever fail, becuase here you are.

• Here’s a Rose. I think Saint Thérèse wanted you to have it.

• Your halo really brings out your eyes.

• Would you like to study Theology of the Body with me sometime?

• If Solomon met you he wouldn’t have needed 700 wives, one would have been enough.

• Are you a penitential season? Because I’d give up anything for you.

• You may need to go to confession, because you just stole my heart.

• I’m doing my Marian consecration this year. Next year, I’d like to be Marian you.

• You know what the temple veil and I have in common? We’re both ripped



“Y/N! Y/N? Come on stay with me here!”

You opened your eyes to find the black silhouette of your father, the sheriff, above you, a bright light spread around him.

“Tell me what happened? Can you remember?”

“I-uh” you tried to recollect but your eyes grew heavy, “I don’t remem…ber…”

“No, honey you have to stay awake! Promise me you’ll try!” Your father shook you again as a siren blared over head.

“W-where am I?” You winced as a shooting pain coursed through your whole body.

“We’re going to the hospital. You had an accident, but you’re going to be fine! Right?” He looked over at a nervous paramedic trainee.

“R-right!” He nodded but you weren’t too reassured when you caught a quick glimpse of the amount of blood on his hands before you blacked out.


“No! I have to get in there!” You heard a familiar voice, but you didn’t bother to open your eyes, you needed all the rest you could get after your surgery.

“She’s resting sir, you’ll have to come back later!” A worker ordered.

“Just one minute?!” He pleaded. “Please you’ve got to let me!”

“Jordan, she needs her rest,” your father said to the frantic owner. You winced. Jordan… The apple of your eye had spent all this time worrying and trying to protect you. It was annoying yes, with him always following you around campus, but he cared greatly for you. However, this time he was just a little too late. The Beast could’ve killed you with one more blow.

“Please?” He whimpered.

“One minute!” The nurse complied with a sigh.

“Thank you! Thank you!” You knew he was in when the door clicked, “Oh my God, y/n!” He gasped, making his way towards you. Your hair was pushed away by his warm, tender hand. You knew you were blushing at the contact, ruining your act of sleeping.
“I…I’m so so sorry!” He started crying, “I..this should’ve been me not you! This wasn’t supposed to happen!” His sobs jerked the bed as he rested on the rail.

“Jordan?” You slowly opened your eyes, pretending to come to again.

“Y/N?! How are you? Please forgive me,” he looked completely weak, although he was always paddy in your hands.

“Jordan, there’s no way…” you shifted and winced.

“Here let me help you,” he fluffed a pillow.

“There’s no way you could’ve been with me at all times.”

“I know but it practically happened across the street from me!”

“So the library isn’t the safest place? How were you supposed to know?” You tried to make light heart much to his dismay, “I don’t forgive you because there’s nothing to be sorry for.”


“Nope…shh, don’t ruin it!” You tried your best not to laugh while your whole body was aching.

“You never want to see the one you love like this though,” he hung his head.

“Parrish, you are something alright… finally got the balls to say it now that I’m stuck in this prison for a week…” You teased, squeezing his hand.

“Times up, you’re lucky I gave you extra. Now out!” The nurse called from the door.

“Guess I gotta go…” He blushed, scratching his head.

“I love you too,” you whispered before drifting off for real this time.


Requested by anonymous

“[Y/N] do you think we’ll see Cassie again?” Sammy asked from the bunk above yours. You didn’t answer at first. You didn’t even know if was still alive but how could you possible tell your little brother that.

“Yeah Sammy… I’m sure she’s on her way here now…” you replied in a small voice “go to sleep okay. You need it”.

Minutes later you heard Sammy’s soft snores.

“You were lying to him weren’t you” you turned to look at Zombie who was laying down in the bed next to yours. You nodded slowly. You and Zombie have become so close and honestly you felt like you could tell him anything.

“She’s probably dead” you told him, thinking about it made you want to throw up “I really don’t want her to be but-”.
Your voice broke and you quickly wiped away a tear off your cheek.

“Hey look at me. Everything’s goings to be okay. You trust me right”.

You smiled at him.
“Zombie I trust you more than I trust myself”.



