i want to go in that cosplay sometime

remember how I said that I wanted to do free tarot readings in my raven cosplay? here’s an update on that: I plan on doing that sometime in October on Twitch c:


As a kid I always thought I was Belle, but I really wanted to be Crysta. Ferngully was the first movie to ever make me weep, and as a kid it emotionally wrecked me…. I would cry over my parents using paper(it was a problem). If you haven’t seen Ferngully, just go watch it. Seriously, it’s important. Anyway, I have wanted to dress up as Crysta for basically as long as I can remember but I was always waiting ‘for it to be perfect’, till I found the perfect wings, or lost a few more lbs… but sometimes you have to stop trying to be perfect and putting the things off that you want to do and just do them. ❤️✨

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Do you guys ever feel the "am I getting too old for cosplay" kind of thing? Being in the mid 20's range, more and more I see people my age dropping the hobby and just going to cons in casual clothes and sometimes I feel too old for everything that happens at cons. I'm not a frequent cosplayer either and only attend 2-3 cons at most a year (AN and whatever I can plan for, Canadian here) but any tips or advice for that stage in the hobby?

The average age of the Dangerous Ladies is 29.5 so… we feel you.

Here’s the thing:

By your mid-twenties, odds are you are settling into a career or have a better idea of what you’re doing with your life. You don’t have the free time of being in school (in the sense that a lot of people in school are spending as much time doing fandom stuff as they are studying) and while you may have a lot more disposable incoming virtue working full-time, you probably also have a lot more responsibilities and bills to pay. Your career may not allow an obvious public profile, especially not with some of the more salacious costume designs.

And you’re getting older physically, too. Suddenly characters that seemed worldly and mature to you as a teenager are now years younger than you. Every other anime has a cast of fourteen year olds, and the older characters are almost all grizzled old men. (Thank fuck for Overwatch, LawBreakers and other games with older ensemble casts!) Like many others, your body is probably changing; personally, I’ve never been happier with my body, but I also find myself pickier in what I adorn it with. 

And oh my god, keeping up with the teenagers and early-twenties at this age? I can’t change costume three times in one day, or have multiple new costumes for every convention, or impulse buy pre-made costumes. (When on earth would I even wear them, I wonder?) I just got off a multi-week crunch that culminated in a 82 hour work week, I don’t have the energy for a quick change.

And OH, god, the EXPERIENCE. If you’re thinking you’re getting old, you’ve probably been around for enough years to have developed some skills. You know what you’re capable of and how far you’ve come and want to go farther –– whipping out a shoddy costume sometimes isn’t enough anymore, you want to make something to the best of your ability. You know your stuff so your standards are higher, which slows you down even MORE.

Lots of people seem to see this change in lifestyle as an incompatibility with cosplay and drop out. Others struggle with having to cosplay differently –– maybe they don’t WANT to slow down even if the rest of their life (and potentially their body) is telling them it’s time. This is an age when you generally have to shift priorities around to make it work, and if you don’t want to change, dropping out seems better at times.

I feel we already let go of the madhouse, rapid-fire costume sprees years ago, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been growing pains. It’s been harder to get projects done as our responsibilities stack up in our personal lives. We’ve all felt read thin in some ways over the past few years, but we adapt!

So here are some tips:

  1. Use your years of experience to do fewer but more detailed pieces.
  2. See conventions as a time to spend with friends, not a time to be on the floor in something incredible at all times. I love balancing casual time with big costume time because it means I can spend quality time with friends in something comfortable and easy.
  3. Explore what cosplay actually means to you, and focus on that part.
  4. Assess what it means that people still want to spend time together. If people are going to conventions in regular outfits without cosplay just to hang out and see each other, then it means people in this community are forming friendships as people, not just because of a shared hobby. That matters! 
  5. Revitalize conventions for yourself by not going to crappy cons anymore. In Anime North’s case, I think lots of people drop out because Anime North is fucking stagnant. It’s easy to feel old when you’ve been going to a convention for ten years and nothing has changed and it’s not enjoyable anymore but you only go out of habit. Switch it up. Travel. Go to other conventions that do things a little differently; going to another place makes it feel fresh. 
  6. Be friendly with the younger folk. It makes me feel like a grandma sometimes, but spending time with people who are young and enthusiastic and still going hard can be kind of refreshing. They’re 
  7. When you hear someone aged 20 or 21 complaining about feeling too old for cosplay, have a good belly laugh and keep on doing your thing.
  8. Relearn tailoring for your own body. It’ll keep you on your toes and it’s good practice 👍

