i want to go back to s3 tbh

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a song rec: Lion - Hollywood Undead (aka the song that screamed VOLTRON to me and now i cant stop listening to it on repeat)

WOAH. buddy….. this is such a cool song for voltron you are right. i love the intensity of it too. it fits really well with everything they’re up against and what’s going on. bc YEAH. it is intense. 

Do you see a lion
When you look inside of me?

i actually think that says a lot about the paladins, bc Allura made it clear from the outset that the lions choose their paladins. and this reminds me of keith (sorry guys, everything in my head relates to keith it’s true) bc it’s reminding me of “please no” and how the black lion resonates with keith and chooses him when Shiro isn’t there. it also reminds me of how keith may not necessarily see that he has the qualities to be in the black lion at he has proven he has these attributes and skills - but as to whether he demonstrates that fully with his team in S3 well there’s just so much going on here between the team we really cannot address this in one sweeping statement. 

it also makes me think of 04x01. keith is acutely aware of being on the outskirts and the ‘loner’, that is perpetuated by the things said to him. like i said earlier there is this rift between him and the team and that’s honestly on everybody, that includes him. and we also should take into account that’s bc of how he operates based on his past and everything we’ve been told about keith’s situation and dealing with some big things. but in turn, the team don’t know that. HHHHHH there’s just SO MUCH to say on this and so many loopholes like genuinely …. it’s fascinating. i find myself going round and round in circles with this bc i want to try and at least see it from as many sides as i can. and i have a lot to say about this but tbh do i dare on the blue hellsite hahahaha.,,,,,,,,, 

anyway, this line arguably also works for Lance, when he talks about stepping back in S3 because he acknowledges that with shiro’s return and Allura coming into voltron it means that they have too many people to operate voltron. so does they see a lion (paladin)? you want your best people out there ect. 

ALSO it could relate to shiro in many senses. especially when he doesn’t have a place in voltron itself up until 04x01. like… this is a great parallel woah. 

There’s a war inside my head

um…. hello shiro. i love to suffer. 

You were born a lion
And a lion you will stay

take lion to mean paladin and you will catch me crying in the club being emo :’))))). 

Here’s a story
Of everything we’ll ever be

BUT LIKE THIS IS SO RELEVANT FOR KEITH I SWEAR. bc like i said in some analysis yesterday and earlier today, about how he sees himself and his role in all of this. everything we’ll ever be. 

there’s way more to pull out of this but i gotta go offline now!!! someone should make a voltron AMV to this it’d be hella honestly…….. 👀👀👀👀👀 


What if Glee did Defying Gravity for the 50th time but did it right this time?

SOO this is something that i’ve been doing on the side for fun! didn’t come out like i wanted but it was still fun! 

It’s also an itch i had to scratch since s3 LOL, it’s pretty ‘lol hummelberry’ (nothing too mean tbh tho) but it’s something that i’ve wanted to happen. I just think the writers hold Kurt back LOADS when he’s with Rachel, he has no back bone and is like a nurse on call with this girl! Just let them go their separate ways and let kurt and blaine adopt piggies in NY pls ;^; 

man like

we’ll always be able to go back and rewatch s3 as many times as we want, and obviously I’ll but back for s4 but shit. nothing will compare to actually experiencing Even and Isak as they /happened/. It’s been such an amazing, exhilarating experience. tbh i’ve never had a fandom experience like this before and I’ll be reminiscing for ages; all the nights I stayed up waiting for a clip, all the anticipation and chest-squeeze excitement of finally GETTING a new clip. all the aching and squealing and sobbing and laughing and wondering about what’ll happen next, will they be alright, what’s gonna happen. you can’t re-experience or recreate that and shit, I’m so grateful I could jump on the band wagon in time to enjoy the ride!!!!!!