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Moar doodled lords!

I know things have been a bit weird these days, but don’t let it damper your mood and the things you love or believe in because man, don’t let your cake slip away!(Idk how to phrase that, but I’m trying and food is the only thing I can comprehend at the moment and cake is good and-)

ALSO, I thought about actually saying what the frickity frick those flowers were because some of these have such interesting meanings! And I think it’s hella interesting researching and thinking why they were linked to said lords so I’ll do that from now on hoho. This time, we’ve got Lavender for Mitsuhide and Lilacs for Mitsunari… And Tempura and Udon for the foods and I might have been hella hungry while drawing those.

For a couple of anons, @befree-iam and @incubeebirb! Also tagging @dear-mrs-otome because I know you( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Me and my friends have an overwatch d&d campaign going, I always want to draw whenever we do a session…. So, I’m going to start uploading art here of our shenanigans. Anyway, I’m drawing our full party! First up is Lucio, our voice of reason. [1/6]

“I love you”

Shawn Mendes imagine

He was everything I’ve ever wanted and more 

Shawn was the perfect guy for me, I just wish he knew it

We grew up together as neighbors, our parents were best friends and we became best friends as well, we even combined our birthday parties every year because we were born on the same day, I’m just a year younger and of course he always had to use that against me especially when he was being over protective like when I wanted to go out to the club with him he said I was too young and things could happen and he wanted to drink not watch me and make sure that nothing happens, I had told him that I was only a year younger than him and could take care of myself but he still wasn’t having it so I pouted all night til he came home to our shared apartment. When I heard the door being pushed open and two sets of foots steps and girly giggles my heart dropped, he was drunk, what if he brought home a girl?

I would never be able to handle seeing some drunk chic all over him, I was immediately relieved when I saw Mindy dragging him in, I got up from the couch and helped him lay down on it.

 "what are you doing here?“ I asked Mindy, my other friend

“just making sure Shawn got home safe, he was acting real crazy at the club” she giggled

“what? you were invited?” I asked offended, she was the same age as me and he invited her but not me?

“Uh yeah, he said you didn’t want to go, I was going to come over but he insisted I go with him” she said confused

“are you kidding me? I begged him to let me go with him, he said I was to young and he didn’t feel like watching me” I scoffed “like I need a babysitter or something, but he was just fine making sure that I stayed home alone tonight” now I was fuming 

Mindy sighed “ it’s probably not what you think”

“does he like you?” I snapped “ is that what it is? he just didn’t want me to ruin your alone time getting drunk and having fun without me”

“Y/N, that’s definitely not it at all, I told you he likes you”

“he looks at me like he looks at aliyah” I sighed frustrated, I felt like I was going to cry, no matter what i did he just never showed any interest in me 

“he does not!” she scoffed “ you are so frustrating, why cant you see that you are amazing people love you and Shawn is definitely one of those people, he loves you more than you realize, when he says "I love you” he doesn’t mean in a best friends way like when I say it, he truly loves you and if you can’t see that then that’s on you Y/N” I sat down on the couch by Shawn’s feet “just talk to him tomorrow okay? he’ll clear everything up” she bends down to give me a hug and presses a kiss to my cheek

Suddenly Shawn jolts up, eyes wide “MINE” he screams, Mindy and I look over at him shocked “I told you, mine” he mumbles and flips over to lay his head in my lap and wrapped his arms around my waist.

Mindy starts slowly walking backwards towards the door “wait are you okay to go home by yourself?” I questioned, I don’t know how much she’s drank “I’m fine besides I live five minutes down the road"she responded waving me off “okay be safe” I said still a little worried 

“talk to him” she mouthed pointing at Shawn’s sleeping figure

I sighed looking down at Shawn running my fingers through his curls

“Shawn” I said shaking him, he groaned “do you want to go to your bed?” he nodded rolling off the couch and landing on the floor at my feet before I could even react “Shawn! oh my god are you okay?” I jumped up kneeling on the ground beside him to help him up, he groaned again nodding

It took a few minutes and lots of struggle but I finally got him on his feet and started walking with him down the hall to his bedroom which also took a while because he kept getting distracted by everything, playing with stuff on the table against the way and staring at and touching all the paintings and pictures on the wall. most of the paintings I did and picture of me and Shawn over the year

“your so talented y-you can l-like do you can d-do everything” he mumbled as I layed him in his bed and took off his shoes.

“thank you Shawn” I giggled at his terrible grammar

I lifted the blanket up and over him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and began to walk out of his room when I felt him tugging at my wrist, I went back over to him “what do you need Shawn?”

