i want to go on an adventure!

Context: I’m DMing a quick adventure [45mins] because my friend didn’t have enough time for a full one, and I wanted to do one badly. It was going to be one where a high elf cleric [is important] leads the characters to someone he needs to be taken care of [he can’t do it himself]. Party consists of me [Human Wizard/3, dmpc] and my friend [Cleric/1 Dragonborn]. Friend decides to try to… “get to know Zenonn [the cleric guide] better”.

Dragonborn [ooc]: I attack him [the high elf] with Burning Hands.

I prepare to make the saving throw for Zenonn when he stops me.

Dragonborn [ooc]: With my dick.

I thought for a moment before rolling with it. He’s new, what’s the hurt in letting him have fun?

DM [me, ooc]: Okay, make an attack roll.

Dragonborn [ooc]: Natural 1.

DM: Your dick actually catches on fire. Take 4 points fire damage.

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that was an awesome piece :3 don't feel like u have to do anything u don't want to! but if u do want, could u maybe write smth with lance in his full werewolf form and/or playing fetch or getting petting?

Heres the first part of werewolf Lance adventures. When I tried to imagine Lance as a wolf, or a dog, all I could think of was that video of that husky screaming. So mostly these parts are going to be of husky behaviour. Anyways I hope you guys like it, and if you want to know what video I’m talking about it’s right here > (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_CUrv0aezI)

Although the paladins were weary at first, they quickly got used to the large brown wolf that would wander aimlessly around the castle. They jumped at first and seemed uncomfortable around him but soon realized that Lance was much more at home when he was in his wolf skin. However, they did notice some amusing similarities to his canine counterparts. One of these was his love of being pet.


Hunk has always been an affectionate guy and when Lance sat down next to him when he was cooking in the kitchen, he couldn’t resist running his hand through his best friends fur right between his ears. He meant to only do a quick sweep, just enough to feel how soft the fur was, but a faint thumping sound stopped him and he looked behind him to see Lance’s tail wagging on the ground. Looking at his face he saw that Lance’s eyes were closed and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth. Hunk took his hand away and almost burst out in laughter when Lance’s eyes opened and his tail thumped to the ground. He looked up at Hunk and let out a low whine and shuffled forward to come closer to Hunk’s leg. Hunk decided to test his luck and focused instead on chopping the strange fruit in front of him. He let out a surprised gasp when Lance leaned his entire weight on his leg and let out another sad whine.

“Geez, okay Lance I get it,” he said grabbing onto the counter so he wouldn’t fall over. Lance let out a pleased huff and took his side off of Hunk who immediately threaded his fingers through the fur on top of his head. After a few minutes of silent petting, Lance licked Hunk’s hand and trotted out of the room, leaving Hunk to look after him. After that incident, whenever Lance would sit by Hunk he would immediately start petting wherever he could reach on his friend.


Pidge was familiar with the antics of dogs; her family had a dog on earth after all. She was kind of expected the wants of a wolf to be a bit different, however similar the two were. This came as a surprise when she was sitting in the hanger using her laptop on the floor when Lance strolled in. Of course in his wolf form as he had been doing frequently since they found out about it. It didn’t bother Pidge as much as she thought it would; probably because she could still see a little bit of Lance even when he was a wolf. She spared him a glance when he came in and quickly looked back at her work, wanting to get it done as quickly as possible.

“Ack!” She cried out in surprise when a weight settled against her back and curled around her. She looked down and by her right arm, Lance’s head settled against the ground.

“Lance, what are you doing?” She asked with a raised brow. He nudged her arm with his nose. She brought it away and settled it back on her keyboard.
“I know what you’re doing Lance, I have a dog,” she replied get back to her work. He let out a little whine and flopped onto his side and started wiggling around. Pidge tried to ignore it and focus on her laptop but glanced back to her side for a second.

“Oh my god,” she whispered when big blue puppy eyes stared up at her. She put down her laptop and turned a big to get both her hands in the dark brown fur. He shuffled around her closer and she scratched through the fur on his chest and back. He let out a happy groan and laid his head on her leg. She eventually picked up her laptop again but leaned back on her friend. If anyone walked into the hanger an hour later they would find the two asleep with Pidge still leaned against the wolf.


Unbeknownst to the other paladins save for Keith; Shiro had a husky waiting for him at home and when he saw Lance walking around he immediately thought of his baby, Koko. He didn’t know how Lance would react if he started petting him so he laid off and looked on with a pout whenever Lance would pass by. That is until one day, he was reviewing the teams training notes standing with one hand at his side and one touching the screen. Suddenly he felt a head nudge under his hand and he looked down to see Lance, one ear pressed under the hand and his tongue sticking out in a dorky dog smile.

