i want to get groceries like this

New submitter here!

Hi! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I’ve been wanting submit a few incidents that have happened at my store (I’m a courtesy clerk) so here’s one that I constantly think of.

So, like I mentioned above, I work in a grocery store as a courtesy clerk. This store in particular is in a town where the majority of the people are upper middle class Caucasian families, which means that I get a lot of… comments, specifically from the men. More so because I am a 5'3 19yr old Mexican girl and I don’t quite fit in… Anyway back to the incident.

So as part of my job, I have to clear the parking lot of shopping carts, the maximum amount of carts is six, mostly for safety reasons but I once found out I was strong enough to push in ten. (That will be important later on in my story.) This particular evening, I was pushing four carts towards the store because
A) they were the closest to the door and I figured, eh why not
B) I was just too lazy to walk further into the lot
C) it was dark out already and even though I was wearing a reflective vest, people can’t seem to see me in it (But that’s another story!)
Anyway, as I’m pushing four carts to the door, this older white man (early fifties maybe, I don’t know) sees me and kinda chuckles at the sight of a short Mexican girl wearing an oversized reflective vest pushing multiple carts back into the store. He starts walking beside me and says “aawww, aren’t those too heavy for you sweetie? Are you sure you can handle them?” Now, I get it, sometimes people say things like this just to start conversations and just be friendly but that particular shift was one of the more stressful ones because it was between thanksgiving and Christmas and it was my last hour so I was just done with people and I wasn’t dealing with old white men trying to be conversational. So I looked at him dead in the eye with my best customer service smile and said “sir, I can push in up to ten carts at a time” right away his smile disappeared and he frowned and mumbled “well aren’t you a little show off.”
Did it bother me? Yes, the whole interaction did.
Do I regret my comment? Not one bit.
Was I thinking of hitting him with ten carts when he walked out? Yes.
Am I overreacting? Probably.
But I honestly don’t understand why people make stupid comments like that, especially to employees who are just trying to get through their shift without any sass or attitude from customers.

So in short (TLTR or something like that): white guy tried to make a stupid comment at the end of of a shitty shift, I shut him down and he got butthurt.

Moral of the story: Don’t make stupid comments to retail employees.

anonymous asked:

Hi J, I hope you're OK. I know you have a lot going on but I was wondering if I could get some advice - how do you and your lady manage safety when out at night? My gf and I keep getting relentlessly sexually harassed and I'm terrified of not being able to protect her. Before her, I had some of these situations turn really dangerous, and I don't want that for her. But now she's terrified and is scared to hold my hand at the grocery store and I don't know how to keep her safe.

Oyyy, this is a rough one, and it’s one that is different for every couple in every place and every moment, unfortunately (like, the experiences of interracial couples are different than white couples than brown couples, how femmey people are at any given moment, body types, on and on). We’ve been in a bunch of rough situations, and I walk the world every moment with the horrible terror that I can’t protect her. So I totally feel you. But. She just took a queer self-defense class and that makes her feel safer on her own, and I… well, I box a lot. That said, I also have a lot of experience talking down from violent situations, so I’m generally very comfortable… It’s also about awareness and reading situations, which you get better with with time. And ultimately, it’s okay if she’s gonna choose not to be touchy in public, if that’s what’s gonna make her feel safer. Either way, I’m sending you and your girl so much love, darling: you’re both amazing and deserve only the best treatment in all contexts and spaces <3 <3 <3

  • Belle: Papa, do you think I'm...odd?
  • Maurice: My daughter, odd? Now where would someone get an idea like that?
  • Belle: oh gee Papa
  • Belle: I dunno
  • Belle: Maybe it's the fact that every time I go into town literally the entire fucking village, including the children and the fucking criminals, performs a perfectly synchronized, highly choreographed number about how much they all hate me and think I'm weird
  • Belle: every fucking morning
  • Belle: I just want to get some groceries Papa

I tell everyone this and I mean it. Buy a journal. Carry it with you everywhere you go. And I mean everywhere. Write about your favorite moments, your least favorite moments, ideas, grocery lists, people you’ve met, strangers you’ve walked past on the street, favorite quotes, words to remember, what the sky looked like at 7pm, new songs you’ve discovered and what they mean to you, your childhood, places you want to go or places you’ve been, write about your passions, how you feel in this exact moment, draw out the mountains, scribble all over the pages. And when that one gets full, buy a new one. Reread it in 2 years, 20 years, when you need a good laugh, when you’re crying on your bathroom floor, read it to your children. You need to remember these moments in your life. They are so important.