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Imagine having your first kiss with Nick Robinson in school. You are his classmate but you’ve never thought he would notice you. But one day, he comes to your class. “Can I talk with (Y/N)?” Nick says loudly so your classmates look at him and you. You are all red. But you just nod and go to him.

“What’s wrong, Nick?” You ask him when you are in the hall with him. He just pulls you to the wall, gives you a long kiss. “I just wanted to do this.”

I’m so sorry for my silly imagines… I was thinking about ending up with it… But I’m still not sure about that.

You Deserve Better - Bucky Barnes

summary: You are done with Bucky always leaving out of fear. This time, things are different. Because if he walks out the door, he’s not coming back. 

warnings: angst! 

words: 900+

They say that if you love someone to let them go. If it is true love, they will come back. If not, then it was not meant to be. 

What if you let your someone go, only to have them come back and leave again. Is it true love to keep leaving, but to always return? 

I’d lost Bucky before, but that was years before he was truly separated from HYDRA. So many years I’d spend with him, only to wake up one day with no trace of the metal-armed man I was in love with. He would always return, I just couldn’t help but notice that each time he walked through my front door, his features were more and more confused. There were complications inside his mind that he’d never share with me.

This time, however, was different. I was stronger, louder, more certain that I’d be damned if I let him go without putting up a fucking good fight. “You deserve better than me! I’m not worth the pain, and the constant state of worry! You deserve so much more. So I’m making your decision easier by leaving.” Bucky said. He shook his head and shoved another pair of slacks into his duffle bag. 

I felt a rising heat inside me release a stream of steam. The steam clouded my judgment for a second because suddenly the remote control to the TV was flying towards Bucky’s face. My cheeks were a blotchy red and white and my head was bent. How dare he speak for me. How dare he say what I feel, when he had no clue of what was inside my brain!

 "Don’t tell me what to do, James Buchanan Barnes. You think you know what I deserve, huh? Well, you fucking don’t!“ 

 My arms flew up in fury, I had never felt this upset with Bucky before. Maybe it was because I had never discussed the worth of love with Bucky before. 

Being worthy of love is a universal privilege, and for him to refuse himself of it made this secret lion inside my heart roar in anger. 

"You know what? Your right, no one deserves to live in fear. I sure as hell don’t deserve living in fear. But I would never have to worry about that! Not with you by my side.” A look of confusion was sketched across Bucky’s face. My stomach lurched at the words that were burning inside me, begging to be let free. 

“You are the only thing that I’d give up everything for.” Scratchy sounds were mixed inside my voice, I could feel my body shaking. I was in fear now, fear of losing him again. I knew if he left this time, there was no coming back from that. It would be once and for all. The stakes of losing my Bucky twisted my stomach into a knot. It was all or nothing right now.

 "I don’t choose what I love, I can not help what is born in my heart, Buck. I don’t know why but for some unearthly reason, this universe chose you as my one and only. I can’t help that, and I know you can’t either.“ Bucky’s face was hidden from my eyes but didn’t need to see those beautiful eyes to know that he was crying. I knew this he had the signature scrunched up nose and wrinkled forehead. He kept his face squeezed, trying to fight off his feelings that were unshakable.

He loved me, and he hated himself for that. "You love me, James. Why can’t you see the love I have for you too?" 

"I shouldn’t, though! Why should I be able to love when I took countless loved ones of unknown people. People just like me and you! I don’t get to love when I’ve taken away the light in so many eyes…" 

I felt some sort of fuse in my brain go off with the relentless hatred he kept spewing out about himself. I just couldn’t get my story into his brain, I couldn’t get him to realize what was right in front of him. He was trying to refuse himself of happiness and I couldn’t bear another word to pass across Bucky’s lips. "Stop it! Just fucking stop it! You listen here, James Buchanan! You were not born a machine that HYDRA created, controlling your thoughts and feelings. You were once just a little punk, flirting with any female that passed through Brooklyn. Never alone with that tiny punk at your side.” Bucky’s face wasn’t frowning anymore, it was letting go of all the tension he was holding his head. The harsh wrinkles were slowly disappearing from his face. 