- Jenn

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I cosplay Killing Stalking and love it but it really shouldnt be cosplayed at con, a week ago I was ready too then had to hold my friend for 3 hours to calm them down from a panic attack after them just glancing at ks cosplayers. i dont think people should cosplay it at cons if it could completely ruin someone elses weekend

Sorry what happened with your friend anon, hope they’re feeling better and getting proper therapy.

But, I wholeheartedly disagree with you. People are allowed to cosplay whatever fictional character they want. 

Listen, I honestly think there’s a difference between an attendee and a cosplay attendee– now besides the obvious difference, hear me out;

A cosplayer works so, so fucking hard on their cosplay. Even basic, simple cosplays are a drag– I know this because I’ve cosplayed a simple character and it was still difficult to find the right clothing, the right makeup, and how to fix my hair up (Wigs are hella expensive, and I mean the good kind, holy crap)

Cosplays take a lot of determination, sweat and blood, and love to make, and once you’ve finished, you’re so proud and happy about what you finished and created! And now you get to wear your hard work to a convention, and get to be a part of the cosplay group and interact with others and hopefully take photos and make wonderful memories!

Now let’s say this is someone’s first convention going as a KS character– they’ve put a lot of work into the costumes, and are excited to go, they paid for their way into the convention and everything. 
This person has just invested money, sometimes a lot, into not just the costume, but also to go into the con, and maybe saved up to buy some nice merchandise. They invested a lot of money and time to going; normal attendees did not

I would be very, very upset, maybe even furious, if someone told me I could not cosplay a character, which I’ve worked hard on their costume, I’ve put a lot of time into looking just as I want too, and I also paid for the ticket in as is. I would feel hurt if a friend told me this. I would even be upset if I was excited and ready to start creating a cosplay for these characters, and a close friend of mine began freaking out and breaking down over the fact I’d be one of those cosplayers. I would respect their feelings, but I would also distance myself from that friend and probably take a family member or another friend who does not react that way to people cosplaying fictional characters.

Listen, as someone who has panic attacks and breakdowns from certain memories and songs, I understand the whole, “I’m gonna have a psychotic break down for three hours sorry guys.” I also understand this behavior is not okay, and many times have I even caused my own mother to go into a breakdown and become frightened of me, concerned for me and ready to physically drag me to a hospital, not because she thinks I’m crazy, but because she loves me and doesn’t want me to hurt myself, possibly kill myself.

But honestly, I think that was manipulative for your friend to have such a psychotic breakdown(3 Hours?) over these fictional characters– especially just at glancing at people cosplaying them, not even interacting with her.
I think she’s way too sensitive, and my suggestion is she shouldn’t even go to conventions until she goes to proper therapy and sorts this out. Her reaction was incredibly unhealthy, for her and those around her; what she did, my mother would have decided she is freaking out over, really nothing, and would of had her committed or hospitalized

I don’t care if a KS cosplayer ruined someone’s weekend; first of all you don’t even know them most of the time, they’re strangers, who also want to have a fun and happy weekend, make some new friends, get some cool stuff, take some awesome photos. Most of the time cosplayers don’t go and interact with others unless given the “Okay,” and wait for others to walk up to them. That’s usually how people function in public situations surrounded by strangers. 

