i want to go on this party

Self-destruction isn’t snorting the line on the party just because you want to try it for fun and thinking “I’ll do it just once, just to try it!” Self-destruction isn’t going out and drinking a little too much sometimes.
Self-destruction is taking that line even you know what will happen, knowing the side effect of that. It’s taking that line, not because of fun or people around you,  it’s because you have that urge inside you that tells you to do it, to fuck yourself up.
Self-destruction is going out with the intention to get drunk and not know about yourself the whole time just because you feel something inside of yourself that needs to be destroyed. You don’t drink because you’re sad or happy, you drink to kill that something inside of you.
Self-destruction is that smoke of cigarette you just took. You didn’t start smoking because of people around you make you do it, you started smoking because you heard it’s bad for you. Now you’re addicted. Or maybe you aren’t but you still do it.
Self-destruction is when you go to some random person you met at the bar house because of sex. You don’t know who he is, you could be anybody, you could end up dead, raped, you don’t know it won’t happen, but you go anyway. You know all the risks but you do it anyway.
Self-destruction is pushing people away and making yourself antisocial on purpose.
Self-destruction is popping painkillers even if you aren’t in pain.
Self-destruction is getting into fights on purpose.
Self-destruction is letting your id doing whatever you want.
Self-destruction is a lot of things, but it’s never a choice.
Self-destruction isn’t mental illness.
Self-destruction isn’t when you break up with your boyfriend so you lock your room and cry or go out and get drunk to forget about him.
Self-destruction is something in people, something that pulls you to the edge. It’s the sweetest sin of all of them. You can fight it, but it always wins. People keep saying to fight it like if they can fight it, you can fight it also, but if you are a really self-destructive you can’t fight it and you know it. It’s part of your reality, your life.
Not all alcoholics are self-destructive.
Not all addicts are self-destructive.
Not all drug addicts are self-destructive.
Not all who are depressive are self-destructive.
Not all alcoholics are self-destructive.
Not all addicts are self-destructive.
Not all drug addicts are self-destructive.

I smoke, I drink, I take pills – I’m not addicted to any of that.
I do it do destroy myself.

I don’t hate myself, I’m very far from hating myself. But some people do hate themselves. Some do, some don’t. everybody is different.
If somebody asked me why I do what I do I wouldn’t know how to answer. I know what is the goal, but I don’t know the main reason beside something self-destructive inside me.

For example, I know what heroin does to people but I’d love to try it. But I’ll never do it. Not because I don’t want to, but because I know what would it do to people around me. I don’t want to fuck them up. I want to fuck me up. And there are ways to do it without hurting somebody constantly.
People who are self-destructive don’t want to harm you, they want to harm themselves.

—  T.S. aka me/ things i never said out loud
House Cleaning

request: Could you maybe do one where he and reader are like cleaning the house and dancing and singing to make it less boring? Maybe a little bit of fluff?

“Shawn! Can you come here?” You asked, looking at the mess in front of you.

Your fiancé sauntered into the room, guitar slung over his shoulder. “What’s up, babe?”

“So, we have our engagement party next weekend. Here. At our house.” You said, and Shawn nodded after each of your sentences. “But this place is a mess.”

The singer caught onto what you were saying, and he groaned. “Baaabe, I don’t want to.”

“Shawn, c’mon, it’s not even going to take that long if we both do it! And maybe later, well, I can think of a few ways to say thank you.” You smirked, walking into the kitchen and opening the closet next to the door, and pulled out the Swiffer.

Shawn laid his guitar on the couch, and went to grab the window cleaner, and an old wash rag. You two started to clean the house in silence, but when Shawn started to sing This Is What It Takes, you started to laugh. “And if this is what it takes, I will clean, this house for you!” He sang, laughing at the end.

You ran into your bedroom, and unplugged your phone, and connected it to the Bluetooth speakers located throughout the house. You turned on Spotify, and hit shuffle, and you two started to clean and dance to the music at the same time.

