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Requested! Gonna start writing my first of the Song Series today! So exctied.

“Hey Shawn, just thought I’d let you know that I’m going to the hospital. My stomach isn’t feeling any better and Mom wanted to take me just to be safe. I love you, call me back.” You say sighing before hanging up. 

You knew he wouldn’t answer, he’s writing right now with the boys, you’re just glad he’s home and not at the recording house.

“Honey it will be alright.” You mom pats your leg.

You nod, but are worried. You’ve been having this pain in your stomach, on the side. You’re mom is thinking appendicitis, but you have no clue. 

You pull up to the hospital when your phone starts vibrating. 


“Y/n? What the fuck is going on? Where are you? Are you okay?” Shawn asks frantically.

“I’m fine.”

“Then why are you going to the hospital?”

“My stomach pain hasn’t gone away and mom wants me to be checked out.” You explain.

“Where are you? I’m coming.”

“No Shawn, I’m okay. Just keep writing.”

“Right, like I’m gonna be able to stay focused when your in the fucking hospital, where are you?”

“St. Vincent’s.” 

The line goes dead and now your being checked into a room. 


“I’m here, what room are you in? They won’t let me in, ‘family only’ was gonna see if I could sneak in?” He blurts when you answer the phone.

“Sneak in?” You question laughing.

“Super romantic I know, but keep your panties on and tell me where your at.”

“Shawn.” You laugh again. He chuckles too.

“Tell me.” He says, serious this time.

“Mom can you go get Shawn?” You say looking at your mother. She nods and leaves the room. “She’s coming to get you.” 

“Is she mad that I didn’t bring you here myself?”

“What no? How could you have known?”

“Because I wasn’t there. You weren’t feeling good and I wasn’t there. I should have been there.”

“Stop, I don’t even want to be here.”

“She’s here, I’ll see you in 30 seconds.”

The line goes dead and he walks in 30 seconds later.

“Hey.” He whispers, sitting next to the bed.

“Hey.” You whisper back taking his hand.

“I’m gonna go get some lunch.” Your mother says, giving you two a moment.

“I’m sorry, I should’ve been home.”

“Stop blaming yourself, honestly I don’t want to be here. But you can’t really tell your mother no.”

“True.” He says smiling.

“Mrs. Y/L/N” The doctor comes back, holding your file. “Is this the boyfriend?”

“Yeah.” You say, holding Shawn’s hand tighter. 

“Hi, Shawn.” He says, letting go to shake the doctors hand.

“Nice to meet you.” The doctor nods. “Well your results are back from the lab, everything is normal.” He says nodding. “Think you are just uncomfortable, which is normal.”

“It’s normal for her to be uncomfortable?” Shawn questions, confused.

“Well, you are gonna feel discomfort, but it should get better.” He explains, still leaving you both confused. “But know that everything is good, baby is healthy.” He says looking down at the file.

“Wait,” You say, eyes going wide. “What did you just say?”

“That everything is good?” He quizzes.

“After that?”

“The baby is healthy?” Eyebrows furrowing.

“Baby?” Shawn says looking at you. “Are you…?” He trails off.

“I don’t know? Am I?” You look at the doctor.

“Did you not know you were pregnant?” He asks closing the file.

“No.” You say. 

“Oh well congrats you two, Y/n’s pregnant.” He says with a small smile.

“Whoa.” You say in shock.

“I’ll give you a second.” The doctor says walking out. 

Shawn’s hand has gone limp in yours, and he seems like he’s in another world. This has you worried, because if you were being honest, you were excited to find out you are pregnant. You’ve always known you wanted Shawn to be the father of your kids, and as you always thought that would happen later in life like after a wedding and all, you couldn’t be happier. 

“Shawn?” You say rubbing his arm. He smiles and looks at you.

“I’m gonna be dad?” He asks, trying not to get his hopes up.

“Yeah.” You say nodding.

“And you’re gonna be a mom?” 

“Yeah.” You laugh.

“Oh my god.” He cheers. He throws his arms around you. “I’m so excited.” He says, he’s buzzing with excitement.

“I love you.” You say into his ear.

“I love you too.” He says and then lets go so he can face your stomach. He places a hand on your still flat belly. “I love you too. I’m gonna sing to you, and read to you, and I’m gonna teach you how to play piano and the guitar.” 

You smile at him and thank God that he has given you a child with this man. You couldn’t be luckier.

OK, so I chose Hanahaki (nudges this post) and sweet lotor because, there isnt enough kind lotor in the tags and I n e e d soft squish prince before I go to bed, it’s just,, a must. If you guys want to give me some sheith/keitor/sheitor prompts please refer to this post or drop an ask (keep things sfw)! (pictures undercut)

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Roommates ch. 6: Dangerous game

Tyler was scared. Josh seemed to be carefree, but tyler was slipping deeper and deeper. Or maybe josh was just as deep and he didn’t realize it yet. do things people say during sex ever really mean anything? I’ve been thinking of you all day. Couldn’t wait to get back. If that was so true, how would he make it 3 days without tyler? Tyler purposefully brought up the trip twice during their date, hoping at one point josh would ask him to go. Both times, josh skirted the issue or completely missed the point. Of course he could have just came right out and asked to go, but if josh wanted him to go, he certainly would have asked first. So it was obvious that he didn’t want him to go. Tyler laid in bed all day doing what he did best - hopelessly overthinking things. He should be happy, but instead, he’s wallowing in his own self-pity.