So my advice is stay away from those cosplayers, they aren’t out to hunt you down, they actually don’t really care about your presence and are focused on making sure their cosplay stays together and enjoying the con. If their mere presence makes you panic and freak out, in public mind you, then I recommend leaving the convention all together. Do not confront the cosplayers, just leave.

They also paid to get into the convention just like you, so you really have no right to dictate who gets to go to cons and who doesn’t. Conventions are not the internet, you will be confronting a person face-to-face, and this can lead to real repercussions for how you or the cosplayer behave and act.

I say talk to your friend about this, and not guilt trip, but explain how having a panic attack over just looking at KS cosplayers is really unhealthy, and she need’s to have that taken care of.
Also, she shouldn’t be attending any conventions until this is sorted out, if she goes to a convention and behaves like this, and me just assuming how badly her panic attacks are to mine, she will possibly be escorted out or medics will go to her aid and also take her– many cosplayers will most likely not want to be around her for fear of even inciting this behavior if they learn it was just by seeing those cosplayers –not to mention, she will be shaming those KS cosplayers, just for being there. A lot of bad things could happen, so I think she shouldn’t go to any conventions til then. 

You and your friend are responsible for your own health and safety– do not pin this on others, nor should you have to baby your friend because she cannot handle the sight of people cosplaying Sangwoo and Bum. You may respect her feelings, you may be patient and kind about it, but do not allow her to manipulate and force you to do anything just for her– basically, don’t put everyone over your own happiness. 

Of course, this is your opinion, but do not go to people’s inboxes, especially cosplayers, and begin to tell them, dictate to them, on why they cannot cosplay KS characters because they have to be sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings– strangers feelings. 

Be there for your friend, but don’t enable this type of behavior. She needs proper treatment, and you should be able to talk to her about this and try to make her realize that what she did was not at all normal nor healthy for her. She needs to get to a point where she’s not projecting and combining fiction with reality– now that’s dangerous tambien. 
Also, if there are any signs of this relationship turning one-sided and toxic, I would bounce.

Nintendo Nerds~
Me and my nerdy Yoshi companion Red, @zerosden

A little gift the cheer you up ya dork!
But seriously though I love you my dude,I can’t stress this enough guys if you guys have someone who is your “special one”(I’m cheesy I know) who loves and cares for you,most times you both will get into arguments. But one thing that’s makes that bond between you two strong.

Is when you both can’t let go of each other,no matter the arguments, disagreements,or bad words. When a friend refuses to let you go and you do the same that says something.

That,this person if someone you should treasure and keep close to your heart, although you two may not know why you two are keeping each other close. But sometimes it’s good to not know because it just means a strong enough force and heart is keeping you guys together and it’s a force non of you guys can comprehend.

So today I want you guys to tell that special one/friend/brother/sister etc whatever you wanna call them,how much they mean to you for sticking by you for such a long time and for never letting you go just as you never did to them.

Spread the Love~

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Ok so a longggg time back, I said I would cosplay Leu and I may or may not have forgotten about it ahhh, but now I'm hoping to finally go through with it! I was wanting to know if there was any way you could give me suggestions on what he would wear or possible sketches of the outfits? I thought it would be a fun idea!! 💕💕

Omg I would explode with so many emotions if anyone cosplayed my ocs!! dsdfh I love u anonny. thank you for even thinking about it 💙💙

Here’s his old character sheet. That’s the outfit he usually wears, just a blue short sleeve button up, with dark blue/ navy blue shorts. (sometimes the shirt is tucked in sometimes its not) greyish long socks and brown boots. He’s often sporting a lot of colorful bandaids cause he’s clusmy.

He also wears a yellow raincoat during the cold days! 

And lastly I’m just adding this cause this is his new hairstyle. lot more messy wavy uneven bangs in the front. Instead of the clean swoop. 