Cleaning the kitchen was a mess, especially cleaning out the fridge. You had just come back in from the garage to throw away a bunch of old food, when Shawn took your hands. “No, stop, let me wash my hands, first!” You laughed, wriggling out of his grip. You turned on the faucet, and got your hands all sudsy, while Shawn swayed to his own song.

You spun around when you finished washing your hands, and Shawn moved so his hands were around your waist, and he started to dance with you. You smiled at him, happily dancing with him.

Once the song had ended, you broke apart from him, and he pouted. “Cheer up, we’re almost done cleaning!” You poked his chin, loving the dimple that lived there.

Shawn laughed, and took your hand, pressing a kiss to it. “Thank God.” He grabbed the Magic Eraser, and started to work on the stains that were decorating the backsplash behind the sink, while you worked on straightening everything on the counter and island.

After everything was clean downstairs, you two moved upstairs, in the mood to clean. The music carried up the steps, and into the bedroom, where you tore the sheets off of the bed. “But wait, the party isn’t happening in this room? Why do we need to change the sheets?” Shawn asked, but he still helped put the fitted mattress cover on.

“Because, I don’t remember when we changed these last, which means it’s time to change them.” You said, tossing him a pillow cover, and his pillow. “And besides, fresh sheets and shaven legs are my favorite combination.” You joked, and Shawn laughed, setting his pillow on the right side of the bed.

“Why don’t we put these new sheets to good use?” He asked, wiggling his eyebrows.

“You’re gross.” You teased, but you didn’t turn down his suggestion.

a/n: i’m staring at my pile of clothing that needs to be put away, but yet i write this instead. hell yeah for procrastination :D 

Sick/ Jeff Atkins

A/N: the next 15 imagines are scheduled because im on vacation but i still wanted to upload for everyone :) hope you like it

“Hey Jeff” clay says as he approaches Jeff being alone.

Hey Clay you came, i heard Hannah was here!” he says as he smiles cheekily.

“Really? havent seen her yet, and you know who else i havent seen, Y/N? where is she?” he asks Jeff as he looks around before he got a message. from you.

sorry baby but i cant come today, i’m sick but go have fun at the party” i texted Jeff as i went back to bed. I was almost never sick but when i was it was the worst and today was no different, i puked 4 times now in the last 3 hours which was a new record. i was about to fall back asleep when my phone dinged signaling me ive got a text.

Well thats my cue, to being an amazing boyfriend, gotta go. Gotta take care of Y/N” he says to Clay as he makes his way out of the house and going into this car.

You seriously think im gonna have fun without you, i’m taing care of you baby, and no buts,” as i rolled my eyes at him.

No baby, i dont want to be a party pooper, go have fun. I can take care of myself, im just gonna sleep.” i texted back before turning around and before i knew it i fell asleep, not even hearing that the door opened and someone coming in.

As i slowly woke up, i felt a hand running trough my hair as i looked up to see Jeff, my boyfriend sitting next to me. As i was about to speak i felt something in my throat´, i ran to the bathroom as Jeff ran behind me as he held my hair up, being that cute boyfriend he is. He softly rubbed my back as i puked.

“Are you okay?” he asks picking me up bridal style, as i just nod not having the strength. He puts me down before picking up the soup and the tea, he probably made me when i was asleep.

“Here drink this, its your favourite.” as i slowly sat up taking the bowl with soup in my hands. He went to the tv putting in a movie before making his way back to me sitting down next to me. I gave him the bowl as he set it down beside him before laying down again putting his arms around me.

Thank you Jeff, for everything” i say smiling softly as he kisses my forehead.

Aynthing for you princess. I would choose you over any party, remember that if it means you are okay” as we watched the movie before slowly falling asleep.

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I know who B/en is musically. But don't tell me he doesn't get exposure from being associated with D. Just look at number of followers on Twitter and IG. D in the millions, B only in the thousands. Everybody wants the fame. At least, in the group around D, B/en actually has talent.

Sure. We all do. Dont we? Thats part of networking and associations.

Do you think I go to these parties all the time because I want to? No its for connection. Sure I have fun, but it still work. And sometimes you are tired and you want to stay home.

No different than the leaisy joint venture.