“James, you once had parents who raised you to be the man you are today. With his best friend at his side still. You are so god damn lucky, Bucky. You had to go through hell and back to live like a human being again. You don’t deserve love. You deserve all the love in the world. Don’t think for a second you don’t, I am in love with you Barnes. I can’t help it and I don’t want to help it! I’m standing in front of this handsome, intelligent, strong man. I’m going to be standing by you until the day we parish. I don’t care you have nightmares that could potentially hurt me. Because I know that they aren’t going to be forever. I know that you are going to fight them off with every fiber of your being. Don’t walk out that door acting like what you’re doing is the noble thing to do. You’ll just hurt both of us in the end. Please… stand by me, Buck, and dear god, just… please don’t leave me here all alone.”

I closed my eyes in defeat. I felt a knife in my chest, turning with every second that was passing between Bucky and I. It was so silent, we could hear every breath that the other took. Bucky could hear my hiccups from the lack of words leaving his lips. 

Standing up and pushing his dark locks away from his face, he turned to see you. So small and fragile. Every second passing for Bucky changed his views of love. It hurt to see you so upset right now, and he had caused that. 

If he left, he knew he’d be twisting the knife in your heart even more. If he stayed, he’d be taking his chance of love. He’d be diving into the scariest mission he’d ever come across. This mission, though, felt more important any other that he would ever receive in his life to come. 

The mission of making sure you knew how much you were safe and loved inside his arms was terrifying to think about. Your love was so precious in Bucky’s eyes. He knew he had one more chance to have you in his life. Your happiness, health, and love were Bucky’s mission. Now and forevermore. 

a/n: This was written on a whim so sorry it’s kinda weird O_o. I thought it was cute. So why not share it with you! I hope you like it or you may not that chill too. :) - R .xx

Fake Priest AU

So last night @senoraluna and I were chatting and ended up thinking up a scenario in which Héctor an orphan raised by the church and, with plenty of guilty-tripping and talks on how someday he would have to give back what he received, he eventually decides he should ‘give back’ by becoming a priest. 

So there he is, a novice who’s a few months away from taking his vows, and all is going well. Except for the fact that this girl he keeps seeing in church is really, really, really cute. And sings so beautifully in the choir while he plays the organ. But this cannot happen, right? He’s about to become a priest and she is a novice on her way to become a nun. No, this just can’t work. Best to ignore it. But damn isn’t she wonderful and spirited and oh God why is he having these impure thoughts and keeps writing songs for her how does he stop what can he do.

Meanwhile Imelda is on her way to become a nun for the simple reason that she came to the conclusion Men Are Shit and she wants a good excuse not to marry, ever. It’s not like she’s gonna meet ONE guy who might make her change her mind about it while she’s just months away from her vows and oh shit the novice over there is cute isn’t he
But no he’s going to be a priest, of course, just her luck, she’ll just ignore it and ignore him why is ignoring him so difficult goddammit

And they’re sort of awkwardly avoiding looking at each other and acknowledging the issue when suddenly the old parish priest dies and a replacement is sent. Only that the replacement is killed on the way to Santa Cecilia in a skirmish (Mexican Revolution being in full swing and all). Which gives an excellent idea to one guy who was recruited in the army and then deserted because fuck it, I’m not doing this.
He’s got to hide somewhere to avoid the firing squad, so he takes the priest’s possessions and, a few days later, Padre Ernesto arrives at Santa Cecilia.

“I mean, how hard can it be, pretending to be a pries– ah, so this is Latin, cool, of course I know how to read it and, er, I did have a sermon ready but HOW ABOUT WE SING INSTEAD I just happen to have a guitar.”

He’s an unusual priest, but his bluff works and people in the parish actually like him a lot. He becomes good friends with novice Héctor who of course will turn to him to confess impure thoughts about a girl he wil not name to him. Imelda also confesses attraction to a man while Ernesto puts two and two together and facepalms in the confessional.

Both are very much taken aback by the extremely un-priestly advice to go for it. 

They do not, in fact, go for it. Ernesto decides to take the matter in his own hands. 

