i want to go back

  • Me:I can't come to school today
  • Teacher:Why?
  • Me:I have serious PCD
  • Teacher:What the hell is that?
  • Me:Post Concert Depression
  • Teacher:...
  • Me:...


there was Alison Hendrix Nametag Craft Tables, a Helena buffet (which consisted of jello, potato chips, pork rinds, powdered donuts, grapes, muffins, and fried chicken), cardboard cutouts of all the characters, an OB store, and phone charging stations (cuz they all knew we would need those)

“Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Open unmarked doors. And if you see a group of people in a field, go find out what they are doing. 
Do things without always knowing how they’ll turn out. You’re curious and smart and bored, and all you see is the choice between working hard and slacking off. 
There are so many adventures that you miss because you’re waiting to think of a plan. To find them, look for tiny interesting choices.
And remember that you are always making up the future as you go”. 

- Randall Munroe 
(Photo by me)

A little village outside of Yangshou, rural China, 2014.


Remember on Thursday when I got in strangers car and went to the hotel Haim was staying at because Este wanted to see me and get my presents and she cried on me and gave me her necklace and told me she loved me and made me promise to go to every Dallas show and hugged me for the longest time and comforted me when I cried, me too