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Tomorrow’s Promise - Lonbin 2


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I think the real problem between Robin and Lon’qu is that both is neither acting true to their feelings. Robin is too passive while Lon’qu tries to avoid it. So having Tharja, who’s actually very insightful and loves Robin (male or female), to help Robin over come her hesitation is very important.

Although honestly, I feel like the only reason Tharja is doing this is because she doesn’t want to see Robin sad. 

And thing are going to pick up from here~ *wiggle eye brows*  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b

  • [Hyung line upon seeing Jimin crying]
  • Seokjin: What's wrong, Jimin? Why are you crying? What happened?
  • Namjoon: Do you need someone to talk to? I'll be here to listen.
  • Hoseok: Are you okay? Did someone make you cry? Who is it? I'll go talk to them if you want me to.

Submitted by: @alphalionheart

For the people saying that Lapis will leave the CGs to their own luck… See this frame right here? This bit is shown right after the shoulder squeeze thing and Lapis’  "I won’t get caught in another war" speech. I’m pretty sure both scenes are not actually consecutive at all, given that I highly doubt Lapis would go from being all gloomy and wanting to leave to suddenly using her powers for seemingly no reason, and with a smile on her face no less. But that being said… Just why in the fucking hell would she be smiling while using her powers if she’s all conflicted about not wanting to fight and about to leave forever? Naaaaah, son, she’s definitely staying and helping. Sure she might leave for a while, but she’s definitely saying “fuck it” and coming back to her green wife and beach summer fun buddy no too long after. Aaaaand somewhat joyfully too, dare I say, judging by that cocky smile of hers. Looks like she’s finally overcoming her traumas and realizing that home is where the heart is, eh?


Paperchildren set number three ~ and finally featuring a bit of gafou, ah :D As I’ve already said, I’m following a chronological order, so the sooner you asked, the sooner you’ll see yours!

Ok, here we go: LeFou for @magicalwolfgirllupus, Gaston for @corvus666golgotha, LeFou for @galaxcyboy, Tadashi Hamada for @marythacake, OC for @myagletismissing, Alois Trancy for @murphytheduck, chibiself for @nekopatoridesu, Quark for @ferengifangirl and Legolas for @gastonsbiceps! I do hope you like them >//<

If you want your paperchild with no background/border/signature/whatever or with a bigger size, feel free to contact me :) Thank you!

Brother reacts to: BMC song titles

(So along with reacting to the characters, I made him react to the song titles without context and see what story he came up with. Why? Boredom, but it was fun. Some songs are missing on the list: because he listened to it or didn’t want to give thoughts. Anyway, here we go).

More Than Survive: Everyone singing about wanting to survive high school and life. Just the biography of teens in the form of song..

I love play rehearsal: Chloe’s song to Christine. Notices that she likes plays and stuff, so she tries to wow her.

Do you wanna ride?: Jenna flirts with Jeremy and tries to get him to go with her on a date. And success it works.

A guy that I’d kinda be into: Michael’s first solo. He sings about his boy Jeremy in a homo way.

Upgrade: Chloe successfully gets with Christine. Getting out of the friend zone is the upgrade.

Halloween: Halloween party with people either drinking or doing the do.

Do you wanna hang?: Everyone’s singing about doing the do. That’s it.

Michael in the bathroom: Michael had no date or a relationship so he’s lonely. Sad song. Rollercoaster of emotions that’ll probably make people cry.

The Smartphone Hour: Michael sad song part 2. He’s trying to text his boy on a phone for an hour, but he gets no response. Very sad.

The Pitiful Children: Everyone probably hated the party, and the doing the do wasn’t that good so everyone’s now miserable.

The Pants Song: Jeremy feels bad for the way he treated Michael, so he takes him to Walmart to buy him a new pair of pants.

(You..haven’t mentioned Rich and Jake for awhile.)

They’re just side, side characters and were created to fit the requirements of a musical cast.


Fine, okay. So Rich and that tall guy are also at Walmart in the background making seductive eye contact.

The play: A musical within a musical. Musical ception.

Voices in my head: No resolution! Everyone is full of regret.

(You need to resolve it)

Okay fine. So..Jeremy and Jenna breaks things off and Michael gets with his boy.

Rich and Jake did something illegal at Walmart and are now on the run. Moved to Cincinnati, Ohio probably. Chloe and Christine are happily together. They kiss and that’s the end of the show.

Bonus: Yay! Now we’re done.

(But where’s Brooke..?)

She died.


Somewhere in the middle. Died and you didn’t notice because she’s that forgettable. How she died is unknown. 

And that’s the beginning of Riverdale.