(There would also  be a couple of OCs thrown in the mix: a missionary priest from the States who feels it’s his duty to stomp away ~pagan beliefs~ and teach ~proper~ Catholicism - and who starts becoming suspicious over Padre Ernesto, but also gets the most confusing boner - and a nun who takes her vows of chastity more as a suggestion than as anything else, and is determined to see novice Imelda and Héctor bone.)

… I really hope none of you was expecting a serious idea for a serious story because this would be a cheesy romcom with Revolution, fake priests and some blasphemy in the mix.


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“Hey, (Y/N),” Ben nudges his elbow lightly to your hip, “you know what to do if you’ll be scared, right?” He knows how insecure you are.
“Yes, I know, Ben.” You answer, rolling your eyes. You’re so annoyed. It’s nice that Ben cares but he asks you this like every hour?
“So tell me, what should you do?” He wants to hear.
“I should tell you what’s wrong and you will help me and probably save my life and you’re going to be my husband?”
Ben laughs. “That’s my girl!”

anonymous asked:

This is a VERY very "what-if" question, but what would have happened if Mr. Collins (and any other male relatives who could've inherited Longbourn) died before Mr. Bennet? Could the estate have finally gone to the Miss Bennets?

In Austen’s time, if a legitimate male heir (or such an heir as specified by the entail, be it a daughter or simply any heir of the landowner’s body,) honestly could not be found, the property fell under the terms of failure of issue. Prior to the Wills Act 1837, English property law would then have the estate generally revert back to the original grantor of the estate, with few exceptions.

These sticky sorts of situations gave the gentry an incentive to keep scrupulous and legally-ironclad genealogical records, to prevent drawn-out litigation. Depending on the wording of the original deed or grant, a case might be made for all daughters to inherit jointly, or for the eldest only to inherit, or for the estate to be held in trust until one of the daughters should produce a legitimate son. It’s my understanding that this is possibly the case in Pride and Prejudice, and if any Bennet daughter marries and produces a son before Mr. Collins, that child would inherit. This is a compelling reason for Mrs. Bennet to want her daughters married ASAP, and for Mr. Collins to want to get cozy with the Bennet family and marry one of the more attractive daughters, himself–having Jane or Elizabeth as his wife would place him in a position of some influence as a son-in-law, as well as enabling him to ensure his own place (or at least his son’s place) in the line of inheritance for Longbourn!

Certainly there’s a chance Longbourn could have eventually gone to Jane or all the sisters, in some form; but given Mrs. Bennet’s anxiety and the likelihood that lawyers would just go over parish records with a fine-tooth comb until they turned up some dillhole dude–whether it be a distant descendant of a common Bennet ancestor or the progeny of the original grantor of the estate, likely some aristocrat or even the Crown, itself–that chance seems pretty damn slim.

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Sisters are extremely useful when it comes to fashion. Probably all the nice things in my wardrobe were picked out from her... Ok, deeper ask: how’d you get into Catholicism?

Strap in my friend!

So let’s go back about a year and a half ago. I just moved to St Louis and I didn’t have a whole lot of friends. I was only following @patron-saint-of-smart-asses at the time and she posted a link to a chat room called Rabbit. I decided to join in and hung out with her and a few others for a while. I was unaware that it was a Catholic group called DigiCatholic, so as a Southern Baptist, I left as soon as they mentioned praying the rosary.

That didn’t stop me from going back though. She reblogged the Rabbit room from @captainvatican, which is the official DigiCatholic room, and got to know him and a few others that are good friends of mine. I became known as the Resident Protestant for a while, but I had 0 interest in becoming Catholic. @low-budget-mulan always said that I would be becoming Catholic one day, but I paid no mind.

One person I got to know really well is my girlfriend @an-autumn-rose. Once we realized that we had feelings for each other, and the possibility of marriage became viable, I made it clear that I was going to be Protestant.

Keep in mind that I didn’t have anything against Catholicism. I wasn’t raised anti-Catholic or had any bad experiences with Catholicism, I just didn’t see why I had to convert.

When I meet Cassandra for the first time in person, I drove up (through 3 freaking blizzards) over New Years and stayed with her family. They were attending Mass that Sunday and, out of respect for being a guest, I joined them. I thoroughly enjoyed the service. I left the next day and went back to my Baptist church that next Sunday.