“Awww” Shiro immediately gushed bringing his other hand up to his face. Lance didn’t expect this reaction and cocked his head making Shiro choke. He knelt down on the floor and started scratching him behind his ears and petting down his back. The sound of a thumping tail sounded through the room. Shiro started cooing at Lance and praising him as he pets the wolf’s fur, even going so far as to squish his face up and kiss the canine’s nose. Lance didn’t seem to mind and happily soaked up the attention with a happy whine and a soft headbutt to the leader’s chest.

“Am I interrupting something?” Keith asked as he walked into the room and heard Shiro baby talking Lance. Shiro jumped up with a blush and tried to act nonchalant.

“No, what are you talking about?” He asked bringing up the plans again. Keith only quirked an eyebrow when Lance rested his chin on Shiro’s leg to look up at him with sparkly eyes.

“Dude, just pet him, everyone else has been,” he groaned looking at the heartbroken expression on Shiro’s face. Without a word, Shiro dropped to his knees and hugged Lance around the neck and started scratching his back as he mumbled into the dark fur.

“Augh,” Keith rolled his eyes before leaving the two to themselves. From them on whenever Lance found Shiro, he would push his head into the leader’s hand or rest on his leg if he was sitting. He would always break and start petting Lance with a big grin. He thought that Hunk would be his favorite person to go to for pets, but Shiro seemed more than happy to provide the werewolf with as much attention as he wanted, as long as it didn’t interfere with their work. Which Lance had no intention of interrupting anyway so it worked out well for everyone.


While the other paladin had innocent and quite fun experiences when they first started petting Lance, Keith was not as lucky. He, Lance and Pidge were sent on a mission to dismantle a small Galra base of operation on a previously abandoned planet. The mission was relatively easy, requiring only the green lion and they quickly were able to take apart the base, but not before Lance was shot through the stomach, where his armour didn’t cover. He let out a yell and fell to the ground before he aimed his gun and shot the guard through the head ending the fight.

“Lance!” Pidge screamed. With the rest of the guards down she and Keith were able to run to Lance. He pressed his hand on the wound trying to stop the bleeding. He looked into his friend’s eyes and gave them a weak smile and a thumbs up.

“I’m okay guys,” he tried to reassure them. They propped him up and helped him to his feet.

“Can you make it to Green?” Pidge asked. He gave a short groan but nodded his head. They slowly walked towards the lion, who thankfully flew closer to them when she sensed the panic of her paladin. They dragged him up the ramp and carefully laid him down on the floor of the cockpit, with tears in her eyes Pidge jumped in the pilot’s chair and started towards the castle ship. Keith let out a sad sound as he started pressing on Lance’s wound as well.

“Lance, what are you doing?” He said when Lance started shifting into his wolf form. He only gave a low whine and flopped his head onto the ground in front of Keith. He once again went to put pressure on the wound and was glad to feel that the bleeding was stopping and the wound was starting to heal over.

“Lance, do you heal faster like this?” He asked. Lance sat up slightly to look at him with foggy eyes and gave a tiny nod. He was about to collapse against the ground again but Keith caught his head and laid it across his thighs.

“You did great out there today,” he commented softly stroking down his head and neck. Lance gave a weak wag of his tail in response and licked Keith’s wrist when it came close enough to him. “Jesus, now I know why everyone pets you, you’re way friendlier like this,”

Lance huffed but didn’t move away from the petting he was receiving. Thankfully, by the time they made it back to the Castle, Lance was completely healed and dodging Pidge’s questions about werewolf healing. He knew that eventually, she would get to do tests about it, but for now, he was exhausted and just wanted to go to sleep. He ignored the others and made his way to the lounge where he curled up on the couch and fell into a deep sleep.

He woke to a weight against him and blinked his eyes open. He couldn’t lift his head up because there was a weight lightly lying against it. He could see Hunk and Keith sitting in front of him on the game system and knew that he wasn’t in trouble. He looked towards his tail and saw Pidge watching the two of them playing the game. Which left… he lifted his head and Shiro’s head flopped in front of him still snoring lightly. He let out a snort at his face catching the attention of his teammates. They smiled at him before they turned their attention back to the game. Lance’s tail continuously hit Pidge as he wagged it, and he laid his head on top of Shiro’s chest in order to watch the game.

“Lance fucking stop, I swear to God!” Pidge screamed as his tail hit her in the face for the fifth time. He only let out an amused bark in response.

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Headcanons for Misfire and Grimlock being yandere for the same human?