Stop and Go

Wearing a nervous smile
I sit at the bus stop
Watching the clouds change shape
Waiting for you

My hands are sticky with cotton candy
My jeans faded and torn
I have letters in my bag from years ago
Signed ‘all my love’
I wonder now where did it all go?

I keep failing at fighting
The urge to check my phone
Praying somehow I’m reading the time wrong
My bottom lip trembles
Despite me telling myself
You could still show

It’s getting dark now and I have to leave soon
I know our last conversation wasn’t the best
But I didn’t expect you’d let me go without a goodbye
5 more minutes, I tell myself

Where are you?
The bus will be here shortly
And I can leave without
Seeing you again if I have to
But it would be the biggest lie
To claim I want to, that I’m not
Hoping you prove my doubts wrong

And so the bus comes and goes
I stay right here but you don’t show
It’s a new day now but at least I know
From now on there is no more looking for you or hope

Collaboration by me and the wonderful @creatingnikki

Because y’all said YES TO THE LIST! here ya go!!!

If you want to leave asks or requests, send them over here x :3

DISCLAIMER: All LeviHan fics are AMAZING guys! There fics are just my recommendations and personal favorites and they are NOT ranked or ordered I swear! I am also running out of fics to read to please send me more :P

The story is about Hanji who falls in love with dancing first, after seeing Levi on a street performance. The unique part is that she wants to be the lead instead of the follow which defies gender traditions in the dance community. It also has a unique take when I said dance, because its ballroom instead of hiphop or modern. This personally had me wanting to take ballroom dance classes lol.

It is about Hanji, who is a prostitute in dire need of money for her sister’s child, Eren, and Levi, a rich business man whose family wanted him to marry his own cousin, Mikasa. Has EreMika as well and a really interesting fic due to its quirks and sassy lines. It is not yet completed, but it is a really good fic specially that its actually more of fluff than nsfw. I really hope that the author updates soon.

If you are into LeviHan, Mythical creatures and magic, plus a little touch of detective work, then this is the fic for you. It shows Levi who encounters a mysterious case during his job as a cop. He then seeks the help of Hanji and Eren who show him the different dimensions or planes of the universe. Really funny and descriptive, its like getting high with your imagination seriously, no joke.

Although filled with graphic violence and death, it shows that every human has a flaw and there is a reason for everything they do, the part I like most about this fic, aside from the thrill it brings. Levi and Hanji are two hired hitmen who were tasked to kidnap Eren for a code. The fic explores their pasts and the character development is a 10/10. Plus it has a dog in the fic.

Like the previous fic, I like this one because of Character development. Due to a hard past during his time in the military and even childhood, Levi is referred to Hanji for psychological treatment by Erwin, after he was relieved off the army due to injury. Knowing no one else in the city, Levi asks Hanji to pretend to be his wife when his grand parents visit, while Hanji finally gets to handle his case effectively as he opens up more and more each day.

Like the psychiatrist, Hanji, this time around, asks Levi, her best friend, to be her pretend boyfriend in exchange for a trip to Paris. This is because her mother was getting married for the second time around and she thinks that her daughter has a boy friend. I love it how this fic is about adventure and fixing your own mishaps instead of running away from them. Also, this is a great fluff for the night if you want to have good dreams.

This is about Levi and Hanji having a one night stand after Levi’s drunken state due to his loss. A slowly developing fic about how to love a person, and distinguishing love from a sense of family. A really great fic if you yourself is confused about your emotions. It gives out the best advice about learning to love in my opinion.

A story about young Hanji and Levi, trying to fend off for themselves, and their young siblings. It is about trust, family love, acceptance and care. Also about effective home planning and deal making if you are looking for something like that. Also accentuates that Levi and Hanji are different, but similar at the same time.

When Erwin moves out of the country fro a new job, Levi looks for another roommate which comes in the name of Hanji Zoe. Also a slow building fic and fluff but very nice! Updates frequently too! Deals with acceptance, adjusting to each other’s differences and similarities, and learning to love. Really quirky and funny too! Plus it involves so many snk characters it feels like it could stand on a whole new anime/ manga on its own.

A fic that just started, and its actually locked for now?? But a really good one too. Despite the short progress, it is about mermaid Hanji who is fascinated about humans and eventually washes up on the shore after a storm. Features really funny moments, and not set in a nudist beach. I really hope the author updates sooner or later because its really a fic worth the wait.

A secret agent fic wherein Hanji and Levi needed to stop the Titans from launching nuclear missiles into the atmosphere. It is really descriptive, therefore, my imagination almost tells me to become a secret agent as well, because the gear and scenes are cool hell yeah! The incorporation of all other characters are FLAWLESS! This can actually stand as another anime/ manga on its own like Challenge Accepted.