But something didn’t feel right. Like I had lost something in the service that I had before. Over time, I realized it’s not that I had lost something, but rather that Mass had something that the other services didn’t. After a couple weeks, I started going to Mass again.

Before I started regularly attending, I wanted to go to adoration and get a feel for the church and the priest. So I just popped in one random night and met the Sr Pastor at the parish that I am now attending. Here’s the kicker: the adoration I went to was a special adoration and that the church had actually stopped adoration due to a fire earlier in the year. I just so happened to go to during this one exception to their hiatus.

I started meeting with the priest regularly and got my questions answered, as well as a few materials to study. Cassandra also got me the rosary that I currently pray with, and the first time we prayed it together, I was in tears at asking the Blessed Mother of our Lord to pray for us weary sinners.

Now I’m in the RCIA program and have an intense love for the Mass and the Eucharist. The aforementioned people helped me with any and all questions I had. I’m glad to be coming home to the Church that Christ himself established and cannot wait for my journey to come.

Thank you so much for this question. :)

Oh, and @low-budget-mulan has not let me live this down. Haha.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I have a problem.. I want to go to church but I am really shy. I tried it a few times but everytime I started crying because I was just too shy.. I have no one to go with me, my mother is a protestant who hates the catholic church but I want to be catholic. Do you have any advice on how I could maybe do it without a breakdown? Because I really want to


I came up with a few ideas that might help you:

1. Call the parish ahead of time to discuss your situation (or send an email).

2. Visit the parish outside of Mass at a time when it is not crowded. Try going to Adoration. You can find out where the Adoration Chapel is when you contact the parish. This will help you get used to being at the church.

3. Arrive really early for Mass and/or go to an early one where there are fewer people.

4. Watch Mass online before going so you know what to expect. CatholicTV has daily Masses and Sunday Masses on their website. 

5. Be prepared for the Sign of Peace. You can read more about it from an introvert’s perspective here.

I also recommend talking to a counselor or therapist since it sounds like your shyness is not limited to this.

As Venerable Fulton Sheen said, “There are not a hundred people in America who hate the Catholic Church. There are millions of people who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church — which is, of course, quite a different thing.” Learn about the Catholic Faith to help yourself and to inform your mother if she asks questions. Catholic Answers is a wonderful resource for this and they have a YouTube channel.

Since shyness at church is not an issue that I have personal experience with, I feel like my response might be lacking in some way. Feel free to add on to help this anon :)

Keep this verse in mind:

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; be not frightened, neither be dismayed; for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9 RSVCE).

I hope this helped! If you need anything else, let me know.

God bless you!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima

Big Move: Saturday part 2


Author’s Note: I want to apologize for the “chapter” I released the other night. I was exhausted and tired of trying to get the story to flow right. I am still trying to write this though. Do I know where this is going? No. That’s weird because I’m writing this but everything is going to be a shock for me too, I don’t want this to move too fast. I hope this one is better than the last!

Warnings: Cursing, Use of the N-word, Smoking (is that a warning?!)
Word Count: 930 / 4-minute read 

Erik x OC

“So you smoke shawty?” Erik asked with a now lite blunt between his fingers. 

Parish’s eyes grew wide, it had been a long time since she last smoked. Her body was desperate, wanting her to partake in such activities. Parish didn’t miss a beat, she accepted the blunt and inhaled the thick smoke into her mouth. Parish felt the smoke slithering its way through her body. Relaxing every nerve from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. She exhaled, a smooth cloud of smoke leaving past her plump lips. She took another puff, watching the smoke dance with the blue lights of the interior. Erik’s eyes were roaming over Parish’s body. Following the curves of her breast, down to her thick thighs. Her black skater skirt had risen a little high on her thick thighs legs. Erik saw enough to make his mouth water and have his imagination going wild. Erik looked at Parish as like she was the cure to munchies. 

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So, we discovered a new and very recently observed fact about Jane Austen at the Centre in Bath yesterday: she was engaged twice in her life. You might know about the first guy, one Harris Bigg-Wither. Looks like a dandy in his portrait but she was only engaged to the man for 12 hours before deciding he wasn’t for her and running away from the inn they were at.