( Melly’s Mod Notes: I wanted to let you know anon that, for the entire time was writing this, I kept picturing this dumb photoshop edit I made for something else entirely. Please enjoy the mental image. )

✦ Misfire cares for Grimlock a lot, having put a lot of effort and care into helping his buddy return to a state that resembles functioning and independent. They’ve been through a lot of adventures since Misfire and the gang found Grimlock on that nightmarish ship. Nothing is going to get in between the two of them. Not even love since humans have this wonderful saying: Sharing is caring. When Misfire finds out that they’re both after the same human, the one that’s hitching a ride with them in an attempt to get back home, he’s delighted. It obviously means they’ve gotta team up, Grimlock ol’ buddy. With his charms and Grimlock’s… Grimlockness, to put it mildly, they might be able to convince the human that the two of them is enough when it comes to a home.

✦ Assigned as a new babysitter/caretaker for Grimlock so the others don’t have to do it anymore, the human ends up spending a lot of time with the pair. Misfire uses it to their advantage, talking him and Grimlock up to the best of his abilities. If it means he’s gotta make the rest look bad - from time to time, of course! - than he will. It’s not like he’s lying or anything. He’s telling the human the truth on how Spinister likes to shoot anything and everything that isn’t Spinister-shaped or how Fulcrum or Crankercase will never help them out if they’re in a jam. Krok is nice and all though very busy with making sure the Scavengers are getting by. Him and Grimlock? They’re here for the human. They’ll always be here for the human.

✦ Grimlock almost blows their cover from time to time, tipping the human off with his behaviour. From his nastier mood swings and his lashing outs reaching an epic scale if he thinks someone is taking their human’s attention away, it will cause alarm bells to ring in the human’s head. Misfire can talk the worries away however and he does by guilting the human for thinking Grimlock means any harm on purpose. Given what Grimlock has been through isn’t a little unfair to think the worst of poor Grimlock in these moments? Shouldn’t they be a little more compassionate? The guilt and shame wins out in the end with the human apologising to the ‘con and ‘bot for thinking the worse. They promise to be more open-minded in the future and will agree, if pressured, to spend more time with them if it helps Grimlock out. It’s the least they can do.

✦ The human will have an idea that something isn’t right in regards to their relationship with Misfire and Grimlock. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for the pair, that’s all it’ll ever reach. An idea that the human won’t spend too much time dwelling on. Not if it means confronting the only members who are going out of their way to look after them. Between Spinister trying to shoot them if they enter a room to Fulcrum loudly gagging if he learns they’re in the room, the human knows they have to stick with the friendliest (if clingiest) individuals on the WAP if it ensures a promise of companionship and safety. Meanwhile Krok does suspect something fishy is going on but is more focused on making sure his crew gets by, day by day, and resigns himself to whatever the two have planned. Long as no one part of the group gets hurt from their obsession with the little human than everything should be fine.


Meringue: I see you started to pack your suitcase already.

Sunhee: Yeah.

Meringue: Are you in a rush? You’ll miss Yuseong’s birthday if you go so soon.

Sunhee: Heh.. I’m sure he’ll manage without me there.

Meringue: You must be really excited. Is that gentleman Caleb going with you?

Sunhee: Umm.. yeah. I asked if he wanted to join me in my adventures.

Meringue: *smiles* Make sure I get to see the both of you before you head off on you adventures, okay?

Sunhee: Alright mom.

DuckTales Verse (open to brainstorming/changing!!)
inspired by these awesome arts               

                      @briiightesthue                                                  @xhumbuugx           

                                     thank you guys for this art, i’ve been staring
                                       at them for so long now lol THANK YOUUU  )

As a duckling, Daffy was so enthralled by the stories of Scrooge McDuck and his family. All the daring adventures and ancient mysteries that they would go out and solve — he wanted to be part of it. And so, he took it upon himself to try. Though not in the best way. He tried to force his way into the triplet’s circle, with the ultimate intention of becoming part of their ‘family’.

Eventually, it became obvious that it wasn’t going to work out in the long-run – whether it be because he just didn’t have the nerves for adventuring, or because he was too selfish and greedy when it came to treasure-hunting – but whatever the reason, he didn’t get that life of adventure and excitement that he had envisioned for himself, and he began to grow bitter. 

His jealousy and resentment grew as he watched them. This family that he wanted to be a part of, so close-knit and loving from his perspective. They had everything he wanted. They were the richest family in the world. They loved each other! They got to go on amazing adventures. They were brave and daring, and their lives were full of excitement. And he didn’t get to be a part of it?

