i want to give him a warm hug

i just really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really  really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really love bambam

Not to be over dramatic, but I love Yoon Jisung so much I would literally punch anyone who says something bad about him.


“But— I know thats that’s not the man you want right now.”
(Becouse we’re not on route which we think we are Seven’s route)

“Don’t be afraid. I can always smile and give you a warm hug if you want.”

“I will be more special to you….” than him?

I feel like its not Seven anymore… we get route which we really wanted… Saeran’s route… but we lose Seven

i think they don’t give us answer “you feel like a different person” without any reason ;-;   and only Seven got *two endings* on valentines route…  ;s 

Headcanons okay?

• Honestly? He’s as hammered as you are. Maybe even more so.
• Super smug when you start to cling on to him (but also super giddy on the inside because he thinks it’s cute).
• You two spend almost all night hanging off each other, singing and laughing at bad jokes.
• “hey, HEY, McCree…Mc-Jess. my man, my…. Listen, bro, HEY! You’re sooo beautiful, you know that? God, I gotta…. I got a crUSH on yooouu!”
• He starts crying, he’s so happy
• You start crying, because he’s crying
• And, everything gets caught on tape.

• Okay, so this man has the highest alcohol tolerence of anyone you’ve ever known, or will ever know.
• He always ends up being the moderator for every get together that involves adult beverages
• He’s the only one who, for sure, won’t get drunk.
• “Okay, I think you’ve had enough, [y/n].”
• “I think, I think YOU’VE had enough mr. hoTBOD.”
• “Aaaand, I’m taking your drink.”
• He pretends that you saying he has a hot body doesn’t get to him.
• It gets to him.
• You wrap your arms around his torso.
• “Gabe, gabe, GAbe! Gabo… Gabe….Gab-a-reeno!”
• “What.”
• “psst gabe. I think….. I know whose gotta crush on yooouuuu!……… it’s meeeee.”
• He’s absolutely red all over and everyone knows it’s not because of the alcohol.

• Is super careful about drinking and has probably only had a sip of beer.
• Watches you from afar as you have a hardcore rock-paper-scissor battle with McCree.
• You both keep putting out rock.
• “Mind if I play?” He asked McCree after seeing this go on for a few minutes.
• “be my guest… mr. sir, they’re a…….veeerrry powerful….”
• Jesse then toddles away to bother Gabriel.
• “Aaaaahhh, so the big guy shows for….a chALANGE!”
• He laughs.
• On shoot, he purposely puts out scissors all three times, naming you the victor.
• You try to climb the table in victory, but he holds you back.
• You wiggle a bit in his arms then stop when you realize how warm he is.
• “Hugs from Jack! Ooooo hugs….warm…good, Yay! I loove ya hugs! Now- you know…… Hey, jaCK give me a kiss.” You sing
• “Absolutely not.”
• He’s blushing up a storm.
• “pleeeaassseeee?? I’ve always wanted one!”
• You start singing a song about kisses and Jack, while he tries his hardest not to give you one.

• You’ve been bothering him all night
• It’s not like he can just leave you; it would be irresponsible.
• So, he half listens to you blab on about some movie with a pig in it.
• “And then she dies. Her babies…they just fly…..but he teaches baby sal……salutations.”
• You start to become a blubbering mess.
• You’re full on weeping at this point.
• Hanzo doesn’t know what to do, so he’s awkwardly patting your back.
• You end up crying into his chest.
• He’s freaking out and it’s showing a little.
• “H-hanzooo, don’t die an-and let your babies fly awaaaaayyyy!”
• “O-okay….”
• He’s trying to think of a way to make you stop crying as fast as he can.
• He grabs his cup of water and hands it to you.
• “Here….. You need to stay hydrated…”
• You slow your bawling and accept his offering, still cradled in his chest.
• You gulp it down through your sniffles.
• “Hanzo. Don’t….you better- haaanzzooo. Please don’t die! Then I can’t tell you….say that…. I think your super cute…..”
• “Thank you?”
• He went to bed that night equal parts confused and flustered


Was that what you wanted? I hope I got it right!

BTS reaction to you bringing them food at the studio


Jin would be absolutely thrilled that you brought him a meal. He would think it’s so thoughtful of you and would say thank you a million times, even with his full mouth. YAH~~! This is delicious, jagi! Thank you so much, sweetie!” He ate the food so quickly because he adored the way your home-cooked meals tasted.  He would have the biggest smile on his face for the rest of the day and would be thinking of ways to get you back when you’d least expect it.

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This sleepy bean would turn into a fluff ball if you surprised him with food. He would have the biggest smile on his face and be sure to thank you as much as he could. Yoongi would make sure you also had something to eat before he took a bite. When you said you didn’t, he would insist on sharing the meal with you. “You gotta take care of yourself just as well as you take care of me, okay?” He would say gently, eating a bite of food.

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Hoseok would be ecstatic to see you when you walked in the studio, not even noticing the food you were holding in your hand for him. He would run over to you quickly and hug you tightly, almost making you drop the container. When you finally got the chance to tell him you brought him a nice meal, he gave you a smile made of sunshine. “You went through the trouble of preparing food just for me…? You’re so sweet, jagi! Thank you so much!” He would say, opening the container quickly.

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Namjoon would be a bit surprised that you came all the way down to the studio just to make sure he had something to eat since he was working late as usual. Seeing you holding a warm container of food, made him laugh a very tiny bit before pulling you into a warm hug. “You’re so thoughtful, baby girl. How did I get so lucky?” He would share some of the food with you before he finally stopped working and came home with you.