Any breakfast cereal aficionado could tell you that General Mills only manufacturers and distributes Count Chocula for a couple of months leading up to Hallowe’en; it’s not normally available at any other time of year.

Well, it turns out that my local grocery co-op managed to lose track of a whole crate of the stuff last October - mislabeled or somesuch, I’m not 100% sure - and only realised they still had it in their storeroom just now.

So of course they put it out on the shelves. I mean, it’s pure sugar - it’s not like it expires. And they really want to get rid of the stuff, so it’s like $2 per box.

Long story short, I’m eating Count Chocula in February. Whee~


Yoooo, so I mentioned that my computer is all kinds of borked and wont even start up. That being the case, I really need a new laptop so I can do the arts! Unfortunately with my mom’s health issues and business at work is super slow, I’m only getting like 5 hours a week (When mom is able to actually take me to work). My boss understands and isn’t firing me (yet), but this leaves me with no money to get a new laptop (What I do make I use to pay my phone and help mom with groceries or bills, whatever she needs at the time).
Can’t do digital commissions RN cause my computer is dead as heckle and mom dont want me to install things on her computer).

Soooo would anyone be interested in traditional commissions?
I don’t have many examples since I dont do traditional often (IDK why?) but I can do colored pencil pretty dang well, crayons, and markers somewhat okay, and I have watercolors as well, but very basic colors and I’m not so good with them.

Sketches are $5, Lines $10, And colors are $25-$30 for single characters, full body (depends on complexity). If you want busts though, then I can cut a bit of the price off for you. They are finished usually within a day (or same day) as payment received!


GOT7 On Valentine’s Day

A.N. Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely followers! Hope you were able to eat some yummy candy!!


  • Think this “holiday” is the dumbest thing ever
  • Like just spoil your partner every day of the year???
  • But he low key loves this holiday at the same time.
  • He’ll plan a nice dinner thats over looking at the city 
  • It’s sorta cliche but he like cliche, only once in a while not all the time though


  • Today really all depended on what you wanted to do
  • If you wanted to do something big and fancy, he’ll plan something big and fancy
  • You wanted to do something at home, he’ll plan something like a big Netflix marathon
  • Would still get you a nice flowers
  • Not just those flowers that are sold in the grocery store, he’ll get that big expensive bouquet of your favorite flowers


  • He loves Valentine’s Day because he can 30x’s as extra as he usually is
  • He already spoils you but he gets really competitive when he sees others post stuff about their partners.
  • “Jackson I don’t need another giant teddy bear! You already gave me one.”
  • Would make sure he post about this on social media not to make people jealous or envious but to show he’s the best boyfriend ever


  • You wouldnt know what he was planning for this day
  • like he never brought up plans for Valentine’s Day cause he even talked about it
  • It was literally until 4 in the afternoon that he told you to get ready for a date
  • You were literally like wtf
  • But it was a cute cafe date, too many people at other restaurants so a cafe is a quiet and nice
  • He’s a plain romantic type so it was nothing big or extravagant like Jackson


  • This cutie would plan such a cute date for the two of you
  • Would take you and Coco to a local park and have a nice picnic
  • Youngjae would give you a cute sentimental gift like flowers, and a mixtape that he made for you
  • Later after dropping of the love of his life, coco, he would got to the stores and just walk around.
  • Probably ends up buying you things behind your back or for Coco.
  • Make sure that you had a nice day


  • Wouldn’t even know where to begin for this day
  • Has millions of ideas on what to do but can’t choose the best one
  • So he decided to cook a nice meal for you at his dorm, he payed the members to leave for a couple of hours. 
  • As he was cooking dinner he almost burned the dorm down but didn’t
  • He actually did this only so he can do that SaltBae thing 


  • He honestly wouldn’t know what to do because the two of you do everything together already???
  • Like he asked the other members on what he should do and all they did was annoy him
  • But you mentioned that you wanted to got to the movies so he took you
  • If the other members didn’t have plans they would stalk you
  • Expect a cute ice cream date after the movie and a walk around the city.

I feel like I am this weird combination this weekend of “I am Not Doing Well” and “But don’t freak out”. Because like…on the one hand I have had this headache for two days (thanks global warming, a high pressure system causing 70F temps in February is totally normal) and I’m tired and nothing looks like anything I want to eat. 