Have fun! (and if you ever do cosplay him, i would so love to see it if you don’t mind! *sobs happily*)

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[answering all of the stars in one ask - I got 22 overall]

1.     I am a girl

2.     I am an animator

3.     My nickname/alias is Adge

4.     Sloths are my favorite animal

5.     I am bi

6.     I have too many asks in my inbox

7.     I have 13 tumblr blogs

8.     I am Italian

9.     My favorite color is mint green

10. I’m cold all the time I even wear winter pajamas in the summer

11. My favorite TV show outside of cartoons is Switched at Birth

12. I prefer Marvel over DC

13. My favorite pony race is Pegasus

14. I like to cosplay sometimes, though I’m not very good at it

15. I have 3 dogs

16. My dream job is to work as an animator for DHX Studios

17. Until I started this blog, I really really hated drawing humans

18. I’m the tallest of my sisters

19. I’m really happy with SSD, like, really really happy with it

20. I like red wine, but hate white wine

21. I want to go to Italy one day

22. I wear glasses

We Can Do Better

In light of recent events, I want to talk about how we should treat people online. Not all of you will listen, and I can’t do anything about that. But if this changes one person’s perspective, it is worth posting.

Life is hard. Work is a pain. School is draining. People can get on our nerves. Families bicker. The point is, we all deal with crap. Lots of crap. Sometimes we turn to friends to cheer us up. Sometimes music. If you’re reading this, perhaps your remedy is the internet: Tumblr, YouTube, etc. 

I make videos. I tweet, reblog, instagram, etc. I play games with friends. I watch videos. I read. We all have things we do that we enjoy, and things that we do to relax and get rid of the stresses of life. Some people cosplay, draw, write, and / or paint. Some people play D&D. Some people roleplay, which is NOT the same as impersonation. But we all, at the end of the day, just want to make it to tomorrow by making the best of today. 

We all lose people. Friends come and go, people pass away, hearts are broken. We don’t know what one another is going through at any given time. Sometimes we selfishly think that another person can’t possibly imagine the pain we are suffering. But we all suffer. And we all want to stop suffering. We all want to find that thing that makes us happy. And when we do, sometimes we want to share it with the world. 

It’s scary putting yourself out there. Standing up in front of a crowd hiding behind anonymous masks especially. I pour my heart out and get “Shut up Wade” or “You’ll never be as funny as X-person.” I deal with it. But honestly, I shouldn’t have to. And you all shouldn’t have to deal with hate either. Even when we poke fun in jest we sometimes pick a scab and cause pain. Sometimes jokes do sting a little. It happens. Drawing that line is sometimes hard. Mistakes are made.

But one thing that is never ok, and is nowhere close to that line, is pure hate. Messages like “Go Kill yourself” “Go Die” “You Are the Worst Person Ever” or “Stop trying to be something you’re not, loser” are never ok messages to send. If you joke with me about losing hair, it can be funny. I can laugh. I can also feel a bit of a sting. But I know it’s in good fun. But the pure hate messages are not ok. And I expect better of all of you. 

We are a community that has raised tons of money for charity. We are a community welcoming to all new members from all new backgrounds: young and old, rich and poor, black and white, and everything in between. All sexual orientations are welcome in this fanbase. Anybody who wants a smile is welcome. All I ask, is that you all respect each other and me enough to spread love and not hate. 

Those people who are different from you, you don’t know what they are going through. You don’t know what is happening in their life. If you don’t like that somebody drew fanart, is roleplaying, is different from you in some way, then bite your tongue and deal with it. We don’t have to agree with everyone all the time, but hating them for their differences is wrong. And attacking somebody online is not something I will ever advocate. I urge anyone who sent hate to somebody to go back and apologize. Think about what you are really doing. Are you 25 years old attacking a 10 year old who just lost a parent? Are you 12 attacking a 16 year old who’s heart was just broken? Are you berating somebody whose house just burned down? What good will come from that hate you are spreading? How about showing kindness instead? Try to understand those that are different. 

