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Today will be quick sketches because I’m exhausted but I watched Tales of Asgard and wanted to draw the Odinsons ✨
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AU: Chat Noir is tired and falls asleep in your bed.

jk this is my current mood. Someone put me to bed pls

ME: And here’s where I’d post content about this week’s episode of Gotham


Hey guys do you all remember this panel?

I know a lot of people (me coughs) though Nighteye wasn’t going to die because of this. It wouldn’t be lengthy if he died so soon but… What if ….

Nighteye used his quirk on Mirio, right? And he said he was becoming an outstanding hero. And well …

We know he didn’t see a future where Mirio was dead, or depressed. It’s his final words, to Mirio to keep smiling, to become the outstanding hero he already is. So what if Deku lengthy intership at Nighteye’s office isn’t going to be under Nighteye, but under ….


sometime in the near future...

Nick is so fucking drunk. Absurdly, ridiculously, hilariously drunk. Everything is fuzzy and has this sort of glow around the edges and he’s smiling and laughing so much his cheeks have started to feel tight.

They’re all crammed into a sticky little booth in the corner of the bar, the one the guys like because it’s just a few blocks down from the loft. Schmidt is telling some hyperbolic story that only gets more absurd as Winston goads him on. Jess, their designated driver, just laughs and shakes her head at their nonsense as she nurses a glass of pink wine while the rest of the guys get hammered.

Jess keeps nodding and smiling at Schmidt’s story, and for some reason Nick can’t stop staring at her bright pink lips. Winston makes some sarcastic comment that Nick doesn’t quite follow, but Schmidt gets all red and starts to sputter anyways. Jess bites her lip to hold back a laugh, and Nick wants to replace her teeth with his own.

Wait, what? He’s drunk. So drunk.

part 2 of In Another World begins on Monday!

so i have met someone and he is quiet and he holds me and he thinks before he speaks. never have i been able to sit with someone and the quietness has felt so right. i am loud and i definitely connect with people but never have i connected with a person in this way. it’s a natural spark. it’s genuine and he’s genuine and he is so kind.

Prettier When You’re Broken: Part 3 [Darkiplier x Reader]

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A/N: Welp. This chapter turned into a mess. I mean, it was always gonna be a hot mess from the start, but it went unexpected directions. I think it turned out better for it, though. At first I wasn’t even going to have this as part of the main ‘storyline’ (implying I ever had a story or plan in mind to start with, hah), since it was just an excuse for make-outs. But I like that through this thoroughly ridiculous incident Dark actually ended up kind of  coming to respect the reader character a little more. That’s good progression. Right? >>

Content warnings: surprisingly, not many in this chapter. Alcohol use, but that’s about it. This chapter was more my self-indulgent excuse to throw a few kisses in there. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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So anyway, I don’t celebrate this holiday but I celebrate some of you all’s existence every day so guess what I’m GONNA BE DOING TODAY. That’s right, I’m going to be gushing and making an impromptu follow forever/bias list.

(And ignore my shitty Photoshop skills thanks bye)

I love all of you, this is true, but there are a select few of you I know better than the others who have completely changed my life around and I just wanna take some time to express my gratitude for their existence. If you’re not on this list, it doesn’t mean anything but that we don’t talk as much out of character as I do others and haven’t gotten to know you better yet - this is an open invitation to fix that!

Without further ado, here comes the sap. Love you all. Stay safe. Drink water. (No, I’m serious. Drink some damn water. Especially you.)

@heartsunsung / @wickedchoices / @revivedlegend : You’re a fucking nerd wtf. And also one of the most important people in my life, ‘cause I never had a sister in my life and suddenly I do and it’s c r a z y, man. You are one of the kindest, most warmhearted and understanding people I have ever been blessed with knowing, and no matter how rough life is, you always look out for others, and that’s a quality that many people don’t have. You don’t give yourself enough credit for how talented and beautiful you are, darling. I’ll keep reminding you though. <3

@coldnofeelings : I’m pretty sure you’re actually Leonard Snart and are trying to fol all of us. Anyway, has anyone told you that you gotta stop lying about not being beautiful or talented or strong because you are all those things and you saying you aren’t isn’t fooling ANYONE. You visiting this October was the highlight of my entire year and I can’t wait to see you again. (And communicate better this time because I really dorpped the ball the first time.) You are so strong, so brave, so powerful, and I am so proud of you. You’re gonna be okay. <3