“I love you” he mumbled dropping his arm and drifting off to sleep

“ I love you too” I whispered back even though I knew he couldn’t hear me because he was asleep


The next morning I woke up to a loud clanging noise, I jumped up and went out the kitchen to see what that noise was, when I reached the kitchen I saw Shawn standing by the counter holding his head with a bottle of ibuprofen in front of him and two cups on the floor that thankfully didn’t break

“ You good?” I giggled

“why are you laughing at my pain” he groaned looking at me

“your the one who decided to go and get drunk” I sassed “and lets not forget to mention that you went without me”

“Y/N I to-”

“and you invited Mindy even though shes the same age as me and you said I couldn’t go because I was too young which didn’t make any sense” i cut him off “mind explaining that to me?”

Shawn sighed “ I just didn’t want you to go because I know how you get when your drunk and the last time we went together it didn’t go well” he sighed

“ are you talking about when you beat that guy up for talking to me?” I said quirking a brow

“I was protecting you” he argued

“from what? a nice guy trying to have a nice conversation” I argued back

“ he grabbed your ass, you don’t deserve to be disrespected like that because even when you pushed him away he did it again" 

” okay but I can take care of myself, i’m a big girl Shawn” I was starting to get annoyed because he’s not telling me why it’s such a big deal for me to go to a club with him “Shawn just tell me why I can’t g-”

he cut me off by grabbing my waist and pulling me towards him connecting our lips, I didn’t hesitate to kiss back. Finally, this is finally happening, Iv'e waited so long for this, I never want it to end

he pulled away and put his forehead against mine “ I don’t like taking you to the club with me because guys stare at you and approach you and I hate it, I want you to be mine and only mine, I don’t want any other guy anywhere near you” he said to my queitly

“I’m yours Shawn” I said leaning up to connect our lips again

“that’s all iv'e ever wanted”

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Recomiendame canciones plis

Assdffghjkkl Claro c:

Sad/ maso menos sad/ lentas:  

Simplemente lindas (O no sé en qué categoría ponerlas):

Don´t be sad:

Esas son algunas uwu, sé que pueden parecer bastantes, pero escuchas cualquiera y son hermosas.

(Estoy segura de que olvidé a muchas otras canciones lindas v’:)

Underneath the Diamond Sky

pairing: reader x namjoon

genre: fluff | smut

warnings: Jennie from Blackpink likes girls here. If that’s not your thing, I’m sorry | Explicit sexual scenes 

word count: 6k

summary: In a world where love is considered a disease and pursuing it is against the law, you’re a girl who was always afraid to say or do the wrong thing, despite secretly wanting to know what love feels like. When you meet Namjoon at a party, you finally feel free.

a/n: I do not own the idea of “the deliria” nor do I own any of the lore that comes along with it. I was inspired to write this after rereading “Delirium” by Lauren Oliver a while ago (it’s a good book, I highly recommend!). But this is my first time going into depth on a smut scene, so it may be a little awkward? Anyway, I hope you like!

Every year on your birthday, it always felt like the hottest day of the summer. Today, you were seventeen. Only one more year until you were to have the procedure done just like everyone else when they turned eighteen. Only one more year and then you’d be safe from the deliria, the disease that used to be called “love” many years ago and thought of as a beautiful thing. But in actuality, the deliria was the most deadliest disease of them all, and just like all diseases there was only a matter of time before someone came up with a cure.

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Well, since you've given the ok, here we go! I have some fun university stories to share, back when I was more sexually active and not drowning in work. -sigh- There was a guy who tried to sleep with me in a party and he didn't like that I wanted to be on top cause only man were supposed to be on top. I ended up slapping him in the kitchen and ofc he didn't get to lay a single finger on me. Idk how but that spread around campus and two parties after that, i found out in a drinking - 1/?dom anon

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If you’re not going to be offering help to someone, please don’t reblog my posts where I give advice to people with questionable husbandry.

I see some people do this and I fear it’s people doing it with the intent to belittle, demean or otherwise shame the party involved who may not be keeping their animals as ethically or as responsibly as they could be but are approaching the community asking for advice. Likewise, if they’re not asking for advice but it I feel the need to speak up, don’t reblog if you have nothing helpful to add. Most of the time, these posts start going around and the other party is depicted only as someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing and are thus seen as a target to ridicule.

This is not the environment I want to encourage.

I want people to feel that they are safe when they come forward to ask questions, or that they will be safe if they make mistakes and want to know what they can do to fix it. Unless the person is an objectively terrible individual who holds harmful views towards vulnerable and marginalized people, I don’t want them to be shamed or made fun of through the use of reblogs.