Life is hard. Life throws punches. We all feel them. We don’t need to throw anymore. Love one another. Embrace one another for what we all have in common. We are all part of the Minion Army here. We are all people who want to laugh. We are all people who feel the daily pains of life. Don’t we suffer enough? 

Please, love each other. Treat each other with kindness. Don’t attack people, regardless of what they are doing. If somebody does something wrong, try to kindly explain why it’s wrong. People steal fanart and repost it, people upload my videos as their own. But telling them to die is still not justified. And if I scold someone for doing something wrong, you don’t need to jump aboard and beat them down further. I do not want this community to attack anybody else. Let’s all learn from our mistakes and try to be a better person than we are today.

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Do you have an tips or references for pitching a cartoon to someone?

Yes!  I have one: Make sure your pitch isn’t a cutesy, delightful romp about suicide and murder.  For some reason people aren’t into that.  

ACTUALLY, no, to be completely honest, I would say

1.  Be confident and charasmatic, but not pushy.  If they’re not quite on the same page with you, try to rephrase what you’re saying rather than telling them that they don’t understand or they’re missing the point.  Also don’t seem unsure of yourself.  I made this mistake once because they asked me if the story had a title… I drew a blank and lost my train of thought, not because the story didn’t have a title, but because it only had a WORKING title, and the working title was “GAYLIENS”, which I couldn’t bring myself to say out loud to people who I wanted to take me seriously.  

2.  Have decent enough people skills to pick up on their mood and use that to your advantage.  I’ve only done two pitches and the one that went WELL was the one where I could tell the producers were tired and in a bad mood from all of the pitches they’d heard before me, so I made it my goal to make their day. The pitch ultimately didn’t lead anywhere (long story, they were pretty much all live action producers and didn’t know shit about animation), but everyone in the room approached me later on and personally thanked me for ending their day on a good note.  

3.  Sometimes your pitch isn’t going to go well, and it’s not going to be your fault.  I pitched to Frederator once and one of the problems they told me was that my storyboards “looked TOO nice”.  They also told me they were looking for character designs that people would love so much they’d want to cosplay as—I didn’t bother to tell them that I have 10,000 followers, many of whom actually HAVE cosplayed my characters.  (whATEVER, I’m super bitter about my Frederator pitch, that’s a whole nother story).  Some people are looking for something really specific, some people are looking for something maleable that they can morph into what they want, some people are just plain assholes who want to play gatekeeper just ‘cause they can.  Don’t let that get you down.  

I’ve never had a successful pitch, so I really can’t say, but this is what I’ve noticed based on my personal experience so far.  

Here is also a page of notes I took about the DO’s and DON’Ts of pitching.

Plenty of people have written books and articles on this stuff, and I’m sure there’s way more information out there, and way better information than what I can provide.  Good luck!

Anime Expo Tips!!!

Hello everyone!
It’s 1 week to AX, and I just wanted to give everyone some helpful tips! I’ve been going regularly to AX since 2011, and since then I’ve complied a list of things that can be super helpful!!! (Sorry that it is so long!!!)

~-Day 0 Tips-~

Day zero is honestly a must in my book (if you are able to, of course).
Basically, it’s a day you go to just to pick up your badge (I think there are some small panels and such as well on those days, but usually it’s just a day spent waiting in line and spent hanging around the area)
This year there is also Day -1 on Thursday when you can also pick up your badge I think, so honestly if you can go either day to pick up your badge, you really should!
So for some tips for the day(s) I suggest

-dress comfortably, the lines will be outside and the wait can be long at points
-wear sunscreen, especially if you are fairer skinned, the sun is a deadly laser
-bring lots of water bottles
-bring snacks!
-go with other people if you can! Make the day fun!
-if you need to get out of line to walk around if you don’t like standing, there are a few places within walking distance (there is a Starbucks near the Ritz Carlton that I always go to) so have a friend save your place and go!
-bring your 3DS or something! It’s always a good idea to have something to keep you busy!
-don’t be afraid to talk to people! The lines are a great place to make new friends!