When josh came home, he didn’t see tyler first thing as he usually did. He frowned, missing the younger man’s presence. “Tyler?” josh called. When there was no response, he figured he must be in his room. He decided it wouldn’t hurt to check on him, considering he was no longer just his roommate. When he opened the door to his room, he seen a lump under a pile of blankets which he assumed was tyler. Still not satisfied, he walked closer to the bed and pulled the blanket down a tiny bit. Tyler didn’t move, just inhaled sharply and kept sleeping. He pulled it down past his shoulders and caressed tyler’s smooth skin, from his bare shoulder up to his neck and face, admiring how his eyelashes fanned over delicate cheekbones. Tyler stirred a bit, but still did not wake up. Josh took off his shoes and laid next to tyler. The motion of the bed must have woke him, because he finally opened his pretty eyes.

“Hi josh” tyler spoke, lips curling into a soft smile.

“Hey, sleepy boy. Still worn out from yesterday?” josh asked.  

“Mmmm, how could i not be?” tyler groaned, relaxing as josh scooted closer to him and pulled him in.

“Can you take off your clothes?” tyler asked, wanting the comforting sensation of josh’s skin on his.

“Already? But i just got here.” josh joked, and tyler playfully nudged him. Still lying in bed, he stripped down to just his boxers like tyler.

“Better?” josh asked as he laid on his back and tyler snuggled up to him, breathing in his scent and kissing his chest.

“Yes. you’re so cold.” tyler said, looking up to meet josh’s lips in a soft kiss.

“You’re so warm baby, warm me up.” josh replied. tyler whimpered as tongues became involved in the kiss. Josh met his whimper with a deep chuckle when tyler dipped down to suck his collarbone, then his nipple. He leaned his head back against the pillow, letting tyler take control.

“You horny for me, baby?” josh asked, lightly scraping his nails against tyler’s scalp and breathing heavily. Tyler finished with a chaste kiss to his neck.

“God, yes. Been dying to feel you inside me all day.” tyler admitted. Yes, he was worrying about josh being gone and the possible temptations, but his body had other concerns.

“Oh, is that so? Well i can help with that, turn over.” josh said. His voice sounded more demanding than usual and it caused a stir of excitement in the pit of tyler’s stomach. He quickly flipped onto his stomach like josh demanded.

“So eager” Josh teased, sitting up on his knees and beginning to massage tyler’s neck, working his way down his shoulder blades in slow circles. Tyler moaned appreciatively, not sure how else to respond to such treatment. He continued working down his spine and sides, peppering kisses along the way.

“You’re so good with your hands, josh” tyler said, still moaning.

“Oh yeah? I’m good with other things too.” he kept working lower until he got to the top of tyler’s ass and paused. Tyler gasped, not sure what to expect next. He half expected him to keep going, but instead he worked his way back up. Tyler was not about to complain though as it felt amazing. He was getting harder by the second and he moaned josh’s name needily.  

“Tell me more about how you want me inside you, baby.” josh said, working his way lower again. The tone in josh’s voice in combination with his strong hands at his waist and what he was asking caused tyler’s brain to short circuit.

“I-i kept thinking about your thick cock in me, stretching and stuffing me so full with your cum. It feels amazing when you fuck me and i can’t get enough.” tyler answered, words spilling from his lips like truth serum as josh’s hands rested on the backs of his thighs. Josh’s cock strained as painfully as tyler’s, but he wanted to carry this out. Tyler was already putty in josh’s hands, writhing and moaning under his touch.

“That’s right, baby. And this cock can’t get enough of that tight, pink little fuckhole of yours either.” josh said, grabbing the top of tyler’s undies and pulling them down over his ass. Tyler lifted his hips so josh could get them all the way down, then his hands were back at his thighs and guiding them apart. He sat between tyler’s legs, hands finally massaging his perfect ass as tyler grabbed his pillow, biting it in pleasure. Josh sensed his desperation and held his cheeks open, dripping saliva onto his hole and began massaging the rim with two fingers.

“Ohhhhh fuck, josh please” tyler begged as josh slowly pushed them in all the way to the knuckles.

“Did you finger yourself earlier, ty?” josh asked, thrusting his fingers in and out.

“y-yes, ahhh” tyler sighed. His cock laid hard between his body and the mattress, giving him a friction that was almost too much with josh fingering him. Sweat beaded up at his temples as he strained not to fuck the mattress.

“Good boy. On your knees, i want you to cum just from me fucking you” josh instructed, smacking tyler’s ass lightly. Tyler scooted up on his knees, resting on his forearms and arching his back for josh. He felt josh leave the bed for a brief moment before he was back, the bed dipping behind him and the pop of a cap. Josh squeezed some lube onto his fingers before they were back in tyler. He worked up a pace until tyler was a panting mess, rocking back against josh’s fingers, the only sounds being tyler’s moans and fast, wet squelching. Josh curled his fingers, making tyler squeal and his whole body to jolt. He repeated the motion, inducing the same response.