On the other hand I got a bunch of fanfic done (4 to go!) and I made cultured butter and I TRIED to make chevre (it did not chev) and I think I may have successfully invented ukulele tabs for The Star Spangled Man. Also I’m feeling pretty good because I tracked my purchases for this month to see why I never have any money and it turns out groceries, so at least I know I’m not poor because I’m blowing all my cash on fripperies that somehow disappear before I get home.  

Guys if you ever feel like you are simultaneously a mess and killing it, just know you are not alone. 

A Conversation With My Anxiety: The Grocery Store

Anxiety: “Where are we going?”

Me: “I need to get some food.”

“But there are people there.”

“I know, but I need food.”

“You don’t like people, though. It’s going to be very uncomfortable for you.”

“I still need food.”

“Just stay home and order a pizza.”

“I don’t want pizza, I want some real food. I need to eat better.”

“Pfsht, it doesn’t matter, you’re still out of shape.”

“That’s why I’m getting something healthy.”

“Why Healthy? It’s not like you have anybody to impress.”

“I’m not doing it for anybody else, I’m doing it for myself.”

“Still a loser.”

“Shut up.”

“All these people see the bachelor food you have in your basket.”


“They know you’re a loser, cuz you’re single. They’re all staring at you.”

“Not a loser, and nobody is staring.”

“Not when you look at them.”

There isn’t even anybody in this isle.”

“Whatever; how come you’re going to the self-checkout line?”

“Because I only have a few things, and it’ll be quicker.”

“Well, your card isn’t going to work. How embarrassing for you.”

“That has never happened before. I just got paid.”

“It’s still gonna happen, then you’re gonna have to put everything back.”

“It’s fine. It worked fine.”

“Maybe next time then.”

“Go away.”

“Fine, but I’ll be back. You’re not getting rid of me any time soon.”

anonymous asked:

My little girl gets in these moods where she just needs to be alone. Today she threw a tantrum and just sobbed on the living room floor even though we needed to go grocery shopping and she knew this. She kicked and pinched and bit me but ultimately I picked her up and we left for what was a very moody grocery trip. She was sassy and rude the whole time. Does your little get in funks like this? How do I help her? *I have asked other doms as well*

Well, number one… I don’t have a little.

Two, this sounds to me like it could be one of two things

one being that she is not getting enough attention from you and doesn’t feel like things like grocery shopping trips and adulting type things are what is really giving her that attention that she desires and wants.

Therefore she is acting out in order to be able to get a more intimate experience with you. And yes, I know it sounds strange that she would purposely be bad in order to get the kind of attention that she’s getting… But if she’s not getting what she wants in the first place then you can liken this behavior to something like self harm.

She is committing a negative action in order to get a temporarily for filling feeling.

She has discovered that in being the way that she’s being she actually gets you to touch her, talk to her, and interact with her in a bigger way than what you have been. And even though the attention may be negative, it’s still more than what she feels she’s actually getting otherwise

The flipside to this is that maybe you have done something where she just doesn’t see you in the dominant position anymore… Therefore she is lashing out and testing you to see if you will take back what you once had. That being your dominance that she feels that you once had over her.

It’s always been my opinion that a bratty sub is bratty for a reason and it’s not natural. Those reasons are usually because the daddy is not living up to his part of the role and relationship.

Is she getting enough little time?
have schedules changed and she feels too stressed or overwhelmed with big things?
Are you providing her a time where she can be a little in the way that she likes to be?

If not… this could just simply be frustration boiling over.

I suggest that you schedule what I refer to as the safe hour. At least one hour a week where you both can sit down in a quiet and comfortable environment and just talk about the week and what worked and what didn’t.

This is a time where you are attacking the problem, and not the person… Which sounds simple but when you actually sit down to try and do that you’ll find that your communication and language has to change in a way that actually reflects that statement

We lose so many opportunities when we simply refuse to communicate with each other in a way that is conducive to growth. We let our pride get in the way, especially when we are a daddy, and it ends up just ruining things.

Provide that safe zone for her to be able to talk and speak her mind and let her know that it’s OK to do so. The results that you get may end up cutting down on the tantrums and fits.

I won't come into your store anymore, but no one else will either.

