i want to go sooooooo badly

I’m sitting right next to a Sugar Couple

How do I know? Because he said what are looking for in an arrangement? (Out of respect I won’t say the details.)

I heard that s**t and took my headphones right out. Why are they going out in a hole in wall restaurant? Beech this is where I get my ramen lunch special for $10.00 and use my college card. I want to ask her number sooooooo badly. She is an Asian SB.

Its not that hard to spot a sugar couple or a POT date because the man is always acting suspect.

If you are an Asian SB and you were eating Pork Bao beech that was me next to you f**king my plate up.

Also you are better than that. The food is less than $10. Girl go to Tao or Korean BBQ in Herald Square.

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1. Name/nickname: here, Kokoro. IRL, nothin (and don’t call me Kat, please)

2. Gender: Female

3. Star sign: Sagittarius

4. Height: 5′5″

5. Hogwarts House: The one test I took ages ago said Hufflepuff

6. Favourite animal: Cats, but pretty much because I’ve always had one or more. But I had a dream about a husky that lived in water last night and I wanted him sooooooo badly.

7. Hours of sleep: with the insulin schedule I need to keep for my cat, I get to sleep somewhere around midnight and wake at 8:30am each day, dun mean I get all those hours of sleep usually, tho.

8. Dogs or cats: Cats, I suppose :)

9. Number of blankets: 2

10. Dream trip: Hm, I like the idea of a round the world cruise and I’d wanna go with family or friends… but I think I’d also want to go to some secluded island-like place or a forest cabin, just leave the phone and computer behind and just listen to nature.

11. Dream job: Greenhouse-anything.

12. Time: 11:52am

13. Birthday: December 20

14. Favourite Bands: Hm, dun really have any now! But I always bounce back to Everclear from high school days.

15. Favourite Solo Artists: ??

16. Song Stuck In My Head: Istanbul was Constantinople, Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople, Been a long time gone, Oh Constantinople, Now it’s Turkish delight on a moonlit night …

17. Last Movie I Watched: Happy Death Day… did not like it!

18. Last Show I Watched: does CNN count? Hm, prolly The Orville a few days ago

19. When Did I Create My Blog: I always have to check… er, Feb 2015

20. What Do I Post/Reblog: Naruto mostly, other anime sometimes, #good stuff, random personal posts/rants

21. Last Thing I Googled: kushimaru

22. Other Blogs:

23. Do I Get Asks: sometimes! :)

24. Why I Choose My URL: cuz I looove Kakashi

25. Following: 700

26. Followers: 5599

27. Lucky Number: 4

28. Favorite Instrument: flute, used to play it :)

29. What Am I Wearing: sweatpants, and meh i am wildcat hoodie

30. Favorite Food: hm… chicken caesar salad with grilled shrimp on top

31. Nationality: American

32. Favorite Song: Hm… I love the Sore Feet Song from Mushishi

33. Last Book Read: Kakashi Hiden - actually it was that, yeah

34. Top Three Fictional Universes I’d Like To Join: Naruto, Shannara/LOTR, Mists of Avalon

I tag anyone!