“Is that it?” josh asked, rubbing the bundle of nerves inside tyler with the pads of his fingers. Tyler arched more, writhing and panting as josh stroked the spot harder.

“M-more” tyler whined. josh leaned down, licking around where his fingers were all the way inside tyler. Josh was loving it as much as him. He loved keeping his boy on edge and listening to the assortment of whines, moans, and whimpers that tyler provided as he ate him out. Tyler obediently kept his hands in front of him, continuing to rock back against josh’s fingers as his achingly hard cock swayed and dripped onto the sheets. Josh removed his fingers, grabbing tyler’s hips and sliding in his full length, filling him up the way he wanted. He set a brutal pace, rocking tyler forward, skin slapping with the force of each thrust.

“f-fuck, your cock feels s-so good” tyler praised, chest dropping down to the mattress and back arching almost painfully. Josh pulled him back to meet his thrusts.  

“You like that, baby. Like being fucked mercilessly like a little s-slut, oh shit i’m close” josh grunted, thrusting even harder and setting off tyler’s climax. his cock spurted several times untouched, leaving a thick trail of white on the sheet.

“Fuck, tyler” josh moaned, squeezing his hips tighter and speeding up his thrusts to cum in him before it became too much. Tyler’s broken little whimpers of oversensitivity set him off, riding it out until his cock twitched a final time. He gently pulled out, leaning down to lick his cum from tyler’s gaping hole, gripping his ass like his life depended on it. Tyler shivered at the gush of warm liquid filling him, followed by josh’s slick tongue teasing his used hole as cum dripped down his inner thigh.

“Joshhhh” tyler whined, and josh realized his boy must be sensitive as fuck.

“Sorry, baby. Got carried away” josh admitted, lying back down. tyler flipped onto his side facing josh, avoiding his own cum puddle and catching his breath.

“You’d tell me anything, right?” josh asked, breaking a comfortable silence. Tyler looked at him, somewhat confused by the randomness.

“Yes, of course.” tyler answered, unsure why he was asking. But to josh, it was obvious. tyler wasn’t very good at hiding things, at least not like josh. 

“How do you feel?” josh asked, hoping tyler would understand what he wanted to know because he wasn’t even sure.

“I feel so good, josh. You make me feel so good every time.” tyler said, nuzzling josh’s neck and kissing him.

“That’s good, baby. You make me feel so good too, but is something else bothering you? you could tell me.” josh said.

“Umm..” tyler mumbled. He had flashbacks to earlier that day - obsessing over josh and his trip, possibly meeting someone and leaving. He stayed silent for a moment, not sure how to bring it up.

“It wouldn’t be…about my trip in a couple days, would it? Because I was thinking, if you’d like, maybe you could go with me?” josh asked, and tyler could not believe what he was hearing.

“Oh my god, how did you…”

“Well, the closer it gets, the more i’ve been thinking about how much i’ll miss your cute little ass even if it’s only for a few days. so if you wouldn’t mind staying in a hotel…” josh said.

“No, i wouldn’t mind. I didn’t know how to ask without seeming like some clingy headcase” tyler admitted.

“I could never think that of my boyfriend” josh assured, a little insecure at his use of the word ‘boyfriend’. he expected tyler to say something like “you mean friends with benefits”. But when tyler didn’t correct him and he seen realization spread across his face, then a smile break out, josh’s heart melted. 

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WAIT, WAIT, WAIT. I was introduced to this game in early 2016. In remember that the December 2016 release date was going to be extended. But I'm seeing that you said that the release date is coming closer in a public announcement that you did. I hate to be the clueless one... but what's the new release date? Cuz dang peoples I am freaking excited for it. 0w0

Whoa, my bad. I didn’t mean to get your hopes up so high! ^^’

I thought I was done for the day answering questions, but I don’t want anyone to go to bed tonight with the wrong idea! xD The release date is getting closer, yes, but it’s still set for March 2018, unfortunately. 

I’m really sorry it’s been taking so long, but I don’t want to be overly optimistic with my estimate and have to push the time back again. 

Apologies again for the confusion! (I’ve just been stepping into it all over the place today…>.<)

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I've never seen O Xian go back in her chapters... but I really want her to show us what happened between zhan and jy before they sleep together, yknow.

god bitch me too!!! did zhan grab jian yi’s hand, help him up and guided him towards the bed? did they just sit there for a while in silence before zhan got up and told jian yi to sleep in the bed? did he wait until jian yi fell asleep, worrying his ass off, then carried jian yi like a princess or maybe gave him a piggy back ride?

or did jian yi just get up himself after a while? did they have a mutual understanding? did jian yi have a mental breakdown (just like me lol)? or did they both blush and decided to go back to the bed together? SOMEONE ENLIGHTEN ME NOW.


What about Honerva? Oh idk, maybe…




Now okay this entire time I’ve been wondering:

How does no one including her own son not recognize her??

“No one comprehended that the experiments of my mother, Honerva, could never be undone. I had a secret team construct this inter-reality gate on the rift, where her work began.”


But why wouldn’t he recognize her right?


And just look at her expression. She is shocked to see her real face after so long.

Clearly getting her memories back in season 3 has changed her perspective on a lot of things.