So I mentioned this story in a previous comment, and it was recommended that I post it here. So here we go…

A couple years back I bought my wife flowers for Valentine’s Day from a national florist that had affiliate florist shops all throughout the country (we’ll call the big company NF for national florist and the local florist LF). So the flowers get delivered, and they look like complete garbage. The arrangement was smaller than advertised, and the flowers were a few days from fresh and wilting. Now, in my opinion, it’s Valentine’s Day, the one day a year a florist NEEDS to be on point. So I call LF to complain. I wanted either a replacement arrangement, or a refund so I could go elsewhere to get decent looking flowers for my wife (the grocery store would have been better honestly).

When I called to complain, the person who answered the phone was very rude right from jump. I have to assume it was a crazy busy day for her, and my arrangement wasn’t the only one that had issues. The woman became very defensive, as if the flowers were a part of her soul and I was personally attacking it. I asked to speak to a manager, she replies “I’m the owner”. We continued to argue for the next couple minutes, when I threatened to stop payment on my CC. She said “alright, I’m going to refund you the money, but you’re NEVER allowed to step into my store again”. And hung up on me.

Alright bitch, I got you.

So I spend the next few hours on the phone with NF, bouncing all over the country from call center to call center moving one rung up the ladder of their corporate structure at a time. Until I get about 4 steps from the top, someone gives me a boost, and I got the actual number of the CEO of NF. I spend about 20 minutes on hold after speaking to the secretary and briefly explaining my situation.

I tell the CEO what happens, and he couldn’t have been nicer. I told him, I had ordered from different NF stores from many different states in the past, and was generally satisfied, and I felt like LF in no way represents the NF brand, and they should lose their affiliation. He did not immediately respond to that request, but said he would investigate the situation, and in the meantime send me flowers from a different florist locally within the NF brand. I received those flowers from a florist an hour away, within 2 hours, and they looked amazing. Better than I could have asked for. About 2 weeks later, I received a letter in the mail (I didn’t go into all this detail in my original comment, but the result is the same) and the letter apologized profusely, and thanked me for bringing this to their attention. Apparently, they keep tapes of the calls made to the florists, they reviewed the tapes and agreed, LF did not represent how NF wants to treat its customers, and LF will no longer be a part of the NF brand. He gave me a $250 gift card to any NF store.

Within 2 years, LF closed because it couldn’t support being an independent florist in this suburb when there was already another florist under the NF brand.

So, sure lady, I won’t step foot in your store again. But neither will anyone else.

I work in a seafood department in a grocery store by the name of Scwhole Schfoods. What we have in the case is what you pay for and THEN we can trim it to what you want.

During the holiday season an older man came in and asked for a piece of swordfish but with the bloodline cut out and the skin off. Sure, no problem.

So I weigh it up and start to cut it and he’s like, ‘wait I have to pay for it?’ So I say, 'yeah we weigh up what you get, and then we can trim it to what you want.’ Then he goes, 'but the other guys do it for me all the time.’

So at this point, my manager steps in and tells him, 'I’m sorry sir, you got lucky last time but it’s our company policy to weigh up the product before we cut it.’

The guy goes, 'well where is it written that it’s a policy?’

My manager couldn’t handle the stupidity and walked away without saying anything else because he was just that angry. Like, dude, it’s not written anywhere that you have to pay for your groceries either but that’s a company policy.

(Btw, the amount I cut off was less than $2)

Me 10% of the year: Love me. Give me all the cuddles. Mm yes, you fine. Gimme a piece of that hot a-

Also me, the other 90% of the year: *cute guy hits on me* ?!?! Ummm excuse me???? *hackles raise* No thanks. Just want to exist in peace. Please leave now. Yes? *backs away hissing*

—  In conclusion… I am a cat.
Fake Chats #157
  • Previously, on BTS - Grocery Shopping:
  • Taehyung: I don't really know about these loins. Like, these sirloins I can get behind, 'cause, you know, you oughta be able to trust a loin that's been knighted.
  • Seokjin: but a regular loin, yeah, that's trickier.
  • Taehyung: what if they came from a background of ill repute? I don't think I want that in my body.
  • Seokjin: I totally understand. Let's get the knights instead.
  • Jimin: Taejin rises again.
  • Jungkook: yeah, 'cause Tae and Jin separately wasn't bad enough.
  • Jimin: next time they can come by themselves.
  • Jungkook: well, hang on. Can we get ice cream?
  • Seokjin: mm...
  • Taehyung: oh, please!
  • Seokjin: I guess so.
  • Jikook: Taejin.
Me when I'm married
  • SO: Honey, I'm going grocery shopping, should I get some A-
  • SO: What?
  • SO: Wait no, not again
  • SO: Well you'll have one less thing to do if you tell me whether you want me to buy apples at the grocery store or not
I’m going to turn myself in a fucking bombshell.