@mancnfire / @strcngerthanilook / @ofanescapist (i would tag all your blogs but that’s a lot omg) : Miiiiiiiiles, a good part of the reason I’m making any progress in bettering my life is because of you and your advice and I’m not sure you know how important that is to me. Most of what I could say here has apparently already been said more than once in 15-minute drunk snapchat video rambles, but basically you are so talented and in tune with your characters, and you’ve fought through things that many people never manage to move past, and that’s a sign of great strength. You have done so much and you’re still young. I can’t wait to see what else you do in the future. Thank you for everything, gravefriend. Keep it up. <3

@atomiism : I still maintain that you are an angel and you can’t tell me differently, sorry, I don’t make the rules. You are a pure ray of sunshine, just like your muse, and if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it again, I feel like Raymond Palmer made himself a roleplay blog and pretends to be a wonderful girl named Lea to protect his privacy. Your writing is stunning, your art is stunning, you are stunning. 110/10 would expect to see in a faerie land or as a superhero who glows when they get happy. Love you lots, darling. <3

@algidcalc : I don’t know if you’ll even see this but hey. I miss and love you a lot, more than I ever really made known, and I think you’re really fucking amazing, luv. You put so much love and attention into your muses and the words that come from your fingers are absolute poetry. I don’t think I’ve clicked with a writer more quickly than I did you without extensive out of character talking first, and that’s something special. I hope life is treating you well, and I’m always here if you need me. You’re a unique and spectacular individual, and I love your writing, and I love your potrayal, and I love you. <3

@azsaszin : Mmkay, so we don’t know each other very well at all, but like, your posts never fail to make me laugh or give me a little spark of amusement or a smile on a bad day, and I just wanna make sure you know how much I love your portrayal and enjoy your content, regardless of what it is. Keep up the good work, and I’m glad we got to know each other. -finger guns-

@oppositeofhero / @oppositeofcold / @xlacuna : Again, we don’t know each other very well but like? We’re in sync on so many opinions about this fandom and you clearly put a lot of love into your muses and know them well and I always love seeing your posts on my dash because yes, good, this person understands my children. You’re an absolute sweetheart, with a lot of talent, and we live so close we really oughta hang out sometime, because honestly why haven’t we yet. Keep up the fantastic work, mate. <3

@ofscarllet : One of my favourite Barriesssss. Boy, you’re so far the only Barry my Mick has clicked with and the only one I can ship him with. I’m generally not a fan of Mick/Barry as a ship, and still am not in the grand scheme of things but our children are different somehow. Your portrayall of Barry is so spot on with so much depth and I love him. Also I love you, you amazing bean, you’re a top notch person with a lot of love and a good head on your shoulders. Stay awesome. <3

@drcwningvoices : you’re a fucking nerd and I miss you too. Also you’re so fucking talented like what the fuck, how are you not out making money for what you do because you could, I’m tellin ya. You’re a gem and really get into the heads of your muses and it shows. Take care of yourself, you goose. <3

@likeaguardianangel : I don’t know you too well yet, but can I just say you’re one of the sweetest persons I’ve ever had the chance to become acquainted with and I th8ink you’re really great? ‘cause it’s all true. Never change. <3 

@sterxid : I love you and I love Eddie and I think your OC is one of the most well-developed ones I’ve ever seen. You clearly put a lot of love into her and it shows. I know the RPC as a whole doesn’t always appreciate that, but I do. Keep it up. <3

@keeperoftheliars : Again, another stunning OC. You’ve worked on Asha a long time and it’s noticeable in your writing and the way you talk about her. We haven’t roleplayed in a while - mostly that’s my fault since I’m so slow - but I love your portrayal and your writing, mate, and you’re just a really all-around awesome person. <3

@adam whose blog must have changed urls because I CAN’T FIND IT: You’re a literal meme but I love you a lot and I love all your muses , okay, Dad, understand that right now. Also, I miss you and we need to talk more. Keep being your charming, talented, intuitive self, nerd. <3

@lupimagus : ARI HI. You’re amazing and I love getting random snaps from you. I know you don’t write Len anymore but your portrayal of him was one of my favourites. That said, I have never seen a better Teddy than yours??? You write him so well, it’s unbelievable. Anyway, you’re gorgeous, and I like you a lot, both your writing and your face, okay, okay. <3