The second engagement is a little more touching and newly discovered. Jane was engaged to a clergyman from Lyme Regis. We don’t know his name because he died about 6 months into the engagement and Jane, not wishing to trumpet her love and her heartbreak or her secret engagement, told her sister, Cassandra, that she didn’t want it spoken about and that was an end to it. Cassandra had had a similar situation a few years earlier so she respected Jane’s feelings. I go away to Lyme Regis every year and I assume this man’s death is recorded in the parish records. He can only be one of a few men of that age group and that profession within that time period. I want to find out about him!

red-king-4  asked:

Hiiii! I loev your blog! Okay so I am not sure it has been done before but... Sole Survivor + Companions+ Maxson reactions to Curie going into Human killing mode?

Why thank you! I decided to add all base-game companions in this one since the replies are shorter than usual. It doesn’t include Curie because she is the one going around trying to kill every human.

Cait -

She would be impressed to say the least. Cait did not expect to see this side to the former Miss Nanny, and it was an interesting sight to see when she wasn’t trying to kill the red-head. It was obvious that she would enjoy this more violent side to the woman, however, the moment would eventually lose its value in entertainment. She didn’t want everyone to parish at Curie’s hands, so she would eventually help in taking her down. It wouldn’t be certain if she wanted to just repair the part that had sent the synth into her murderous rampage or if she wanted to just kill her all together.

Codsworth -

This poor Mr. Handy would be frantic. What if he turned into the same bloodthirsty machine? He had thought about asking Sole to turn him into a synth as well, but he was having second thoughts at the sight of Curie’s newly found thirst for human bloodshed. If that was what happened when robots like him were transformed, he would want to pass up on that. The immense shock would remain for quite some time and he’d be of little help to stop her. It was just all too much to see one of the kindest women he knew turn into such a monster.

Paladin Danse -

Danse knew it. He knew that synths were capable of becoming corrupt. Like Codsworth, he would be terrified of what could happen to him. Only this time he was already a similar machine to Curie, so he was one step ahead from the Mr. Handy. He would help Sole stop the destructive path she was creating, but would constantly doubt himself along the way. The survivor would have to constantly reassure him that he wouldn’t turn the same way, it was an accident in the first place that Curie had rushed into a frenzy. They were sure that it would not happen to him. However, even after the event was fixed up, Danse would continue to distrust any sort of synth, including himself.

Deacon -

There wouldn’t be any sort of way to talking himself out of this situation. Curie would not listen to reason, she only wanted the bodies to pile up in a trail behind her attempt at extermination. Teaming up with Sole, he’d refuse to actually get rid of her. He knew that it was only some sort of malfunction in her synthetic programming and that if they could somehow get her to Tinker Tom, he’d have her back to normal in no time. It was the Railroad’s duty to ensure every synth was safe and sound, and if they were to allow this to continue, it would ruin their already fragile reputation. It would be a challenge, but they would eventually strap her down into a chair to be corrected.  

Dogmeat -

Since he was not a human, Dogmeat would not have anything to worry about. Nevertheless, the pup would be extremely hostile towards her, seeing as she wanted to kill every human in sight. He would bite at her ankles, trying anything and everything to stop her from continuing her “mission.” He knew the true Curie, he did not want to actually hurt her, but if she were to get close to Sole, there would be no restraints. Dogmeat would protect his owner with his life, no matter what.

Hancock -

How high was he? At first, Hancock would blame the jet for making him hallucinate. There was no way he could’ve seen Curie, the sweetest, most innocent woman in the Wasteland, trying to strangle someone in their sleep. He’d be surprised at the fact that it indeed happened and that she was hungry for death. Sole had brought her to Goodneighbor and happened to be staying within the Rexford Hotel when it all went down. Hell would have to freeze over before Hancock would allow this type of behavior to continue. He would try to put an end to this immediately, demanding that the survivor either put her down or bring her to someone who can help, such as Doctor. Amari. There wouldn’t be any sort of unnecessary danger running around in his community, not while he was alive.