~-General AX Tips-~

Anime Expo is a very big con and it can be very overwhelming at times, but remember that we are all just a bunch of nerds getting together to enjoy what we love! So as long as you have a good time, the con is a success!!
-Be flexible with scheduling. Sometimes a panel isn’t going to start or end when it says, or you might not make the panel you want to go to. Just go with the flow and you’ll have a better time!
-line up early for panels! If you want to go to a panel you know will be crowded, get there 1 hr+ early!
-keep cool! The AC at the convention center works really really well, but some cosplay meet ups and lines and other things are outside. Luckily the weather app says it will be within the high 70s over the weekend (which is rare, as the last couple years have been almost unbearably hot) but always drink tons of water, and I also recommend bringing a small handheld fan or something of the like
-Bring snacks!!! Food in and around the convention center can be expensive, and sometimes you and your friends will get so caught up in the excitement of everything that you’ll forget to eat! That’s why snacks are so important, to make sure that you at least have something in your system
-Eat breakfast! This might seem weird but honestly having a good breakfast in the morning is super important when you’re planning on running around all day. I’m a con-muter so I drive to the convention center with friends, and usually we either stop at a jack in the box, bakers, or Starbucks on the way, just to make sure our stomachs are nice and prepared for the day ahead!
-Get some sleep! I know it’s hard when you want to go to all sorts of events and panels and everything, but it’s not going to be fun if you’re walking around like a zombie! If you have a hotel room or have a friend who would let you sleep in a room of theirs, go take a nap. Or go into one of the programming rooms where they are showing an anime and sleep in the nice dark room. Usually what I do though is just rest a bit on the floor of one of the larger areas where everyone sits and just take a small power nap if I need.
-know the layout of the center. If it’s your first time going to AX, take some time to get acquainted with where everything is! Look at the maps online, look around when you get there! The convention center is pretty big, but I’m sure you’ll figure out where everything is in no time!
-have a meeting spot! With almost everyone having cell phones, most of the time if you lose your friends you can always just text them, but in case something happens (a phone dies, gets lost, etc) you should always set up an easy to find meeting spot!
-bring chargers! This one is super important. If you are like me, you take tons of photographs of cosplayers on your phone and live blog your days at cons, and likely you’ll run down your battery quick! So make sure you bring a charger for anything you bring with you!!!
-REMEMBER TO ASK BEFORE TAKING PHOTOS OF COSPLAYERS! This is in caps because it is very very important.

~-Cosplayer Tips-~

As a cosplayer myself, I like to make sure that my fellow cosplayers have a fun Convention experience!!

-bring extra clothes! This might sound like a no-brainer, but I failed to do this last year and had multiple cosplay malfunctions happen….. so extra clothes in the case of emergency is super important
-bring a cosplay repair kit! In recent years, the cosplay repair station has really stepped up its game in what it provides for cosplayers, but I still recommend bringing your own pack of things, just in case! My pack usually includes:
•hot glue gun
•needle and thread
•cosplay-specific items (spirit gum, latex,etc)
-know when and where gatherings are! The gathering locations are listed on the website, as well as the times! Make sure you check in advance so you have time to get to where you are going
-go early if you have a prop to peace bond! The peacebonding stations are usually near the entrances and they tend to be kinda crowded in the mornings (especially on day 1) if you have any sort of prop weapons you have to get the peacebonded! (I think the peacebonding stations are open on day 0 as well, so if you want to get some of those out of the way that is also an option)
-try not to stand in high traffic areas for photos! This means:
•in the middle of the hallways (off to the side is good, and the hallways at the LACC are really wide so there is room to take pictures on the sides and people can still walk)
•inside booths in the exhibit hall (unless there is a specific photo op station)
•in the aisles of artist alley (this is a major one, those get super crowded!!!)