It’s like she was almost reborn again

“No one can completely wipe a memory away. There are always remnants deep within to claw out.”


This could be foreshadowing to Zarkon possibly remembering some day through some sort of experience, considering he clearly didn’t remember even after she woke him up with her power drawn from those memories.

But back to the scene revealing her real identity:

Her pupils are shaking, her eyes are blood-shot, and she looks very distressed!

The amount of stress on her body over 10,000 YEARS is obviously going to take its toll on her. Her body is most likely permanently damaged from what happened to her when she was on her death bed.

Even if it is not the most noticeable thing happening in the show, she is clearly drawing back to being more Honerva than Haggar.

(Honerva was clearly crazy too and was a “science or death” woman but she was at least a little more sympathetic(?) as Honerva)

So I just wanted to point this out since I have seen absolutely no posts about this meanwhile I was screaming when it actually happened.

Theory time: so it’s clear that Zarkon(and everyone else in the universe) believe that Honerva died 10,000 years ago.

And as we’ve seen here, the purple/blue skin look and glowing eyes are part of an Altea transformation that she did to hide her identity.

Maybe when she woke up from being dead, she decided that the loss of his wife is exactly what zarkon needed to rule his empire with proper authority, considering he risked everything to try and save her she was obviously his weak spot.

So she wakes up before him and decides she’s going to be Haggar, the High Priestess of the galra empire, here to advise and help zarkon in anyway possible. And then over those 10,000+ years she forgot who she was, what with being swept up in the Druid magic and quintessence.

All she knew after a certain point was that she was Haggar. She clearly did not remember Lotor being her son until she gained her memories back. And it’s stated she didn’t realize zarkon was her husband until they came back.

So yeah this post is long sorry about that. Happy Season 4 Day everyone!

~College!au Pen Pal Jungkook~ PART TWELVE

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] [part 7] [part 8] [part 9] [part 10] [part 11] [part 13] [part 14:END]

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“Oh, Jungkook! Hey!” You gave a weak smile and waved your hand. You then noticed Y/F/N standing behind him, an amused look on her face. Of course she was here.

Giving a confused wave back, he asked again, “Did you want to tell me something?”

Jimin nudged you with his elbow while Taehyung looked at you with side eyes, signaling you to speak. Shaking your head, you chuckled, “Nope.”

“You sure? I thought I heard you say–”

“Kookie, she said no. Can we go now, please?” Y/F/N whined, tugging at Jungkook’s long sleeved shirt. You remembered that shirt. That was the shirt he wore when you two got pizza one night on a quest to find his pen pal. You were both laughing at something silly and he ended up with lemonade all over it. You mentally shook your head at the wrong timing for remembering a nice memory.

“Y/F/N,” Jungkook sighed. Raising an eyebrow in curiosity, you were no longer frowning. He seemed annoyed. 

“Well? Tell him Y/N, you don’t have anything to say,” Y/F/N gestured you to continue. 

Just as you were about to speak, Jimin interjected. “And if I remember, it was Jungkook asking the question, not you, bitch.” 

You gaped at what Jimin said while Jungkook shouted, “Hyung!”

You looked at Y/F/N who was red in the face and staring straight at you. Don’t you dare, she spoke with her beady eyes.

“Go on, Y/N, tell him,” Taehyung urged, pushing you froward towards Jungkook. He adjusted the beanie on his head, looking between the three of you, confused as hell. 

“Tell me what?”

You looked down and Jimin sighed. If you weren’t going to tell him, he was. “That that girl over there? Yeah, she isn’t your pen pal!”

Jungkook flicked his eyes toward Y/F/N, who placed a hand on her heart as if accused of murder. 

“How can you say that? She is.”

“Really, and when was the last time you actually texted her through the pen pal email, hm?”

“Not since I got her number but–”

“Try it, then. Text her. See if Y/F/N’s phone dings,” Taehyung crossed his arms, staring at the phone in Jungkook’s hand. Boys, what are you doing, you thought.

“Why would I need to prove that? She knows me like my pen pal knows me.”

“But does she act the same way? Certain obvious compatible aspects of your pen pal, she might act like. But really, if you met her without knowing she was your pen pal, would you believe that? I don’t think so. And I don’t think you do either. There’s something off about her, right? She’s too…forced.” Jimin gazed over at you. You were fiddling with your fingers avoiding eye contact with Jungkook.

“What are you saying?”

“That she’s not your pen pal! She’s not the girl you’ve grown to like so much!” Taehyung sighed, exasperated. “Just text her.”

Jungkook began to unlock his phone, eyes flickering to you. What did you have to do with all of this? Was it because Y/F/N was your friend?

He typed a simple message and heard the send sound from his phone. Closing your eyes in anticipation, you waited.

Then, your phone dinged.

All eyes were on you and you slowly reached into your back pocket. Turning on the phone the name, ‘Jungkookieeeee’ was seen with his message underneath. It was a simple question mark. 

Looking back up at Jungkook, you could only say two words, “I’m sorry,” and rushed out like your life depended on it. Why were you so cowardly sometimes? Why did you always run away from your problems in hopes of them never following you?