I want to be a better me and I ain’t getting to 10k looking how I’m looking. 

I’m getting a new wig.

I’m going to up my exercise routine.

I’m going to buy new tighter clothing, modesty ain’t doing shit for me.

I’m getting some expensive wispy eyelashes

I’m getting veneers.

I’m going to wear heels at all times. To the grocery store, to the bank, to the financial aid office at my school lol.

I gotta look like money man because I want to be snapped up.

I want to be a solid size 8 with a size 6 waist. Right now I’m a size 10 with a size 8 waist. 

Originally posted by effervesence

I want to look like a trophy instead of feeling like a consolation prize.

Monthly Commissions

Hey guys! Need help… AGAIN.

So my dad has been in a pickle with financial stuff unfortunately, resulting in him needin money from me. I STILL haven’t gotten an actual job yet because applications have been submitting but still processing and interviews have come as well. So again, I rely on my art to get me through stuff.

If you want proof…

I just paid for my medical deductible, and my dad needed $40 for gas, so.. ^^; That only leaves me with $49 in my account right now.

And you know, I’m supporting the house I’m in right now. Buying groceries for the house, things we need around the house like pet food, food for dinner so I can cook… And now I need money for clothes because I’m losing weight so fast that some of my clothes actually don’t fit on me(I have to tie my pants down so tight, it’s ridiculous)

Anyway :’D;; I would appreciate it if ya’ll could help me out by commissioning me, leaving tips or donating! I prefer commissions but I know some people aren’t into that and would rather give, which is fine too!!! Every little bit counts to be honest.

If you’re interested, please send me an email/donations at the9divinearts@gmail.com/message me here on tumblr and I will get back to you ASAP. 

If you want to know what my art looks like, here it is:

If not, please reblog!!! This is my only way of income for the time being while I’m on my job hunt, so this means a lot to me! Otherwise I won’t be able to stay at my parents place while I maintain a job and go to school.

Tips to Reduce Grocery Spending!

I like writing stuff like this. I always get a bit nervous, though. You can only base it off your own experiences and we’re so different. Oh, and because of anxiety but that’s off-topic! I’m motivated by the thought of helping even just one person. Getting a good deal and shopping cheaply is always going to be a miniature obsession of mine. Even if I got hit by a truck of money I’d still want to optimize my grocery cart.

Now, that said. I live in a metropolitan area in the Midwestern USA. Urban and rural dwellers face different challenges with food prices and food accessibility, and that variation becomes even more widespread by region and by country. Some of these are applicable to most people, but I’d really encourage anyone with experience in different locales, regions, and countries to flesh out their own tips as well.