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Jimin would be unbelievably happy that you brought him something to eat while he was working. He would probably get a little bit teary-eyed that you were thinking of him and wanted to take care of him. He would give you a million kisses and thank you until you told him to be quiet. Jimin took a bite of the food and smiled widely. “This is delicious!!! Are you sure you made this, princess?” He’d joke. 

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He would be a smiley little bean. When you gave him the food, he would take a bite then make sure you had a a bite, too. Tae would say how thankful he was that you came all the to bring him lots of home made food for him. “MMM!!! THIS IS AMAZING, MAN~!” He would accidentally eat the rest of it himself then feel a little bad he didn’t share it all with you. “I’m sorry, but it was too yummy to share!” Tae would chuckle.

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Jungkook would get all red when he found out you showed up just to make sure he was well fed for the day. He would say thank you and flash his little bunny eat in an embarrased smile. While he was eating he was thinking of all the ways he could get you back for being so sweet to him. “I’m gonna get you back, y’know that, baby?” He’d say with a smirk, taking a bite of the yummy food.

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BTS REACTION: you are cold

request : BTS Reaction to you bring perpetually cold. (I.e getting cold easily, always having cold hands.)


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Seokjin and you were walking down the busy streets of Seoul. It wasn’t particularly cold outside but for some reasons your hands were freezing. Seokjin wanted to grab your hand and as soon as his fingertips touched yours, a loud “aaaaah” sound escaped his lips followed by his windshield wiper laugh.

-“yaaaaah, why are you so cold ?! Let’s go get some coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up”


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The both of you were just chilling outside, sitting on a bench, watching the sunset. For some weird reason, you were feeling kinda cold even though the temperature outside was pretty high. You were shaking and rubbing your legs to warm up a bit. It was clear you were cold.

-“Aren’t you going to ask for my sweatshirt?” yoongi asked with a smirk on his face as soon as he noticed your behavior.


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You were outside, taking a walk at night. You started feeling cold and you complained about it.

-“y/n ! You’re always cold ! What’s wrong with you ?!” hoseok said, laughing

-“I don’t know I can’t help it !” you replied

-“Let’s go inside and cuddle, it will worm you up” he added, grabbing your hand but letting go not long afterwards because of how cold you were.


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He was working on some lyrics in his studio. You go in to check up on him, but as soon as you enter, you make a comment about how cold it is. He gets up of his chair, turns around to face you, and puts his hands on his hips.

-“How can a girl like you be soooo hot but feel so cold all the time ?” he says before throwing one of his sweatshirts at you.


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You were both laying in bed, watching a movie. He wanted to make a move (netflix and chill my dudes ), but as soon as his hand touched your thigh, he pulled it away, very fast.

-“Why are you so cold ? I wanted to cuddle…” he said, laughing before putting the blanket over you.


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As soon as he saw you, shaking because of how cold you were, he ran towards you and starting grabbing your cheeks and rubbing them to warm you up. In return, you started hitting him in a teasing way, but that soon turned up to end in a tickle fight. After your small playful fight, you were both out of breath, almost sweating.

-“what was that for” you ask him, still laughing

-“at least you’re not cold anymore !” he replied


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You were both chilling outside at night, on the porch. You were starting to get cold and you made it obvious by rubbing your legs with your hands to warm up a bit. Jungkook was looking a you and you gave him puppy eyes that could be translated by you wanting him to give you his sweatshirt.

-“No i’m not giving you my sweatshirt” he announced bluntly, in a serious tone.

You pouted in response and started to hug yourself to feel less cold. After a couple of silent minutes, he sighed, took off his sweatshirt and gave it to you.

-“If this one diseappers like the red one I shared with you, i’m going to be really mad !”


I’m sorry this isn’t the best ! My computer is broken and i’m writing this reaction through my phone and i’m not really used to it ! The gifs aren’t the best either cause i can only choose those from tumblr… Sorry ! hopefully my computer will be fixed soon !

The Labyrinth Chapter 30

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 6.5k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

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Bts reaction to their s/o giving them flowers:

Anon requested:  Hi can I request the boys reactions to you giving them a bunch of flowers please xx

A/ N: I can imagine their smiles omg so cute. This was supposed to be out two days ago but tumblr was killing me.


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Can’t stop fussing over it, like he seems to be the talkative type of happy. This will definitely be something he’ll never forget.


Originally posted by aceyng

Too flustered to put his emotions into words so he lets his actions speak for themselves. Yoongi would find no other way to say thank you but lean in closer to your lips…


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As much as it seems like Hobi would be really loud about it, I find that he would too touched to create actual words. Probably the one who appreciated it the most. 

Rap Monster:

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Another one who would rather show you how much he loves it. He might not get as flustered as Yoongi but he’ll smile that dimple smile THAT LITERALLY KILLS ME OKAY.


Originally posted by bwipsul

Extra shy. At first he might even doubt it like are you sure those are for me? An actual shy teenage girl that would probably just give you a hug and blush like crazy.

V/ Taehyung:

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Boyfriend Tae will be the death of me. When you first give him the flowers he might look a bit surprised but his expression will quickly shift to his confident one before giving you a warm hug and probably whispering something really romantic in your ear.