Jungkook watched as you shoved past him, his hand nearly grabbing your wrist but you slipped away. His heart shattered.

“There. Now you know,” Jimin said. 

“I’m gonna go find Y/N,” Taehyung spoke, softly, and swiftly left the library.

“It was Y/N?” Was the first thing to exit Jungkook’s mouth. Then it struck him as if it were obvious. Both you and his pen pal understood him in ways nobody else has. When others would make fun, you’d comfort. Sure, Y/F/N had that sarcastic nature that his pen pal had, a quite forced one, but she was no you.

You did it without even trying. You were witty and never failed to make him laugh, even while he was in distress. Then he realized, once he let you go, he didn’t do much laughing anymore. Most of the laughs he shared with Y/F/N were fake and forced, almost like he wanted them to be true since she was his pen pal after all. 

“It was this whole time,” Jimin confirmed. Then Jungkook became angry. Turning to Y/F/N who looked terrified, he fumed “Why the hell would you do that?”

“Kookie,” She pleaded, reaching for his hand, which he yanked back. 

“No. How could you do that to not only me, but Y/N, your own friend?”

“How could you be defending her right now!? Either way she lied to you!”

“And you think if she told me the truth when she was ready that I wouldn’t accept it? That no matter what, I would hate her? I know Y/N. I’ve known Y/N for months. I know every habit, every small detail she probably doesn’t know about herself. And you think I’d let that–her–go because she failed to give me information? Sure, I wanted it bad as hell, but there’s two of us. She wasn’t ready and if I got mad, I would be being selfish. I have no right to be angry when she was uncomfortable with me knowing who she was. And here I am, in loss of one of my best friends. Hell, I was in love with her!”

It was then, Jungkook realized, just how much he cared for you. Not only in a way of a best friend. No, he cared about you a lot more than that. He used to want nothing more than for you to be in his arms. He wanted to be the reason you were smiling and laughing. 

And now he’s done the opposite. He pushed you away and caused you so much pain and loneliness. Oh, how much he wanted to go back to that first night when you were cuddled on your bed in your dorm room, unaffected to what was going on this moment. He wanted to hold you tighter than he ever did, bury his head in your neck, and never let go.

“You–you were?”

Nodding his head, Jungkook continued, “I was starting to even forget about my pen pal. I just used her as an excuse to hang out with Y/N. I don’t think you understand what you ripped from me. I betrayed her. She wanted to explain but it was because of you she couldn’t. She was so terrified of what you could do, what lies you would tell me, that she stayed quiet and allowed her to be used. She was suffering and it was all because of me,” Jungkook let out a breath of air.

“Even after lying to you, you’d still run back to her?” Y/F/N muttered.

“In a heartbeat.”

“I–I’m sorry. For everything.” 

“A simple sorry isn’t going to cut it for you. I don’t even know who you are. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to find my girl.”


Part 13???👀(now that you’ll have to wait until possibly tmm forrrr)

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Oh oh oh oh!!!! For the prompt. How about a Klance video call where Lance is telling Keith all of their shows and Keith is like quiet but with a smile enjoying Lance's RAMBLING and they have a soft moment of.... Hey you are missed, u know that right? Kdksksksksikss idk.

HOLY SHIT YES. Yes i love this. Thank you Bleu for this premium suggestion

Keith’s fingers hover over the call button. He’s been doing this now every night for a week. Why is he nervous? Why can’t he summon the courage to just hit the damn button?

Just call him. Just call him. Just call him! 

He reprimands himself. His hands tremble and he sits down on his bed. 

What if he’s mad at me? What if they’ve moved on? Maybe it’s better if I stay quiet…

Keith sighs and goes to put his communicator anyway in his pocket. Just like he always does. The ship around him is silent. It’s always silent. His room is cold. 

In his gloved hands, his finger slips and his communicator screen lights up.

“Shit! Shitshitshitshit…” He grapples with the device, but before he can hang up, the ringing has stopped. A chipper voice rings out and he’s staring into familiar eyes.

“Keith?!” Lance answers. His eyes search Keith’s face and his surroundings. “Are you ok? Do you need…?”

“What? No, no, I’m fine, Lance. I’m ok.” Keith shushes. He can’t help the small smile that pulls on the corner of his lips. “I’m fine.”

“Oh thank god.” Lance sighs and rolls back on his bed. He closes his eyes. His heart still thunders in his chest. 

“You that worried about me?”

“More like I’m comfortable and didn’t want to go on a mission right now.” Lance smirks and chuckles quietly. Keith rolls his eyes. 

“So why’d you call anyway?”

This question trips Keith up. He hopes that Lance can’t see the blush that rises to his cheeks. That he doesn’t notice the way he fidgets with his hood. 

“Uh, I guess I just wanted to check in and see…” His voice trembles.

“Did you miss me?” Lance grins.

“No!” Keith snaps. Lance laughs.

“I… I dunno… I just….”

Lance hears the uncertainty in his voice. He watches Keith’s eyebrows crinkle together in frustration. Lance’s smile falters and his expression falls into one of gentle concern.

“Do you want me to tell you what the team’s been up to?” He offers. 

Keith sighs. He’s grateful for the change of subject and nods.