MacCready -

Oh shi– Shoot. He did not expect this. Not at all. After all his years traveling around as a mercenary, he had seen a lot of different things. The fact that Curie, out of everyone, would turn into a homicidal maniac proved that he had now witnessed everything. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to take her down, seeing as he was one of the best gunmen within the Commonwealth. He’d feel bad about it, waiting for Sole to come up with some sort of alternative to clean up the problem. MacCready didn’t know very much about synths, and needless to say, the malfunction in Curie’s functions would leave a negative effect on him. It would be difficult to keep an open mind around such things when he was trying to make a safer place for his son to live in.

Nick Valentine -

Being an older model of the Institute’s creations, he would be surprised that he wasn’t the one to become defective. Assuming it was some sort of sabotage to get rid of Sanctuary in an act of revenge, Nick would search into the cause behind her sudden change of heart. It was possible that it happened to be an accident, either way, Curie would need to be stopped. At first, he would use his excellent talent of reason in attempts to capture her so a properly skilled man or woman could fix the issue. If, or when that would fail, then he’d use his knowledge of synthetic parts to disable the woman on a rampage, there honestly would be no way he’d just sit back and watch something like this happen.

Piper -

There was no doubt that Piper would write up something about this. A synth gone mad? The Institute must have something behind it! How could a delightful, kind-hearted woman like Curie suddenly want to kill everything in sight? People needed a warning about synths “going mad” and it wouldn’t be to talk down the humans-turn-robots, but it would be an ominous calling that everyone should be careful. There was no way to know if she would be the only one to malfunction. Sole would have to take charge of the situation, as per usual, since Piper would be busy trying to spread the word. She’d help as much as she could, but she would be more concerned about the safety of her business and her little sister with such a dangerous threat on the loose.   

Preston -

The moment he’d know of what had happened, Preston would immediately inform every settlement under the Minutemen’s control. They would go into some form of lockdown until the situation was taken care of. He would assign various men and women to keep watch around the largest of communities, including Sanctuary and the Castle. Feeling rather upset that he’d be unable to help those who refused or had yet to join the cause, Preston would want to work as quickly and efficiently as possible to restore the synthetic Mrs. Nanny back to her original personality. Killing her off would be out of the question, seeing as it wasn’t her fault that her AI happened to glitch out. Sturges would certainly have his work cut out for him if they were able to capture Curie.

Strong -

Similar to Cait, this super mutant would be surprised that Curie would have such a vicious side to her. He’d be extremely pleased with this, since he would finally have someone close to his own thirst for carnage. It would still be difficult for Strong to communicate with her about this, seeing as his intelligence was well below hers and she had suddenly developed harsh tendencies towards him, even if he wasn’t exactly human. He’d be of no help to Sole, if they wanted to stop her, since he would want her to continue on this path of brutality. If anything, Strong would do anything and everything to prevent her recovery, preferring this personality over the pacifistic and overly affectionate original.  

X6 - 88 -

Capture. Pacify. Return. It would be simple enough to the Institute courser. Hell, this was part of his job! He was supposed to return escaped, or newly created synths, back to the old C.I.T. building. Since Curie was technically created outside of the Institute, she was already on his list of confiscations. He’d find her acts of violence a violation against the Institute’s reputation and the fact that she was trying to kill every living human in sight did not help at all. It would be a disgusting display to X6, to lose control like the Mrs. Nanny had, and she would be back in tip-top shape the moment an Institute scientist got his/her hands on Curie.

Sole Survivor -

Depending on their alignment, Sole would have the choice to take action or to leave it be. If they were the good-natured type, they would obviously try to stop Curie on her frenzy. They could disable her movement and fix the problem themselves or allow someone with enough technological knowledge take over in hopes to restore her original personality. If they were bad, they would not care at all. It wasn’t their problem that she had bugged out and turned into a blood-starved killer. They would allow her to run rampant on the Wasteland, killing everything in her path. Neutral sided Sole would be in between, the only thing that would force them to step in and stop Curie would be if she tried to kill them or anyone close to them, including any other companion or Shaun if he is present.

