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okay i had an image of this and I HAD TO MAKE IT HAPPEN SO this took me way too long lmfao

i dont think ive ever drawn something so perfectly encapsulating what i do on my blog lol

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Maybe could you do some more knight Bee? I know you did it a long time ago but it was really cool then and I think it'd be even cooler now. If you don't want to that's okay.


Taeyeon x Birthstones: Garnet

“Garnet’s virtues have been long believed to include passion, true friendship, fidelity, success, self-esteem, loyalty, devotion, energy, faith, consistency, and truth. The stone also sharpens your perception of yourself and other people. Long ago, garnets were claimed to help the wearer resist melancholy and warn off evil spirits, especially spirits of the night, which were referred to as demons and night phantoms.”

Ok but a s9/s10 mashup au where Last Christmas doesn’t happen and instead Twelve gets roped into the whole thing of watching over Missy in the vault, who gets very perturbed that the Doctor and Clara are no longer together (doing her best exasperated “what do you mean you gave away your pet, I found her especially for you, you big numpty, you can’t just go and dump my gifts on the street corner”) and you end up with a really fucking bizarre setup with Missy and Bill both trying to get Twelve back together with Clara.

Random thoughts about Barry’s identity after 4x10

I keep thinking about what would’ve happened if Barry hadn’t stopped Iris from saying he’s The Flash? Or hell, if Barry had come clean himself. 

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(I knew it wasn’t going to happen but I still wanted it to)

This is a question of continuing and endless fascination for me with some superheroes, and none more than The Flash, to be honest. I’ve been thinking about it ever since Zoom dragged Barry through the city and held him up to the CCPD and CCPN. He took Barry back to STAR Labs before peeling the mask back off his face, but I’ve always wondered what would’ve happened if Zoom had exposed him in one of the other venues.

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(this asshole, amirite?)

This question resurged for me big time with The Trial of The Flash. How would team Flash cope? How many people already know? Would it actually paint a target on their back, or would most villains and criminals stay the hell away from the West-Allen family and their friends? There’s only a small subset of people who want to take on The Flash anyway, and like half or more of them already know how to kidnap his friends, or to go after Iris (I mean, they should, she literally walked up to the robot ‘Samurai’ in 4x01 and asked to get taken - is there any chance that wasn’t televised?). 

And the connection to Vibe and Killer Frost would follow immediately after (though like, half the criminal underworld should know about Caitlin-as-Frost already???? And many should know about Cisco assuming Mark Mardon and Shawna and others made the very simple connection of “hey that’s clearly Cisco” when he became a public superhero). So how the CCPD doesn’t know these things (and haven’t connected them to Barry) is beyond me. 

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(I mean what if there were helicopter news cameras on them? Cisco, the cops all know you, they can recognize you even without publishing your face without the goggles on. That hair is too beautiful to mistake.)

But the point is that for anyone who doesn’t already know, it wouldn’t be too much to put together (the same way it already isn’t now), and realizing that poking The Flash also means poking these other metas? Poking an entire team who absolutely has their shit together and never loses? That has to be a stronger disincentive? Right?

But even if it’s not - like I said, so many of the villains that actually stand a chance against the heroes are already aware of the team’s identities and their respective weaknesses, so that excuse isn’t covering up much. And there are ways it could make them all safer, and the city safer: Barry wouldn’t have to make up excuses to speed off and wouldn’t lose precious time saving people, and the team could be more frank with the police about sharing information.

So the excuse that “we’ll be less safe” and “they’ll come after the people I love” has never held that much water for me (especially since villains have been coming after Barry’s loved ones since early S1, even when they didn’t know his identity).

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(I don’t think you’d have to run, Iris…)

I do think there are other, important reasons not to divulge their identities publicly, of course. For one, just the separation of ‘The Flash’ and ‘Barry Allen’ emotionally and socially. How can Barry go into work as a CSI to visit a crime scene he was at the night before as ‘The Flash’? The changes to his work life would be astronomical, just from a functional perspective, and just to avoid very basic conflicts of interest. He’d probably end up switching to a role not unlike Cisco’s when it comes to helping solve metahuman crimes.

But then there could also be legal tension. He’s established as an accepted and publicly recognized vigilante with the key to the city and a plaque (sp?) for bravery and valor, and a lot more. So I don’t think they’d try to incarcerate him for the vigilante justice thing or some of the other rules he’s bent, necessarily. But the accountability on him would probably increase, because they’d have a name and an office number and a phone number to track him down and ask questions of him. 

And even if they didn’t - even if he got the same amount of leeway as The Flash as he ever did, he would have to deal with people all around him knowing, commenting. He’d have to deal with their questions, their curiosity, them putting him on a pedestal, and even some of them reviling him (when he fails, when things go awry, when someone dies). He’d be an instant celebrity and likely wouldn’t be allowed to just live.

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(I mean, he’s already a celebrity, with a coffee and ‘Flash Day’ and??)