Originally posted by taetaehyungs

He’ll want to say something sarcastic but he is too shy to say anything but probably mumbling a thanks. It’s as if all the sassyness he has just evaporated. Although I do see him getting you something back as a surprise. 

Dating Rocky/ Minhyuk

Rocky as your boyfriend:

  • dates and skinship would be super awkward when you first start dating, awkward hugs and moments of silence
  • he’d ask permission before your first kiss but it’s definitely more gentlemanly and cute than awkward
  • you can’t stop him from holding hands with you all the time once the two of you finally get more comfortable
  • his hands are warm, his smile is warm, his hugs are warm
  • he’s warm and comforting
  • he gives you his jacket whenever you’re cold no matter how windy it is outside, and insists on you wearing it so that you don’t get sick
  • “minhyuk you don’t have to, it’s so windy outside you should keep it on i don’t—” “I don’t want you to catch a cold y/n, i’ll be fine~”
  • watching him dance
  • him teaching you the choreography he’s just made even if you’re the clumsiest person ever
  • him falling asleep in your lap after tiring practices, you lightly massaging his back/ quietly running your fingers through his soft hair as he sleeps
  • he’d play the same game at the carnival twenty times just to make sure that you get the stuffed animal you wanted
  • he’d be super protective over you so that you wouldn’t get hurt or sick, i.e. insisting on carrying bags for you, carrying you to bed when you fall asleep and tucking you in, staying on the phone with you until you get inside anytime you’re walking alone so that he knows that you’re safe
  • he’d get flustered easily, and wouldn’t be able to hide his smiles around you
  • he’d force you to do face masks with him every day since moonbin refuses to
  • listening to music late at night, sometimes just chilling and other times dancing like crazy
  • likes to make you nice breakfasts in the morning
  • him hiding small notes around the house for you to find and read while he’s away, notes like “i love you” “i miss you” “you’re beautiful” “you make me happy”
  • talking about your day while cuddling, you sitting between his legs with your back against his chest, his arms around your waist
  • you’re the first person he turns to when he’s feeling down
  • soft, hesitant kisses at first
  • loves playing with the hem of your shirt, tracing shapes on your back, leaving trails of kisses up your jaw to your ear to your forehead
  • low, quiet growls when making out
  • after fights with you he’d come to you and apologize “y/n, i’m sorry. let’s not fight over this.” then he’d silently pull you close and just hold you and stroke the back of your head until the both of you calm down

dating astro master list

BTS Reaction | their s/o crying when two of the members are arguing

request: “May i ask you a Bts reaction to their S/O crying when two of the members are arguing?”

Kim Seokjin

He would feel guilty for shouting because he knows how much you hated it. “No baby. Please stop crying.” He would move over to you and pull you into a hug, gently kissing your head.

Min Yoongi

As soon as he saw your tears he would back off and be very protective of you. “I’m sorry Y/N. We didn’t want to make you cry.” He would pull you into a hug, stroke over your back and wipe your tears away. “See Taehyung, your stupid point even makes her cry.” He would say while giving him the death stare.

Kim Namjoon

He would pull you close to his chest while stroking over the back of your head, feeling guilty for making you cry. “We didn’t want to make you cry. I’m sorry.” He would also be mad at Jimin for letting his argument escalate like that. 

Jung Hoseok

After he heard you sobbing he would wrap his arms around your waist and kiss your cheeks till the tears would stop. “I’m sorry, I really am. And Jungkook also. Right?” He would glare in his direction making him apologize too.

Park Jimin

“Hey hey hey. Don’t cry baby.” He would immediately turn to you after the saw your eyes becoming watery, ignoring the argument with Hoseok. He would take your face in his hands and kiss your forehead. “I’m sorry. I don’t want to see you cry.”  

Jeon Jungkook

He would be silent at first, shocked that you were crying because of the argument he had with Yoongi. “Don’t cry! We don’t mean it like that, we’re just really tired and hungry.” He would give you a warm smile and try to comfort you by pulling you into a hug. “We’re sorry.”

Kim Taehyung

“Please stop crying.” He would whisper to you while holding you tight. He would try to make you laugh to cheer you up again, because he can’t stand seeing you cry.


Pairing: Peter paker x reader

Request:like where the reader and peter are in a good and happy relationship but it gets twisted when the vulture is actually the readers dad.- @pastelpeter

word count: 1849


Permanent tag list: @isucaf , @jor-da-na

If you want to be added or removed from my permanent tag list let me know!

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Peter was a lucky guy. He had everything he could wish for. Well, not exactly everything, but he had you, and that’s all that mattered anyways.

Y/n and the boy had been good friends ever since high school had started, and without even realising, Peter had fallen for you hard. He had realised in his sophomore year and pinned for you for half a year before he finally got the courage to ask you out. He still couldn’t believe such an awesome and beautiful girl as Y/n could be dating him, but hey, he wasn’t complaining.

At first it had been difficult trying to hide his so called Stark Internship from her, but eventually she found out about him being Spider Man. Of course she would found out! His girl was just too damn intelligent. Anyways, Y/n worried like crazy about him but she also supported him and help patch him up after certain fights, especially lately, as he was fighting a particular villain who had him pretty tired.

He avoid telling her who was he fighting, but after so many bruises he would have to give her a little something. She knew he was fighting some bird dude selling alien tech to thieves and criminals, but that was all. He didn’t want her getting to involved. He would die if something happened to her.