Maxson -

Curie would be a menace to the Elder of the Commonwealth Brotherhood. He already had a poor speculation on synthetic people, and the fact that one of them had managed to turn into a heinous murderer only made his opinion worse. It wouldn’t be that big of an issue to his brotherhood, however, it certainly would be brought up often. He’d eventually send a group of soldiers off to deal with her, not caring if she survived or not. The only way she would make it out alive would be if a Scribe convinced Maxson to keep Curie for research, to see how the “Institute worked around their synths” to get the upper hand in future battles.

anonymous asked:

At Catholic anon: U can also "parish shop" if u want. Don't feel guilty for going to a church that's not in ur town/suburb/area. I'm about to try out a church 40mins away from where I live bc they're openly pro vatican II and "inclusive", which is basically the closest they can get to saying they like gays w/o the Melbourne Archdiocese cracking their nut. Anyway I digress. If you can handle the travel, you can look for a church you like more. It's not a crime imho.


For the skeptics

I get people might believe BC’s wedding was organised in a bit of a hurry once they found out SH was pregnant, even if it’s no one’s business but the couple concerned. But I don’t get the cognitive dissonance that you’d have to have employ to believe even one part of the bollocks touted by @Gatorfisch and @Aeltrileaf .

Basically their fantasy hinges on a few things which can easily be proved false.

1. There was no marriage, at best there was a fake ceremony

2. There are no children

So lets look at the actual evidence.

1. Marriage records in the UK are public. You can look at them, I can look at them, we can order commemorative copies if we want. So we go to the GRO and order a copy. And there we have a legal marriage registration, carried out under the law in front of witnesses. This registration makes the marriage legal. And we can go off to the church concerned if we wish and see the original parish record, a legal document, recorded on the correct forms in the correct sequence. But there’s more. Because B and S didn’t meet the residency qualification but wanted to marry in a church which had family significance to S they had to apply for a special licence. This involves an application to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Faculty Office and a legal affidavit, oh and a personal interview. And guess what, those records are public too. So we have a legitimate wedding certified by two separate groups and backed up by a host of legal documents. Logically, the ‘fake’ argument falls over at the first hurdle.

2. And it’s the same with the children. They are both legally registered and you can get copies of the records or go and see the originals if you want. In law the couple have two legally registered children, at least one of which has the additional legal documents of a Church of England baptism. Neither record is out of sequence or shows any evidence of being inserted later (which Gator claims) This can easily be checked by choosing any child born in the same time in the same area - easy enough with a copy of the birth notices in local and national papers - and checking the index codes - simple jobs for anyone interested in genealogy.

Anyone from the skeptics side want to explain why neither of these things are true?

anonymous asked:

you’re a black orthodox christian? i’ve been wanting to look into it but i’ve been afraid that i won’t be accepted because of my race (i’m black as well). can you give some input?

In my experience it’s been fine, and there are quite a few African Orthodox. Some of the oldest Orthodox communities are in Africa in fact. Now I’m not going to lie to you and say that racism never occurs within the church, because after all it is made up of people and sometimes certain parishes are a little… Ethnic(I.e. Greek or Russian or Serbian or Ethiopian) and it’s a little harder for outsiders to fit in. I go to an OCA (Orthodox Church of America) parish right now and it’s quite diverse and welcoming. But my second church home is a Russian parish that is equally friendly. I would love to direct you to Fr. Moses Berry. He’s a southern African-American man who as an adult found the Orthodox Church and eventually became a priest. His testimony is amazing:

Courtship update 💖

Thank you so much for praying for us! Things are going really well!

We’re really trying to encourage each other spiritually by praying the Rosary and novenas together, doing Bible studies together, and keeping each other accountable in our prayer lives.

We’re also getting our friends and family involved. Our mutual friends really like us together, his mom likes me, and my mom likes him. We actually made a group chat with our moms today and it’s really cute! I want to introduce him to my choir friends and parish family when he visits.

The big news, though, is that in less than a month, I will be flying out to see him!

I haven’t been on a plane in years and they terrify me, but he is definitely worth it. I have a random long weekend at school, so it works out perfectly!

Please pray for our courtship and our travels! We will be praying for you!

God bless!

Ad Jesum per Mariam,

María de Fátima