That jealousy only grew as he did. And by the time he was an adult, he had developed a full-on grudge against the McDuck family. A grudge which ultimately lead him to Scrooge’s main rival, Flintheart Glomgold, whom he became an employee of. Eventually, Glomgold recognized that they shared the same motivation; and recognized that Daffy could be an asset, what with his childhood knowledge of the McDuck family. And so, Daffy was able to work his way up to become Glomgold’s right-hand man. Now they work together to achieve their mutual goals.

In this verse, Daffy (as an adult) wants to dethrone the McDuck name. He wants to be better than them. He wants to show them that they never should have cast him out of their life; that it was the biggest mistake they’d ever made. He wants to make them regret it. But still, deep down, what he really wants, is to be accepted by them, and to lead the life that they do.

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hey ive been wanting to really get into the Adventure Zone after discovering mbmbam, but ive never in my life played DnD or know how to play it, or know how it works. Will i get too confused? Or is it okay to jump right in?

It manages to explain a lot of the primary concepts of DnD really well so its easy to learn as you go along! And the story itself is told without being too drowned in DnD terminology.

So you’ll be fine!

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what would peter and killian fight over you be like? (or involve) thanksss

Killian Jones and Peter Pan fighting over you would involve…

-Their hatred for each other coming out even more than before.
-They would try to one-up each other at any chance they had.
-“I’m taking her out in the sea right before the sun sets. She’ll see I can take her on adventures, take her wherever her heart desires.”
-“You really think that’s what she wants Hook? I’m going to go swimming with her in the lagoon.”
-“How boring Pan.”
-It would annoy you that they would fight over you, but you’d also be flattered.
-They both would be in love with you, but you wouldn’t know who to be with.
-“Killian the sea is beautiful.”
-“Not as beautiful as you love.”
-Killian would make your heart soar, you cheeks blush, and your mind long for adventure.
-“You know I haven’t been swimming in a long time Peter.”
-“Well take this as a chance to try again! I’ll be here with you, right by your side.”
-Peter would make you laugh, make your eyes light up.
-You would love them both.
-Yet, you would have to choose…
-Who would you choose?

I made a playlist for How Monsters Are Made a while back, and also I started writing this post a while ago to get it made and out of my head. The playlist is vague spoilers, so I had to wait till after I finished the story to actually share it, but here it is! 


Under the cut I’m going to talk about my song choices so. If all you want is to hear the music, you can skip this. Definitely don’t read it until you’ve finished the chapter though.

Maybe try not to judge my music tastes too much, if you don’t mind. I did write you all my longest fic ever, after all. I feel like that earns me some slack on the musical choices front.

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Know what I love about Kong: Skull Island? The guy/girl relationship wasn’t shoved on us. I loved that they were just good friends at the end of it. No soppy kiss when he rescues her, they just hug. They gave it enough room that if people want to ship it, go for it, but they left it that I can just really gladly see them as a brother-from-another-mother friendship. Like Zoe and Mal in Firefly. They take names and kick butt and pal around together. Thank you. I want more brotp adventure movies of Captain James and Mason Weaver. Like the attraction was initial, but they’re just bffs is all. More movies in general like that. 

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What’s your type?

My type? Someone who needs me. Not to the extent where they can’t live without me. Please if you have the opportunity to go far away and do what you love, I’ll love it from a distance. And we’ll make it work. Plane tickets only cost so much.
Someone that wants to be a brunch date, and find cool places that we can call “ours”. Someone to have a fun night out with her friends, and maybe come home to me? If not that’s okay, I’ll see her in the morning. Someone who is afraid of losing me as much as I am afraid to lose them.
I want adventures and pictures with shitty frames we painted together over taking our place we worked so for, and finally get the chance to be together like normal.
My type is someone who wants and needs me at the end of every day, and doesn’t let me forget that. I don’t need constant reassurance, not at all. But I want to know someone is willing to go as far for me as I would for them.
Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way going to find a perfect cliche relationship.
But I’m willing to do my best to find what I want, and compromise and give her what she wants too. My needs are important and so is my happiness, and her needs and her happiness are important as well.
I wanna make sure she loves herself though before she loves me, and that’s where it gets tricky. I will spend every day showing her how loved she is, and as much as she will just say okay to get me to shut up. I hope to God, this girl will see herself the way I see her. In every aspect of beautiful another person could be.
My “type” in all honesty after all that. Is the one who I can reach over and grab in the middle of the night. You know that feeling of comfort, and reassurance and just peace? That’s my type, that feeling. The one that rolls over and kisses me until I wake up.
I crave that.

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This is so stupid but could you write sfw going msfw maybe about petite s/o or reader being sent by the boss/doppio to join la squadra but they are expecting another guy or at least someone bigger/taller to join and she gets all defensive because shes sort of insecure because she is tiny compared to them and swears she can still take them all down?

