i want to give him a warm hug

things i want in yoi season 2


- more salty victor tbh



-another otayuri date

-it’s cold outside & yuri forgot his jacket so he cuddles victor for warmth

-victor & yuri drink hot coco and talk about their life problems with each other while sitting by a warm fire

-yurio accidentally says something stupid in front of ota & gets embarrassed

- fuck it, give us more hugs


-yurio, yuri, & victor all go hang out as a family and shit 


-more mila and sala moments


-*cough* marriage *cough*

-*cough* yuri wins gold *cough cough*

-makkachin doesn’t eat anymore buns


-victuuri “i love yous” bc why not

One of my favorite concepts is Got7 members laying on Mark like he’s a pillow. What is it about Mark that makes him a good pillow though? Is he really warm, or soft? He’s really gentle with his members, we know that. I’ll bet he’s super warm and paired with those giant, probably really expensive and soft, tops he wears and his gentle fingers around waists and shoulders….. You guys, he must give the best hugs.

I think I should probably get the ball rolling in order to get some of those sweet sweet requests, so here’s McCree with a shy and very socially anxious s/o! (I’ll do one for Sombra tomorrow!):



 - Finds you so adorable and endearing when you act shy around him but once he finds out you get REALLY anxious in social situations and it’s not just shyness, he wants to help you in any way he can to make your days not so unbearable 

 - TBH it warms his heart when he realizes how hard it is for you to warm up to people and yet, you warmed up to him and trusted him and it makes him swoon~ 

 - Will sometimes give you impromptu hugs in public and almost squeeze the living daylights out of you because he can’t handle how adorable you are and how much he loves you… also so he can see that cute blush! 

 - Will help you if you find yourself in a situation that makes you anxious 

 - Like stressing about when to approach Soldier to give him that paperwork he asked for because what if he’s too busy and he gets mad? Which seems like all the time 

 - “What'cha starin’ at the old man for? Don’t tell me I got some competition now" 

 - Once you explain it he totally 100% goes and supports you. Will come up to him with you and help you articulate what you mean to say if you have trouble finding the right words

- When you two are alone, he’ll try to rile you up so he can experience his favourite thing in the world which is the combo pack of your blush + that heavenly little giggle you make when he’s especially sweet to you, like giving you nuzzles and compliments, even tickles if he’s feeling extra playful!

official ranking of every flareon sprite on bulbapedia

a good start!! very puffy and cute. i just want to give him a hug. a true friend

also really puffy and cute!! lots of nice warm colors which is nice. these sprites are all very good so far!!

he is ready for action!! also very puffy i enjoy all this puff. not much to say on this one 

less puffy but still good!! his fur looks more firey which i like. i feel like this one would be very warm 

awww this one is so cute!! he is tilting is little head!! this one is the best just bc of how cute it is. 10/10 the perfect flareon sprite 

this one is cute too!! hes back to being puffy and he looks nice and warm. all the flareon sprites are really good so far and thats really nice

he is sitting nicely. what a cute friend. a little boring but still nice!! all in all a friend 

once again ready for action!! his tail is super puffy which is great the more puff the better. he looks very playful 9/10

boring. but still hes a good friend who looks very cute and puffy. not the best 

a less boring then the platinum sprite which is good. the ones where he is ready for action are nice so this is good

boring like the platinum one. a good fluffy tail tho! i wish he would do something other then just stand 

very fluffy tail!!! boring but he looks so cuddly i cant help but love him. a nice warm friend 

Best to worst huggers in the troupe (+ how they would feel)

I want a hug so I made this. Creds to @shalnarkonice for helping me with this

Uvogin - would have to be careful not to crush you, but very good at hugs.

Kortopi - he’s just a kid who needs attention of course he loves hugs give him hugs!!!!

Shizuku - awkward at first but would hug back after a few seconds (a little weird but nice)

Chrollo - very reserved but overall would be very warm.


Bonolenov - this man is average. Bony, but average.

Phinks - too scared to lose his “manliness” but would secretly love it and would hug back awkwardly.

Shalnark - “DONT! TOUCH! ME!” (but I’m sure it would be nice to feel those muscles if ya know what I’m sayin’)

Kalluto - not the kind of person that likes contact.

Franklin - wouldn’t even know how to respond tbh

Machi - we all know why she doesn’t like hugs (thanks to ch. 357 pleasE done kill me) she would punch you before you even got near her.

Nobunaga - would not even look in your direction for months. will hold grudge because of a hug. no hugs.


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Cuddly bedtime story pretty please Syd ? :) x

You read my mind! I was just thinking about how bad I wanted that haha.

Harry asleep on the couch, waiting for you because you went out with friends for the night. He probably swore he was going to stay up but of course he fell asleep. He jumps at the sound of the front door closing, and when you see him he’s rubbing his puffy eyes with his hands. He gives you a sleepy smile as he rises to his feet to give you a hug. “Hi baby.”

You hug him close and he’s so warm, and smells so much like him that it makes your heart flutter. “Did I wake you?”