They had been dating for 2 months now. Everyone thought it was getting too serious for a couple of teenagers, but they didn’t get it like Peter did. Y/n was the one, he just knew it. He couldn’t stop thinking about her smile, her eyes, her lips and her fingers interlocked with his. He wanted to hold her forever and never let go. Everytime he saw her his heart did a little jump, like it was their first date all over again. He would do anything for her.

And that’s exactly how he found himself going to her home to have dinner with her family. The boy had met her mom and sister before, however he still had to met her dad. Apparently he kept going on business trips every time he was down to visit, but tonight was the night. He was a little nervous if he was honest, after all, fathers were really protective of their daughters right?

It was supposed to be a sit down dinner, so he had brought a pie and some flowers. They were celebrating Y/n’s sister getting into college, so he wanted to be a nice guest, plus anything to impress his father in law right?

He got May to drive him in front of her home just in time for the dinner to start.

“Call me when dinner is over alright? I’ll come pick you up”

“Yeah sure, thanks May”

He got out the car and ran over to the front porch, knocking on the door as he waited. Y/n’s mom came to open the door as she welcomed him.

“Hello Mrs. Y/ln”

“Hello Peter, come in, Y/n is at the kitchen”


He got in and made his way over to find his beautiful girlfriend making some mashed potatoes over in the corner. He got the flowers and the pie in the counter before hugging her waist from behind, placing his chin in the crock of her neck.

“Hey beautiful”

Y/n smiled as she felt the warm of her boyfriend. She had been worried since she saw him last night a little more bruised up than usual.

She turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck giving him a bright smile before saying.

“Hey handsome”

They lined in for a quick kiss before they were interrupted.

“So, where is that boyfriend of yours Y/n? I want to have a couple words with him. Teach him a lesson or two.”

Y/n let out a giggle before she turned around smiling. The voice that interrupted them came from the living room, where he guessed Y/n?s father was. His voice sounded kinda familiar, but he couldn’t place it. Her girlfriend took his hand before dragging him outside the kitchen.

“C’mon, I want you to meet my dad”

He followed her like a lost puppy, having eyes for nothing but her, but it all changed as soon as he she led him to a man he had definitely seen before.

“Peter, this is my dad. Dad, this is the guy I’ve been dating”

The man standing in front of him had fancier clothes than the times they’ve met before, and looked a hell lot more friendly, however Peter could recognize him everywhere. He stared wide eyed as he realised this was the same man he had been fighting for the past days. Yn made sure to patch up his wounds while his dad opened new ones.

Her dad went for a handshake while he stood there, still staring. After what felt like an embarrassing long time Peter lifted his hand, shaking the man’s hand.

“Don’t be scared kid. That lesson thing was just a joke”

“I’m sorry, sir. Ni-nice to meet you”

“So, I’ve heard you guys have been dating for a while, Is he treating you right Y/n?”

“Yes dad” She said as she rolled her eyes at her father’s words. “He is the best”

“Well, then that’s all that matters to me”

Her dad gave him a final nod before he turned around, heading towards his wife. Peter couldn’t help but stare some more. He didn’t want believe it. What the fuck?

Why was the universe against him? He finally met a cute nice girl who wanted to date him, God knows why, and she is the daughter of the person that is trying to kill him!?

Y/n kept on talking to him, but he could barely listen. Did she knew about this? Obviously not dumbass, she knows about you! But then, what did Y/n thought her father was doing every night?

The boy interrupted the girl as she was talking, trying to understand what was going on with that family.

“What did you say your father works at?”

“He is a salesman, he buys stuff to companies and sells it back to bigger ones. Why you ask?”

“Umm- Nothing, he just seemed familiar”

“You’re probably confused, he has to leave the state a lot to sell all that stuff, you’ve probably never seen him”

“Wait, what stuff does he sell?”

“Well, I’m not sure? It’s mainly tech things, you know, just a family business” The girl shrugged her shoulders, not giving importance to the topic. However it did matter, it mattered a lot to Peter.

Her father was in fact a salesman and he did sell tech stuff, however his family wasn’t aware of what kind of business he had going on.

“Babe, dinner is ready, let’s go”

The rest of the night went on a blur. Peter tried not to talk or make any eye contact, he didn’t want to give anything away. He didn’t knew what to do!

So what now? He couldn’t just come up and say ‘Hey babe remember the bird dude? Well, he is your father and is beating the crap out of me, love you lots bye’. He could not break your family apart like that! He needed time to himself.

Peter excused himself, making up some excuse about May needing him and left early, trying to get away from that mess as soon as possible.

After the dinner Peter distanced himself. Y/n wasn’t sure why, but with each passing day they had seen less and less. He claimed he was just busy between Spiderman and school, but that had never been an issue before.

She wanted to have her boyfriend back, but she didn’t knew what she had done to upset him, or how to even get him. She had told Peter to come by tonight, to talk and maybe figure things out.

Meanwhile the boy knew exactly what he was going to do. His chest got a little too tight when he thought about it, but he knew he had to do it. He had to break up with you.Being a superhero came with responsibilities, and he had to take care of them. Queen’s safety came before him.

Peter got into his spidey suit and left his room, swinging his way to your house. With your father already “back to work” there was no problem running into him in his suit. He stood outside your window with his heart beating fast in his chest as he saw you approaching to open it.

“Peter come ins-”

“ I can’t, I have to go back, I just came by real quick”

The girl sighed as she got out of her room to the fire escape next to Peter.

