i want to go back to s3 tbh

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Hey, so I wanted to get back into The 100 since the time jump and your fics got me excited, but I gave up just a couple eps into season 2. Would I be missing a lot if I just skipped straight to season 3? Or any other suggestion on how to go about it? Thanks!

Season two is way more worthwhile to watch than season three tbh. So while you can skip to S3, if S2 wasn’t doing it for you I’d not convinced S3 would.

Here’s my quick guide to episodes to watch:

S2: All

S3: 301, 302, 311-316

S4: 401-403, 406, 407, 410-413

but really follow your heart who cares about context just pick up S5 when it starts nbd

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Whilst I love Charlie and Liza being together - bonk shouldn't happen. They've never had that romantic thing going on and there were no signs of it in the last half of s3. I reckon flaurel will be back together, and as much as people don't agree I want Bonnalise to be end game (or atleast find happiness elsewhere).

yeah i mean, i really don’t see it happening tbh? them sleeping together was more of a two lonely people seeking comfort spur of the moment kind of thing and they’re way more brother-sister. if they were gonna take it that direction i don’t think they would’ve had frank ditch bonnie after boning her; they would’ve actually had them run away together. they wouldn’t have had bonnie say that bit about him only caring about laurel when he asked about everyone either

they didn’t get hinted at beyond ep 5 as far as i remember, and now with this whole charlie-liza thing being public i think pete would be waaaay less into making them a thing on screen tbh


What if Glee did Defying Gravity for the 50th time but did it right this time?

SOO this is something that i’ve been doing on the side for fun! didn’t come out like i wanted but it was still fun! 

It’s also an itch i had to scratch since s3 LOL, it’s pretty ‘lol hummelberry’ (nothing too mean tbh tho) but it’s something that i’ve wanted to happen. I just think the writers hold Kurt back LOADS when he’s with Rachel, he has no back bone and is like a nurse on call with this girl! Just let them go their separate ways and let kurt and blaine adopt piggies in NY pls ;^; 

man like

we’ll always be able to go back and rewatch s3 as many times as we want, and obviously I’ll but back for s4 but shit. nothing will compare to actually experiencing Even and Isak as they /happened/. It’s been such an amazing, exhilarating experience. tbh i’ve never had a fandom experience like this before and I’ll be reminiscing for ages; all the nights I stayed up waiting for a clip, all the anticipation and chest-squeeze excitement of finally GETTING a new clip. all the aching and squealing and sobbing and laughing and wondering about what’ll happen next, will they be alright, what’s gonna happen. you can’t re-experience or recreate that and shit, I’m so grateful I could jump on the band wagon in time to enjoy the ride!!!!!!

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Honestly I'm more pissed that Lucas wouldn't admit he had chosen Maya than anything else. I mean, Maya will bounce back and realize that she actually does care about Lucas (probably when she hears all the sweet things he said about her or when Riley starts to realize that he's just her fantasy) but I think the writers really messed up Lucas' character by being so indecisive at this point (not that he had much to go off of in the first place haha).

lucas had really grown a personality during his arc with maya. especially in s3. and i just really cannot buy that he picked riley. his behaviour and actions completely contradict everything he is saying??? idk. im not annoyed at lucas tbh, it’s the writers that have no idea what they’re doing. who wants to bet that lucas is gonna go back to being as boring as he was in season 1??  im tired of this show.