Jamin’s followers are different from Daisy’s. So they arent really comparable. But if you think Darren has more pull than jayz and kayne, you are nuts.

“Is the rain going to stop soon?”
“Well, it’s certainly become weaker since morning.”
“Hotaru-kun, do you hate rain?”
“No. I don’t hate it.”
(But he looks so dejected)
“Hotaru-kun, is something wrong today?”
“I’m waiting for it to stop.”
“It may last through the night.”
“No, I want it to stop. I want it to stop soon.”

“It stopped…”
“Ah! Look look!”
“The rainbow… it’s beautiful, Hotaru.”
“Un! Because it’s beautiful I wanted to show it to you.”
(He looks so happy)
“But it’s even more beautiful now that we see it together, MC.”

*from Hotaru and the rain special natsumatsuri story. I’m drowning in excitement waiting for his MS in Tenka Tsuki.

My sadness was never beautiful
It used to flow out of me like blood so i picked up a pen and pretended it was ink but even then it was nothing to admire, it was not showering for weeks and sitting in classes unable to move because i used up all my energy getting out of bed it was hearing a joke that should have been funny but if i laugh now everyone will think I’m faking this illness so i better not it was surprising us all by wanting to go to the party but 3o minutes in I remember why it is that I don’t stay very long it was trying to die while everyone around me happily continued to live
—  10:08 pm 07/21

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alsksgsf NOT FAIR u can’t make me do all of them at once SIGH okay fine have these:

drake’s band is called The Commoners lmao

liam is a poli sci major and he’s very serious about it he also wants to go to law school and gets Stressed about the GRE constantly (like once he brought his study guide to a party and maxwell threw cheetos at him)

at the annual Beaumont Halloween Party 2k17 (theme: horror hos and slasher bros) maxwell drake and liam go as the pretty little liars (plus MC because they needed four)

maxwell: drake you’re spencer
drake: wtf NO liam is absolutely spencer
MC: yeah but we like liam
drake: why am i friends with you guys

maxwell tries to get everyone to do the slutty mean girls jingle bell rock dance with him at the annual Beaumont Christmas Party 2k17 (theme: dicks out for santa claus) but no one will so he does it by himself and then it goes viral on YouTube for like a day

liam still has a flip phone and he doesn’t understand why it’s an issue

60% of mc’s clothing is actually maxwell’s clothing

drake is a history major because of course he is

drake: i wish we could go back to the 50’s, the aesthetic was so much more my scene
maxwell: drake no

maxwell’s favorite emoji is this: 🌚

hana is on model UN and is constantly being High Maintenance about her country even though she literally has Liechtenstein

maxwell: hana that’s not a country
hana: wow u wanna tell that to my GDP??
maxwell: cool i don’t know what that is

when maxwell and mc first kiss they don’t tell anyone for like a month and then maxwell finally blurts it all out at a taco bell and liam is like wait you guys hadn’t kissed before that? like liam genuinely thought they were already dating

liam: wait but so like when we all came over to surprise her for her birthday and you guys were asleep in the bed together that was like a platonic thing?
maxwell: uh yes
liam: or when we all went to see the purge and you guys held hands the whole movie
maxwell: it was SCARY ok!!!!
liam: what about the time you brought her flowers and said they were for ‘your little blossom’
maxwell: omg AS FRIENDS
drake: do u know what friends are

there was a weird week where drake tried to be vegan that nobody talks about

kind of like that week where he was super into MC which was also coincidentally the same week when she and maxwell kissed

basically no one talks about drake is the point here it’s just better for him that way


Diosa sighs: Girls, thanks for helping me look for Nicky. I guess Camille was wrong. He’s not here.

Nialla: Camille is the biggest instigator, Diosa. She’s been wanting to break you and Nicky up forever. She wants him for herself.

Diosa: I know, but she knows everything. She is the true gossip girl. That’s the only reason I keep her in the clique.

Maela grumbles: I hate sitting here and not being able to drink. Thanks, pregnant lady.

Diosa laughs: You barely drink anyway, Maela.