If all you see in an event is my reblog saying that they’re doing something wrong after they’ve made a questionable husbandry decision, but no other rapport, you’re going to assume the OP is a dumbass worth ridiculing and send anons saying such.

This has happened often, and it’s lead to the sentiment that some communities are toxic because individuals like myself want to help someone improve their care for their animal, because ultimately the only one who can give that animal the care and safety they need is the person making the mistake. If you insult, make fun of, or demean someone who needs help they will simply shun the community and the advice they have to offer and continue on with poor or questionable husbandry. That’s not the outcome I want. I beg of people to have some compassion in these scenarios, because the person making the mistake is still a human being like you and is capable of feeling the same things you do.

From now on in posts like that, I’ll always add “do not reblog unless you have something helpful to add for the OP” so that people won’t be subject to harassment from anons.

“Today’s the day I find my direction and begin building momentum towards a new, better world in a way that will actually work. I’m starting with a meet and greet party in the lower levels of the Fearmid. If you want an invitation, let me know and I’ll give you the incantation you’ll need to recite to get there.”

// OOC Note: Reminder that my Discord RP server is pseudo-public and if we’ve interacted more than once I’ll probably give you a link to it. I’m looking primarily for easy-going muns to help me stir things up plot and activity wise, but new friends are welcome regardless.

We operate primarily on a free-style “anything goes” basis but with occasional D20-esque events. We believe whole heartedly that RP is just an elaborate game of pretend and fun takes priority over rigid structure. Most public threads are open. Crossover friendly. Double friendly. Almost everything friendly. We have Gravity Falls rooms, Undertale rooms, and others.

If this sounds like fun to you hit me or Steve-mun up over messenger or through an ask off anon.

Some friends of roomie J came by the other day and commented on the nice vibe, saying how it made them feel calm and how they wanted to just stay at our place instead of going to their party later that evening. My homes are usually like this and I was gonna make a post about how I carry the capybara vibes but as I was typing this I realised it sounds pretty fucking much like I live in a fairy court.

Anyone want to hear about a great missed opportunity I had to become a ghost story?

So it was the middle of fall, and my Great Uncle Passed away. 

So I put on my nicest black dress and a pair of heels and go to the funeral. We go to the cemetery, and there the ground is all soft and uneven and I snapped the heel off my shoe. 

I can no longer walk in these shoes, and so I toss them in the car. 

Fast forward to after the funeral, we’re heading to my cousin’s place to have the after party; which is just on like, the outskirts of the city. You drive on a highway surrounded by trees, and pull into these giant lots. 

Now, I can’t wear my shoes, and i didn’t bring an extra pair with me. 

So My dad and i walk to to the house after parking the car on the side of the high way (because there were cars already parked on the lot) 

I go tromping through the grass to prevent myself from stepping on any rocks and my fucking pantyhose gets snagged, and now I have a massive run in them. I also discover the grass is awful because there are still rocks from the road, as well as sticks, and mud. 

We continue to the house to have the party. 

 And things are going fine, until my introverted ass starts to get miserable, because this is the side of the family i don’t know, so i am alone with no one my age, everyone is drunk and being weird… and since its fall, the temperature starts to drop as the sun goes down. So now, I’m in this little black dress that has no sleeves, no pants, and no shoes. I’m also hungry. And I had been told 4 times prior that we were going home… and we still hadn’t left yet and it was several hours later. My dad was also sort of becoming an asshole at this point (He does this around his family) 

So I’m fucking miserable. 

I ask my dad if he has a sweater in the car i can borrow because he’s apparently not ready to leave yet… and he hands me the keys and tells me to go by myself. I hug myself to keep warm  

Off I go. 

I decide to stay out of the grass and just take my time with the road, i’d rather step on rocks than go through the hell that was the mud again. I’ll just walk slowly and carefully to protect my feet. 

So here I am, 

Walking down this fucking highway, alone, in the dark, walking extremely slow, in ripped hose, and a black dress, no shoes, holding my arms to my chest. 

I think i freaked out the people on the next lot when I walked by their driveway because they got up to look out their window at me. (They were fine when i walked by again this time in a big blue fuzzy sweater that was too big for me) 

All I really needed was a car to drive by and see me and take a video and I bet you i would have been put on youtube as a “side of the highway ghost story” on like Top5unknowns or something. 

Shame it never happened. 

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Ooh a comeback party through rabbit that wou-shit the 5th is on a monday and i have school - dutch anon

I might not do it on Rabbit. I really like the idea, but I know that not everyone wants to go off tumblr to do something like this so I might not. We’ll see!

Halloween 2016