This is about Hanji, moving in as Levi’s neighbor. Another slow paced fic, modern au take, but the intriguing thing is, it like breaks the time loop and mentions the SNK scenes from time to time, like there is something deeper bound to happen in the fic. But currently, on the last update, it was about their family which mean, fluff! But it also has a great outtake on friendship and family since the development there is really strong! Talks about forgiveness and love which I really love.

It is about a noble Hanji, leaving her mansion after her father arranged her marriage to another noble man. She meets mercenaries, Levi, Farlan and Isabel after an accident during her travel and stays with them for the time being. The twists so far in the last updates break my heart. Not becacuse the fic is bad, but its actually so well written I’m crying because my emotions are over flowing. NSFW but is reeally HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you want major feels.

A Modern AU wherein Levi is sentenced for community service after assaulting a minor (it has a reason guys, not just anything ridiculous its nice actually). He is then deployed to help at an orphanage in which Hanji manages. What I love about this is we get to see Levi being a softy with kids, government flaws revealed such as the system for child custody and the flow of rape cases in the court, JeanMarco, and of course, LeviHan!

Review: A story about Hanji being a gift to Levi which came along his brand new house. Its actually more than just a funny fic as it has a thrilling part wherein Hanji is actually the daughter of the man who built the gear we all know. Of course she is now persecuted as she is only the one who knew how to make it after her father’s death ad it is Levi’s duty to make her safe. With a touch of badass Hanji as she shows that she can defend herself.

Everyone goes to extreme attempts to keep Damien innocent

*Steph stubs her toe* “MOTHER FFFFIDDLESTICKS!

“Mother fiddlesticks?”

“Yep, mmhmm, that’s what I meant to say mother fiddlesticks”

*Dick and Jason talking about a date that went really well*

“Yeah and then she said want to go back to my place and we both know what that mean’s so I said hell yeah and then…”

*Damian walks in*

“I was looking for Grayson, but continue your story. What happened next?”

“And then weeeeeee….watched movies all night. Yep, she had really good movie options and we binged them all.”

“What movies where they?”

“What what what movies where they? It doesn’t really matter, you said you were here for Dick?”


“Yes Damian?”

“What does riding mean?”

“Um…well you see…wait where did you hear it?”

“I heard Duke discussing it but then he went quiet when I came in the room so I figured I’d ask you.”

“Well riding is when you climb on an animal or sometimes a person and use them for transportation instead of a car or your own feet.”

“That didn’t sound like what he was talking about but I trust you father…”

So, I found some quotes from the next two episodes. They’re from DragonglassBenjen (freefolk, reddit). I’m not sure if they’re real or not but they seem legit.

I’m going to post them after the cut if you want to see them, so everyone who doesn’t want to see them won’t be (potentially) spoiled.

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pacabag  asked:

Just wanted to say that it's awesome to see Steamflogger Boss is finally getting the Xs and Os he's been after for over a decade now! At first I was a little sad that Riggers are going to be an Unstable thing, but after reading your plans for them, I can't wait to see the result. I'd much prefer to see the intended "best execution" of Riggers in a silver border than a toned-down version in a black border. Here's hoping they're received well!

I don’t believe I could do Contraptions better than we’ve done them in Unstable.

HAH so uh. i’ve been going through yet another artistic identity crisis (or just in general) and felt i wanted to go with more of a style that’s somewhat toony but also has a robust sense of structure to it, which i felt my cartoony style lacked since i feel i’m not strong enough with fundamentals to exaggerate yet.

those first sketches are but a handful of the many iterations of tiny details shifted here n there, just trying to perfect this sweet radio man! you get to see how sloppy my sketches are, and why it takes me so long to just draw One character, nvm a whole lot of them hahaha;;;

still though, i think after doodling so much i’ve settled in a design! maybe a minor change in the grand scheme of things but i’m rather happy and just need to stop myself from continuing to nitpick any further for now haha

anonymous asked:

idk if you've talked about this already, but what are your thoughts on shaladin ships? your description says no ship hate but like.... beyond that?

Hey, anon! Thanks for the ask!

So, in regards to Shaladin ships, I don’t personally ship them because I see Shiro as more of their mentor/brother/space dad. Especially Keith and Shiro’s relationship.

BUT. Even though I don’t agree with/prefer Shaladin shipping, like, I don’t care what people ship. You’re free to ship whatever you want, in my opinion! It’s fictional and it’s fun. So there isn’t any anti-anything found on my blog, and there also aren’t any ships found on here other than Klance and Shallura since that’s just my preference.