“What’s up Peter? You’ve been really distant lately”

The girl seemed concerned as she looked into his brown eyes. God he wanted to tell her the truth, but he couldn. He could never do that to her, make her choose.

“That’s what I came to talk to you about”

“Good, cause I’ve been wan-”

“I want to break up”

The boy said it in mere whispers, but he knew she had heard him. The girl stared at him with a heartbroken expression. She couldn’t believe what he had just said. She didn’t want to believe it.

“Wait what?”

“You heard me”

“No Peter wait- What- Why would you want that? I don’t-

“I don’t want to be with you anymore”

Tears started to form into the girl’s eyes. She didn’t knew what was happening but she wanted it to stop. She wanted her old Peter back.

She refused to let the tears roll down, but somewhere along the line she had started sobbing, trying to find the words.

Meanwhile the boy couldn’t bare to look at her. Her hair was messy and her eyes were wet, while she kept talking nonsense. She tried taking his hand but he kept denying it.He wanted to hold her and tell her everything will be okay, but he had to look after her.

“But Peter I-We love each other! Tell me what happened and We’ll figure it out”

Peter wanted to believe in her. He wanted to think that their love could overcome everything and that they could be together. But he knew it wasn’t true. He had to go fight her father, at least try to stop him, but he couldn’t do it behind her back, so he’ll rather not have her at all.

“I don’t love you anymore”

The girl had suddenly stopped crying. She stare as Peter got away from her, with each step putting more distance between them. The girl couldn’t do anything but watch as the boy got on top of the fire escape, ready to leave.

“I’m really sorry, but it’s better like this.”

With these finals words the boy took off, looking behind one last time as he broke not only Y/n’s heart, but also his in the process.

EXO reaction: Them playing with kid(s).

Gifs aren’t mine.

Stream the new Exo MV y’all ily. <3


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Actual Parent Material


➣ Kid is lucky cause he got hella uncles, MHM ever get bored- oh? When will you ever you got life time supply of uncles. The more the  merrier 

➣ All of a sudden this kid has a bunch of toys 

➣ Where did they come from

➣ who’ll ever know



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➣ Playtime all the time. 24/7 All up in dis crib 

➣ He’s got such a big heart for kids, the energy never stops

➣ oK but be prepared cause Chanyeol will probably over work himself cause he won’t realize he’s tired.

➣the things he does for kids

➣ Playful asf

➣ Very open minded, high tolerance, will do anything to keep the good spirit 


Originally posted by exoxoolf

➣ Hella chill

➣ Immediately feels guilty if the kid shows a slight upset attitude 

➣ Kid: *Yells*

Chen: *Yells louder*


➣ Chen: I’m not like most dudes

➣ Kids love him because it’s like they have another play partner B)

D.O. :

Originally posted by sekaisoosgirl

➣ Knows the ways to kid’s hearts.

➣ Why? 

➣ He sings them to sleep

➣ they’re always calm and happy

➣ They may or may not recognize him from a show or smth 

➣ He has a calm voice, high tolerance (Cause only god knows what the other members put him through)


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➣ Ok but- everyone thinks kai is some sex-god or just has this serious demeanor  tho i dont blame ya feel

➣ hOWEVER. This boy is so sweet, has a pure, Kind heart. He’s adorable!

➣ Plays with them, is always interested in what they have to say. 

➣ He immediately wants protect any kid in his reach. 

Father material


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➣ Fluffy unicorn, every kid loves this majestic creature hand-made by angels.

➣ But actually he’s so sweet and kind, and caring. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS HE’S GOT THE KINDEST HEART. 

➣ He’s been mistreated- but is still so kind. 

➣ Probs has candy in his bag

➣ Imagine yixing covering in kids giving him warm hugs- it’s pretty realistic TBH.


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➣ Kid: Hmph *pouts*

➣ Sehun: Same.

➣ Awwwwwwwwh- ok think of how shy he would be around kidssss.

➣“You like dogs? Well I have this dog named Vivi,”

➣ Kids are just really mesmerized by him idk.

➣ Tsundere ftw. May not seem like it but when the kids are out of his reach he feels empty on the inside.

➣ Sehun: *Resting bitch face* *Is actually enjoying this so much* 


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➣ Suho babysitting kids would be considered a break for him tbfh. 

➣ “Sorry I know taking care of this many kids is alot,”

➣ Suho: This is easy. 



➣ Two kids are arguing? Chansoo Is worse pffft this is easy.

➣ Wise father.

➣  I think of him as someone super tolerant, calm, open minded, and perfect for kids. 

➣ Always here for them etc, etc

➣ *Years of putting up with his fellow band members are finally paying off*


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➣  Minseok is probably the very polite type of person

➣ So making sure the kid is happy, getting what they want, etc

➣ CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE: The kid having a bunch of bills once Minseok is done

➣ Minseok: I just gave him money, *shrugs* 

➣ Hella chill, 

➣ Kid learning alot from their time together! 

➣ I just think Minseok would have such an interesting way of teaching without the child realizing it. 

➣ Give it to Minseok for life lessons ? 

➣ “Always lock the door- or hide chopsticks when you shower, Don’t ask why.”