I tried my best for this! If you’re not happy anon just send me a message on what you want added or different!

When you first joined La Squadra you could hear whispers of what they expected you to be. Needless to say you disappointed their expectations.

Risotto tries to reassure you that you are more than welcomed into La Squadra, and that everyone has to go through some sort of initiation with any group they join

Unseen to the others, he would call you into his office to see how you were doing, and if there was anything he could do to keep your moral up.

These meeting lead to you really getting to know the man. With every story of his life you felt yourself feel deeper and deeper for him.

Illuso trusted you to begin with. You didn’t know why until you figured out he keeps serious tabs on everyone

He was the one to help you, whisper advice and combacks into your ear, and invite you to sit with him during group activities.

He seemed to be a very safe space from any negativity or doubt you would feel in the squad.

On missions he would teach you how to sneak better than you could image you could.

Melone was someone that wanted you to be on his side to begin with.

In front of the squad he would defend you very well, and if anyone made a comment you couldn’t respond to he could bring up some good dirt in your response.

He would force you to join in activities until you were accepted, and always kept himself by your side.

It wasn’t hard for Ghiaccio to take to you when he finally did. You two just clicked.

You think Illuso helped him get pasted the whole “the boss placed her here” thing.

Hanging and laughing with Ghiaccio almost guarentees no one will bother you, unless Melone pops in with an insult to one of you, laughed, and ran away.

Then you two bonded over hating him.

Prosciutto is the more welcoming one of the group. He makes sure you feel okay, and checks on you daily when you first join.

His attention to you leads to Pesci hanging out with you more.

During your time with Pesci you see his big brother eyeing you out of the corner of your eye, grinning.

Prosciutto joins your and Pesci’s games more and more until it becomes like a play time.

Pesci has nothing against you, and can sympathize with his team mate’s teasing you.

He’s the first one to try to show kindness to you, and explain how to get along in the squad with everyone.

He tells you his experiences, and his life.

Every day with Pesci as a friend to guide you you feel lucky to have him in your life.

Formaggio is one to tease you, even when he’s being sweet to you.

He can’t help but join in on everything, because he’s got some good punch lines.

When someone goes to far, he will too in defense of your honor. But they may involve throwing a bottle at someone. You enjoy his energy.


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For my next art book, the thing I’m most proud of is Departure - a special chapter showing a new concept that I created just for this book. I wanted to portray, in the most honest way possible, how I generate ideas, and how I go from my first sketch to character sketches, scenes, settings and concept art. When I started working on this chapter, I had no idea where the idea would take me, so it was quite an adventure :)

Find it exclusively in The Sketchbook of Loish, on Kickstarter for 14 more days: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1022149620/the-sketchbook-of-loish-art-in-progress


what happens when a fairy princess falls for an actual greek goddess:a lesbian love story coming to theatres near u

So I was listening to the Interdimensional RSS: the Unofficial Rick and Morty podcast earlier today and they had the art director, Bryan Newton on with them, discussing the most recent episode- Morty’s Mind Blowers! 

Newton was talking about the different pitches they were throwing around, and he said this: 

“Here’s another huge one that got wiped out- one of the original endings that they were playing around with…There was gonna be a deep Morty memory from when Morty was a baby, and that memory was gonna be with a young Rick, a young Summer–who would have been about 3 at the time– and a young Beth and Jerry. And it was basically gonna be Rick being there and consoling or talking to baby Morty and like ‘you’re gonna be my little Morty, Morty, you’re gonna be the best Morty ever, we’re gonna go on all types of adventures!’, and then Summer comes in and sees Rick, and Rick takes off through a portal, and then Beth and Jerry come in and are like ‘what’s going on, honey?’ and Summer’s like ‘the weird man showed up again!’…So it was gonna be a big thing where we see them all young and Rick being like the fuckin’ boogyman, keeping tabs on Morty.” 

Of course, this technically isn’t canon because it never made it to the show, but–I found it very interesting and wanted to share it with you guys! 

You see a bright light streak down from the sky and plummet downward to the west and you recognise it immediately.  It’s the light of Creation. 

Griffin keeps warning us not to expect too much from the mini arcs and on one hand I completely get it, I totally understand. But on the other hand I started this podcast listening to the entire three-hour episode of them figuring out how to play D&D, with absolutely no idea who they were before listening to that ep, and like… I know what this is gonna be, I know what I’m in for, it’s going to be this group trying to play a game while making jokes and honestly that is still completely what I signed up for. I am not going to be disappointed. I’m thrilled at the idea of a new adventure, even a small one.