Maela: True, but we look so lame sitting here with no drinks at all. And we can’t even dance. Let’s get out of here and go to the hotel party. I know it’s going to be fun. Davina throws the best parties. Besides me, of course.

Diosa: Davina has NOTHING on your parties, Maela. But yeah…let’s go. I’ll keep calling Nicky. He might be at the hotel party himself. Who knows.

Maela practical: You two need to get this relationship sorted out before the baby comes, Diosa. I told you Nicky was a waste of your time. And now he’s knocked you up! It’s not cool that you have no idea where he is, and he’s ignoring your calls. That’s why you should tell Uncle Nico and Aunt Allie about the baby already. They’ll set Nicky straight.

Nialla nods: Yep. My parents will set Nicky straight. Right after they kill him! 

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Would it be possible you to create a plasma cake for vampire weddings? We really need one! No one wants a barf party :(

I have a heart fruit for vampires ready to upload. Then I am going to get down to making some cakes and recipes (may be a little gross though) for vamps using the Plasma a fruit and Heart Fruit

In which Hraap plays a vidya game [Dream Daddy]

I expected dating-sim level awful from Dream Daddy but instead its me getting all these Feels about these dads (except Joseph, because fuck that guy) that are just trying their best. 

Tried for Craig first, but I ended up with what I presume to be his bad ending because I didn’t get triple S on the dates - where he kisses you in the tent but tells you later on at the party he only wants to be friends, and am now attempting to re-do Craig because I came here to romance myself a former roomie-turned-hot-dad and by god that’s what I’m going to do.

After failing Craig I made a new character and tried for Damien, who I ended up clicking with pretty easily. Lucien’s a little shit, but he’s got a supportive parent behind that which I am 100% about. 

Am now attempting for Craig again. 

Not gonna lie, I kind of which we could customize the personalities of our dads, so I could make a dad that’s utterly terrifying and go “romance” Joseph, but I’d probably end up scaring his kids or Mary and I’d feel bad about that. Especially Mary because she’s got enough shit on her plate, even with the adorable animals helping her.

(Also, I am going to read ALL the fucking spoilers for Joseph because that man gives me Bad Vibes and you can’t get me to touch him with a fifty foot pole until I know what I’m walking into. If the Cult Ending is anywhere near real, I need to be prepared.)

Pokespe Supernatural AU!!!! for the AU Contest

In this world, professors are like Men of Letters and each one takes several students and train them when they are young. Professor Oak trains Red, Green, and Blue and they become very well known in the hunting community. When students turn 18, they’re allowed to leave the hunting life if they want to. Red decides to stay, but Green decides to leave and go to college. Blue, a powerful witch, also parts ways with Red but continues to hunt on her own. She keeps in contact with Green and they make sure the other is safe. Red, shaken at his friends’ decisions, drops off the grid and aims to become the best hunter.

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i’ll help you stitch up your wounds

this is the longest thing i’ve ever written and i’m a music ho, so basically why not make a fanmix for it? tracklist under the cut

 synopsis: two boys, one party. that’s where it all starts. fitting, no? (wolfstar, college au, slowburn, mutual distaste to friends to lovers) 

want to read? - ff.net - ao3

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Originally posted by jeonsshi

Pairing : Min Yoongi x reader

Genre : Fluff

Word Count : 414

Drabble prompt : someone has the flu + “Hey, things could be worse, right?”

Out of the 365 days of the year, you had to come down with the flu on your boyfriend’s birthday. Just your luck. He was throwing a party at his dorm but obviously you couldn’t go, you would infect everyone with whatever you had come down with. You apologized to him on the phone repeatedly about not being able to attend his party or being able to be with him on his birthday. 

“I will come to your apartment then, I want to see you.” He said through the phone. 

“No babe, you will get whatever I have. I will see you when I get better and I promise I will make it up to you.” You said with a throaty voice. 

“I will see you soon, love you” He said before hanging up. 