  • Base recipes around many of the same ingredients: Notice how a lot of recipes start the same way? Onion, garlic, celery, carrot? Potato? Diced tomatoes? If you write out your meal plan to share common ingredients each given week, you won’t be buying a million different ingredients.
  • Make a shopping list and a meal plan: It isn’t everyone’s style, but I find having a decently clear idea of what I want for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks stops a lot of impulse buying and “what the Hell do I do with this now?” when I get it all home. It also gets me out of the store faster and I’m all about the lifestyle. Time is money.
  • Keep bulk cooking recipes in your repertoire and embrace leftovers:  I’m planning to write an in-depth guide on bulk cooking in the future. There are tons of stews, chilis, curries, and casseroles that can be made in excessive quantities for around $20 or less. Keep some in the fridge fresh to eat right away, and freeze the rest! You can pull them down for lunch or dinner whenever you need them. Also, leftovers. I know some people struggle to eat the same food many times in a row, but it definitely adds up quickly to prepare new meals for every day. Having your freezer stocked with these bulk cooked foods can provide the relief you need from any monotony in your meal plan that week.
  • Make classic and common ingredients the staples of your meals: We’re often enticed to try out the hot new foods trending in the blogosphere and news reports, but personally I find they’re mostly convoluted marketing terms and tangent reminders to eat fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You don’t need goji berries, pomegranates, pre-made green smoothies, chia seeds, or any of the nonsense the computer screen is screaming at you to eat. Many common foods of yore are often just as, and sometimes more, beneficial as trendy foods. Cabbage, spinach, potatoes, carrots, apples, bananas, peanut butter, eggs, dried beans, rolled oats, and dried brown rice are some of the major workhorse foods that are extremely cheap.
  • Don’t shun frozen and canned ingredients: You know what’s kind of expensive? Buying enough fresh tomatoes to make pasta sauce or tomato based stews. Berries, for much of the year. And, several more. Depending on how old the produce on your store shelf is, it’s not uncommon for flash-frozen fruits and vegetables to actually have retained more of the nutrition, too.
  • Shop sales: This sounds a little obvious, but flip open the ad for your favorite shop and see what specials they’re running. Plan some meals that pull in some of the items your store is offering up for cheap that week!
  • Buy produce that is in-season: Take a clue of what to buy based on what the Earth is currently providing your location. It will be fresher, taste better, and have traveled shorter distances, too. There are good lists out there about what’s seasonal and when. It will vary by climate, of course. There are also some fruits and vegetables that are always available at decent prices. Ahem, another plug for bananas.
  • Buy in bulk when possible: Understandably, this isn’t always an option. However, if the stars align and you find yourself with a few extra bucks and chicken quarters are on sale for something crazy like $.49/lb, load ‘em up. Freeze ‘em up. I also find that canned tomatoes or cooking stock will go on great sales and I’ll snatch a few extra up to shave a few dollars off in the long run.
  • Check if your favorite grocery spot does e-coupons and rewards: Coupons for stuff I actually eat is a bit of a rarity. Seriously, 80% of them are junk food and plastic bags. Boo. Oh, how much I’d love it you got coupons for produce. However, many stores offer digital coupons and rewards for shopping at their store. On occasion, I’ll snatch one up for an actual food item I want, but the real hook and sinker is my store of choice has a rewards program. Spend $200 in four weeks? Bam, $5 off your next basket. Uhm, yes please? It usually means you’ll have to become loyal to that store but if you’re already besties, why not?
  • Water is now your favorite beverage: There are a million reasons to drink water. I’m not saying you can never have your favorite refreshments, but supporting a serious coffee, juice, or soda habit can really add up. If you’re fortunate enough to have great tap water, it’s almost free. If you need filtered water or water bottles, it’s still less money over time when you make it your main squeeze.
  • Eat a little less meat: This sometimes gets people’s panties in a twist but you know what? Meat’s expensive, fam. Sometimes absolutely nothing I care for is on sale, either. We usually only eat it for dinner, but occasionally the divination of my holy document, the sales ad, imparts the words “vegetarian week.” Do what works for you, but I think it’s always very valid advice when trying to get a grocery bill down.
AU: high school dropout shawn

Part 2

A/n: Here is the second part of this really tiny imagine series thing I’m doing, but I have no idea what the hell I’m doing with it. Heres part 1. I’m very sorry it has taken me so long to finally get this out. I honestly kind of forgot about it for a while. But feel free to let me know your thoughts and what you think is going on or what you want to happen next :) No promises that i’ll tell you if you’re right or wrong, although I feel like it is pretty obvious, but that might just be because I already know what is going on. Either way, just give me your thoughts if you feel like it.



It had been a week since you started regularly visiting Shawn at the grocery store whenever you managed to get out of school early or whenever you could afford to skip your last period. You don’t know how you didn’t think about this earlier, but today you realized that you could go and visit Shawn at work during your lunch break at school. You didn’t really ask him if you could come but you know he’s at work so you just drove over during lunch. When you enter the store, one of the employees at the register recognizes you since you’ve been in to hang out with Shawn so many times. “He’s in the back on lunch,” He says, nodding his head towards the back of the store. “You can go back there.”

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Also I’m not gonna dwell on that ask a whole bunch but a lot of the reasoning men use to justify violence against a trans woman who’s literally just like, walking around or getting groceries or whatever, is that he was maybe aroused by her and then stop being aroused when he realized she was trans, which is yes partly about angry insecurity about his own sexuality but is also basically about rage at her not being someone he wants to fuck anymore/a woman not existing just for him to find her sexy, which I guarantee you is a major factor in the sexual harassment and yes, murders of women who are obviously gay and beatings of gnc gay men who some straight guy thinks are women from behind. How dare she not exist for me to sexualized while she’s buying a coffee? Like male violence should bother you, generally, especially male violence of a sexualized variety, no matter at whom it’s directed…what kind of short sighted and narrow analysis…what kind of stupidity in the name of justifying preheld convictions about who receives violence.