So this is all for my tips! I’m sorry that it is so long! If I missed any, feel free to add your own tips! Remember to have fun and stay safe at AX! This year is going to be a great one!
And if you see me feel free to say hi, I might have treats to give out!!!!

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I really want to go as a paladin of voltron for Halloween but I don't know how to make the armour and my mum says that I have to buy the stuff myself. I'm not really expecting any advice or anything like that I'm just venting.

Hmm…I don’t know too much about cosplay, but I do know it can be a bit pricey sometimes. Maybe there’s like a fabric that is inexpensive you can use? Kinda like the foam paper you use for crafts? Or you could do a modern cosplay of one the Voltron characters! Give them maybe a modern unique twist so you are able to use clothes you may already have? Like ghost/alien hunter Pidge, X Files host Keith, lifeguard Lance, etc. Maybe you could do something like that and save you a bit of money? Whatever you chose, I wish you the best of luck and I know it’ll be amazing! 🖤

anonymous asked:

I want to cosplay yoonbum really badly, but I don't really have the body type for it.

Anon, you should never have to feel that way. If you want to cosplay Yoon Bum, then you go for it, regardless of your body type or how you look. If anyone gives you shit for cosplaying a character you don’t look similar to, then fuck them. No one’s going to perfectly look like a 2D character.

This goes out to anyone: don’t let your physical appearance get in the way of having a good time and cosplaying.

anonymous asked:

that ask about contouring with blue facepaint for a lapis cosplay reminded me i wanted to ask about this: how would you contour white facepaint? like for a pearl cosplay? whatever i did when i tried didn't quite work against the plain white

Hello there!

There’s two ways to go about contouring with white facepaint. One is to use grey, and the other is to use a greyed-out version of a color.

I usually use grey eyeshadow and sometimes a small amount of color (such as a tiny bit of green for Kanaya from Homestuck). This gives a much more neutral look. If you wanted to suggest undertones to the white, you can use a color, but I’d recommend a greyed-out version rather than a saturated version so that it looks more like a natural shadow than like makeup. For highlighting, I use a white pearlescent shimmer powder. You can’t make white lighter, but you can make it reflect light a bit more.

If using a creme paint, you can gradually mix your dark colors with your white to create contouring colors. If using a water-activated paint, you’ll have to blend powder on top.

As for technique, white is already one of the hardest body paint colors to get smooth and solid, and contouring on it is even harder. You need to use a very light touch and build up layers of a very light contouring color rather than going straight to a darker color and hoping to blend it like you can with your natural skin tone and foundation, since body paint likes to grab onto the color more, and it’s easier to disturb the paint underneath when attempting to blend. Starting off very light is key here – you don’t want to look like you have dark grey areas on your face, but rather add the suggestion of light and shade. Practice is key!

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

theawesomepotato1  asked:

Hey i'm planning on doing a croix cosplay soon and I was wondering if you might have any helpful advice as i'm relatively new in cosplaying

Cosplay is an art. It take lots of practice just like art. When you start to cosplay, you will be surprised with this ‘new’ look to your face. “Ive never had purple hair” or “I dont normally wear eyeliner and ect.” Cosplay depending how far your willing to go, will change your appearance massively and you will have to take lots of time to play with it and figuring out how you want to present this character. If you keep getting into this character over and over, try new thing, and watch tutorials(they help sometimes but does help get your brain moving towards the creative routine with makeup or sewing!) You will improve and be the best Croix you want to be! For more additional help, for things on wig styling, makeup, and ect. Feel free to dm me anytime!

The pictures i provided are me at my first con 5 years ago being Hatsune Miku, and the second one is Me again as the same character from the song rolling girl that i did back in march. Miku is the best character I could show my improvement, she’s who I cosplay the most and strive to be the best I can be. 

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Hey! Your RP's are beautiful but I was just wondering if you ever get self conscious because characters are supposed to physically look a certain way? It happens to me every time I cosplay to a con :( Love you!