You groaned as if he would have heard it, you loved that he was caring enough to come visit you even though you were terribly sick but you also felt bad that he decided to come take care of you instead of having a good time with his friends. There wasn’t much you could do other than stay in bed and remain warm, the meds you have been taking made you drowsy and you soon felt your self falling asleep. ‘Yoongi has a spare key, he can let himself in.’ were your last thoughts before you drifted into dreamland. 

Your sleep was disturbed when you heard the clattering sounds of pans in your kitchen, you jumped off bed as fast as your weak body would let you, tiptoed to the closest deadly object you had in your room, your heel, and moved towards the sound ready to whoop someone’s ass. 

“Hey, there.” The familiar voice said from behind the island in your kitchen. 

“God, you scared the shit out of me, I was about to whoop your ass.” You sighed, remembering that Yoongi said he was coming to see you. 

“Sorry, are you feeling better? I wanted to make you some soup.” He said as he walked towards you placing his palm on your hot forehead. 

“I guess, don’t get too close, you will get the flu too.” You coughed. 

“Hey, things could be worse, right? The flu won’t kill me.” He said as he kissed your forehead. “Go wait in the living room, I will bring it to you once I’m done.” 

“Alright.. Happy birthday by the way.” You half laughed soon regretting as your sides started to hurt. 

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My boyfriend broke up with me, and besides the fact I'm very sad, I worry about my prom in January. I already payed for myself and him and now I have nobody who I would go with. I don't want to go alone but I don't want to cry all night because I didn't go

It’s not until January so you have tons of time to find a new date! Or, worst case scenario, you get a group of friends who are also dateless and yall party it up. I went to two proms and one I had a date and the other I went with friends and i had way more fun that time

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i think people want nintendo to go third party because see they are attatched to the company they picked in the early 00s like they got a ps2 as kids or something and now they just worship sony but they want to play those nintendo games but their stubborness wont allow them to betray sony so they want nintendo to fail so they can play those fun games people talk about

>betray Sony

ni🅱🅱a just buy a PS4 and a Switch, Sony and Nintendo aren’t going to give a shit. They aren’t even directly competing with each other.

So I don’t know if any of y'all noticed, but I changed my theme on mobile and online (if you are using a computer you have to check it out cause I think it looks pretty awesome). I changed it cause I’m so excited for Season 3…which will apparently only have 7 episodes? Blah. At least Season 4 is out in November.

Also I’m having a Voltron Party and I’m going to make a bunch of Voltron themed food…would anyone want to see pictures of it?

The loveliest @chickpeabb tagged for this cute thingy
Rules: tag 15 nice ppl out there

5 things you can find in my bag: lipstick bc thats like my trade mark (currently its Kosas in Royale); lip balm bc u gotta take care of yourself (rn its Lanolips the Peach one); wallet with defo 2 many unnecessary things; camera bc i acc love photography (EOS 500); phone

5 things you can find in my bedroom: film photos that I recently developed and that are laying randomly around; my smol vinyl collection; pretty cool succulents; earplugs bc my parents love loud music and parties; notebooks bc I journal and have many ideas and none of them acc gets really done

5 things I have always wanted to do: make a *real* ass film; go for a real roadtrip around some big land w/ friends; be barista; have a really nice house; (not really always) do a photo session with like a real theme

5 things that make me happy: New Slang by The Shins prob bc of Garden State (but like honestly listen to it); reading letters bc i just got a penpal and it feels so awesome; drinking coffee in foreign cities bc it combines my 2 fav things (coffee and traveling); rainy days with no reason; sea bc of how soothing it feels

5 things Im currently into: chocolate milk (yup, chocolate milk); photography obv; twin peaks if none of u already known that; writing letters bc it feels so classy; dancin’

5 things on my To-Do-List: get my shit 2gether and like go to sleep; work on my photographs I took throughout July; order that cool stationery; go and buy that suitcase I really liked and also bc I need one lol; talk w/ my dad about the camp im goin’ 2 bc I feel like thats what I wanna do

I tag: @lvslie @isabotta @rosesth @chill-vib3 @peachteamochi @ilfautque @onafhankelijk @silksocks @sunbvrnt @faulths @glosserie @foxe @nuskei @uglytoast @croquetstrip