And I certainly don’t go around harassing people about their ships, because that’s just hurtful and completely unnecessary. That’s not welcome here. 👌🏻

It’s mature to just scroll past something you don’t like or block ship tags or whatever you don’t want to see, and carry on your way. It’s not like sending hateful messages to people is going to eradicate all fanart you don’t agree with or something. Lmao.

I reblog general Voltron art, fanfiction, theories and metas, Klance, and Shallura. And shitposting. There’s some shitposting. Lmao.

Hopefully that answers your question!


Diego: “YOU! Why are you laughing at us, boy? This is serious! This girl is a threat to our way of life! She lives here and insults our ways, spends her time reading our lore and plots to find ways to take us down!”

Hiran: “I don’t see that as a bad thing! You guys prey on the innocent and this has been going on for too long now! I didn’t want to become a vampire and you turned me against my will. I personally hope that she does find some way to alter your way of life!”

Destiny: “Hiran, I would watch -”

Diego: “How dare you, boy?! Destiny and I took pity on your disgusting existing and gave you the opportunity to be something better. You have never once shown any gratitude or capabilities like your siblings!”

Hiran: “How many times do I have to say it? You’re not my family! I never wanted to be like this!”

let me just throw this out here…because i’m seeing a lot of bullshit going on via the world wide web, and as much as it shouldn’t piss me off…it is. for those crazy people who seem to think that a FICTIONAL ship has any leg to stand on when it comes to an actors actual love life….no. get a damn grip. clexa isn’t real. eliza and alycia are FRIENDS. it was a FICTIONAL SHIP. if she wants to date daniel sharman, or if she doesn’t…THAT.IS.NOT.YOUR.BUSINESS. you should NOT be sending daniel hate because your ship (that wasn’t even REAL) wasn’t canon. how delusinal do you have to be to actually think that you, a common ‘fan’ have any right to dictate who someone dates or doesn’t date? like, slow your role. also, with the people blaming jeffrey dean morgan for the low ratings of the walking dead; read the material the show is actually based off of before you get pissy about what’s gonna happen. saves yourself a lot of time and several wrinkles if you do that. negan was always gonna be part of the walking dead, negan is a MAJOR player in the comic so it’s only logical he will be on the show. either enjoy it for what it is and support all of their hard work, or simply move on. it isn’t that deep.


Soo I’ve never done anything like this before so we’ll see what happens 😁.
I’m Sophie and I’m from Bristol (and yes the accent is weird I know). I’m 17, 18 in October woo!🎉 and I really want to meet others from the UK on here😊. I’m pretty quick with replying so if you’re a dope ass person and wanna hmu then go for it. 👍
Also I’m happier than I look in most of these photos lmao, I’m a fun gal I promise😂

a note: the one-dread vs. supergross

I’ve been seeing a lot of people saying that these two events (you all know what I mean) are comparable; some have even said that what happened with Supergirl was worse. Long story short, I don’t agree with that. If you do, that’s fine, and you’re allowed to. I just want to let you know why I don’t.

Let’s start with how they were similar:

1. Both events are related to the CW.
2. Both pissed off a large portion of fans, in particular wlw fans.
3. Both are symptoms of a larger issue.*

In my opinion, that’s all they have in common.

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Ky + Disney World: a magical journey or whatever?

someone requested fewer posts so y’all get one giant summary of my trip. mmmyup. gonna be image heavy as FUCK. sorry ‘bout that. we’ll go park-by-park, i’ll try to be as brief as possible! click the cut for the deets and junk!

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(tumblr is stupid. my video isn’t even as long as half of the other things on here lmao.) here is my Accent Challenge that @whothehellisbella tagged me to do AND you get to see the real mess that i am.

i won’t tag anyone, but if you want to do it please do so!

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Originally posted by sefuns

Pairing: Baekhyun x OC (Crystal)

Genre: Fluff, angst, smut, this series will have it all. Idol AU

Word Count:  2,172

Note: (ONCE AGAIN: Moving from my old blog to here, so if this is familiar to you, you’ve probably read it before) Basically, this was just a short and sweet little story I put together just to see if I could do it. So I apologize in advance if it’s crap lol. Also, I know it’s the usual thing to put “Y/N” instead of giving the character a name, but from the view point it just sounded better. Just envision your own name if you want lol.

The EXO fan meet was a huge success. One of the largest they’d ever had. There were thousands of people here, all screaming and crying and happy to see them. It had already been going on for a couple of hours. Baekhyun was bored. He was hungry. He was tired. However, he knew that the fans were more important than all of that, so he did his very best to paste the sunniest smile he could manage and hoped if he focused hard enough the thoughts of a giant pizza all to himself would go away.

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