((OOC: Y E S. My physical appearance is something that I am constantly working on sometimes not in the healthiest of ways  and i tend to hit the gym a lot harder when I’m about to go to a con… especially when I’m cosplaying a bloody olympic athlete *Long suffering sigh* 

But that being said cosplay is for everyone and my advice will always be that you should cosplay whoever you want because It’s all down you your own interpretation of the character… even if sometimes that isn’t the advice I follow myself.)) 

I can’t take good selfies so just have this mirror thing from my instagram story! 😅

Ok, so, hey! My name is Lena, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Germany! 😊
I’m not new to penpalling but I took a break from it/got out of it for a while and lost contact to most of my penpals… so now I’m looking for some new penpals!! (I’ll also write to some old ones just not sure if they still want to reply 🙈).

As you can see I babble way too much and I can’t really be brief… I’d love to write long letters and/or pretty ones full of art, pictures, poems (if you write them, I don’t, only stories), cute gifts/stationery, sweets, receipts, … 😊✨
If you’re not keen on all that artsy stuff that’s fine with me as well, the content matters after all! I don’t really have a “perfect penpal”. Of course it’s always nice to have similar interests but why not get to know someone really opposite of you? Just contact me if you’re interested, I’ll continue with some info about me so you have an idea of who I am! 🌻

I speak English and German (and Latin but you can’t really speak that) and I’d love to help people with their German! We could also skype for that or so that I could practice speaking English 😅 but I’d have to get reaaally comfortable with you for that^^’ One day I also want to learn Spanish… but that’s not gonna happen due to my procrastination skills 😂
I love travelling and I’ve been to some cool countries actually I’m proud of that haha but my list is still going on!! ✈
In general I like going out into nature! Other hobbies are reading, drawing, writing sometimes, the occasional watching tv series/movies and sometimes even anime (not really into anime anymore but who knows). I also used to cosplay, might get back into it and I enjoy all kinds of creative hobbies 😊I also love photography and I’d be happy to send you some pictures and also receive some from you (also postcards! ♥) 📷
Music is a pretty big part of my life too! My favorite band is probably Red Hot Chili Peppers ♥ I recently discovered Kaleo, I’m listening to Seether a lot atm, I enjoy some songs by Die Antwoord and I’ve been long fascinated by Rammstein… soo my taste in music is all over the place and I’d love to get recommendations from you! 😊
I’m vegetarian trying to go vegan 🌱 it would be cool to swap receipts with other veggies but not a must!!
I also love cats 🐱

Ok, ok, I’ll stop here or else I won’t have anything to write in my letters! 😅I don’t care about your gender, age, religion, race, sexuality (I’m more gay than bi but definitely somewhere on the LGBT+ spectrum 🌈) etc.
I just want to get to know some of you and finally write letters again!! ✉✨

Contact me 😊

e-mail: lenagloeckner @ gmx . detumblr: drop-in-an-ocean.tumblr.com
instagram: _ifseascatchfire_


it’s more likely than you think! sort of! it’s mostly not false advertising BECAUSE james will be at PAX Australia (27-29 oct.)! are you going to be there? do you want james to draw a kevin on your t-shirt/paper you might have/body/soul? then come find him! he’ll even be loitering outside at times if you can’t afford to be at the event but can afford to get to the melbourne convention center! 

not going to be at the event but going to be in melbourne? james is also gonna be in the city starting from the 24th so hit him up on his personal @handsomejackass to organize a meeting to get your custom drawn kevin and a friendly hello! but he’ll be Pretty Darn Busy so get in quick for your Kustom Kevin

notes: james will be in cosplay. he’ll look something like this 

notes 2: i wrote this in third person and it felt weird and bad, i don’t want to do that again

notes 3: i’m the only person not an artist, i just write things and do the crayon drawings you see here sometimes but writing out a custom nebula or comic script on your body would take longer so like. you get a james kev