“Well we’ve made contact with the rebels and have been working together on some stuff. And oh my god, Keith, Keith you will not believe…” Lance sits up and excitedly talks to his communicator. 

“Keith, I swear to god, One of their captains is a dog!”

“Wait what?”

“I’m serious! One of their captains, she’s really cool by the way, she’s a straight up dog that walks around on two legs and talks and and… did you ever see Disney’s Robin Hood with the foxes?”

Keith blinks. Lance is going a mile a minute and it’s hard to keep up.

“Uh yeah?”

“It’s exactly like that! She looks like a character from that movie and everyone else is totally fine with it and isn’t even mentioning it, all the while I am freaking out because there is a race of goddamn space dogs.”

Keith laughs. A familiar warmth flickers in his chest.

“Oh! Oh! Sorry I totally forgot! We found Matt! Well Pidge did, but that’s besides the point…”

“Whoa what? You found…?”

“Yeah Pidge found her brother! He was with the rebels and she tracked him down! And now he hangs out with us and Pidge is just so happy. And Hunk has someone new to talk about nerdy stuff with. He seems cool, even if a bit delusional. He definitely has a thing for Allura and, oh man, that poor boy does not stand a chance.”

“Wow that’s … I can’t believe…” Keith sighs.

“Have you seen our shows?!” Lance beams into the camera. Again Keith is caught off guard. It takes him a moment to interpret what Lance just asked him.

“Oh!” His expression melts into a teasing smirk. “Oh… Oh I know about them. You’re quite the actor, Lance.”

“What can I say? I’m a natural.” Lance brushes his hair back and shoots a finger gun straight towards Keith.

“But they’re so much fun, dude. Like I just get such a rush from all the cheering you know? Like it’s been really amazing to inspire people and talk to fans directly. And the coalition is stronger than ever! 

Shiro’s been such a good sport about all this. Like I can tell he’s uncomfortable? But he really throws himself into it, and the fans all love him. Well of course they would, he’s Shiro. Oh! And you should see the way little girls all run up to Allura afterwards. She uses your name in the script, but these kids aren’t fooled.”

Lance continues to rant about their antics. About how they rehearse, and Lance had a fair bit of input to his choreography. About how it all ended with them actually fighting a monster in an arena, and Allura doing the sweetest backwards flip kick Lance has ever seen.

A lump forms in Keith’s throat.

“I think I needed a different outfit for my rope routine. The armour was a bit clunky, and you know… I should really give the fans what they want.” He waggles his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry I missed it. You’ll have to give me a private show sometime.” Keith smiles.

Lance looks at him in shock. A blush rushes to his ears and his mouth opens into a wild smile.

“Did you just…?!”

“Oh my god!” Keith yanks his hood over his face. He’s just realised what he may have implied.

“I didn’t mean…! God, Lance! Not like that!” He shouts, but he can’t help the giggles that burst from his chest. He can hear Lance’s laughter matching his own.

“Can you get me a cool Blade of Marmara outfit to do it in?” Lance chuckles. He sighs as he catches his breath.

“I don’t think I can just take one.”

“Shame. I really like them.” Lance chews his lip. “You look really cool.” 

Keith ignores the way that makes the ache in his chest throb. He shakes his head and tries to hide how flustered he feels with a laugh.

“It uh… it sounds like you guys are going really well.”

“Yeah.” Lance sighs. He brushes his hand through his hair. “We’re uh… we’re doing good stuff, but…”

A heavy silence falls between them. Lance feels the words on the tip of his tongue. He knows what he wants to say, but is suddenly embarrassed to say them. His relationship with Keith is precarious and he worries that his next word might send them over the edge. He swallows.

“But I really wish you were there.” His voice is hushed. He averts his eyes from the communicator. 

“We miss you Keith. I know you’re doing important work, and I know that you’re helping us by helping the blades, but we just…” He stammers. “I…I just…”

He accidentally meets Keith’s eyes. The reality that Keith is on the other side of the galaxy hits him like a crashing wave. 

“I’ll never replace you. We’re a team.” His breath shudders.

“Lance, I…”

“Please come home.” Lance presses his eyes closed. “We all worry. And Red asks about you and, and…” His fingers grip at his jacket. “Don’t stay gone forever. … okay?”

 Keith sighs. His eyes begin to sting and he can feel his resolve crumbling. He briefly thinks about where the pods on his current ship are located before he pushes it out of his mind. 

No. He can’t run back now. Not yet. 

“I’ll be back.”

“Stay safe,”

“I will.” Keith nods solemnly.

Lance hangs up the call and stares down at his communicator. His hands fist into his sheets and his mouth twists into a scowl.

“You’re lying.” 

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Breaking the Rules - part 7

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  Modern!AU You hate James Barnes with a burning passion and the feeling is entirely mutual. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you are tricked into attending his sister’s wedding as his girlfriend. Stuck with a bunch of strangers, you come up with a set of rules that are not going to last long.

Word Count:2,176

Warnings: the usual

A/N: I made this extra cheesy so it hurts more. You’re welcome ♥

Breaking the Rules - Masterpage

Originally posted by bisebchris

You plopped down in your seat, avoiding Steve and Peggy’s inquisitive gaze. Your heart was beating so fast and hard, it felt a woodpecker was trapped inside your rib cage.