@inbredsin / @pipearmed / @thecarnival / what blogs are you even on these days : Your writing is great and so are you, even though you’re as massive a meme as Adam is ngl. You never fail to make me laugh and some of my fondest memories were the fabled 2am Crack Sessions that used to take place every night. Your energy and creativity knows no bounds. Keep it up and stay awesome. -finger guns-

@coldstruck and @sncrt : Not the same people, but you’re two Lens that vanished out of the world and I’m combining you two because we never knew each other really well, but I miss you both a whole lot and so does Mick. You guys put so much love into your portrayals, and I loved writing with you, and I hope life is treating you both well, because you both deserve it. Much love. Take care of yourselves. <3

@beware-the-ravenstag : Not a roleplay blog and not someone I have ever reallyt alked to out of character, but just so you know, your posts are amazing and your feedback on my own posts always makes me so happy, so thank you for that and for just existing. <3

@timekeepxr : Intriguing Sara, beautiful person, someone I look up to a lot and have since I frst joined this community. Your writing is gorgeous, friend, and we don’t knwo each other well but I just wanted tyou to know that. <3

There are so many more people I want to talk about, but so little time to talk about them. There’ll be a bigger post upcoming sometime soon this year, but for now, I love you all, and I hope the day is treating you all well. Stay safe out there. Much love. <3 

So my husband and a couple of his collegues are working out of town the past few days. it’s a two hour drive from our home and today the Wife of one of my husband’s colleagues calls me on the phone.

Her : They’re really busy these few days, right? 

Me : Yeah, they are. i miss him. 

Her : Come on, everytime they take a break, Dave always goes home to you, my husband’s told me that. 

Me :………….. 

Her : You must really have him on a short leash… ha ha ha… is he that scared of you?

Me :……ummm, sorry?

Her : Why else would he like drive back and forth even in the middle of the night just to spend just an hour or two with you? That makes no sense. 

Me :…. excuse me?

Her : i mean like, my husband hasn’t even been calling me these three days because he’s really busy and yet, somehow your husband can come visit you? How does that work?

Me *inside my head * : bitch i don’t even blame him wtf….

Her : Maybe if your husband wasn’t slacking off and running back and forth to you, my husband can come visit me, i mean, just saying. You guys have been married for like five years right and you even have a kid…why do you act like newly weds …it’s just ridiculous….

Me : Or maybe your husband just takes longer to get his job done because he’s an idiot.




♡ this if you’re interested in plotting / interacting at any time / near future 


tbh i want a scene in s5 where lance is battling in red - and like they havent formed voltron yet - and then all of a sudden red just..shuts down?? the cockpit goes dark and he no longer has control and hes just ???? kinda panicking a little. a lot when red turns around and starts flying away from the battle. everyones like lance wtf r u doing and even tho hes freaking out he just explains and tells them to keep fighting bc hes gonna try to deal with this but no matter what he does he cant get red to respond to him and they just keep getting farther and farther away. 

and red takes him to remnants of another battle. spaceship shrapnel littered amongst the stars. red pushes her way through it, opens her mouth, and swallows up a small, dark figure. 

and lances eyes widen bc theres literally one person that could be. he rushes from the cockpit and finds a bloodied, unconscious keith. and its probably a bad idea, considering how injured keith is, but lance desperately tries to shake him awake. calling his name until keith groans and his eyes flutter open and he croaks…”lance?”

lance laughs in relief. and he begins to ramble abt how i thought i lost u there for a sec and i never thought i’d be so glad to hear u say my name and then explains how red took him here and he helps keith into the cockpit and keith leans heavily against him, fighting to stay conscious

the cockpit lights back up when they enter it. and lance almost thinks that its responding to keith but he can feel red all around him, feel their connection, and its like red is saying her job is done now. its up to him again. so he settles keith down and tries to patch him up the best he can but theres not much he can do. so he straightens and scratches his neck nervously bc what now? “where should i take u?” he asks. where is the bom? why did they just leave him?

and keith replies, voice heavy and eyes heavier, “the castle.” 

“what?” bc lance was sure that keith would be adamant abt getting back to the blades. to his mission. bc thats just keith. 

but keith looks at him and, slipping back into unconsciousness, he says, “take me home”

I’m doing Garnet +4 other gems, she’s the most done so far! : ]