But then… would that even happen? One has to wonder. He’s a local hero for the most part. People would recognize him and wave, he’d get the occasional person who asks him for an autograph, calls him for a photo op, probably have to make a statement about how “no, I won’t pose for anyone’s calendar or promote anyone’s merch or even charity, I’m just the Flash, not a marketing tool even for a good cause, I’m sorry” because like, where do you draw the line, right? But maybe after an initial hubbub, the public interest would move on, as it often does.

I mean, there’s also the concern that if people know his name, whenever they have an issue they’d want him to solve it? But he’s already doing so much anyway, and just as many people would feel way too embarrassed to try to ask The Flash for help, too in awe of him. He’d likely have to work hard to keep his address and phone number private and Iris would too, but they’re already doing what they’re known for doing: stopping dangerous metas and/or criminals. And if anyone needed help with a problem like that, Team Flash would genuinely want to know anyway so???

So I guess… I’m just curious what would happen, and if it would really be all that bad. Any of these or none of these things could occur, it all feels possible. And it’s something the show writers will never explore (even if the comics writers did at one point, with Wally, and it seemed him and Central City were mostly fine about how things sorted out, just one or two villains made serious issues because of it, but that’s already par for the course on the show). But that’s part of what makes it so interesting to me.

(That and I’ve always been intensely invested in questions of identity and, with respect to superheroes, secret identities. I love storylines where secrets get revealed and so seldom do we get to see a hero’s identity revealed, especially to the public).

if they don’t make even a singular comment about the size difference between lotor and pidge in season 5 i’m deleting my blog

Today is the first day of 2018 where I’ve really felt my depression gnawing at the base of my skull, upsetting my stomach, filling my lungs. It’s snowing outside at the moment and typically the sight makes me smile, but today all I wish to do is cry into the barrage of flurries falling. My heart is heavy and my eyes are brimming with tears I refuse to let overflow.

Staying positive is pretty difficult when your chest feels as if it’s turned crater.


The south has officially betrayed me by having a legitimate quantity of snow dumped on it, thought I was escaping this weather 😟

All classes for today were cancelled as of last night but when I woke up there was zero snow outside…as you can tell that has changed

I was all geared up to go run earlier and when I stepped outside and realized how slushy and slippery it was I knew it wasn’t worth the risk of falling and hurting myself so I went back inside and did a yoga video- I never do yoga so it was good to change it up but I was definitely craving that adrenaline rush from running and I’ve felt kinda meh from being cooped up inside all day

I’m assuming classes will be cancelled tomorrow too and I’m definitely feeling anxious about the fact that the roads are bad so making it to the gym for treadmill running tomorrow (assuming its open) is going to be questionable but trying trying trying to remind myself that some things are beyond my control and having to switch things around because of weather is not worth beating myself up over

For now I’ll be here with my twinkly lights and ginger tea reading about feeding the world’s growing population ✌🏻

t'pring, newly divorced by virtue of a harrowing process that leaves her somewhat disgruntled with both the vulcan high council and starfleet, leaves new vulcan in pursuit of research opportunities and (not that she’d admit it) self-fulfillment. on a far distant planet, studying a particularly fascinating geologic record, she meets a recently resigned and similarly disillusioned christine chapel, with whom she strikes up an instant rapport.

christine isn’t a geologist, but her background in biochemistry allows her to provide some interesting insights whenever t'pring discusses her work; her intelligence and sharp wit make her uncommonly attractive, for a human. after a time, however, she does return to earth in pursuit of her medical doctorate, and t'pring logically expects this to be the end of their acquaintance.

(but christine, of course, is more than happy to wait weeks in between comm replies just to stay in touch with the clever and striking scientist she met on the outer edge of Federation space.)

it’s years before they meet again, christine recommissioned with the enterprise- thanks to dr. mccoy’s sincere request and captain kirk’s embarrassed apology- and t'pring one of a group of scientists being deployed to study the stability of a planet for potential colonization.

seeing spock is not nearly so uncomfortable- to borrow a human parlance- as t'pring had perhaps expected, and seeing christine is… a delight, to borrow another. they fall into old rhythms quite quickly, though this time it is t'pring who is largely at odd ends, listening intently to descriptions of christine’s work with little to share of her own for the moment.

t'pring’s research expedition is on the ship for one month and three days; christine kisses her after two weeks. she does it the vulcan way, her expression thoughtful and cheeks slightly reddened, and t'pring cannot claim to be surprised.

her answer when spock offers her a position aboard the ship, however–

well. starfleet, as it turns out, does have a few redeeming qualities.

Anyone have any tips for getting a queue set up/posting regularly? I want to have a constant flow of posts and not have such large gaps between posts but I struggle getting more than one done at a time, normally post it when I finish. ;-;

Any and all advice I appreciate! Thank ya!

“I love you.” Anthony whispers, the confession sending shivers straight down her spine that are at least as potent as those his kisses elicit, if not more so.

“I love you,” he says again, and this time it is his eyes that are filling with tears. His arms circle her tightly, pulling her to him. Lucy holds him close, tells him she loves him too, runs her fingers slowly through his hair, up and down his spine. She whispers her love between soft kisses to his cheek, his jaw, his neck, his shoulder, anywhere she is able to reach from her place in his arms.