When Bucky joined the table, he was visibly nervous, but had managed to collect himself a little. Upon seeing the dark hickey on his neck, Peggy jabbed her elbow into Steve’s side. He woofed out a breath and rubbed his ribs before he turned his head to look at her.

She nodded toward Bucky’s neck and Steve’s eyes widened. He reluctantly placed a ten-dollar bill in her awaiting hand.

Meanwhile, you and Bucky acted like nothing had happened. You noticed that he was trying to sneak peeks at you, but you stared straight ahead, ignoring him.

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Babysitting drunk BTS

You were both out with the guys to celebrate a win. They’re all drinking but you so you can watch your boyfriend afterwards.


Jin is the needy/touchy drunk he couldn’t keep his hands off you.

“Y/N~” He whines, you walk in with cracker and water for him.

“Jinnie~” You whine back, you set the stuff down. Jin wraps his arms around you, pulling you down into his lap, holding you into a tight bear hug.

“Don’t ever leave me, Y/N.” He hummed kissing your forehead.


Yoongi is the drunk person who just doesn’t want his clothes to stay on, along with yours.

You sit him on the couch, then go into the kitchen to get him water. When you walk back in, Yoongi’s clothing was all the floor as he sat on the couch in boxers.

“How’d you do that so quickly?” You ask sitting next to him, he just smirk, and secretly unclasps your bra. “Yoongi!” You shout.

“Join me,” he smirks going in for a kiss.


Hobi is the quiet drunk, he just doesn’t wanna say anything.

You sit next to him and hold his hand.

“Are you okay baby?” You ask, he just stares into space. “Do you need anything?” Still no answer, instead he just cuddles up to you, falling asleep.


Namjoon is the drunk who denies being drunk.

“Baby I’m fine,” He slurs, Namjoon then falls onto the floor hugging your legs. “I love you so much,” He kisses your legs, stroking it. You couldn’t help but laugh.


Jimin is the emotional drunk happy one minute, sobbing the next.

You let him alone in the bedroom while you changed into something comfortable. When you walked back into the room, he was crying.

“What’s the matter?” You ask going to his side.

“Thought you broke up with me!” He cries into your shoulder, you rub his back.

“I wouldn’t do tha-“ He then stops and looks you in the eye.

“What the hell! Why are you wearing my shirt!” He shouts, confused you look at him. “Take it off!” As you go to take it off, he pulls you in placing kisses all over your face. “I love you so much!” You could tell it’s gonna be a long night.


Taehyung is the horny drunk he just wants to fuck you.

He lays on the bed, as you undress him since he refused to change himself. He then pulls you up by your jaw, smashing his lips into yours.

“I want you right now baby,” He growled on your lips. You can taste the alcohol on his lips.

“Not right now Tae,” You tell him, he pouts, bucking his hips into you, so you can feel what his problem is, which makes you whine into another kiss. “Okay, maybe one round.”


Jungkook is the drunk that can’t hold it down, it wasn’t his first time drinking, but it was the first time he’s had a lot of alcohol.

You two were laying in bed, when he suddenly shot up and ran to the bathroom. You can hear his groans as you walk towards the bathroom. You sit beside him rubbing his back, covering your nose with your shirt to block the smell.

“It’ll all be over tomorrow Kookie,” You say, he lays down in your lap as you rub his chest, and wipe a tear away from his cheek. “It’s gonna be okay.”

The gifs don’t wanna work

anonymous asked:

Okay that Derek's soft hands post was awesome, but it was funny too cos like, imagine if his hands aren't actually that soft? My uncle's been working roadworks for years and a few years back he started buying Dove soap instead of the cheap brand and he loved it so much he started buying the moisturiser too and like, at least twice a day he would lather moisturise the shit out a them then go around telling everyone to feel how soft his hands were. But they still felt like sandpaper and no one (1)

would say anything because he’s this big, rough as guts dude named Spike who was in prison for years and god help whoever tells my uncle who loves to linger in the health and beauty aisle to see the different moisturisers, that they aren’t doing jack for his hands.

Sorry for the very late reply to this! Now all I can imagine is Derek who tries to pamper himself with lotions and potions but no matter what he does, it never seems to work out? No matter how much he tries to make himself feel soft and good, it always backfires. It’s either got an ingredient that make his senses go hay-wire (apparently aloe-vera is the worst) or it just doesn’t make him feel better. Derek imagines it’s a similar feeling to when people expect amazing sex, only to feel unsatisfied after. Derek’s never expected amazing sex from anyone though, not even Kate when he trusted her, so he doesn’t know if the comparison is all that accurate. 

It’s after he tries the Peaches and Cream Ultra Lotion that he hits rock bottom, sitting on the loft floor, staring at the offending lotion bottle. He’s pretty sure the right hand side peach is taunting him. For the smoothest skin, reads the speech bubble. Derek rubs at the pads of his fingers and tries not to get upset because it’s a fucking lotion. But here he is anyway, drowning in the after math of yet another lie. 