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Hc: Jimin takes up babysitting and has been looking after Jungkook’s little brother for about 3 years. Thing is, Jimin &jungkook have never met each other. Everyday after school Jungkook has work in a local coffee shop until 9 and his mom always returns home before him, resulting in them never meeting. One day Jungkook gets given a day off and comes home from school to see a beautiful stranger babysitting his brother. Instead of JM going home they both look after him& they fall for each other💗

ok so i didn’t really go the fluffy cute route you probably wanted so i’m sorry about that but i still had a lot of fun writing this. there isn’t much of the actual babysitting going on and honestly i think it’s because i just finished nanny lmao…..anyway here you go!!

warning: some sexy stuff in the end, jimin is a big tease the whole time.

Jungkook was pissed. He went all the way to work in his ugly apron because he thought he was late but when he got there, he found out he didn’t even work. Not only did he look stupid walking around looking like a housewife, but he was also just plain stupid for making a mistake like that.

He trudged home after taking off his dumb apron. He had never done something like this in the three years he had worked there. Hopefully his boss didn’t look down on him now.

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One of my favorite concepts is Got7 members laying on Mark like he’s a pillow. What is it about Mark that makes him a good pillow though? Is he really warm, or soft? He’s really gentle with his members, we know that. I’ll bet he’s super warm and paired with those giant, probably really expensive and soft, tops he wears and his gentle fingers around waists and shoulders….. You guys, he must give the best hugs.

When you’re getting super close with another member

softredamancy : BTS reaction to you getting super close with another member ~


Namjoon trusts you. If he had to worry, you would never be his girlfriend. So naturally, he doesn’t mind you being close to the boys. When he comes in the practice room where you’re dancing with Hoseok, you only see his precious smile and his cute dimples. You and Hobi dance ‘till the music ends, and Joonie sits on the floor to watch you. When the music is over, you whine and fall into Hoseok’s arms, panting and sweating like a pig. Namjoon bursts out laughing « Now you understand why it’s so hard to rehearse with Hope ! » You sigh and shake your head in approval, making Hobi & Namjoon laugh. You try to catch your breath as you say « I need a shower. » You hug Hoseok and thank him for taking his precious time to give you a dance lesson. Hobi pinches your cheeks “It was fun, Y/N. Let’s do it again soon !” You take Namjoon’s hand and you get out of the room. As you go to the bathroom to take a warm shower, you ask your boyfriend if he wants to help you out. You know his answer, right ?


You’re watching Netflix with Yoongi, his arm on the back of the couch, just above your head. The door opens and your boyfriend quickly takes a look of of Yoongi & you before sitting next to you. Just when Taehyung reaches for your hand, Yoongi & you burst out laughing. Your head falls on Yoongi’s shoulder as he giggles « It’s so stupid… Aiiishh, this show is too much…». You take Tae’s hand and look at him but your smile fade when you see how annoyed he looks. You say quietly « It’s almost over, can you wait a little more ? » Taehyung doesn’t respond and turns his eyes towards the tv screen. When it’s over, you shake your hand on Yoongi’s hair and wish him goodnight. You take your boyfriend’s arm and as you walk to his bedroom, you ask him what’s wrong. Taehyung stops and pushes you gently against the wall. « What’s between you and Yoongi hyung ? » You raise an eyebrow, surprised by his question. « Well, we have the same tastes in many things, and he’s very funny. I like to hang out with him when you’re playing with Kookie. What kind of question is it ? » Taehyung sighs and clenches his jaw. « I’m jealous. » You can’t help but laugh as you cup his face with your hands. « You’re too cute, Taetae. I’m gonna eat you alive. » Taehyung smiles and lets you kiss him, already forgetting why he was annoyed ten seconds ago.


When he finds you sharing earphones with Namjoon in the living-room, Jin gets a little upset even if he knows he doesn’t have to worry. It’s just the view of your shoulder resting on his chest… He can’t help but feeling annoyed by that. As he walks towards you, he can hear you and Joonie talking quietly about the song you’re listening to. Jin sits next to you, his hands on your knee as he asks what the name of the song. Namjoon smiles to Jin and puts the song on speakers so you can all enjoy it. You press Jin’s hand in yours and offer him a sweet smile « Just listen to it, babe, it’s amazing. » You seem really excited about the song and Jin can’t help but feels guilty about his stupid jealousy, especially when you’re as loving and caring as right now. Even Namjoon manages to make him feel stupid when he gets up and winks « It’s time for me to give my two favorites love birds some alone time… » Jin chuckles and sends a kiss to his husband friend and passes his arms around you, smiling like an idiot when you begin to drop kisses on his cheek.


Comfortably sit on the couch behind the boys, you’re playing with Kookie’s hair while he’s playing video games with Tae. Hoseok walks in the living-room and gets immediately annoyed when he sees your hand caressing Jungkook’s hair. Hobi comes closer, just behind you, to passes his arms around your neck. He whispers in your ear « Come with me, babe… » You don’t move, eyes on the tv screen and say with a soft voice « Let me just watch the end of this session… » Hobi sneers and gently pulls your hair to get closer to your ear, whispering with an almost inaudible voice « Come with me, now. » You clench your lips together,  not knowing if you have to be scared or turned on. You get up after patting Kookie’s head and Hobi drives you to the bedroom, his hand firmly clenched around your wrist. When you’re alone in his room, you press his hands and ask « Are you mad at me ? » Hoseok crosses his arms and leans his head on the side, giving you a cold glance « I don’t know, should I ? » You look at him, completely clueless. Hobi sighs again and groans « It looks like you like Jungkook a little bit too much. » You can’t hold your laugh but stop when you realize he’s being dead serious. You come closer to him and pouts, your arms around his waist « Please, stop. Kookie is my little brother, I like him very much but he’s not my boyfriend, right ? I’m yours. » Hoseok stays silent for a few seconds, his eyes still cold, but when you lean to kiss him, his hands slips on your neck to deepen the kiss.