“No,” he lies. “Been up. Needed a cuddle.” He takes your hand and sits you both down on the couch, helping you out of your boots and jacket while you tell him about your night.

He’s yawning and giving you sleepy little sniffles but you know he’s listening intently and it’s adorable. So when you finish, you curl into his side and press a kiss into his neck. “I love you.”

He smiles, giving you a little squeeze. “Yeah? What’d I do?”

“You’re just…. perfect. You’re perfect and I love you.”

He kisses the top of your head, holding his lips still for a brief moment and just taking in your smell. “Well I love you too, sweet girl. Been missin’ your cuddles. Wanna head to bed? Get more comfy?”


Being sick sucked. You hated the fever, the pain in your body, just everything.

“You look awful”, said Magnus and you looked to him.
“I’m miserable. You don’t get sick so you have no clue how such a flu feels.”
“You know that I could just heal you”, he suggested.

For a moment you wanted to give in. Feeling good again would be amazing but you had a reason for not letting him do it.

“I’m human Magnus. Human get sick but we get over it. It’s part of our life.”
“I just want you to feel better (y/n).”

“Then come over and cuddle me,” you pouted and hugged your teddybear tighter.
Magnus looked at you with a soft smile before he made his way over to you.

He laid down besides you and embraced you in a warm hug.
With a sigh you tucked at the fabric of his shirt and already felt a little bit better.
As long as Magnus was with you, everything would be fine again.

requested by @chubbyhufflepuff
Hope you feel better soon ^^

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HI there! I love this blog a ton. It really perks me up after work. Can I have some Tierno head cannons with an S/O? Fluff or smut, what ever. He's just a really sweet guy <3

I gotta agree, he is a pretty cool dude ^^

* He loves hugging you. He’ll often give you a big bear hug out of nowhere, sometimes lifting you off the ground.

* He always takes the time to tell you how good you look today. He wants you to go through your day feeling good about yourself.

* Cuddling with him is always nice, since he’s good to lay against and is always pleasantly warm.

* Dancing with him is always fun. He loves teaching you new moves and especially likes watching the way you dance.

This little cute idea in my head asked “what would happen is jack got cold?” Well the answer is mark would give his sweater up for him. Then put his hands in the pockets to hug jack close to keep him warm.


You had never been the type of person that was very good with mushy, intimate, emotional things. When Y/F/N’s pet fish died the most you did was giving her a pat on the back and a ‘So what did you wanna do with the tiny corpse? I’ll flush it down the toilet if you want.’ Whenever someone hugged you (Usually it was Harry that would tackle you in a hug whenever you saw each other because he knew how much you hated it) you would tense up and awkwardly stand there until they pulled away. The most PDA you could handle with Niall was holding his hand (because they were nice and warm all the time) and giving him the occasional kiss on the cheek depending on the situation. Basically, Niall was the only person you could really tolerate touching you. 

So imagine your horror when you realized that wedding vows came with the wedding. You had thought of that shortly after Niall proposed to you a couple months ago - And here you were, preparing to bullshit an entire two minutes worth of vows, when you were given six perfectly good months to come up with something. What was the point of reciting a cheesy vow? All that stuff could be said privately, not in front of an entire crowd! Niall, on the other hand, was completely prepared and he even brought cue cards. 

“-are my best friend and one true love. T’ere’s still a part o’ me today that cannot believe I’m the one who gets to marry you and spend the rest o’ my life with you. Can’t wait t’ be able to finally call you mine.” Niall finished with a bright smile, tucking his cue cards away and taking ahold of your hands again. 

“Y/N, would you like to read your vows?” The priest asked, turning to face you a little.

“Not particularly.” There was a small wave of laughter from the crowd - They all thought you were kidding, but you were dead serious. You had no clue what to say. While Niall was speaking, all you could come up with in your mind was ‘I love you, man.’ Here goes nothing. “Okay, so, um.. This isn’t going to be as articulately structured as yours, so bear with me if I stumble over my words.” You gave Niall a look, beaming when he giggled and shook his head. “Niall. You are.. the light of my life. You’re just a ray of sunshine that radiates warmth everywhere and that’s what attracted me to you in the very beginning - Also, I’m always very cold and you being warm helps a little.” Once again, everyone laughed at your words. Thank god you were funny, or else this vow would’ve gone down the drain. “I’m very lucky to have you as a best friend, as my one true love- And yes, I just stole a part of your vow but you love me so that’s okay. I promise I’ll be there with you every step of the way - Not in the creepy way, obviously, and I’ll love you for the rest of my life.” You concluded, clearing your throat before turning a shooting the priest a thumbs up. 

“Charmin’.” Niall snorted lightly, turning as the priest announced for the ring-bearer to bring the wedding bands. “Can’t believe I’m marryin’ such a dork.” 

“You better believe it, buddy - Once those rings are on, you’re stuck with me for life.” 