He doesn’t know how long he sits there for but it’s long enough that Stiles shows up, armed with a bat. At first, it’s clear Stiles thinks Derek is hurt - probably because he is still sulking on the floor - but the moment he crouches in front of him, he immediately takes in the lotion bottle and raises an eyebrow. Derek expects him to laugh or throw some careless comment his way. Braces himself for it. What he doesn’t expect is for Stiles to pluck the bottle from Derek’s hand and replace it with his own. He holds it loose enough that Derek could pull away if he wanted to.

He doesn’t want to.

Instead, he sniffs. This big, loud, wet sniff that he wants to be embarrassed about. Except, he isn’t. Maybe it’s because he’s seen Stiles give himself a concussion from a chicken baguette once (he still doesn’t know how Stiles managed that one) or maybe it’s because Stiles is smiling at him; smiling in a way Derek rarely sees. It’s the smile he reserves for his dad, for Scott. It’s a smile you earn, and it’s being directed at him right now. It’s a smile, Derek realises, Stiles has shown him often. For months now. He doesn’t know what that means. 

He squeezes Stiles’ hand anyway, shrugs a shoulder and picks up the lotion bottle again. Grips it. Hard.

It explodes, and before he knows it, they are both on their sides, laughing. Derek doesn’t know if Stiles is laughing because he is or because they are both covered in pink gunk. 

“It smells like peaches,” Stiles wheezes, as if that explains everything. “Derek Hale. Likes to smell like peaches.” He clutches his side harder and uses his legs to push himself further into Derek’s space, until his head is in Derek’s lap. “I think you’re amazing just as you are, wolf man, but if you want my mom kept recipes for stuff like that.” He nods to the now broken bottle, still in Derek’s hand. “They are all in a box under my bed. You want to come over later, get some dinner with me and my old man? There’s a Mets game on.” 

Derek is silent for several moments, trying to decipher what Stiles is saying. Eventually, he decides not to overthink it. If he overthinks it, Stiles might take the offer back. Might drop his hand. 

Derek really doesn’t want Stiles to drop his hand.    

“I can make veggie burgers.” He coughs. Serious. “From scratch.” 

Stiles smiles with his eyes, brings Derek’s hand up to his mouth but doesn’t kiss it, like Derek thinks he’s going to. Just looks down fondly, like they’ve done this a hundred times before. Shit, maybe they have, he thinks, swallowing. In their own way. “You learn that in werewolf school?” 

Derek laughs. “Something like that,” he says, thinking of his Grandma, who taught him everything he knows: cooking, sewing, how to swear in eight different languages. When she was old enough, Grandpa Hale taught Laura how to drive while Grandma Hale read The Princess Bride to Derek in Spanish every Friday night. Derek always thought he got the better end of the deal. 

“Show me.” Stiles grins, a challenge, and somethings shifts inside Derek. He tries to frown, because it’s expected of him, but he ends up blushing instead when Stiles leans up and whispers, “next time, I’ll get you one of those aprons that say kiss the cook on them, huh?” in his ear. “I think you’ll find I’m very good at obeying instructions.” 

Derek rolls his eyes and pushes him away. His palms are sweating. “You don’t even know what the word ‘obey’ means.” 

Standing up, he starts towards the kitchen, only to find himself on the floor again, tripping over nothing, when Stiles calls after him, “maybe I just need a firm hand to keep me in check!” 

The bastard doesn’t even look sorry when Derek pounces on him, pinning Stiles’ hands above his head - rough hands, just like his, he realises- but Derek is too busy torn between wrestling Stiles and kissing him to care. 

Why Are You In My Bed?

Character Pairing: Bucky x Female Reader

Summary: Just a short drabble about Bucky having too much Asgardian Booze and the morning after.

WC: 1657

“Y/N! Heeeeeyyyyy! Where are youuuuu?”

She rolled her eyes as the slurred shouting and clunky footsteps grew closer.

“I’m in my room, Buck.” she shouted back

She peered her head from behind the bathroom door to find a very drunk Bucky Barnes standing in her bedroom.

“Always a fun time when Thor shows up…” she mumbled under her breath

“Heyyy why’d you leave the party early?” he slurred

The Avengers Tower was a gleaming beacon in the center of New York City and the home of many famous and lavish Tony Stark hosted parties. Tonight was a real banger. Y/N didn’t think Oscar parties had ever seen more celebrities and she was pretty sure the guy who hit on her at the bar was a Congressman.

“I was tired Bucky. Besides, you know parties aren’t really my thing.”

She left the party just as it was in full swing, choosing to ride the elevator to the floor that held her room instead of spending more of her evening with strangers. She was grateful to swap the heels and dress for sweatpants and the cocktails for a cup of tea.

“But you told me last week that if I filed the mission report, you’d save a dance for me at the party and youuuu forgot.”

She let out a sigh.

“Shit Bucky, I’m sorry.”

“Well just dance with me now.” he replied, reaching his arms out and making a grabby motion

“Give me five minutes to finish getting ready for bed.” she said

“Fine.” he pouted

She slipped back into the bathroom and hastily brushed her teeth. She sighed before exiting the bathroom again, mentally preparing herself to deal with a super soldier with too much Asgardian liquor in his system.

But Bucky was no longer standing in the middle of the room, waiting for an awkward dance between two friends who held more than a few feelings for each other. He was sprawled out, face down in her bed.

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