He’s done with his work for tonight and gets up to join you in the living-room. Everybody’s here, just chilling before dinner. You’re laughing with Jimin on the couch and both of you have tears rolling down your cheeks. To keep balance since you’re laughing so hard, your hand is on his thigh and Jimin’s hand is gripping your arm. You’re laughing like two crazy people and make everyone in the room laugh except Yoongi who’s silently walking towards you. He sits next to you and puts his arms around your shoulders as you calm down. Jimin looks at you and gives you a playful smile before leaving the couch to join Taehyung in the kitchen. You sigh and massage your tummy, feeling the enjoyable pain after laughing slowly so hard. You take Yoongi’s hand and cross your fingers with his. Yoongi smiles at you and asks you why you were both laughing so much. You tell him and don’t expect him to laugh (he never laughs at anything involving you and another boy) but his little chuckle is enough to make you jump to kiss him. Yoongi puts you on his lap and kisses you back but Hobi’s voice stops him « Get a room ! » Yoongi leans to look at him and reply with his famous resting bitch face « She’s my girl, I do what I want to do. ». You feel the goosebumps on your skin and look at your boyfriend like he was the 8th wonder of the world.


You spent all afternoon shopping with Jin and you come back to the dorm with arms loaded with bags, giggling together like two kids. You help him put everything in place and thank him again for letting you go with him. Jin smiles « No, thank you Y/N, it was fun ! » You hug him and smiles when you see your boyfriend walking in. You take his hand and kiss his cheek before he leads you to his room. Jimin doesn’t say anything as you both sits on his bed, but you know he’s annoyed. You don’t know why, though. You pinch his arms and Jimin sighs « Why didn’t you text me back ? » You push aside your shopping bags and fall on the bed « I replied to every texts except the last one because we were on our way home… » Jimin lies next to you and stares at the roof « It sounds like you had a lot of fun with Jin hyung… » You turn your head to look at his pouty face and chuckle « Are you jealous, baby mochi ? » Jimin stays silent but the answer is yes. You laugh again and straighten up to straddle him. You lean down to give him a peck and whisper against his mouth « You’re cute when you’re jealous… » Jimin laugh in the most sexiest way and kisses you as he grabs your ass.


After eating like pigs at lunch, you and Tae needed to lie down for a second, feeling like you were gonna explode. You both fell asleep, obviously. Now you’re napping next to Taehyung, your head on his shoulder and his leg on top of yours. Jungkook enters the bedroom and sighs, upsets to see you so close to his best friend. He knows you don’t mean to hurt him, and he knows it’s kinda his fault if you’re so close to him. You three are always together, doing almost everything together… Sometimes, you even have to remind your boyfriend you need some time alone with him. Jungkook just can’t be mad at you. He gently moves Tae’s leg off you and takes you on his arms. When you huddle up against his neck in your sleep, your nose pocking his ear, Jungkook’s heart skips a beat. All his anger disappears instantly and he tighten his embrace as he walks toward the corridor to gently put you on his bed. He lies down next to you and hugs you tight, kissing the top of your head. The way you settle up against him, whispering his name in your raspy voice, is enough to lighten up his heart.

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“What are you doing?” Astrid asked as she walked into the room, tossing her axe easily onto the table as she made her way over to Hiccup’s desk.

He coughed and shuffled his different papers and parchments together, trying to hide his work. “Nothin’ much… uh, designing Inferno and-”

Astrid rolled her eyes and snatched the papers from his hands, ignoring his yelps and protests. She quickly shuffled through them, pausing when she came across some finely detailed sketches of Toothless and Stormfly.

“Oh, these are beautiful, Hiccup…” She murmured, reaching a hand out to push him back into his seat when he tried to make a move to steal the papers back. She flipped another paper, gasping at the sight of Stormfly in flight, wings spread and mouth slightly parted. There was even some color to this one, watered down blue splatted along with some yellows. It was absolutely gorgeous.

“You did these?” She said in awe, looking up at the boy’s face. Hiccup bit his lip and nodded hesitantly, reaching out again for the papers. “They’re wonderful, babe.”

“Heh, thanks.” He replied quietly, tilting his head to one side. “Th-they’re nothing… truly. Just… stuff I do when I’m- uh, thinking.”


He laughed awkwardly before getting to his feet, hand rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment, “Er, yeah. You’re… sorta on my mind a lot and I figured drawing- Stormfly- was… a good way to…” He gestured wildly, mouth opening yet no words came out as he tried to find the words. 

She flipped another page, doing a double take at the sight of her own self, standing with her axe resting on her shoulder, a confident smile on her lips and eyebrows quirked. Astrid frowned playfully and looked up at the now-blushing Hiccup, the poor guy flustered beyond words.

“What’s this?”

“Er… what’s what?”

She dangled the picture in his face, smiling behind it in her attempts to not laugh, “This, you dork. You draw me too?”