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I Don’t Wanna be a Hunter(Dean Winchester/ DDM)


Originally posted by milavish

“Thanks Mom,” You grin taking your dance bag from, as she kisses the top of your head. Your uncles Sam and Cas gave you quick hugs, wishing you luck. 

“Dean thinks we’re doing research on a hunt, so you’re good.” Sam tells you, “Are you sure you don’t want him to know?” 

“Maybe some other time.” You shrug sadly, “I’ve got to go, I’ll see you soon.” They all give you smiles as you follow your team into the dressing room. It was as hectic as always, with everyone putting on costumes, makeup, warming up, hair, etc. 

Duets were first and you were scared, the number you had learned was extremely difficult. It was also one of the few times you danced with a male partner, which you were okay with, but still not used to. 

“Y/N Winchester and (Random guys name) performing ‘Youth’.” You walk on and nearly freeze when you see your father, Dean, sitting next to your mother, with an angry look on his face. Cas and Sam gave you sad smiles, as your mother shrugs. Taking a deep breaths, you continue moving, getting into your starting position. 

(All rights to the number go to SYTYCD, the number with Jaja and Alex I think, etc) 

You both grab hands and bow to the judges, and walking off together. Rushing back to the dressing room, your heart felt like it was about to beat out of your chest. He’s here, Dad’s here.You thought. 

“Come on, Y/N, its time for your group!” A dancer calls, and in a matter of seconds your were out of the costume and into another. Minutes later, your makeup and hair was done, before someone was waiting for you in the hall, Dean. 

“What the hell was that?” He asks, raising his brows. You glance back at your mom and uncles, but Dean isn’t having it. “Don’t look at them, look at me! Y/N, what was that?” 

“Dancing?” The unsure tone in your voice angers him even more. 

“Lets go,” He reaches for you, but this time you aren’t having it. 

“No!” You exclaim taking a step back. 


“No,” You find your voice. “Did you not see me out there? Dad, I love it. I love this more than anything I’ve ever done before.” 

“You’re a hunter, Y/N-” 

“No,” You cut him off, “You’re a hunter, Dad. I don’t wanna be a hunter, I never have.” 

“Y/N, I understand that you have fun here, but-” 

“But nothing! I love it, why can’t you see that?” 

“If you love it so much why haven’t you ever told me?!” He exclaims, raising his voice. 

“MAYBE BECAUSE YOU PUT THE REST OF THE WORLD BEFORE ME!” You burst. “Maybe if you paid enough attention to me and not hunting every single demon on this earth you would have known that. Maybe you could have been there for me, but even I know that would have been a long shot.” He falls completely silent. “When will I ever come first?” 

“Y/N?” You don’t dare leave your father’s gaze. “We’ve got to go.” 

“Coming,” You say finally tearing away from your Dean’s gaze. “I hope to see you other there, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you weren’t.” You mutter, leaving your family behind. 

Part two?

Monsta X Reaction To Their Girlfriend Having Anxiety Attacks

I was wondering if this is a topic that might need a “Trigger warning”, but I think it’s safe enough. If anyone thinks different I will make sure to add the warning to the title, so let me know


He would do everything he can to make you feel loved and valued, he would support you all the time and be by your side


He’d be with you when you need him. He’d be careful speaking to you


He would most definitely want to give you a big, warm hug and listen to you if you need to let it all out
“I love you the most in this world, you can tell me everything that worries you”


Tells you that he loves you a lot. He’d want to listen to you speak up about the things that bother you or make you upset


He would act very protective and would worry about you. He’d always ask you if you need anything or if you want to talk


He would try to make you smile or laugh, just tries really hard to lighten up the mood


Like Jooheon, he would want to make you smile more, but he would understand if you prefer to be left alone or talk about your worries

I hope you like it~
Feel free to request more!

Chapter 98

- Urie said he wanted to go home with Mutsuki *insert fujoshi nosebleed gif here*

- Saiko is just having the worst day and deserves warm hugs, Doritos and a Netflix account.

- I genuinely thought Amon killed Urie and I was not a happy bunny. Turns out I like Urie more than Amon - who knew.

- I feel like Amon only came back to have the shit kicked out of him, give Saiko a crisis of confidence and then die… I mean Donato’s just broke out of Cochlea it seems a waste if they don’t have a little family reunion.

- I always thought you were such a nice girl Kimi Nishino…
I feel like I’m watching that ‘girl loves boy, girl does something stupid to help boy, boy has to save girl from evil maniac’ trope unfold. Seriously… I feel like pregnant Kimi is probably going to be canon, Nishiki got pissed about it because tbh interbreeding in popular ghoul culture never ends well, so Kimi took herself off and is now Kanou’s underling. *sighs*

- I bloody love the Tsukiyama gang but I need more on their relationship with Amon. I dunno I just don’t feel like we’ve had anything in canon to link them together. They’ve saved Seidou but - why?

- Come at me Game of Thrones AU!

- I like that the Clowns are taking advantage of the annihilation of Aogiri.