He laughed again, blush spreading to the tips of his ears as he grabbed the paper, gathering the rest from her arms and scuttling over to a chest in which he deposited them. “A-ah… not… erm… normally no- not that- gods I’m making this way harder…” He facepalmed and fell silent, before peeping out between his fingers. “Yes, Astrid, I draw you.” he shifted awkwardly, “a lot…” He added in a mumble

She laughed and stepped forward, giving him a side hug and ruffling his already messy hair. “I think it’s sweet.” She reassured him, hoping to ease his embarrassment. He smiled and tilted his head- almost dragon-like- before pecking his lips against hers.

“You… um, you want to draw with me?” He invited, gesturing towards his desk of scattered papers.

She laughed and shook her head, crossing her arms firmly. “You know very well I can’t draw.” 

Hiccup snorted and grabbed her hand, pulling her to his desk before giving her a little push onto the stool. She grunted, but couldn’t help the grin that spread across her lips. 

“Here.” he tossed her a pencil, turning to pull up another chair from the table. He sat down across beside her, shifting the papers about until he found some blanks. 

“I can’t even do a circle.” She laughed quietly, demonstrating what she meant. Hiccup chuckled lowly, his arms circling her from behind as he rested his hand over hers, directing the pencil slowly over the parchment.

“Here- to do a circle, hold the pencil straight down… yeah, like that. Now touching you hand to the paper and use that as the center of your circle. Now turn the paper… like so…” He slowly spun the paper around, until a complete and perfect circle remained. She blinked in awe, having never known there to be such a trick for drawing.

“Wow…” She murmured, trying the same technique on a slightly smaller oval. “That’s so cool…” She repeated the movement, until her entire page was covered in millions of multi-sized circles.

Hiccup laughed and picked up his own pencil again, sliding back into his chair. He quickly drew a circle, then began filling it in around the edges on one side, his pressure getting lighter until you could hardly see the pencil marks at all. “That’s line shading, no blending or anything, just letting your pencil lift higher and higher off the page so it blends out on it’s own, leaving a sketchy look.”

Astrid watched him closely, nodding once she thought she had a good hang of the concept. She turned and did the same thing to one of her own circles, and while it wasn’t nearly as good or clean slated as Hiccup’s, it was definitely an improvement from her own shading skills.

“Where did you learn all of this?” She asked in bewilderment and awe. She’d never seen such ways of art… although she wasn’t exactly one that got into that type of stuff. She’d always supposed you needed raw raw talent in order to complete anything. That didn’t seem to be the case- or with a circle at least.

“I picked it up- mostly on my own. You try new things the more you do it.” Hiccup twerked an eyebrow, giving her a half smile. “You want to learn how to draw Stormfly?”

She nodded eagerly, allowing him to take up his position again from behind, his warm arms trapping her in a hug as his chin rested on top of her head. She laughed quietly, jabbing his rib with her elbow in teasing. 

He grunted, but she could feel his jaw move in a smile on atop her head. His hands moved hers, and before long he was showing her the general shapes of her lovely blue dragon. A large circle for the head, another two circles for the body and legs. Join the head to the body, create the talents using sharp strokes…

She payed as deep attention as possible, yet it was difficult with Hiccup’s chest pressed against her back. She was constantly flipping her eyes back away from his hand to the drawing before her, concentration wavering. 

The drawing was sketchy, but somehow perfect. She had no doubt her’s would look nowhere near as… accurate, but she was determined to give it a try. So once Hiccup stepped away for the second time, she plucked up a new piece of paper and got to work.

“Too big-” Hiccup interupted when she began to lightly sketch Stormfly’s head. “Just a bit… smaller… there, that should work.”

She nodded and bit her lip, continuing the sketches outline while taking a few glances towards Hiccup’s for reference. 

She let her hand slip down the legs, trying to get the muscle tones right but failing utterly. After five minutes of continued frustration, she tossed her pencil at the wall and glared at the paper, picking it up and crumpling it into her fist.

“Astrid-!” Hiccup exclaimed, eyes following the paper ball as it flew across the room. “What was that? It was looking great-!”

“Don’t lie.” She herumphed. “The legs were too thin and weren’t placed right.” She leaned back in her chair, arms crossed as she tried to figure out a solution for this dilemma. “Drawing’s hard.” She muttered darrkly.

“It takes practice…” Hiccup reminded her gently, twisting in his chair to face her. His green eyes were bright with amusement, and his lips twitched, hinting a hidden smile. She sighed and looked down, her own smile creeping back.

“How about we do something else?” 

She looked back at him, “No, Hiccup, I think I’ve had enough with that pencil for today.”

“Nah… come on.” he poked a finger at her side, teasingly. “We’ll find something easier to you. How about an axe?”

She huffed, “Very funny.”


“Not helping, Hiccup.” She snorted on her laughter, not being able to contain her mirth. “How about you draw the dragon, and I’ll try and color it.”

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Dance For Me


Request: Can you do one where Shawn comes all the way from tour for you birthday and tells you that you are going to go on tour with him as his personal dancer ? Xx

Word Count: 1,813

A/N: I really hope you like this. 

Dance For Me

“That was so sick, for real tho!” Your friend said, giving you a high five.

“We killed it!” You said, clapping your hands.

You had been working on this choreography for so long, without getting it right, it had actually started to annoy you, but this time, this time, you both killed it.

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Malice (M)

Drabble game request: Hoseok + The Neighbourhood - #icanteven | for anon

Character / Genre: Jung Hoseok x reader | smut, angst | 2,550 words

I can’t even, I can’t even believe what you did to me

You can’t even, you can’t even say I’m overreacting

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